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Pogba Tests Positive For Banned Substance

Pogba Tests Positive For Banned Substance

France and Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has tested positive for the banned drug testosterone.

According to news agency ANSA, as reported by Football Italia, the test was conducted after Juventus’ 3-0 win over Udinese on August 20 at the Dacia Arena. This was Juventus’ first game of the season

Pogba was an unused substitute and remained on the bench throughout the encounter.

UBA Super Savers

He made substitute appearances subsequently in the two next fixtures against Bologna and Empoli. The Bianconeri drew 1-1 with Bologna on August 27 at the Allianz Stadium and defeated Empoli 2-0 on September 3.

The 30 year old could be banned for a period of two or four years depending on the ruling. A second test sample must be administered to ascertain why he failed the first drug test.

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The midfielder returned to Serie A club Juventus from Manchester United in the summer of 2022.

He has found game time hard to come by since the move due to niggling and recurring injuries he has sustained while in Italy.

Pogba has made two appearances in the 2023/24 Serie A season.

Juventus are placed third on the Serie A table with seven points after three games.

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  • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

    I won’t be surprised if some illiterates come here crying Pogba is being witch-hunted because he is black……LMAOoo.

    To think he didnt play in the said game, yet got tested.

    When procedures are established, they are established….no matter who you think you are or your status in the game.

    • socrates 3 months ago

      Who are the illiterates, yes it could be a witch hunt, or is it your father that conducted the test. It’s fools like you that rush to bring down black players. Didn’t even give the guy a chance to defend himself.

      • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

        Hahahaha…it must be your mother who fed Pogba with the banned substances, the way she fed you with so much stupidity….LMAOooo

      • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

        Hahahahaha….useless bastard who cannot explain how 12 minutes of injury time vs Australia (consisting of 3 minutes of goal celebrations + 4.5 minutes used for 7 substitutions + 5 minutes to treat 3 on-field injuries) amounts to racism is the one claiming to set people’s mind straight……LMAOooo.

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        I hope you at least arent too poor to not be able to watch top European leagues and learn how injury time is allocated these days…..LMAooo….before you’ll come here to lie to people that referees are becoming racist to european clubs too…..LMAOoo.

        Okponu alainilari….emancipator isonu……LMAOoo.
        12 minutes injury time = racism……LMAOoo

  • Arara Kumbie 3 months ago

    Drogba needed to have been more careful. This is bad. He was poor in Manchester United. Some people will think he was made a scapegoat but the rules are the rules like @Dr Drey said.

    • Socrates 3 months ago

      And the rules didn’t say he has a chance to defend himself. Why not wait to hear from the dude before coming out to make biased statement. na wa o. Humand beings.

      • Arara Kumbie 3 months ago

        Socrates, can you read? The rules are the rules meaning the authorities were well within their rights to pick Pogba out.
        Nobody is saying he shouldn’t defend himself later on. We are saying that no players should be too big to be tested for banned substances. We shouldn’t be quick to lament racism just because it is a black player tested.
        Even in the army, officers of any ranks should be tested for bad substances, be they Generals or field marshals. Field marshals are particularly known to snort cocaine regularly.
        Na wa o. Human beings.

        • socrates 3 months ago

          OGa abeg shift, who said he can’t be tested, the chances of him being picked looks suspicious for a player that didn’t even start or come in the game.Will await his own version of events. Wasn’t that how amusan was crucified by DR dry. Until the truth came out

          • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

            Hhahahaha…..okponu arindin. English comprehension has always been a problem for you…..so I am not surprised you have reared your ugly mouth here again….LMAOoo. Go and find out the meaning of the word “random” and stop being a fool in public….LMAOooo.

            One would begin to wonder what sort of yeye suspicion goes into players from a football team being picked at random for testing…..LMAOoo. Something that gets done on weekly basis after matchdays

            Abd what truth came out in Amusan’s case…..??? The last time I checked, the appeal judgement reveled that she indeed actually missed 3 tests which is a FACT. 1 was intentional and 2 were unintentional and on the basis of that she escaped a ban…!

            So tell us, what makes an athlete think he/she is bigger than presenting him/herself for tests….??? LMAOoo

            Senseless he-goat, It seems you forgot to do your empty barrel research this time around before coming to disgrace yourself again in public as you always claim you do…..LMAOoo

        • Arara Kumbie 3 months ago

          Oga Socrates, nowhere in the rules does it say players who didn’t start can’t be tested.
          Get to know the regulations. Thank goodness we are no longer under military rule, this is democracy which is equal treatment by law.

        • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

          Hahahaha…..Arara Kumbie, are you minding that ignorant fool that is calling himself socrates….LMAOoo. Idiot changed his name from Ade (5 name in 5 years, Only God knows how many names he wants to bear in a lifetime) yet his stupidity and rotten Ignorance has not left him.

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          Yet he will be the one to open his rotten teeth to argue blindly and display shameful degrees of ignorance in public…..LMAOoo

          • Socrates 3 months ago

            Why argue with a fool. Will just suggest to those reading to do their research on amusans case. Because where in their conclusion did they mention what this fat liar is dishing here. Loook who is accusing someone of using multiple names. Mr selfmade, Dr Drey 2, abi make we continue.

            Has for you Arara kindly don’t muddle up my comment. Have not said anywhere that he can’t be tested. All have said it’s just strange for a player who didn’t start the game to be picked for random testing. Well I would wait to hear his own version of events. Rather than listen to a liar.

          • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

            Hahahaha…..Mr Researcher of the year….LMAOoo. Okponu sowenu.

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  • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

    Hahahaha…..Arara Kumbie, are you minding that ignorant fool that is calling himself socrates….LMAOoo. Idiot changed his name from Ade (5 name in 5 years, Only God knows how many names he wants to bear in a lifetime) yet his stupidity and rotten Ignorance has not left him.

    Im sure the idiot has never heard the word “random testing” before in his entire life……LMAOoo…neither does he know the rules governing dope testing for football teams….LMAOoo

    Yet he will be the one to open his rotten teeth to argue blindly and display shameful degrees of ignorance in public…..LMAOoo

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  • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

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