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Pep Guardiola Asks More Supporters To Attend Games

Pep Guardiola Asks More Supporters To Attend Games

The number of supporters that shows up to a football match are lower than ever. That’s the reason why Pep Guardiola asks that more supporters attend games in the future. Especially at the Etihad where Manchester City meets Southampton where only 38 000 tickets been sold out of 55 000. In the same way a fast payout online casino needs players, football matches need supporters. This is the way for the different teams to make money. Without supporters coming to see the games, the sport of football is in jeopardy.

In many ways the world has changed and things we formerly took for granted has been made harder and more complicated. That’s also the reason why Pep Guardiola, the coach of Manchester City, has plead for more supporters to show up to the games. Many supporters have reacted in a negative way and thinks that the coach should stick to coaching. Life is hard enough without trying to find the opportunity to go to a game on a Wednesday at 8pm. There are few ways for a person with a family to manage this and the coach should be aware of this.

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Fewer people go to football matches

In the wake of the world situation its hard for many people to find the time and opportunity to go to football matches. The games have seen a all time low when it comes to attendance. Supporters doesn’t have the same time and the same possibilities anymore to watch the games from a stadium. The coach has also seemed to miss that the previous games has been close to full attendance. So, in a way there are still people coming to the games. Its just a matter of the placement of this match at 8pm on a Wednesday.

This leads a lot of supporters to feel that Pep Guardiola should keep to coaching. Not try to make people attend games. Especially when the supporters of Manchester City have been able to attend games previously. There are also more matches upcoming where the attendance it looking to be higher. Making the match at the Etihad an exception and not the rule. Even though fewer people are attending football matches, there are still plenty of people who do. In this way we can be sure that the future of football is still secure and looking promising.

Not only time issues prevent people from attending matches

There are many reasons why people have decided against going to football matches. An uncertainty regarding the future makes a lot of people hold on to their money. It’s expensive to go to a football match. There are also problems for people with kids to find the time to do so. As well as making it work with their workhours. Even though the attendance at Etihad on Wednesday looks smaller than it could have been, there are still plenty of people attending. If the supporters of Manchester City doesn’t feel that coach Pep Guardiola has overstepped with his plea for more people in attendance.

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