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Pinnick Holds Talks With Eze In London

Pinnick Holds Talks With Eze In London

President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Amaju Pinnick, held talks with Queen Parks Rangers midfielder Ebere Eze on Saturday about the possibility of the player representing Nigeria, reports Completesports.com.

“President of NFF, Mr. Amaju Pinnick has met with QPR midfielder Ebere Eze in London and conversation is ongoing about the possibility of Eze turning out for Nigeria,” reads a tweet on on the official Twitter handle of the NFF.

“Yesterday Eze also visited President Pinnick in the latter’s London home.

“During discussions, the player was informed of the President’s desire, which echoes that of many Nigerians to see Ebere Eze switch allegiance and start playing his international football for Nigeria.

“Talks are ongoing but the player has requested for the chance to continue to focus on his club career which is going well so far, and that further progress will be made in due course.”

Eze who has represented England at the U-20 and U-21 levels, once trained with the Super Eagles.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Patrick 2 years ago

    Please resolve the issue of super eagles manager contract extension before you start you campaign to add additional players to the national team.

  • Am tired of all this news about pinick visitation same thing with Tammy Abraham or he think England is not watching this thank God for this England coach he really know how to disappoint Nigeria . just Be mounting unnecessary pressure on this players.
    What I want to see is that Eze is training with the super eagle in calabar all this ones is nonsense . Then I would be happy

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    This guys are using Nigeria to gain attention so that south gate will give a look in asap. What is all the talk about if you are not ready and want to focus on your club? We are not kids just say if south gate doesn’t call you then you will switch to naija which happens to be your second choice.

  • Olusegun. B 2 years ago

    I was thinking about what Fikayo Tomori said
    What if it’s true that NFF didn’t reach him to play for Nigeria. At least seeing pinnuck with Eze right now. In the issue of getting players to play for their national team, NFF management should really show concern and not take things for granted.

    I hope things work out in the following days .

    They must make sure that Cyril dessers, Ejuke,Eharia etal are taken seriously concerning congratulations to the national team pls .. .

  • DAVID AFOLABI 2 years ago


    • JOHN CENA 2 years ago

      As much as I really love your statement and wish to give you a like, your usage of foul words held me back. You have a point about having our own structure and platform to groom people and not relying on other countries as this will help us in the long run. We can always have unofficial friendlies to give the local lads some needed exposure and blending and from there we can promote exceptional ones to the main team instead of begging players to switch nationality

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Well said @John Cena. Our leaders doesn’t have shame at all.

    Starting from president Buhari, he went to UK for medical treatment, why?

    That means Nigeria shouldn’t have been calling a Country.

    A Country that its president sick and couldn’t get a treatment in his own Country? Is that a Country?

    The president and leaders that do not care about their citizens?

    Now we are talking about Pinnick. He left Gold at home and seeking for Bronze outside the Country, is that a great leader to us?

    We still have a long way to go because of our bad leadership. Its shouldn’t have taken Nigeria less than 20 years to fixed its own problems after Nigeria becomes a country.

    Here we are today, no electricity, infrastructure, insecurity and same story every day. All we are hearing is sai baba, sai Buhari. Our richmen can not do without security officers besides them.

    They have collected all the police officers and soldiers everywhere in the Country, simply because, these our oppressors wanted a maximum protections. They have turned national security to private.

    Who is going to protect the citizens now? Most especially the poor ones?

    Hmm, Chai, there’s God ooo.

    Instead of this most corrupted NFF president ever to talk about coach Rohr’s contract, how to improve the Super Eagles and other sports in Nigeria, he left Nigeria for UK to do unnecessary things while Oga Rohr is waiting for him and other NFF members to sign a new contract. What a shame.

    I won’t blame Amaju for doing so but Nigerians that keeps celebrating these oppressors. Hmmm…… so sad.

    Well, what do I know. In the end, they will put the blame on me. Omo9ja, your own too much. Chai, its painful that our leaders are making us suffering in this Country. We have more than EZE and Akpeyi in this Country but because of money changed hands, they keeps spoiling everything.

    There’s God o. Hmmm, there’s God ooo. Chai, there’s God o. ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Samchi 2 years ago

      Truly i can see clearly now_
      That Omo9ja received our
      “Brain Resetting Slap!!!”
      Now we are on the same page about Rohr’ One Love _bro
      #Super Eagles is the Future

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    What’s Pinnick doing about our ineffective and corrupt youth team coaches,he should tell us why Aigbogun, Garba, imama failed woefully, and the plans he has to fix our youth teams. instead of him running to London to waste tax payers money. EZE wants to play for England leave  the boy alone. Pinnick should go back Nigeria put in place a better scouting system, scout  for new Kalu, Chukuweze, Osimhen. Hopefully he would stop by in Holland to watch Ejike a true baller.

  • Is this a news? all i can read here is just a disgraced and wasting of nigeria money

    “a sovereign nation-nigerian boss, travelled to london to beg a 20yrs boy, by rolling on the flour.”

    a whole nation knelt down to beg to a babyboy.

    Nigeria is not yet a country.

    Wasting nigeria money for nonsense reasonts and he claim is work.

    No wonder rohr said tammy snubbed nigeria, because of the pressure we pilled on him.

    we only have rulers, but no leaders.

  • Eze himself visited pinnick in his home…which shows the guy never forget the moment he spent with the eagles last time.
    England really learnt from Moses, Iwobi and Aina’s cases that’s why they pile pressure on any Nigerian born especially the good ones.
    Eze played for England to save his life and to shift media attention off him…..the guy won’t follow Abraham’s footstep this I’m sure of

  • Eze needs to wake up before its too late. I dont see anythin wrong for pinic to go and talk to the young man. Football is a game many countries are involved in players are not making of country they are self inspired and determined to be good. It can be anywhere in the world Eze kind is not easy to let go. Messi was a spanish brought up but argentina wouldnt let him go! So no wrong at all. He is a nigerian wether in uk or where ever. If na by U.K how many english eze do we have. Beside the guy was invited to play just 10 min for under 21 thats to say we need him more no need for shakara. You all have seen wat iwobi brought so far to our eagles. Alot of assist and goals. Moses did same and aina is doing too so why the shakara

    • Chuck 2 years ago

      Collins Id you got your facts wrong. Messi started in Argentina, moved to Spain at the age of 12, didn’t need to be persuaded by Argentina because there was no doubt in his mind about the country he wanted to commit to.(Spain wasn’t a choice for him, it always was Argentina). Amaju Pinnick should stop disgracing himself. He did same with Tammy Abraham and we all know how it turned out, now he’s back on it once again. I’m not saying he shouldn’t talk to players but must he run to social media to make an announcment anytime a player says hello to him?

      This is really sickening.

  • Ndubuisi 2 years ago

    For the first time am liking your post especially on the football administration not about Buhari & co they should deal with their problem. You made a point that pinnick should sort out Mr Rohr contracts instead of chasing shadows. I agreed with you on that seems you have realised Mr Rohr is the best man for the job. Thanks for being magnanimous to accept that. Why is Eze so quick to accept England under 21 invitation and tell Nigeria he needed time? Let him tell himself the truth if he was invited by England national team would he have turned them down? We are making them popular while they wait for call up from their preferred country. What will be will be Mr Rohr contract is the pressing need for now not Eze. Thank you @omo9ja we are now friends.

  • Chuck 2 years ago

    This man “Amaju Pinnick” has a chicken brain. He just can’t learn from his past missteps and blunders. I’m not sure he ever heard this phrase from one famous man,”fool me once shame on you.Fool me twice, just can’t get fooled again”.

    This man keeps fooling himself over and over again.