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Super Eagles, Black Stars Pre- AFCON 2019 Friendly May Not Hold

Super Eagles,  Black Stars Pre- AFCON  2019 Friendly May Not Hold

The much publicised pre-2019  Africa Cup of Nations friendly fixture between fierce rivals Ghana and Nigeria  may not hold despite a firm declaration by

the latter’s head coach Gernot Rohr, Completesports.com reports.


Rohr had told reporters after last Friday’s draw in Giza, Egypt that the Super Eagles will host the Black Stars at home in a friendly match  ahead of  AFCON 2019.


But according to a report in Footy-Ghana.com,  Rohr may have jumped the gun in going public after approaching only one member of the Ghana contingent at the AFCON  draw.


“They actually wanted to play us [Ghana] in Nigeria and they had discussions with only the Deputy Sports Minister [Perry Okudzeto],” a source told Footy-Ghana.com.


Nonetheless, Ghana would have loved to face their West African rivals but for the date and venue of the proposed friendly.


“But we may be in United Arab Emirates which will be difficult,” the source stated in confirming doubts about the game.


The proposed friendly according to  the report also falls right at the beginning of Black Stars’ camping.


Ghana have chosen to hold a three-week pre-Afcon 2019 camping in Abu Dhabi ahead of the competition.


They will face defending champions Cameroon,  Guinea Bissau and Benin in Group F.


The Super Eagles are in Group B along with Guinea,  Madagascar and Burundi.



By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Janebrix 5 years ago

    I won’t blame them. I can understand why they are retreating. Everyone is scared and trying to avoid the super Eagles. No country wants to upset their morale before the tournament. Take it like it is Nigeria is one country you don’t want to face because you just can’t predict them. You can’t say who will turn up in a match which is the worst thing that can happen to an opponent. So Ghana we understand. 

  • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

    Pitting two bitter rivals against each other close to a tournament both sides are eager to win within a matter of weeks to the tournament may not really sit well. For generations now, there has never been anything friendly in a match between Ghana and Nigeria…the stakes are always to high. Unless we are going to line up only our fringe players for the game…otherwise the risks might not be worth the gains.

    • Simon 5 years ago

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      • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

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        • Ashy Slashy 5 years ago

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        • Simon 5 years ago

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    • U are right d drey’ i think nigeria should ignore that friendly match as well, considering the rivery betwin both teams they might well hot their selves may we should go for ivorycoast or tunisia

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    Good development, I don’t trust those Ghanaian players anyway, too rough and reckless, they will try and injure some of our star players . They don’t like our players, I hope u guys remembered what Thomas partey did to our guys when we played Atlectico Madrid 

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      Exactly bro. I was about making reference to that scenario. Partey played that day like he was in the world cup finals…his tackles most times came with intent. It will be a huge risk to face such hard-hearted players before the afcon, knowing that we are not used to that typical African rugged style of play

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  • Arranging these warm-up matches so close to the competition proper is pointless, and even very risky. You may think that Ghana is afraid of being humiliated by Nigeria, but I think that’s the least of their fears. They are are afraid of injuries, though it seems they have grafted in excessive physicality into their soccer codes. The NFF should not allow Rohr the free rein to decide when and with whom the SE should take on in pre-tournament friendly games. These games should be played some time before the competitions to allow time to correct errors detected. They shouldn’t be used to indulge personal ego. Let’s think strategically-conserve energy and funds.. 

    As Dr Drey commented there is nothing friendly about a match between Nigeria and Ghana. 

  • see rohr taking everything as if he is fifa lord….”even me sef i go cancel dat match” no wonder he keeps upset us (fan)….thinks only his decision is final…well’ we need ivory coast or tunizia moroco. but that gana game was needed.

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