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‘Osimhen Gives Me Hope Concerning Super Eagles’ Resurgence’ — Oliseh

‘Osimhen Gives Me Hope Concerning Super Eagles’ Resurgence’  — Oliseh

Former Nigeria football Star Sunday Oliseh with players like Victor Osimhen he has hope the Super Eagles will bounce back.

Oliseh stated this while reacting to Osimhen’s wonder strike for Napoli against Roma, which sealed a 1-0 win at the Stadio Olimpico at the weekend.

With 10 minutes left to play, Osimhen raced through on goal, shoved former Manchester United defender Chris Smalling aside before unleashing a superb strike from a tight angle which sailed into the net.

It was Osimhen’s third goal in the Italian topflight this season after recovering from injury.

And in his reaction, Oliseh explained what made Osimhen’s goal stand out.

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“Osimhen makes me very optimistic concerning Super Eagles’ resurgence! what a classy lethal finish, full of pace, power, precision and self belief,” the former Super Eagles head coach wrote on Twitter.

Napoli remain top in the league standings ahead of second placed AC Milan.

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  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago


    But it will be very much OPTIMISTIC if WE have OSIMHEN in every DEPARTMENT of the SE and then LED by GENERAL ROAH!!

    Just IMAGINE that!!!

    • Garre 2 years ago


      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago


        Look at this WEENY who’s NAME sounds like one of these FLOODED VICTIMS…


        You better run back to your IDP CAMP cos am sure that’s where you are TYPING from…


  • Edoman 2 years ago

    Look at who is talking here. Oliseh of all people. No one has had personal failure in his life more than this guy. Any coaching job he has had the opportunity to undertake dies. As l said in the past, the late Nigerian coach, Steve Keshi, put a curse on Oliseh that cannot be removed. Nothing he will do or say that will reverse his fortunes. l regret to say that this guy is a ‘dead man walking.’

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      That’s harsh @Edoman.

      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

        Don’t MIND @EDOMAN.

        HE will never give this same HARSH COMMENT to EGUAVEON (who truly deserve it because WE will not be going to the WC) all becos they are from the same PLACE…

        Just like @UGO IWUNZE, @EDOMAN is TRIBALISTIC…

  • Nobody knew osimhen before he rose to stardom so also there are many raw talents unknown at the moment rearing to go….. Nigeria has never lacked talented footballers and it won’t start now…..Oliseh of all people should know this…..All we need to do is look outside the box…..all we need to do is give the youth a chance. …..all we need to do is do away with the old dead weight in Our national team…… Nigeria can rise at anytime and with many talented players not only osimhen……We have many very specially talented players coming up as we speak and it takes an open minded coach to see it…… Anybody that says Nigeria lacks talent is just ignorant, mischievous, jealous or wicked.

    • @Akp I disagree with you even though we see eye to eye in most cases in this one I have to disagree, like always use to use the term X factor player. Thier is something called special talent. that is why you don’t get the Haalands, the CR7s the Messi’s every generation. Infact, the term is called Generational talent. Osimhen is a generational talent. That why is Rashidi Yekini still holds the highest goals record for SE and only now more than 30 years later is a player like Osimhen threatening to obliterate that record. it is because they do not build players like Osimhen every generation and they are certainly not scattered around the globe. hence the word SPECIAL TALENT.

    • interms of youth given chances special talented youth then for sure yes over So called Experienced players who have 1 good game and 20 bad games oh boy, it is not rocket science and I wish More Nigerians saw it in the same way because my brother in football if you score 10 goals against a minnow in a world cup 6 years ago. it should not i repeat should not guarantee you a place in SE until you are 100 years old bur only in Niaja sha.

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    @Monkey Post. No one criticized Eguaveon more than my good self in this forum. Yes, it is true that it was my personal privilege to know Eguaveon from his playing days in our great city of Benin right up to the time he became a solid rock playing for Nigeria. His first stint as a coach was pretty well successful, in my opinion. Eguaveon second coming was a disaster and l did my almost to say so.
    Monkey, you have never impressed me as a bona-fide Nigerian citizen based on your inconsistent, incoherent and erratic expressions you executed on occasions, even more so, your adapted name, depending on your mode. Tell me who is not a TRIBALIST, l will tell you he is not an African or more so, he is not a Nigerian to the core.
    Monkey, your adapted name is so wared as it becomes so laughable. l would change it if l were you.
    In Monkey’s colony, there is no Tribalist. l want to know.

    • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

      Monkey, LOL.

    • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

      @EDOMAN let me just let you go…

      You know WHY?


      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

        And let it be the LAST TIME you try to throw SHADE at ME @EDOMAN…

        Cos you know ME am the KING of TROLLS

    • @Edoman it is no secret we all know @MONKEY POST is a Ghana man forming Naija. He proves it in the Knockout game(Jollof Derby). No suprise there.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    And let it be the LAST TIME you try to throw SHADE at ME @EDOMAN…

    Cos you know ME am the KING of TROLLS

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    @Collins ; what a sublime analysis well written by you !!!
    Kudos for this ; your write up have just captured it all ;

    An over bloated ego Enyama dribbled himself unceremoniously out of eagles which also indirectly affected his club career; and ultimately retirement; he did it with Siasia  ,almost  got away with it with support of the useless NFF that brought goalkeepers controversy on the eve of a crucial qualifying games;  but unfortunately Enyema carried his luck too far under equally nonsense Oliseh who did not waste time to humble him and then gave us stainless Cal Ikpeme 

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    @Collins. Let me congratulate you so much for the detail expressions of the issues we talked about. From your kind exposure of the issues relating to Oliseh, l want to tender my sincere apology to Oga Oliseh for all my feelings towards him in the past. Personally, l knew Oliseh was one of us from Warri, but l was never happy to see the way our Keshi was treated after seeing the unforgiven manner Steve Keshi was dismissed by the NFF eventually, and they even refused to pay his salaries over a long period of time. Let me stop there for now.

    @Monkey, stop calling people a Tribalist and don’t be dismissive with those you disagree with rather, enter into a debate with him just like Oga Collins did, and we will all can come to amicable conclusions.
    Ha Ha!! can you change your adopted name from Monkey? you don’t have to but, l am just saying. Seriously, let’s respect one and another and have fun. It really pained me to see the way folks abuse our Dr Drey. l do not believe that he deserves such treatments. Guys, please, let’s put a stop to these abusive treatments.

    We all here to read, entertain, and learn from one and another. Life is too short to be fighting and abusing one another, even with the person you never know. Suppose Dr Drey turns out to be your senior brother from your family? How would you feel?l still appreciated our Monkey for his retrains to my response to him. That’s discipline on his part.

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