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Omeruo Advises NFF To Appoint New Coach For Super Eagles Before World Cup Qualifiers

Omeruo Advises NFF To Appoint New  Coach For Super Eagles Before World Cup Qualifiers

Kenneth Omeruo has urged the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to appoint a new head coach for the Super Eagles before the team’s next 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers against South Africa and Benin Republic.

The Super Eagles are still without a coach since Jose Peseiro left the post at the end of February.

Finidi George, who was one of the assistant coaches to Jose Peseiro took charge of the team for the friendlies against Black Stars of Ghana and Eagles of Mali next last month.

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Omeruo has however indicated the importance of having a substantive coach in charge of the team before the crucial games in June.

“We started the World Cup qualifiers poorly, and that’s on us as players, but I do believe we have the quality to qualify for the World Cup. But we need to sort out the issue of head coach real quickly because June is just around the corner,” Omeruo told Brila.

The Super Eagles will host South Africa at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, Uyo on Friday, June 7.

They will take on neighbours Benin Republic few days later.

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  • Bestsport 1 month ago

    Based on the short time before the next crucial stage of games Amuneke is the best amongst all others… white men will need time to learn too many things about our football, food, culture, mentality, mind set, team structures, Nff incompetency, Nff corruption, unprofessional attitudes, media, and the names of all our players in just a short time to bed in, before he does? Nigeria would have lost or draw some games to be considered out.. then Nff President will come with yet more explanation and apologies @ give that gat damn job to AMUNEKE ALREADY NOW… FOOLISH NFF AND HIS TECHNICAL FAILURES COMMITTEE MEMBERS

    • TALK UR OWN 1 month ago

      ** NOTE: We should not be deceiving ourselves in this country because of the way things work for other countries (e.g. Democracy work well in America, S/Africa, Ghana but it doesn’t work well in Nigeria).
      EVEN when Keshi won AFCON in 2013, he failed woefully to qualified for next AFCON due to bad management(Pinnick VS Giwa), sentiment, jealous, hatred towards some players (e.g. Yobo, I.K. uche, V.moses).
      What matters most is to move our football forward & not celebrating FLUKE WINNING again. We struggle/manage to beat CIV by penalty in group stage. But E/guinea beat CIV 4-0 convincingly.
      *** KESHI WON AFCON IN 2013, BUT WE CANNOT BOAST OF PLAYERS, THE TEAM FOR THE FUTURE (for instance: Sunday MBA, Uzoenyi, Oshaniwa, Agbim are nowhere to be found in future football). AND NIGERIA FAILED TO QUALIFIED FOR NEXT TWO CONSECUTIVE AFCON.
      WHAT A SHAME!!!!
      **** WESTERHOF WIN AFCON IN 1994, BUT NIGERIA CAN BOAST OF FUTURE FOOTBALL (for instance: Oliseh, Okocha, Amokachi, Amuneke shine for future football).

  • NFF will probably appoint a coach 2 weeks to the June 3 match against SA, so the new coach has a ready and tenable excuse if results don’t go Nigeria’s way.

    Like is anyone surprised? Is selecting a coach rocket science? Heck, it’s even more difficult!

    Omeruo, let’s be patient please with the eggheads and geniuses at the NFF. Your blood too dey rush.

  • Papafem 1 month ago

    We should launch serious campaign against Gusau. He’s the most useless nff ppresidnt ever to me. Everything about his administration, from appointment of coaches, to players’ welfare, developmental programme to the local league, preparation for international competitions to referring is just zero.

  • Sugar Daddy 1 month ago

    I have long surrendered!!! If dem like dem give the coaching to Amuneke or bosso….na their problem be that….yeye NFF!!!

    What’s so special about appointing a solid and cheap foreign coach for Nigeria…?

    Nff just dey save money against the fact that they prefer to start payment of salary of the new coach a month before the matches….I hope they must have cleared Peseiro’s debt…

    Guardiola’s guy will be the next super eagles coach….he has started working….he will submit his list for the matches immediately he is announced.

  • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

    Like NFF, like NBBF……all bunch of corrupt rogues, supervised by even more corrupt and highly incompetent sports ministers.


    Imagine the depths our Basketball has sunk since Sunday Dare sunk his poisonous teeth into our basketball and this man Mike Brown left in anger…!!

  • Bestsport 1 month ago

    Why all these unnecessary delay by our Hugely incompetent Nff and his clueless technical committee! Amuneke is the for now the best to go with. Forget everything else against Amuneke he is the best he should be assisted by finidi if not better let amuneke choose his own back up assistant who will be loyal to him… foreign coach now is a big risk because of short time before the world Cup qualification games…

  • Hassan Tia 1 month ago

    I think Spanish coach Domenec Torrent is a suitable new coach for Super Eagles, he does SE style of playing , he coached many African players , so he knows about African player mentality, he has coached Kelechi Iheancho when he was in Manchester City in 2007-2008 season.

    • Lenukwe 1 month ago

      Name the silverware he won with any African team he coached. At least we’re aware Coach Eguavoen once won an Afcon medal.

  • Respect is reciprocal 1 month ago

    Why some people will wake up and conclude that Amunike should be the next coach defies my explanation .The meaning of a coach is someone who can take you to the next level of your ability.My gosh can Amunike take this team to where it belongs . You can’t coach a team that his players can not respect you because they are more exposed and knowledgeable than you as a coach in this game.
    Amunike should just go back to U17 or U20 or better Olympics.
    And as for this illiterate cum coach called Finidi, he is not fit to be the assistance, his laxity was exposed in the two matches he handled. It’s only coaches that can be yes men to NFF that we see around, fantastic brain like Olofinjana prefer to stay away .

  • Tim Etukouyo 1 month ago

    Personally, I think it’s very wrong for anyone to be abusing NFF members or even throwing derogatory innuendos at the NFF especially that we are on the social media and whatever is posted here has a wider view globally speaking. That accepted, the NFF just like those of us who are the genuine fans of the Super Eagles, know that there’s no time to start discussion on a new coach when we’re left with barely a month to the WC qualifiers in June. What’s playing is, Coach Finidi George is further given this opportunity to prove himself having had a good showing in the last two matches he handled(he won against the Black Stars and lost to the Eagles) though as a coach on an interim basis, and mostly as he’s sure of winning the forth coming matches, because I personally don’t really see the Bafana Bafana and the The Squirrels posing any serious threat considering their current form.

    • @Tim Etukouyo Spoken like a true Nigerian still living in Lulu Land riding on the back of So called Giant Of Africa Mentality and still thing we are in the 90’s guy football has moved on since then and the dynamics have changed so please do yourself a favour and Awaken from your slumbers.. Guy the playing fields have changed and the gap has closed, and if you do not Know Bafana Bafana have as much chance of beating Nigeria as Nigeriahasof BEating them..the sooner You and Nigerians of your Mentality realise this fact the better for you lot, Now back to Finidi, Incase you did not know he failed in that Mali game and his tactical play and decision to use only 2 substitutes after such a eyebrow raising line up exposed his lack of Tactical Prowess. needless to say he has been cut from the List because of Lack of proper Certificates. So bro If you really care about our ball, Are indeed a football watcher and fanatic as your suggestion suggests your are not. I think it is best you don’t make such suggestions that have the effect to Set Nigerian football really back to the abysmal, YES that is what will happen if we Do not qualify for WC or have you forgotten already that we missed the last WC. Oh are we now going to be the perennial team that cannot qualify for WC.. Park well Joor!!

      P.S. Alot of players were unhappy with Finidi’s Management in the last Friendly Window i.e. Lookman and Tella were some of them, Omeruo even came out to say that Finidi should have given the team more substitutes in that Mali game.

      • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

        Ugo wetin you do these people wey make them dey always tag you as tribal bigot???

        • Ugochukwu Munachiso Iwunze 1 month ago

          No Mind dem bros, na their way, If pesin talk something way dem no like next na to tag that person Bigot. I no even understand o. I mean if you look my comment wella you go see say no Bigot statement day their sef.

          Ndi Ara

          • Make dem know say I be Real Igbo Boy. See my name wella. No english there

          • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

            Change your name to Yoruba or Hausa name I’m sure they’ll affirm with you. Na primitive mentality make them they act like this. Yesterday I witnessed a boxing bout btw a Nigerian and Ghanaian on YouTube and the Naija man KO the Ghanaman at R2 guess what the outcome was? Because the match was hosted in Accra they declared it as a draw. You can check on YouTube for this highlight. Many people fighting each other in Nigeria don’t know the Stigma Nigerians abroad suffer on a daily basis just because we are seen as highly intelligent so they tag us criminals. When them get first hand experience of these treatments they’ll learn to love each other. Very soon I will be changing my name to “Boluwatife” make them let person rest small.

        • LolZ!!!.. From Hence forth I am Yusuf Ghadafi Abdullahi hahaha!.

          Jokes apart Nwanne this is the problem with Nigeria as a whole Sense and sound reasoning is clouded by a tribalistic culture. they will knack their head up and down for Nigerian Government yet if they look deep within themselves they are just as bad as the corrupt leaders if not worse, Very sad. Will we get anywhere like this Only God Know’s

          • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

            The guy say did you hear me say “Super Eagles of Biafly”? My goodness for people to think every Igbo is endorsing Biafra even makes you wonder. What if we tag all Yorubas as OPC or Ametokun or whatever Gibberish they’re called? This is Sports Arena the so-called tribal bigots are the ones tagging people nonsense. Them go hear am if we say…….

  • Tim Etukouyo 1 month ago

    And so? Just read through your nonsense just because of tribalism. Quite unfortunate. Let me tell you, the so-called Amuneke, the reason why some of you, fake Nigerians are shouting your voice hoarse, is not qualified to lead a formidable team like the Super Eagles of Nigeria. Did you hear me say the Super Eagles of biafly? My brother, let’s always call a spade by its original name for Finidi who has been active judging from his position as the coach of a premiership club side and having being active, cutting more teeth as Peseiro assistant, is in a better position to coach our own team. Common Tanzania sacked your Amuneke because of poor performance, the same Amuneke was seconded to Coach Eguavoen even when Egu was doing very well, you and I know how that collabo ended. Amuneke was right there as Eagles failed to qualify for the last WCup. So wetin be wunna argument kpakpa

    • Peter Ubi 1 month ago

      Mr. Tim, it’s not just about Tanzania sacking him, the truth is that Amuniké has been jobless making him rusting. For me, NFF who have done well (in their time SE won an Afcon silver and also producing APOTY in Victor Osime) should get us a new coach or better let us know if George is continuing till after the qualifiers.

    • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

      @Tim kindly state what makes Ugo tribal? Sometimes it’s very uncomfortable when you people tag someone just because of their name. Igbos can also tag Yorubas as tribal whenever they make their opinion and this is when you’ll realise it’s unfair to always tag someone unjustly when he didn’t throw tribal jab. I’m sure if you’re well traveled you’ll realise that we are one Nigerian having to deal with international stigma as being a Nigerian seems to be a crime in many countries. When you experience this unfair treatment as a Nigerian by foreigners even though you’re doing a legal job and healthy behaviour that is when you’ll learn not to judge your fellow Nigerian as tribal just because his name is from a different tribe as yours.

       Let this generation behave differently and better educated than the previous generation that allowed tribal sentiment to destroy some positives that unity would have created. You can take my advice and find some peace instead of being one of those who are intimidated by the presence of a particular tribe and suffer from inferiority.

      • Tim Etukouyo 1 month ago

        You should be asking yourself.

        • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

          Clown that doesn’t even know what he’s typing. I can’t even pronounce your last name yet you’re here trying to talk someone down. Go back to school Dumbo!!!

        • @Tim you are the tribalistic one and like I said earlier You have deluded yourself with so much Arrogance, You are the type to think that Nigeria will just arrive in SA with a bunch of Players Gathered from Local NPFL and a guaranteed a win because we are NIGERIA, Guy that mentality is so Outdated.. in case you did not know We scrapped through SA by the skin of our Teeth and were won because of Penalties do You even Watch BAll???.

          And Answer the Question Who is Tribalistic here if Not you Ode!

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 month ago

        Chima E Samuels
        Why are you always targeting Yorubas when something rubs you up the wrong way? Psychologically, guy it seems as if you have a deep sitting hatred of Yorubas in you and actually between you and Iwunze, I would say that you probably have more tribalistic tendencies – Ah ah, wetin na? before anything na so you go just dey use Yorubas cite your rubbish example – oboy cool down joor – Even when nobody mentions your name you will jump up and start defending another man – in this case Iwunze, who told you that Iwunze cannot defend himself? You do realise that he has been posting long before you don’t you? Back in the days of kickoff when we still had the likes Cambiaso etc, Iwunze as far as I remember has been around and I have only come across you here on this rubbish CSN for the first time – so are yu the strongman who is defending all Igbos? Abi who appointed defender of all Igbo men? Please pipe down my guy and stop thinking you can just yarn anyhow, just because nobody is holding you to account abeg – I am a Yoruba myself but I never ever get tribalistic because as I have said a million times it is a MUGS game – only retards and morons get their shit soiled in tribalism and tribalistic discussions, I myself do not even respond to them whether they are WA, ZO or Bia so guy man chill out and leave all these ]tribalistic ruminations behind – it’s not a good look for you, move on- Who even told you that a name like Tim Etukouyo belongs to a Yoruba man?? Nna stop disgracing yourself, any self respecting Nigerian will know that that name Tim Etukouyo is never a Yoruba man’s name but it seems that you don’t have a clue and you are already blaming all Yorubas for what that mumu said.

        As for you mr Tim Etukouyo and the other one that was agreeing with you – you people need to stop following football and go and join cricket or netball or something because none of your points make any sense at all! – Imagine a guy wanting Finidi to continue being the SE’s coach and admonishing people for telling the truth about that hopeless NFF?? Nna clear comot for way make we see front joor! Mtcheeew!¬!
        I cannot stand tribalistic sentiments or comments but I can stand MUMU’s like you much less!
        Rubbish! About Finidi continuing to coach the SE’s! – Nna are you even for real??

        • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

          @Field Marshall Proverbs26:4-5 I don’t know I suspect you are suffering from Bipolar Disorder. What’s your business if I speak on matters concerning Ugo? I don’t even think you understand yourself. I will not even go back and forth with you trust me on this that is why I advise you to go and seek help first by check on symptoms of Bipolar Disorder then seek spiritual help or physical help by seeing a therapist. It will cost you less than $1k if you have insurance. If you like write 10000 words I will not read or comeback to reply thread for you to use me gain audience.

    • Onwajunior 1 month ago

      @Tim you just exposed urself by calling someone names. I’ve scrolled up and didn’t see anywhere where Ugo mentioned he wants Amuneke to be named the coach. Maybe I missed it. Any well meaning Nigerian, who wants the best for SE, would not support the appointment of a local coach. Before the 2 friendlies, a lot of us backed Finidi bcos of continuity. But he went there and bottled his chances, played rubbish and created beefs with players. Well, ur Finidi is out of the race, so rest.

  • Shola 1 month ago

    @Tim Etukouyo, i dey tire ooo. Make dem bring better product come markit make we follow support and not this % failure. Really if not insanity, hiw can a people be beautifying failure????

  • I stand to be corrected but none of the current indigenous coaches jostling for the top job deserves it. On what ground do we appoint an Amunike, Finidi or Eguaveon! This is the Super Eagles we are talking about not underage football. Unless we don’t have the funds which ı doubt that’s the case.

    NFF’s incompetency isn’t a shocker anymore but one would think they would be proactive and intentional about the coach they seek. A good FA go for their man directly without toying around and wasting time when the battle is just around the corner. In this IT age, it doesn’t take forever for due diligence to be done if one is really organised and serious.
    Your HR and technical department are quite large and filled with personnel. They get paid. What do they really do? This is simple; You draw out your plan (budgeting, coach’s salary, technicalities, goals and expectations). You advertise the role. You give 2 weeks tops for interested applicants to submit their CVs. You interview as they come in. You pick the one that best suits you. You negotiate and deliberate. And if agreement is reached, contract signed, and announcement made.
    What’s the need of drawing out a list of applicants and waiting months to carry out interview? Especially when you know we are running against time.
    Serious FAs don’t take forever, it is not like we are going for top coaches like Mourinho or Zidane! This incompetency, nonchalant attitude is simply alarming. My worry is that they will waste every bit of time and yet pick someone incapable of getting the job done.

    • Lenukwe 1 month ago

      Truth be told, I think Eguavoen is contented with his position as the Technical Director of the NFF. However, should there be a vacuum like we have right now, and going by NFF constitution, Eguavoen assumes responsibility pending when a substantive coach is saddled with such responsibility. Hush be sincere to yourself, if you were observant enough, Eguavoen actually selected the side that defeated the Black Stars of Ghana during the last meeting. For Finidi and Amuneke, I don’t even know what to make out of the duo. NFF should calk in Eguavoen to supervise the qualifiers afterwards, while tinkering on a new coach.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 month ago

      Well said – however, Mourinho is no longer a “top coach” o! Far from it my guy lol
      Although having said that, he might be just what we need in Nigeria (if say in an alternative universe) we would have been able to afford him and dutifully pay his wages each and every month and on time too- as he will no doubt expect – If that were the case, I would actually give him the job but also give him a list of players he must not call up and even if he calls up any player on the list (there are some that definitely still warrant a call-up) then he must not make them starters but permanent bench warmers who can come on now and again for leg saving, time wasting tactical cameos – players like Omerua, Iwobi, Calamity Frank, Dennis and a few others like almost every player on the list that yeye CSN columnist said warranted call-ups apart from maybe the goalkeeper Okoye.

  • ‘U stop them from presiding and now stopping them from coaching abeg make una allow coachie ooo

  • Larry 1 month ago

    Amunike even has the gut to apply for a job he is absolutely not qualified for mentally, technically, classically, and performance-wise.
    It’s obvious some people are hell bent of using every form of informal means to push him around.
    No football organization will be proud to present a serial failure as a coach. Thankfully, his coaching records are all over the internet.
    No Gbajue Pls. Let’s be honest with ourselves, going by the current attitudes of our ex-internationals, it will be hard for any of them to get the Super Eagles job.
    Amunike is broke and desperate, if given access to the team, like he rid with Eguavoen his ego and uncultured manner will break the Unity and cohesiveness of the team.
    He should apply to coach Heartland, win the league like Finidi. Then, he can apply to coach the CHAN team to see if he has learnt any lesson in terms of humility, transparency, and inclusivity. For now, only Siasia has justifiable reason to coach the CHAN team because he has the best record interms of transition from the youth
    team to senior teams.

  • Mr Hush 1 month ago


    While I feel Eguavoen is the best of the trio( Amunike and Finidi included); from precedence, I don’t want him in charge. He just simply can’t get over the line when it matters.

    As stated earlier, I would rather we go for an ambitious well- qualified foreign coach. I just don’t trust the selection process, tactical awareness ,management level and professionalism of the contending indigenous coaches.
    As @Larry suggested; They might fair better with the CHAN Eagles.

  • I keep saying this thing. Give amunike under 23 Olympic eagle or Chan team to see how he fare.meanwhile give guadiola choice the job for 2 years then we would have seen how amunike fared with that. Siasia u20. If amunike excels he takes over SE if sia1 excels he takes over u23… Why are these things difficult meanwhile salary of foreign coach has to be in naira let them change to dollar himself

    • I so much believe amunike would do well and win afcon with super eagles but is it now. Let him proof he is not rusty for now and handle the u23 eagles

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 month ago

    Ik? You are a dreamer mr man, just dey dream go lol

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