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Odey Open To Rangers, Celtic Transfer

Odey Open To Rangers, Celtic Transfer

Nigeria forward Stephen Odey is open to the idea of joining either Rangers or Celtic this summer.

Odey has been linked with the Glasgow giants after an impressive campaign with Danish Superliga outfit, Randers FC.

The striker admitted that he would be delighted to remain at Randers, but is willing to take his game elsewhere.

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“These are big clubs, and it is clear that this is something that I want to be open to. But I’m in Randers FC, and right now that’s the only thing that matters. As long as I have not been presented with anything concrete, as I said, I will not let myself be disturbed by it,”Odey told Amtsavien.

“Rumours can spread quickly, but it’s not something I want to be distracted by. My agent takes care of everything that may be around the transfer market. I’m not trying to think about it. The important thing for me as a player is to focus on the preparations for the new season.

“If the right club comes, Randers FC has no choice but to let me go. But I am happy to be in Randers FC, and that does not change the fact that there are some rumours about other clubs.”

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  • @Jimmyball these are the players are referring to when you people keep clamouring NPFL up and dan why not clamour for Odey but you see even Odey. Look at his path coming out of NPFL he still has a lot to do to reach those levels yet acadamy products I.e. Osimhen Iheanacho Chukwueze and co. See thier trajectories he is only attracting Rangers now whilst dual nationals Bassey look at the gap in Quality please allow the right process for NPFL. LIKE Etebo Odey is following that path but as I said developing through European exposure

    • felix 2 years ago

      What exactly is your point. For the NPFL to be scrapped, because the academy players are able to play for big teams. Trying to wrap my head around what you trying to justify here. Please how many of the academy players have gone directly to start in a top club in Europe. The only excuse i can make foe you is the marketing strategy of the academies. Many of there owners are ex-players who have networks, compared to the NPFL.

      • @felix my point is quite simple no body should be handed anything on a silver platter players careers span more than 12 years in some cases even 15+ (CR7)… We can’t keep inviting players evry year to SE because they are based in NPFL unless they are outstanding and have followed the path NPFL players need to now which I will highlight below again, if our league was in the level of MLS (america) you would have a case. What of the ones that leave and brushing up like Odey do we now forget them?? even when they themselves are not on the level of our Academy Products. And again you are missing the point even the academy players brushing up whilst that is happened some are reaching rippen stage it is a countinous process hence we can’t give no NPFL player a Birth right in SE because at the moment they will always be a player in a more advanced stage they need to prove themselves first through i.e. CHAN/ CAF Competitions Club Stages/ WAFU and this must be continous for at least 3-4 years so we no we have a working system so to answer your unfounded and misguided question due to lack of sound reasoning in this matter NO! a resounding NO god forbid we scrap our leage but let us get it in TOP shape to at least Compete in AFRICA again.

        Let us not let blind patriotism and misguided loyalty cloud sound thinking. Super Eagles is not child’s play in any event there should be a clear path for home based players to make SE it should not be a soul birth right because they are home based. Our best foreign exports in Europe the likes of Osimhen are from the Academy Not NPFL.

        NPFL has been in shambles for many many years now . Infact the best players that come out of NPFL are the ones that get discovered after they have been exposed to some European football and moved up the ranks in European Hierachy leagues i.e. Etebo comes to mind other than that when we try to hand them SE shirts in recent years they prove flash in the pans and fade to obscurity our league is in Shambles the poor infrastructure allows for poor development of a player and if they stay in the league past 24 or 25 years old they most likely will not reach the desired international developement standard to compete with the best teams in the world, as the saying goes you cannot teach a dog new tricks.. We have seen it last year against Mexico we where humbled or rather humiliated by a SE squad made up of Home based players and this year Ecuador and Mexico the NPFL players that came on were way off the desired standard to compete with International players. Super Eagles is not Child’s play these players must Deserve a place not handed on platter because we are petting them for being homebased how does that sound?. Now, some of the better players from NPFL this year much like Iwuala and Ndah did last year have moved abroad now we will forget them and clamour for players that are still in the league who these guys out shined?, much like what is happening to Iwuala and Ndah (Forgotten).. where is the sense in all this clamour for NPFL players Bikonu come on man…
        Look Bro we had better get our league up to scratch and retain the best NPFL talents dominate Africa win CHAN then the Top Players from those campaigns will automatically demand a place in SE at least a chance to fight for a Shirt not this Hand them a Shirt because they are NPFL. Pesiero is there watching them but a blue print needs to be laid out and a path for NPFL players to move up the ranks to qualify to SE must be laid out, Like I have done above we are doing our football no justice if we handle this matter any other way.

        @Felix I hope you get the picture now!

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