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NPFL: Enyimba Floor Plateau United; Extend Lead At The Top

NPFL: Enyimba Floor Plateau United; Extend Lead At The Top

Enyimba extended their lead at the summit of the Nigeria Professional Football League following a hard-fought 2-1 win against Plateau United in Aba on Saturday, reports Completesports.com.

Tosin Omoyele bagged a brace against his former club in the highly entertaining encounter.

Omoyele nodded home Anayo Iwuala’s corner-kick three minutes before the half hour mark.

Iwuala was the provider again as Omoyele netted his second of the game on the hour mark.


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The former Osun United striker has now scored goals in the NPFL this season.

Plateau United fought back with substitute Moses Effiong nodding home Issa Ndala’s cross in the 76th minute.

Enyimba defence stood firm in the closing stages of the game as they maintain their unbeaten home run this season.

Fatai Osho’s side now top the table with 21 points from nine games, six adrift of Rivers United who host Nasarawa United in Port Harcourt on Monday.

Seven games will be decided on Sunday, with the two remaining matchday nine fixtures scheduled for Monday.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • D-Cardinal 2 years ago

    Exciting game.Austin oladapo,anayo iwuala and tosin Omoyele are national team materials.

    • National team material in deed…..

      Pple that can’t play in CAF CL….


      ::::::IT IS WELL SHAR::::::

      • D-Cardinal 2 years ago

        Am 100% sure you Haven’t watched them play, if you had you won’t be discrediting these talents ..

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      I saw the game and there was really nothing special the trio. I cant pin point whom and whom they can displace in the SE. It was a case of mediocre playing vs against mediocre, and the better mediocre standing out. Austin Oladapo has once been a part of our CHAN team and didnt stand out. We also saw Omoyele vs Athletico in 2018 and its same story. In the town of the blind the one-eyed man will always be king. I’ll rather watch them play against the likes of Raja Casabalnca, Orlando Pirates, Etoile du sahel, Pyramids, Conton sport, Asante Kotoko and so on in the Caf Confed Cup (that is even if they eventually make it to the group stages) before declaring them good enough for the SE. You know a good player when he gets tested against superior quality opposition.

      • D-cardinal 2 years ago

        I don’t gainsay about proofing their mantel against top opposition. But these guys are good.you can choose to call them mediocre,that is your opinion.if these guys can perform under these harsh conditions our league present, then they will do well under better opposition. Oladapo is a better player than frank onyeka, anayo can do a great job if given opportunity in SE. We have good players in our league, these boys needs encouragement.if you spot good talents,give them chance,it will do a lot of good..

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Is it the same Olufemi Oladapo who was part of our 2007 U20 WC team with the likes of Ideye, Efe Ambrose, Echiejile etc you are talking about or am I missing something….? This is year 2021 and you can’t even mention one player in the SE whom he can bench apart from a fringe player who is not even guaranteed a call up anytime soon unless we are in a crisis situation….? Anayo Iwuala will do a good job….in place of whom…??? In place of who hasn’t been doing a good job in his position currently….???
          I understand your sense of patriotism trying to hype your “local talents” but aren’t these the same supergood players who couldn’t even get to the group stages of CAF CL….???
          The way some of you even ridicule the SE when you want to promote these your mediocre local talents can be so baffling. At a time when we are looking for game changers who are far better than those we have in the national team currently in all departments, you want to turn the team to a ground for trialists. Every Nigerian players deserves a chance to play for the national team…..but whether we like it or not, not every Nigerian player will be called up to play for the national team. Only those who qualify to be called the best…..competing at the highest level of football, against the best of the rest of the world will be called up. I am sorry, but People who can’t compete against el merriekh of Sudan unfortunately do not fall into that category.

          • D-Cardinal 2 years ago

            Bros gets your fact right I mentioned Austin tunde oladipo and the olufemi oladapo,he was never part of that team..ridicule? Pls show where I ridiculed and who I ridiculed and how I ridiculed? I spotted good talents and made my observation.that SE didn’t win any match last year does it mean that they are all bad players? So don’t judge the team base on ouster of CAF CL,a lot happened, just like a lot happened with SE last year..if you see a talent that is good in local league, give them chance it will boost their confidence.don’t discredit them becos dem dey play for local league. I will leave you with this,Joe aribo struggles while playing against African oppositions especially in unfavorable weather condition,a good local league player who is more accustomed to such conditions, will do a good job.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            The fact that you want to turn the SE camp into a place where players come to “build confidence” is enough ridicule. All over the world the National team is where the best 11 or best 23 players of a country are assembled to represent the country, not a place for building confidence. You spotted good talents…good for you…..but even in the 7th division, there are good talents too…good enough for the level of football they are playing….but not good enough for the level of football played at the international level. The SE didn’t win any match last year, but the last time I checked they are still firmly rooted on the top of their group (unbeaten so far) and have not crashed out of the qualifying series. The only match they lost was against the reigning African champions in a very balanced match. Don’t even compare it with people who cannot show enough quality against clubs from Burkina Faso and Sudanese leagues to qualify for group stages of CAF Champions league. Your good local players couldn’t do a good job against el merriekh, they couldnt do a good job against Togo homebased, it is at full international level (against foreign based professionals even if it is S/L) they will do a good job. Clap for yourself. You have done well. Discovering good players for us. But sorry they are not good enough. Ive asked you to tell us who and who them will bench in the current SE and what they can do better than those who are there, you’ve been unable to do that. You are talking of building confidence as it confidence can replace talent. If you like let you confidence be as high as kilimanjaro, if you are not good enough, you are just not good enough. All the ones we have been inviting to build confidence all these while, where have they ended up…..Indian league. Apart from probably Stephen Odey, not one has even ended up as close a Belgian league. Yet complete rookies and academy kids (like Terem Moffi, Sam Kalu, Ejuke and co) will move to Europe and develop up to even playing big leagues, but your so-called talents never seem to develop.
            I leave you too with this….If the likes of Aribo, Iwobi, Etebo, Chukwueze etc who are playing at the HIGHEST LEVELS AND STANDARDS of football are “struggling” at international level, is it those who cant even distinguish themselves at preliminary stages of African club competitions (CHAN, CAF CL) that will blow all opposition away….LMAO.
            The national team is not a place for trials or confidence builidng….its a place for the BEST players any nation can offer. I’m sorry, none of your Talents are amongst the best we have at the moment. Deal with it.
            *Apologies for mixing up Olufemi Oladapo (who is also a midfielder with enyimba) with Austin Oladapo.

          • D-Cardinal 2 years ago

            Well its your opinion and not a general view.I believe what I believe and you do the same..

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            …to flatly assume that everyone in the NPFL has little talent is wrong and actually very needlessly dimissive. We just happen to be in the era when going over and playing in Europe is not so difficult as it used to be. It is not everyone that will easily get noticed like Leo Messi at 13years, this does not remove the fact that any serious footballer in Nigeria, who has been involved in the sports at some appreciable level up to the age of 17years actually already have learnt and mastered 75% of what he needs to know about football. Super Eagles materials abounds in our league… factors holding top performance of our league players back are mostly management, welfare, facilities and an ambient developmental environment. The likes of Finidi, Amuneke, Amokachi and Keshi(RIP) played in our league before the world noticed them at the global stage… Maturity demands that we should give our home-based players encouragement and support… I also believe that, if the right scouting mechanisms are in place, we would easily spot top football talents in our league.

  • Gattuso 2 years ago

    We’re Austin Oladapo, Tosin Omoyele and Iwuala Anayo newly bought into the team after the club’s exit from the CAF Competition or they waited until now to showcase their talents?

    Abegi!!! Make them park well

    If the foreign pros who plays regularly are still struggling to deliver, what would the home based who just resumed League activities do?

    CAF Competitions, dem no fit do. Na Super Eagles’ dem wan do!!!

  • Gattuso 2 years ago

    Look at the Headline self, is 2-1 a flooring scoreline on away ground? How much more on home soil!!!!

    A know say one day, Naija go make me proud.

  • Obidee 2 years ago

    Good one my Aba boy’s
    Ife ekwuru ka Ana eme

  • Gattuso 2 years ago

    @D-CARDINAL,agreed you saw them doing wonders. Kindly mention 1 player at least any of these can second, talk less of displacing in the present crop of players in the National Team.

    I’m sure not even Paul Onuachu who’s been putting the most foot wrong

    • D-cardinal 2 years ago

      Don’t worry yourself.. You are digressing from my point ..I spotted talents and recommended that they are good for national team..you come dey ask me post utme question.. Any day you watch them play, them we will talk

      • Dr Simone Toto 2 years ago

        @cardinal You are arguing with the same sheep in one cloth. UBFE, Gattuso are same as Dr Drey using multiple I.D to back his shit. He’s full of shit in this group. Even in a rabies torn country or obscure league we still discover talent but this idiot will never align with your sense because he want to debate even though in secret he agrees with you. Leave them and have your peace let me take them on.

         @Pompei I salute you sir for your previous submission a great bench is what wins tournament leave the village sentimental crew alone koyemi is preparing their dosage of Agbo.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Hahahahaha….just tell us you want some attention and we will give it to you…..LMAO. Mr attention seeker is looking for friends….LMAO. Its not only Gattuso and UBFE that is multiple ID of Dr.Drey….Why not say everyone on this forum who isnt senseless like you is also Dr.Drey…? You think everyone is a riff-raff like you….??? I dont need multiple Ids to make a bold statement or deal with any of you on this forum…..LMAO. I’ve always been vocal and dealt with many like you with my unique writing signature and will continue to do so. Im not a bloody coward like you who has been switching names up and down to masquerade you stupidity….something you have failed woefully at. You have always been a lowlife and this new name you adopted confirms it….LMAO…I guess you were tired of your former name being associated with stupidity, that was why you switched to this one…..yet like a he-goat, your smell still follows you everywhere.
          Its so funny that those who are known to be impersonators and users of multiple IDs on the forum are the ones who open their filthy mouths to accuse others of using multiple IDs….LMAO. Not everyone has zero self-worth like you. Not everyone.
          Go and continue discovering you local talents who cant beat Togo homebased and Cape Verde hombased in CHAN and WAFU tournaments or qualify for group stages of club competitions. Your local talents whose careers never grow….LMAO. From Naija league to latvia and finland or north africa and then back to NPFL or Iraq/Bahrain/Afghanistan. I wish you good luck with that….LMAO. Talent ko….Tammy Abraham ni…..LMAO

          • Dr Simone Toto 2 years ago

            Dead drey why hath thou forsaken his Father? Kindly report to my chambers because your argument is always outside the main picture. If you had gone to a decent school you’ll do better.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            We can all see the riffraff public nuisance the “decent” school you went to has produced.

          • Dr Simone Toto 2 years ago

            There is a difference between Jokes and Real talks. When I joke the people know and when I have to get real they also know. The whole point here is that you have failed to understand the view of people because your sense of reasoning is one dimensional and it’s a brain dysfunction. In an advanced country not the gutter you find yourself today they’ll have prescribed medication for you or see an expert for help. I pray for you son.

  • Marvelous 2 years ago

    Maybe even I too am Dr.drey multiple.

  • Dr Simone Toto 2 years ago

    A tree does not make a forest even Messi will be ignored if he was home based in Nigeria and his talent will never be unveiled to the world because of lack of opportunities in a corrupt world of Nigeria.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      A player of Messi’s quality wouldn’t even play in the npfl in the first place b4 his quality is spotted and shipped straight to better leagues. Messi’s talent was spotted as far back as when he was a kid and was taken to Europe where the best footballers are. They didn’t use the Argentine national team to “build his confidence” before he was spotted. Truly talented players don’t need to be invited to the national team to ‘build confidence’ before their talent can be spotted from as far as Europe. Most of those in the SE today didn’t play in the NPFL b4 making it to Europe and then the national. Yet the so-called home based talents who use the nation team invitation as a platform to get overseas NEVER reach the same heights in their careers. They can hardly even pass trials in top African clubs. The clamour for home based is all a scam. A gold fish has no hiding place. Only dumb opportunists argue the fact that the best and most talented Nigerian players are in Europe. Your 35yr old “local talents” masquerading as 20 year olds have spent years in the NPFL and still were walloped by a team from Sudan and struggle against players from Togo and Cape Verde leagues.
      So if we want talented players who have potential to even grow their careers to the level of playing with world class players in the top 5 leagues in the world, then we should beam a lights on the European stage where serious football is played.
      Go and form you own national team and populate them with your local mediocres if e too pain you.

      • Dr Simone Toto 2 years ago

        Olodo you see your life again? How many Messi have come and gone in Nigeria that didn’t go well for so many reasons be it fake age or poor management what can we say? Ask Okoro who was a good example of Naija Messi but where is he today? What about Victor Brown, Akinsola, Osanga King, Oseni name them where them today? If they where English players will they not thrive even if not all.

        You need cane that is a rescue way to bring a child up and your parents are almost loosing you. I have watched on the forum for ages how the page is not regulated and this has prompted you in dishing out nonchalant attitude. 

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          It is because this page is not regulated that riff raffs like you can pop up with multiple names and filthy personas in the first place. if this page were to be regulated senseless skunks like you wouldn’t even be anywhere near here. Ive been on saner sites b4 CSN till they became defunct and we never used to have gutter children like you.

          You tell us the Messis came out of your so-called league. Tell us where their careers ever got to. Your Ganiyu oseni couldnt even cope in CSKA Academy. Same with Okoro at Almeria Academy, Same with Akinsola at Etoile du sahel here in africa…..those are your own Messis…..LMAO. Compare them with the likes of Ndidi, Sanusi, Osimhen, Ejuke etc who are not products of your league but groomed and polish into class players by the european systems they found themselves in. Your league players cant even pass trials in the leagues where these whose blossomed like sunflower in springtime.

          You are even shooting yourself in the foot by highlighting the major problems of the local players….age cheating…drug abuse…poor management etc…yes…35 year olds calling themselves 17 year olds. Nor be only Stanley okoro…na Kelvin Chubuzor. Mumu.
          We are talking real quality players in the mould of Iwobi, Osimhen, Aribo, Saka etc imbecile is mentioning Stanley okoro and ganiyu oseni…..LMAO. Common sense is indeed not common.

          Ive given you enough attention for today, and its obvious you are just a waste of space…just as you have always been even under the cloak of your other names. Your brain capacity cannot even help you think properly….you are even arguing against yourself…..LMAO

  • Gattuso 2 years ago

    Please and please, I believe this is about Sport where both active and passive fellows catch one fun or the other. It should not be a medium to pass insults.

    We can always drive home our points of view or perspectives without passing insults and discrediting personalities. It’s quite unprofessional, etiquette berating and even exposes personal character deficiencies quite easily

    Good Sports Analysts don’t do such. What if you’re some day privileged or invited for Sports Analysis on a popular Radio or Television? Just what if? How would you do without insults?

    • Count Of Monte Cristo 2 years ago

      I played football in the streets of Ajegunle and I can tell you that there are talents in the local scene who can compete anywhere in the world. As a defender, I saw some sublime attacking and midfield skills right before my eyes. Let’s grow to appreciate what we have rather than stay with this colonial mentality of everything foreign is good. If you cherrypick some of the best legs in the Nigeria Professional Football League, they will beat our hybrid Super Eagles hands down. If you follow the Nigeria Professional Football League religiously, you will see better players than Akpoguma, Ebuehi and Semi Ajayi. Semi Ajayi will not even pass trials in Eyimba after they watch clips of all his shortcomings for West Brom this season. There are centre back far superior to Semi Ajayi in the NPFL yet colonial mentality will blind people’s eyes to this. Enough said.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahaha…we cherrypicked the best legs in the NPFL to face a 2nd string Atletico Madrid team that was on holidays in Uyo and they were all crap. Only the foreign based ones amongst them, like the Nwakali brothers and Usman Mohammed, stood out. We also cherrypicked best of NPFL players to go play in Spain and they lost all their matches. The ones we cherrypicked to face Togo (I mean Togo of all countries, players from Togolese league) in CHAN qualifiers couldn’t do jack. To show it was not a fluke they still lost to the same Togo in WAFU and were even beaten by even Cape Verde home based…..LMAO….Like for hell, what league do they have in Cape verde a country of less than 600,000 people….??? Go and cherry pick your homebased players to constantly qualify for CHAN and at least get to semifinals 1st b4 thinking of beating the SE hands down….LMAO

        Ordinary Portsmouth walloped our league champions Kano pillars by 5 goals to nothing right there in Abuja without even leaving gear 1. Let me not even talk about the 9-0 roasting Intermilan gave Enyimba when they were thinking they have arrived because they won Nigerian league in 2003. League pass league….football pass football….level pass level. The talents you have in Ajegunle are playing at Ajegunle football level. Even teams from Ajegunle cant compete up to the level of winning Lagos State FA cup (unless there is an unlikely upset somewhere), not to talk of NPFL level and National team. Tell your Ajegunle talents to help NPFL clubs qualify regularly for CAF competitions first b4 even thinking of National team.
        As for your homebased talents who are better than Akopguma, Ebuehi and Semi Ajayi….tell them to pass trials in Sudan first b4 we even talk about them being good enough to play in the EPL or the German Bundesliga…LMAO

  • D-Cardinal 2 years ago

    I believe in NPFL, I believe in local league talents.. If you spot any,give them chance,encourage them and change this mentality that you must be in Europe to make the national team.

  • Gattuso 2 years ago

    As for our home based talents, bear in mind that CHAN would be concluded and the so called GIANT OF AFRICA could not even qualify talk less of being part of the group stage.

    As we speak, where are the likes of Reuben, Okonta, Egbedi, Chigozie Agbim, Gambo Muhammad, Stanley Okoro (Little Messi), Danni Emmanuel, David Abwo, Dele Ajiboye, Orobosa Adun, Agbo, Gbolahan Salami, etc.

    These were purported and supposed electrifying local talents but failed to shine on the Super Eagles’ big stage. These all faded away like smoke with the slightest challenge on the big stage. Even in European Football, where are they?

    Following their recurring fading nature and tendencies till date and in concurrent with the obtainable corruption, greed and all sorts of mismanagement practices of the NFF and LMC, lack of adequate training facilities, exposure, lack of payment of players’ sign on fees, wages/salaries. All of these and many more which you know adjoins to the unreliability of local talents, no matter how bright and promising they might seem.

    Come to think of it, is it not only in Nigeria you see a professional league club sacking the ENTIRE TEAM and buys completely new set of players. Sack an entire management and appoint a new set.

    • Count Of Monte Cristo 2 years ago

      That doesn’t mean that homebased players will not perform in the Super Eagles. I rarely comment here but I think we are better served developing Homebased players rather than humiliating ourselves in begging substandard dual nationality players to play for Nigeria. The Nigeria Professional Football League is fool of untapped talented players who can be main stays in the main Super Eagles if they are given the chance. Most of the times that the homebased players failed to deliver was when the League was inactive. Now that the league is up and running, sit back and witness how homebased players will take Africa by storm. As a nation, we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. After 60 years of Independence, we are still looking to an old man who has never won a teacup in his managerial life to take the Super Eagles to the next level. Rather than do this with homegrown talents, this man and that Amaju are busy dragging Nigeria’s name to the mud by inviting every Tom Dick and Harry foreign born to play for this great nation. D-cardinal sees talent in homebased players, that is his point of view as a patriotic Nigerian not sell-outs who only see the promise land being occupied by an underwhelming German grandfather coach and his army of half cast average players.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        What did your African guadiolas who cannot qualify for ordinary AFCON win b4 they were given the SE. What did dey achieve as SE coaches….??? LMAO. At least the German grandfather coach who has never won a teaspoon b4 has led modest teams to major cup finals b4 and is handling the only national team that has been consistently doing well in the country at the moment….LMAO.
        All the so-called home-based “talent” we have invited to the SE in the last 10 years where did they get to in their footballing careers…..where are they today…?? Out of over 60-70 of them only Steven Odey was anywhere near the quality and level of playing in Belgian league…..we are not even talking about Top 5 leagues o…..LMAO. Local talents indeed. I’ve said it before and will say it again. Tell your so-called homebased talents to show they are at least better than Tanzanian, Sudanese, Togolese, Capeverdian, Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinean leage players first and can qualify for CAF CL group stages consistently to compete with Egyptian, DRC, Tunisian, South African and Moroccan league counterparts first before even dreaming of competing with the average half-castes the German PHE teacher is bringing to represent us. Home-grown talents my foot….LMAO.
        Our best Nigerian Players are ALL in Europe…QED. The best Nigerian players making waves in Europe today are not products of the Nigerian league…..AND THATS A FACT….!!!! Deal with it……!!!

      • Greenturf 2 years ago

        @Monte Cristo,are you a football agent making a case for the homebased players?
        Frankly,it’s strange your submissions on this arguments.The home based players have proven severally not good enough for Nigeria either for their club sides or the national teams.
        I wouldn’t mind quality or exceptional talents given a chance every now and again to showcase their talent in the national but not using the home base as a medium for scouting players for the super eagles!that would be abysmal,really bad and strange decision.

  • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

    I’m not an advocate of “Invite Local League players by force” but I see no reason why they shouldn’t be given a chance. I’ve also watched them play this season and I was impressed upon the bad pitches they play on and so many other factors.

    I was right here on this group when some people were like “Don’t even dare invite Local League players because the League is not functioning!” Of course how can we invite players who are not even playing. Ok, NOW the league is back. Functioning fine! This boys are playing week in week out like their counterparts in Europe and now some people are out with another excuse just to see that the guys in the local league are not involved in the National team! C’mon I think there’s more to your so called “facts” – just hatred. They are this that! They did not qualify for this and that… All scam! This guys are playing now. We’re watching them and those with good football sense and not hatred can spot talents among them. Simple. Please give them a chance.

    My opinion.

    • D-cardinal 2 years ago

      God bless you sir..some people argue without thinking

  • Count Of Monte Cristo 2 years ago

    @Dr Drey, for all your bombast, your arguments lack one key ingredient. They are pitifully one-sided. I watched the match between Homebased/few foreign based Super Eagles against Atletico Madrid and I have to say that the homebased boys gave as good as they got. Okay, Nwakali and Usman Muhammed stole the headlines but football is played by 11 players and the others gave a good account of themselves. The match was approached as offbeat by both teams so this Atletico Madrid being on holiday crap does not wash. The homebased players contingent to Spain went there to broaden their horizon, gain experience and forge a partnership between Spanish and Nigerian football. Winning games was never an overarching objective. So for you to come here and tout the scoreline as only the meaning outcome of that expedition smacks of being disingenuous. Who do you think you are fooling by bringing out the failed chan qualification? We’re you on Mars when the NPFL was in turmoil at that time? Let me ask you, when the league was up and running, did the homebased Super Eagles not qualify for Chan? Did they not win Silver, Bronze and narrow qualification to the quarter finals under Oliseh in which Chisom Chikatara won personal recognition (despite Nigeria failing to qualify for the quarter finals). For you to now single out a period when the Nigeria Professional Football League was crippled by crisis only goes to emphasise how one-sided you can be. Portsmouth beating Kano Pillars, Inter Milan beating Eyimba yadiyadiya…. What exactly is your point? Even the Manchester Uniteds, Real Madrids, Liverpools, and Arsenals of this world get humiliated from time to time in cup competitions by lower league sides. You are talking as if these sort of scorelines are monopoly to Nigeria club sides . A beg shift! You keep knocking Nigerian teams down for not going very far in CAF competitions. Do you know that in the last 10 years, North African clubs have competed in all the final 2 of CAF competitions. They either won it or came second. Will you now because of that rubbish all other African teams across the continent? Is this not the same competition that Heatlands reached the finals not that long ago? You talk as if the Local lads are playing coconut. Yes, i played in Ajegunle and I am damn proud of it. If given the right encouragement, facilities and finances, local lads can do wonders. The league is now back up and running. I believe that there are players there that can fight for a place in the Super Eagles (if the league continues to run to schedule).

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahaha…sweet excuses….the homebased players couldnt stand out vs Ath. Madrid…they only “gave a good account of themselves” LMAO (dem don turn cashiers….LMAO)…how come it was ONLY the foreign based ones who stood out…?? Not 1 not 2….3 of them stood out…your so-called home-based talents (who can displace anybody in the SE and beat the SE hands down) where only “giving account” of themselves…..LMAO. So while the forign ones where going into the match to stand out, your super stars where going there to count money and give account….Lolz. That is how they will also be going into the SE to “build confidence” and “give account” when others are coming in to compete and stand out enough for the coach to select them. Its even Ironic that the guys who stood out in that match where even fringe players of the SE o…..infact SE Team C players. Players who didnt make our 35 man initial world cup shortlist. You home-based talents cannot standout in a team of SE team C players. They are the ones that will beat SE team A hands down…..clap for yourself. Your are really thinking properly.

      They went to Spain to broaden horizon…..LMAO (dem don turn hitch hikers). Awesome excuses…really awesome excuses. So after broadening their horizons and gaining experience…where are they today…..pls answer that question..??? LMAO. With all the broadened horizons and gained experiences excuse pls tell us where they are today….?? LMAO…pls where is Jamiu Alimi….where is Obaroakpo….where is Dayo Ojo and Rabiu Ali…? Where is Bassey Ezekiel, Egbuchulam and Aldulrahman…??? I guess they are still broadening their horizons and gaining experience…..LMAO…..that why no notable progress yet. The few like Akas, Alhassan and Obodo who managed to move to Europe cant even boast of breakthroughs yet. Even Ezenwa who was their 1st choice keeper back then is worse now than he was then. Pls compare them with all their horizon and gained experiences to players like Ejuke, Sanusi, Kalu, Gong, Onyeka etc whose careers have gone far beyond what your Spanish tourists can even dream. You should bow your head in shame that out of a whole 25 man squad super talented players who can beat SE hands down, we cant point to 1 who has become successful enough to play at the level where current SE squd members are playing or even tie down a guaranteed spot in our SE.

      If winning was never an objective, was standing out enough to attract scouts too never an objective…?? Was showcasing your talent to the world also not an objective…?? I guess winning has also never been an objective in Caf club competitions the group stages is like a trophy for NPFL teams. Maybe winning was also not an objective when Togo homebased wipped us 2ce (to show it was no fluke) and Cape Verde humiliated us too to crown it all with a sweet ending….LMAO.
      You even shot yourself in the foot by affirming that North African clubs have dominated in the last 10 yrs on the continent. And I put it to you that your so-called local talents who are better than the SE players cannot even compete at the level of those north Africans. They cant even stand out with their mates on the African continent. Majority of them struggle when they move to top leagues in Africa and end up returning to their NPFL which is the mediocre level in which they can operate comfortably….or to other obscure leagues. Pls where is Chikatara today…? Where is Ejormarigwe…..where is Osaguona….Where is Chibuzor okonkwo….and lately where is Junior Lokosa…??? Those ones are also supposedly be ex-homebased talents who would have benched anybody in the SE 1st 11 o….LMAO.
      And I also put it to you that compared to the quality, standard and level of football being played in places like Belgium or Russia or even Greece…your local league players are playing coconut. And that is why most of their careers always end up stunted/stalled once they attempt crossing the Mediterranean. Pls when last did a team come from mainstream Europe to sign any NPFL player straight into their first team…?
      Here are very own words of Ifeanyi Ifeanyi one of the ex-home-based supertalents who now plays in Uzbekistan
      “….As for the training at his current club in Uzbekistan, Ifeanyi said the NPFL was worlds behind: “Here there are programs for each day. You hardly see teams go to the gym in the NPFL, but here you go to the gym. There are programs for only the strikers, programs for only the midfielders, programs for the defenders and the goalkeepers. Every department has their special training programs. It’s all about tactical training, quick feet and even the balls we use here are different(hahahaha…you see your life @ casino royale abi wetin you call yoursef…LMAO). There are no facilities in the NPFL, but here there are a lot of facilities and equipment to train with. You improve more with the facilities and equipment than when you have no equipment….”
      This is Uzbekistan o. Not anywhere near the top 10 leagues in Europe. And its a fact that players who stay too long in the NPFL end up stagnating….they NEVER improve. Foreign scouts dont even bother scouting the NPFL. They rather preser to Scout Mock Nations Cup or any other grassroots tournament. But in your own “proper thinking” products of your league are better than products of the top 5 in the world and will even beat them hands down….LMAO. Like seriously. Even westerhoff who started with homebased players when we still had a league that was dominating African club competitions stopped calling up home based players the moment he had more than enough foreign based players to call upon. Keep on deceiving yourselves….LMAO

  • Count Of Monte Cristo 2 years ago

    @Dr Drey, by African Guardiola, I think you mean our indigenous coaches but more to the point, Sunday Oliseh who left his job unceremoniously. Again, you come out with arguments that are so one-sided that it is almost embarrassing. What did Gernot Rohr achieve that other indigenous coaches did not achieve? Where has he taken the Super Eagles that no other Nigerian coach has never taken us? World Cup Qualification? Nigerian coaches dey there. World Cup second round? Nigerian coaches dey there (thumbs down to Gernot Rohr). Afcon silver? Nigeria coaches dey there (thumbs down to Gernot Rohr). Afcon gold? Nigeria coaches dey there (thumbs down to Gernot Rohr). Did you notice how many thumbs-downs Rohr garnered? Despite being the longest serving Super Eagles coach in modern times, Rohr could have done better. He did well and we are grateful but the rooms for improvement are plentiful. The man’s track record before coming to the Super Eagles is nothing to write home about. Even Ndubuisi Egbo will walk into the Super Eagles as a coach that has won a European league Lol. Okay, we have invited some homebased players to the Super Eagles here and there with minimal success but that is not enough to just throw all of them away. It is a matter of historical fact that when the league is up and running, homebased players invited to the Super Eagles have done well. Sunday Mba, Ejike Uzoenyi and Oboabona come to mind. Even Egwuekwe. The problem is not the players. The problem is the shambolic running of the league. Good players are there. Run the league well and their quality will show.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Onigbinde won silver in 1984 (8 team AFCON) in an awesome perfomance…..winning only 1 match in that tournament (a la fatai amao…LMAO). His final match in 1984 which he lost was Rohr’s Qfinals in 2019 (24 team AFCON) which he won. If 2019 was an 8 team tournament that was an outright victory. No news here.
      Keshi won gold in 2013 (16 team afcon) another…awesome performance won 4 games. His final match which he won was Rohr’s semifinals which Rohr lost…..a thumbs up to Keshi
      All the others who won bronze medals lost semifinal matches which were equivalent to the Qfinal game which Rohr won…..so rohr still towers above them. Infact up to that stage most of them cannot boast of 4 wins at the tournament…no news here.

      But your one-sided failed attempt to undermine how far we have come under Rohr made you ignore salient questions that your conscience will answer in disagreement with your overzealousness. You should have asked yourself if any Nigerian coach ever inherited a SE team ranked 70th in the world….LMAO. You should have asked yourself if any Nigerian coach ever inherited a SE ream ranked 16th in Africa…..you should have asked yoursef which which Nigerian coach ever inherited a SE team that couldnt qualify for ordinary AFCON twice in a row (not even as best looser). You should have asked yourself which Nigerian coach ever inherited a SE so rotten that even teams like Uganda will come and defeat us at home. You can as well tell us which Nigerian coach ever took the SE 40 places up the FIFA ladder and from 16 in Africa to our rightful place in the top 3. To have moved a team 16th in Africa that couldn’t even manage to qualify for AFCON 2 times a row (thanks to our local guadiolas) to losing the semifinals of the immediate afcon participation (a 24 team tournament) in the last seconds to the eventual winners is more than satisfactory as achievement. Cape Verde/ Benin/ Uganda are currently in region of 16th in Africa. Tell your local coaches to go and win bronze medal with any of them in 2023 AFCON and lets see….LMAO.

      Even at that, this Rohr whom you and your likes like to castigate so much has invited not less than 24 local leagues players to the SE in 3 years 2016-2019 (average of 8 per annum)….and guess what….within 1 month after being invited to the SE they are already out of the league to some obscure place(even without even playing 1 game)….and then protagonists clamour for invitation of another set, just bcos they are homebased. So its no longer a case of the quality of the said players, but simply because they are homebased and need to be shipped overseas. And where are the ones who were shipped overseas today….?? I ask you where are they…??? 2-3 years down the line. Some are even back in the same NPFL. Same thing happens in our underaged teams. Local coaches preferring their “local talents” to the Nigeria eligible kids abroad under the guise of “he is too young or he is not strong enough”, just so that they can have players to market. And then 2-3 years later the rejected foreign borns will be playing first team football in Europe’s top 5 leagues while our own “strong enough” ones will be sitting on the bench in Romania and Belarus…..David Alaba’s case is a typical example. Pls tell us where the Mathew Edile for whom he wasnt given a chance is today….???

      Wait sef…how come the careers of these your world class homebased supertalents NEVER seem to blossom ones they step out….??? Pls remind me of any of them that continued to grow from grace to grace until 3-4-5 years later they end up in one of the top 5 leagues or Belgium or Holland (not as bench warmers o). If we will talk about homebased and the SE….everyone will be quick to mention Keshi…..Oboabona…Sunday Mba….Uzoenyi. We are talking of players (over 50 of them) who were always in closed camping for 1 year or thereabout and played 7 international grade a friendlies and at the end of the day just 1…ONE….was good enough to be a regular SE..and for how long….2 years or thereabout…..and in your mind you call that a successful venture…?? You call that a profitable venture…?? Spending a year to assemble players that wouldn’t last beyond 2 years……is that managerially and administratively intelligent…??? Even some of the foreign based players in the 2013 AFCON squad are still playing at an appreciable level today (8 years after)…..the likes of Musa, Moses, Ideye, Ambrose, Omeruo etc are all still good enough to play actively in England, Spain or France. Pls tell us where all the home-based young local talent of Keshi’s era are today…???

      Lets all stop deceiving ourselves and say the truth without considering our pockets. The first criteria for callups to any National team is the quality of the players, and THE BEST PLAYERS ELGIBLE TO REPRESENT NIGERIA ARE NOT IN THE NPFL. Even the staunches supporters of the league have never been able to beat their chest and affirm that they will bench the foreign based guys. All we keep hearing in that they should be invited to “build their confidence” or to “encourage” them. Build their confidence to do what….??? Encourage them to do what….??? Is it the confidence or the encouragement that will teach them how to be good players or add to the talents they already have….??? So who should be left out when we are populating the SE camp with confidence builders…??? The ones whose confidence are already built playing top quality football in top quality leagues already….??? Is there any sense in that….??? The National team is a place where players who are already confident come to use it to defend their flag…..not a place where people come to build confidence.

      #THE BEST NIGERIAN PLAYERS FOR OUR NATIONAL TEAMS ALWAYS. Anything other than that is a celebration of mediocrity. A terrible league does not produce world class players

  • Count Of Monte Cristo 2 years ago

    @Drey, you have clearly made observations that can help improve the quality of the NPFL if it fell in the right ears. If you sum up most of what you said above, it will fall just in 1 category which is ‘Areas for Improvement for the NPFL’. I also put it to you that for all the tales of failure that you catalogue above, there is also a success story. You shot yourself in the foot by bringing out the example of the Uzbekistan league simply because it buttresses my points and not yours. And my point is that the league has quality players but the infrastructure, lack of funding and poor management are some of the factors allowing jokers like yourself to poke fun at them. Listen, whether it is academy players (like Iheanacho, Awaziem, Osimhenetc) or NPFL players that are making it in Europe, there is one thing they all have in common which is, they all have Nigerian blood flowing through their veins. Even the mixed raced players have Nigerian blood in their veins to qualify to play for Nigeria. What is my point? Nigeria still produces stars but the poorly managed NPFL is letting homebased players down. But to write the players off in their entirety is tantamount to throwing the baby out with the bath water. Whether you like it or not, the national team handlers have been asked to consider NPFL players for the national team. The ones among them who give account of themselves will be handed Super Eagles invitation. For all your tales of homebased NPFL failures above, even your bombast cannot erase the history that of today, it was a homebased player who scored the goal that won Nigeria the last Afcon. What success story can be greater than that? That itself nullifies all your tales of failure. The Sports Minister is wise to weave homebased players into the fabric of the Super Eagles into the future. Get in line or you will become a relic of the past.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @Dr.Drey… Please print this last writeup by count of Monte Carlo, frame it and hang it on your wall… Wake up every morning and read it before setting out for the day… If you allow yourself to be objective about what contributors have written about the NPFL… You will learn a lot. Our league has quality players begging for opportunities. Sunday Mba won us the last Nations Cup, a testimony of qualities in the league.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      hahahahaha….pls pls pls dont mix the likes of Iheanacho, Awaziem, Osimhen with your so-called NPFL local talents. Dont just do that……you are looking for ojoro to help your cause. If you want to do that, you will be shooting yourself in the foot. Those ones were not corrupted by the mediocrity of your league. Morestill they went out and were properly developed and polished into national team materials by those who play top level football become they became good enough to suit up and ball with the big boys in the SE. So you might as well have to finally align with me that your homebased superstars need to go and get some polishing up to standard in top leagues in Europe b4 they can smell the national team.

      You keep saying we produce stars…i’ve told you to name them…name the stars that were star enough to progress to the level where the Iheanachos, Awaziems, Osimhens etc who didn’t play in the league progressed to. Infact name one player doing very well in Europe today who played in the league….despite the SO MANY STARS the league produces. If you cannot, I put it then to you that the league only produces quantity and not quality. I put it to you that the league only produces mediocres who Never progress to the top 5 leagues in Europe. I also put it to you that the league does not produce players who can last 5 years in the SE unchallenged.

      The greatest disaster that befell our football (not qualifying for 2 consecutive AFCONs in this century and our lowest ever ranking in African and world football) came when we started forcing mediocre league players on our national team. It will be a great disservice to our football to start using quota system to force homebased into our national team rather than based on merit and quality. We should take a leaf from the Basketball federation who now go for the BEST Nigerian basketballers to play for both our male and female national team even though we also play domestic basketball. Ever since we started doing that, we won our first Afrobasket….infact now we are favourites in every Afrobasket. We now qualify for the WC and Olympics easily and we have even gone as far as plying the Qfinals of both tournaments….something that never happened before.
      See…even westerhoff discarded homebased players the moment he could get enough players in europe. This was even at a time when if shooting stars was not winning Sekou toure cup…..Iwuanayawu will be challenging for the CAF cup. If BCC lions wasnt playing in the finals of Abiola cup…..Stores will be battling for the Tessema cup. Not to talk of now that group stages have become mission impossible.

      @Jimmyball, I will rather read the book of lamentations every morning. Mba did not win you the nations cup he only scored a goal in the final which ended up being the winning goal (after 1 years of continuous camping and tutelage and 7 international matches to be able to play at that level). We have Victor Moses to thank for our 2013 AFCON win. as at the 80th minute of our last group match we were heading home. he single handedly conjured the penalty kicks that saw us through. The 5 players whom we can say won us the AFCON are the 5 players who were listed by caf in the team of the torunament….Enyeama, Ambrose, Mikel, Moses, Emenike….and all of them are foreign based. Minus these guys even Mba would have been a passerby. Actually he was a passerby as that was virtually the end of his contributions to the SE…..one-match wonder. He wasnt even anywhere to be found by the time we were playing the WCQ playoffs that took us to brazil not to talk of the main tournament. Like most of the rest homebased players he was a one season wonder. We dont have time to waste on one season wonders in our national team. We want a team that will last for a decade like our famed 94 sqaud…not a team of one season wonders. Keshi would probably have been our longest serving coach and led us to higher grounds than we reached under him if he had not been deceived to think his homebased were good enough……he didnt know that the foreign-based where the ones covering their yanshes and that they will be exposed at the world cup and by stronger african nations. Recall he was playing the likes of Malawi, liberia and namibia in the 2013 afcon and 2014 world cup qualifiers when he was busy using them……by the time he got to world up it was the same osaze he didnt want to take along that bailed him out of the group stages……b4 his npfl yaya toure (reuben gabriel) now did him strong thing. Fast forward to 2015 Afcon qualifiers where we met strong teams like Congo and South Africa….na dia agbada hook for barbwire with all the deadbeat local mediocres he was fielding.

      • Count Of Monte Cristo 2 years ago

        Awaziem, Iheanacho etc are they not Nigerians? Please, just because some homebased players fell by the way side in the past does not mean we should discard all of them in the future. The same people and mindset managing the league at that time will not endure forever more. Don’t be so wedged in the past too much to be blind to future possibilities existing in the Nigeria Professional Football League. Whilst your many one-sided over-bloated and hugely exaggerated examples of homebased players’ failures have some basis, it is not an accurate barometer into the future. The Nigeria Professional Football League has players who at least can fight for a place in the Super Eagles. Take it or leave it, that is fact.

  • D-cardinal 2 years ago

    SE didn’t win any match last year,there was an excuse to that,Chan eagles didn’t qualify,they were branded failures..stop double standard..foreign or home base,we all want the best for super eagles.. Keshi did it with home base.if any home base player is good enough, give him a chance to stake claim in national team and don’t judge them base on chan,a lot of factor could be the reason, so why blame the players solely.this is totally unfair..make una get conscience small.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      SE are still firmly seated on top of their qualifying group despite not winning any match in 2020 (albeit it was just a friendly vs African champions we narrowly lost)…..as a matter of fact we are more likely to still qualify for 2021 AFCON with games to spare than not qualifying at all. CHAN eagles failed to QUALIFY for chan. The homebased too could have played 2 draws and qualified for CHAN…but the failed. the also failed to progress in WAFU cup (losing again to togo) and even failed in the loosers tournament being beaten by Cape Verde. These 2 are not even close…they are as wide as the heavens from earth. Its not double standard.
      Secondly, Keshi did not do it with home based…that’s a fallacy of hasty generalization…..keshi did it with foreign based…..Almost all the foreign based players apart from ejide got minutes at that AFCON…same cannot be said of the homebased. Keshi was only brave enough to start Oboabona from the onset and latter Mba when someone needed to be dropped. If they where all so good, they all would have been 1st choices rather than emergency replacements…or gotten minutes of gametime. If he had made the mistake of playing more than 2 homebased at the AFCON, he would have failed. He started failing the moment he stared playin more than 2 homebased players at a time. He was also deceived into thinking the home based were good enough. The fact is that they were not. We could limp around with Oboabona as a regular….but the moment we started adding kwambe, eguekwe, oshaniwa etc…..we were runned down. There is a limit to the amount of dead weights the foreign based can carry and cover up for. And Keshi didnt just get Oboabona from a rag tag team or league….Oboabona was captain and defence linchpin of a Sunshine stars team that reached the semifinals of CAF club competitions back-to-back….now that is showing quality. That is showing that yes you can at least compete with your mates in africa….and that is what we are saying (not these one who cannot even reach group stages of CAFCL). Even at that it still required almost a year of closed camping and 7 international friendlies to brush up to the level of foreign-based. Keshi like every other Nigerian coach after westerhof was HEAVILLY reliant on foreign-based players and failed when he wanted to start relying on his homebased talents who NEVER progressed (clubwise or internationally) beyond his tenure.

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      How is CHAN Eagles not qualifying comparable to a team that did not win any match in 2020 but sits comfortable on the top of it’s qualification group??? Please use your brain and stop comparing Apple with Agbalumo bro

      • Dr Simone Toto 2 years ago

        Idiot he is free to comment because they can as well prove the failure of the SE as well for their inability to win a single match last year. LMAO I have seen too many idiots on this page from yesterday.

  • Count Of Monte Cristo 2 years ago

    @Dr Drey, sometimes I fail to find logic in your arguments. Wait, should Onigbinde and Keshi be ridiculed simply because they made progress in the Afcon when it featured lesser teams? Am I reading you right? Should they be ashamed of themselves for the number of teams in the Afcon tournaments where they went far in?
    So, all the teams that won the world cup pre-1998 or even pre-1994 (when there were lesser teams) do not deserve respect? What sort of logic is that? The extent to you will go in making excuses for Rohr’s shortcomings is legendary. I see no profit dragging this with you because, history will record Onigbinde and Keshi as silver and gold winning Afcon managers. If you like, cry from here to timbuktu about the number of teams, Rohr failed to match those records, simple! Did Rohr not participate in the same tournament as the Senegal and Algeria coaches? How come they reached the final and Rohr’s armies are here making excuses about the number of teams in the tournament? Rubbish. Back to homebased Players, If you go to division 2 leagues in Germany (Afeez Aremu), Austria (Paul Komolafe) , Belgium (Jordan Kadiri) and Holland, you will find a lot of Nigerian players who have at one time or the other being products of the NPFL. If you go to East Europe, Isreal and South East Asia, you will find them plantiful. Nigerian players who are products of the Nigeria Professional Football League are dotted all over ‘decent’ leagues in Europe doing well for themselves. Work permit issues, cut throat competition and other factors hinder their mobility to mainstream leagues. Some of them have been there for a while and will go on to have decent careers. Admittedly, the best ones we have are in more mainstream leagues but my point is that homebased players are not a waste of space. Give them the opportunity and they can make up the numbers. You seem to be missing the point. I am not and will never advocate for the national team to be pre-eminently populated by homebased players. I am asking for equal opportunity. Give them the chance to come and stake a claim and pick the best among them. You keep going on about the NPFL not having exceptional players. Which national team in Africa is populated by a starting 11 of exceptional players. 30% or 40% exceptional players, the rest are decent. From that decent section is where homebased players can fit in. Let’s not deceive ourselves, there are raw materials in the Nigeria Professional Football League who can ‘complement’ foreign based players.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hehehehehe…tell onigbinde to come and win only one match in a 24 team AFCON and see if he will near the medal zone. Ive told you…if its easy to inherit a team in 16 position on the African continent and win afcon bronze medal at your 1st time of asking with players most of whom have no AFCON experience….tell your local coaches to go and lead Capeverde or Benin or Uganda who are in around 16th position today to a bronze medal place in the 2023 AFCON.

      I said it before that I put it to you that your league only produces quantity and not quality. I put it to you again that your league only produces mediocres who Never progress to the top 5 leagues in Europe and it has become even more evident. You cant even comfortably name 1 product whose career has progressed the top leagues…..even after all the “broadening of horizons” and “experience gathering” and “building of confidence with SE call ups”

      In the same Germany where your NPFL produced just 1 player Afeez aremu in the 2nd div we have Arokodare, Dennis, Awoniyi, Akoguma, Bazee who are not products of the NFPL in the bundesliga…not to talk of the likes of Abaima, jamilu colling etc in 2nd Div.

      In Austria where an entire league (which according to you produces tons of talents that are even good enough to beat the SE hands down) produce just 1 player in the 2nd div we have Tijani, Igbonekwu and even Chinedu Obasi in the Austrian bundesliga….non products of the NPFL. There are still others in the 2nd div whom i wont mention. NFPL produced just 1……awesome league.

      In Belgium where there’s just 1 NPFL product in the 2nd div we have Mukairu, Okeke, Onuachu, Pius, Eleke in the Jupiler division

      In Holland you couldn’t even mention any bcos there actually is no NPFL product good enough or who has made career progression to that level, but we have Hilary Gong, plus the likes of Maduka okoye, Ebuehi, Akujobi.

      Let me not even got to France, England, Spain, Italy or Portugal.

      These none NPFL products also faced the same Work permit issues, cut throat competition and other factors that hindered the mobility of your ‘super talented’ products to mainstream leagues. But they are there or have progressed there. Quality….not excuses.

      Let’s go to Croatia there are 0/4 NPFL bred players in the Croatian 1st division…..Cyprus 1/3…..Denmark 0/5…Sweden 0/8……Greece 0/5…Norway 2/8….Poland 0/1….Russia 1/6….Ukraine 0/3. So out of 39 players in the 1st divisions of these non-top 8 European leagues only 4 played in the the NPFL…..JUST 4….from a league supposedly booming with talents.

      So pls where do the products of your league play….??? Answer…..Backwater leagues, Isreal……Finland…..Latvia…Belarus….Malta….Libya….Vietnam and the Middle east sometimes 2nd and 3rd divisions in these leagues. That’s where your talents are good enough for. Those who were not corrupted by your so-called league are playing topflight football in top 8 leagues in Europe. But we must pick those who cant reach that level ahead of them because they are “home-based”.

      Stop deceiving yourself with NPFL bred stars are dominating decent leagues in Europe. Its a FAT lie. And drop your fallacy of NPFL produces players who can beat those in the SE hands down…that’s arrant nonsense and best reserved for those who are just returning from beer parlors.

      NPFL NO LONGER produces players good enough for the top leagues…..FACT
      The best players should always be the ones called up to the SE…..FACT
      Our best players are playing in Europe mostly in the top leagues….FACT
      Merit over Sentiments will take us to the next level….FACT

      If any of these pain you or anybody else for that matter….pls slam your TVs on the ground anytime the SE lines up without “homebased talents”…..PERIOD.

      Im out….!!!

      • Count Of Monte Cristo 2 years ago

        My guy, go and broaden your horizon. Learn to think far ahead rather constantly looking behind you. Was it not the same Nigeria domestic league that produced the likes of Enyeama in its heydays? Was it not the same Nigeria Professional League that produced back to back CAF Champions league winners? Okay something went wro wrong somewhere and the league went off the rails. My question to you is, Dr Drey, must we stay in the negative past? Why not reflect on what made the league great and use that to build a brighter future for the league? You brandish stats of where NPFL players are either scant or not available but the Nigerians (like Ndidi) playing in the English Premer League, is it Ghanaian blood flowing through their veins? A beg stop being negatively selective. Someone of your age would have witnessed the heydays of the league where clubs like 3SC were performing wonders. Rather than share those success stories here for younger generations you are busy peddling negativity. What do you intend to gain? In your lifetime, Eyimba won back to back CAF Champions League and then the same Eyimba became the whipping boys of Sudanese and Congolese teams. Is your reasoning just limited to the bad times? Whatever happened to the good times, who is to say they can’t return? Are you God? Do you know tomorrow. You need to go hitch hiking to broaden your horizon. It will do you a world of good.

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      Have you ever heard of CHAN championship which Morocco just won today? This is where a right thinking thoroughbred Nigerian will clamour for the home based stars to start, when they perform at that level, then we can promote the outstanding ones into SE team. Keshi used some home based for AFCON 2013 but they started in the CHAN team where they impressed Keshi thereby paving ways for them in the SE team. Please be reasonable in your argument, don’t just write because you hate Rohr or intimidated by Dr Drey. 
      I saw you even mentioned Onigbinde’s feat in 1984, seriously? Was did he do with the WC 2002? Those are the times when only a couple of players from all African countries plays overseas, 99% of players in AFCON then are home based and our club sides are doing well in CAF club competitions unlike now when they can’t even qualify for Group stage in CAF competitions.

      • Count Of Monte Cristo 2 years ago

        Dr Banks, you are a fool of the highest order. Where intelligent minds like Dr Drey are engaging in intelligent discourse, you should go and bury your head in the sand because your brain is full of sand anyway. First and foremost, you revealed your stupidity when you said under Keshi the homebased players started with the Chan team. Numbskull, Chan under Keshi was 2014 while the Afcon was 2013,which came first, Fool? I mentioned Onigbinde, okay and so what? Did I mention your name? A beg stay in your lane or I will turn you into toilet paper before wiping my ass with you and flushing you down the drain idiot. It was a privilege rubbing minds with someone like Dr Drey. As for you who lacks manners, decorum and chivalry, stay off my contributions when next I choose to comment here. Fool.

        • Dr Bank 2 years ago

          @ Count of Monte Cristo, I said they impressed Keshi in the CHAN team, not CHAN Competition. Keshi spent 1 year preparing the home based team prior to AFCON with the CHAN Championship in mind, but luck shined on some few exceptional players when some of the Foreign based players refused to show up for AFCON (such as Odemwige et al). Dumbskull like you want everything to be spelt out for you before you can comprehend.
          So now you accept how intelligent and well learned Dr Drey is now, but you were demeaning him earlier siting Almighty Eyimba that dominated Nigeria and Africa in those days, that’s same argument Dr Drey is emphasising, that Homebased players should first distinguish themselves locally and be a force to reckon with in African club completion and CHAN before they can lay claim to SE position or invitation. SE is not a preparation team for players, only the finest products should be invited to play in SE. Abi you fit enter University without passing WAEC?

          • Count Of Monte Cristo 2 years ago

            Stupid idiot like you this Dr Banks should just mind you freaking business rather than jump into conversations half way with your rude and pompous attitude that is befitting of a lowlife like you. Yes, I acknowledge Dr Drey is intelligent which is why I was able to relate with him on a mature level. But fools like you who barge into conversations midway with a rude attitude only deserves to be treated like the trash that you are. Keep your freaking explanation about Keshi’s chan and Afcon preparations to yourself. I don’t want to hear them and I don’t want to know you. I don’t engage in conversations with areaboys like you. Idiot. You put Doctor before your name but you are a disgrace to all doctors.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    By the way….Morocco has just won the CHAN back-to-back. Not forgetting Moroccan league clubs being prominent in African club competitions. Can Moroccan league players compete with the rest of the continent….YES. Are they at par or even better than their peers from other leagues in the continent (including the NPFL)….Absolutely. Should Moroccan league players be invited to their National teams…….A BIG FAT YES…..!!!!

    When we can say same of the Nigerian league, then we can start placing our hopes and confidence in them of even giving the foreign based ones a run for their money in the SE….or even beating the SE hands down…..LMAO

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Morocco has won back to back CHAN titles yet their national team is dominated by foreign players and foreign born players. Some country that can not qualify for CHAN are still looking for 30% quota for NPFL players. LMAO!! 

    • Dr Simone Toto 2 years ago

      Shut the fuck up dude. You’re not making any sense.

      • Dr Banks 2 years ago

        You @Toto should rather shut the fuck off, you have nothing meaningful to contribute on this forum other than saying which toto is better than the other

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

          Don’t mind that one. Always a waste of space fa. 

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahahaha…..LMAO. 30 percent ko….30 per pence ni….LMAO.

      With teams like Wydad, Raja and FAR rabat who are terrorizing the rest of Africa in CAF competitions o…..LMAO.
      2017 – Wydad – CAFCL winners
      2018 – Raja – CAFCC winners: Wydad – CAF super cup winners, CHAN Winners
      2019 – Wydad – CAFCL Runners up : Raja CAF super cup winners

      Morroco 2018 WC squad: 2 homebased….1 GK and 1 outfield player(striker). 2019 AFCON squad…same thing 1 GK, 1 outfield player(defender). Nothing like quota system…nothing like 30%….Nothing like we don’t want foreign born or foreign-based Moroccans. The BEST Moroccan footballers make the national team.

      But people who have not had a complete league season for 3 consecutive years and struggle to qualify for group stages of CAF competitions want 40% automatic shirt….LMAO. Naija we hail thee…..always wanting to do their own things upside down…..LMAO

      Warning: The useless obunu he-goat who choses to call himself toto will soon start calling you a multiple ID of Dr.Drey too o….LMAO

      • Dr Simone Toto 2 years ago

        Not all Nigerians are gullible you invest your energy in foolish things continue refreshing and liking yourself comment and disliking others that don’t agree with your garbage. @Dr Banks that’s if you’re not a clone too keep it up keep on keeping.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Hmmm…refreshing and liking….oh is that’s how you and your fellow riffraffs conjure likes for yourselves…anytime you want to console yourself you have defeated Dr.Drey…LMAO?? Bcos if its not, how come you believe someone else is doing something you are oblivious of…?? It crystal clear that’s what you do. Its simple. God is beginning to leak their secrets 1 by one. We have been catching them using multiple Id one by one already. Ironically, they are the ones who will accuse Dr.Drey of using multiple Id’s to give himself likes…..their jealousies even block their senses too….LMAO. Having many likes is a mystery to them…LMAO. Ofcourse you cant have likes if you dont say sensible things…and you cant say sensible things if you are senseless. So idiot, instead of your senseless Mr A is better than Mr B stupidity you display here…go and borrow some sense and start saying sensible things….those that agree with you will click the thumbs up button…its a natural thing…there’s no mystery in it. LMAO. You dont need to be stupid
          Sensible people can tell there is a difference between Dr.Drey and Dr.Banks. Imbecile cannot. LMAO. What a pity. And the day they gave birth to you they were happy thinking they had given birth to a human being o….what a pity.
          When you are done with your attention seeking venture, you will crawl back to the dustbin you came from. You tried for whole week and I gave you none. At least Dr.Drey has finally given you some attention this last day or 2. I hope you are fulfilled and satisfied now….LMAO.
          I guess you are now tired of refreshing and disliking ….LMAO

  • Mercy 2 years ago

    Once upon a time in nigeria, npfl players moved straight from the league to top clubs in europe. Gbenga okunowo from shooting to barcelona first team, finidi from sharks to ajax, etebo from warri wolves to farense and many others. But recently our league standard had nose dive to the extent that it is easier for an academy player to get a club side in europe than npfl player.

    My question to those who are the proponent of inclusion of npfl players into SE is that what do we intent to achieve? do we invite the npfl players to SE team and after one or two matches they are off to europe/asia or we are inviting them to the SE to make our senior national team better? If the answer is the later question than the league must be allowed the league run continuously for atleast two seasons (not abridge league) and the infrastructure most be better to ensure players stay in the league even if they get a useless offer from an obscure league before we can now be talking of inviting them into SE. If the answer to my question is the former, then it is effort in futility. Experience as told me that talent is not enough to play top level football, there must be conducive environment, training and good nourishment etc to be able to compete favorable with other players in the elite leagues.

    If we want to be honest with ourselves, these players need to play next season caf champions league, wafu tournament or CHAN competition first, then we can then be talking inviting the best among them, if not we will be setting ourselves up for failure.

    • D-cardinal 2 years ago

      Not beating S/L in two legs and chan eagles loosing narrowing 3-4 to Togo.(where most of their top players play in their league) which is more shameful.. Sitting on top of a group that consists of S/L, Benin, and Lesotho, is an achievement abi??

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        What about when we couldn’t even qualify as a second best in a group that consists of Congo, Sudan and SA? If a draw with S/L is shameful What about when we fail to qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONS? Because it seems you have a very short memory. How is it shameful that we’re on top of the group and guaranteed to qualify with games to spare? How is it shameful that we’re on the verge of qualifying for a third straight major tournament?? Maybe you can help us define achievement??

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Heheheheh…On top of which group were we sitting when your African guadiolas couldn’t even qualify for AFCON….? Brazil and Spain…LMAO.
        WC qualifiers group, we topped…….2019 Afcon qualifiers group, we topped….2021 Afcon qualifying group….we topped. How is that not commendable. How is it shameful that we are sitting comfortably on top of our group and 1 leg in Cameroon already with 2 games to spare…?? Your chan eagles failed to qualify for CHAN….QED. They went to WAFU cup and got beaten by the same togolese league players again. They entered losers round and still got knocked out by players from Cape Verde league…imagine cape verde league, likes seriously cape verde league (the whole capeverde is just 600,000 human beings including women and children o)…and you are here talking about shame. You should bow your own head in shame.

        You are even here telling fat lies that the Togo homebased players are the main players of their national team….just to justify the shame of your medicore league players. Togo top players play in the togolese league my foot….LMAO. Oga go and get your facts right. The main Togolese national team is comprised of players playing in mainstream Europe, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain…..including foreign borns who were mostly born and raised in France. Stop looking for excuses to cover the shame of your homebased superstars (who can defeat SE foreign based players hands down) losing 2 straight games against players from Togolese league

  • Dr Simone Toto 2 years ago

    Dr Drey and his ghost auto like and auto dislike is activated now. Where are the dislikers who remain mute and the likers? Why are they now commenting? LMAO you are fulll of shit and will go to the end just to seek public approval to your garbage.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahaha…fool is busy counting likes and dislikes up and down. Sensible people are making contributions, Idiot is counting likes and dislikes….LMAO. Are you indirectly telling us how you always conjure likes and dislikes with your fake identities…??? Initially it was Gattuso and UBFE and every other person that was Dr.Drey’s multiple ID…..now it Dr.Drey having autolikes and dislikes…..LMAO. Useless fool….LMAO. Why not add Ayphilly and Dr.Banks to my list of multiple Ids too since you thing everyone is a jobless bustbin picker like you.

      Imbecile…pls tell us, all the dislikes in my comments did I give them to myself too…? Because the last time I checked it was only myself, D-cardinal and Monte Carlo who has been conversing. So explain to us where 7, 8 10 dislikes came from. And also explain to us how they too got 8-10 likes on their comments too. Maybe they too have ghost followers and auto likes/ dislikes too on their keypads as you claim. Thats too show how low your intelligence quotient is, so much so that you dont know people do read without choosing to be part of the discussion by posting comments or responses…..LMAO….Olodo rapata. You see…when I say you are daft….it is not an insult…its a statement of truth. Okponu nie…you are daft. And there’s just not explanation to that. You have changed our name severally on this forum but your daftness still follows you around. You have never engaged in and intellectual discussion of note since you sauntered into this forum like the drunkard that you often comment like.
      Bloody bastard….e dey pain am say people dey like my comments…..LMAO….no worry, you go still go drink poison, because whether you like it or not….even my biggest haters on this forum, in their hearts of hearts, know Im always on point……I give you raw facts, figures and statistics to argue with….so if you can argue that 1+1 is not equals to 2…then congratulations…..unfortunately they cant do anything about it other than try to save face in order to protect their often bruised and battered egos….LMAO

      You think everyone is a he-goat like you who comes here to seek attention and look for cliques to join by force…LMAO….praising people so that they will acknowledge you as “better than oderinde”….LMAO?? You think everyone is a worthless he-goat like you….??
      Abeg crawl back into your hole and continue with your “A is better than B stupidity” and let sensible people have their conversation.
      Worthless pig.