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Qatar 2002:’We’ll Give Everything Against Ghana To Qualify’ —Uruguay Coach Vows

Qatar 2002:’We’ll Give Everything Against Ghana To Qualify’  —Uruguay Coach Vows

Uruguay head coach Diego Alonso has vowed his team will give everything in their decisive Group H match against Ghana on Friday.

Uruguay face Ghana in a grudge match which will decide if they will remain in Qatar.

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Recall a deliberate handball by Luis Suarez denied Ghana a stoppage time goal in the quarter-finals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Asamoah Gyan had the chance to help Ghana become the first African team to qualify for the semi-finals at the World Cup only to see his effort hit the bar.

Uruguay went on to advance into the semis after edging Ghana on penalties.

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Both teams will now rekindle their rivalry when they clash on Friday, with Uruguay needing a win to stand a chance of qualifying into the knockout round.

In Monday’s clash with Portugal, a brace from Bruno Fernandes earned Portugal a 2-0 win and qualification into the round of 16.

Uruguay are at the bottom of Group H but could still qualify if they beat Ghana on Friday and Portugal win or draw against South Korea.

And Alonso has vowed his team will give everything against the Black Stars to qualify.

“We are going to give everything in the next game to qualify,” he was quoted on ghanasoccernet.com.

Meanwhile, the Black Stars got their first win of the tournament after a hard fought 3-2 win against South Korea.

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  • MONKEY POST 2 months ago

    That means there would be WAR!!!

  • That is the spirit, coach! Help us banish Yaw, Fetch, their ringleader Selfie and all Ghanaian sympathisers into oblivion!

    Friday will be the mother of all Wotowoto days! Uruguay will tear Ghana into smithereens and we honourable members of the AGC (Anti Ghana Coalition) will hold our party once and for all.

    Honourable members include:

    Head of Party: deo
    Party Chairman: Pompei
    Party Secretary: Chima E Samuels
    Secretary: Elder Ugo
    Treasurer: Oakfield

    And numerous party members like DCardinal and many other desirables.

    We hereby denounce members of the SES (Super Eagles Sellouts) who are shamelessly supporting a team that dumped them out of world cup qualification.

    We resent such act of treachery!

    These undesirables include:

    – Josh
    – Greenturf
    – Dr Drey
    – Sunny B
    – Ayphillythegreat
    – Tristan
    – Tancosports
    – Ndubest
    – Rodman

    And many other undesirables.

    For these guys and many others, we will not be renewing your Super Eagles Supporters membership card next year. Go and continue supporting your Ghana!

    For honourable distinguished members of the AGC, shout with me:

    Friday Wotowoto day!
    Friday Wotowoto day!
    Friday Wotowoto day!

    • Top it 2 months ago

      Hahahahahaha!!! I can’t stop laughing. You will crash your TV screen on Friday.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      Hahahaha….. Ghana didn’t dump us out of the World cup. Some regressive lifetime failures did. They are the ones I have an ace tox grind with….not this innocent Ghanaian team.

      Rohr may be all the despicable names they feel like calling him, but he was far more competent than their table soccer technical director and his 9 dullards, and this confused portugese who is earning as much as twice yet delivering results twice as worse than his.

      • Mercy 2 months ago

        You mean mourinho 2.0 lol.
        Before the end of his contract, SE would’ve been outside top 100 on fifa ranking.

        • Taaa. My Mou is more experienced, more tilted to winning than that his country man. Them no be mates oh

      • pompei 2 months ago


    • pompei 2 months ago

      Hahahahaha, I just dey see this! Nice wan!
      The match go be fight to finish.
      Ghana benefited greatly from the fact that Kudus has been relatively unknown. But with his performance in the first 2 world cup games, everybody now knows him, including their next opponent Uruguay. So the surprise element is gone. Expect Uruguay to work on strategies to keep Kudus quiet.
      Uruguay, like most South American teams, are masters in the dark arts. Diving, faking injuries, doing things to annoy the opponent in hopes of getting them sent off. They will try all these things.
      Ghana have done well so far. But they may have to collect all the WOTOWOTO ARREARS against Uruguay on Friday!

      • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

        Becareful what u wish for bro lol

        We haven’t released yet our  most DANGEROUS SECRET WEAPON? 

        KAMALDEEN SULEIMANN, the youngest and the most expensive Ghanaian player ever!!

        We released this weapon on Friday!!

        Ghana 4. 

        Uruguay 2

    • tancosport 2 months ago

      lol. Ghana didn’t stop us from qualifying for the ongoing WC in Qatar, we did. Therefore, Ghana will have my Genuine support anyday anytime they are playing at the wold cup because they are representing me, you and the entire continent of Africa.

      I’m die hard super eagles fan, but at this time, my support has been shifted to the Black Stars of Ghana because they are representing me in the mundial.

  • Ghana will qualify as 2nd runner up to Portugal in the group. The best Uruguay will get from a very determined Ghana side is a draw and Ghana will qualify for the knock out stage.

    I am a Nigerian but impressed with the spirit, zeal and determination of Black Stars- something lacking by SE of Nigeria since 2018 Russia WC- and I see them going far in

  • Dcardinal 2 months ago

    Even if Ghana manage to qualify, there is brazil waiting..so e better u go home respectfully or be disgraced..

  • Razak 2 months ago

    Ghana didn’t dump Nigeria out of the world cup you shot your selves in the foot, I thought that Nigeria might learn from this experience unfortunately I was wrong. I have no more words to say.
    Good bye Nigeria and stop living on past glory.

  • Top it 2 months ago

    Maybe the word dump is unpleasant. Let say Ghana qualified ahead of Nigeria… I hope this will make you guys have a soothing night

  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    Deo, bro  I still got love for u, Ghana is not the problem bro, the leadership in that country would never allow Nigeria to attain is greatness. Uruguay will fall, the match would be 2 1 In favor of Ghana. I’m willing to bet anyone here Uruguay is not beating Ghana, my black stars are highly motivated very determined, those boys are ready to die. They came to this war with Bazooka unlike Nigeria who goes to war with a broom and goat meat.

  • Mercy 2 months ago

    You mean mourinho 2.0 lol.
    Before the end of his contract, SE would’ve been outside top 100 on fifa ranking.

  • While it would be nice to see another West African in the knock out, Uruguay is a far more technically gifted opposition than South Korea.
    Their theatrics are unparalleled. I still sense the ghana squad has not jelled well.

    Tournies like the world cup is unsparing for nations ill prepared.

    Belgium is a case in point. Old age. Ghana, limited blending

  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    Ok pls I refuse to fight you we’re band of brothers, remember we be Omoluwabi. But Ghana beating Uruguay lol 

  • Footballfanatic 2 months ago

    Ghana need a draw to qualify as I don’t see South Korea beating Portugal and if they do they will still have four points .

  • pompei 2 months ago

    Even if Ghana manage to squeeze past Uruguay, as Decardinal mentioned, WOTOWOTO is waiting for them, courtesy of Brazil. Let me borrow the Queen’s English of our lovely wazza dazzler of a sports minister:
    Brazil will beat the sh#@ out of them!
    It will be Brazil of South America vs the so-called Brazil of Africa. Na who be the real Brazil?
    But first, the Bankus need to navigate past Suarez and company on Friday. Suarez is ready to bite his way into the second round. Ghana, watch out!!!

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      I already watched the match in the spirit 

      Ghana 4 

      Uruguay 2

      Mark todays date down 

      Ghana is winning this worldcup 

      Mark this down too!! 

      • Honestly 2 months ago

        Congratulations in advance. I see this Ghana team going all the way to the semis. I doubted them before the tournament but have since changed my mind after their two matches. Go ahead, Ghana.

  • There’s this rodent called “RAT” our people normally use in the local saying to Convey message while trying to unveil their real problem in life.

    According to them, Rat said:


    Anybody that hate Ghana just because they stopped Nigeria from the Qatar WC is still a child that doesn’t know his real problem in life.

    During the qualifiers, Ghana was a very weak team that ROHR would’ve beaten right there in Ghana before finishing things up in Nigeria,
    But our enemy says no,…. Why then should I hate Ghana when I know where the main problem lies?

    Ghana only do us and entire Africa a bit of favor by saving us from the shame and harassments we would have received in Qatar under the guidance of THEIR 9 WISE BUT NAIVE AND IGNORANT MEN.


    Our case would have been worst than that of Cameroun & Tunisia.

    Ghana have done what the super pigeon wouldn’t have done in Qatar under their 9 wise but ignorant coaching crew.

    From all indication, barring lost of focus, Ghana just like Senegal would surely make it to the round of 16.

    Though it will need more than a miracle to overcome the samba boys of Brazil which they’ll likely meet if they finish as runner’s up, and we all know Portugal & Brazil in their last group matches will do everything possible to avoid each other in the knockout stage.

    Yet still, they’ve done better than what our boys under eguaveon and his 9 wise ignorant coaching crew would’ve offered in Qatar.

    They really try…. At least we’re all proud of Africa in this tournament.

    Senegal VS England….

    Ghana VS Brazil (very likely)



    *”***SHALOM AFRICA***”*

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

    Hahaha! Deo you mentioned my name in absentia as part of people supporting Ghana Lmao!! I’m only supporting our African brothers. Senegal was the African team I believe will go a step further and they didn’t disappoint me even without their talismanic Mane. Senegal proved that you don’t rely on just one player to achieve success in football or soccer. 

    I never expected Ghana to make it out of this group but so far they’ve done well and I can only wish them all the best against Uruguay. You can’t expect me to put Uruguay over Ghana even though the Celestes are a superior opponent. Just look at the way the Ghanaians are playing as if their lives depends on it. They are willing to spill blood for their country. That’s the spirit of players who have the love of their nation  at heat. 

    Ghana were knocked out at the group stage of the AFCON they saw it as a failure and quickly make amends to raise a solid team that can face our star studded lazy players. Nigeria got knocked out in the round of 16 at the AFCON which was a monumental failure but we didn’t see it that way and we put the hopes of over 200 million people in the hands of Eguavoen a perennial failure and his 9 cohorts Lmao!! What do you expect?? 

    I won’t even blame the coaches because they were given the job by a clueless sports minister and a shrimp head Pinick who is easily manipulated. What about the players?? Our players were playing as if they’re doing Nigeria a favor. For me we need to completely overhaul this team we’re hyping every time. Maybe only Osimhen Chukwueze Iwobi and Ndidi will still be relevant by 2026.

    We need to monitor real talents from the FlyingEagles, GoldenEaglets and the OlympicsEagles if we want to climb back to the pinnacle of African and world football. For now Senegal is the team to beat in Africa and we’re not better than this Ghana team even if they lose to Uruguay. Morocco is even like 20 steps ahead of us at the moment. Capish all the African representatives are better than the SuperEagles at the moment unless we want to keep deceiving ourselves that we have world class players. 

    Morocco have players from Chelsea Bayern PSG Seville and the likes. Oga our problem is beyond wishing bad for others to fail when we are the architects of our own failures. 

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

      Even Qatar that lost all their matches at the WorldCup is better than this SuperEagles at the moment. I just hope Peseiro will be bold enough to start afresh with new and determined players. Players who will put their lives on the line like Captain America Pulisic did today. We cherish the SuperEagles of the 90s till date because they played with gusto and panache. We need those types of players and it’s becoming embarrassing that it’s taking us forever. 

      • @Ayphillydegreat, hitting all the points without rancor.
        Of what good is it to hate or disparage someone because they did the right things and succeeded?
        The wise thing would be to identify the reason or reasons for the failure, correct them and do better the next time.
        Honestly, Nigeria and this forum needs people that think like Ayphillydegreat.
        We need to be honest with ourselves.

    • Fetch 2 months ago

      Who are the stars in this Nigerian team? Stop deceiving yourselves

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

        We still have Osimhen Chukwueze Ndid and Iwobi. These are stars in their own right. They’re just bunch of lazy players who thinks they’re doing Nigeria a favor when called upon. We just need more competitions in the team. You guys we’re lucky that Eguavoen was the coach in the playoffs. 

  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    Ay, u know say I go talk my own, pls remove Ndidi from that list, see how McKinney, Adams and Musah Dey run USA midfield, see what McKinney is doing pls ndidi is not progressing, we only ve two or three solid players the rest are pretenders. For us to compete with top soccer nations again we need to inject fresh, young determined players into the team. Our next coach should try Aina Ebuehi Nwobi as our new midfield combo. 

    • Ah, no na. Lol. Ndidi is yet to reach his peak. He is only 25 years old, man. Now, that is Nigeria’s problem. Old men playing against youth because they are “young”. Most likely, Ndidi and co will like to be involved in 2026 qualifiers. Eagles are doomed for the foreseeable future…

      Ghana has 5bn to further improve their football. Ours is blank as the West African neighbors are not like us when billions come to invest in their national teams.

      I smell CAF may introduce regional qualifiers for subsequent WC as 9 teams are needed from Africa subsequently. With 3 from the West already buoyant we might have to play catch up

      • tancosport 2 months ago

        There’s NO way caf will introduce regional stuffs for world cup qualifiers because they want southern and eastern Africa teams to qualify. World Cup is for Africa Strong teams, that’s why only West Africa and North Africa teams are the ones representing Africa are the world cup since 1994 when Nigeria become the first team from West Africa to play at the world cup.

    • @Sunnyb you guys are Nigeria’s problem This is the Problem we have you people always attack our key players you say Ndidi is old right? How old is Casimiero???????.. Ndidi and Iheanacho (especially) problem is only 1 Comfort Zone and they do not want to test themselves. How many injuries have Ndidi undergone in the last season and a half??????????????.. instead of you to see this WC layoff as a positive for his career you are attacking one of our strongest Midfielders?. LOOOOL!! Nigeria in a Nutshell after much you people will call for the team to be disbanded and replaced with Homebase. @Sunnyb do yourself a favour look at Ghana and tell me what they are doing right. infact I will tell you. THEY ARE TAPPING IN TO THGIER RESOURCES BETTER THAN NIGERIA IS. THEY DO NOT HAVE EGO PROBLEMS LIKE NIGERIA THEY WILL NOT COME OUT IN PUBLIC LIKE AMAJU PINNICK DID TO ATTACK A PLAYER OF THE QUALITY LIKE BUKAYO SAKA (IF HE WAS GHANAIAN) INFACT THEY WILL PAINT A PICTURE OF HOW HE CAN HELP THEIR CAUSE AND DO EVERYTHING TO SECURE HIM AND ONLY ANNOUNCE TO THE MEDIA WHEN THE DEAL IS SOMEWHAT THROUGH… THEY REALISE THAT THIER BEST TALENT IS GHANAIN EXPORTS TO EUROPE TOP 5 LEAGUES MIXED WITH THIER DUAL NATIONAL PLAYERS. IF EX PLAYERS WHO’S LEGS ARE GONE WANT TO COME BACK BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY DID 10 YEARS AGO THE COACH WILL BLOCK THAT AND ONLY INVITE ON MERIT. THEIR EX INTERNATIONALS DO NOT COME OUT AND ATTCK THE COACH AND FORCE HOME BASE GPL LEAGUE PLAYERS DOWN THE COACH’S THROAT NIETHER DO THIER GFA BOSSESS.


      • “after much you people will call for the team to be disbanded and replaced with Homebase”

        How do you expect us to get anywhere?