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2022 World Cup: Blame Ghana Players For Their Ouster –Gyan

2022 World Cup: Blame Ghana Players For Their Ouster –Gyan

Ghana legend, Asamoah Gyang, has blamed the Black Stars players for paying attention on Uruguay’s Luis Suarez instead of focusing on battling for qualification to the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup.

Ghana, who would have qualified with just a point, lost 2-0 to Uruguay on Friday to end their World Cup dream.

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In the build up to the match, Ghana demanded an apology from Uruguayan legend Luis Suarez for stopping a goal-bound Asamoah Gyang’s shot in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

However, Gyan in a chat with SuperSports said that the players lost focus when it matter most in the game.

“You can’t lose a game like that. When we lost against Portugal everyone was happy back home because of the way we played,” Gyang said on SuperSport.

“You have your destiny in your hands to qualify, you needed a draw or something but there was no sense of urgency, nothing to show that we needed to win the game. Instead of us thinking of how to win the game we were busy thinking how a player will apologise to everybody. It irritates me. I’m a human. We’re all supportive but you can lose a game like that.

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  • KangA 2 months ago

    Suarez was punished for what he did. What’s the sense allowing his fault to weigh down on you? Move on! Quit living in the past.

    Think of overcoming Nigeria if NFF gets its acts together.

  • MuYiwa 2 months ago

    The truth is You cannot give what you don’t have. And like I said before now in response to KENNETH on this forum. Sheer determination doesn’t win matches at the highest level. You need skill, organisation, planning, and sometimes luck. Ghana gave what they had and that’s all they could. Better luck next time.

    • KENNETH 2 months ago

      Please what skills have the underdogs using to beat the top teams. Kindly tell me the skills Cameroon used in beating brazil. Oga abeg park well will all this your organization and planning. All that can only work for a few minutes. Now you saying luck. so the hunger and determination is garbage abi.

      • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

        Why are your underdogs not in the R16….LMAOoo.

        What happended to all your teams that play with your fake determination that only wins 1 match by fluke but end up in failure at the end of the group phase…? LMAOoo. Where is your Saudi Arabia and Ghana and Cameroon…?? LMAOOO

        Nor be only determination…Na dereliction of duty…LMAOoo.

        Your hungry teams have gone home..LMAOoo…please let us enjoy our world cup in peace with tactically organized and efficiently optimized teams.

        You can organize your own world cup for your group of fluke winners ehn….LMAOoo.

        Here is a excerpt of Senegal’s french assistant coach Regis Bogaert’s interview for illiterate ignoramuses like you…

        On Cisse’s Contributions to the team:
        Bogeart added “when he (Cisse) talks (to his team), he uses DATA and his own experiences…..He (Cisse) says to his players, the more you play in top clubs around the world, the more you will become top-notch players and that’s very important”.

        Okponu….show us where they mentioned your lie lie determination and hunger in the interview excerpts above….LMAOoo.

        It seems you know more football than Aliou Cisse…LMAOoo

        Continue mouthing your useless determination up and down while serious contenders are spending time to mine data and information about opponents and using it as the basis for mapping our strategies to defeat them.

        Hunger my foot….LMAOoo.

        No wonder Nigerian football started heading for the dustbin immediately Pinnick and the foolish Minister of sports started listening to them…LMAOoo

        • KENNETH 2 months ago

          This is the faggot in the house, coming here with your nonsense talk has usual. Guess senegal, japan, south korea, australia, morocco are not underdogs. Don’t need to argue with an idiot who hasn’t played the game. This is not table soccer we talking about here. Better go back to your cage you this nuisance. And what was the data giving to them o, how to kick the ball or pass the ball to the open player. Please stop being stupid for once

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Useless idiot. Daft fool….LMAOoo.

            African Champions and former WC quarter finalist are underdogs…LMAOoo???

            Former WC semifinalists South Korea are underdogs…??

            Useless Pig that is claiming to have played the game….LMAOoo

            Japan and Morocco with all their players playing in top leagues in Europe are underdogs…???

            Which one of these teams can your Super Eagles who can win AFCON in 2 weeks with any coach defeat without shedding blood on the pitch.

            Which of those teams havent reached at least the R16 of the WC before

            Useless fool. You played the game indeed.

            Teams with world class players in top clubs across Europe are underdogs to a filthy cheap liar claiming to have played the game…..LMAOoo.

            Of course you don’t need to argue with me. You are too daft to do so you imbecile. Way too daft to even make sensible contributions that will attract thumbs up from people on this forum.

            Go and test your strenght with those on your level like omo9ja and co first.

            Or Use that time and energy to go get a decent and proper Education you illiterate.

            Na that hunger wey you dey make noise with all over the place go still finally kill you.

            I guess you played the game better and know more football that Aliou Cisse….LMAOoo

            No be only hunger, Na stomach ache

            Okponu ayirada.LMAOoo

            Can you see the way people keep trashing all the nonsense you keep vomiting on this forum…LMAOoo??? When we tell you to stop disgracing yourself with Senseless comments, you will not listen…LMAOoo

  • Oakfield 2 months ago

    Yeah, they were so much filled with hate that they forgot what they were there for. You can’t make progress when you are filled with so much hate and wickedness. And that is the problem with these banku eaters. They can allow Comoros defeat them but the mention of the name nigeria or uruguay would make them lose their head. You’ll see them eating grass just to spoil the show for Nigeria.

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      • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

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  • So there is no country in this world cup that has 9 maximum points from group stages in this world cup. Hmmmm!!!! Things are really changing in the game of soccer.