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Poland 2019: Flying Eagles Lose 2-0 To USA, Face Tougher Group D Hurdle

Poland 2019: Flying Eagles Lose 2-0 To USA, Face Tougher Group D Hurdle

Nigeria’s Flying Eagles fell to a 2- 0 defeat to the United States of America in their second Group D game at the ongoing 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Poland on Monday, reports Completesports.com.

Sebastian Soto scored both goals for USA in the encounter played at the Bielsko Biala Stadium.

The Americans dominated the opening exchanges with Timothy Weah causing problems for the Flying Eagles defenders.


Okechukwu Offia tussles with USA’s Konrad De La Fuente

Sebastian Soto gave the Americans the lead in the 18th minute nodding home Alexis Mendez’s corner kick.

Weah came close to adding the second few minutes later but is effort was deflected into corner kick.


Flying Eagles Akor Adams vs USA’s Chris Richards

Jamilu Mohammed, Henry Offia and Effiom Maxwell all came close to equalising for Nigeria afterwards but had their efforts saved by the USA goalkeeper Brady Scott.

Soto scored the the second goal for the United States immediately after the break after he was played through on goal by Chris Gloster.

The Flying Eagles were awarded a penalty in the 70th minute but it was overruled for offside after the centre consulted VAR.

Eight minutes was added at the end of 90 minutes but the Flying Eagles were unable to get back into game.

Ukraine who defeated Qatar 1-0 earlier in the day have now moved to top position in the Group D with six points, while Nigeria dropped to second position with three points. USA are third with three points but with an inferior goal difference. Qatar are yet to record a point.


Tom Dele-Bashiru vs USA’s Durkin

The Flying Eagles will face Ukraine in their last group game on Thursday at the Bielsko Biala Stadium.

The Paul Aigbogun’s team must beat Group D leaders Ukraine when the matchday-3 matches are played simultaneously on Thursday to stand a chance of advancing.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Oakfield 5 years ago

    Una yansh Don open! “!! U see!!! U think say na Qatar. Was one of the people that were shouting for the immediate sack of that gangster of a coach but our calls fell on deaf ears. This is the result. If Una no fit win USA, na Ukraine wey beat them Una go win? Abeg, meke Una no dy waste task payers’money and just start coming back! Useless team of highly corrupt entities. Nonsense”!!!!””””

  • Oakfield 5 years ago

    Where was the so called bashiru, him just carry Dada like Bob Marley dy run around the field. Una see am!!! After now some people go dy shout make Dem cap am to secure his future. Nonsense!!!!

    • Ashy Slashy 5 years ago

      I did and I still stand by it. One bad game for a 19 year old doesn’t necessarily mean he will go on to have a bad career.
      Head is for thinking and the leg is for dancing.

      • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

        Bashiru is good Ashy leavery Oakfied alone he doesn’t understand what capping means. But we both know he does maybe he just wants to attack you as usual

        • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago


        • Oakfield 5 years ago

          Chima, are u trying to start a fight u cant stop. Abeg, let the sleeping dog lie, biko. Stop interferring with a biz that doesnt concern u. Stop being a busy body seeking attention. Mind ur biz….

      • Oakfield 5 years ago

        Inasmuch as I wish every player of Nigerian descent playing abroad well, I still strongly believe that ur calls to cap this young man in the eagles is very premature. He needs to grow through the ranks and prove his metle.U can see how far ur ‘brains’ for thinking has taken you. He shone brightly against a very weak qatar but fizzled out against not too strong usa that the coach had to change him in the second half. This is the kind of player u want invited hurriedly to the eagles just to secure his future. He needs to pay his dues consistently before he could earn a call up to the eagles. Like i said before,the eagles is not annall comers team. I wish him well in his future endeavors. Use ur head…

        • Oakfield 5 years ago

          *sorry, first half**** csn, we need an Edith button here, haba!!!

          • Ashy Slashy 5 years ago

            It is not only Edith button that you need.
            You also need Clara button.
            Perhaps if you quality check your work before posting it you wouldn’t need CSN to provide you with Mary button.

            Edith button!

    • Adeniyi 5 years ago

      This is so bad to say of a promising youngster. He was hauled off cos he got injured…whether u like it or not, he seems to be the brightest star in that team…from his touches, its crystal clear. The team had a bad day and so does he….So please, spare us the hate..leave the young man alone.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    One by one I will release some strong comments likewise myself after the Qatar win. We will learn from this as fans so that we don’t get carried away easily but rather we will always be tactical in viewing and commenting on sports relater issues

  • omokaba 5 years ago

    It was obvious that this
    team would not go far.Less than a month before the competition,Nigeria coach started inviting new players in order to collect money from their agents.This Nigeria team is a sorry case.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Chairmanfemi 3 days ago
      Tom Dele-Bashiru is one for the Super Eagles after the U-20 stage. Great Midfielder with immense dribbling and passing skills like Iwobi.

    • Saint Palmer 5 years ago

      I read the article when one of the players said they are good enough to win the tournament and i thought I`m gonna find a way of watching the USA match then i discovered they are not even good enough to make it out of their group

  • Oh boy nor be small thing ooh. Even dele nor bashiru again after so much hype. Football is a team game that is wat nigeria is always lacking. Denerby said it in an interview. We dont know how to move the ball around we just dey do try and luck all the time

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Chairmanfemi 3 days ago
      Tom Dele-Bashiru is one for the Super Eagles after the U-20 stage. Great Midfielder with immense dribbling and passing skills like Iwobi.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Chima E Samuels 3 days ago
      Nigeria there we go again. I wonder when we will grow up and allow the dust to settle in other to see clearly. The tournament is very early there are good signs from Dele,Ofia and Success but it is too early to start jubilating. You dont win a world after one match

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      mutum 2 days ago
      before we all conclude about this bashiru guy, pls let’s remember we played ‘Qatar’. who are minors when it comes to under 20 world cup. lest keep our fingers crossed and see him perform against a stronger opposition like USA etc…one love!

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    Goal 3 days ago
    Good one guys! You are definitely one of the contenders for this world cup. The team may not have that much extremely great players but the team work is, you are well drilled by the coach. I noticed that Nigeria teams performed better when much is not expected from them ,that’s why I didn’t join the bandwagon of those who where busy criticising him and accusing him of corruption without evidence.

    TeamBox 3 days ago
    To me the players are good but the coach is not sharp enough to mark out some error in the second half of the game. You can the work rate of Qartar players in the second half compare to ours, when we play more technical team we shall have problem in the midfield and defence. The coach need to work in this area in this team, he need to blend the midfield with the defence other wise Nigeria should prepare and come early. I was not too impressed with what I see on the Field today. God bless Nigeria.

    Larry 3 days ago
    You are very shallow minded to think people hate the national team for querying certain things. If you have nothing to write just keep quiet. Anyway good win for us more room to improve


  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    Dr. Drey 3 days ago
    You would always expect our sheer physical and natural advantages (including using older players) to see us through the group stages of these underage tournaments. It is when it gets to that part of the tournament where you need to play football more with your brains than with our muscles that breeze will blow and ‘your guess will be good as mine’
    Interesting to see a Nigerian team put 4 goals past its opponents, but for me, that is where the euphoria ends…just like at the AFCON U20s where we twice met a technically sound SA U20 team with real 20 years olds and we couldnt do jack against them with this our one directional style of play (kick the ball to the full backs….work the bylines with the right winger, cross into the box and hope someone is at the right place at the right time), when the real push comes to shove, we will see if these ones are worthy of ‘bearing the mark’.

    Chairmanfemi 3 days ago
    I bet you didn’t see the 3rd goal where Kingsley gave an Iwobi kind of dangerous defence splitting pass for Tom Dele-Bashiru to finish it with a side-foot then you will know that Your analysis is totally opposite

    Dr. Drey 3 days ago
    What defence splitting pass…? The defence was actually no where to be found…? The high press form the FE ensured the Qatari full back was caught napping from recieving the ball from his GK, and with the wide space between the 2 centre backs and Dele pressing them high, it only made sense that on recovering the ball kingsley will find a Dele who was already ghosting into that space. How many of such other ‘defense splitting passes’ did you see for the rest of the match for a pretty less than averagely organize Qatari defene..?
    Calm down @chairman and dont let this euphoria take you too far away. This movie is one we have seen again and again and we know how it will end.
    Oro agba bi o se lowuro bo pe titi a se lojo ale.

    Adisboy 3 days ago
    Dr Drey, I know exactly where your coming from. There was so many brainless decisions, especially from the homebased players, that I don’t understand where my guy Goal gets his optimism that we are contenders. The guy that played upfront with Offia (can’t remember his name) is a one of the most unintelligent strikers I have ever witnessed. There was no appreciation of positioning or intelligent runs into space. It got a bit better when he was replaced. And my guess is he is not anywhere near under 20, so i see no hope for career progression. Also the dude that played CB with Ozonwafor was a serious liability even though he scored the 4th goal. He always used to go for the same challenge with Ozonwafor so 1 pass could easily beat the 2 of them, case in point that open chance Qatar had in the 1st half. The only thing that encourages me is that we hope to see the progress of Dele-Bashiru, Kingsley Michael, Success Makanjuola and Nnamdi Oforbor, who are actually the young players. And from what i have seen from Dele-Bashiru, Micheal and probably Makanjuola, i expect them to make the step up to the Super Eagles in the very near future. I think this team will be found out in the quarterfinals.

    Charles 3 days ago
    Old old men wey no get shame,every thing about our country is scam


  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    Dave 3 days ago
    pls let’s stop exposing our players concerning this overage thing, we’re not the only one doing it, everybody in Africa uses overage players, and even most countries in south america. So let’s stop exposing our selves.

    Dr. Drey 3 days ago
    So is it good…? Bcos ‘everybody’ does something does not make it right. If you were a 19 yr old and another team pits a 35 yr old against you in an U20 tournament, how would you feel.


  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    Dr. Drey 3 days ago
    So is it good…? Bcos ‘everybody’ does something does not make it right. If you were a 19 yr old and another team pits a 35 yr old against you in an U20 tournament, how would you feel.

    Charles 3 days ago
    My younger brother who is 23 looks so young that i feel oursour U20 players can have him as their son,i didn’t say no age cheating in soccer but Nigeria own too much,am 32 now and i look so young,even my face is much younger than those players,our keeper and that our captain looks like 33 34 years old,they cut all their age off while we have good young boys that can represent us in this competition but our so called Nigeria elders won’t let them choose the right guys because of bribe


    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Charles and Drey got me laughing with the truth that I wish this would be how realistic we Nigerians should be instead of celebrating stupidity. Honestly I was impressed by Drey this time around.

  • I said it before and I will say it again: this team lack poise, class, panache and quality.

    I hope they go far in this tournament but on the evidence of what i have seen thus far, this looks unlikely.

    I never write teams off so i pray this lot improves.

    • Oga deo, abeg leave that talk. You are just hoping, when you know that they are below par. At least you can’t deny it. How will they manage it when the coach doesn’t even know football.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Deo take it and edit what you said 3 days ago

      deo 3 days ago

      1. You can only play the opposition before you. The Flying Eagles were up against minnows in Qatar. The quality of their opponents affected the overall quality of the game but Aigbogun’s men proved their overwhelming superiority with 4 unreplied goals and that itself set them apart.

      2. Aigbogun’s game plan worked. From the Afcon U-21 tournament, they had a pattern of trying to score from crossing manoeuvres. The first 2 goals came from crosses and the 4th goal came from knock-down from a corner kick. Should they perfect this strategy and add different dimensions to it, Utin and Co will cause teams problems.

      3. This is not an exciting team to watch; at least not yet. However, If they come against a more technical and well drilled team, I don’t think they will be overawed. They will stand their own because, from evidence of today’s match, they have the potential to step up a gear or two. But it is doubtful their physicality alone will be enough to see them through.


      Although they scored 4 goals today, Aigbogun’s boys still need to exhibit more bite.

      They have to show that they can break teams down and unlock defenses in a variety of creative ways.

      They also lack flair, panache, poise and elegance.

      The likes of Dele-Bashiru, Utin Udoh and that number 11 tried to inject some flair but it was wholly inadequate – Nigerian fans are used to being entertained to high standards.

      They can go as far as the quarter finals but if they come against a highly technical Italy, Columbia or France, it could be curtains.


      • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

        You got it right at some point but still you were over the moon. Not disregarding your great sports intelligence bro

      • Yes Uncle Chima,


        Let me lift out some key sentences from my piece that you so helpfully reproduced above:

        – This is not an exciting team to watch; at least not yet.
        – Although they scored 4 goals today, Aigbogun’s boys still need to exhibit more bite.
        – if they come against a highly technical Italy, Columbia or France, it could be curtains.
        – it is doubtful their physicality alone will be enough to see them through.

        So you see, i think so of those observations of mine from the first match were evident today, wouldn’t you agree?

  • After the first match against Qatar, majority of the people on this forum allowed the 4 – 0 scoreline against Qatar to cloud their sense of judgement. Some even called people who dared to be objective and pointed out the glaring inadequacies of the team and Aigbogun as enemy of the Flying Eagles. They even went as far as saying that these critical analysts were praying for the team to fail.

    When you base your team selection on corruption, bias, “egunje”, and “man-know-man,” it is this type of shameful performance you get. Apart from selecting 100% overage players to Poland, Aigbogun DOES NOT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO COACH ANY NIGERIAN TEAM.

    You wonder why no Nigerian team is able to win the CAF champions league? The display of the Flying Eagles today is one of the reasons. The coaches of our local teams are technically inept, corruption will not allow them to see road, and the Nigerian factor of taking excellence and objectivity to the slaughter slab in place of mediocrity and quota system are some other reasons why Nigeria continue to fail woefully in major competitions.

    In a sane environment, after the qualifiers for Poland 2019, an Aigbogun as the coach of the Flying Eagles would have been shown the exit door. But nay, in Nigeria, such an action will never be taken. After filling the Flying Eagles with overage players, Aigbogun’s team could only manage to get to Poland and the team did so by playing kick and pursue or what you call “police football.”

    Against USA today, Aigbogun had no answer to the game plan of the US team. All he could do was to tell his players to continue to play kick and pursue. “Just go there and use your share energy.” We all saw what mental strength can do to physical energy. Instead of clipping the wings of the USA team, he continued to allow his players to play energy football. “Just kick the ball forward and run.” All to no avail.

    Well, I do not blame Aigbogun, it is the NFF people that gave him to Nigerians as coach that I blame. Let them continue to celebrate mediocrity. We shall see where it will take them.

    Come to think of it, how did Utin (the captain of this overage team) and Ozormworfor managed to get a call up to the Super Eagles? So Rohur can give a call up to these two players who could not hold their own against their vividly juniors (the USA attackers – Soto and Weah) today. Shouldn’t we be also concerned about the selection criteria of coach Rohur too?

    If you go to numerous playing field in Agege, Surulere, and many other places just in Lagos alone, you will see real under 20 players, not to talk of scouting the whole of Nigeria. Players who eat and drink football on the streets of Lagos and other states of Nigeria will not give you this shameful display.

    Anybody who wants to say any of these players we all saw today are good for the Super Eagles should go and watch the Nigeria vs Qatar match with an open mid. Don’t even use this USA match to judge them, use the Qatar match. Where do you think this overage players will be in the next 5 or 10 years? Do you call that progress or retrogression?

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      My brother you should have said this long ago if they will not eat you up. But you have said it all God bless you. If we all get real it’s not a joke Nigerian will change sharp sharp but Egunje and mediocrity has blinded almost every part of Nigeria that brains are not functioning anymore. Not because of this single loss that is why I’m talking but let us be real for our own good.

    • Age has nothing to do with losing, are you say if barca main team play USA they will lose? But barca player are older?

      • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

        Ovie he is not talking about age in context he is talking about not selecting the right talents goto Aj city and see what he talking about. I don’t like unnecessary debates

    • Oakfield 5 years ago

      @josh, you’ve said it all.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    Chairmanfemi, Greenturf I hope you will go back to the link and see how you Overblow the hype after just one match against Qatar. And the very lots who started insulting people that we brought rumors and all sort to cause confusion. Even our almighty Deo was all over the moon praising the team like allNigeriasoccerdotcom always do after one win. Deo clap for yourself but I’m still with you. As for Goal he will not comeback to comment again. Ashly knows how to identify individual talents but she has forgotten that the coach is an igbo man and his pocket is always calling for attention. One day e go better that is Naija for you. But we must believe that against Ukraine this boys if they fight for our belove but corrupt country we will prevail.

    • TeamBox 5 years ago

      I have already make my assessment from the first match we play against Gatar, the players will be a good players in future, but the coach tactics is really wrong and baseless. No team in this world with shallow midfield will progress in any competition. No good player in the midfield who will dictate the play and distribute good passes. From the beginning of the match to the end USA team train our players with their quality ball distribution. But our coach only sleep and can’t read a match.Senegal is the best African team in this world cup, so Nigeria sholud get ready to come back home. After Tunde Disu U20 of Nigeria 99, the Nigeria 99 fly Eagle that beaten by Ghana over some controversial goal strongly to come out their group, even in quarters final they are dismantle by Mali 4-1, a team Nigeria defeated in African Championship that same year, Nigeria beat Mali 5 goals to 1, but for coach Tunde disu he collected bride from player such as Ikemefuna, ikena Ene and many other and give some silly excuse that some of boy fail to return to traninng early so he has to invites some other player within a week before our first match, this another woeful team. This man that called himself coach is not at. I am yet to see anything he does with this team. We have a better coach in Nigeria the program is that they won’t get their because they can’t afford the bride.

  • Dear Uncle Chima,

    Below was my summary from the last match. Reading it thoroughly will scarcely interpret to “being over the moon with praises”:


    Although they scored 4 goals today, Aigbogun’s boys still need to exhibit more bite.

    They have to show that they can break teams down and unlock defenses in a variety of creative ways.

    They also lack flair, panache, poise and elegance.

    The likes of Dele-Bashiru, Utin Udoh and that number 11 tried to inject some flair but it was wholly inadequate – Nigerian fans are used to being entertained to high standards.

    They can go as far as the quarter finals but if they come against a highly technical Italy, Columbia or France, it could be curtains.


    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      We are saying same thing. See the full comment above you got it at the end even though the starting of your comments maybe you don’t want the fans to attack you that is why you started with praise and ended with truth.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      If I want to be honest. The Goal keeper just like against Libya and Afcon u20 was a major suspect but I no wan talk because sports fan will kill me.

      2. Utin the captain i once said it that his Godfather that helped him secure all this power in Nigeria football and deal abroad is a genius because that boy defending is very awful but when attacking he is good so I think he is confused about where really he should be playing if it left midfield or winger because he has no business at LB and come to think of it he can’t cope with high tension I said it after our first match but Rohr is inviting him to SE and still singing his praise lately alongside the calamity Goalie. Nigeria neva ready we are acting like underdeveloped football countries when we should be ruling Africa by now. Senegal has taken over and anywhere they meet us now it’s all about beating and bullying us black and blue. Our women now win competitions on penalties. Why don’t we advance rather we are going backwards while other countries advance and over take us. It makes no sense at all

  • They are not just up to scratch in this match, may be they are not good enough now.

  • Abah-fada 5 years ago

    Everything is so wrong about this team.

  • we lost to a superior team. 6 of the first team play for youth teams of the German Bundesliga (Koln, Hoffenheim, bayern etc). Another 5 play in the MLS (the USA premier league). Another 2 play for the youth teams of apex clubs (Ajax, Barcelona) plus Timothy Weah that plays for PSG.

    The season stats for the goal scorer S Soto reads 24 games played, 17 goals scored (before today). I highlighted this after the Qatar game.

    This was premium opposition.

    With the result today we can still progress, maybe even if we lose to Ukraine (as one of the 4 best 3rd placed teams). As it stands, if we win our next match and the USA beats Qatar (which they should) all 3 teams will qualify.

    We will do better against the Ukraine than we did today against the USA. They were prepared for us and it took us almost the entire first half to get a foothold into the game. The match could have ended 4:3 or 5:4 with the number of times the ball hit the bar and with our shots.

    Its still all to play for

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      BigD 1 day ago
      Ahead of our under 20 match tomorrow, I thought I’d scout their team a little.

      First impressions, it’s a step up in quality, their team that played against and lost to the Ukraine are no Qatar. This will be a proper test of the quality we have

      6 players are from the USA premier League (MLS), 5 from the youth academies of German Bundesliga teams and 3 from the youth teams of “premium clubs” – Barcelona, Ajax and the first team squad of PSG

      Here is their season stats so far:

      GK Bradley Scott (FC Koln u20) 13 games, 19 goals against 3 clean sheets
      Sergio Dest (Ajax under 21) 17/1/0
      Chris Richards (Bayen u19) 20/1/1
      Abubakar Keita (Richmond Kickers US second division) 3/0/0
      Chris Gloster (Hannover II) 16/0/3
      Paxton Ponkyal (FC Dallas MLS) 9/2/0
      Brandon Servania (DC United MLS) 1/0/0
      K De La Fuente (Barcelona under 19) 9/1/2
      Timothy Weah (Paris St Germain) 2/1/0
      Alexis Mendez (Freiburg u19) 9/2/1
      Sebastian Soto (Hannover 96 u19) 24/717/6
      Matthew Real (Philadelphia MLS) 0/0/0

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Spot on BigD….

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    Edoman. 3 days ago
    They better watch the USA. America never give up. That’s all l will say at this time.


    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Edoman your experience says it all but wish the coaches thinks likewise but only countries with poor scouts will never know the American spirit rather they were all beware of Qatar instead of the two top dogs in the group see where we failed.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    Chairmanfemi 3 days ago
    I will surely be waiting here for you all when Nigeria plays a bigger team and wins. Before the boys played Qatar, most people here were like “Let see how Nigeria fares against Qatar that has the best football academy in the world”. Now the Flying Eagles proved you all wrong by mauling them 4-0 and the story has changed to “Qatar is a small team and that why they won”. What pains me most is most people analysing rubbish here didn’t watch the match, they only followed CSN coverage. Someone even said they lack flair! I bet that person didn’t see Tom Dele-Bashiru, Utin, Kingsley Micheal, Henry Offia and Effiom in that match. Abeg you people should just keep your negativity one side and analyze the truth not all this joke analysis am seeing here


    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Femi Run far when you see a naija team with an Igbo man of Aigbogun calibre.

    • Gabriel 5 years ago

      This team lacked flair and tactics. Even females with neutral nationality could not watch the game after seeing it for 10 minutes. They could easily tell that the team in green was very inferior to the team in white.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    Charles 1 day ago
    Those agbaya go struggle again

    ademola 1 day ago
    mr chales can you be civil stop insulting these people .They are representing us as a nation

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Ademola thinks Mr Charles hates Nigeria because of his anger. I have evening clients to attend tomorrow we will continue from here.

  • So big lessons in being tactical in comments. Patriotism and truth should go together,no matter how painful truth is.

  • John Paul 5 years ago

    These boys won’t go far. They sit on the ball for too long instead of passing they lose the ball. Are they fasting? I don’t know why people will go to world cup and be fasting. How can they run? They played like people who are impaired!
    They cannot go beyond preliminaries.

  • Ochuke 5 years ago

    I saw what I fear after watching the first match against Qatar, in the second game. We defeated Qatar though but they are more of a team than us. I don’t know if our bench have the technical ability to change a game. If your opponent is having a good team play call you boys to order change your style of play. Identify the key players cage them and enforce your style on them.

    We were actually second to the ball for the full 90mins. The transition from the midfield to attract is not seen,even players to cannot be found to pick lose ball. This team lacks flair and in my own opinion cannot go far.

    Manu gaba and ugbade should please help build a good u17 for us. To me as a Nigerian ,the u20 world cup is not a good one for us

  • On the March again m k o is our man o. If qatar can beat u s a and we play draw with Ukraine. Den we qualify. Or if team in other group dey play loss den we qualify third best team.
    A team without a psychologist. Going to a world cup. Dey think is only playing good game dat win marches .u study ur opponent mind every second. Ok .call dis noba on how to beat ur Ukraine 2 .0 on thurday. 00971556038406

  • Ara Nkita 5 years ago

    Chima E Samuels,its really improper and childish to bring tribe into every discourse.

    Critisize the coach as a person and leave Igbos out of it.

    Constant harping on the fact that he’s Igbo who likes money is making you look like a teenage bigot.

    You are more intelligent than that.

    Please stop the insult.

    Everybody around the world likes money and people even in your tribe take bribe.

    Show more maturity.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      My friend watch your word I’m a father to children so mind the language you use towards me. Aigbogun is a Benin name but i call him igbo man because of the pedigree of his Eyimba days. And mind you my name tell you that i am Igbo as well so if i link him to whatever it has nothing to do with tribalism. He thinks magomago will pay off everyday but nemesis is catching up already.

  • Steve 5 years ago

    Charles you are very stupid for bringing tribal sentiment into this lost, why bringing Igbo name in disrepute?..Is the coach an Igbo man ?..that name sounds Benin or Yoruba – Aigbogun .The team is woeful and nothing to write home about , the coach has nothing to offer to the team .The US abilities is more than what we did expected and is unfortunate the coach doesn’t know how to counter their approach !!.This team is a disgrace!!

    • daniel 5 years ago

      Our goverment knows three talented tribe in Nigeria regarding football but tribalism and bribe will not allow them,Igbo, Delta, Benin is more talented tribe in times of football in Nigeria. we have great talented real U20 players all over Nigeria but they might not have financial support or God father that will take them to the next level. I played football right from 3years old till 2016 but no support, likewise some of my guys all over East and Lagos. we were born natural footballer without going to Academy, we are street footballs from childhood, if you dont have anybody up there even in our local league, you will waste.so Nigeria and Africa should stop bribe so that we can rise another jj okocha and kanu, Jodge Weah

  • Greenturf 5 years ago

    The Nigerian team is not a disgrace.We are Nigeria and will come back.
    It’s not all over there’s still hope and more to play for.
    Meanwhile,what people don’t understand before blaming Aigbogun is,the US team has more maturity and experience than our boys.10 mls players and 11 players from top European team the likes of Hanover,Psg,Barcelona,Ajax to mention a few have their wards in that team.You can see by their display they are level ahead and are primed to win the tournament.This is the best US under 20 of all time.
    We protested against the invitation of Chukwueze but US invited Timothy Weah of Psg.We have the quality to match this US team but opted for players with less exposure to discover one or two players the same people who were clamouring for untested players are one slagging off the coach calling his players mediocres that’s ridiculous!we got what we wanted because the under 20 is a tournament to discover future super eagles not necessarily to win it so we should leave our already established players and go for greenhorns to discover more,this was what most forum members and Nigerians clamoured for so I’m surprise the same people are hoping for better performances than countries that choose to come with their best under 20’s.
    However,all hope is not lost.We perform better against European teams.Ukraine will not get the better of Nigeria I’m optimistic about that.We shall conquer and playing the likes of US at the group stages is good because our boys obviously have learnt a lot going forward.
    The competition is still at the early stages let us be patient I still have confidence in Aigbogun and his wards.

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      Pls pls pls @ turf….dont compare weah with Chukwueze…pls dont…? How many matches did weah play for psg first team this season…? Just 4 games….before he was farmed out on loan where he played a further 15 games. So he is still much of a fringe player and a green horn compared to Samu who is already a mainstay of his villareal team, campaigning even in the europa league and terrorizing defenses in the la liga raking up 26 laliga games, 9 europa and 3 cup games with a total of 10 goals and 4 assists in at the highest level in the process. clearly the u20WC is for people like weah (upstarts) not chukwueze.
      And apart from chukwueze, which other star player’s invitation did we kick against…? None. These excuses of the US team consisting of players playing in top clubs is a lame excuse IMHO….for heavens sakes they are still youth teamers in those clubs…same way we have out own team of europe based players and youth teamers too. And the last time I checked, even those who are playing hope are playing for clubs like Enyimba, pleateau utd, Akwa utd and other clubs campaigning in the NPFL just the same way the USA team has players from the MLS.
      So lets say the truth and state the facts as they are and that is that no1 these bunch are classless and very untalented (very unusual of a Nigerian team) and no 2, the coach has not done enough in terms of preparing his team technically and tactically.
      If we are complaining about the Americans having players playing in u20 and youth teams of European clubs and MLS, what shall we say about the Ukrainians who are already playing first team football in clubs like Dynamo, Shaktar and also in the la liga…? Not to talk of others we might meet later on, such as France, Portugal, Italy or Argentina.
      That the US team has more maturity is a very lame excuse. What maturity do you get playing in youth teams as against players like Utin, Okon, Mohammed you have played even in the CAF continental championships before now. or the Europe based players from clubs like Rosenborg, Sogndal, man city etc.
      Do you mean apart from Sam chukweze, we cannot get a bunch of better, skillful, intelligent and more talented players players and better coaching than what we have now….? Have we not had untested players featuring at the U20 world cup and coming up tops before…? Is is not one of the objectives of these youth tournaments to unravel the next generation of soccer stars..?
      Just like i’ve always opinined, my desire is to see players with enough quality make the step up from our youth teams and i pray this one wont be a wasted generation like of 2007 U17 team, as a result of money-for-hand-back-for-ground approach of the handlers of the team. As if that isn’t enough, we are being shoved in the face with old men masquerading as 20yrs. Can you see how real talented 20yrs olds outpaced them and ran rings around them yesterday…?
      They had better go and work harder….and the coach too should better start thinkig outside the box. His one directional game plan wont work, he needs to switch to plan B or C or D now if he has any, because from the AFCON till this point…its been plan A alla the way. And I’ve said it before now and I’l say it again, a more tactically astute team will make mincemeat of our team. The earlier the entire team pull their pants up…the better for them.

      • Dr. Drey, thanks for your post. Regardless of those who will say crucify them for saying the truth, we shall continue to cry out loud until people in position of authority in Nigeria, whether in sports, politics, or other sphere of life begin to do the righ thing. Truth is bitter but it must be said either way.

      • Greenturf 5 years ago

        You cannot compare the MLS with our local league neither can you compare players who plays for Barcelona,Psg to players who ply their trade in some obscure Scandinavian leagues.The gulf in class is enormous and that was what we saw yesterday.
        Not taking anything away from the Nigerian team they met a far superior team.But all hope is not lost I still believe in this team.
        Hopefully,like I said in my previous posts we shall get the points necessary against Ukraine to forge ahead.
        In the past we have excelled in competitions losing one group game we lost to Brazil at the group stages in Atalanta 1996 Olympics.
        It is normal for fans to call the head of players and coaches when their team loses but sing a new song when they win.
        We shall forget the US game quickly after the Ukraine’s game.
        I’m hoping so.

        • This is not a matter of calling for the head of the players and coach. It is about the mediocre display that was given by the players and coaches. I won’t even blame the players, it is NFF who gave us an inept Aigbogun as coach that I blame. Do you call kick and follow football. Is football played in the sky? Why would we resort to playing directionless football at Under 20 level for crying out loud. Did yo see any change from the performance of this team in African and now in Poland. There is simply zero change. That means, the team as a whole has learnt nothing from previous competitions.

          You know something is really wrong with the Flying Eagles when a foreign commentator says, “I put my dollar on this USA team to beat this Flying Eagles any day.” We are talking about a Flying Eagles that has pedigree in this competition.

          Have we become so poor that we can no longer hold our own against teams like USA in age grade football. No body is annoyed with the players as individual people, we are unhappy with the glaring mediocrity that we are being forced to endure.

          Be it Under 17, Under 20, Olympic team, or Super Eagles, Nigerians expect good football anytime these teams represent Nigeria in international competitions. If they play well and lose, trust me, Nigerians will acknowledge their effort and praise them.

      • Adisboy 5 years ago

        Dr Drey, I wanted to do a full write up but you have already said it all. What we saw yesterday was the best of this squad of players. This team is slightly better than the one at the U20 AFCON but still poor technically and tactically. We should, as nation focus on deliberate youth development polices which should focus on the type of individual players we want to produce. The current way locally, we are producing players who though are skilful and athletic, but lack basic intelligence and tactical awareness. This will not get us anywhere. England realised this and changed things for both men’s and women’s football and we can now clearly see the results. We have a serious problem with coaching as we are far behind. This is another key area we should focus on. These coaches are especially in the NPFL are just not it that’s why we are not winning the CAF Champions League anytime soon. Paul Aigbogun and co will not achieve anything with this team. I feel we have to write-off this tournament as I posted earlier we will not go beyond the quarters at the very maximum. We need to start again with the current crop of U17s and a based and select a coach that can identify and develop intelligent, tactically aware players, but i’m not holding my breath.

      • Gabriel 5 years ago

        You are right. Even the commentators on Fox Sports could tell that the Nigerian team were very unlikely to stage a comeback after the first goal. They were out-coached and outplayed. The USA reviewed the game against Qatar and based their tactics on that game.The players are simply not good enough for this level. There were so many poor decisions made.

    • Israel Akinlawon 5 years ago

      Thank you @Greenturf, you just spoke my mind. Most people in this forum have not been following U20 world cup for a long time. Every competition has tradition. In the history of U20 world cup, USA and Argentina have been raising very strong teams; but when it comes to U17 tournament, the tradition favours Nigeria (forget the issues of overage players – as those South Americans and Africans are greatest culprits). Again, Nigeria always finds it very easy against European oppositions. Mark my word, Nigeria will beat Ukraine and heads the group. Despite losing that game, I watched the USA game against Nigeria with relaxation, the boys were not too bad, it’s only the elementary mistakes they made that led to those goals, after all, set pieces have been the bane of African teams, including Nigeria. Remember, the 2005 set of Flying Eagles that finished as runners up qualified from their group with 4 points. The Atlanta 96 Olympic heroes, lost their second game against Brazil, only to qualify by a stroke of luck by beating Japan in the third gaime by 2-0 )(3 teams – Brazil, Nigeria and Japan finished with 6 points, Nigeria qualified with better goal difference, while Japan went home), yet those boys went ahead to win the tournament. The competition has just started. Up Nigeria!

  • Glory 5 years ago

    Admittedly the flying eagles played badly yesterday. They just didn’t turn up. I Kinda believe they got carried away by their 4:0 victory over Qatar n came into this game under rating the Americans who they might have been thinking were no match because they lost to Ukraine. But that been said, I still strongly believe in the team. Tom’s removal shouldn’t have happened. The defensive midfielder was not good enough n that created problems for both the defense n attacking players. Anyway now they hv their back against the wall, we only hope to see them rise up to d challenge.

    • Adisboy 5 years ago

      Glory, i like your optimism, but what you saw yesterday is the level of this team. Yes they could beat some teams at Qatar’s level but the quality of the USA team is way above them. 2 nil was a flattering scoreline. There’s still Senegal, Portugal, France, Argentina, Uruguay in this tournament. The best that this team can do is quarters and that is if they get a favourable draw but if they meet any of the ones i mentioned earlier, it’s curtains. You can’t give what you don’t have.

  • Are u guys trying to say that our u17 is the real u20 hahahaha akamakazi anyway apart from joking the team is not dat bad the problem is the they dont have any reasonable player up front infact the three upfront are not flying eagle players the look like senegambians. The only way we can go far is for the coach to depends more on tactics rather than skills. Greak team that won euro 2004 in portugal was a team with average players. All he need do is tacktic changes alow the midfield more time with the ball before extending to attack expecially when the attackers are not fast nor free.

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    I’m not surprised with the performance of Flying Eagles and the result of the match. Don’t blame the coach but blame the NFF. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • mutum 5 years ago

    lol..someony even said bashiru is the new dele Ali… hahahhahahah. d truth is,this squad no sabi anything. no tactical play,nothing special about the team. The coach self na another lagerback with naija blood.

  • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

    Having taken my time to read comments I have come to a conclusion that the major problem of the team is the coach. He used quota system in selection of players. He may have bragged that he will prove everyone wrong by not selecting more players from a certain ethnic group and still get results. If 24 kabiru will play well and win why not go with only kabiru. His selection is strange and the result that we are all seeing. The team has no midfield hence the pressure on our defence and uncordinated attacks. You cannot give what you don’t have. I can’t remember the last time I watched kick and follow in the modern football. We are going backwards instead of making meaniful progress. Those that feel the team will improve in this tournament are economical with the truth. Thank God we have even younger players in super eagle and under23.I doubt if any player in that team is less that 23yrs. I will go ahead and enjoy the tournament without necessarily hoping this old men will perform miracles.

  • Obozuwa 5 years ago

    The coach is definitely clueless, the has no coaching instinct he built the team on players capacity; these were evident in the players innability to create cutting-edge chances before we think of scoring. Coming to second half , he adviced his place to take long range shots to goal as the only means of scoring. 

  • Mr Hush 5 years ago

    I have always looked at youth competitions with eye of seeing who can climb up that ladder in the nearest future;(not necessarily to win the cup)..and I must say from this angle,this Nigerian team doesn’t cut it.atleast for now.they can come back and surprise me,but you can always see talent a mile a way..
    From the two matches so far,I have discovered;

    1. Coach Aigbogun doesn’t really have it.He is a bad manager . He is bad tactically.He is bad technically. 
    Firstly, his selection for this tournament was bad.
    I have never seen a Nigerian attack without flare,( and trust me,I thought the Chan squad that had an Okpotu was bad,but they are good compared to this attack).
    How did the coach arrive at the thought that these are the best attackers that Nigeria can provide?i really can’t buy that.
    Secondly, he doesn’t know how to place his players position wise. Yes,you might lack talent in your team but you get to cover that by been tactical.You build your formation according to the players available to you. These Nigerian team lacks an attack with speed ,skill and bite but have a good midfield that are ready to work ans move the ball( Okon,Makanjuola,Michael,Dele); then why don’t you play a formation based on midfield play( a 4-5-1 or 3-5-2 or a 3-6-1 would suffice). Better yet, you play a diamond formation with all the play coming in from the middle rather than the flanks he is trying to play.especially knowing fully well,your attack sucks,forgive my English!

    2. The players are really not good enough.
    Yes.sometimes a coach mess up by his selections. But a quality player can save the day ,at the same time save face. But I must say, we don’t really have that stand out quality in this team(atleast not like the past sets that have played for us in this level). Yes.some are good and can improve in time,but they are really not there at all. 
    This is a flying Eagles that have produced ohenhen, Mikel,Taiwo,Ambrose, ogbuke in the past. 
    You could see those are ones for that would definitely make it to the super Eagles in the not so near future.
    But truly how many can we say can really break into the supers Eagles right now? How many can make the bench?atleast in terms of their confidence and quality in the nearest future..
    Soto and Weah can make the US main team bench.
    Barco and Ferreira can make the Argentine bench.
    Naing and Lopy would make the Senegalese bench.
    Jota,Dalot,Anverea would add quality to the Portuguese.
    Same for pelegrini and their goalkeeper for the Italians.
    These are quality that would impress their nations.
    I can’t say the same for Nigeria .
    Yes ,Valentine,Success,Dele,Michael can improve; but that is where they are now. They need to know that u20 is the a stage where you show who really are . There have been World best by 20 before.
    They need to start showing their worth..

    Well, football can be crazy,they could go ahead to win the cup;but if it is won by the way they have been playing,it wouldn’t still impress me.
    I just hope they can prove me wrong and show they got quality,.
    For the coach,mum is the word….

  • Patrick Obioha 5 years ago

    The team is badly coached. Proud. Can’t move the ball together, taking shots from impossible angles, dribbling into 2-3 players when a simple pass takes out those same players. Taking 6-10 touches before making a pass that required one touch and by then the pass recipient is covered. It was Judy pedestrian. The coaching is ridiculous people. Please don’t blame the players.

  • The one way we can truly excel at under 20 level is for all our local clubs to be run effectively with the league not being disrupted by political issues. Those clubs should also be compelled to run under 15, under 17 and under 20 teams and the competitions be run alongside the regular league. For example if Ranger are playing Eyimba in the league, then their under 15, under 17 and under 20s also have a game the same weekend.

    Also as it is in Europe, when Nigeria plays Ghana in competition (world cup qualifier or AFCON qualifier) then the under 20 or under 17 also play at national level.

    Until we have a strategy to actually raise age group teams and players, we will be left with what we have now. Scrambling for players just before competition and hoping for the best.

    Regarding age cheating, the NFF are doing all they can to ensure that we stay within the rules. Double checking CAF registrations, the number of passports each player has ever had and even going as far as looking at immigration records, to see if they have travelled under a different passport/age. I also feel that if a player is found to be falsifying their documents, they along with their manager should be banned from all age group competitions and just go straight to senior matches.

    Going to the next match, a win is possible, a draw is likely and will see us advance. It is very possible that all three teams (Ukraine, Nigeria and USA qualify from our group. All is not lost, we are second in the table after two matches, yes on goal difference, but that is also a consideration. Goal difference counts.

    The USA will go all out to better our score against Qatar, what we need to do is to avoid defeat to Ukraine and beat them to be certain of second spot

  • onwajunior 5 years ago

    I’ve been thinking, why are we using 4-3-3 formation? As with the senior team, the formation works when we play African teams. In both games (against Qatar and USA), our midfield was empty and easy to pass. 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 should be the way to go. We already have good wing backs. With Okon and any two in the midfield, then anybody can play forward (they are all below average forwards any way, maybe apart from Makanjuola). At least the midfield would be strong.

  • Chairmanfemi 5 years ago

    @Chima, Thanks for the throwbacks but I still keep faith with the team. Hopefully they will get it right against Ukraine. Yes they can.
    As for broda @Oakfield, it crystal clear that guy does not watch match. CSN na hin TV. Cuz someone that watched that match knew that TOM DELE-BASHIRU was substituted very early in the game due to an INJURY. He therefore had no impact in the game at all. Abi you want him to be scoring from the bench??? So for we that want his inclusion in the Eagles team after AFCON, Yes! we are right cuz he’s surely one for the future

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      I’m sorry you are wrong. Dele was never injured…before, during or after the match. He was outright ineffective.
      Flying Eagles coach Paul Aigbogun has explained why Tom Dele-Bashiru was substituted in the 31st minute of his side’s 2-0 loss to United States in a FIFA U20 World Cup clash on Monday evening.

      It was a move that shocked everyone and there had been speculation that the Manchester City midfielder suffered an injury, but Aigbogun has cleared the air by revealing it was a tactical decision.

      ”We started Tom in an advanced midfield role almost like a second striker so we could stop the US from building up the games from the back,” Aigbogun told reporters post-match.

      ”However, they were much better and managed to bypass him and our early press a lot to get through.”

      Asked if it was the reason for Dele-Bashiru’s replacement, Aigbogun replied : ”Not at all. He was not doing anything particularly poor, we just wanted to combat the way our opponents were playing in a different manner.”

      The Flying Eagles will advance to the last sixteen in the event of a win against Ukraine in their final Group D match on Thursday, May 30.

      • onwajunior 5 years ago


      • Chairmanfemi 5 years ago

        Then you are also wrong! cuz you termed Dele-Bashiru as “ineffective” whereas the Coach said “he was not doing anything particularly poor”…so ???

        • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

          Now that you have turned this into an arguement of grammar…lets see if you are right…
          Ineffective (adjective) – Not having desired effect.
          “We started Tom in an advanced midfield role almost like a second striker so we could stop the US from building up the games from the back…..(underline SO WE COULD STOP THE US FROM BUILDING FROM THE BACK)…….However, they were much better and managed to bypass him and our early press a lot to get through…..(underline THEY WERE MUCH BETTER AND MANAGED TO BYPASS HIM A LOT TO GET THROUGH)…..
          Juxtapose that with “NOT HAVING DESIRED EFFECT” and see if they are synonymous.
          “He was not doing anything particularly poor”, but whatever he was doing wasn’t having the desired effect. Hence he was yanked off within half an hour. QED..!!!

  • _Storm in a teacup?-

    In the wake of the Flying Eagles not altogether unexpected 2:0 defeat in the hands of the Americans, there was much outrage and condemnation of the team, their performance and the suitability of coach Aigbohun for the job.

    Now that the dust is slowly settling, is there now a sense much of that was overreaction?

    Think about it: the Flying Eagles are ahead of the Americans in the table and are still in pole position to qualify from the group either as first, second or third.

    The same Qatar that they spanked silly were 30 minutes from recording a famous draw with the much fancied Ukrainian youths who only managed to scrape to a slender 1:0 win.

    Powerhouses Mexico and Honduras are all but out of the competition whilst fellow African youths – South Africa – are as good as eliminated having recorded no win or draw in their first 2 marches.

    So, what was all that drama for, my brothers and sisters?


    For what it’s worth, Aigbohun’s boys will qualify for the knock out stages – I am certain of that.

    But, yes, a lot of issues need to be addressed and they will be.

    But for now, sit back folks and enjoy the rollercoaster ride. Something decent can still come out of this underwhelming team.

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      Of course, we will qualify. Just like i’v always maintained, you would expect our physical and natural ‘comparative advantages’ to power us throught this difficulty level in youth competitions. It is at the knock-out stages we will get exposed….or does anyone think it is by accident that we have won 5 U17s and 0 U20s and still struggling to feature in the last 8 (out of 6 attempts) of the senior world cup..?!
      But my submission is…..in 3 years time, will we be able to get at least 3 members of this team to be starters in the SE…??? If we cant, the hundreds of millions of naira invested in the team from its birth till now would have been a waste.
      The current glut of talents we have in the SE today is as a result of the QUALITY of players our youth teams of the last 5 years have churned out for us. If we cant keep that production line going, then we might have a dearth of talents in the eagles by the year 2025.

    • It is concerning when we use the performance of other teams (teams that don’t match our pedigree at under 20 level) as a yardstick for evaluating the standard of this flying eagles. What is the pedigree of Honduras and South Africa at under 20 level. Agreed, Mexico can claim to have a say at the under 20 level but it can be argued that they can’t clean our clock at this level of FIFA competition. Must we lower our standard just to justify the below average performance this flying eagles have produced? So, at under 20 level Nigeria must be compared with the likes of Panama, Honduras, Saudi Arabia, etc. Just because we want to cut Aigbogun a slack.

      To compare flying eagles with teams that they have been historically better than at FIFA age grade competitions is to give excuse as to why we must continue to celebrate mediocrity. The international community know that this ideology has become synonymous with Nigeria, so, they don’t take us serious.

      Rather than compare flying eagles with the likes of Honduras, why don’t you compare Nigeria with the likes of Argentina, Portugal, Spain, France, Brazil – nations that alwyas have a say at the under 20 level. We need to start embracing excellence at all sphere of life rather than deferring to substandard performances, values, and ideologies.

  • In the spirit of being our brothers’ keeper, where are the following esteemed contributors?

    -Barlox (number one critic of Iheanacho)

    And others who have gone a bit quiet.

    We miss you all.

  • Afeez 5 years ago

    Come to think of it. Has any Nigerian male team ever won any game in that dark green jersey. That colour is definitely not Nigerian. Despite a not too impressive performance against the US, we were unlucky not to score a few goals as the goal post stood in the way. Luck always elude Nigeria in that fake green Nigerian jersey.Look at our matches against Croatia and Argentina at the 2018 World Cup. I think the Flying Eagles should discontinue wearing that dark jersey for a better luck to shine on them.

  • Here we go again! It is that famous ‘M’ word: Mediocrity.

    You would think that word was created for our sole use in this forum.

    Uncle Josh, ever heard of the saying :’you have to be in it to win it’?

    Defending champions England, finalists Spain and powerhouse Brazil are among notable teams conspicuous only by their absence in this tournament.

    Occupying second position in our group, at least the Flying Eagles are still in it.

    Portugal are currently in a more precarious state than Nigeria while the likes of France and Argentina only each have one win better than Nigeria.

    Dude, it’s not about comparison and/or excuses rather it’s about seeing the cup as half full rather than half empty.

    If looking at the brighter side of things comes across to you as hugging mediocrity, then that is a mediocrity badge that I will wear with pride.

    • @ Deo, you may not like the word mediocrity, but I am not afraid to call a sub-par, substandard, mediocre (much as you hate to see this word), shambolic, poor performance for what it is. England has won this cup, Spain won it in Nigeria, and you know the number of times Brazil has won this competition (almost all the time they played Nigeria). Nigeria has never won this cup and we are saying that with good preparation, objective selection of players, and eschewing of overage mentality, we could one day win this cup. Ghana has even won this cup and majority of the players that won this cup for Ghana almost took Ghana to the semi-final of the FIFA World Cup. What does that tell you? It simply shows that when you do the right thing and decide to use real young and very good players in your under 17 and under 20s you are bound to produce a national team that is capable of winning the World Cup

      Have you asked yourself why we won gold in Atlanta 1996 Olympic football? Majority of those players rose through the ranks. Kanu Nwnakwo and Wilson Oruma, Celestine Babayaro, Emmanuel Babayaro, and Mobi Okparakwu were from Japan 1993 under 17 squad. Victor Ikpeba was from Scotland 1989 squad. Teslim Fatusi and Dosu Joseph also passed through the age grade teams (I can’t say which exact one now). The likes of Okocha, Amuneke, and Taribo West also played for the under 20 or under 23 before the Atlanta 1996 Olympics. These players (with the exception of those who had injuries or quit football) served Nigeria for more than 10 years and among them we produced African footballers of the year (3 of them for than matter!). You now see what objectivity, excellence, and fairness do or produce.

      To you, the end should always justify the means, whether by hook or by crook. If we take overage and below average players to FIFA tournaments and we manage to win one or two matches (by the way overage players have never really served us well in FIFA competitions), that is always going to be okay by you.

      Don’t you see how disingenuous you can be. You claim that the difference between Nigeria and the likes of Argentina and France in this competition is just one win. But you fail to point out that the difference between Nigeria and the likes of Argentina and France is 3 solid points. This to me is hypocritical of you. Nigeria currently has 3 points but Argentina and France have 6 points and they have already qualified for the next round. But you are currently engaging in permutations on how the team you would have us accept as good would qualify for the next round.

      We have all seen what this team can produce and I can only say good luck to them in their next match or matches. I have also laid bare my opinion about this team and their coach. So, I am going to rest my case.

      • To me the end justifies the means. Like you actually know me.

        You really believe that you have written a book of wisdom above.

        I think it’s best we just keep out of each others way.

        Thank you very much indeed.

      • Disingenuous, hypocritical. Are those the limts of your vocabulary acumen?

        Come on, Professor of Under 20 Nigeria football Mediocrity.

        Lets have more grammar.

  • Lord AMO 5 years ago

    I hope we understand that the aim of these youth tournaments is not necessarily to win it but to identify players and develop our playing style. Can you say any of that is happening with this squad? Who cares if we qualify to the next round if this is the rubbish playing style we keep using? There is a rot in our system and now the stench is coming to the surface for all to see ad smell

  • Josh, there has to be something else fuelling these your personal attacks on me but whatever it is, I suggest you take time out to deal with it and deal with whatever is bothering you.

    When I need a lesson in Nigeria’s football history in Under-20, I will ask for it and I know where to go.

    All you wrote above is wholly out of context of my original piece and you delved into areas that I think has more to do with some previous exchanges between you and I.

    Listen, you do not have to endorse my point of view neither do I have to endorse yours.

    You made reference to Kanu and many of whom were accused of age cheating when they were playing under 17 football. What does that make you. And you possibly think I will take football history lessons from you of all people.

    If you think the under 20 players are mediocre and over-aged, mate, that is your problem – DEAL WITH IT!

    Do not visit your problems on me and do not visit the problems and ills of Nigerian society on me.

    If you don’t like what I write or my perspective on things, I politely ask you to disregard my posts from now henceforth.

    Your views are your views and mine are mine.

    I actually took a strong and personal disliking to how you depicted me in your post.

    In all, I couldn’t give a rat’s behind what you think about my views. Like I said, if they bother you that much, then do not reply to my post ever again with your Mediocrity gabbage.

    Josh, please do not reply my post ever again.

  • My comments or posts are not personal attacks against you. Most times I put up a general post and when I feel any forum member is not being objective I try to respond to them. I believe this platform is an avenue for us to enlighten ourselves and point the way forward for those in positions of authority so that they can learn from their mistakes and do what is right.

    But when some people come here and twist facts or try to be economical with the truth, then, there is a need to correct them. Read your response to my reply again and read my reply to you. When I say “disingenuous” and “hypocritical”, I am only trying to show you that, you have not been factual with the way you have portrayed the current positions of France and Argentina relative to the current position of Nigeria in the under 20 world cup. If you feel offended by my use of those two words, I apologize and say, I am sorry. Make you no vex.

    In all my posts in this forum, I have try to produce facts to back up whatever position I take on any issue because I believe facts and statistics always make your argument stronger and very persuasive. I may not be 100% correct with the facts I produce, but one thing you cannot deny is that they are true and can’t be argued against. We are here to educate ourselves and not to fight one another. That is what makes the forum an enjoyable one. I hope this settles any grievance you may have.

    We all want the best for all Nigeria’s teams. That is why we criticize when there is a need for it. If a team or even this flying eagles performs better, I will also come here and acknowledge their performance and praise them. But we should not be seen to be supporting what is wrong with our national teams when it is very glaring.

    Thanks you.

    • What a load of rubbish! I have never read so much trash in all my life.

      Please think twice before you respond to my posts in future, if you have to respond at all.

      One man’s idea of objectivity is another man’s load of bullsh*t.

      I don’t even know why I responding. I have passed my message before.

      I will keep away from you and your twisted Mediocrity narrative. Just stay the hell of my too.

      I really don’t want trouble.

  • I have already put an end to this disagreement by apologizing to you. If you feel it is now time to go on with the insults, you can continue with the insults. I have no problem with that. This is an open forum and any member can choose which side they want to belong on any given topic. I will always come here to read comments and post comments when necessary. The fact that members can have differing views on any particular topic is what makes the forum enjoyable and I will always appreciate it.Thank you.

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