President Buhari Hails Super Eagles’ Inspiring Start At AFCON 2021

President Buhari Hails Super Eagles’ Inspiring Start At AFCON 2021

Nigeria President, General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) has praised the Super Eagles for starting their Cameroon 2021 Africa Cup of Nations campaign with a heartwarming win against seven-time champions, the Pharaohs of Egypt, at the Roumde Adjia Stadium, Garoua on Tuesday.

“President Muhammadu Buhari commends the Super Eagles of Nigeria for an impressive start at the ongoing 33rd Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Cameroon, defeating a formidable opponent, Egypt 1-0, in their group stage encounter,” reads a press statement signed by President Buhari’s Special Adviser Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, made available to journalists on Wednesday.

“The President strongly believes, like millions of football-loving Nigerians, that the spectacular outing in Garoua, Cameroon is a foretaste of what to expect from the dedicated team as they square up against other opponents in the tournament.

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“The President urges the Augustine Eguavoen-led team and the coaching staff to keep their eyes on the ball, remain good ambassadors on and off the field, and give loyal fans and all Nigerians more exciting moments to celebrate.

“President Buhari assures the team of his unflinching support as they soar like an eagle to write another chapter in the annals of Nigeria’s rich football history.”

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  • Four four two 2 years ago

    We need a coach better than Eguavon and with the right mentality to take over from Evaguavon if we must hire or else Egu should continue. It doesn’t matter WHR he comes from ; Black or white. All we need is a coach with the Nigerian Mentality and never say die attitude towards winning. Not some one like Rohr ..he is the worse Coach ever hired by Nigeria in terms of philosophy and mentality. I remember how in Algeria 1990 Professionals refuse to come play for S.E and that promted Westerhof to good round the streets of Nigeria and picked boys who played to the finals and won silver even though they lost 5;0 in the first game. From the way Rohr talks he will never have achieved such feat with home base players. How about Kechi who took a team with 90% debutants to AFCON and won it , after qualifying Togo to the world cup with a team composed mainly of home base players. I was a fan of Rohr until yesterday when he made that comment before the match between SE and Egpyt. He said ‘ Nigeria don’t have stars playing in Bayern , Mancity, Liverpool and Barcelona and therefore cannot compete with Egypt, Algeria, Senegal et all. For goodness sake how can a Coach have such mentality. He stated further that the S.E class of 2000 had 3 former African footballers of the year compared to The present .The stupid man forgot that S.E made those players and not the other way round. Who was Finidi when Westerhof brought him into SE . Who was Amunike when Westerhof brought him to S.E. who were Omokachi, Okocha, Taribo when they came to SE..so you see Those players did not expose or made S.E rather S.E made them ..A good Coach is one who is adept at spoting good talents and brings them into his team , then turn them into world class. E.g Alex Fugerson, Pep Guella, Mancini , Anceloti, Morinho and the ilks..Rohr is the biggest error and backward steps ever taken by the NFF because of his mentality


  • Ralph 2 years ago

    When I look at the players we have on the field and the ones on the bench like EJUKA (correct spelling? ) NWAKALI, ONYEKURU, NWOBI, MUSA, SHEHU, and those ones who didn’t make the team OSINMEH and other players we have abroad that are yet to play for the team, mennnn, we have to be doing better honestly, we have too many good players around and if things are do e rightly we won’t be celebrating for beating teams like Egypt by a goal, people can say Egypt is 7vtimes champion, great , but Salah is the only notable player they have, Egypt from the onset are not country that exploit the European football like Nigeria, they pride in their national league and they are always manage to do great things because they do things right, we need to do the same. Nigeria team from 1990 until Atlanta 96 are not super stars, only finidi George plays in a popular club back then which is Ajax because they always play in the UCL sober watch them all the time but others? NO we only watch jay jay highlight in Frankfurt, other plays in Belgium Jupiter, MLS etc but that team was a killer squad, they are up to any European team, remember we are in the 5th position on FIFA ranking, my point is you don’t have to have players playing in Ac Milan, Madrid, Barca, Chelsea etc to make a good team, it is doing the right thing and putting the right people in the right place. With the crops of young players we have, we should be doing better.

    • Kenneth 2 years ago

      No doubt you have a little sense of history. May be you didn’t remember that it is the new Nigeria head coach, Eguavoen that actually captained the 1994 boys.

      • Bernard Ekele 2 years ago

        @Kenneth, you mean it was during Austin Eguavoen captainship that the Super Eagles rose to number 5 on FIFA ranking?

    • Jide Dola 2 years ago

      The Egyptian team has always been like this, I may not know about the early days of their victories in nations cup but I could remember their last 3 trophies the team was still made up of local players when they won 3 consecutive times with sheata. Even Germany may not be able to beat them more than 1-0, we remember what happened to almighty france against lowly Senegal in 2002. Mind you the celebration is not about score line, is more about how SE dominated everywhere which shows that every department is working fine. For example we have been looking else where for a number 10 not knowing that we have someone in the team already that can function in that position. Am seeing a lot of discovery in this team.

      • Kenneth 2 years ago

        @Jide Dola,

        Eguavoen was also captained the Super Eagles when we won the nation’s cup in 1994. Infact, it is the same thing we are sayiny and I must say you are very right and that is even the more reason why our Football Federation has to engage our domestic coaches to improve on the football philosophy that coach Eguavoen has started despite given only 16 days to the match against Egypt, that is not too much, abi? The result is already there. Eguavoen has so much interest in our domestic league, that he has proved time without number. NFF, let’s give our domestic coaches some respect and regard.

        Good luck Super Eagles as we look up to our next match.

    • Detruth 2 years ago

      I was not in support of him being let go just weeks to AFCN but now it seem to be the right decision.

      Rhor was being hypocritical with that comment about where the guys play their club football. Playing in Real Madrid doesn’t make you the best player just as playing for Wigan does not make you the worst player either. Who says you will never make a move from Wigan to Barcelona?

      What I took from that is that he had no belief in the boys he was working with so there’s no point pretending he was dedicated and love working with the gorup then turn around and say we should not pretend the Eagles are better than Egypt just because he’s no longer in charge. Would he have said that if he wasn’t releived from his former position? I doubt that.

      That goes to show he isn’t the right man for the job.

  • Enelaimhen Jacob Uwagbe 2 years ago

    Well, I really like the commendation from our President who is also the no1 Sports personality in the country. And being a local content advocate himself, it remains to be seen how the commendation would come to play as regards. Let us see this way, as we await our next match against Sudan, let’s wish our S.E of Nigeria good luck.

  • Gabriel Bassey 2 years ago

    Thank you Mr. Presido. Please try and create jobs because I miss the Eguavoen magic to job hunt. And even when I decided to look at the YouTube, I didn’t see our players singing the national anthem which they normally do before any match. Or has it been edited?

    • They did even I was baffled that the oyinbos among them sing along.

  • Chinenye 2 years ago

    Mr socalled president were you aware nepa seazed the light the day Nigeria played Egypt? If not for modernisation some of us wouldn’t have watch the match. I had to watch with my laptop burning data and guess what? The battery ran down and I switched over to my phone. Now what about people in the rural communities? Don’t they deserve to watch supper eagle’s matches?

    This is someone whose failed administrations promised 247 power supply

    I wish y’all corrupt politicians can shut the hell up. Super Eagles made the Nigerian masses happy, not you politicians

    • Klistivivi 2 years ago

      Electricity supply in Nigeria is now privatized. It’s supply does not come from the FG but the separate individual companies supplying them. So it seems a bit wrong to blame the president for power outage in your area.

      • Chinenye 2 years ago

        Who controls the private company? Why did minister of power promised us 247 power supply if they still do not have a say in power. Yea it’s been privatised but there’s still national electricity regulations and control body whose function is to ensure not power supply but prevention of exuberance fees.

        Nigeria is the only control where electricity tarrif and cable subscriptions went up in the middle pandemic last year instead reducing like in other countries where there are reasonable leaders

        And we have a so called Mr intergrity who watches everything and keep mute

  • Detruth 2 years ago

    It’s good to recognize the players for doing what, they are supposed to, what we asked of them and doing it well. You are hailing the players for a job well done, which all of us are also doing, however the question is can any Nigerian honestly say you are doing a good job yourself Mr. Buhari?

    Do you really know or understand what your job description is?
    I saw the interview where you informed all Nigerians that the solution to all our problems is, “we have to go back to the land” and you think you are normal.

    It’s a shame that we picked a clueless dombo out of all the millions of smart Nigerians to lead us.

    For people who still support Buhari, I will say it’s absurd that you let sentiment becloud your ability to reason because no one can honestly say this man is the best qualified Muslim, the best qualified northerner or the best qualified Nigerian to lead the country because we all know he is not and that fact is clear to every Nigerian, irrespective of tribe, ethnicity or Region.

    This man sent Nigeria and Nigerians back to the time before slavery and colonization.

  • @Detruth nice talk, yes of course you’re correct i really support you analysis good one.

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