Odegbami: Yobo Lacks Coaching Experience, But…; NFF Explains Choice

Odegbami: Yobo Lacks Coaching Experience, But…; NFF Explains Choice

Chief Segun Odegbami has aired his view as per the recent appointment of Joseph Yobo as the assistant coach of the Super Eagles, saying the former defender can learn on the job while undergoing coaching course, Completesports.com reports.

The ex-Super Eagles captain was on Wednesday installed as the West African country’s national team assistant manager following the removal of Imama Amapakabo from that position.

Yobo who is also an Everton legend captained the Super Eagles to a triumphant outing at the 2013 African Cup of Nations in South Africa and will now assist chief coach, Gernot Rohr.

Complete Sports during an exclusive interview on Thursday asked Odegbami if he thought it was too early to make Yobo an assistant coach of the Super Eagles.

The 1980 AFCON winner replied: “No. The Nigerian assistant has always been a spare tyre in the set up. The foreign coaches come with their white assistants who do the work.

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“Yobo will use the proximity to the team to gather invaluable experience, get his certification, motivate the young players and prepare for bigger responsibility down the line,” Odegbami stated.

Meanwhile,the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) have explained the choice of the former national team captain as the new assistant coach of the Super Eagles.

NFF President, Amaju Pinnick believes very strongly that the appointment of Yobo as the Eagles’ assistant coach couldn’t have come at a better time than now.

“Yobo has good leadership spirit, I also think that he will be a very good mentor to our young players and he also has discipline with a great level of dignity.”

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  • Chidiomimi 1 year ago

    Daddy Yobo has finally spoken. I don’t have anything against Joseph, But I don’t also like that fact that he has no certificate as an assistant to Super Eagles Gaffer.

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    My message to those that supporting Amaju Pinnick all these years.

    Amaju have failed again. Amaju would have hired Amunike or Eguavon and then Yobo to under study them with Coach Rohr.

    For me the best candidates for this position at the moment are

    Mr. Rohr head coach
    Amunike assistant coach
    Yobo to under study the two of them.

    I’m not satisfied with the decision of Mr. Pinnck.

    “Yobo will use the proximity to the team to gather invaluable experience, get his certification, motivate the young players and prepare for bigger responsibility down the line,” Odegbami stated”.

    This is very rediculous. So, Super Eagles is the training ground for Yobo to get experience now abi? Mr. Sęgun, you be little Super Eagles team no bi small o. Chai, you played this game before Yobo and why are you talking like this?

    I love Yobo to get involved but not this way ba. It’s never too late to get Amunike, Peter Rufai, Ike Shorumu and Ikeme on board.

    If you don’t change your decision Mr. Amaju, you may regret it in the end. I’m so happy for you Yobo. I hope you will utilize the opportunity in a smart way. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Edoguy 1 year ago

      Amuneke will not take an assistant role. Amuneke is already a renowned head coach that will come with his own team. So Yobo is good as a spare to the coaching team

  • Mr Hush 1 year ago

    From Pinnick,Odegbami and to Yobo himself..
    No one is talking about his technical and tactical plans he is bringing to the team.
    All are keep hearing is his leadership qualities and his dignity.

    They do understand that football is game played based on technical and tactical proficiency and not just “leadership and dignity”..

    Well would stop my nagging and wish Yobo well.
    I hope this comes out good.

  • Asoko Emmanuel 1 year ago

    Coaching like any other profession is 70% talent and 30% training.As a footballer who has played at the highest level you are exposed to the tactics and the rudiments of coaching, moreso that the coaches you work with as a player have passed to you some of the hidden secrets of the job during training period.
    Many of these players Yobo inclusive, have almost 15 to 20 years in their kitty as footballers which to me is what qualifies you to be a coach,rendering the certificate a mere formalities.Dont get me wrong training as a coach is important to fineturn your rough edges of the profession,but what actually qualifies you as a coach is your playing experience haven been exposed to all there is in the game over a period of time.
    Now, what Yobo has been appointed to be is an assistant, which again to me he’s sufficiently qualified to handle haven played at the highest stage of the game as not just a footballer, but very talented one at that .Then if he chooses to proceed from there he will need a coaching certification to so do.In the legal profession, what makes you a lawyer is B.L and LLM, but what qualifies you to practice your legal profession is your call to bar certificate which in this case is the coaching certificate.
    Yobo would have been unqualified to handle any team as the head coach even if is the under 15 without the certificate,but can be an assistant to a qualified coach.
    It goes without saying that Yobo of all persons knows as much that he needs to use this platform to launch his coaching career by getting the necessary certification.
    Until then I support the NFF move as the one for the future.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      70 percent talent and 30 percent training? Like seriously??? Can u tell me why Maradona hasn’t been successful with his coaching career despite his talent as one of greatest players on earth? Out on ur thinking cap , man. Let’s remove sentiments from our judgement abeg, yobo isn’t qualified for that job, period”! The super eagles is not a training center for inexperienced coaches.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      If it were so….all footballers would have become coaches. And probably the excellent and talented ones like Pele, Forlan, Maradona, Matheus, Cantona, Best, Wright, Caminiero, and so on would all also have become excellent coaches.
      Playing football and coaching are poles apart….even Ryan Giggs confessed such when he was named Man Utd interim manager a few seasons ago, transiting straight from playing the previous week to coaching the team 7 days latter…end results…? The dude had to give way. Look at Vincent Kompany, at the start of this season he was the Coach of Anderlecht….after a few games wen d bobo hear am hot, he hands off coaching the team and told the world he would rather concentrate on playing. I can go on and on.

      As a player, all you do is follow instructions. The 5Ws and 1H of those instructions are never made known to you. The design and methodology of game planning and execution is not your headache…all you do is keep yourself as fit as possible, turn up in training and practise whatever the coach has for you for that day, pitch up on match day and implement. QED

      Lets take a look at Yobo’s contemporaries:

      Steven Gerrard – $90 Net worth, 749 career club matches, 9 career honours – livepool youth coach, Liverpool U18s, Liverpool U23s, Rangers

      Frank Lampard – $100m Net worth, 888 career club matches, 11 career honours, Chelsea youth coach, Derby county, Chelsea FC

      John Terry – $70m Net worth, 14 career honours, 750 career club matches, Aston villa assistant coach

      Xavi Hernandez – $40m Net worth, 859 career club matches, 9 career honours, Al-sadd (Qatari league)

      Theirry Henry – $101 Net worth – 790 career club matches, 11 career honours – Belgium, Monaco, Montreal Impact

      These guys are Classes and Levels far ahead of Yobo, in terms of the Clubs they played for, the class of coaches they played for, their personal and collective career achievements as well as their global appeal and conducts. Yet they went back to the classroom to LEARN Coaching (for a total duration of over 4 years) and graduate with what is equivalent of a Bachelors degree and also obtain Coaching badges (UEFA Pro License). They also didnt start practicing what they learnt and evolving their own philosophies start at the top, they started with soft targets. Even Henry that somewhat started at the top has somewhat retraced his steps back to bottom. after his short spell as a caretaker manager at Man U, Giggs said, “….talk about the badges and the qualifications; you need them, it’s essential,”. Definitely, there has to be something new, something unheralded, something novel, something fresh, something advanced and hackneyed that these guys learn when they go back to the classroom

      As disciplined or dedicated or articulate or whatever other appellations they are giving to Yobo now….can he claim to know football more that these ones…??? Even amongst our ex-internationals, does he know more football than a Seyi Olofinjana who is already coaching at Wolves…? Even a large chuck of our best ever squad (94 Squad) who played under our best ever coach went back to the classroom to learn coaching. Can he use is 100 caps, zero training and zero experience to get a job (even U17 job) elsewhere…even in the NPFL….???

      If we must copy others why cant we learn to copy the right way…? Man U was looking for a coach why didnt they appoint Rio Ferdinand or Gary Neville both of whom were ex-players and captains…? Chelsea where looking for a coach why didnt they appoint Joe Cole or John Terry or Drogba since they were part of their excellent golden Generation…? Why did these clubs go for the ones who have already trained and gathered the required experience to operate at that level…?

      According to Odegbami, ” Yobo can learn on the job while undergoing coaching course”, if not for parochial interests, why will we leave those who have already undergone the course and have something to offer for someone who has nothing to offer and is only coming in to LEARN ON THE JOB. We are talking of the position of the Assistant Manager of the SE o. The person that will carry-on the team if Rohr is indisposed or sent into the stands by the referee.

      If you want to eat a toad, why not eat the one which has eggs. If we have to employ coaches Main or Assistant for our national teams…why not employ THE BEST AVAILABLE at every point in time…???

      I have nothing personal with yobo…but i wish to tap into this yoruba adage that says eni ba gbe eru re kója ori, ipako ni yio gab de ile”….ie who carry in load pass in head, na in ogo e go folo bring the load down …ie the load go troway eventually.

      Yobo has a net worth of $35 million dollars…if he was interested in coaching before now, he wouldnt need NFF to placate him with a gift of a coaching job and sponsorship for coaching courses…6 years after quitting football.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    Discipline and dignity are the keys!

    • Mr Hush 1 year ago

      Obviously dignity and discipline are both key qualities needed to succeed in any works of life; but in football,tactics and technical ability reigns supreme.

      I can count loads of coaches with the right “dignity and discipline ” that have failed ; Emery, Advocaat, Pochentino,Blind, etc..all disciplined and known for their dignity. But lack that tactical ability to back up these two good characteristics.

      And I can tell you some of the best coaches that have coached the game have an arrogance swagger about them and care less for dignity and have come out successful;
      Mourinho, Alex Fergusson, Arigo Sacchi, Heitzfeld,Benkanbuer,Biesla,etc. are just few examples that fall into this class.

      The fact is, to be a successful coach of the game, you must have the tactical and technical prowess , it is vital. There have to be a blend of all.If you don’t have it, even if you are the nicest man on earth, you can only go that far before you fail. Football, life isn’t funny that way.

      Hopefully, Yobo is technical and tactical savvy enough to succeed..

      • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

        You forget to name Kloop who displayed dignity and discipline to spot and utilize African duo of mane and salah that an arrogant Mou goofed at Chelsea even though he succeeded with Drogba. Dignity makes a coach overcome nepotism!

        • Mr Hush 1 year ago

          You keep missing the point..

          Let me rephrase.

          Dignity and discipline are necessary characteristics needed to be a good coach.
          But not necessarily the only quality needed.
          The most vital quality needed to be a substantial coach,as far as football is concerned, is the technical and tactical skills.
          A good coach must know how to read the game, set up the right tactics for him or her to be successful.
          Dignity and discipline isn’t enough!

          Do you think Klopp is all about his dignity and discipline?!

          Klopp is mostly known for his tactical ability and the way he sets up his team tactically.

          Have you noticed how Klopp buys his players?

          Have you noticed how Klopp sets up his team?

          It takes a most tactical and technical man to build a formation that suits the ability of all the players of his team.

          It is not all about dignity and discipline.

          Tactics, technique,discipline and dignity all necessary..

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    The super eagles jumped 4places in the latest coca cola FIFA football rankings released this week but I’m utterly surprised that csn has yet to publish this great news. If say na one kin distracting news about rohr or from odegbami Una go publish am. Bad belles everywhere.

  • Christopher okeke 1 year ago

    Yobo retired four years ago… 2016 and played his testimonial match in port Harcourt…not 6 years ago Dr drey

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Yobo played his last match for Nigeria at the 2014 world cup and played his last professional football match in November 2014.

      Forget about the testimonial match, it was a mere ceremonial novelty game. Even Kanu and Okocha still play ceremonial matches till today. It doesn’t mean they haven’t retired. And even if here retired in 2016, for years is enough to complete his training as a coach. Players like Giggs, Terry, Kompany and many other started their own training even while they were still active players.


  • Thank you Dr Drey. It’s always good to read your right ups. I can imagine the amount of time, research that go into them. You’ve succinctly stated the vital points. I wonder what else one can say. I cannot but also mention Mr Hush, Oakfield and Greentuf(knew him from another platform that’s collapsed now). Its because of these people that I come to CSN to read comments. Omonaija always get the sticks but honestly his opinion on this issue has been the best I’ve ever read. Simply amazing.
    Firstly, it’s really sad with the kind of privileged, myopic leaders we have in this country who pretend to know their onions but rather pushing for their selfish interests and ambitions. On the issue of uncle Segun Odegbami, I’ve read all his articles on Rohr and the one that led to Yobos appointment. In as much as the man is senile that’s the gospel truth and one feels like disregarding his write ups but my crystal ball shows me where all this drama heading to. Yobo is being positioned to replace Rohr and Rohr might not be there at next years AfCON or the WC in 2022. If truly these corrupt, narrow minded administrators love and care about the eagles, I think the coaching and goalkeeping contingent omonaija suggested would have been best for us. But hey we are all fools shouting, arguing and screaming at each other on different blogs/platforms while these buffoons take their self rewarding decisions. The national team should not be seen as a rehabilitation center or a place of internship for our ex footballers. They should rather demonstrate that they’re willing and ready to serve in that capacity like Amunike, Finidi, and others are doing right now. Yobo could have said NO he’s not ready now. Xavi who’s even coaching presently was approached by Barca but he turned down the offer saying he was not ready yet. If Yobo knew he would be interested in coaching why didn’t he study for a coaching certificate before he retired or after? Why have has he not started coaching an under age team etc.. so many issues to talk about, so many questions to ask but then will this change their decision? No. Amaju was talking about leadership qualities as a prerequisite for coaching (not captainship) a big team like super eagles. I wonder when leadership has become the tactics to win a match in football. And the mischievous Odegbami saying he can learn on the job as if it’s an office job (lol). Can you imagine the damage that would have been done? Well, all we can do is to just watch with our folded arms and wish for the best.

  • https://www.allnigeriasoccer.com/read_news.php?nid=35296

    Bosso says Yobo has a coaching certificate but I wonder why the NFF was silent on this.

    This shows it was all planned.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      DP…you see how these guys keep indicting themselves. Is it the lie lie 3 days courses that these home based coaches organise for themselves that Yobo is referring to as a coaching qualifications…? Just as you asked, why has the NFF be silent on it…why has all the media houses been silent on it…..why has the man in question been silent on it…..what has Odegbami himself been silent on it…???

      Pls read this link and see the process and graduation before a professional licence in coaching can be obtained. It takes nothing less than 3-4 years….almost equivalent to a bachelors degree.


      And again how can someone who isn’t a coach be a member of Rivers state coaching association….? How can one be a member of a coaching association first before going to training as a coach…? I am a member of quite a number of professional bodies in different countries and globally and I know the rigorous screening and training processes I’ve had to undergo before being admitted or licensed. Even the ones that require just filling a form and submitting, one must already have minimum of a diploma and at least 5-8 years of work experience in that field. How someone who has neither of these became a member of Rivers state coaching association beats my imagination.

      And Bosso still has the temerity to say Yobo has only 2 (in actual sense 1) out of 3 criteria required to be considered for the Asst Manager Job of the SE….what of those who have all 3 with distinctions sef…? What of others who have been ex-captains, have UEFA pro licenses and have coaches 4 professional clubs and 1 national team already…a la Amunike..? Or a la Amokachi, Eguavoen etc. If we say those one have had their time what about Seyi Olofijana who is coaching at Wolverhampton Wanderers and has even risen to the level of director of scouting and development…???

      In all my years of consulting if you bid for a project and your bid meets 29 out of 30 requirements you are screened out, Bodies like USAID and World Bank don’t even joke with that.

      Why do we like being incredibly stupid in Africa…??? Are we also going to blame the white man for this grave misdemeanor by the NFF…? Is this how to groom people for coaching…?? What that how England groomed Southgate or how France groomed Deschamps or how even Senegal groomed Aliou Cisse….???

      Cmon. We can’t continue like this.

      It’s obvious Yobo is offering himself to once more to be used by NFF just as during his playing days and I just hope he comes out of it alive. From the sequence of events so far, it’s evident Yobo was being primed for the job long ago even though they knew he wasn’t qualified. They must have quickly shoved him into rivers state coaching association (probably with the help and influence of Barrister Chris Green) and pushed him to one 3 days course. LMAO unfortunately, experience is what cannot be bought or manipulated. Na that one hook dem for throat. LMAO
      Then a very good PR job was required…and who else will be fit for it other that a “respected racist exinternational” like Chief Odegbami who has never hidden his detest for white coaches and will rather accept we sink to 70th and below in FIFA rankings (and have our footballing development stunted and are players not being able to sign for top clubs because of our low FIFA rankings) with a local coach, than Soar steadily with our players developing and becoming attractive to sign by teams in top leagues.

      Yobo is just a tool being planted in the SE by NFF for their parochial motives….forget the gist about developing him as a coach. You don’t start a child in school from the University. There’s a reason why he has to go from elementary to secondary to tertiary.

      • My brother its always refreshing to read from you guys as earlier mentioned. @ Tony too thanks. It seems we rationalize issues in a similar fashion. @ Aroko,even though I haven’t met Oakfield before but I could see from his write ups that he’s a matured man who will not resort to abusing you or other people. We will all be having a slant perspective to issues all the time and that’s just the gospel truth.

        Tony, Oakfield and Dr. Drey really understood the Nigerian football fraternity very well via a vis the politics. Honestly, you’ve said everything on my mind and I’m simply short of words. The question is why do we want to destabilize a mechanism that’s working well for us. We all understand the antics these so called pathetic and corrupt NFF officials and their good for nothing agent Odegbami are up to. They’re evil minded and just wanna destroy this team. Their agenda is to just get rid of GR because of his fallout with Amaju (NFF). And Odegbami who continue to criticize GR for losing to Madagascar at AFCON, WC ouster, SE playing poorly, GR staying overseas, not playing home based players etc. Very lame excuses just to hatch their destructive plan.

        We all know where the state of our football was before GR came on board and now. In as much as he’s not the best, the man as done well for us. He is a forward thinker and has always want to build a solid team for us. There’s now stability in the team after a very long time, we qualify for major tournaments without painkillers and calculators, we no longer fight over invitation list. I can go on and on. One major thing we’ve failed to appreciate is the ease with which he’s replaced all our old and experienced players. Mikell, Ighalo, Moses were all replaced seamlessly without a hitch. Musa at some point was not playing, who remembers/mentions Onazi anymore even though he was out injured but he wasn’t even playing before then. He knew we were having voids in our full back positions and got players for us same thing he’s trying with the goalkeepers now.

        Well not to digress from this issue, I think Tony mentioned that why is it that our ex footballers always want to coach our national teams. I dont see anything wrong with that but show us that its well deserved and not that you’re lobbying for a job amongst this corrupt tigers. We need them to play more active roles in our soccer administration to get rid of these pathetic clowns. Its not gonna be easy though. I read Fuludu and Ikpeba won the Delta state football chairman position and assistant (I guess) but the preferred candidate is the governor’s brother. We need some of them to be state FA chairmen, technical department and then NFF. They cannot continue to protest behind the scenes. Kanu asking the NFF for an input does not make sense to me.

        @ Dr. Drey thanks for the info/link. I do know what it entails to be a coach and it’s just annoying that all these senseless people are just lying to us to justify their actions. It was in response to GRs comment that Bosso made that utterance. When did a 3 day coaching course equals a coaching certificate? If Yobo has one trust mouthy Odegbami and NFF to have shoved it in our face overtly. Wheres the coaching experience? The same irresponsible Odegbami and NFF laundered and canvassed for Pep Guardiola of Africa a la Sunday Oliseh. We all know how we were tormented. Yobo could gave been appointed in a more managerial or technical role or capacity and not coaching at this time. He only wants to he used as a pawn and a stooge if the NFF. If Yobo is qualified we won’t be having this conversation at all. Has anyone noticed Kolo Toure on the bench of Leicester city? That’s the way to go. That’s knowing what you want and working towards achieving your goals. I laughed when Dr. Drey said Yobo has been watching movies/shows. Well if these cruel people are able to succeed with their evil machinations, (give GR the boot and install calamitous Zobo-a name we gave Yobo back in his playing days) then we should be ready to go back to the days of taking painkillers and let our calculators be handy.


  • Asoko Emmanuel 1 year ago

    Oakfield,you don’t have to insult me man,cos I have my thinking caps on.
    Now would you rather put it the other way?70% classroom and 30%talent?.Whichever way you look at it the right logic is the way I have put it.Now lemme explain it to u,talent is what u need to stand u out amongst the rest.It is the reason you will be in the same class with a genius and yet he knows more than you or in the same football club under the same coach yet the other person interprets the coaches philosophy better on the pitch.When I say talent I mean it in all ramifications. Guadiola and our very own Amuneke played together in the same team and also shared the class as student coaches but today Pep stands out because of his ability to evolve and tinker with what he has learnt otherwise 90% of the football philosophy which Pep has invented today was not learnt in class room or true any teacher he simply evolved it,that is talent.
    Now,there are several reasons some coaches will not succeed and not necessarily because they are not good.You see some of this 5hings again come with luck and good platform.Some coaches have the stuff but are not fortunate with the right platform and opportunity to transfer it.Example of this is Amuneke,the guy has the stuff but needs the right platform to succeed.I was one of those who said he was not lucky enough with the Tanzania team,which stems from the fact that his appointment was ill timed and not the right platform at the time.
    Another factor is temperance.You need good balance of temperance to be a good coach,the reason someone like maradona cannot be a good coach not because he does not have the stuff.
    Again to buttress my point,it is the talent exhibited by Jose that has stood him out as a coach.
    @Dr. Drey,lemme correct a notion,Yobo is appointed as a second assistant which is the same possi5ion occupied by Imama, before his removal so that where the coach is indispose or banished to 5he stance it is th3 first assistant his white assistant 5hat will deputise and not Yobo.
    The point must be taken that Yobo is not going to make decisions in the team,he will at best contribute and as a man who has played the game at the highest level he qualifies to make sound contribution.We should stop making uncessary comment about this appointment as though a capental has been appointed to take up a football role.Beside it is confirmed that Yobo just returned from a course and has been a registered memeber of Coaches association in Rivers.I do not think a novice will be allowed to be a memeber of the coaches association.That said am sure Amaju will not make an appointment that sensitive if it was not well thought out.Yobo carries something which you all do not see and only time can tell.I need you all to know that this same Amaju gave local coaches the first consideration before he opted for a foreign one,from Siasia to Oliseh et al.We can only support and wish them well.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      @asoko, hmmmmmm. Ok let me give u simple test. If u had an airplane and u wanted to employ a competent pilot, would u accept the application of one with the gift and talent of flying (without any training,qualifications and experience)or the other with the prerequisite experience, training and qualifications in Aviation? Have u asked yourself why we have schools despite the fact that most of us are naturally intelligent???? Common sense should be your guide as you answer,no need for Long epistles.

      • I beg to differ on your example here. There is no way you want to be a pilot without getting the necessary training except you playing video games. yes a company can still hire a gifted and talented pilot so far has he proves himself in training. We just have to give Yobo a chance to learn.

        • Oakfield 1 year ago

          Stop confusing yourself. Just answer the question….

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    @Dp,my brother, it’s really heart breaking and heart wrenching how some of us who ought to have known way much better than most of us based on experience and otherwise reason. It’s really absurd that their selfish interests have to a great deal clogged their sense of reasoning. Let’s do ourselves a favor by reading Chief Onigbindes point of view by clicking on this link : https://www.allnigeriasoccer.com/read_news.php?nid=35297 . He did justice to the myriad of questions begging for answers regarding the lopsided and funny appointment of Yobos as an assistant coach. It’s indeed funny how we do things in this country. When I closely followed Mr Odegbami’s post overtime and eventually discovered his evil antecedents bcs of his and other people’s selfish interests which gave birth to a lot of senseless and amusing articles of his, a lot of people but a few were disgruntled. Some even gave it a tribal interpretation and made frivoulo allegations against me but I think I am being vindicated now based on the turn of events lately in our football and I foresee more to happen as the wicked are not resting on their oars until they bring down our football. I refer to Mr Odegbami as an ex cricket international bcs he doesn’t reason, act and speak like a dude who has kicked the round leather object even at it’s highest levels.

    • Thanks Oakfield. I didn’t know how I missed that Onigbinde’s article. I’m not a fan of his anyways because he likes to blow his trumpet which he still did in the article anywas (lol) but honestly this is one of the best comments I heard from him. That summarizes everything for me especially when he said that his employer knows why they employ him. I dey siddon look

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    @ Asoko

    So you still believe Salisu will still come back to this SE team….??? LMAO
    If he were to be back, he would have replaced Imama as soon as his ban was lifted. NFF has placated him with the Enugu Rangers job already….NFF operates on a turn by turn chop I chop basis. Take your time to observe how their coaches are appointed and discarded over the last few years. Lolz.

    I made my comment above as it applies to @ DP before reading yours. I think my reply is also valid response to your comment.

    We are not saying local coaches should not be appointed for our national teams. But we should go for the BEST AVAILABLE AT EVERY GIVEN TIME. And at this time YOBO is NOT the best available…even for internship.

    And by the way, the SE is not a lab rat. We should learn to stop using it as a platform to experiment with players or coaches. Whatever affects the SE affects the entirety of our football. Some people say it’s because we have good players now that we are progressing…..but it’s the other way round. We have always had good players…always. But our low rankings and performance of our national team was always an hindrance for our players in the transfer market. Agents and Clubs consider that a whole lot. If we were still ranked 70th in the world, do you think Man U or any other EPL club for that matter would have signed Ighalo…???
    If your national team cannot qualify for 2 consecutive AFCONs do you think any top club in any top league will look at you, unless you are ready playing in that league….???
    The placing, performance and development of our national team in the last few years is what has increased the marketability of our players and even made us attractive to the likes of Brazil and Ukraine to request friendlies from us to test their strengths. I even heard Germany too is trying to work out something with the NFF.

    So the NFF should stop using the SE for parochial and self centred reasons. If it’s not broken, I don’t think it needs fixing.

  • Tony 1 year ago

    Let no one pick on me before I even get started.Don’t get me wrong, I like and respect Yobo a lot for his scandal free life and professional achievements, but one weird and eerie feelings tells me he has accepted to be in a place where he is not meant to be just yett and I fear that his sun might set at dawn.I will bring out some underpinnings to this bizarre appointment.

    There would have been less hullabaloo if the NFF have simply told us that Yobo is a quota coach to replace the sacked Imama( never really cared about him and he can stew in his own juice) since they are both from south south! The same quota system that have held us back as a country has finally crept into the NFF.

    Secondly, there is a miscarriage of justice here, the most qualified person for that position presently is Amuneke period.Is it because he is from the SE and has no godfather in the NFF. He had a more distinguishing playing career than Yobo, played for more prestigious clubs under world class coaches, Has a UEFA pro license, a World Cup winner at junior level, he took Tanzania to Afcon after a 34 years absence, has proven himself with clubs in Nigeria, Sudan and now Egypt, yet our NFF overlooked all that and appoint a reluctant and partying Yobo.What else do NFF want Amunike to do to clinch the position? We are sick as a country.But I know the answer. When Ammunike was coach of the junior teams, he chose his team on merit and so screened out all the average players sent to him by officials of the NFF and from Odegabmi wasami academy! That was why he won the World Cup . They know they cannot bend Amunike, that was why they chose an ever ready to compromise Yobo as a funnel to expose and sell their players.

    I read the thrash spewed out by Amaju and Odegbami, while Odegbami senility is already well documented, I am more disappointed in Amaju, because here is a graduate of Uniben, with a very good private sector back ground, he came as a breath of fresh air when he bursts into the scene, straight talking and factual, but see the level he has sank to .But he knows that he is not coming back to that position, He has lost it with FIFA , CAF, his backers and even the Nigerian people.That his why he is putting people that he can do business with when he leaves office.

    The other issue I found quite appalling is the level of self entitlement with our so called ex internationals. Bros, we appreciate your contributions and sacrifices to the growth of our game, but with due respect, the country owe you nothing and if they must give you anything, you must be ready and adequately qualified and compete for it in a fair process.That you are jobless is not the country’s doing.it is a result of your lack of planning. It is tantamount to saying that every  retired civil servant or retired armed forces members must be given what they do not deserve because they serve Nigeria in the past LMOA. I read somewhere where Kanu was saying that the ex international should have been consulted on the super Eagles New Jersey.!

    But pray , why is that our own ex internationals are only interested in coaching the super eagles  and other junior national teams? Are they not interested in administration as well? Why can’t they contest the position of NFF president or Secretary General? After all, Drogba have expressed his desire to be the President of the Ivorian FA and he has gone back to school to get the necessary management training. Samuel Etoo has gone to Harvard university for a management program as he is eying the CAF presidency. Weah became the president of Liberia after going back to school in the US to study political science , went to the senate before becoming president. Why are we different? Agreed they played football at the highest level, but that is not coaching, Let me explain.

    I was listening to Benni Maccarthy last week expressing his desire to coach Bafana Bafana in the near future, but at the moment, he want that daily involvement at club level to broaden his experience. That is a sensible Ex international , A UEFA pro license holder, A champion league winner speaking. Please what did Yobo win abroad while playing?

    Yobo should have started from the junior teams, scout and nurture his own players who will play for him when they eventually get to the super eagles with him as the chief Coach.That is the secret of Keshi, Samsom siasia and Ammunike. Somebody should check the list of players that Keshi took to Ethiopia 2001 and the guys that won the AFCON in 2013, Siasia grew with his players from under 20, under 23 and the super eagles.Amunike started with the U 17 players in UAE, to his own set of U 17 in chile,Those set of players now are in the super eagles and Ammunike is the missing link not Yobo.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      @Tony, u just hit the nail on the head!!! Nice one. It’s not rocket science. I find it very, very funny and absurd that some people are supporting this stupid move. Even, Rohr was not consulted before he was appointed. Like I Said before,Yobo is being used by the powers that be to forment trouble and nemesis will catch up with him in due course of time. When the ship will start sinking, nobody will remember other actors like odegbami and co in this evil scheme but will always remember him for being so stupid to be used Just like what happened BTW him and keshi after which he apologised bcs he wanted to get his 100 caps. The same people who used him against keshi are same people who are using hin now against rohr.

    • @Tony God bless you and the rest like Oakfield, Dr,Drey,Deo and a whole lot of others who inspite of our love for yobo refuse to be irrational in our approach to this matter

  • Larry 1 year ago

    It is just insane how some people always think that everything is all about tribalism or feel that coaches appointment or players selection should always come from certain region. They are so quick to insult or denigrate people who share different opinion.
    The nff has the right to appoint and fire coaches. The choice of Yobo is not a bad option and it will really prepare him for the future.
    Is Amuneke the best indigenous coach ? My answer is No. In terms of credentials and performance, Oliseh is a better choice than Amuneke, perhaps he is the best Nigerian coach alive. Oliseh is well groomed for SE job, if given the same contract and enabling environment as Rohr, he will not be a bad option.
    Nff should consider Oliseh (coach), Amokachie (technical & Scout), Emenalo (technical) Yobo,(Assistant), Enyimba coach, and Rufai (GK) for SE positions.

    • Which of the Oliseh ooo biko, the one that failed already on the job or the one yet to be born. Nawa for some people ooo, oliseh ko buhari ni…. smh!

      • Larry 1 year ago

        Oliseh (Euro Pro. License)

        2008-2009 Chief Coach
        Verviers (Belgium)

        2014–15 Chief Coach and Club Manager. . RCS VISE Belgium

        2015–16, Chief Coach of Nigeria (Super Eagles of Nigeria)
        14 Games (Only 2 losses) 19 Goals scored, 6 conceded.

        2017-2018. Chief Coach
        Fortuna Sittard (Holland)

        Can you provide a Nigerian coach with a better record ?

  • Chidi 1 year ago

    Guys lets keep our fingers crossed and watch,for those clamouring for amuneke,it might interedt to know that he can not settle for any thing less than SE chief coach n NFF cant sack GR at d moment,so replacing imama woth yobo is a brillant idea,yobo might not have d cert for now but i bet you before d next worldcup he will and by then he will be well grinded combinig classroom/practical is a good one,another thing yobo will bring to the team is self believe n good analytical skills,trust me guys someday here we will celebrate yobos appointment