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Osimhen Rushed To Hospital After Napoli Defeat To Atalanta

Osimhen Rushed To Hospital After Napoli Defeat To Atalanta

Napoli forward Victor Osimhen was taken to the hospital after suffering a head injury at the end of Sunday’s Serie A clash against Atalanta, reports Completesports.com.

Osimhen, according to various media reports lost consciousness briefly towards the end of the game.

The Nigeria international was quickly evacuated on a stretcher in the 90th minute after his head hit the ground following a duel with Cristian Romero.

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The 22-year-old however regained consciousness during the trip to the hospital.

Osimhen returned to the pitch at the end of January after more than two months of absence due to a shoulder injury he picked up on international duty with Nigeria.

The former Lille striker despite a promising start to the season, has so far only scored two goals for Napoli.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • The pressure on this lad is so much. I watched the game and Oshimen is really exerting much pressure on himself thereby leading to burnout.

    The goals will naturally come in and he’s gonna regain his free scoring ability.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Hmm. Osimhen needed a special prayer and I’m praying for you today you will overcome your problem In sha Allah. Amin. I wish you a speedy recovery. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    The whole pressure and goal drought this guy is facing was caused by Gernot Rohr… When a young lad makes a staggering-fee trf to a traditional team as Napoli with rich history in a land where racist attacks and jeers on black players are rife… You let him settle in as a foresighted coach in his new club to find a good rhythm before thrusting him into crunchy African football against teams that have been minnows so far… Nigeria vs Comoros, Rohr will summon Osimhen and all 22 other foreign pros, Nigeria vs Chad, Osimhen please report on National Team duty, Nigeria vs Botswana, Gernot Rohr will call everybody, Osimhen first on the list, Nigeria vs Cabinda, Rohr will call Osimhen, Nigeria vs Mauritania… Rohr: “Osimhen please take next available flight”, Nigeria vs Malawi, vs Lesotho, vs Seychelles, vs Sao Tome & Principle… Haba oga Rohr, let the guy settle in his new club and give others a chance to show what they can do in his absence and help lift pressure off the young man’s back and even help avoid risk of injury. I blame Gernot Rohr for all Osimhen is going through…

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

      Just look at you. Every issue with our players is caused by Rohr LMAO!! When he didn’t play Osimhen ahead other strikers in the beginning you’re one of the loudest to complain. How is it a problem for a coach to call up his best legs for important qualifiers??? The last time we relied on home based to prosecute qualified we didn’t qualify for back to back AFCONS. Osimhen will be fine even the great Ronaldo didn’t find it easy in Italy in his first season. Despite being minnows most of the S/L players we recently played are foreign based. So what is your problem if the gaffer prefers foreign based to home based?? If he decides to use home based and failed people like you will be the first to crucify him. 

    • Was he the only player invited for the aforementioned matches. Irrelevant write up here. How on Earth you linked Osimhen injury with Rohr. This is absolutely uncalled for my brother. Let’s be objective. Leave this man alone, pls . This player needs fervent prayer now 

    • @Jimmyball, go for brain check!

    • Jide.Dola 3 years ago

      You should have said this before this time I would have respected it, but saying it now looked like you are trying to attack someone unnecessarily

    • Pathetic

  • This guy needs our prayers. Well it’s not about spiritualizing everything. But all these events in the past few months suggest something.

  • Edoman 3 years ago

    It all started in my city at Ogbemudia stadium. That stadium was just not good enough. How l wish that match were never played in that horrible field that day. Osimhen would v’ been himself and doing well for his club and Country today. Obviously, he will not take part in next month International match for Nigeria in view of what happened today. However, prayer is the answer. Lets the whole Nation, particularly those, who among us, love the well being of our football heroes, to render our heart felt PRYERS to our ‘star’ Osimhen for his speedy recovery.

    • Collins id 3 years ago

      @Edoman, whatever homeproblem you are facing in Benin have nothing to do with ogbestadium, you can go to celestial church in badagry so that they can wash away your sorrows with holy water.
      Go and watch the match highlight again before you spit out your baseless complains. Or maybe your eyes can’t capture moving thing’s, let me help to brake it down for you in writing.
      Osihmen scored 1 and made 2 assist in ogbe stadium on that very day. The eagles dominated the game till the 79th minutes exactly same scenario with Ukraine game(79 minutes) and osihmen had couple of chances both head and leg, the pitch didn’t stop him. After the second goal of serrieleone the super eagles where under pressure and they wanted to get a goal to quensh the fire, ekong then lunch an emergency attacking ball to osihmen in the opponent yard, the guy had two deffenders who desperately crushed him and with that kind of speed and tension clashing his shoulder on the floor he broke his shoulder vains, this happens everywhere even on your bed if you fall wrongly on it you can aswell get same injury,
      Stop hating on your people for every misfortune you come across in life, life is full of ups and down, osihmen is not the first to get injured and will not be last, Ndidi suffered injury for 4 months, is the premierleague pitch the course of that? Even the osihmen you are talking about also had injury in Lesotho you didn’t make any pem about the artificial turf they offered you know why? Becos we won the game.
      If you want to be politically correct, there are many other way to go about it, not to the detriment of the efforts of well meaning Nigerians like the Edo state governor. As for me i have seen all kinds of pitch in the world, including allianz arena,, Giuseppe miaza, stadio Olympico e t c, my conclusion is that ogbe pitch is a fifa standard pitch that can host Brazil vs England and the countries will be grateful of our hospitality.

  • Shuma 3 years ago

    Napoli is a frustrating team to watch. The players just do their own thing. They should have invested more than just Osimhen, because these are not quality players. The president fired Ancelotti, because during his stint the team was doing awful just sitting in 7th place and a bunch of winless games. In Seria A culture they have to go to camp and train extensively. Barely any players showed up or listened to the president, then the president fired Carlo Ancelotti. Look at Carlo now with Everton. The players revolted and didn’t listen to orders. They rely on Koulilbaly so much that the president put a heavy price tag on him.

    I know Serie A is a different type of league, known as a defensive league. But the way the Atalanta players were going at Osimhen was crazy. He got knocked over so many times and now had to leave on a stretcher. Atalanta committed the most fouls. Both teams looked stunned to what happened to him. Osimhen playing style reminds me of Harry Kane. He can score spot up, but cant really dribble the ball past players, for long without being halted by players and or turning over the ball. His playing style rely on midfielders to pass him the ball, but they don’t. When he played with Lille all the players were assisting him which lead to him scoring. You can see his frustration, throwing his hand on his head and the look of disappointment when the team just want to do long range shots like in the europa league.

  • daniel 3 years ago

    alot of JuJu in Super eagles. Osenhmen should pray very hard so that Italia Mafia gangstars will like him. in Italia football, if you dont belong, your name na sorry. again, national team coach should allow him to settle down in his club first before invitong him. Osenhmen pls go and fortify your self spiritual because Nigeria national team is not easy if your not strong spiritually

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    Now that Osimhen is going through torrid time… Coach Rohr is now making a u-turn to Ighalo who has retired! Call up Olayinka Peter, call up Junior Ajayi, call up Sadiq Umar, even Atienwem Iyayi and Nwaekeme can do the job… We spoilt for choice of strikers who have not announced retirement.

  • Marvelous 3 years ago

    @Ayphillydeless. Sorry I can’t add degreat to your name, great people don’t talk thrash. Why relate Rohr to Osimhen injury in Italy? Rohr fever will kill you if you don’t free yourself from it. You need help, maybe psychologically.

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

      You should direct your comment to @JimmyBall not me. I never relate Osimhen injury to Rohr in my comments. Go back and check my reply to @JimmyBall. Then come back and talk to me about great minds who thinks alike LMAO!

    • Ikeben 3 years ago

      @Marvelous, try to read and comprehend before commenting. Why throw stones at the wrong person. Haba, you are rebuking the wrong person for another man’s crime.

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    Daniel you for tell iwobi, balogun, ekong, aribo,aina to fortify their self too, lol. Osihmen will be fine, and he must be invited for the eagles qualifiers bcos he needs to continue where he stopped (scoring for me).
    I like napoli as a club, osihmen will do great things there, I am very optimistic about that.
    The club is missing their messi and xavi (Martin’s and koulabali) unfortunately the other playmakers are not doing well enough, napoli lost many games before osihmen recovered and they are still struggling, the coach needs to change formation to 442 where he can partner osihmen with another striker to reduce the pressure and also limit the midfielders of their round and round passes that doesn’t go forward, when midfielders are not good enough strikers will always suffer.

  • With this new development I will advise rohr to leave osimhen out of the remaining two games so he can concentrate on his club form and get back his goal scoring form. The super eagles can cope without him except rohr wants us to believe that without osimhen we cant win games. He should look inside the team and come up with a winning formula with good players available who can slot easily into the strikers position and get the goals for us. After all we are playing Lesotho and benin. If not for the way things are at the moment is should have been the home based eagles who should be playing such games but because one cant predict our games anymore, we have to go all the way to Europe and invite our best players to come and play on bad pitches and risk getting injured.
    Enough said

  • chuks haifa 3 years ago

    Nawaooh hope he gets better. @jimmyball or balljimmy whatever. Leave Rohr alone in this one. All these evil people manipulating badluck for him will eventually fail. He is surrounded by unnecessary selfish individualistic team mates who don’t believe in teamwork. I see racist jealous team mates who are disgruntled by what a black newbie earns. I also pity his coach because going by the history of Napoli, he may be sacked anytime soon.If it doesn’t work for him in Napoli because of bad team mates, he shouldn’t worry because so many teams will snap him immediately. He is a special player anyday.

  • Godsown 3 years ago

    I knew he will have problem the moment I heard he went to his hometown to be splashing money, the witch of his hometown is in charge of his case, if you notice the same trend is happening with chukwueze, they went to their village and their form started going down, as a mfm member,I will advise for them to go for deliverance.

  • Ako Amadi 3 years ago

    OSIMHEN is young and learning the hard way. He should never have gone to Italy

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