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Qualify Eagles For 2022 World Cup Or Get Sacked –NFF Tells Peseiro

Qualify Eagles For 2022 World Cup Or Get Sacked –NFF Tells Peseiro

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has mandated the newly appointed Super Eagles head coach, Jose Peseiro to qualify Nigeria for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar or face the exit door.

The Portuguese tactician was appointed following the sacking of Gernot Rohr earlier this month.


The 61-year-old was in charge of the Venezuela national team until August and has also coached Sporting Lisbon, FC Porto, and Al Ahly of Egypt.

NFF vice-president, Shehu Dikko, speaking with ESPN, said that if he fails qualify Nigeria for the 2022 World Cup, the situation will be reviewed and a decision taken.


“If he does not qualify us for this World Cup, we will review the situation objectively and make a decision based on that,” Dikko said.

Nigeria will discover their World Cup play-off opponents on January 26.

The West Africans could face any of Congo DR, Egypt, Ghana, Mali or Cameroon for a place at Qatar 2022.

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  • Greenturf 7 months ago

    Of the five teams I dread Egypt and Ghana due to history,the two teams to hope for are Mali and Congo Dr.Then it’s 50/50 against Cameroon.
    Meanwhile,we are taking a huge gamble and our world cup hopes in danger by appointing a new coach a couple of months before the playoffs against strong opposition.
    I trust Rohr to have made it to Qatar because he knows how to play this home and away games he knows this boys and has worked with them a longtime.
    I hope Lookman will be in the team for this final playoffs because you need big talents like that who can decide games,the reason for his omission from the Afcon roster still beats my imaginations.

    • Folarin 7 months ago

      It is not new. The only difference is if Eguavoen won the afcon, or is he no longer going to take SE to WCplayoffs. It has been a revolving door with the NFF, qualify us or be fired. Have they told Preseiro that entertainment football is part of the contract? Something tells me Preseiro will not be comfortable working with the NFF.

      • Very interesting question: have they told Paseiro that entertainment football is part of the contract? Have they told him that 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss can be enough to get him sacked based on lack of sexy football?

        I wonder.

    • Folarin 7 months ago

      Green turf, pardon the response is not for you.

    • Akunde Kwagh 7 months ago

      Rhor is as bad the nonqualified coach that is recruited

  • Michel 7 months ago

    Qualify or get sacked ,very unserious people,once he fails to qualify ,u will hear that he will be paid 5 million dollars, corrupt amaju pinnick is playing to the gallery,he still has slave mentality and believe anything foreign is better .who knows the slave/corrupt contract he would have signed with this quack coach who was sacked by Venezuela for poor performance.they all come here and use the super eagles to boost thier dead C.V just to continue to be relevant.

  • Folarin 7 months ago

    Folarin 2 seconds ago

    It is not new. The only difference is if Eguavoen won the afcon, or is he no longer going to take SE to WCplayoffs. It has been a revolving door with the NFF, qualify us or be fired. Have they told Preseiro that entertainment football is part of the contract? Something tells me Preseiro will not be comfortable working with the NFF.

    • I don’t see him coming to Nigeria after afcon. The guy will Usain Bolt.

      • Henry 7 months ago

        You have a point. Is he not the person consulting with Rohr? He might just be told to stay away.

  • Richie 7 months ago


    Amaju don turn to African Abramovich LOL….big boy hahahhahahaha…..abeg NFF make una limme oh hahahhahahaha

  • Chigo Ekeji 7 months ago

    Are these people aware that the World is following events in Nigeria at all. Why not to work with your locals and put a stop to this symptoms of confusion.

  • ridiculous all over. Dis shows they are clueless giving an individual two games to prove himself.

  • Please our csn try find means to interview this guy because it is only the nff that is talking. Abi Peseiro no get mouth?

  • Nelly Kpako 7 months ago

    What we need right now is to get some stability. And, it’s important for us to have a permanent coach instead of this hire and fire system of governance. Since the interim coach, Eguavoen is a Nigerian, simply legitimize it by making him a substantial coach. We really need a coach, Afcon is here and the World cup as well.

    • I have the feelings Egu will eventually be it or a boss to whoever. Only that for the now, SE is in disarray all because of nff.

      • That’s not right. Super Eagles will be in disarray because of the likes of people who know nothing about football or Sports being in charge of the Affairs of Sports. Plus the ones with big ego and disconnected tongues and brain all because they played some part of our footballing history. Yes past Super Eagles players inclusive of Segun Odegbami and the likes of Omo9ja, JimmyBall, Chima E Samuels and Ugo ” blabbermouth” Iwunze. Here is your change you campaigned about. Own it like you own your surname.

    • Greenturf 7 months ago

      Legitimise a coach that swaps quality talents for average ones?

  • Na wa o. They said Rohr doesnt play sexy football and hired one of Mourinho’s student. Mourinho is also not known to play sexy football ever. But much more aggressive marking than we can bear as Africans. Let’s see how Peseiro fares.
    Also Let’s not use his Venezuela record to judge his performance. Anyone who knows football will know that South American region is always explosive in terms of competition. I mean even the likes of Argentina and Brazil struggle to qualify in that region for the World Cup sometimes. Their football is something else.

    You have the likes of Chile, Columbia,Ecuador, Uruguay and Paraguay who are always springing up surprises.

    • Exactly my take, plus a coach is as good as his players vise versa, he shd able to navigate us to the WC proper .

  • Tope Adeola 7 months ago

    This new coach does not have a good history with national teams. If we lose out on the world cup, saving him will not give us a place.

    I started thinking that trusting our football in the hand of Amaju, the politician is a wrong choice. I pray his reign comes to an end quickly. He is not getting it when it comes to getting the coach for us.

    Starting with Sunday Olishe, Gerhor, and now Jose.

    I don’t know the last time Nigeria was able to assemble the quality of players we now have in the national team. Our challenge is not with the tools but the lack of a correct workman that can combine these tools to get results.

    Dear friends, I come in peace

    • Oakfield 7 months ago

      Hehehehe….. Very, veey, very confused, stupid bunch of idi….. ts!!! Haaaa! Who do us this thing abeg? Why is it that people that ought to know better are behaving like fools? How is this different from from what rohr has done in the past and was about doing until u sacked him????? . Let me remind u mr di… k head that qualifying us for the world cup should not be a target set for him but to take us beyond the round of sixteen. That should be the target given to him not and not qualifying for the world cup. Rohr did that with games to spare last time and we crashed out in the group stages. One would think that the reason why you sacked him was to get a coach that would perform beyond what he has done and not repeat what he has done very much easily. But you know, we have idiots running the affairs of this country and it’s always a matter of running around in circles like rabbits in a maze. U sacked a coach and brought in a man who’s cv is empty and can’t even be compared to that of his predecessor hence, the question is…. Why then did u sack him in the first place? You sold a dog and bought a monkey. Oh my.. All of a sudden, nobody thinks of going beyond the group stage at rhe world cup but na qualifying be the target now. Confused bunch of idi… ts.!!!!! You wanted change, and here u have it. Nonsensical miserable bunch.

    • Our problem in Nigeria football is most times not the coaches we employ. But how we qualify those coaches for employment without proof of success. Also Nigerians and the press are part of the problem. The ones who don’t know their left from their right will comment on football issues like they know better than the coach. Plus the people who have tribalistic and ideas of slavery will use their opinions to drive others to hate a coach that performs according to set out contract terms.

      Until we tell ourselves the truth, we are not progressing in Football. The likes of Segun Odegbami, Omo9ja, JimmyBall, Chima E Samuels and Ugo Iwunze are part of this problem.

      All what we have as fans is passion and love for our football. Thats where it ends. No one knows better than any coach who has been gainfully employed by a club or a national team. Yes, we can look at stats of a coach. But that sometimes, doesn’t tell the full story of a coaches performance.

      All am saying is this, let’s remove hate, tribalistic sentiments and ego away from our commentary and judgements. This is when we will regard performance for performance. Period.

      • JimmyBall 7 months ago

        … @Ben see you. @JimmyBall is a problem of Nigerian foorball really?

        What about people who were in support of coach Rohr inviting Ahmed Musa and playing him in our games even though the player was inactive and clubless at the time? So what about such individuals who support unprofessionalism… I can’t see @Dr.Drey on your list… I think you did not include him because you are afraid of insults… hahahaha.

        • And your demigod exclude Musa in his final list abi, sometimes I wonder how your wife(if u have any) is been able to cope with you, with this your million mouth, you here today n there tommorow, mischief maker.

  • pompei 7 months ago

    Peseiro will be sacked if he fails to qualify Nigeria for the world cup.
    No problem.
    What of the people that hired him? Any consequences for them as well?
    The current NFF president, vice president and any others that failed in their duties should also be shown the door if Peseiro fails to take us to the mundial.
    They should have followed Rohr out the door. They contributed significantly to his downfall:
    1) With nonpayment of his wages
    2) Horrible pitches
    3) Player interference
    4) Incompetent administration
    If Peseiro fails, then the exit door should be busy swinging open and closed as undesirables depart from the stage.
    With a good NFF, we should have won more than 3 Afcons by now. We probably would have won the world cup too. We need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot with inept, incompetent football administration. Things need to change, and change must start at the top.

    • Mr Hush 7 months ago

      And that is [email protected]

      The administrators of Nigerian football is the primary problem to our football and its stagnated growth.

      We all know things must change in our football management but where and who makes this change?!

      The system itself is corrupted and would never let in those that are willing and competent to bring effective change.

      Most of the competent ones stay away from the job because they understand how corrupt the Nigerian system is. You either play ball and get corrupted by the system or you fall by the way side. So they prefer to stay away and work elsewhere.

      We all know who is good for the job. The Emenalos,Olofijanas,stay away .

      We are in a hapless situation. A dire one. We need to bring down a system and make changes. But good can’t get in to make that change. So the dogs have their way. Simply sad.

      • pompei 7 months ago

        Mr. Hush, it is indeed a dire situation.
        But we must start this herculean fight from somewhere. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.
        A problem acknowledged is on its way to being solved. We need to start talking a lot more about the hopeless liability that the NFF has become. The press, the fans, and all interested parties need to start voicing their intense displeasure and discontent with the state of affairs of our football.
        2022 is almost here, and we lack adequate number of standard pitches in the country, our league is poor, facilities poor, corruption is the order of the day, clueless administration, nonpayment of national team coaches salaries and players bonuses, and the list goes on and on!
        Enough is enough!
        Yes, our government can’t interfere, in order not to incur FIFA’s wrath.
        However, we can change the by laws and articles of association of the NFF, and include clauses that make it possible for the NFF leadership to be impeached or otherwise voted out of office if their performance is below par. The sports minister or some other person of authority can initiate board meetings where this decisions will be taken. This way, it’s the NFF that is making the decisions, and we remain in FIFA’s good books.
        Just a suggestion. I’m certain there’s a lot more we can do in this regard. But we need to start acting now. First things first, if we fail to qualify for the 2022 world cup, the current NFF leadership must be held accountable.

        • @pompeio well said but God forbid we miss out from the WC proper, this situation we have in the country where out NFF feel like they are army barracks that can’t be move need stop, and the campaign need start from CSN right here, trust this people read what we put out from here. Any underperforming NFF boss need be fired by a set of committee, no individual should act like an island .

  • ABDULRAZAK 7 months ago

    I will advise all forumites to read up Jose Peseiro’s resume as a coach. We all prayed to God to send us a better coach than Gernot Rohr but the devil has sent us Jose Peseiro. Happy 2022 to you all.

  • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

    Hahahahaha….NFF….Una no want beautiful football again…?? Una no want tiki-gengen-bonito-taka football again.

    So this is what you paid $2m plus for…..LMAOooo. Swapping certainty for uncertainty.

    Na this Peserio wey nor qualify Saudi and Venezuela, leaving them both more than 20 places below where he picked them from on the FIFA rankings naim go qualify us for World cup in his first and 2nd games in charge of the SE, when he wouldn’t even know all his players’ full names by heart yet.

    You guys and your band of supporters should just know there will be HELL to pay, if any or both of our aspirations form 2022 gets derailed.

    Na sidon look we dey.

  • pompei 7 months ago

    We really need checks and balances in the NFF.
    The NFF executives should be on their toes, knowing they can be voted out at will for nonperformance. With this knowledge, they will sit up and put pressure on other NFF personnel to do their jobs. If the NFF executives fail to sit up, the sports minister or someone else with authority can call for a board meeting, with the objective of voting the executives out of office. If that fails, there are many ways to catch a monkey.
    If voting them out doesn’t work, the government can completely withdraw support. Stop all executives salaries and other job benefits and perks. Make life as uncomfortable for them as possible in the Glass house. Even morning tea or coffee should no longer be available. Uninstall the AC’s in their office, let them be working in heat. Stop staff lunches at the cafeteria. Take their official vehicles away from them.
    By the time the office becomes unbearable for them, the NFF executives will vacate the place on their own. Then elections can be held, and new executives voted in.
    There are a myriad of things we can do to ensure that the NFF is functioning right. Our authorities need to step up and save our football!

  • William d conqueror 7 months ago

    When I say this stupid Eguavon is a bribe eater some imbecile on this forum was calling themselves names. Very soon everybody eye go clear.

    • You guys shd chill joor, imagine he invite him and FIFA later said he has not been approve, same you guys will crucify both the coach and NFF, no sane coach will leave lookman out of his squad, eguavoen might just be playing save to be properly sure he has been clear to play for Nigeria, WC qualify is arround the corner.

      • Can you listen to yourself? @Femi,Eguavon is playing save, so there’s no way he can confirm with fifa abi, you guys are just something else, keep supporting corruption n mediocre, we will all see where it leads us to. “set awon local content” radarada

  • Hope that the Sports Minister is very satisfied now!!
    Well you can’t judge Mr Peseiro Nigerian Adventure by the cover of his past thus, he is not the issue.
    How come the loud mouthed Sports Minister and the cunning NFF president arrived at this slope in the Nigerian soccer graph?
    The Y axis is the soccer talents available to us as a country and the X axis is the soccer Administration!
    You can’t plot the graph with much bias and expect the Desired success!!!

  • Marvelous 7 months ago

    Hope @Jimmyball and @Omo9ja have instructed the new coach that tiki taka and beautiful football without purpose is what they want. Fancy football conditions should be included Even before payment of coach wages and players bonus. @Jimmyball should tell me why their direct boss Dare and pinnick is not sticking to the plan of local content coach and local content squad. @Omo9ja are you comfortable now? Cant you see what you guys pushed for? SACK ROHR! SACK ROHR! SACK ROHR! was the hatred filled slogan. Are you now getting yourself after the whole saga? Can you now see that the problem of Nigerian football is not Rohr but the sport ministry and NFF. I pity the super eagle squad, I am thinking how they will see this saga. Except Noble Ndah and nwakali who are beneficiaries of this confusion and illegalities.

    The hand writing on the wall might request ROHR comes back again to salvage the situation. Because I see the hard work of Rohr going down the drain. The want a coach they can control at 200% but Rohr made things difficult for them. Apart from him accepting the useless Taslim Balogun stadium which he had no choice.

    Why give the coach qualification as a target? Something Rohr can do while still sleeping! The target should be going past round of 16. Any new target that was set for ROHR is what this coaches should work on! Whether local coach or semi local coach.

  • We warned them but they wouldn’t listen. That sports minister and NFF president must be a happy man now. Thought they said Rohr was sacked in other to avert disaster?. What could this be called? We wait to see because the handwriting is already written on the wall…

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 7 months ago

    Chaaii! Talk about a comedy of errors
    Siddon look mode…not Lookman o!

  • Omo9ja 7 months ago

    My country people please lend me your ears.

    What we are looking for in sokoto is already in our shokoto.

    We have a big problem in Africa most, especially in Nigeria.

    We are blessed with so many things but our government is wasteful in terms of governance because a more responsive system of governance will be required before we can enjoy good football, 24/7 hours power supply, security and infrastructure in Nigeria.

    Fellow Nigerians, it is a shameful idea seeing Amaju Pinnick asking “Josh MO” for advice before Nigeria can hire a coach.

    That means people at the class house in Abuja are not good enough to advice Amaju?

    Why hiring a foreign coach when we have our own who capable to turn things around.

    Why we Nigerians can’t follow Cameroon by voting Kanu, Okocha, Mutiu Adepoju, Garba Lawal and other ex players in as the new NFF president and NFF embers?

    We have reaching a point where by Nigerians should be proud of their products but why are we in this mess? Selfishness, egotism, tribalism, no trust and love among ourselves.

    Nonetheless, we got it all wrong from the top. Mr. Buhari and rest of our elders should be the ones sitting at home watching the youth ruling Nigeria and if something is not going well then as an elderly people, they will step in to solve the problem but we can’t see that happening.

    They keep telling us that children are the leaders of tomorrow but Amaju Pinnick, Diko, Sheyi and many of them refuse to step down.

    However, I am very sorry for our leaders in this country. Also, many of are confused because there’s confusion everywhere in the country.

    At first, Oga Rohr wasn’t the best to coach Nigeria if we have to be honest with ourselves.

    We should search for his achievements before he was in charge of the Super Eagles Super Eagles. If he was that good upon the caliber of players we had during his time, Nigeria should have won the Afcon trophy in Egypt but Super Eagles failed to do so.

    Nigeria should have gone far at the last world cup but Eagles failed woefully.

    Who can name a local coach that enjoy working with the Nigeria Football Federation? None.

    The way NFF treated Oga Rohr can’t be compared to ex players/ local coach.

    Still, Keshi did his best and he managed to win the Afcon trophy and did his best at the world cup.

    Why Amaju/NFF can’t give Eguavoen a benefit of the doubt to be in charge of the Super Eagles after the Afcon?

    The main problem of most of us Nigerians is that we don’t believe we are good enough to do things on our own except we get Oyinbo involved. Slave mentality, Amaju Pinnick is part of it.

    We should be grateful that Oga Rohr got sacked but the problem have not stopped there.

    The primary problem of our sports is NFF and if we don’t do something about the current NFF members, they will destroy our football.

    Moreover, we have made in Nigeria vehicles, Mobile phones, aircraft and ships.

    Nothing should stop us from having a made in Nigeria coach unless NFF accepted to replace their NFF members with foriegners to run the rules for them in the glass house but if that is not possible then why hiring a foriegn coach? If a foreign can’t be the NFF President then NFF should have a rethink period.

    Finally, we don’t need a foreign coach after Oga Rohr. Since we have won the Afcon with our own, Olympic Silver medals with our own then we can win the world cup with our own if we put the right people in the system to run our sports. Nigerians shouldn’t be problem of Nigeria. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Legendary 7 months ago

      I can’t wait for Dr. Drey to reply @omonaija. Loool. We missed it from the top looool. You said we should have gone far in the world cup loool. Was it not France that won the world cup that beat Argentina? Croatia who was beaten in the final was from our group too. Remember, they beat Argentina too. Yet, you expected us to go faaar. Like semi final abi? Lol.

      You’re one of those who have been clamouring for Rohr’s sack.Now you have what you wanted. It’s not that We Rohr supporters are not aware or not angry that the team played badly in recent times, at a time I wanted him out but thinking about it, I realized he’s the best in this case we are now. I just hope we perform well In afcon and qualify for the world cup. I can’t just imagine Nigeria not playing in the world cup, I can’t just imagine.

      All I know is if Rohr was there we would have gone far in afcon and even win. Tbh, Rohr really built this team to a point that we can demand for afcon cup and wc qualification in a contract. Yet he didn’t miss the set targets. But we sacked him. He even qualified us for 2018 wc from a group that contained Algeria Cameroon and Zambia. It is well.

      I hate it when people say that we have a great number of talents in Nigeria right now just to pressurize Rohr. Please, When did we not have talents in Nigeria? The squad we have now is not as good as the one that played at 2010 wc. Proof that we’ve not lackrd talents is that we’ve won the u-17 wc than any other country in the world.

      What I know is Rohr really raised our expectations from this team.

      I really Hope we do well in afcon and not miss the wc.

      • Omo9ja 7 months ago

        @Mr. Legendary, you are part of the Nigeria problem.

        With what we saw before NFF got the gaffer sacked, Oga Rohr can’t beat any team in Cameroon.

        Madagascar was the first
        team to exposured the Technicality of Oga Rohr in Africa and he failed woefully but you the former followers of the coach said that just because the German tactician didn’t use his main team. 100% Lies.

        I said it here that time that NFF was playing politics game with us Oga Rohr would have gone after the world cup but you people called me names.

        Furthermore, Cape Verde, CAR and Liberia were too much for Oga Rohr to handle and he couldn’t do anything to prove and protect his team from mess and Eagles were disjointed and failed to impressed and he got fired and you are now saying the gaffer may win the Afcon trophy in Cameroon but how?

        I can’t guarantee you that Eguavoen, a.k.a Mr. No nonsense will win the Afcon trophy but I can guarantee you one thing, good football. Coach Eguavoen will wow you Oga Rohr fans just wait. Then, you will realize that we wasted five good years with Oga Rohr in Cameroon.

        Lolz. “I can’t wait for Dr. Drey to reply @omonaija”.

        Did you see Dr.Drey on here like before?

        He made a huge mistake by supporting Oga Rohr wrongly.

        I too loved the gaffer so much and I was supporting him but after the world cup in Russia, I stopped supporting Oga Rohr.

        His boss, Ayphillydegreat and Deo played smart and you can see the difference between him and his bosses. I warned Drey though but he didn’t listen to me.

        Don’t be surprised that many of you the former Oga Rohr fans will change your username to something else.

        I hope he learned one or two things from that Oga Rohr scenario and play smart in future.

        I will advise you people again, support your country and don’t put any coach ahead of Nigeria.

        I love Drey and the rest of you Oga Rohr fans so much but don’t follow people just because other are doing so. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • What is this one writing epistle sef for. Let me ask Omo9ja question, how many of our ex-internationals even completed their education sef?? Not FIFA coaching education o, just University education. Only a few to begin with. Let me name them here Sunday Oliseh, Seyi Olofinjana (Lautech) and Mike Wmenalo (foreign university).
      This is the major reason you see them clamouring for Super Eagles job as coaches, yet they cannot get into the foreign clubs they played for as youth coaches.

      There is even no educational support program to help ex-internationals complete their education from the NFF as at today.

      Let me also shock you once more, the likes of Mesut Ozil and Mathieu Flamini with a few other exceptions are investing their earned salaries into startups around the World today.

      How many Nigerian ex-internationals can confidently hold board positions in corporate organizations. The problem is bigger than just saying we don’t allow ex-internationals to be coaches.

      They cannot relate proffessionally with their foreign counterparts on a daily job basis.
      Only a few like the names I mentioned can.

      • Omo9ja 7 months ago

        I don’t think you people have learned you lessons.

        NFF the doctor can’t invest in ours but Amaju wanted to send Oga Rohr for a refresher course because of his selfishness. Don’t that make any sense?

        Education is vital in human life no doubt but how about Amunike, Egbo and Finidi? Are they educated illiterate? They have no UEFA license? Are you kidding me ni?

        You see young man, I don’t have time to waste at all. Just say something else please.

        You government officials are doing as if you and Amaju owned Super Eagles but we hire and we fire. When the time comes, we the patriotic Nigerians we ask Amaju and his company to vacate their positions period. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Edoman 7 months ago

    @Ben, all the names you brilliantly mentioned are the folks responsible for Nigeria’s predicaments. They are the one who made us failed in AFCON and make us not go to World-Cup. Believe me, Nigeria football is dead on arrival. Rohr skillfully placed us 36 in FIFA rankings when, until the above-named individuals undermined his achievements and was sacked. As the law of karma takes its natural cause, Nigeria football will crash to where it was before Rohr came in, 78 in FIFA rankings. Soup done sawalooooo.

    • Steve O 7 months ago

      Go Sidon @Edoman, na you go personally crash to bottom level beyond consideration this year !!.Why wish your country bad because of stupid Rohr ?.Rohr came and become worst than Naija coach , he was playing the politics of Nigeria without merit .I love how he was sacked and if we didn’t qualify , we.move on as a country .The point is that I want Amaju Picnick out of that seat , let have some one like Emenalo to rebuild out administration of football professionally!

      • Chinenye 7 months ago

        Lmao @Steve just know that hatred has eaten deep into some people’s souls. Thank GOD Emenalo has no business with Nigerian sports. Fifa ranking @36 is now a trophy for Rohr and his colonized slaves

  • Hubert 7 months ago

    @ pompei, who will effect the change? Is our government free? When blind leads a blind what will u expect? Our players are trying truth be told technically we have watch rohr matches was he a sound coach? If u can recall any of you here remember 2018 world cup against Argentina we have everything to win that match but what happened? I commend our players. Concerning this new coach let just see and watch the outcome, since we don’t believe in our local made.