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Osimhen, Ighalo Combo Will Get Better- Rohr

Osimhen, Ighalo Combo Will Get Better-  Rohr

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr is confident Victor Osimhen and Odion Ighalo will form a deadly partnership soon, reports Completesports.com.

The duo played together for the first time in Nigeria’s 1-1 home draw against the Blue Sharks of Cape Verde on Tuesady.

Osimhen scored the Super Eagles only goal of the game and was a constant threat to the opponents defence all through.

“Osimhen will grow and learn a lot by the side of Ighalo,” Rohr said after the game.

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“We saw some interesting things between Ighalo and Osimhen (today).

“You need a little patience and time with Ighalo, he has not been with us for more than a year.“You need a little patience and time with Ighalo, he has not been with us for more than a year.

“I am sure for the AFCON we can prepare with these two players a more harmonious strike force. They were not bad together already, the chances we got came with the help of Ighalo.

“Let’s give them time to work together and the goals will come again.”

By Adeboye Amosu

Pix: By Ganiyu Yusuf

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  • Charles 3 years ago

    Please we have other strikers like Paul, awoniyi and lots more, why ighalo plus why benching lots of good players, is this coach not watching our players abroad, benching sanusi who is playing in champions league for a player playing in Germany division 2, bringing in Shehu why Ola Aina is there? This coach is controlled by some one because am not understanding this kind of stupid information he his playing, ejuke and Samuel on the bench, is these coach drunk or what.. Am so angry right now, with this kind of information he his using i swear we aren’t going anywhere

    • i once pounded on these points you raised but i just couldnt understand it myself. it’s a rigid tactics that Jose Morinho used and changed Mikel from a no.10 to defensive midfielder. is this not same Joe Aribo that dazzles in Rangers color? or is this not same Ejuke, Chukwueze that can take on many players in their respective clubs etc…everything depends on the coach’s tactics and it’s so annoying seeing our super eagles of today playing what we are not known for. we play better and we always win, but, now we play very bad and either loss, draw and win…so unpredictable results nowadays when super eagles play

  • Bolade Anjorin 3 years ago

    Besides being a naturally no9, Odion Ighalo did well playing no8 yesterday. He was the reason why Osimhen was left alone to blazer down the neck of Cape Verde backline. Odion almost scored but his effort was thwarted. With this current crop of Eagles, Rohr has got all it takes to win matches.

  • ah!!! what’s all this now….haba!!! i dont like backwardness…rather than waiting for ighalo and Osihmen combo why dont you pair strikers who are of same age bracket, play in thesame competitive league…instead of Ighalo and Osimhen, why not use this few days we have to the nation cup, to integrate Osimhen and Awoniyi or Osimhen and Cyril Desser, or Osimhen and Moffi etc… i want to believe Ghnot Rohr is not the one in charge anymore, some syndicates have hijacked the team from this man.

    I remember when he started, he said if you are not playing in competitive leagues forget super eagles. Kelechi wasnt doing well at a time…he didnt invite him just to tell us he’s the man of his words, Balogun was having real bad days at Brighton Genort Rorh didnt invite him etc…all of a suddenly that principles was thrown in to the oceans and he’s now been tossed around like a wave of water…

  • Timothy 3 years ago

    Playing in the club side is not the same as playing against an African team. That’s is the mistake some of you make and which often a time form your opinions.

    • Timothy are you not seeing what we are seeing. Please bro stop this bro. Playing for the national team is no big deal if you have a unit. WE DO NOT HAVE A STONG UNIT. loopholes due to poor selection and not selecting on Merit.

      We need Our Best Legs @Timothy either you get with the program or just read. abeg

      • @Ugo Don’t mind Timothy. That theory is available only tto Nigeria. A coach is underutilizing our potential and you say playing for clubsides is different frim playing for the country. Haba

        • @Christian Ministries Nigeria bro it is too much it is as if they are trying to sabotage this team with their Malicious comments in support of rohr and Pinnick. God forbid Tufiakwa!!!

  • TALK UR OWN 3 years ago


    • Gabriel 3 years ago

      Timothy is 98% correct. By the way, Who doesn’t know Henry? Onyekuru played the SE before now, what input did him add and how many goals did he scored?
      I really can’t understand why you people keep making noise up and down. Coach has a good collabo is working, qualifying us for the next round.

  • Larry 3 years ago

    Nice world class coach Dumbo Roaring Roar. Take your ATM Ighalo to the next ANC and start him against Egypt and others. You must meet the conditions in your contract which is winning the trophy.This is where it gets interesting because it is looking like Picnic has used your salary to offset his embezzlement case. Picnic won’t sack you but I’m sure Nigerians will do the needful because the conditions in your contract are clear.
    It’s obvious you and your employer are playing a game of chess. Don’t worry you have the opportunity to expose Picnic and other enemies of the Nation.

    • Gabriel 3 years ago

      No cause for alarm pessimistic, Afcon cup is coming home with this crop of Eagles. The Coach is on course having scaled the first huddle. Only be patient

  • Omoatama 3 years ago

    Mr Timothy inasmuch I would agree with you, the coach already set a precedents from the beginning that you have to be playing in Europe top 5 leagues to make his team, seems those words has come back to haunt him, why is he renegading on the earliest standards he set because it involves players with megabucks who would to force their way into the team or who got godfathers who could use their powers to coerce him to field their own loyal players, my allegations might be very false or entirely true but his recent questionable decisions is a pointer to my allegations, I love this man and supported him just like many sections of Nigerians but I will never hesitate to highlight his flaws, I am afraid to say he have lost his spark, like I posited in one of my comments Gernoht Rohr has being psychologically cloned to think like our failed Nigerian politicians, giving sanctimonious sermons and long speeches to validate and make excuses for their ineptitude but the next minute they act differently to their own ideals they set as a benchmark to succeed.

    He already met the set target given by his employers and will likely keeps his job but he is obviously lost sight of his vision for the team unfortunately many aggrieved Nigerians we have to wait till after 2022 world cup in Qatar before he can outrightly be relieved of his duties( that is if we are able to secure qualifications from the playoffs to the mundial ), many Nigerians mean well for the team but go about doing it differently, Up Super Eagles!! I stand with Super eagles but will never support mediocre players being regulars in the team, just my humble submission.

    • Gabriel 3 years ago

      Don’t get HBP for nothing. You could have written your noise in only three lines. Even with all the noise, what agenda have you been able to pushed thru. My brother, sentiment apart, objectivity is the way to go and that is exactly what has qualified the SE for the next stage. They need our support and not daily noise

      • Yusuf 3 years ago

        Someone made a very balanced submission of such and you’re spitting gibberish. I’ve been seeing you post nonsense under people’s comments. Are you alright upstairs?

  • it is clear we fall on deaf ears, we will Enjoy watching either Algeria, Senegal, Morocco Egypt and another nation at AFCON. Nigeria will not do shishi in March with this Old man at the helm.

    So he has patience with Ighalo and not Awo.. Awo’s movement and guile is far ahead of Ighalo. In his cameo last fixtures Awo was breath of fresh air yes he didn’t score but that was his first outing. Ighalo was given a full 90mins yesterday and was no where very slow created 1 chance for Aribo and as Ighalo always does blew some good chances, he is begging for patience with Ighalo but couldn’t offer Awo the same grace. Rohr is a crook you are not fooling us. Unless Onuachu or Ighalo is dropped Awo needs to be there. And for goodness sake Give Dennis and lookman a looking. Rohr Rohr Rohr how many times have I call your name. please do right in March.

  • So this coach wants to take ighalo to the nations cup and if possibly the world cup. I dont know what to say. This coach really doesn’t have anything to offer this team. He wants to take us backwards. He is seeing just like every other Nigerian is seeing that the team isnt playing well. We are struggling to get results, while other big teams in Africa are cruising. So many off points in the team. The only thing we have going for us is osimhen and ndidi. The coach has relegated other good players to the bench. And he is bringing in retirees and those who should be retired to replace them. Im tired of seeing our coaches start well only to disintegrate as time goes by. Why is it so? Why do we have coaches who start well but along the line they completely destroy the good work they have started.

    • Gabriel 3 years ago

      You are still sucking.

      • Yusuf 3 years ago

        See this idiot again

        • @Gabriel and @Yusuf We are Super Eagles of Nigeria supporters and not Rohr Eagles of Nigeria or Ighalo Eagles. it is called Super because it represent 200+ Million Nigerians. Get with the program or You, rohr, Ighalo Musa and Pinnick can go and start your own team, We are tired of mediocrity when we have abundance. we can’t be debating this No ROOM FOR ERROR!!! IN MARCH.

  • #SackRohrNow campaign should be trending now.

    Did anybody hear the rubbish he said yesterday. We played a cape Verde team that is ordinary. Our goal keeper was on duty for most part.

    Rohr said a draw is like a win. I am surprised he was not sacked yesterday..

    Who will join us with this #SackRohrNow campaign. Reasons for this campaign.

    1. Super eagles have become bigger than him.
    2. He is too rigid to manage a bunch of upcoming talented players.
    3. He is tactically deficient.
    4. He gets too scared to make changes. He is always confused in the second half.

    5. He has destroyed competition in the team. He favors some players above others. Ekong does not deserve to be in the first team. You only need to look at how he conceded a needless corner and how he left his marker after standing with him before the corner was taking for him to score. His errors are becoming too much for a country like Nigeria. Omeruo can step in or akpoguna. Rohr will never put ekong on the bench because he does not have the courage to so.

    6. I wonder why Rohr would overlook two full backs in the italian league (ebuehi and aina) in matches he needed to use the 352 formation. Rohr has a secret and unholy interest in simon Moses. This is the reason why he is always making him to play games. It’s embarrassing that aina was on the bench despite his form this season for Torino fc in Italy.

    7. Rohr has sold lies to us concerning ighalo’s come back to the super eagles. Rohr cant know ighalo more than us. Ighalo is not that special striker that we can kill ourselves over to beg him out of retirement. Ighalo usually don’t score many goals in matches. He misses lots of chances before scoring one goal. You need check his days with the flying eagles under samson siasia. You need to see the match against Argentina in the last world cup. He only began to do well in recent times because of players like Mikel in the midfield and the intelligence of Victor Moses. But we don’t have these players anymore. We need strikers who are fighters like awoniyi oshimen and sodiq and players who can convert half chances like dessers. Not ighalo and even he is getting old and he has retired. Rohr is confused and insincere.

    8. The trust the players have in Rohr in the beginning is diminishing because of his favoritism and insincerity. This used to be the strength of the team in those days. That Is fading away now. This will surely affect the psyche and the performance of the team. It’s just that they won’t talk to the public about it.

    9. Rohr is now speaking from both sides of his mouth. He was always telling us about the top 5 leagues and how he prefers players doing it in these leagues. He is bringing a 32 year old player into the team from Saudi Arabia! Since Musa is already in the team, we don’t need the liability of another ‘old cargoes’ who is not really special to help the young ones.

    10. In the match against Cape Verde away, we used Kinsley Michael and Bonke in the midfield and those boys did a good job in the absence of the regulars. A good coach will not totally throw out the guys since we have a problem in the middle..But our Rohr will always not want to rock the boat against his trusted guys.

    11. Moses has found it difficult to cross balls effectively yet rohr has always left him untouched. How can he be effective In that role If he is not crossing the ball very well. We need to ask the clueless rohr this question..

    12. If we fail , rohr will leave us, collect his money and leave for his country and still enjoy the world cup because his two nations will be there.

    13. Now we have heard ejaria has been cleared yet I know rohr will not give a him a chance. Yet we have a problem in the midfield. If nwakali amd nwobodo have what it takes more than those in the squad now, why can’t you take a risk instead of taking a risk with a 32 year old striker who now plays retirement football in Saudi Arabia. Yet we have quality in the attacks.

    14. When is rohr going to stop talking about youth and semi final in the afcon? Maybe after he is sacked and the right time for him to be sacked is now

    15. If he could invite players who are not playing regularly in Europe consistently I wonder why he complains of inactivity of Nigerian players in the local league. This coach is not sincere.

    16. Finally a combination of finidi and amuneke will do the needful.

    Finally, we have good players. Some of them do it well abroad. Some of them except for some who lost form, were the ones we were using to beat Cameroon, Algeria, Libya home and away in those days.

    It’s just that the commitment and efficiency of the follower begins to drop the moment the leader becomes insincere and dishonest. It’s the same problem with Nigeria as a nation. It can also be the reason why many children performs poorly when they have lost trust in their parents.

    #SackRohrNow I will post this on the nff and super eagles social media handles. Let us do the same before this man kill our dear super eagles.

  • Eyaa, it has gotten to that? no get HBP o.

  • Abdul Handsy 3 years ago

    How will the combo of Osimehn and Ighalo gel na? How naaa? It can never gel anything, it is better we tell ourselves the obvious truth and start doing things the right way! Till then, the future is not at all bright for the super eagles…

    1. I will repeat once again that ighalo 1st-15th matches in the colour of super eagles, he scored 3goals and 2amongst the 3goals are penalties. Now, Nigerians along the super eagles coaches were very patient with him until he started firing on all cylinders but while can’t the same privilege be given to Awoniyi to gel with Osimehn who are almost in the same age bracket.. you invited him without any obvious trust in him that he can deliver for you and he place a short under immense pressure against CAR and the short was blocked and you quickly condemned him…looking and start begging for an ighalo who willingly retired 2years again..

    I thought ighalo was not the ighalo I used to know until yesterday when he made me understand that he has even gone worst. Ighalo for I know is very sluggish, no pace, no speed and can’t pressure the opponent’s defence unlike “Boy wonder” Osimehn..now, the coach still believe in him? Seriously, I am not comfortable with gernot Rohr going forward…if Rohr Ighalo’s imparts were half of what “Boy wonder” Osimehn did yesterday, I am very sure that Nigeria would have won the game by at least two goals margin.

    2.Troost Ekong: i am blessed with the abilities of studying player’s abilities very well. If i watch your real match two or three times, I will know if you are a star of your own world or not… Guys! Una wan hear the truth? Ekong is not good enough for the super eagles… Wait o! Did you guys observe that Ekong panics a lot hence commits avoidable errors? Going forward, if want the best for himself and the super eagles of Nigeria, he needs to drop that Ekong guy because he is always a bomb waiting to explode and he will always explode in a match of yesterday magnitudes..

    3:Aribo: guys for me and with my fervent observation of Aribo in the super eagles recently, he is really improving and getting acclamatising to African football.. he had about three shots on target yesterday and cover lots of ground until he obviously gas out around 75mins. Aribo can still come much more better.

    4. Rohr rigidity continues: Rohr is very rigid coach who is never ready to be a least flexible at all. His level of rigidity makes other teams look extra-ordinary. Rohr will call a player up and never cap him for just one minute because of over carefulness… His level of rigidity never makes him to know that he needs more play-maker to come challenge players like iwobi and Iheanacho.

    5.Amaju’s selfishness: Pinnick never made all the needed materials for the team to thrive because of his selfishness and corruption. Amaju will collect money from FIFA and still ahead go ahead to tell state governor to host super eagles’ matches. The state governor who then agreed to host the matches will now be the one incurred the expenses involves… Not minding if the state owned stadium pitch is good enough for the super eagles stars who thrive well with better pitches in their respective club sides… Guy’s did you know that some of Melvin properties across Nigeria has been seized by the ICPC in collaboration with EFCC owing to football related corruption charges? This issue is also affecting shehu Dicko and others.. when you notice that Amaju is panicking for the qualifications to the world cup know it that it is not because he loves Nigerian football to grow,NO! But for the sake of his pockets!

    All in aLL,I am a bit relieved that the super eagles scale through but obviously, a lot of work still there to be done.. even Bubister, the CV coach made mentioned that he is not sure if Nigeria can qualify to the world Cup proper, he admitted that the team has avalanche of good players but with poor tactics and below par performance… I wish the super eagles all the best going forward but with Rohr in charge? I am scared guys!

  • All of you should just shut Up. Rohr has delivered Super Eagles to the next stage. Argue with reality. Be waiting for 4-4-2 system when that formation is dead in global football. How do you build depth in a team without giving them appearance in matches and using the same players over again. How many teams change their first 11 like under wear as long as they are performing. National team football is now like clubside abi? Bunch of ignoramus. Rohr should invite this, invite That, play this person or that person, because you have never heard of consistency before in Football.
    This team is growing in confidence and clubsides are noticing. Maduka Okoye has now signed for Watford FC, that’s progress, Ola Aina is being watched by Napoli, if he signs for them, that again is progress. If Ndidi signs for Real Madrid, then that again is progress.

    Our players will only get better when many clubsides see how they can perform at the National level. No Nigerian coach ever has been able to get Super Eagles players playing from lower teams into top teams at the club level.

    That has only happened at the Under 17 level and not in Super Eagles. That is to show you that Rohr knows his onions.

    • Mr. Ben so the coach I right for having selfish loyalty to some players like ekong Moses even when we hsvr better options on the bench. So coachbis right for not making impact changes in a game on time. So so so. I refused to be confused the way rohr is confused. He has changed his philosophy for reasons best known to him. That at the expense of Nigeria. By the time we miss thebworld cup and get bundled out in the first round at afcon we go sack am.

  • Larry 3 years ago

    Funny.. the same Roar that saw nothing in Aina and dropped Aina from the WC squad only for FC Torina coach to discover the talents in him and made him the highest paid SE defender in the current squad..
    Dumbo Roar has no effect on the transfer of hardworking players to top teams. If he had Awoniyi, Dennis,and Onyeka would not be playing in top 5 leagues..!

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr is confident Victor Osimhen and Odion Ighalo will form a deadly partnership soon, reports

    We saw some interesting things between Ighalo and Osimhen (today).

    “You need a little patience and time with Ighalo, he has not been with us for more than a year.“You need a little patience and time with Ighalo, he has not been with us for more than a year.

    “I am sure for the AFCON we can prepare with these two players a more harmonious strike force. They were not bad together already, the chances we got came with the help of Ighalo.

    “Let’s give them time to work together and the goals will come again.”

    I hope Pinnick can read or watch this interview. Now, Amaju should be crying.

    Because of your ego and wicked attitude, you see where you led your country to when we have our own people better that this Oga Rohr? This is heat broken if you don’t know Amaju.

    For you to redeem your image Amaju, Oga Rohr have to go and replace him this month with Amunike, Egbo, Finidi, Marnu Gerba, Enyeama and Peter Rufai. That is is the only way out. No more no less.

    Super Eagles already finished under our world best coach.

    Ighalo that was struggling to hold ball?

    Ighalo that age is not on his side?

    Ighalo that has no strength and energy to fight for the ball at the CAPE VERDE 18 yard box?

    When we have Dessers, an energetic, workaholic, goal hunter and intelligent striker?

    That our world class coach gave Onuachu how many minutes yesterday against Cape Verde? So, what did Oga Rohr want Onuachu to do with that few minutes? I hope you oga Rohr can see now that we don’t hate the gaffer but he can not give what he doesn’t have. That is it. Oga Rohr out period.

    Oh wow. Bravo @Christian ministries Nigeria.

    Nigerians are working so hard to fire Oga Rohr now.

    NFF, according to the news I read, they are feeling the heat very badly already and if the pressure is too much, they may fire Oga Rohr before Afcon.

    But, NFF now claims that it will be much harder to fire the German coach because of the 419 contract they signed with him.

    How market o African leaders? White man can not make such a shameful move.

    With the array of star studded team he took to Egypt and he won Bronze medals and Super Eagles now struggling to beat small teams in Africa?

    Shame on you NFF. History will remember you Amaju Pinnick and Oga Rohr fans.

    Nigerians are now asking NFF to replace Oga Rohr, Agu with Amunike, Egbo Manu Garba, Finidi George, Peter Rufai and Enyeama.

    Between now and December, if the pressure keep raising every day, we the core fans of the Super Eagles may win the race. Each and every corner, people doesn’t want to see Oga Rohr and Amaju in charge of the Super Eagles.

    We have to keep the campaign going. They have started it already.

    Super Eagles fans are campaigning on Instagram and ther places. NFF also on Instagram and Twitter and other places, we have to make sure Amaju pay dearly for that contract NFF signed with the gaffer.

    Ojo Kan ni to le, ojo gbogbo ni tolo hun.

    That contract is a scam. I am very sure of that.

    However, you won my heart today
    @Christian ministries Nigeria. I am so happy now that you are putting Nigeria love over Amaju and Oga Rohr and Oga Rohr fans. Pinnick and Oga Rohr will come and go but Nigeria have no where to go. That is what Oga Rohr fans doesn’t realize.

    They preferred Nigeria to stay at home and watching other countries at the world cup because of Amaju and Oga Rohr.

    Hmmm. Who does that. With what am seeing, if Oga Rohr stays, Nigeria may not make it to the world cup next year.

    Making late subs and meaningless subs, awful tactics and giving excuses and the most annoying thing is, he played against Madagascar and he said it was difficult to play against a nimor Madagascar.

    He played against Liberia, same story.

    He played against CAR, he said it wasn’t easy and so difficult.

    Against Cape Verde, our best coach said the same thing but wait a minute, if he play against Algeria, Egypt and so on with what we saw few days ago, what will happen?

    I thought NFF was going to announce this morning that Oga Rohr no longer a Nigerian coach or he has been moving to scouting department but did we hear from Amaju himself since yesterday? Fight for yourself because tomorrow may too late. If you don’t, these wicked people will pull Nigeria down soon. So sad. God bless Nigeria!!!

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