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NFF Shortlists Three For Super Eagles Assistant Coach Role

NFF Shortlists Three For Super Eagles Assistant Coach Role

Former internationals, Daniel Amokachi, Emmanuel Amuneke and Michael Nsien are under consideration for the post of the Super Eagles assistant coach, reports Completesports.com.

The trio applied for the Super Eagles head coach position.

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) confirmed the appointment of Finidi George as Super Eagles head coach on Monday.

The NFF, according to a reliable source are now working on putting together a formidable backroom staff for Finidi.

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Amokachi and Amuneke once worked as assistant coaches in the Super Eagles.

Former Everton striker was assistant to late coaches, Shaibu Amodu and Stephen Keshi.

Amuneke had stint as an assistant coach to Samson Siasia and Augustine Eguavoen.

Nsien, a former Olympic Eagles defender is currently the coach of United States of America U-19 team.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Lucky Ukhun 1 month ago

    The Super Eagles coaching job naming ceremony waiting game, continues. Wonder why all the coaches were not named at once, having already wasted about two months before naming the head coach just yesterday. Might have to wait another two months before the assistants are named, irrespective of the world cup qualifiers.

  • TALK UR OWN 1 month ago

    @** Work hand to hand with your Technical crews
    @** Let the invitation of players base on merit
    @** Don’t allow anybody FORCE/IMPOSE any players on you. Instead SCOUT for players & test them in Friendly matches
    @** Invite local players that is ready to give foreign professional players a stiff competition(not the one to add to the number/surplus to requirements).
    @** Always maintain your stand
    @** Don’t allow anybody to be pushing you up and down.
    @** Don’t be carried away with the club performance of players ONLY but base on PRESENT FORM & POTENTIAL
    @** Do not tolerate INDISCIPLINE in to your team.
    #** Do not invite players in order to pacify/please somebody (like local Coach Equavoen)
    @** Encourage your players to be STRONG & MORE PHYSICAL when it comes to Africa football
    @** Try to take advantage of newly introduced format: FIVE-SUBSTITUTION in a match(approved by CAF & FIFA) as an opportunity to test-run other players and MORE TECHNICAL in it(not repeating substitution incident that happened against MALI friendly match).
    @** Emphasize more on WING PLAY pattern for Super eagle

  • Why are we getting mixed signals from the Glass House?

    An NFF Official, who spoke under conditions of anonymity, said to one reputable media outlet that: “Finidi will choose his own assistants; He wants to work with those who will add real value to what he is doing and, of course, he also wants to work with people who will be loyal and not those who he cannot trust.”

    That being the case, why are other media outlets reporting that the NFF is shortlist candidates for the Assistant to Finidi? In any case, the names being brandished around – Amuneke, Amokachi and Nsien – are obdurate personalities in their own rights. Will Finidi be able to tame their excesses?

    Also, these people actually wanted the top job so, going by human nature, they might still harbour a level of animosity for missing out.

    The rumours making the rounds is that Finidi intends to build a loyal team management team around him whom will all tend to be on the same page. Media outlets are suggesting that he will elect for a foreign assistant whose counsel he will seek and be willing to listen to.

    This augurs well, in my opinion, for his prospect of making a success of his assignment.

    • Ibe Obinna 1 month ago

      Emmanuel Amuneke is eminently qualified for the Super Eagles job. For months of waiting & nothing new other than the usual mirage

      What is the criteria used to rate Finidi George & Amuneke? Finidi George should be assisting Emma Amuneke. While Nsien should handle the U23 Teams.

      Everything in this country is always shrouded in secrets & scams.

  • Omo9ja 1 month ago

    I don’t believe in Finidi’s capability with what I saw against Mali. NFF and Amaju should be ready to answer why they did not give the job to Amunike.

    NFF want to try everything to destroy our local coaches but why did they appointed Finidi as the new Super Eagles? On what criteria?

    I love to see our own taking over the Super Eagles job but not like this but on merit.

    We can see that God is not our problem in Nigeria but ourselves.

    Our selfishness is too much. Our ego is on another level.

    Can Finidi manage both Enyimba FC and Super Eagles at a time?

    God forbid, Super Eagles may not qualify to the world cup and Afcon with what NFF is doing.

    For sure nobody can deny it that Amaju pinnick wasn’t part of this appointment of Finidi.

    Pinnick is the one in charge of the NFF president why Gusau is just there for nothing.

    I am very sorry for Nigeria. Those that are ruling the country are wicked, incompetent and selfish people. This is why Nigeria is not moving forward.

    Nobody shouldn’t blame God about Nigeria situations but ourselves. I hope curroption won’t finish Nigeria one day. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Peter Ubi 1 month ago

      It was made to go beyond belief system of any idiit to Coach George Finidi taking the SE to the World Cup. My take now is, the newly appointed Super Eagles Coach should seek out a qualified foreign assistant to be joined by Amokachi. That being done, the sky can only be the beginning of Eagles limit. It means, he’s on top of the game.

    • Omosade 1 month ago

      If we no qualify, we go die? No! Abegiiiiiii, high time we put a stop to this nonsensical way of reasoning. What the Sneeds is support and more years on the job irrespective wether we qualify or not. Gaffer Maldini of Italy didn’t even qualify the Azuries last time out and still continues with their Italian FA. NFF should give local coach 4years to deliver and not one yr.

    • Omo9ja the judge. Because your preferred candidate was not appointed then we will not qualify. Let us wait till. Finidi is the coach now let us support him.

      We condemn the team before afcon because of pesero now we are condemning the team because of finidi.

      Let us move forward and stop cursing our chances before we start. Haba.

      Some people supported amuneke and some supported finidi. Must your own choice always come to pass.

  • Bomboy 1 month ago

    The reason for the “shortlist” is so that the people on the list would come begging and negotiating for the job.

    The most desperate and ‘loyal’ one among them (ie, the one who is most willing to share his pay and do the bidding of those in power) would then be given the job.

    • Abdul 1 month ago

      Amuneke by his antecedent isn’t a better option. The last time Amuneke was appointed an assistant coach, Eagles failed to qualify. Finidi should pick Amokachi as our preference.

  • Akogun Femi Jimbola JP 1 month ago

    Amunike is too tribalistic while Amokachi is a thief , he will encourage Finidi to take bribe from the players in order to field them. In the absence of non ,I Akogun go for Michael Nsien because Oyibo blood sill flowing in his veins.

    • Mr JP, could you substantiate your allegation with just a single proof? JUST 1. Otherwise, you’re actually the one guilty of your accusations. It’s a psychological fact. The guilty is typically the most vocal and first to accuse with no proof while the rest 4 fingers point back at them.

      Irredeemable bigots always accuse others of the same simply because they can’t stomach seeing their ‘rival’ in a privileged position. It’s too much of a torture.

      • Eagles Fan 1 month ago

        Lol! Eguavoen is about whats good for the country and did appointed coach Finidi. I would go for any player good for the Super Eagles.

        • Mark it down today. Nigeria will not qualify for this World Cup. This will be a near death blow to our football, considering it will be back-to-back failure to qualify. Blame NFF for this disaster. This is what happens when incapable hands are handed the key to the car. They drive the car into a ditch. 

          Why will you appoint an assistant for a head coach? It is never ever done this way in professional sports. The head coach must be given the free hand to higher his assistants because at the end of the day he stands or falls with his appointed assistants. If you expect me to cook a good soup, you must give me the freedom to choose my ingredients. 

          Moreover, a NFF appointed assistant is not going to be loyal to the head coach. He can have his own agenda and work against the head coach who is truly not his boss. How do you expect Amunike who competed for the head job against Finidi to now suddenly enjoy working as an inferior under Finidi? Impossible. This is disaster and another reason why Nigeria will not qualify for the coming World Cup. Who are these dafts that are parading themselves as football administrators and technicians?

          I like Finidi as a former international, but he underwhelmed me with his coaching in the Mail game. He lacks coaching quality so clearly for Steven Wonder to see.  NFF want a yes-man coach that they can manipulate. Yes-man coaches rarely win and they never ever win big because they are people pleasers and can’t make tough decisions and stand to defend them. Finidi appears to be a yes-man.

          I like and support indigenous coaches. My problem with them is the lack of integrity and fairness in most of them. Amunike has been painted as an Igbo apologist who will favour players from that part of Nigeria to the neglect of better quality players from other areas. Amokachi has been branded a bribe taker which will severely negatively affect his selection process. It is a problem that started from the top of football administration and has filtered down.

      • Solomon Adeboje 1 month ago

        This happened during Keshi and Amokachi were in charge of super eagle. Bribery was the order of the day by the players before they can be call up.

        • benedict 1 month ago

          And na you dey help them collect the bribe. You must be crazy

    • Musco 1 month ago

      Is Nsien a kalaberi or Ijaw ethnicity?

    • Kishi 1 month ago

      Akogun why are you trablistic about Amunike personality. The first advice is that Finidi should consult Siasia for additional information on how to succeed. People tend to forget that Siasia has the keys to Finidi victory. He shouldn’t be ashamed to speak to him on how approach the games. He should consider picking Nsien and amokashi as two assistant coaches.

  • MITCHELL AYODELE 1 month ago

    It will be a disaster to appoint Daniel Amokachi in any capacity under the present arrangement. The global practice is to allow the coach to select those he is comfortable with. But trust Nigerians, to place the cart before the horse in their usual quest to satisfy one ethnic nationality. What you don’t have, you can’t give. Remember the case of our coach fighting officials in South Africa?

  • Kenneth 1 month ago

    Nigerian’s can never be satisfied, When paserio was coach, did any of you come out to criticize the assistance given to him. Una wahala too much. Am really worried for Finidi now, i can smell sabotage everywhere. From NFF, players and even fans.

  • CSN should kindly update us on Coachie’s list for the June encounters. This issue of who we go allow to coach our darling team, the Super Eagles of Nigeria, is already dealt with. Some of us are busy and won’t have the chance for noisemakers.

  • Respect is reciprocal 1 month ago

    Omo naija is a fake chap who doesn’t believe in our local coaches otherwise why would he wish Finidi and Super Eagles to fail just because Amunike has not been appointed. Both Amunike and Finidi are on the same level, however Amunike is too tribalistic and also power hungry that is while a whole minister of sport having denied NFF money to hire a foreign coach said Abuja will burn if an Easterner Amunike was not employed as a coach.
    It was deliberate of the NFF to employ Finidi just because they knew appointing Amunike who has the backing of minister can not be tamed and he will eventually destabilize the team. It was not picnic that made NFF to go for Finidi but the action of sport minister .
    Now any sensible and patriotic fan will support Finidi. Irrespective of our differences in the choice of coaches in the past,let’s come together to support him

  • People claim Amunike is a tribalist yet when you ask them to substantiate with proofs, dem go begin insult you or follow bush lol. It’s a deja vu of the last Presidential election. We’ve seen it before. It’s the same Igbophobia, it’s spherical in shape!

    I think Amunike should just stay away. He’s still FORMER AFRICAN FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR. The man who give Nigeria THREE titles.

    • Yabaoh 1 month ago

      Igbophobia ko, zoophobia ni – useless bigoted tribalist tool!

      You need to shut your sensless trap and pin down – you compound imbecile – and stop writing sh*t you dpn’t have the first clue about! Clueless agbero plank!

      Also stop thinking that you must comment on everything – it’ those that give an anumanu like you data that I blame – stoopid igbo EWU!

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