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Qatar 2022: Oliseh Rues Ghana’s Exit, Lauds ‘Creative And Skilful’ Qudus

Qatar 2022: Oliseh Rues  Ghana’s Exit, Lauds ‘Creative And Skilful’ Qudus

Former Super Eagles head coach, Sunday Oliseh has praised Ghana despite the Black Stars failure to make it beyond the group stage at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The West Africans fell 2-0 against Uruguay in their last group game on Friday afternoon.

Mega Millions Naija

Midfielder Giorgian De Arrascaeta bagged a brace for Uruguay in the game.

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The Black Stars finished bottom of the group after picking three points from three matches.

Ajax midfielder, Mohammed Kudus caught the eye again for the West Africans.

Kudus won a penalty in the first half which was squandered by Andre Ayew.

“Just watched Mohammed Kudus; a superstar on which Ghana can rebuild a top Black Star team.Skillful,fast creative,humble,strong, sharp shooter,hardworking with leadership “on pitch” qualities. Sad for Ghana they lost out,but with d 2nd half line-up today, the future is bright,”Oliseh wrote on his Twitter handle.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

    Keep ur praises to ur self man!! Pure pretender! 

  • The prediction of the Super-compute proved to be well grounded after all.

    – Tunisia were 3rd in their group with 4 impressive points and an even more respectable goals difference of 0. If it were the 1994 world cup, Tunisia would definitely have pushed for a place in the second round as one of the best placed third position teams.

    – Cameroon also came an admirable 3rd position in their group with 4 hard fought points and a head-held-high goals difference of 0. If it were the 1994 world cup, Cameroon too would definitely have pushed for a place in the second round as one of the best placed third position teams.

    As FIFA continues to mull over the number of teams in each group for the 2026 World Cup, Cameroon and Tunisia would likely qualify for the second round with the points they accumulated in this world cup if FIFA retains the current format (as the tournament will have more teams).

    – Now to our noisy neighbours: having predictably placed rock bottom of their group with a pitiful 3 points and a disgraceful goals difference of -2, Ghana were undoubtedly to most abject African team in this tournament. With this same number of points, the Blackened Stars would still NEVER have been able to make it out of the group stages of the 1994 world cup. Neither will they be able to make it out of the group stages of the expanded 2026 World Cup with such squalid brand of football if FIFA elects to retain the 4 teams per group format.

    The Black Stars did produce a smidgen of exciting football here and there in this tournament. But the proof of this puff puff was in the skid marks of the record that trailed their performance: in truth, the Black stars were out of their depth.

    Now the Ghana fans vilified the same coach who masterminded their fluke and archaic-rules aided victory over the Super Eagles in World Cup qualifiers. Otto Addo discovered that hard way that the teams in Qatar weren’t managed by shambolic football federations and inexperienced coaches. And the stadiums in Qatar are a long way away from the Abuja National Stadium.

    As soon as Ghana pipped Nigeria to the world cup ticket, Africa and indeed the world of football went into mourning. Even computers were not unaffected as one thing was clear to both animate and inanimate objects: Ghana were a waste of slot for Africa in the world cup and so it proved.

    And having performed woefully and ended up as the worst African team in the tournament, both living and non living things were right.

    In a tournament that saw Cameroon canning Brazil, Tunisia trouncing France as Morroco massacred Belgium, the best Ghana could muster was allow Uruguay do a double on them in a most spectacular, yet compelling manner.

    How pathetic!

    As part of his resignation statement, beleaguered coach Otto Addo said: “At the moment me and my family see our future in Germany and I like my role at Dortmund and we are very happy there.”

    That speech for me is appropriate for a man who was praised for a fluke qualification – where his team failed to beat Nigeria across two legs – only to be exposed is being as tactically bereft as coach Austin Eguavoen at the world cup.

    Hopefully we can now say a heartfelt goodbye to the Ghanaian interlopers that have made this platform intolerable for Nigerian fans since March this year.

    Fetch, Yaw, Top It and my good brother Selfie, we love you but Ghanaweb.com loves you more. With your tails between your legs, it’s time to start licking your sore wounds.

    I wish I could sympathise with you, but for what you people have put us through in this past eight months, it is with heavy heart I write that: ‘good for you’.

    As we go into 2023, Nigeria fans have no less than 5 international tournaments to look forward to (potentially). As for Ghana, please enjoy your Africa Cup of Nations for homebased players. After all, playing like homebase players contributed to Ghana’s ignominious exit from the 2022 world cup, to which I say: good riddance! 🙂

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      Goodbye lol….

      Haha … we aren’t going anywhere deo 

      Besides as long as Ghana is mentioned here we ll be here haha 

      Ghana never DISGRACED itself tho after all yall we waiting for WOTWOTWOFICATION but it never happened  and now they are coming with a different angle 

      Now this haha 

      I know the WC ELIMINATION is still hurting somewhere haha 

    • Selfie,

      Let’s make distinctions shall we?

      What if I told you that Ghana used to be one of my most favourite African teams? When it comes to Under-20 world cups, do you know which ones make my top 5? It is the 1993 Under 20 world championship where Nii Odartey Lamptey was the pride of Africa. Til this day, I remain an unflinching super fan of Odartey Lamptey for the joy he brought me as a young African in that tournament.

      Til today, arguably my best goal in the Africa Cup of Nations is Ghana’s second goal against Nigeria by Prince Polley in the 1992 semi-final. Even after all these years, I still marvel at the technique Polley employed on swiping his head in the opposite direction of the angle that the header travelled before nestling in the net: it was the stuff of genius and a goal worthy of such a grand stage (even though it knocked Nigeria out of the final).

      But over the years, the manner in which (some) Ghanaian fans have gone about mocking and throwing dirt on Nigerian fans after every Black Stars victory has made me and very many Nigerian fans permanently turn our backs against a Black Stars team that we all once used to genuinely love.

      You, Selfmade, insulted many, many people on this platform after Nigeria’s away goals loss to Ghana in March (admittedly you later became’born again’ and started drastically reducing your vituperations). But, You called Nigeria a cesspool, toilet and many other unprintable names. The likes of Fetch, Top It and maybe Yaw called our darling, love of our life Super Eagles Super Chicken. That is sacrilege and totally unforgivable. You have ratcheted the rivalry between us up and unhealthy notch and even the most mild mannered of us have decided to put off our gloves and fight dirty.

      I prayed to see the day Ghana will be humiliated from this world cup and the gods answered my prayers. At a time when we were grieving at the predicament our corrupt, inept and incompetent football administrators put us through, the last thing we needed were Ghana fans rubbing salt into our injury.

      If Fetch, Yaw and Top It had been regular and friendly contributors on this platform before the Ghana v Nigeria world cup qualifiers, it would have been quite another story. No sooner had Ghana eliminated us or at least shortly after it was announced that Nigeria would face Ghana before they reared their heads to come and make fun of us.

      Now the joke is on you: at a year where Africa made made massive strides and cut a large swathe at the world cup with famous results, Ghana ended us being the worst team in the tournament. Shame on the Black Stars and shame on Amaju Pinnick and Sunday Dare for being complicit in making West Africa present such a ramshackle abominable outfit to the world cup.

      I never saw guys like Papafem, Field Marshal Johnbob and Mr DCardinal as much as argue with anyone on this platform before you Selfie and your gang of Ghanaian troublemakers showed up.

      My sense is that many of all these Nigerian fans – just like me – used to love the Black Stars before your antics turned that love to hate.

      Well, I do hope and pray I fall back in love with the Black Stars one day. When I was growing up we used to call Ghana the Brazil of Africa because of their beautiful yet deadly brand of football. The Black Stars were truly a joy to watch and quite often a pride of the sub continent.

      But you Ghanaian fans really touched a nerve and now the pain is still very raw. Good luck to Ghana’s national teams but if any of them slip up, you should not expect succour from a body of Nigerian fans that you brought so much hurt to!

      • Selfmade KING 2 months ago


        U such a great guy and I have nothing but respect for u 

        The pendulum should switched on opposite direction tho 

        There’re are also NIGERIAN fans that mocked and insult ghana too in matches involving them and other nations!

        Have u ever visited NAIRALAND before? 
        Have u ever visited AJIM MARCY on YouTube before?

        A lot of Nigerians mocked and insult Ghanaians too using unprintable words on us and some even roped in our president on this forum! 

        I can’t understand why u blind to this tho? The actions are equalizes by the reactions!

        Prior to the wc playoffs, a lot of Nigerians were thinking erroneously that, Ghana wasn’t good because of the horrendous showing at the afcon and predicted some ridiculous scorelines against a team that has a better head to head against u!

        That alone was a motivation to beat u! We came, we saw and we conquered!!

        For me is normal if Nigerians doesn’t trolled Ghanaians and we ll do the same!!

        Nigeria 1994 squad is the epitome of African football excellence and I grew up with that squad and my favorite player was TARIBO WEST! These were men and Ghanaians has nothing but love for Nigerians!!

        The rivalry has even now started because Nigeria is now looking for revenge until that day when fate bring us together again, we ll do the talking on Csn!! Haha 

        Deo, u are a great guy!! 

        • Greatness 2 months ago

          Selfie. Nigerians are not as vindictive as Ghanaians. We have since moved on from the playoffs. We don’t play football to revenge. We play to win, regardless of the opposition. Ghana should drop the hate against Suarez and move on. That way, your pain ameliorates faster.

          • Greatness 2 months ago

            Deo. You have spoken well.

          • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

            Nigerians aren’t vindictive like Ghanaians right?

            Which Ghanaian have u seen been vindictive to Nigerian?

            If Nigerians aren’t vindictive as Ghanaians, why the POLARIZATION IN NIGERIA with each tribe fighting to break off or separate from one another?

            Why can’t Nigerians come together as one nation but there’s BIAFRA, there’s Yoruba nation, there’s Hausa/Fulani etc?

            If Nigerians aren’t vindictive but so cooperating and love one another, why TRIBALISM is the norm in Nigeria? 

            Pls, put the WINDSHIELD from ur face and u can see clearly 

  • Dr Banks 2 months ago


  • Glory 2 months ago

    Qudus , man dem. A joy to watch always. Now time for DEDE to pass on the Barton haven done well, time to retire.
    It’s now Qudus to lead. Class player; quick off his foot, strong on the ball, skillful, forceful, great eye for goal, highly motivated as one rolling up his sleeve yelling ” you wan play ball? Let’s do it” I love the bwoy .
    But please don’t go to England. Out of envy, they will say you dribble too much, asking you just take two touches maximum and pass to the Grealich of this world who according to them are better creative midfielder.
    They will even suggest you will be better off playing as left back. Spain, France, Italy should be your next destination. Congrats to you all African reps, proud of you all.

  • @ Selfmade, I think your team did well.At least they did not disgrace Africa.But I think like Nigeria, Your team have gone the full cycle and the rebuilding process should start immediately in a very honest and forward looking manner.The shape of the new Ghana team is what we saw in the second half of the match.The Ayews have done really well I think others should be given a chance .Except there are no better players in their position.

    We saw Cameroun two young 23 years centre backs yesterday with only 3 caps did very well yesterday.The young player that crossed the ball to Vincent aboubakar to score is home based player in cameroun.

    Nine members of the USA team today against Netherlands played against Paul Aibogun Nigeria under 20 team in Poland in 2019.No single member of that team is a member of the super Eagles 3 years after.

    • Glory 2 months ago

      @ Toni, nine of the USA team were in that u-20 world cup but they just got booted out. Why? Lack of experience. You don’t just throw away experience brodaman but every good manager should know how to get the right mix of players in terms of age, size, and many other qualities. ITS HIGH TIME WE LEFT DECISION ON PLAYERS TO INVITE TO COACHES EMPLOYED OTHERWISE WE ARE HEADING FOR ANOTHER DISASTER; FAILING TO QUALIFY FOR AFCON.