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No Room For Experimentation In Super Eagles – NFF Tells Rohr

No Room For Experimentation In Super Eagles – NFF Tells Rohr

Chairman of the Nigeria Football Federation’s Technical study group Dr. Alex Mana has warned the Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr to focus on selecting the right squad that will prosecute the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and 2022 Africa Cup of Nations.

In a chat with a Lagos-based radio station, Mana stated that the German tactician should stop any form of experimentation with the Super Eagles and get serious with the game.

Rohr, who qualified Nigeria for the 2022 AFCON unbeaten, will begin his quest of qualifying the senior national team for Qatar when the team faces Liberia in September.

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The three-time AFCON champions are pitted alongside Liberia, Cape Verde, and the Central Africa Republic.

In his reactions, Mana said: “The testing should have been ending by now, we look for the players that will be in the main team proper and I think that there is no more time for grooming, it’s time for actually pinning down the one that we can use in the nearest future.”


By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

    Nff una get mind ooo…… after not paying the man for 6 months? Bastards lol..

    • Eldridge Cleaver 1 month ago

      Brodaman, I have never been a fan of this useless NFF who have no plans for Nigerian football. Therein lies their useless instructions to Gernot Rohr even when they are owing him money.I will like to call out NFF as a waste of space. Gernot Rohr is bringing joy to Nigerians whereas NFF are making useless demands. Jah bless Gernot Rohr

      • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

        The Nff will somehow look for a way to frustrate the most cooperative person that works with/for them…..I don’t know how these people lack reasoning like this..

  • Shuma 1 month ago

    This is laughable. This guy lineups are never consistent, he gets new players every international break. New goal keeper, new midfielder and etc. Partnerships and consistency is key than just getting big name players. Anybody that kicks a ball gets called up. Got like 6-7 goalkeepers lined up.

    • Shuma do you watch eagles matches at all? Rohr has been consistent with his selection. At least 60 to 70 % consistence.

    • @Shuma it is actually your submission that is very laughable. Genorh Rohr is one of the most consistent manager’s I have seen and sticks to his believe more than anyone I know. Every proper SE supporter can easily identify the first 11 or 15 players of the Super eagles. All he does is tweak it from time to time without affecting the main team. We are even accusing him of not allowing many new entrants. Infact he had closed the door on new entrants for this qualifiers up until the shifting of the qualifiers. As everything in Nigeria, we always know more than the coach. Allow the man do his job and hold him to his actions when he fails or succeeds. Na so I see am. Thanks

      • Jide Dola 1 month ago

        Thank you God bless you, you have given him job, and you still want to teach him how to do the job, if you can do it better why hiring coach.

    • Omoh Kehinde Ezomo 1 month ago

      Meaning u don’t watch super eagles playing

  • Ako AMADI 1 month ago

    Nigeria is going back to the days of primitive interference by money-hungry, but technically-illiterate Committees.

  • Omo9ja 1 month ago

    You people are seeing what I’m seeing and because Nigerians do not like the truth they called me anti Rohr and internet coach.

    The 1% of us doing their best to rescue Nigeria from bad rulers/leaders and our oppressors.

    The list that came out last week indicating that the gaffer looks confused and he can not build the Super Eagles.

    My people, don’t mixed things together here.

    If Oga haven’t be paid his salary yet, that should be between his employer and him.

    He should tell his employer to pay his salary.

    That shouldn’t stopping the gaffer from doing his job properly.

    He invited almost 40 players for Cameroon match? 31 or so, how many of the players he invited would play against Cameroon?

    Is that how you build a team?

    He invited Dessers, Osagwe, Yakubu, Alanpasun and so many other players without given them enough time to develop with the team and he dropped them without no reasons.

    The best he could do is five to ten minutes. Most of the new players won’t kick the ball against Cameroon. So, what is the point?

    Mr. Alex Mana is seeing what I’m seeing and it is very clear that NFF are just giving us friendly matches without plans in place.

    Hmm. I asked a question here few days ago that why playing this match with Cameroon? Is it to use the match to strengthen our team or to prepare Super Eagles ahead of the world cup?

    If is to strengthen the team, where is the play maker in the list the coach released?

    If is to prepare the team ahead of the world cup, why the long list of the players he invited? Does that mean he’s buildin a new team from the scratch?

    I think by now, we should know where we are heading to.

    NFF should ask oga Rohr to continue scouting for Super Eagles while Amunike and Egbo should be the new coaches of the Super Eagles.

    We needed to win in Cameroon. We have to and we can compete with the best teams at the world cup. We can win both the Afcon and world cup if we do the necessary things at the right time because, we have players that ready to achieve something unique for Nigeria.

    I’m not convinced with the way Oga Rohr is doing with Super Eagles and we have to be honest with ourselves. NFF should act quickly before it is too late. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • @Omo9ja first and foremost, each time I read any piece you write, I tend to visualise a typical Nigeria, confused entity with ability to self destruct. This same you will keep bringing uncountable names he should invite. This same you is asking why he keeps inviting new people. You disgust me. Your write ups should be banned. May GOD help you.

      • Abdul 1 month ago

        Lol…confused man….no better phrase…..like say he no dey think at all.

        • Coachie 1 month ago

          I suspect Omo9ja is on some cheap drugs abi na Tramadol. I always want to waka pass his comments but the garbage in it (reasoning, inconsistencies, syntax and semantics) wouldn’t just lemme jump over. Bro, if you aren’t doing this deliberately just because you hate/dislike GR. I am indeed so sorry for your subordinates at work or any one who takes instruction from you.

      • Omo9ja no they shame at all

      • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

        Hehehehehe…mind omo9ja at your own detriment.

        Year 2019 – Rohr is dumb…Rohr is incompetent…how can he bringing in a 4th div goalkeeper simply because he is German

        Year 2020 – Rohr is dumb and incompetent…why he not starting Okoye in goal. If Uzoho didnt getting injured, he woulnt playing Okoye

        year 2021 – Rohr is incompetent, how can he making Okoye first choice over Uzoho (despite Uzoho being out for close to 18 months).
        Few weeks later Okoye is named best Goalkeeper in Dutch league…..LMAO.

        The same person clamoring for Fatai Alashe, Fanendo Adi, Dessers etc claiming Rohr is rigid and doesn’t give more players chances is here crying over invitation of new players…..LMAO.

        There is supposed to be ability in disability, but the reverse seems to be the case for that dude.

    • Odion Ezomo 1 month ago

      Dont worry Dem go soon gv u ur amunike , egbo nd enyama as coaches, continue writing ur epistles

  • What is experimentation?…this is a national team,a country’s team…. everyone born a Nigerian and plays good football has the right to stake a claim to the national team….The national team is nobody’s property….Merit and competition makes every team stronger…. continuous tinkering helps in improving key areas and rejuvenating the team… Bringing new players will also make the existing players sit up in both club and country.

  • @Mana and Shuma please be greatful to God that he ga e you guys Rohr to help you in that department called soccer, Nigeria is a delight to watch when it come to soccer, Rohr is looking for players that can be better than the one he has already at every department on the pirch, if you confused him as you confused yourself more pain to your situation, you should know why Rohr is doing that is to have better option in case one player breakdown or injured. So @mana and shuma zip your mouth cause you don’t what he Rohr is doing. Thank you other guys that observed the goodness of Rohr. Let’s have good soccer around the world

  • @Mana and Shuma please be greatful to God that he ga e you guys Rohr to help you in that department called soccer, Nigeria is a delight to watch when it come to soccer, Rohr is looking for players that can be better than the one he has already at every department on the pirch, if you confused him as you confused yourself more pain to your situation, you should know why Rohr is doing that is to have better option in case one player breakdown or injured. So @mana and shuma zip your mouth cause you don’t what he Rohr is doing. Thank you other guys that observed the goodness of Rohr. Let’s have good soccer around the world, if Nigeria has play maker like JayJay everyone will see and know where he is, so Shuma if there is anyone in the world please let’s know where cause rohr is doing his work, Mana and you want rohr to bring playmaker from no where, Eze said his is not playing for Nigeria that’s only playmaker from Nigeria that would have be in the team, Shuma please stop talking cause is like you are fooling yourself or reason like others in this platform

  • Ako AMADI 1 month ago

    These garrulous bushmen masking as technical committee are back! They haven’t challened the NFF to pay 6 months of owed salaries, instead they now dredge up big grammar called “experimentation” Very likely they shared Rohr’s salaries in allowances to tgemselves, and are planning to frustrate him out of Nigeria without a kobo. Just like they did to another Germsn, Manfred Hoener. This is a disgrace ta Nigeria.

  • Edoman 1 month ago

    Too many hands spoil the soup. We should be happy that some one reasonable, after all, have come out to remind the Coach of what he should not be doing. Inviting all these new players, a lot of players in second divisions, are not going to help Nigeria super eagle. In my own opinion, Rohr should stop reading all these statements from all these “internet couch” in this forum. As soon as they learnt that a player scored a goal or even assist, they start to advocate his inclusion in the Nigeria team. No New player not playing in the “TOP FOUR” in any European, English or Scottish League should be invited to try for a place in the Nigeria Super Eagle. Rohr should stop listening to all these folks in the Complete Sports News. Some of them are paid Agents for those whos behalf they are advocating of.

    • Odion Ezomo 1 month ago

      That man has been a coach for years he knows absolutely everything about the game, nd he s going to take responsibility for his failure nd moreover check the list new players in the list are very few if u are following super eagles very well. Let him do his job

  • Elijah Samson 1 month ago

    @omon9ja. You said he didn’t invite any play maker. Please is there any play maker you know that is a Nigerian and better than the midfielders invited that is not in the list? You will come here and mention names of players that need to be invited, now 31 players have been invited with few new faces you change the story again. My brother what do you stand to gain in all these? Is it that you hate GR or you are doing this out of love for SE. Please bro change. Thanks.

  • Obest 1 month ago

    NFf,Please leave Rohr alone, He is doing a good Job.SE players are doing very well in their respective clubs in Europe.Quite a long time in our history we saw this.Still counting, 3 SE strikers with over 20 goals this season, That’s amazing, OGA Rohr, I clap for you.

  • Jide Dola 1 month ago

    If they talk about confused person it is you, you always publish list of names of players playing in Cyprus, Uganda, even Afghanistan. The manna or what is his name too is confused bcos Rhor have been working with a particular set of players for long, even if he try some new players does not mean he doesn’t know his first 11. The man was claiming that Rhor is experimenting with new players, you….you are claiming that he didn’t give some players opportunity and at the same time you are supporting the man is that not a confusion or is it that once the matter is about Rhor we can just spit anything

  • Ako AMADI 4 weeks ago

    If the NFF has “No room for experimentation ” then they should csncel the friendly matches and go straight into the World Cup qualifiers.

  • KangA 4 weeks ago

    Good things have limited time for them to occur. Sometimes we forget that simple truth and begin to attempt to overstretch our luck by making highly inflammatory statements. But it is pretentious to try to teach a highly qualified professional his job. Offering an open-minded suggestion might be insightful to a professional, but giving instructions as a layman? That is empty arrogance.

    Rohr may have some hidden agenda for taking all the rubbish thrown at him during the renegotiation of his contract. He obviously knows that Nigeria has a pool of talented footballers. But it’s the same strategy and summations Nigerian professionals calculate to take jobs outside the borders of Nigeria. But to instruct him on what to do? That is sheer stupidity!! He knows what failure with the SE means personally to him.

    Let us forget this Naija-style “big-mannism” and allow Rohr to do his job. From the part of Nigeria I come from there’s a saying that ” when two people are locked in a wrestling match, it is easy for a spectator to figure out what one of the contestants should do to throw his opponent.” But will the spectator step into the ring?

  • Hassan Tia 4 weeks ago

    The problem is not in experimentation,it is on pattern of playing which Super Eagles havn’t adopted it since they have been playing football;the pattern which SE is attacking playeing or attackting game;but SE could change it to a defensive pattern which belongs to Italian-France style which has many criteria or standards like:- pressing and sliding playing, proper recoveries to avert set-pieces this need tactical discipline which depends on constant and stabile standing on thier lines (defensive midfielders-defenders) ,proper positioning to tackle or intercept attackting ball from the rival, closing the rival’s key players by defensive midfielders and backs ( center backs, side backs);if SE coaching crew apply this theory, they will lift Afrco Cup in Cameroon and will qualify to the World Cup and climb at least to 8 grade or to 4 grade with thoes crop of players and the new pattern of playing which SE didn’t use to do or perform;I think Oga Rhor must apply this pattern as soon as possible to accrue the fruits of this pattern…