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Nigerian Winger Marcus Scores Again, Claims 5th Man Of The Match Award In Feirense Away Win

Nigerian Winger Marcus Scores Again, Claims 5th Man Of The Match Award In Feirense Away Win

Abraham Marcus scored again and scooped another Man of the Match award, as Feirense pipped Chaves 1-0 in the Portuguese second division on Saturday, Completesports.com reports.

Marcus scored what proved to be the only goal of the game after getting on the score sheet 10 minutes into the fixture.

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He has now scored seven goals in the current league campaign and has netted in his last three games.

Also, he was voted Man of the Match which is his fifth so far this season.

The win saw Feirense climb to second on 34 points and are four points behind leaders Estoril.

By James Agberebi 

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    • Obidee 3 years ago

      U re making a bigg point like it is by Zaidu Sanusi whom moved to bigger club in Portugal in the name of FC Porto

  • pompei 3 years ago

    This one sabi play ball na.
    Pacy, skillful, left-footed goal machine.
    A little polish here and there is all that is needed.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    This guy will do great things I don’t see much difference btw him and Chukwueze. He is very intelligent a good finisher. Let’s pray for him to fulfil his potential.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Can somebody read this and think deep, I sorry for a nation that thinks In a certain pattern that has never done them good.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    He looks good no doubt, very skillful with a cultured left foot. However, dude plays in the Portuguese second division. A move to a top flight team in a place like Belgium or Holland can help polish his potentials. Maybe he can help Fareinse to promotion then we can see how good he is in the Portuguese top flight. Comparing a Portuguese second division player to Chukwueze who has been playing in La Liga for 3 seasons is quite laughable. Lord have mercy, they were hyping Chukwueze back then as the next Arjen Robben now a Portuguese second division player is better than him. Lmao!!! 

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      @Ayphillydegreat, you should have known better that leagues doesn’t matter sometimes but your qualities speaks for you.

      You are making the same mistakes that Oga Rohr is making.

      Chukwueze might be lucky playing in a big league while others are not.

      Take Adi for instance sir. He is a complete striker but Adi is playing in MLS but to Oga Rohr, he’s not good enough forgetting that time is everything in life.

      Hmmm. Mr. Ayphillydegreat, according to you sir, “Comparing a Portuguese second division player to Chukwueze who has been playing in La Liga for 3 seasons is quite laughable.”

      You wanted me to talk a bit today no wahala sir, let’s go there.

      Let me take you back to Afcon 2000 when Jo the magician included Aghahowa into the final square.

      If I may ask sir, I think Aghahowa was playing in Tunisia then?

      Akuegbu failed to score for Nigeria while Aghahowa scored three fantastic goals in that tournament ba?

      Mr. Ayphillydegreat, you and I can send out our messages to Oga Rohr to change his philosophy and learn this lesson from Jo Bonfrere, the great hero of our time.

      Don’t forget that Mr. Westerhof discovered so many talented players in Nigeria not over sea.

      What do I know?

      Let me stop here jęję because we refuse to learn from our past mistakes. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Jones 3 years ago

        Lmaoo league doesn’t matter? It shows how ignorant you are….we should leave players playing in top leagues and go for backwater village champions? It shows you know nothing….dont let your hate for Rhor make you lose your objectivity

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Ayphilly you dare look down on Portugal div two, most of you guys have problems with personalities nothing else because the dude has got strong potential and even has a good eye for goal from same position as Chukwueze. That aside Fareinse was a first division team and once paraded Etebo. SMH!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahaha @AYPhilly…that was how they said Bobby Adekanye was better than chukwueze too when the kid started showing flashes of brilliance…ngwa go and play in the big leagues na my guy suddenly forgot how to play football and has been going from one loan deal to the other…..the last we heard of him is that he is angling for a move to Belgium.
      Its a different thing if the said player has played in the top leagues b4…..such player is already proven and anyday anytime his previous experience will always come to bear, he can still move back to the top leagues and still deliver…but for a player who has not proven himself in a big league b4….my brother league matters 100%.
      The best players play in the best leagues…..if you are excepitional enough, bigger teams than your current one will come for you. A gold fish has no hiding place. As the adage says, only a man who has not been to another man’s farm will claim his own is the biggest ever seen. Arokodare was painting latvia red with goals only last year….he cant even get a starting shirt in FC Koln. Same with this Aderemi guy who now plays in switzerland…..he too was painting one back-water (i cant remember if its belarus or latvia) league with goals 2 seasons ago….now in switzerland he can even guarantee 10 goals in an entire season. If league doesnt matter why is it that the top scorer in the English championship hardly hits double digits immediately he moves/gets promoted to the EPL.
      Marcus Abraham should continue doing his best and keep displaying his talents….bigger teams will surely come for him in due time. Zaidu sanusi was playing in 3rd divsion 2-3 seasons ago, today he is playing for the biggest team in Portugal and in the UCL. Someone should tell us now if any sensible coach will drop Sanusi now for a left back playing in the 3rd division because league doesn’t matter. League doesn’t matter indeed….!!! If league doesn’t matter, why is it that teams from certain leagues always struggle to qualify from the UCL group stage to the R16 whereas teams from top 5 leagues are almost guaranteed a place…worst coming to worst they crash into the Europa league. If league doesn’t matter, how come naija league teams struggle to qualify for group stages of CAF CL but teams from North Africa and Sudan stroll into the same group stages almost unchallenged…??? You cant be solving primary school arithmetics and think you are on the same level with people who are solving complex algebra in varsity.
      Intermilan vs Enyimba 9-0; Porstmouth vs Kano Pillars 5-0: and they say league doesn’t matter….LMAO. Fanendo Adi ko….Fernando Torres ni

      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        Young man face Omo9ja because I just hope say you dey yan me? 

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    Chukueze is rear gem, a very special player even when he isn’t scoring. He have lived up to our expectations. The last goals he scored for the eagles against Lesotho and serrieleone was a typical messi and roben type euro goal they couldn’t have done better. However having an alternative is never a bad option incases of injury and fatiq. The likes of Marcus and mankanjuola are good replical of chukueze. Though at the moment i don’t expect them to be invited soon looking at the present options of wingers on ground (lookman,kalu,simon,musa,madueke,ejuke,onyekuru,osayi,olayinka,Dennis) the team is drunk of wingers. These coming talents should be in the nest Olympic team.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Nice one Makanjuola is another guy with good management he will go places. But right now let’s not take this kid called Marcus for granted even though at first when CS brought his news we were all asking questions but judging by what I’m seeing there’s no joking with this dude put him in a good team and groom him he will deliver. Let’s learn to push our own like the English and Brazilian team does.

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    Sure this guy’s got potential but to compare him to Chukweze is just so disrespectful to the phases that produce the very height.So I implore everyone like Dr Drey, Aphillydegreat etc not to waste time going into that argument.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      My brother….there is nothing to argue. Time is always the best judge. I was insulted (as usual) by the dude who was hell bent on running chukwueze down when Adekanye was showing flashes of brilliance at Lazio, because I didn’t agree with his fallacy, same way I have been serially insulted by those who want to force the Kelechi Nwakali/Onazi is better than Mikel narrative. But time is already judging, its always the best judge and luckily for me, it has always vindicated me….LMAO.

      Consistency is key…one thing these naija youngsters have taught me is that they cant be trusted to get better year after year. I have stopped getting carried away by their flashes of brilliance bcos of many disappointments 2 -3 years down the line. So anyone who wants to discard the ones we have now bcos of one that is showing flashes of brilliance that we can guarantee will continue next season is doing so at his own detriment. This time last year, we were all shouting the name of Ejuke….currently he is almost off our radar now

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Glory thanks for the insult I greet you wise one who plays down another man because of personality forgetting that Chukwueze started from the junior team of Villarreal to the Team B then the senior team. You guys should learn to judge by talent first then wish for them to reach certain potential and hope they do like Brazil doing with Rodrygo and co before Madrid came for them. I really won’t go into debate at all because some I too know has successfully brainswashing you guys that any garbage he says is a yes for you all.

      Stop limiting your thinking always think your way air it then enjoy the conversation instead of trying to act like you belong to some well thinking group of Drey and his shenanigans. SMH what am I doing here on CS??? I take the blame.

      • GLORY 3 years ago

        @ Chima my man. Why making mountain outta mole hill? Why brother man? Kindly point out where I insulted anyone. Read my post very well brother n you will understand I was only in support of the guys talent while diffusing unnecessary argument.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Na in conscience dey judge am….LMAO. Even bible talk am say the evil one runneth when no one pursueth. LMAO. Who don mention anybody name here wey in don begin comot smoke like locomotive train for headache wey nor be in own. Talk your own I talk my own naim make ogborigogo community grammar school win Kings college for debate. Some people arrogance worse pass lucifer own

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahaha….Isaac success is far better than Ighalo…..LMAO. Musa Mohammed is far better than Ola Aina….Esiti is far better than Ndidi…..senior brother of Koyemi Oderinde….LMAO. Is your conscience judging you for all the senseless fallacies and comparisons you used to peddle on this forum 2-3 years ago…..? Time is always the best judge…LMAO. The Isaac success that you because of him prophesied I will die, the same Isaac succes that you calim can shoot us to semi-finals of world cup, is still struggling to make impact at the same Watford where Ighalo is deified today….LMAO. Me too I am still going stronger and healthier than ever. Time indeed is always the best judge…LMAO.
        E don tey wey i don dey rub their mouth for kpotokpoto for this forum……LMAO

        • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

          Talkative, injury and indiscipline killed Success career, anyone here can vouch because the talent his there for all to see.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Arrogant big-mouth…nor be who first reach police station dey win case. What is talent without discipline….who gives a **** about a talent that never blossomed. How else does one applaud talent if not the heights it takes an individual to….? Even CR7 confessed that he had more talented teammates in his boyhood club back then, but today he is referred to as the GOAT. Discipline defines greatness. Isaac Success is really better than Ighalo…we are all seeing it…..LMAO. Indiscipline and injuries my foot……what an excuse. Otondo..!

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Pikin nor dey pass, oversabi say “…but e get handwriting..”….LMAO. Make e go use the handwriting win scholarship na. Common sense nor just common at all at all. Funny enough Isaac success has played in the very same clubs Ighalo played in (Granada and Watford) and the records are shouting loud even to the heavens….LMAO.
            Talent ko, Tagliafico ni….LMAO

          • Jones 3 years ago

            What about the midfield maestro “Nwakali”

  • charlesemeka 3 years ago

    kid has all the qualities to grow into a better player good enough for the national team but at the moment he has to work harder and pray clubs from better leagues snaps him up in order to harness his God given talent.

    And for those saying he is better than chukwueze i laff una

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Where did I say he is better? Most of you guys just come and talk without proper education. Comparing doesn’t mean better than. I never rated makus above Chukwueze but I urge makus to reach his height because he has the similarities of Chukwueze, good left shooting and dribbling plus quality positional movements. Why shouldn’t he make it to that level if you still want to doubt this one? I ask you.

  • KING TUOYO 3 years ago

    Marcus, Marcus and Marcus. I hope this name Marcus will continue to be on our lips for a very long time to come. A player of his talent will surely be a huge plus to any of our national teams.

    I only pray he moves to a better league where his game will improve and at the same time maintain a cool head.

    Indiscipline has been a major problem that has cut short the careers of some of our talented players.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    If I Spoke against this Marcus some imbecile here will come and counter me because they just want to have a conversation by force. You guys need to have self integrity, respect and discipline when dealing with people on Public space. Most especially sports website which is a tool of unity. Make una get sense!

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      I don’t condole nonsense even when Dr Simone was trying to make comparison with me and someone I stopped him, I don’t fake nonsense I respect my personality and conscience. Not everyone here is Omo9ja who sometimes makes major error but at the same time makes valid point but ridiculed just because of a tag they have place on him. Let’s respect, this is sports not cultism.

  • _Will Marcus offer consolation for missing out on Saka? _

    There can be no harm done in singling out a truly precocious talent when you see one hence Marcus Abraham, 21yrs, is generating much social media traffic with his pristine performances in the Portuguese division 2.

    This weekend, Marcus helped his team squeeze out a crucial 1:0 win for his club Feirense against their obdurate hosts (Chaves FC) in a bitter battle as part of their league-long efforts to gain promotion to the country’s elite league.

    Marcus’ performance and goal in that encounter only served to add another ring to the lengthening chain of splendiferous spectacle being displayed by the young Nigerian winger on a near regular basis in the Portuguese Segunda Divisão.

    He now has an astonishing 7 goals in 9 league matches with most of them being brilliantly conceived and expertly executed. He is the rave of the moment at that level of football in Portugal as they can’t just get enough of him.

    Little wonder Nigeria fans are starting to think of possibilities.

    Unfortunately, as with a number of young Nigerian players in recent history, possibilities does not always metamorphose into fulfilment. Distractions, inconsistency, questionable work ethics, prioritising money over career advancement, love of women and party life are few of the self inflicted banes that have stunted the development and career growth of many promising Nigerian young players.

    I think of a supremely innately talented player like Henry Onyekuru who could easily have been playing for clubs like Atletico Madrid or at least modest Monaco only to perennially settle for the less tasking Turkish league.

    Conversely, 100s of Nigerian players (Kanu, Yobo, Mikel etc) have gone on to fully fulfil their potentials. When tracking, monitoring and commenting on young Nigerian players like Abraham Marcus, one can only say a silent prayer for them to go on and be among the elites for years to come.

    And nothing at this point suggests otherwise.

    Feirense are currently second in the Portuguese Liga Pro. It is remarkable that they have not tasted defeat in any of the 9 games that Marcus featured (recording 6 wins are 3 draws).

    His greatest strength, even at this budding stage is his career, is his flexibility. Just like Arsenal’s Saka, Marcus has also played as a full back this season, even chipping in with a goal from that position against Estoril Praia fc in October last year to help his team grind out a hard fought 3:3 draw.

    The future looks bright for this young lad but more crucially, the future is in his hands, head and feet.

    With focus, concentration, practice hard work and dedication there is nothing to say that Marcus will not go on to become (at least) a very decent winger, full back, wing back or attacking midfielder in seasons to come.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Thanks for affirmation Deo you always stand tall and alone!

    • pompei 3 years ago

      Exactly Deo. With hardwork, Marcus could develop into the kind of player that would make us forget Saka completely!

  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    Marcus Abraham what a talent!you don’t get voted MOTM five times just halfway the season if you are not prodigiously talented.This lad has shown great potentials and from the look of things he’s heading for stardom.
    Meanwhile,making comparisons is unnecessary because when a player has exceled at the biggest stage that’s the height you reach to be considered a success.Whereas some bubbles in the air,then like a dream,they fall away slope downwards then get lost in oblivion.
    I do hope that’s not the case.I am wishing Marcus Abraham a great future.

  • I appreciate those of you who provided his video clips and I also appreciate those who gave their candid opinion. I think all in all we see that the young man has talent and we want him to do well but at the same time we are a bit wary because of the hype which has followed some of our younger players whom ultimately didn’t fulfil their potentials. We can only hope and pray that marcus Abraham doesn’t fall into that category. And that he will reach greater heights.

  • Sometimes we the fans of these lads are their stumbling block.

    The same sickness that is killing english talents…”HYPE”.

    Had it been STERLING is pure english i doubt if he can go thus far in his career.

    Till today that young talented innocent poor boy is still looking for the route to his dream land.

    I pray the coah of GALATASARAY help resurrect his career else…

    Now his coach is telling him to shape up or get shipped out.

    When will we learn our lesson??


    Lest i forget; this ADI FERNANDO that this pple keep disturbing us with, how old is he??

    See; sometimes some pple deserve some slaps on this forum.

    When men were running with foot, this world best FERNANDO TORRES ADI couldn’t break in to the squard; is it now that our boys are using horses that your world best FERNANDO TORRES LEWANDOSKI ADI would win WORLD CUP for us?.

    Let’s be sincere to ourselves nor….

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    By comparing the guy with Sammy doesn’t mean the guy is better than Sammy, but who knows what future hold for Marcus, Chima was only appreciating the guy’s talent and that shouldn’t be crime.Bickering, arguing and insulting people for having a dissenting opinion is not cool, most people come to this forum to learn.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      True baba I just tire for this people and their problems so so attack and flexing. Twisting your words just to ridicule you.

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