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Peseiro: I Won’t Force Chukwuemeka, Eze, Olise, Others To Play For Super Eagles

Peseiro: I Won’t Force Chukwuemeka, Eze, Olise, Others  To Play For Super Eagles

Super Eagles head coach, Jose Peseiro says the likes of Carney Chukwuemeka, Michael Olise, Eberechi Eze and others must show the right commitment to play for the team.

The trio along with Tosin Adarabioyo and Folarin Balogun are still eligible to play for the Super Eagles.

The likes of Tammy Abraham, Fikayo Tomori and Bukayo Saka, who are of Nigerian descent have been capped by England at senior level.

Peseiro stated that it is important for the other players, who are still eligible to play for the Super Eagles to show maximum demand and determination.

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“You receive some information or when you watch many players on TV or live, you can discover more players, more players, more players,” Peseiro told the Mirror.

“I was in some matches when I was in England to see some players, then at the same time we discover, ‘well that player can play for us, also’, normally young players.

“There are many good players with quality, capacity and good training. For us, if we want to win the next AFCON, I am happy because I have many players with quality to create a good national team.

“But it’s not easy to choose the right players. We try to see them in the match, after that I try to call them for our practice and our friendly games, because we want to create a small group with quality for developing in training and practice to implement our ideas to win the next AFCON.

“But there are a lot of players, and they need to show the maximum demand and motivation to play for Nigeria. Quality, of course, but demand and motivation to play for us.”

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  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    Simple as that!!!

  • Good comment by our coach. These foreign players must show willingness and desire to play for our Super Eagles. Our Super Eagles must be competitive again. Well done Jose Peseiro. Keep on working hard and the Lord will grant your wish.

    • Ignatius Abo 1 year ago

      Thumbs up Brotherman. All these evil fans with evil intensions can continue vomiting raw sewage. Peseiro is far better than Gernot Rohr. Rohr was Belmadi’s boy. Nigeria played kerewa kerewa football under Rohr.

      • Oakfield 1 year ago

        Oh yeah, ur Pep guardiola has only won 2 matches and lost more than 9 matches in a space of 8months. Indeed, He’s clearly better than rohr…nit wits everywhere.

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    No Mr Pesiero….please go and prostrate before them to beg them to play for Nigeria. Be their gardener, their janitor, their cook, their laundryman and their night watchman for 2 weeks so that they can “feel Nigerian” to agree to play for Nigeria.

  • Pesiero is just saying all these sweet words to massage Nigeria’s over blotted ego nothing else…….He just wants to tell us what will be sweet in our ears…….he wants Nigerians to be Happy with him…….We as a nation should stop leaving in a fool’s paradise and embrace reality……We as a nation should put our house in order and do things the right way if we want respect…… Respect is earned not demanded for…….Till then we need to keep appealing to the genuinely talented foreign players to choose us……We would keep appealing to them until we put our house in order…… until we stop owing players and coaches their allowance…… until we stop coaches from collecting bribes and endorsements to field certain players……until we stop using sentiments in team selection……until we develop our league to international standard…… until we shun depotism tribalism in player selection……Big footballing countries like England Italy German France and Spain fight like dogs to cap certain players is now Nigeria that will not fight to get the best playing for us??…..Make una dey play

    • Abdul 1 year ago

      You can say what people want to hear, but as long as it’s right, it’s fine. We definitely shouldn’t beg anyone to play for us. Those countries you mentioned up there didn’t beg any player. In my opinion, he was absolutely right with every statement he made. We couldn’t qualify for the last WC not just because of Equavoen’s poor tactics but because some of those of guys lack what it takes to play for Nigeria, not just in quality but also in attitude. If you go back to that Ghana game in Abuja, the team lacks the sense of urgency u see in a typical Nigerian team despite being on the losing side of the game. So, yes, we want only players that carry the love of the country in their hearts and are excited to do the Green white jersey. Alex Iwobi is such a player for example. Thank you…God bless Nigeria in Omo9ja’s voice.

      • Detruth 1 year ago

        Alaba begged and begged to play for Nigeria, what happened?

        Nigeria’s corrupt officials and system happened. That’s why he got frustrated and decided to play for Austria.

        • pompei 1 year ago

          The Alaba case remains a very poignant reminder of the cost of corruption. Nigeria lost out on a great defender, who would still be playing for us right now, all because of some greedy, pot-bellied nincompoops. The bribe they collected, dem never chop am finish? E show for their body? What tangible thing have they achieved with all the bribes they have been collecting?
          If we were denied the services of Alaba as a player, perhaps he could still be of service in the future as a coach of any of our national teams, contingent on him obtaining the necessary qualifications and experience. Or maybe he could serve in some administrative capacity. Let us at least benefit from the guy’s talent in some way.

    • Thank you coach your comment is not bad but please coach i beg you sir if you see a talent don’t beg him to play for us juste make little approche to know if he is ready to play for Nigeria or not so that we will not loose important players by waiting for them to beg to play for Nigeria.

  • I know some will start asking me which player did England Spain German and Italy fight for…..so let me expanciate more………. Spain had to ignore the pecking order to cap Williams of Bilbao before Ghana will cap him knowing that they had lost his brother to Ghana already…….Italy basically defiled all logic to cap Gnorto of Leeds United inorder for him not to be caped by Ghana or whichever country he came from…….. Germany accelerated Musiala Adeyemi and the young Dortmund striker from Cameron to their main team as teenagers just to prevent Nigeria England and Cameron from pouncing……The list goes on……We dey here dey shout we won’t beg any player to play for us…….who wan play for u before?…… Only Division two foreign born players that will beg to play for us because they want to use Nigeria to upgrade their profile and get better clubs……. Sorry for being too blunt but it’s the truth and it’s bitter.

    • Golden Child 1 year ago

      @Akp, As always, you ‘re on point.

    • Adeyemi 1 year ago

      There is difference between capping and begging. Did Spain and Germany begged the aforementioned players? Invitations was issued and it’s your decision to honor the invites. Nigeria should no not seen as an escape route for most of foreign-born Nigerians. These players should feel their country of birth is better than Nigeria and the issue of owing allowances, irregularities and the many problems plaguing the Nigeria league does is not much contributory. These paying are earning at least 40 pounds a week, do you honestly think match allowance would deter them from playing for Nigeria?

    • kingsley 1 year ago

      This ones in Division one what have they done, please stop making a fool out of yourself. The players you mentioned have a choice, if an invite is sent to them and they decline, why force them. Those that were begged to play for us, what has been the outcome

  • pompei 1 year ago

    Peseiro spoke of demand. Players should show desire and determination to wear our jersey.
    However, this “demand” will not fall from the sky. It has to be generated. Who’s job is it to generate demand?
    Good pitches, prompt payment of match bonuses, players’ welfare and health care. These are things that if done right, will make Nigeria more attractive to foreign born players. You don’t need to spend too much time and money promoting a valuable product or service. Business will come to you because of demand.
    The attraction of international football is already a strong influence. However, players will be reluctant to risk their reputation and likely injury representing a country who’s administrators are unable/unwilling to do their jobs. With incompetent administration, demand goes down.
    With better administration, all these guys including a certain Saka would likely have been Super Eagles players already.

    • Ignatius Abo 1 year ago


    • TONY 1 year ago

      @Pompei, outstanding points!
      Still on the foreign-born players, we should try and be smart when needed. If the news making the rounds is true, that two talented young foreign-born players, Joel Ideho and Ademola Ola-Adebomi have arrived the camp of the U-20 camp, that would be heartening.
      This is where we need to play it smart. My suggestion to the coaches would be to make sure that these two players are included in the final squad to Egypt and capped over there, no matter what.
      I’m not advocating for preferential treatment for anyone, but we should try and learn from our past mistakes. The cases of Eberechi Eze and Malcolm Ebowei comes to mind. Mr. Rohr and Mr.Garba goofed big-time.
      Caoch Bosso, please cap these two players for Nigeria.

      • Greenturf 1 year ago

        I disagree @TONY!
        Players selection must be on merit.
        The future star may be one or two local players dropped.Let Bosso do his job.
        Like he rightly said,the foreign players coming to his team must prove to be better than ones already in camp to have any chance of getting selected for the playoffs.

    • Papafem 1 year ago

      Coaches of age grade teams shouldn’t be driven by the excessive desire to win international tournaments at all cost. That’s been a major problem in our football development.

      If truly Ideho and Ola are in the camp, and they perform above average, they should be selected over those players that Bosso genuinely knows are above the age limit but have been performing seemingly better in the camp.

      By the time these two guys start blossoming in he game due to the genuiness of their age, the good footballing education they’ve received and the career opportunities provided by their club attachment, our old men would have long disappeared from the scene. So wetin we gain?

      It doesn’t make.any sense chasing these players around when they are made, when in actual fact, they know they were initially dropped from the Nigerian set up at a time for players old enough enough to be their elder bothers and uncles. They won’t come. NFF should prevail on Bosso to stop parading men in boys’ competitions. If he’s desperate to win, let him sincerely look for players at home and abroad who meet FIFA specifucation for age. There are good Nigerian players everywhere who will give him the resul. Until we get to that stage, na play we just dey play.

      Despite our long years of cheating, we’ve not even won the competition. Yet, only a handful of those players make it to the highest level. We simply need to wake up

  • Larry 1 year ago

    Mr. Pesseiro, talk is cheap!
    All these interviews are not new to us. We have heard this before from Roaring Rohr and Eguzero.
    Do the talking on the pitch..
    Show us why you are the best option for SE..
    Show us why you are better than Egbo, Oliseh, Manu, or Siaone.
    Show us your criteria for players invitation..
    Show us your plans for replacing underperforming players in SE..
    Show us your plan to address the deplorable state of GK by inviting upcoming ones like Ejherie, Okonkwo, Josh..
    Show us your plans for upcoming youngsars like Daga,
    For now, your scorecard as a coach is nothing to write home about., .
    However, the nff needs to be up to their responsibilities ; pay salary on time, set targets, set-up top friendly matches, improve players and coaches welfare…

  • BigD 1 year ago

    It has to start with respect and due consideration for the welfare of the players.

    Stories are abound of players wishing to play for any of our teams (U17, U20, U23 and even the Super Eagles) plus the female teams being told to “Pay for their flights and make their way to camp”.

    often these players are between the ages of 15, 16, 17 and 23 and by every measure still children for most of them. I don’t know about anybody else, but if my 17 year old son was asked to pay for his ticket and make his way to Lagos, a place he has never been to by himself before, I would have serious concerns.

    We need to look at the safety, the welfare and safeguarding of these CHILDREN, forget that they are signed to whomever (Arsenal/Chelsea, Inter Milan etc) they often have everything done for them by club staff, from looking for accommodation to washing their clothes, sorting out how to order food etc. And now they are being told to buy a ticket, hop on a plane and fly to Muritala Mohammed Airport, or Lisbon, Los Angeles or Austria and link up with the camp. Very often there is no one to meet them at the airport and they now have to negotiate the chaos of Lagos airport, taxi, traffic and find their way to Federal Palace Hotel etc.

    Yes, nobody is begging anybody to play for anyone, but it has to be made easy to make the choice and the player made to feel welcome and wanted as well and that starts with a definite invitation through he right channels, on time and proper arrangements made for their travel, to meet them in transit and given proper attention when needed.

    again, yes we are not begging anybody, but a lot of these players have options and a lot of the times the haphazard utterances and contact lets us down and turns them away

    • BigD,

      Thanks for your entry above which I read with much interest. Allow me to explore a particular theme you alluded to.

      1) Paying For Flight Tickets: Whilst on the face of it this might sound horrendous, perhaps one can attempt – as painful as it is – make a case for the NFF on this occasion. You see, I read about this myself and was initially mortified. But it then dawned on me that some of the players asked to pay for their tickets are those coming for auditions. I applaud these young players and thoroughly respect their decision to ‘try out’ with Nigeria. But, I guess because the camps of the youth teams of Nigeria are already over-bloated, with in excess of 30 players, I guess the NFF considers it impractical to pay for all of these ‘prospects’ to come and audition only to be dropped if they fail to make the grade.

      Personally, I think there are two categories : 1) those invited by Ugbade and Bosso and 2) those recommended to them. I suspect the NFF will gladly cover the flight costs of the former and then ask the latter to initially cover their own travel costs and then claim it back if successful in selection.

      All these are suppositions on my part as I don’t have sources in the camps for accurate information.

      On the general issue of luring dual nationality players to Nigeria, I personally feel it should be on a case-by-case basis. If a dual nationality player is clearly exceptional – like Victor Moses – then perhaps a more compelling approach should be used to sell the Super Eagles project to such players. We shouldn’t go hands on knees to beg these players but going the extra mile in a professional manner should achieve the right objectives without selling the Super Eagles brand short.

      The truth of the matter is that there are plentiful decent dual nationality players who are already queuing up to represent Nigeria. If not for the unfortunate cold hands of injuries, the likes of Tom Dele-Bashiru and Nathan Oforboh would already be fully fledged Super Eagles by now. Due to cut throat competition, others like Josh Maja, Chuba Akpom and Sebastian Osigwe might never get to have meaningful Super Eagles careers despite openly pledging allegiance to Nigeria.

      So, pledging allegiance to Nigeria is never a guarantee of selection.

      But the national teams should be managed in more professional manner. Planning, preparations and payments of emoluments should mirror methods practiced in Western countries. If that happens, it will become easier to convince players to dawn the green white green.

      **sorry for any mistakes in this write up, no time for editing **

      • BigD 1 year ago


        It seems a “modus operandi” of the NFF. I am in contact with the parents of more than one player called up to the senior squad. Usually if the player is in the original list, they can make contact with existing Super Eagles players and arrange to travel with them, however, when it comes to a “hybrid squad” for instance a mix of domestic players and foreign pros, or a player called up to replace one who has pulled out of the original squad, it falls apart.

        I’m in contact with a couple of parents of teenagers from Europe whom have been called to to join two different camps (U20 as well as Senior SE). The experiences have been the same. No ticket, no protocol officer to meet the boys at the airport and they are just left to make their own way.

        Fact is, if we want these boys to audition, they should still be making arrangements for them as they are seen as exceptional talents. We shouldn’t really say that because they are coming to try out we will not look after their safety, wellbeing and safeguarding whilst they are under our instructions or whilst they are responding to a call up. The NFF should know whom they intend to look at and make it official trials, rather than just mop up and accept anybody that walks through the gates

        Lets look at the current U20. There are several boys undergoing trials from Europe,

  • okayoooo

  • The point is simple Players of dual Nationality will always have 2 options and less quality players of dual Nationality will only have 1. I will ascertain to this day that the only 3 if you like players of dual Nationality with quality that have chosen out of thier own free will were Bassey, Iwobi and Lookman all through different circumstance that worked in our favour. BASSEY( Late bloomer) Iwobi(Okocha nephew) and Lookman (late bloomer).. Nigeria needs to understand that most quality players of dual Nationality need a different kind of approach. Amaju pinnick is the main reason we lost out on Saka and to this day he left a bad impression on Saka and made it out to be Saka’s fault when in hindsight Pinnick is just an arrogant Village man with no tact.. talking to a talented boy knowing full well England were monitoring him coming out to announce to media and world that he has chosen Nigeria when he clearly said he wants to decide and his mom say she will help convince saka to play for NG which was her preference. Then once The boy said he had not made his decision Pinnick proceeds to upset the whole Saka household by declaring that Nigeria will beg no player if Saka wants to play for Nigeria he should come and beg. I mean what arrant rubbish was that. Pinnick should be blamed he is a first class mugu

  • Did I not say it that Nigeria is not a country that learns from mistakes lol.. oya now una don see am even after Morocco and Algeria even Ghana to some extent are showing us that it is possible to attract some quality dual nationals with a little bit of humility and less unfounded arrogance we still do the same thing. This is not Pesiro talking it is clear this coach has already been compromised by the administrative crooks in NFF. Insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different outcome. Morocco just blew this giant of Africa myth these crooks in Nigeria hide behind since 94 riding on past glory lol for how long yet they will not learn sad thing is it may take missing out on 3 back to back World Cups fir things to change in that pit called NFF

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