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Qatar 2022:’ Germany Lacked Defensive Quality’ —Ex-Super Eagles Coach, Rohr

Qatar 2022:’ Germany Lacked Defensive Quality’  —Ex-Super Eagles Coach, Rohr

Former Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr says Germany’s lack of defensive quality contributed to their ouster in the group of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Just like the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Germany crashed out in the group stage of this year’s tournament.

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Despite being drawn with Spain, Japan and Costa Rica, the four-time champions failed to pick one of the two round of 16 tickets.

Hansi Flick’s men defeated Costa Rica 4-2 in their final group game, but it was not enough as Japan edged Spain 2-1 to top the group.

And Rohr, who was sacked as Super Eagles coach in January this year, lamented his country’s poor defensive performance in Qatar.

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“We lacked defensive quality,” Rohr told renowned journalist Osasu Obayiuwana. “This is strange for Germany. We are out in the first round at consecutive tournaments. This is not acceptable.

“We have great forwards like Jamal Musiala and Gnabry, but where are the defenders, that Germany was known for before? We don’t seem to have the quality.

“I spoke with the Hansi Flick whilst in Qatar. He’s a good friend of mine. We both agree that the defensive quality was missing… Since he is new in the job, I think he will survive. As for Oliver Bierhoff the German team manager? I am not so sure.”

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  • Hope you get that prestigious job soon.
    Your adoring fans will go nuts.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      Can same be said of your lazy ass No-NFF-No-Jobs local guadiolas….???

  • Ikeben 2 months ago

    Well said coach Rohr, we know what you can do. Rohr gave us one one of the strongest defence of all time. The oyibo wall that made us qualify with ease from a very tough group for 2018 world cup. Nigeria has always had quality attackers but after the 90’s we struggled defensively with likes of calamity Yobo and Shittu and Ambrose and co. But Rohr stabilized the defence with the Oyibo wall and unknown players like Shehu, and Collins were great on the wings. His conservative approach was greatly criticized but yet brought results.
    He knew what he was doing but was heavily attacked. He gave us bronze and we said it was nothing.

    After achieving his first target with ease, instead of improving his contract we worsened it, started paying him in Naira, changed his backroom staffs and started owing him terribly. He complained about the home ground stadiums, we told him to shut up. And continued to criticize him at every slip. Slips that had no effect in our qualifications yet he was nailed and crusified.

    Those that turn blind eyes to his achievements and waiting for him to get a job first before they can apprise him. Yet forgetting that he was never desperate for money that was why he endured Nigerian job even without pay. His many hotels are paying his bills. And besides foolish NFF are still paying him in 2022 for terminating his contract prematurely. And why will a man almost 70 years being rushing for a new job. He has played and coached at the highest level so who does he want to convince.

    You cannot help, who is not willing to accept your help. Move on coach, those that know what you did still respect you. Super Eagles defeated Egypt for the first time under your watch. We held Brazil’s first team to a draw. Defeated Argentina’s first team in a friendly match only to fall for them narrowly few minutes to end of the world cup match.

    Nigeria football we rise again I believe in future but we have to once again go through the bottom cycle of taking wrong decisions. I hope we will have administrators that we learn to take wise and decisions for the good of our football.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      Wonderful write up filled with wisdom there Ikeben. May you continue to walk and never stumble.

      I was shocked when one of the loudmouths who used to call Rohr a defensive coach for playing 2 anchormen in the midfield, was yelling in agony requesting Peserio to start doing the same after that flawless molestation in Lisbon….LMAOo. I laughed out my belly and got heavily distracted as I was about to reply him. I’ve since lost track of that tread.

      All the “transgressions” that were intolerable to them have become their ‘way-to-go’ now.

      Like you rightly said, at 70, the man isnt in a hurry to latch unto any job thrown at him….at least not like the one that will mean he will have to pay 5 assistants from his pocket yet go 8 months without receiving the salary or 2 years without receiving match bonuses. But its becoming evident by the day now that he clearly gave us better than we deserved.

      Picking up a team that couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON back-to-back and leading them to a whisker of making the final of a 24 team afcon at the first time of asking was “nothing” according to them….LMAOOoo. We will see how “soon” we will get to that level again now that we have at least 5 African teams that will become much stronger than us after this world cup. We are watching with crossed fingers where Peserio’s boasts of winning the 2024 AFCON will end. Thank God its the same team that looked so good, deluded folks amongst them claimed “any coach can win afcon with it in 2 weeks”. Thank God the next AFCON will be in 2024….ample time to “win the afcon as easily as it gets” LMAOo

    • @Ikeben your write up must be filled with lies, I stopped Reading when you openely and criminally lie that Rohr gave you Onyibo wall the same players who made thier debuts 3 and 2 years before Rohr assumed the position of coach of SE..

      LOOK ROHR IS A DEAD BEAT COACH AND HE IS GONE HIS FOOTBALL WAS SORE TO THE EYES.. And if it is as you assumed that he stopped giving his best because he was being paid in Naira as you suggest well then what is the complain about? Good Riddons to bad rubbish!

  • KENNETH 2 months ago

    ABeg PE teacher quickly go and apply for the job. You sha sabi win qualifiers with games to spare, that will be nice on your resume. Please by next week i hope u have appled for the job. Coming here spilling nonsense. Better go attend to the small girls you chasing all over the place.

    • Fidelis Craw Craw 2 months ago

      You are right, Rohr was a glorified PE teacher. He failed with Nigeria which is why he remains unemployed.

    • MONKEY POST 2 months ago

      May GOD DELIVER you…

      WRITING NASTY COMMENTS on a GOOD MAN that has never meant no HARM but all GOOD for our FOOTBALL…

    • MONKEY POST 2 months ago

      You need DELIVERANCE…

      Writing NASTY COMMENTS on a MAN who has never meant HARM for our FOOTBALL but all GOOD…

      You seriously need DELIVERANCE…

    • Edoman 2 months ago

      I have given up on Kenneth, omo9ja and their cohorts. Seeing their posts nauseate me.

      • KENNETH 2 months ago

        Why don’t you go eat shit to help your condition. I no beg or force you to read my comment. Just look away just like i do to your fake Dr dry and you all his ass- lickers.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

    German lost due to factors beyond defensive ability, I doubt if Rohr will help the Germany play well. German losing out was one of those possibilities of playing well but losing out in a tournament. If they had not lost the match against Japan due to loss of concentration and Spain losing to same Japan due to a controversial second goal after the ball had gone out of play then the story would have been different. Rohr is just talking he can’t do anything technical than Hansi Flick. Is it not the Rohr that CAR and Sierra Leone put on the Back foot??? NFF failure to hire to quality coach is the reason why people are falling back to the last coach that qualified us to a major tournament, as if qualification is new in football world. German press will not hire Rohr because Rohr is tactically Zero and horrible in play.

    • MONKEY POST 2 months ago


      You never DISAPPOINT in Talking TRASH.Sometimes I WONDER if you have ever WORKED in a TRASH MANAGEMENT COMPANY.. cos you are very GOOD in talking TRASH


      • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

        Monkey you and Selfmade no different no wonder una no fit reason different. Yeye full your head shey na by force make I choose Mou over Pep??? We not fit be one just like I will choose Messi over CR even though I’m a madridsta. She na by force to choose gragra over talent ni???

        • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

          “If you can’t make it easy then you’re not good at it” that’s life o….. you guys choose keep mourning Rohr but as for me and those who hope for the best we are over the days of BP and keep praying for God to bring change to the football house so that they’ll invest in proper coaches and not share salaries. 

      • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

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        • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

          You can only give what you have. As a man thinketh so is he.

          • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

            We could talk football if u keep it football 

    • KENNETH 2 months ago

      You should have known b now that Monkey post and Selfmade is Dr Dry in disguise. Is the same person pretending to be different persons

      • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

        Hahahaha…shameless liar. We are the same persons indeed.

        To think you are the only imbecile on this group who sees 3 different persons (particularly a ghanian and a nigerian) as one and the same person shows how daft you are and irredeemable your situation is …….LMAOo.

        Dr.Drey is monkey post and selfmade indeed.

        You think everyone is a shameless pig like you who switches names at will, from Ade to Kenneth to cover your stupidity…?

  • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

    I will not be surprised if some people on this page choose Mourinho over Pep due to their strange taste for shabby results over true football(total football). Like I always say we can not all have the same taste but I will choose Pep over Mou kind of coach anyday anytime. Can’t be watching football when players do not enjoy themselves but rather kick and follow thing just to win matches by hook and grook like Mou or Simeone. Any career that is not enjoyable is not worth doing because happiness matters no wonder Haaland choose Man City over other clubsides just to enjoy his football under Pep than playing against him.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      I hope you are now enjoying the total football that saw you booted out of AFCON b4 the quarter finals, out of the WC by the worst Ghana side in a minute without scoring a single goal from open play in 270 minutes of football, and humiliation by Portugal…LMAOOo

      Or have you suddenly forgotten any coach was supposed to win AFCON with this squad within 2 weeks….LMAOoo

    • Fetch 2 months ago

      Winning is all that matters not beautiful football

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      Chimp s Samuels

      Such a dirty DOSSIER haha 

      We don’t expect anything good from BUTTY BOY lol

      Keep to ur day job of TAILORING and let people with brains talked haha 

      U dumb as a PAIR OF SCISSORS haha 

      • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

        Selfmade behave yourself it’s not everyday that one will be fraternising with your unclean and unGodly conversation. I’m here for football and not your nonsense talks. You don’t even know a bit about me and you won’t even know else you go humble your small self.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

      @Drey It is better this way until we find the right manager, Rohr is just talking as if he has anything under his sleeves. The German team at this World Cup didn’t do badly when it comes to general play. In football sometimes you loose and sometimes you win that’s the major reason why they’re out and nothing serious like Rohr is pointing out. @Fetch Ghana football can be like Mou kind of team but in Nigeria we like good football plus winning so its normal that we have different sentiments. Nigerians are just settling for less because they have no choice after 96, We call it “at all at all na him better pass” I will go for Renard over that German buga that doesn’t play football. How can I be watching football and rat or rabbit will be attacking and swamping into me for 90mins??? If you’re suspectible to BP then you can’t survive Rohr’s football. A lot of fans will wish to be fans of Pep’s team over Mou’s kind of team because of various assurances such as Good football, relaxed crystal clear chances for strikers to score and win matches. Senegal might loose today but they’ll not be bullied out like what we experienced under Rohr or with Jose against Portugal recently. Nigeria football is not known to be on back foot against teams no matter who you’re, but lately we are forced to accept just anything sake of result and it’s very hard to watch.

      • Chima you are absolutely correct. Only teams that play majorly front foot attacking football can win and stay competitive over longer periods of time. Also defensive football leaves you open to last minute heartbreak. You defend good for 90mins then because you are getting tired one small lapse in concentration and all the effort the whole game is lost. How many times have we seen this happen.

        However when you come up with a more positive front  foot football with the right mix of players competitive games even become so fun because you are passing, dribbling, moving the ball around and the vibe just upbeat. With good finishing by the time you behind to get tired you have very likely run up the score then can go in to counterattacking mode to see off the game. Also defensive schemes are easier to dissect and counter than attacking ones. If you ever played football physically yourself you will know it is more exhausting chasing the game/ball and always trying to anticipate what the next person will do than when you are dictating the tempo and pace of the game.

        It will be very difficult to be a mostly defensive outfit and win anything major or stay competitive over long periods. A solid base defense is the best for good attack though. Why Liverpool we’re almost unplayable when Vin Dijik was at his best means they can commit more players forward without much fear they will be exposed at the back. But I’ll give Rohr some props if can’t play good attacking football at least have some defensive solidity or won’t qualify or win anything either. 

  • Fidelis Craw Craw 2 months ago

    Rohr did not win a teacup with Nigeria. He was a PE teacher.

    • Dennis 2 months ago

      How many competitions did he go to? Just 2- world cup and AFCON. Was he expected to win the world cup? No. Now for the AGCON, we had missed it for 2 consecutive years and a note that the AFCON became expanded to have more teams yet the PE teacher came 3rd. Clowns like you said it was nothing. Now, we are back struggling

  • Untill any super eagles coach outperform your stats as a super eagles manager, you’ll continue to be in our hearts.

    The love the (true & real) super eagles fan world wide have for you is immeasurable, after a year plus we’re yet to find your replacement (a results oriented coach), even your haters are crying in secret, wishing you can return to the team.

    They’ll come out and pretend as if nothing happened but they’re dieing.

    Pisero, if you give us results and outperform oga baba ROHR’s record, I’ll forever be your number one fan.
    But for now we’re still mourning for ROHR because we miss him alot.

    If ROHR was in charge, an unknown assistant gaffer from Tunisia can never in his entire useless career life use a team “C” and boot us out technically.

    Addo can never in his wildest imagination stop us from qualifying for a major tournament like WC, Portugal can never harass us 4nil.

    We’ll forever miss you.


    • Greenturf 2 months ago

      Still don’t know why he was sacked till today I can’t get over his sack still fresh in my mind.
      I can’t believe a coach doing so well was sacked in such a careless manner not minding the consequences.We were close to playing at the Afcon and world cup playoffs I think there’s more to his sacking.
      The culprits in this mindless action should be investigated and brought to book.You can’t do that to a whole nation,we were heartbroken it was a bizarre decision that destroyed our super eagles.
      I think there are personal grouse between Pinnick,Sunday Dare and Rohr something that we don’t know so someone wants to prove to Rohr I am the boss,it could be a ruthless personal decision to get back at Rohr over a disagreement not minding the consequences.
      We need justice and I want numbers so we could take this case up and get to the root of the matter!


      • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

        If Sunday Dare could withdraw our Female Basketball team from a World cup (By doing so, it also meant we are out of qualification for the 2024 Paris Olympics and possible the next Afro-basket) all because FIBA did not recognize his boys which he planted as heads of NBBF….What will he not do to Rohr for always crying out about the sabotage being meted out to the team so as to force them to fail just to make him look bad. And did they not succeed in doing that with the way his haters keep biting trees about CAR and Sierra Leone when we achieved the ultimate aim of that qualification in each of the respective series and even won all our matches away from home in the 2022 WCQ, including defeating CPV with a B team on their home soil.

        When I was chiding the incompetent dunce we call our sports minister on this forum, low-lifes like Chima Eberibe Samuels was here acting as Sunday Dare’s unpaid attack dog, siding with him on every of his barbaric decisions and policies. Never have I seen such worthless asslickers in my entire existence. I hope they had their fill licking the ass of a failure of a sports minister like Sunday Dare.

        Rohr is a PE teacher…..we agree. Rohr is a Fraud…we agree. Rohr is this…..we agree. Rohr is that…..yes we agree. Till we get another coach that will produce better records than him, we will never stop suffocating the agents of darkness who conspired to drag our football 40 years backwards on this forum……LMAOoo. They say bronze medal in 2019 (after not even qualifying back-to-back for ordinary AFCON) was nothing ey, we will see wen next we will get close to winning any sort of medal at an AFCON….LMAOo. And my advice to anyone who loves his health is to just forget about 2024 AFCON….LMAOOoo. We currently have 5 likely finalists in these teams that just represented Africa at the world cup, plus the hosts CIV….LMAOoo. That means our next hope of winning anything at AFCON will be at least 7 whole years after 2019

        • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

          We all know that the basketball thing was witchcraft instruction from Bhuari to Dare, just because the foreign born Naija girls protested for their right in an Islamic nation where they think women shouldn’t speak, after the so called restructure the men’s team started losing matches with their new coach. I call it destruction and not restructure, and this all proves that Nigeria has the potential to be the best if not for the wicked administration and corrupt decisions behind the scene in the country.

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Mr man will you shut your filthy mouth and stop telling us lies here.

            What nonsense cooked up fables are you telling us…?

            Was it not the leadership tussle instigated by your tin-god Dare that caused all the trouble in our basketball…??

            Was it not after FIBA refused to recognize is faction that he went to seek the accent of the president to crumble everything…?? Its always either his way or the highway.

            The useless fool did the same thing with our Atletics Federation.

            And you come here wrapping up lies here as if we are your children….???


            And you come here talking about being saved and all that garbage you harp about to fool people into thinking you will not rot in hell on judgement day…? What a hypocrite.

        • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

          At this point it is not important to use word for insult with unsaved man but for the uncultured words you use towards a name that you know nothing about may you reap the fruit of thy words. AMEN!

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            May you perish in hell with your fake salvation.

            Who deceived you into thinking you are saved you filthy liar….??

            You are the typical agent of devil we were warned about to beware of wolves in sheep clothing.

        • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

          I feel sorry for you and that Ghana boy that just talk carelessly and care less about your souls. Anything that enters your head from the pit of hell you just release it. You talk carelessly every single day and go to bed expecting to wake up with such filthy soul due to Grace but remember Grace expires with continuous foolishness, a time is appointed to every man for their idle words and since some has made themselves an agent of darkness to always use words carelessly they’ll surely reap the fruit that they allow themselves to be used to sow by their master. Your words does not interest or do anything to my well being but what is certain is that it will bring judgement on you all. It’s simple as that, I come here to talk sports but meet people with dark mind that has no sense of belonging or manners. We can not control the people we meet online so you’re all free to carry on with the sowing as I have nothing to worry about.

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Useless idiot, go and feel sorry for yourself. Go and feel sorry for your soul that is already decaying when it has not even started its journey to hell yet.

            May that grace you are talking about send you into eternal damnation. You this filthy pharisee.

            You come here to talk sports yen yen yen….who asked you…? You come here to talk sports or you come here to reveal your hypocrisy and look for attention…??

            Useless fool. I thought you were ranting only last week or so that you will never rear your hydraheaded soul in this forum anymore….what are you still looking for here…???

            Useless agent of darkness.

            The less of you we have on the surface of this earth, the close mankind will be to the kingdom of God.

  • Prince charming 2 months ago

    Rohr God bless you since you left super Eagle is now super chicken with express yourself hunger run run run form of Football results win yes qualified none super chicken

  • Edoman 2 months ago

    Greenturf and Prince. l couldn’t agree with you both more. The sacking of our much-respected coach was so bizarre that the whole Nigeria Nation are yet to understand the sole reason why. We, as a people, must demand an answer as to what really happens. The stake is too high, and the loss is so brutal to acquiesce or suppress our national pride on belated apology from Pinnick which is not enough.

    • Mahmud Shuaib 2 months ago

      Hahahahahahahahahhaha…what a shameless HYPOCRITE you are!
      We’re you not the same man who barely a year ago praised EGUAVOEN to high heavens calling him EGUA…. MEANING PLACE IN EDO?? ( your exact words/

      TRUTH is, you, DR DREY, MONKEY FOOL, GREENTUF and co can go on LICKING GERNOT ROHR ass for all WE CARE, let him go WIN the EUROS OR AFC CUP or make it to WC SECOND ROUND like Local Coach STEPHEN KESHI before we take YOULHIM and You his MINIONS serious!

      When has QUALIFYING FOR COMPETITIONS WITH GAMES TO SPARE become a yardstick for appraising COACHES achievements???


      2 OF ABOVE LISTED made WC SECOND ROUND; even a BORA MILUTONOVIC who barely took over less than 3 months to 1998 WC made it to SECOND ROUND

      Can you WAILING WAILERS tell us ROHR’S Mark? Or show or point out his name in the ILLUSTRIOUS list above

      • Dr Banks 2 months ago

        @Shuaib you don resurrected lol!!

        You know quite well that you have to qualify first before you can win anything in the competition proper, so when you “Our Own” couldn’t even qualify, how do we win any medal? So qualifying SE with ease for competitions is a good achievement.

        Rohr is exemplary in the fact that he met SE @ 70th position on FIFA Ranking and left us in 30th position, he brought us from not able to qualify for ordinary AFCON that has ever been our birth right since and made qualifying for AFCON and WC an easy ride until your delusional cohorts strike again

        No one is saying Rohr is the best coach in this world but what we are saying is that, for you to sack a performing coach before his contract runs out there has to be a valid reason, not a knee-jack reaction. And there must be a capable replacement who is adjudged to be a better coach before pulling off the plug

  • Ejirology 2 months ago

    No matter how we look at it, sacking Rohr at the time we did was not a very wise decision; financially and tactically. It would have been better from a financial standpoint if his contract was not renewed and tactically we should have waited till after the afcon to sack him. Personally I don’t think Poseiro will be able to match Rohr’s feats but we never tell he may just surprise us as Rohr did. Because honestly I was among those who doubted his capacity as a coach when he first came in but after qualifying for tournaments without calculators I came to believe. If he had been allowed to lead us to the afcon I think we would have had a better outing and also possibly qualified for this world cup…Rohr, super eagles miss you

    • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

      You’re right sacking him at that time was not right if they were going to hire below standard coach. But if they were to get a reasonable replacement as Ghana and Morocco did then it would have made sense. The mistake has been made it’s time to move on and pray for something better than all the present coaches handling both the male and female snr national teams. It is not too much to ask for a coach with trophy cabinet and tactically sound to handle this Giant of African nation called Nigeria and put an end to insults from these small African Nations. The people living outside Nigeria are the ones feeling the pressure and not the people back home because nobody will mock a country that you all live in.

      • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

        U just like a DECAYING tooth, only u smelled ur stinking saliva haha 

        Want a piece of farting shit this SOFT PUTA is 

        • You must have a tooth decay to know the intricate nature of such. lmaoo

          • You this guy don start again. Using my identity whenever you want to say something silly.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

    I have seen how people like myself, Jimmy, Four Four two, Kenneth and some other fellows that advocate for excellence disrespected by a section of forumites like Drey and Monkey post to the extent that they have also been joined by a Ghanaian who doesn’t understand our culture to bring discord here. I have tried to bring this to light but these fellows are bent on remaining slaves to their masters(satan) whom has afflicted them to be insulting people who make comments on sports here. For me it’s not worth it and a waste to be sharing space with this kind of people when I know what is working in them. Any normal person will not come and insult you for making a submission that does not insult anyone. This things have continued like this and CS has refused to regulate this since they have no moderator to keep only respectful people here. I leave here in peace for the sake of my faith and values. May you all enjoy your sports and carry on with these agents of darkness disrespecting people day in and out and making you fallout of religious values if care is not taken. It’s time to respect myself and my name before I continue receiving insults from people who don’t know me from anywhere just because talk sports your masters will be using you guys to enter me with the lies he feeds your false instincts.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      Dumb idiot, where has the excellence you and your useless bunch of liars gotten us…? Let me remind you

      – Humiliation at AFCON
      – Disgrace in the WCQ
      – Molestation by the rest of the world (eg 4-0 walloping by portugal)
      – Destruction of our basketball teams
      – Non qualification for the basketball event of the 2024 Olympics

      Useless fool.

      That is the scorecard of “excellence” illiterates and lowlifes like you have to show for you continued ass-licking of another agent of darkeness who was hell bent of destroying every progress we had made in our major sports. The fact that you were part of those defending him and urging him on when he was hell bench on achieveing his evil intentions is the reason you will not be spared of the punishement that comes with it. The tears and pains of all the young boys and girls who have been denied a chance to feature at a World cup will become yours. The stagnation your actions have caused in their careers will cause yall to be stagnated in your own careers. You shall bear the regrets they will bear for life for being denied this chance.

      Go away and be ye cast into hell with your dirty faith and tattered values you smelly hypocrite. Typical exmaple of a whitewashed tomb filled with bones and rotten corpses you are.

      Anybody who wakes up in the morning and remembers you are not a member of his family should kneel down and thank his God twice for such a blessing.


    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago


      See this soft ass PUTA shitting bricks now haha 

      I know when u shit, u don’t wipe UR ASS before u stand up from the BOMBA LATRINE but I didn’t know u don’t also CLEAN UR TEETH and mouth too haha 

      U crying now ….. 

      We ll REMOVE  ur DIRTY DIAPERS on ur skinny ass here baba haha 

      Such a soft, BITCH ASS NEGRO haha 

  • I will always be pro-Mou. No one remembers beautiful football but trophies. Teams play beautiful football and win nothing. What football kind did Senegal play at the last AFCON?
    Leave my MOU out of a fading sporting nation matter. Can Nigeria even hire a world class coach?

  • chuks haifa 2 months ago

    We now read more foolish talk than football here. Is this a kindergarteen. @ Dr Drey @ Chima Samuels @ Selfmade King. It’s okay guys. No one ever wins in a curse fight.Lets focus on Football and ignore somethings. To me no one is right or wrong. Lets move on and talk football. Remember Pele in your prayers, he is in a very bad state.

    • marvelous sunday 2 months ago

      You can’t say nobody is right or wrong. Some people are right. Those kicking against the sacking of General Rohr are 100% right.

      It was the worst decision in our country football and those who supported that evil will never go unpunished. Will they be happy if business falls like the super eagles whom Rohr resurrected. Those bunch of idiots are the reason we are not watching super eagles in Qatar, they are the reason an assistant coach with a team C of Tunisia kick us disgracefully out of Nations cup. I don’t want to talk about losing 4-0 to Portugal because that was a national disgrace.

      One big fool is talking about Mourinho and Pep as if pep is in Mourinho class. Pep will sit on the table Mourinho is sitting in terms of football management and coaching. Can pep go to a smaller team and spin out results. Rohr is liken to Mourinho. Rohr came to Nigeria when many coaches neglected the job because the target was high due to the poor form of the team and low fifa ranking. But he accepted the challenge and brought super chickens back to super eagles. But now because of wickedness of foolish fans and bad football administrators we are back to super chickens.

  • @selfmade there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being GAay.

    @Drey sometimes I wonder how old you be with the way you de like dish out unprovoked insults and curses on this platform. You fit insult and curse the same people if you see them physically? You get mind oo

    I beg people make we disagree with respect.

    • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with gay folks

      • marvelous sunday 2 months ago

        There is something wrong with them. Take your gay right campaign out of this football platform.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      Mr Man, why not keep quiet and mind your own business.
      You will live longer by simply doing so.

      When a nitwit like that hypocrite twat who calls himself Chima prays on several occasions in an open forum that you would die, when you see him give him a tight hug ehn.

      For every action there always is, and always will be an equal and opposite reaction. If you think I will let some uncouth children point filthy fingers at me without a response all in the name of age and diplomacy, then you are mistaken. The days of diplomacy/maturity are gone. Any child who says its mother will not sleep should be ready for a vigil too.

      No man is an island of insanity. When a handshake reaches the elbow it becomes a wrestling bout. And I will not hesitate to wrestle with whoever wants to hide under the cloak of anonymity to be disrespectful.

      Once again, learn to mind your own business.

    • Imbeciles like Dr Drey na pussy for sure. Dem no born their types to confront person with the rubbish in real life. Pussy boy

      • The only Imbecile I know is the person that hides under another person’s identity to dish out bad words. 
        It’s been a while. Welcome back

  • If there’s something wrong with them gay folks, then there is something wrong with you too. Make we start to kill ourselves because of labels Na. Abi you think say discrimination na your Monopoly alone?

  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    Guys, pls this’s a soccer discussion forum not about homosexuality, pls  guys take  ur homosexual debate somewhere else. Thanks

  • You were okay with the homosexual slurs until there’s a push back abi? Where you de since na? Abi this place only became a soccer platform when I talk back against discrimination of gay folks? Na people with una kind of thinking be the Muslims wey stone the Christian girl to death because of intolerance

    Discrimination na discrimination, speak out against am as soon as you could

  • Abi you no de see Homophobic slurs since you joined ni? Whoever you be and wherever you come from, I beg feel free 2 comment on this platform and disagree with respect.

  • @drey you say I should mind my own business but you often don’t mind your own business on this platform. Go back to the previous threads and read for yourself

    @sunnyb where were you when homophobic slurs DE fly here? Discrimination na discrimination brother. Look around you and you will see the results of discrimination of all sorts. Make we disagree with respect

    • You be gay?????

      • Solo Makinde 2 months ago

        It does not matter whether he is gay or not. We must condemn homophobia in Nigeria or else we will not be able to host any tournament. My boyfriend and I live in fear everyday in Makurdi. We cannot even get a clergyman to marry us because of our sexual orientation. That is wrong. Nigeria should be more Liberal. This country is for gay and straight people. Or do you want to say you have never looked at a man sexually before?

        • chuks haifa 2 months ago

          Take your sexuality to a country and culture where it is accepted like the USA. American law does not allow a man to marry more than one wife but a man can marry a man. Nigeria law does not allow a man to marry another man but allows a man to marry more than one wife. Guy just move to America or a place where your type of marriage is accepted and stop disturbing others. The law is the law.

          • Solo Makinde 2 months ago

            My boyfriend and I want to stay and build Nigeria. We are not cowards who just run away from their country due to difficulty. The day I walk down the isle with my boyfriend will be a great day for Nigeria.

        • JimmyBall 2 months ago

          Guy… This is not a forum to project gay agenda… “my boyfriend and I”. This world sef…

          What’s wrong with your likes is a spiritual. What is there in the rectum for any male to crave in anus of another male other than shit?

          Homosexuality is a spiritual plague splurged out on the world by the negative and evil entities directing this world to end the human race… Homosexuality is the death of man!

          We will be asking God to help those of who are twisted in this way… I no fit imagine sucking another man anus and rectal residues… make God help those of una wey brain dey wired like that! Try cunt once you will thank me later…

        • Yeah Qatar hosted the WC so what crap are u saying? Lol

      • You wan go meet am?
        I beg no give me bad name this guy. Na beg I take God beg you.

  • Hamza 2 months ago

    I’m a muslim and I also don’t believe there’s anything wrong with people of the lgbtqi community. Our narrow-minded political and religious leaders are the reasons why some of us are comfortably intolerant

    • Friday 2 months ago

      Why don’t you go to Mecca and open and openly LGBT club over there. Or take it to court and fight for it in Saudi. You just come here and spill crap. You see nothing wrong in a man sucking another man’s prick or anus. Are you for real. Is that what the Quran that you hold highly say about homosexuality

  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    Bro I’m not against you being gay, but we’re here to discuss soccer, if you keep ur sexuality to urseif nobody will disrespect or discriminate against you. Let’s the debates about the World Cup continue, thanks fellas. 

  • Sean it doesn’t really matter. If you’ve ever been discriminated against, you go speak out against am when next you see am. Discrimination of any sort Na pure evil brother and it’s worse when Na first hand.

    • @HJK, please, Ignore that Sean. The real Sean only comes here to discuss sports, he will never put mouth in such topic. Enjoy your gay life.

  • @solo There are some progressive clergymen who have done away with the errors of their old ways, take your time.

  • Mr Hush 2 months ago

    The main bane of liberalism is the sheer hypocrisy. The overwhelming lack of self awareness , the over entitlement or both.

    You want others to respect your personal choices but you fail to respect theirs.
    You can always do you but be ready to live with what comes with it.

    You can’t force people to believe in your belief or lifestyle; remember they have theirs.

    Just keep what should be private, private; and act with wisdom and decorum. There is always a time and place. Read the room.
    Life is never fair and never will be.

    But I disgress;

    This is a Sports forum; So we should discuss sports .

  • @chuks the law was also the law when racism and segregation was rife but I get you brother

    @Jimmy there’s nothing spiritual about it.
    Over spiritual ization of everything Na problem.

    I think it helps to educate yourself some more on certain issues and keep an open mind while you are at it. You never see man wey no like cunt? Some men Na orals all the way Na.. No be must humans go like the same orifice

    @hush the right to live your life really stops when you infringe on the right of someone else to live his or her own life

    I beg make we morality and sexual proclivity police live our lives and let others live in peace and dignity

    I beg make we talk sports ..

  • marvelous sunday 2 months ago

    Am sensing a serious foul play. The devil is sending this gay guys into that doesn’t concern them to preach to the gospel of homosexuality and lesbianism.

    @HJK: Oga complete sport is a place to discuss football and sports related issues. We don’t even discuss politics or music here, and you are bringing rubbish and useless gay agenda here. Go seek healing over your twisted minds and consciousness. It will be disastrous for people like to teach in schools in this part of the world.

    • Solo Makinde 2 months ago

      Homosexuality should be part of the curriculum in our schools. The Homosexual community in Makurdi is already pushing this agenda. Homosexuality is part of Sports. Go for deliverance so you can see the light.

  • @sunday Na people with your kind of thinking DE stone people for north. Some day you go know better, no worry

  • Solo Makinde 2 months ago

    @JimmyBall, it was disappointing to read your text message. People like you should travel to the west to appreciate advance civilization. My boyfriend is a very good man who is hard working. He has a good heart. What is wrong in him becoming my husband one day. Shine your eyes well well guy. We will get married in this same Nigeria sooner rather than later. Guys like you are hypocrites. Trust me, if you see me on the street you will desire nothing else than make love to me. Just kiss a man one day and you will never look back. Nigeria is for everyone, homosexuals and straight people. Stop being homophobic.

    • CALVIN 2 months ago

      Faggot Makinde, please keep your disgusting dirty linen out of this platform. Who are the hypocrites. Keep your Homo comments to yourself, and go back to stroking your lovers cock, nobody cares about that on this platform. Why don’t you go openly declare it in Nigeria that your gay. We all know the western world is polluted already, the same hypocrites doing what has been condemned by God, but still openly say they believe in God. Og please look for something meaningful to do with your life

    • EZOMO 2 months ago

      Lol no problem we don hear u, na sport we dey talk for here, this particular forum can’t help you.

      • Solo Makinde 2 months ago

        You are right. Xxx
        Sports matters should take priority on this platform. It was when someone started asking if another person was gay that really upset my boyfriend. He is OK now. Xxx

        • JimmyBall 2 months ago

          @Solo Makinde… You dey my town the spread your gay agenda shey?

          Hand go catch you no worry. No be only see you for street I go like you…

          You see that your rectum wey dick don blurgeon finish ehn… if hand catch you, boys go mix bleach and cayenne pepper take flood inside make your intestine cut.

          Twisted man… don’t go and seek spiritual deliverance… dey there the part another man anus make you the suck and sniff like “anwuru” snuff.

          Make God help you before HIV grip you. Quantum of STDs and HIV naim una dey that close community the share for unaself…

    • marvelous sunday 2 months ago

      Come again. Who are you advicing to kiss a man, and who are those you say will admire you if they see you? Chai lord of mercy, we haven’t finish admiring all the beautiful ladies God have created, na bone we go come admire. A man robbing a man’s dick, a man kissing a man, a man using another man’s anus as a source of pleasure can only be done by mentally sick people.

      Maybe I should start selling adult diapers so that when your yansh start licking I will have source a of income. And let me remind you that you will wait for 2000 years before you and that your manwife will get a wedding in Nigeria. Keep hiding, and please hide well. I pray may the God lord heal your body, soul and spirit.

      • Solo Makinde 2 months ago

        @Marvelous and @Jimmy, stop being homophobic. It is as bad as being racist. One minute you call some people racist, next minute you are being homophobic. This is man’s inhumanity to man. If great minds like Reverend Martin Luther King, Gandhi or Chief Nnamdi Azikiwe were alive,the will condemn your homophobic slurs.
        Change your ways, it’s not too late. Nigeria is for everyone.Xxx

        • @Solo Makinde tell your mumu Boyfriend and yourself to go and seek spiritual help infact devine help from God.

    • Heeeee another sign of end time!!!! Bikonu God. @solo, I hope you know that you are abusing the right of people here by introducing your way of life when no one is asking for it.

      This is not a medium for such as this forum court across many faith and religion.

      I have never seen ppl attacking each other here on faith or religion. So why bringing subject that other ppl find offensive to their faith or their ways of life here.

      If ppl are hypocritical as you claimed, you are not the one to confront them and not even on this forum.
      Discuss sport @ solo there will no issue.

  • @Solo Makinde i would like to think you are joking what sorts of Rubbish is this. Pls respect us in here you never hear people talk of Wife matter and all sorts why must you Gay homo homo people always through this devilish agenda in normal people’s face can you not respect us. That is what frustrats me with you mumu people is you feel you can just talk homo rubbish anumanu.. you should be ashamed of yoursef mtcheew!!!