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Rohr Can’t Bring Out The Best In Eagles -Aghahowa

Rohr Can’t Bring Out The Best In Eagles -Aghahowa

Former Nigerian forward, Julius Aghahowa says Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr doesn’t have the capability to bring out the best from the array of talents at his disposal.

Aghahowa made this known in an interview with SuperSport’s Naija Made, where he described the current performance of the Super Eagles as unacceptable.

The former Shakhtar Donetsk star was also angered by the team’s performance during their shock 1-1 draw with Cape Verde in a 2022 World Cup qualifiers at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos on Tuesday.

He said, “If you talk of the players, the talents are there, the players have the capabilities but we are not having the coach to bring out the best in these players. I saw a couple of players that were not supposed to be in that team that day.

“We don’t have a playmaker. I think somebody was wearing the playmaker’s number, 10, but when you saw the play he could not carry the ball, to drive with the ball, and go and meet your opponents before releasing the pass.

“You are giving a pass when there is no one marking you so how do we progress from this pattern of football that we are playing. I don’t think that we can move forward like this?”

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  • GLORY 1 year ago

    “You are giving a pass when there is no one marking you so how do we progress from this pattern of football that we are playing. I don’t think that we can move forward like this?”

    Thank you @ Aghahowa. That point is as valid as valid. That has been the downside of SE play recently. That playing style only helps to slow down plays/players as well as help opposing team players position themselves properly to defend.

    • @Glory, please Aghahowa talked about driving the ball forward and not slowing down. Not that the pattern is bad, but that the players need to either grow into that pattern or the coach has to ensure we have the quality player to deliver. Please read properly.

      • By the way @Glory, Chelsea FC uses that same pattern of play FYI.

        • GLORY 1 year ago

          Fyi, we don’t have same players as Chelsea n this is national team that don’t have the luxury of a whole season to perfect a system as any clubside be it Chelsea or whatever we have.

          • @Glory, we have never had all our players fully developed in any generation, which is why we suffer at the World Cup frequently. Even Chelseafc has over 7 players from the age of 25 and above. That have grown to the standards at Chelseafc. A lot of people don’t realize it, but late Stephen Keshi inherited a team of quite established players with more than 4 – 5 years experience playing at a top European team. Until we realize that this current squad is still growing we are not going anywhere. To those who think I am Dr.Drey. Continue in your wilderness

      • Tope Adeola 1 year ago

        While I don’t have a thing against Rohr, I will like to state in clear terms that he has not added anything to eagles since he took over as the coach. I appreciate the fact that FIFA ranking has improved that that does not have any direct impact on our play pattern.

        Who is African football will throw away 4-0 lead if not Nigeria?

        We have seen the best of Rohr, he can’t take us anywhere.

        • @Tope Areola, it happens Thats why its Football. Did we not do something similar in Moscow 87 or at Atlanta 96. Coming from goals down to even win a match. Did we die???

          • GLORY 1 year ago

            @ Ben, yes it happens, but when such happens, it only makes sense to make some important changes so such things may not happen again. And part of that change, might just be to replace the coaching staff, or bring in better players or reshaping administrative issues.

        • John 1 year ago

          Our away record under Rohr has been amazing. The 94 team lost away matches despite been no1 in Africa.

      • GLORY 1 year ago

        @ Ben, I can see you used your mouth to read instead of eyes. When you don’t drive balls forward, won’t that slow down movement into opponents area? Your struggles to defend Rohr is gravely affecting your sense of judgement. Mind u I have been a known fan of Rohr but he goofed badly in many many decisions he made recently and in doing so, has let many of us, his true fans down badly.

        • JimmyBall 1 year ago

          @GLORY… This individual you are addressing unbeknownst to you as @Ben is actually @Dr.Drey… I can bet that even in my dream. The whole episode involving Rohr disgracing himself with his pathetic coaching in the last game versus Cape Verde really jarred the mind of @Dr.Drey… that he has to go into permanent hiding from the embarrassment which, he only shares with Rohr from being a blind and gullible worshipper of the imgae of the man mostly, and not his outputs abilities… did it not surprise you that @Dr.Drey is so shook from Rohr’s BLOOD PRESSURE VOLTAGE JOLT he isnt yet properly recovered… hahaha. Let him come back and argue football in his usual insultive and thuggish attitude let us see… he has to be ready to help Rohr carry bags and luggages to Niger border… Lol. “Dan Kusuwa Shege”… hahaha!

          • Larry 1 year ago

            @Glory, you are one of the most respected names on this platform. If you have observed closely, you are one of the few opposing views that I find worthy of deserving my response abd time here. Please do not allow a stinking pig drag you into the pungent mud with him. Just ignore unruly actions and keep knocking their delusional mindset with your intelligent and top notch write-ups..

          • Oakfield 1 year ago

            Yeah, Exaclty how u we’re able to decipher the tribes of people here who didn’t want to criticize kele bcs they are Igbo. U are full of deception and falsehood. Now, ben is Dr drey. Do u see how you are making a full or yourself. Miserable tribal bigot.

          • JimmyBall 1 year ago

            @Oakfield… a.k.a @Dr.Drey, if you do not know I am a decendant of Nsukka people who migrated through Ankpa to Benue… my grand father was called Ogbu, great grand father was called Ochigbo (meaning king of Igbos), his father’s name was called Igwe and Igwe was soon of Anyanwu… so I come from a line of Igbos and Igalas but today my language by virtue of the history and migration of my people is Idoma… my younger brother’s name is Ogbu… I am Idoko, by my native name, Igalas, Idomas & Nsukka Igbos bear Idoko… so dot come here to tell me I hate Igbos… I am of Igbo extraction also and my village is called “Ekeh” the name of the popular Igbo market day… when you were saying I hate Igbos because of how folks here, clearly Igbos have backed Kelechi Iheanacho for a long time hardly ever criticising him… I had to voice my observed truth… how does Alloy Agu, our corrupt goalkeeper coach keep inviting mostly weak goalkeepers (Ezenwa, Noble, Maduka) to Super Eagles even though there are clearly other better options? The guy Adeleke in Israel… Enyimba current keeper benching Noble and a host of other good keepers in the league… even Theophilus Afelokhai… be truthful to yourself. Football is played very well in all states, so because Igbos make it more through scouting business and traveling to become foreign pros does not mean they are special in the game…

      • Akosa Ike 1 year ago

        My brother the story title and focus is that the current coach doesn’t have the capacity to do those things you are talking about.

  • @Glory, what many of you are not understanding is that it takes more than 5 years to build a national team. This case has been proven worldwide. But African and Nigerian mentality will not allow people to think straight. You think after winning AFCON in one year, you are ready to dominate. Make we siddon day look. Our mumuism just start.



    • chrisB 1 year ago

      We have strikers. The ones he called were capable of destroying Cape Verde. But they did not get much service.No natural playmaker in the team and this is what Agahowa is pinpointing. Even with an Awoniyi, Dennis or Sadiq, without service they will not score.

  • GLORY 1 year ago

    @Larry and @ Jimmyball, I dont think @ Ben is DR Drey. Dr Drey’s absence might have been as a result of total disappointment with the way Rohr has been going about SE business lately, thus eventually ending up where he is today. Reading in between the lines of Dr Drey’s comments leading to our last games, you could easily read someone in absolute disgust with Rohr invitation of players, but only speaking in support of Rohr, hoping something good will come out. HONESTLY BRODAS, MOST OF US ROHR’S SUPPORTERS KNEW ALL THE WHILE, THAT ROHR ISNT THAT COACH WE TRULY YEARN TO HAVE BUT FOR STABILITY SAKE, WE CHOSE TO STAND BY HIM AND GOING BY THE CORRUPT MANNER, OF MOST OF OUR LOCAL COACHES, WHO WONT SUPPORT A SUPPOSEDLY BREATHE OF FRESH AIR. BUT UNFOTUNATELY, IT NOW SEEM LIKE WHETHER LOCAL OR FOREIGN, NIGERIA FOOTBALL MAY FOREVER PLAY THE OLIVER TWIST REGARDING BREATH OF FRESH AIR. ONLY GOD CAN HELP NIGERIA ALA NIGERIA FOOTBALL.

    • JimmyBall 1 year ago

      @GLORY let me shock you again… @Dr.Drey has not only been morphing as @Ben, @Oakfield, @Lanre, @Ola… he is also the same individual as @Ayphillydegreat, done his IP filtering as well as run his posts on the forum through a pattern recognition software online… it returned hits of his numerous phrases and signature words.. I swear he is the same individual… hahaha is a morphing masquerade… Lol.

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        Which pattern recognition software can you operate?Lmao!!! Maybe your brain should be replaced with that of a German Shepard to be able to reason straight. Better don’t cross me on this platform. And I’m sure you know me here. Don’t ever in your life associate me with your dumb reasoning. If want to debate football and the way forward for the SuperEagles I’m always available to rob minds with you, but if want to go down the lane absurdity you know I’m always ready to take anybody on.

        • JimmyBall 1 year ago

          The truth hurts @Ayphillydegreat… it is “German Shepherd” and not “German Shepard”… I thought I should help you there! Lol… you know I am no pushover here so just mind your tone with me… with that sort of spelling problem you have got… are you really sure you work in some oil rig in the USA and not some doughnut delivery service in the backends of the deep south? Lol… just asking a question though! See how petty you can be… you tried insulting me about my wife the other day and I played it cool… but now because you are pained about Rohr’s situation brought upon him by himself… you want to take it out on me… guy go calm yourself… Rohr is not related to you!

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Can you bring out the post where I said anything about your wife or about how you lead your personal life? You can go ahead and teach me English na? After all you call yourself a software guru why can’t you do something about autocorrect?? Lmao!! I have just told you if you want to debate football with me I’m all game, don’t ever associate my name with whatever problem you have in your daily life. Do you think I give a hoot about GR being told to leave by his employers?? Let me tell you I have moved past that one while you’re still stuck with his shortcomings.
            And as for wether I control an oil rig in the USA I’ve already posted it here if you want to see it again here’s it.


            And if you want more I will provide it for you to see. Just maintain your lane here with me. I’m only about facts, but if it’s the other way around I can guarantee you that I have all day all night to respond to any form of debilitating trash words against me.

        • Razak 1 year ago

          The Coach of the Super Eagle of Nigeria Gernot Rohr was sacked for qualifying Nigeria to the final round of the World Cup 2022 as I recall the French man Phillipe Trousser was also fired for qualifying the Super Eagle of Nigeria in 1998 World Cup, they ended up with a Serbian Coach Bora Mutonovic before taking a coaching job in Nigeria please do research and good luck.

        • KENNETH 1 year ago

          What oil rig is this mad man commenting on here, why didnt you display yourself drilling the oil. Liar of the highest order, better go focus on your mechanic job and stop this your delusional stories

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            I was wondering too….Random video of an oil rig like you think we are retards here lmao. I was expecting to see him or atleast his voice over….. People dey ment for this forum sha

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Hahahaha! rabid dog. I’m sure you can identify my voice when I said Let’s get this natural resources!!! I’m way past the level displaying fallacy here. You’ve seen my previous videos with the SuperEagles on our way to Brazil in 2014 therefore, if your brain hasn’t degenerated to the level of decay that voice hasn’t changed if you watch the entire video. Lmao!! You want a proof I just gave it to you in a resounding way. And you footballfanatic do you think anyone can be allowed on any drilling rig in the USA without a permit?? Lmao!! You’re very smart indeed.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            Bros you dey lie jor….. Unverified video to prove what??? If people doubt you keep it moving and keep talking soccer why do you have to prove yourself with some fake videos. Na football we come talk here not to prove our social status. In the U.S you are allowed to record rigs tho. Nothing in that video proves anything about you not ownership so quit the BS I live in the U.S too. You trying to hard bro

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

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          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

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          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Maybe it’s fascinating to you that I’m controlling a rig in the USA. Abi you just came to America yesterday?? Come to Texas and see many incredibly smart Nigerians that major oil companies like Exxon, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and the likes can never do without them.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            So much for clodpoll who lives in the U.S but can’t differentiate Live and Leave…. Oga na u knw I done with this issue lol…… “Since I was a little boy” that na serious cap…..keep capping bruh na u knw.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago


          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Of course I used to work on aircrafts during my undergraduate days so yeah I possess unwavering mechanical abilities if you must know with 3 different degrees in engineering. I own Jiffy Lube franchises in Philadelphia so yeah I’m proud of my mechanical aptitude. We’ve always provided facts and proofs on this forum and that’s exactly what I’m doing. If you have a problem with you can jump in from of a moving train. If you have problem with my career in the US deal with it. I have every right to post whatever I want here.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

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          • Zeha 1 year ago

            1. Please what is the highest position occupied by a rig personnel called?
            2. The operation you just posted , in simple drilling language is called ?
            3. What’s your duty there ?
            4. What kind of rig is that and from the Derrick what’s the tonnage?.
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          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

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          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

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          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Let me talk to a smart fellow @Zeha that’s called a Flex Rig that can walk on skidding on a multiple well pad. Derrick load equates to the summation of fast line tension, dead line tension and hook load. The derrick is a support structure that holds the drilling apparatus together It acts as the framework supporting a drilling apparatus on the rig. Derricks offers a good strength-to-weight ratio by adding mud weights during drilling operations. They Use Barytes and Bentonite as mud additives that generate returns and the the percentage of washouts before and after ICP (Intermediate Casing Point) particularly on the vertical section. Once they Land the Curve and began drilling Laterally or Horizontally they maintain a specific mud weight until Total Depth (TD)

            The highest position of a drilling rig is the drilling Engineer who receives daily reports from the Company man reports on location and there’s also the rig manager who oversees the Derrick, Motorman and other employees of the drilling operator. The operator or the exploration company have a Geologist overseeing how the drilling bits are moving in the hole. That’s all the answers to your questions if you need more keep asking. From your question you might be working on a drilling rig as well. Cheers. I’m a partner with a few fellows I went to college with. Only working to take advantage of America’s oil boom.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

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          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

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          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

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          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

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          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            @Zeha that’s called a Flex Rig that can walk on skidding on a multiple well pad. Derrick load equates to the summation of fast line tension, dead line tension and hook load. The derrick is a support structure that holds the drilling apparatus together It acts as the framework supporting a drilling apparatus on the rig. Derricks offers a good strength-to-weight ratio by adding mud weights during drilling operations. They Use Barytes and Bentonite as mud additives.

            The highest position of a drilling rig is the drilling Engineer who received daily reports from the Company reports on location and there’s also the rig manager who oversees the Derrick, Motorman and other employees of the drilling operator. That’s all the answers to your questions if you need more keep asking. From your question you might be working on a drilling rig as well. Cheers. I’m a partner with a few fellows I went to college with. Only working to take advantage of America’s oil boom.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

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          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            1. Please what is the highest position occupied by a rig personnel called?
            2. The operation you just posted , in simple drilling language is called ?
            3. What’s your duty there ?
            4. What kind of rig is that and from the Derrick what’s the tonnage?.
            Only fakers would want to deceive themselves to gain recognition . Man up Oga.

            The operator I’m with is called Pioneer Natural Resource you can look them up on NYSE. I detest the geological formations where we hope to find oil deposits in the Permian Basin of West Texas through Geoscience with the use of Geo Steering or Geo Navigation during drilling operations that’s my expertise on every rig I go. And the drilling company is called H&P Helm-rich and Payne. One of the biggest drilling contractors in the world. You can look that up too. I also have entities with other different . If you still have an issue let me know

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

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          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

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          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

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          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

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          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

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            E no go better for your entire generation. You wey your mama don use your life do menstruation that’s why you’re still struggling in the US. You better go beg your animal parents to find a solution to your life.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            My guy I’m living good….I’m not complaining and you won’t bait me to get to your level to disclose personal details..as for you we now know you are an ASE certified mechanic lmaoo and that curse goes directly back to you and your unborn generation. Na you go use your mouth curse yourself no be me lol. Your words reek of a miserable individual trying so hard to prove what he is not. Is there a crime working 4 jobs??? When I was in college I worked 2 Jobs and school but now my hardwork let’s me live a good life without having to throw it in the faces of others. You are a miserable fellow so you have to prove to strangers….. You might actually be the one with no papers cuz you keep throwing inuendos here…Have a good day Mr. PATHOLOGICAL LIAR

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Punk ass faggot. If have time come visit me in West Texas Or Philly. I will be more than happy to entertain you and show you how I operate in those regions. There are various forumites I’ve met one on one in the past. So feel free to HMU if you ever pass through those regions. I don’t have a problem with you denying the evidence I’ve given. That’s your personal vendetta, you can deal with that. It my right to brag on what I do. Of course I don’t need to prove anything to anything to anyone, but there various bigots here like you that needs to be treated like a scumbag in scenarios like this.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            You see your life? You work 5 jobs in College. Lmao! Guess what I never have to work 2 jobs all through my college days. I played soccer in high school and it was one of the Scholarships I used to obtain my degrees. I went to college with majority of the sons and daughters of Nigerian senators and Governors and successful business men alike. I’ve had an hobby of putting things together to make them since childhood so I don’t have a problem with you labeling me a mechanic. At least that’s one professional career. The colleges I went to alone is enough to feed your entire generation. Go and find out how it cost to go to UPENN alone. I came to the US as a citizen because my Dad became a citizen in the 90s. So I don’t even know what the process of papers is. Punk ass bloody bigot.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            Save the explanations for your unborn children you stupid bitch. Your useless father probably one of the evil politicians that milked Nigeria. Had scholarship but I still worked my ass off not some spoiled rotten entitled bitch who had an easy way here lol. You and your thieving father deserve firing squad. Bastard! Bragging about going to school with children of corrupt bastards that ruined Nigeria na God go punish you and your thieving father oloshi.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            If my Dad is one of the politicians that milked Nigeria deal with it. It’s not my fault that your parents struggle to send you to the US. Lmao!! My Dad deserves an entitlement to milk Nigeria because he’s from Niger Delta. Therefore, he’s the son of the soil. My parents are living a luxury life anywhere they want in the US and Nigeria. Therefore, you are just a nonentity who is just jealous of another man living better or doing better than you in the US. As a spoilt brat I still possess mechanical and technical expertise in problem solving that has taken me to unprecedented opportunities. My father came to America, he worked incredibly hard and he gave me a plethora of opportunities. If you got a problem with that. Then I pity your life. Punk ass Nigga.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            The fact that despite living in the US and went to college in the US you’re still worried and whining about Nigerian politicians shows why you’re still struggling in America. Lmao!!! Get over it or make use of the Mississippi River you fucking moron.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            You sound so retarded. You don’t even know me…… and only a fool like you will make such assumptions. SO CAUSE IM IN THE U.S I need to forget where I’m from and the corrupt people that exist there??? You must be a fool and a sell out. We know folks like you. Omo our original ola ri. Nobody is jealous of a pathological liar who is bragging on a football forum. America is a mandatory of opportunities but you pushing it so much it is obvious that you are a loswr as you continue to brag and divulge personal information that can’t be backed up by anything. I’ve lived in South Beach where I saw half a million dollar cars every day no I didn’t say I owned any but I saw it daily …. I no jealous those ones na one lunatic that is lying through his teeth I go dey jealous lmaooo. Davido just gave 250 million to orphanages and a animal like you still bragging with unverifiable facts. You must be a psych patient suffering from delusions of grandeur as everything you keep writing are just lies…..Fool recorded a rig and think people here are gullible. The one annoying thing is that you dared to toy with people’s intelligence no one is hating on your delusions of grandeur “since I was a little boy” lmaoooo ashiereee

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            I don’t need to know you to decipher the kind of low lifer you are. Your comments reeks volume of how regarded and stuck on stupid you are. It is not my problem that you’re still struggling in the US. By the way oil is currently trading above $80 a barrel in case you don’t know so my unborn child future is already situated. You miserable swine. Ọmọ ẹranko jatijati.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Oni Kuure Oloriburuku Apọọda. miserable imbecile. Retarded Lunatic. Deal with my achievements and make use of a Geothermal power grid. Bloody bigot of the highest order.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            Mr Decipher well done. Call me whatever assume whatever you still won’t know what I do cuz I have principles. Its easy for an individual like you to lie that you are whatever here with nothing to back it up but not everybody gonna stoop to that level just to prove a baseless point to a stranger on a soccer forum lmaoo you retard. If you brag to strangers only God knows how you brag to your friends and families about what you’re not. Enjoy your job at jiffy lube my guy. Dirty son Of a bitch. I’ll be drinking margaritas while u slave under a white man’s car looking dirty and fifty. You stupid moronic individual who can’t differentiate leave from live.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            Na your generation no go kuure. Why you dey swear? Such a class act from an engineer that works at jiffy lube lmaoooo e dey pain you. Bro nobody is hating on you . It’s the baseless lies that are just annoying. Who gives a fuck what you are or what you do. Do you know how many Nigerian millionaires are in the U.S milkionaires in $ and you think ….. I’d be so retarded to be jealous of some lying delusional, slaving ass morherfucker who has been ranting here for 4 hours. You can’t but class my guy. I will be leaving to my Saturday outing soon so if u dont see a reply means I’m done with ur miserable ass.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            I go swear for your generation because you asked for it today. How is my video post your personal problems???? Ko ni banṣu Fun Awọn iyalaya ẹ. Gbogbo ẹni ban binu simi Ibinu Ọlọrun Ọba will descend all over your entire household. If you want your life to have a meaning stay away from my post. Otherwise I have all day all night for Aṣiere Ọmọ irankiran like you.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            Every curse you curse will go back to your entire generation in a million folds. 10 generations of your unborn generation will continue to carry that curse. Be careful my guy. I have not cursed you if e no dey pain you why descend to curses. Everything you curse will go back yo your family in a 100 folds. Lying ass bitch.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            E dey pain you that you are busted liar. Jiffy lube faggot mechanic talking about if you come to West TX or Philly. So u divided yourself into 2? Lmaoo fuck you bitch nobody is interested in meeting a faggot….lying ass nigga If I catch u for streets I will slap the dogs hit out of you. Idiot!

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            That’s because I have your time today retarded ass low life miserable scumbag. I’m already at one of my happy hour bars chilling and I can make use of my phone as much as possible. Miserable nincompoop. Bloody star struck lying ass worthless Nigga. You don’t give a fuck yet your punk ass rush to watch the video. And searching about my name all over the internet. Punk ass razzo.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Miserable Faggot. Cock sucking murtherfucker miserable son a bitch when you finish hanging out with your bloody Fags I’l be here waiting for you. Stupid imbecile works 5 jobs and he’s star struck on my video ranting like a horny chimpanzee. Who even want have anything to do with a nonentity broke ass Nigga like you? Wasted Sperm of the highest order. Guess what I generate about a 1000 barrels a day multiply that by $80. Barbaric ass baboon

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            My guy I’m done arguing with you. I’m only here for soccer. You can keep ranting…..

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Lmao!! You mean if you’re lucky enough to meet me in a club or bar? Lmao!! How can you see me on the street when I’m not a jobless wonder about like you?? And yes my family stays in Philly, I delegate authorities to people I need to interact with and I don’t need to be physically there to receive my direct payments. You worthless nonentity broke ass Nigga don’t know shit. The people that ask questions have rescinded to their coven. It is you that leave your own load carrying other people’s load. Oloriburuku Oloṣi Ko ni yẹ ẹ atawọn iyalaya ẹ. I will cause the hell of your life today because you begged for it. Next time when you see my post you won’t bring your sniffing ass nose to it. You bloody son of a gun.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            I will curse the hell out of your miserable life today because you begged for it. Miserable fool wants to slap me on the internet Lnao!! How can you even see me on the streets? Jobless Broke ass wonder about Nigga

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            And of course when it comes to talking soccer. All of you will still descend back to your covens whenever me and Drey have your time with facts and stats. There’s no issue in sacking a coach who is meeting is targets. All of you can be ungrateful for as much as you like. The facts don’t lie that the coach has met his targets.

            Of course some call ups and overall style of play begs a lot to be desired in all honesty. However, we’ve seen this kind of movies in the past and we are all old enough to know the outcomes.

            If the federation decides that he should take the SuperEagles to Cameroon I will support him and the team wholeheartedly and provide an astute tactical assistant. Then I will be optimistic for our chances to claim a fourth AFCON in Cameroon. If he fails to perform well in Cameroon then he should be let go since we will close to a year before the WorldCup or we can start with a new coach for another 3 to 5 years rebuilding. One step forward 10 step backward as usual. We will all be brazing up for another era of missing back to back tournaments. Lmao!!

            For now I can only look forward to watching the AFCON with less tension.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            Not till you show proof of all the lies sir…. You are an illiterate to me lmOo…. You barking like a rabi dog… so Hurt with words of a stranger. You must be lying. E pain you so bad u descend to curses cuz you na god wey dey dictate destiny. My man go and chill somewhere joor before you curse yourself and your unborn generation. It hurt you so bad it’s obvious in your writing lol. Illiterate jiffy lube mechanic lmaoo. I’m done with you and will not be replying you any further. Lying ass bitch! Lmaoo no verifiable link or anything Oloshi Jamie jati….. akushe.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Lmao!! E pain you sote you no get choice than to reply. Shebi Na soccer you wan talk?? Apọọda. Ondatọ. Useless ass miserable imbecile. No continue to leave your own load and keep on carrying other people’s load till you die miserably. Shebi you want to slap me on the internet? You no go use that hand do any better thing for the rest of your miserable life again. Stinking ass broke ass miserable Nigga. I’m one of the guys driving Maserati pass you in South beach you bloody crack head struggling to make ends meet. I’ve only kept mute on how you trash talk people on the forum, but you pass your boundaries today and I’m all game for your sorry ass. Struggling ass Nigga.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Check that out mutherfucker. You want evidence here’s it bloody asshole. Both you and the one changing his name up and down the place like a retarded dog every time he’s found out. Lmao!! Awọn Oloṣi dede. Feast your miserable souls with this jealous ass stinking ass broke ass Niggas.

            By the time you finish watching it you can make use of the Mississippi River because I’m doing better than you in the US. Awọn Ẹdun Arinlẹ jatijati

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            Sorry ass nigga working in an abando…… lmaoo thinking that he doing better than every Nigerian …… Nigga forcing a stupid accent mixed with Ogbomodho accent lmaoooooo we know ya type. Go kill yourself bro. You gotta record some bullshit to show how perplexed you are to a stranger you got issues. You’ve proven that you are a sorry motherfucker and a miserable idiot trying so hard to sound American ……. [email protected] “since I was a little noy” we wey do 8th grade for here na old boys lmaoo. You will never know what I do till eternity. Useless idiot.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            I’ve told you I no go use my mouth curse you. Everything you say will be returned to you and your generation in a million folds. Shebi na you be creator dey go now as you wan use ur own hand destroy yourself from soccer forum. End to fi shepe yen lo ma fi ba aiye Ara e je. Iwo to to ya were tan yi. Oloriburuku jati jati.You wan swear for person make you fey enjoy???? Na Bro it doesn’t work like that nature knows who taunts it first. Continue to dey swear for your family x a million folds. Saturday night sitting in some dirty looking place boasting about doing better than others what an arrogant pig you are lmaoooo. Explaining Jargosn with that stupid accent…

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            Fucking scammer lmaooooo. Them go so you go soon use your mouth swear for yourself….. Lying ass bitch! Open some stupid windows and explain Jargons lmaoo such a loser of a fellow…..gotta record to strangers talking about I can watch whatever I wanna watch …… my guy T.V na I’m dey hungry you to watch??? Lmaoooo look at this rented security bitch working in a dirty motherfuxking place sounding like an illiterate if course you can’t show your face cuz you a ugly motherfucker with a face only a mother can love….. With those tribal marks like you fought a lion ….. Guy no let me out all your credentials here your life go just finish apoda…..Imbecilic individual. Nigga I’m going home after a good time out while you retarded ass works in that coackroach infested cabin lmaooo. Happy sunday.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Oya TUN gbọ Eleyi. Oloriburuu Aṣiere Jati jati. KONI DAA FUN Ẹ ATAWỌ TO NI Ẹ.


            STUPID ASS STINKING ASS BROKE ASS NGGA. We know your type crack head struck on stupid jobless wonder about Nigga. You ask for proof. There you have it

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            I think sey you be Niger Drlta lying ass bitch. Sounding like a nigga from Ilorin who just reach Yankee trying so hard to sound American. You fucking rent a cop dodooo smelling bitch! When your shift go finnish from that rat infested hole you call a job, everything look fucking dusty as shit. You’re so quick to blurt out faggoy and nasty shit u must have been a down low nigga. You probably suck dick. Na thunder go strike that your mouth watch..Shebi omo epe she.. Lying ass bitch said he is Nige Delta. Razz Ilorin bush boy. Aiye ma have ni. May your life be like hurricane category 7…

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            Nigga so hurt like a bitch! Lmaoo I’m catching fun here…. I doubt you have a gf or a wife. You so sensitive like a faggot ass bitch! Nigga so insecure gotta record that dusty asss cabin explaining bullshit. As e dey go you go just kill yourself with high blood pressure trying to prove your bs oloriburuku. ASE certified jiffy lube mechanic…… na your second job you dey work overnight so lmaooooo mad animal lol….. Oya record some bullshit again.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Stupid asshole. Dem don fuck your Yansh finish. Bloody scammer. You can deal with that. I don show you what you want to see. I see as you quickly rush go watch am. I just came in from the bar. Just to check in what’s going on. Person wey dey work shift go still have time this morning to dey follow you talk for here. Akuṣẹ Ẹdun Arinlẹ.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Don’t worry. Na your cops dem go carry go meet your family very soon for Naija. Na as you come here you go go back Lagbara Edumare. Tuo! ṣebi ypoba ni ẹ ọmọ yruba ponbele ni mi. Living life in the US doesn’t mean I forgot my heritage. It is you who is stuck here. That’s why you’re star struck to the videos. Everything I said will be yours and your entire unborn generations like a tornado.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            You forgot the laws if nature…… Whatever you wish someone that doesn’t wish such you will suffer the fate of your words….. You are a fake yoruba boy and a sellout and wishing another man I’ll luck in a country everybody came to better their lives will be your bane in Jesus name. If your mind is so bitter and you hope another man encounters such it will surely be your own destiny in Jesus name. You are a lost cause already. Scammer na FBI you go wake up to see soon with all the atrocities you don commit…. Continue like sey na your papa pave way for people to come here. You go use your mouth ruin your destiny…..Stupid scamming ass bitch! Every curse laid this morning I reject it in Jesus name and send it back to sender in a million folds to the unborn 10th generation..

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Your corpse will soon be transported like a NASA rocket to your family for Naija Lagbara Edumare very soon. You’re the type that talk trash and get wasted. By the time you raise that your hand that you will never take to good thing for your life again you go don die with 10 bullets in your fucking skull. That’s how it will be for you and your unborn generations.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Every curse laced on your generation this morning will be yours and your unborn generations in million folds in Jesus name. Jesu Oluwa Amin. Anybody that said he will slap me on the internet will never use that hand do any good in his entire miserable life in Jesus name. Every happiness that you came to look for in the US will never be yours with reckless abandon in Jesus name amen. Gbogbo ẹni bani ọna wo ni mo fẹ gba Koni ribatiṣe in Jesus name Amen.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Just say goodbye to any of your comments here from now on. I will continue to curse your generations and your unborn generations with reckless abandon anytime I see your comment on this forum. You fucking worthless ass punk ass faggot ass Nigga. Iya ẹ oni jere ẹ in Jesus name.

          • JimmyBall 1 year ago

            @Ayphillydegreat… welldone o! I must salute your courage for posting somethng to try atleast effect belief based on your reported Engineering job with US Oil Drilling Coy… while I know we have real doctors and experts in this forum all over the world which again butresses the hustling spirit of most Nigerians already everywhere they pitch their tent, I must confess you were trying too hard with that accent… bro dontgo and speak like that anywhere just talk in our normal Nigeria accent which is good enough anywhere anyday as far as English Language is concerned… I salute you because people who claim to be what they are on this forum should begin to really validate themselves… that being said, you have one final convincing point to prove, take a picture of you on the derrick with your subordinates and colleagues and clearly in an audible voice introduce yourself as in the tone “Check me out @Ayphillydegreat from CompleteSportsNigeria soccer forum live on the derrick getting his money”… just like you are rapping and let us twale for you hear… I suggest a rapping tone because you were almost trying to rap with that thick forceful slangy accent you tried… until you show us live picture on a derrick puting in shift… walahi most of us will still think you are another invictus level lamba… hahahaha! Cheers brother and take this as a fraternal advice and suggestion! One love…

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            @Jimmyball. Thank you I was just coming in from the bar so I was kinda wasted. You see I don’t really have time for all that shit. I stay busy focusing on achieving my targets when I’m out on the rig just doing my thing. I just want to show that low-lifer that I’m way part his level. Even though I’m a US citizen I wasn’t born in the US so don’t expect my thick west African accent to leave me even if I’ve been here for almost 30 years. Besides I grew up in the same household here with my parents always speaking our local language all the time in our house. And yeah I watch a lot of Nollywood movies. It’s only when I’m hanging out with my American buddies that I can begin to act American. That idiot is probably stuck somewhere in US that’s why he’s talking trash here.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            Ayphillydegreat last last we be brothers that have something In common…..football.
            I’d like to apologize. God bless

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Bro. I don’t have anything to prove to you or anybody. I don’t even have any issues with you. The person who requested the fact have already fled to oblivion. Of course I have Automobile businesses both here and Nigeria and I do have technical and mechanical talents. Therefore, being a mechanic is a pride in the US. I’ve worked with US airways working on their vertical stabilizers and cantilevers during my undergraduate days. Even if I’m working 5 jobs I will be proud about it because Mi o TỌRỌJẸ. But I’ve moved on to greener pastures over the past 5 years or so. That’s why I just bring out the proof especially for that idiot called Ade Kenneth Kingsley and all kind of trashy ass names he uses here whenever he’s found out. Apologies accepted God bless you and your household in Jesus name Amen.

          • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

            Amen…Any legite handy work in America should be proud…..All stems from the passion of diverse football opinions but should not let it create enmity. That my realization.

  • Patrick 1 year ago

    Dennis continued his scintillating performance in premiership. He put up man of the match performance against Manchester United few minutes ago. This performance futher highlight the incompetence of the mechanic coach called rhoar or roar in terms of players Invitation to Nigerian national team. go roar or rhoar. If he is not ready to go nff should simply relegate him to the position of technical director until his tenure expires .

    • JimmyBall 1 year ago

      @Patrick… na wa to you o! Is the position of technical director relegation? He should be assigned the CHAN Eagles… Salisu (Bribe Taker) can be there with him to help me read matches since he knows nothing himself… with a strick mandate to watch league and build the team… afterall he wanted to coach Enyimba once as we heard from Orji Uzor Kalu… hahahaha!

  • JimmyBall 1 year ago

    Watford 4 vs 1 Man Utd… and of course Emmanuel Dennis registered a goal of his own to complete rhe rout after two clean assist… yet according to the quack coach Rohr the lad isnt in his plans for Super Eagles… rather we bring back a retired Ighalo and continue giving squad slot to a tired Ahmed Musa… Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis with his manly performance tonight just handed Rohr his deserving Sack Letter! Gernot Rohr will go down in Nigeria’s football folklore at the greatest conman coach that ever lived… pocketed the brains and objectivity of 200+million Nigerians for 6years!

    • Dennis was absolutely devastating in the match……His pace is top level……His confidence is solid as steel…..he doesn’t even look out of place in the EPL at all…… Dennis should be in SE.

  • Tod_ 1 year ago

    let’s drop sentiment and face reality, that coach has reached his limit…it’s time to employ fresh handlers….e.g. you keep your best on the bench and play average players, imagine Dennis not even invited during the qualifiers etc

  • JimmyBall 1 year ago

    @GLORY let me shock you again… @Dr.Drey has not only been morphing as @Ben, @Oakfield, @Lanre, @Greenturf and @Ola… he is also the same individual as @Ayphillydegreat, I did his IP filtering, as well as run his posts on the forum through a pattern recognition software online… it returned hits of his numerous phrases and signature words.. I swear he is the same individual… hahaha! He is a morphing masquerade… in hibernation Lol.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Hahaha…. Chronic natural liar! See them, you’ve suddenly turned to a software engineer.. Lol.. Chei! Nothing wey person no go see here. Lie Mohammed and the devil himself must be really scared if u.

    • I wonder why @ Dr Dre has avoided this forum of late……It’s not a must that we must be right in every argument,at times we might be wrong,that doesn’t make us inferior…….He should not hide because his views are been found out……the reason he is absent might also be because he is very busy in his other endeavors or he might not be feeling well or something……I hope he is fine and returns soon because I also miss his contribution to this forum just as I would yours @Jimmy all

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        My brother, Thanks for being responsible and intelligent o jare.

        I’ve not been avoiding the forum, far from it, I’ll be back fully in another week or two when this project is done and dusted in time for the December holidays. I’m in the middle of a serious assignment which requires plenty of energy (mental and physical) and less distraction as our mission is to try to avert a crisis situation. And I dont usually like a situation where I will comment and not be able to respond due to absence or lack of time and space.

        I had to just quickly find a few minutes to dispel the lies that lucifer’s son is peddling up there of some phantom software telling him everyone who isnt tagging along with him is Dr.Drey. He thinks my catching him RED, BLUE AND BLACK HANDED every time he has used false identity is just a random guessing exercise….LMAOOoo

        I’ve been finding time in between work and rest to read a few articles and the many lies they want to use as last straw to break G.Rohr’s back, chief of which is OUK, a convicted thief, coming out to say he rejected Rohr as coach of Enyimba in 2003 because he didnt have credentials….LMAOOoo. A man who las coaching OGC Nice in the French ligue 1 at that time, between 2002 and 2005, leading them to the UEFA Intertoto cup in 2003 and 2004, is the one that wanted to leave his position as manager of OGC Nice in France to come and coach a club in the Nigerian league with zero pedigree as at 2003…..LMAOooo. A coach who had credentials to coach in the French ligue 1 and UEFA tournaments didnt have credentials to coach Enyimba in 2003…..LMAOooo. WHAT A LIE FROM THE PITS OF HELL. I would have asked OUK if the Miroslav Urukalo (who was latter discovered to only have certification as a masseur or so) whom he appointed from Australia as Enyimba coach and had to fire him after their 1-1 with Petro Atletico in Aba in the preliminary stages of CAF CL, had credentials…..LMAOOooo.

        Thanks for your concerns, though. I’m keeping a catalogue of all the lies Liars United are starting to come up with now because they have seen a fallen elephant and want to claim the victory of wrestling it aground. I’ll be back soon, when time and space permits, to start rubbing sand in their faces with facts and figures, without fear or fervor, when time, energy and space permits.

        Shey dem say na Eastern European coach dem wan go get now (my gut feeling is telling me it may be Milutin Micho
        Sredojevic or Zdravko Logarusic)….LMAOOooo…no wahala. I have ALWAYS emphasized that My fears has never been that of Rohr leaving, He was bound to leave someday. My fears has always been whom the NFF will choose to replace him, and I am not being disappointed so far…..LMAOoooo. In Nigeria, we have proven year in year out to never be able to build on successes, but rather take 2 steps forward and 7 backwards. My own is that anyone they chose to bring MUST WIN THE 2022 AFCON, QUALIFY FOR THE WORLD CUP AND AT LEAST REACH THE R16. WE DONT WANT ANY EXCUSES…..!!!!

        Since we have refused to learn from history that disaster is usually what follows these kinds of moves, then it will serve us right to fall into it again.

        I’m with y’all in spirit by brother. Tarry awhile please. Dr.Drey will be back.

        • JimmyBall 1 year ago

          See how you call people liars even those whom you cannot ever qualify to shine their shoes…

          So Orji Uzor Kalu now is lying? You calling him a liar… If you read his interview and your comprehension frailties would allow you it wouldn’t have be hard for you to know he can be sued by Rohr for libel if his claims are not true.

          Did you read anywhere Orji Uzor Kalu stated dates specifically that Rohr came to him around 2002 – 2005?
          What if it was in 2006? Or 2007?

          His interview affirmed him saying when I was governor of Abia state, he was governor till 2007,but in your usual twisting of narratives to favour your jaundiced arguments you have to confined his assertions to a time line of 2002 – 2005 just to fit your egoistic narrative.

          Calling a man who has contributed to the growth of Soccer in Nigeria a thief and liar points fingers of an uncultured miserable soul to your own person… If you have evidence he is a thief why don’t you sue him?

          Yes he belongs to a class of Nigeria’s dishonest politician but how much insults have piled on Buhari who budgets Billions yearly for Aso Rock Villa clinic but there isn’t panodol in there not to talk about still jetting every time he has a headache or his usual ear infection to London… another man’s country…

          You will always be a fat foolish and stupid Rohr Balls and Asshole sniffing deranged ape… Lol. Yea… take that you closet fruity fellow… your asshole is probably now loosely slackened from Rohr’s hammer… Hahahaha! I greet all other conscionable and reasonable forumites here and wish all a blessed Sunday. Team #RohrMustGo… We rock forever!

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahaha…Idiot is angry because his convict of a lair was found out….LMAOooo. Dont give us cock and bull stories. A convict is a CONVICT.

            Instead of ranting around like a rabied dog because Dr.Drey has once again exposed you and your lies, why not explain to us how a coach who had credentials to coach OGC Nice in French ligue 1 from 2002 to 2005, leading them to UEFA placing 2 consecutive seasons, from from Nice to Salsburg in Austria and then to Young Boys in Switzerland, leading them to the swiss cup final in his only year, and from ther moved to Ajaccio (all between 2002-2008) did not have credentials to coach in the Nigerian league…..LMAOoooo


            African Pillar of Sports and Forbes rated Billionaire, Orji Uzor Kalu, has called on the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to quickly find a replacement for Super Eagles Coach Gernot Rohr over poor performance .

            In a post he shared on his verified Facebook and Instagram accounts, Kalu said Nigerian soccer lovers don’t need further dissatisfaction from the performance of the coach.

            He disclosed he refused to employ Rohr as Enyimba coach in 2003 because he didn’t have enough coaching skills to win trophies

            He wrote : “In the last five years, we have wasted our time in football. There is nothing new we are doing any longer. To see a country with many professional players home and abroad struggling to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations and World Cup is heartbreaking. Gernot Rohr is not a good coach and I don’t understand why he is still managing Super Eagles.

            When I was Governor, he applied to become employed as Enyimba coach. He was brought to Nigeria by Oscar Udoji but I refused to employ him.

            “I am calling on the Chairman of NFF, Mr Amaju Pinnick, to wake up and to quickly find a replacement for Rohr. We soccer lovers don’t need further dissatisfaction in a game, we have the capacity to make ourselves proud.

            If the problems you have this year are the same problems you had last year, then you are not a leader. You are rather a problem on your own that must be solved”.
            Lucifer’s acolyte……LMAOOooo…..continue to look for ways to defend your convict governor for shooting himself in the foot with lies because he wants to be relevant……the same way you tell FAT LIES whenever you want attention……LMAOoooooo.

            When you and your NFF are ready to cough out Rohr’s 8 months salary and $2m, he will leave. Apparently, he has defeated the entire NFF in ALL their efforts to prevent him from delivering to the terms of his contract…..LMAOOoooo…they have no reason to sack him and have thus surrendered and no pleading for mercy from him…..LMAOOooo. The old white fox outwitted ALL the dumb football administrators in Nigeria…..LMAOooo

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hehehehehe…..shame..! And one day somebody will call you ‘father’….?!

      The fact that you are even swearing on something you know 100% is a big, pure and fat lie shows how despicable and filthy you are. Are you this desperate…? LMAOOoooo.

      Just like Oakfield said above, even the devil respects you when it comes to telling lies.

      Can you swear by your mother that everything you’ve just said above is the truth and nothing but the truth….???

      One of you or that your IP filtering and pattern recognition software online must be really really drunk……LMAOOooo. That software that tells you people who hail from different parts of Nigeria are one and the same person……LMAOOooo. That software that tells you people who have been on soccer forum together since the days of the defunct KON, to Aplays and now CSN (long before you barged into CSN in the year 2020 scaming people with lies that you played football to the HIGHEST LEVEL) are one and the same person……LMAOOoo…One of you are that software needs to be thrown into an incinerator ASAP…..LMAOoo.

      Did you forget to add Pompei and Dr. Banks to your list or your stupidity as realized you also lied to yourself when you alleged they too are clones of Dr.Drey…?? LMAOoooo. Everyone that refused to tag along with you and your filthiness is a clone of Dr.Drey…..LMAOoooo.

      Anyone who hears you greeting ‘good morning’ should better go outside and check if its truly morning. That how filled to the brim your lips are with lies.

      “….I did his IP filtering, as well as run his posts on the forum through a pattern recognition software online… it returned hits of his numerous phrases and signature words.. I swear he is the same individual….” LMAOOooooo

      May the earth spit out whoever cursed you or is responsible for this your predicament……LMAOOoo

      • JimmyBall 1 year ago

        The masquerade finally came out to use his real alias today after tip-toeing all over the forum since Rohr his moongod disgraced himself with yet another stinker of coaching idealism versus Cape Verde… Of course you are @Dr.Banks,@Oakfield,@Ben,@Greenturf,@Lanre,@Ola and @Ayphillydegreat… I stopped associating you to @Pompei because I ran his post and there was no hits with your signature words like… “cry babies”, “ignoramus”, “rants”, “eranko” “skin of our teeth”, “recalibrate” “two games to spare”… You are busted @Dr.Drey… It was your incredulity of multiplying likes and dislikes for those who arguments you favour and those you don’t that caused CSN to remove that function and even go ahead to disable “edit”. We on CSN shall be waiting for you to announce here that coach Rohr has finally true to his promise passed you all his used underwears to start using for a job of blind loyalty you did so well that helped him fool weak minded Nigerian ball fans for six years… Congrats @Dr.Drey for Rohr’s underwear gifts… Since Rohr’s balls and ass will no longer be close to you for sniffing, lol… While you wear some of his underwears, you can save the rest that are dirty to have a collection to continue your sniffing habits till the end of your days… We who are real Nigeria Positive Ball Fans shall however continue to pray for you to somehow, find the help to stop the addiction to Rohr’s Balls and Asshole sniffing….

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Oga….stop beating about the bush

          I gave you a simple task

          Can you swear by your mother that everything you’ve just said above is the truth and nothing but the truth….???

          Liar of the century…..LMAOOooo….

          Like I said, One of you or that your IP filtering and pattern recognition software online must be really really drunk…..LMAOooo

          That software that tells you That greenturf and Oakfield who arent from the western part of Nigeria are one and the same persons with Dr.Drey who is Half West, Half Bendelite……LAMOooo

          That fake phantom software that told you People who have been distinct avid contributors in soccer forum together since the days of the defunct KON, to Aplays and now CSN are one and the same person….LMAOOoo…….See hoe God exposes a born-liar.

          So Greenturf also uses Phrases like “ignoramus”, “rants” and “eranko”….LMAOoooo, please go and copy and paste their previous posts that you ran on your imaginary software that retunrned those words…..LMAOooooo.

          You are such an unintelligent liar……LMAOoooo. So anybody that uses words like “plunder”, “Asshole”, “alias”, “fraud”, “egoistic” automatically is Jimmylie…..LMAOOooo.

          I’m sure you have been shocked at how Dr.Drey ALWAYS pin-pointedly unmasks you when you are Jimmylie in the morning, James Idoko in the noon (lying to save face that its your email address…LMAOoo…email address without a domain host name…LMAOOOo), 1naija at night and Mahmud shaibu the next day….LMAOooo…that you quickly ran to google to find how possible that is and then come back here to start making illogical, non-correlating and unintelligent wild guesses

          Like I said earlier, one of you or that software needs to be thrown into an incinerator ASAP…..LMAOoo.

          Once again you are such a irresponsible, cheap liar.

          I didnt ask for long stories from you, actually, Nobody did.

          Just swear by your mother’s life that everything you’ve just said above is the truth and nothing but the truth…that you ran a check and it told you Greenturf, Oakfield, Ola and Lanre are the same persons……LMAOOoooooo!

          That is what being trafficked to Europe and packing people’s shit for decades before getting a 1st decent employment in 2021 has done to your brain……wired to tell WHITE LIES…..LMAOooooo.

          Today is rest day for me and I need plenty of it, I’ll be back once I’ve delivered this project to the sponsors ehn….just tarry awhile……LMAOoooo

          Dr.Drey is Ben, Oakfield, Lanre, Greenturf and Ola…….LMAOOooooo…..Somebody has really cursed you from home….LMAOooo
          May the earth spit out whoever cursed you or is responsible for this your predicament……LMAOOoo

  • De Star 1 year ago

    @Be ; It takes more than 5 years to build National Team but for African and Nigerian mentality ;

    Yes Oo , you are right European football technocrat; that is why an Algeria local coach Belmadi that took over Algeria team one year after dumbo Rohr has been with SE , but tutored Rohr with an assembled team in less than a year , to teach the so called scam white coach Rohr basic soccer lessons , and 3 years later tutored clueless Rohr agin , not at home but all in neutral best stadium in the world (If the matches were played in Nigeria Dumbo Rohr and his gullible left over supporters could have blame it as usual on the bad filed) .

    Since 2019 Algeria local coach have not lost one single match and not only African champions but far far above the directionless team coached by a scammer coach for 6 years running .

    within 4 years , Westerhof built a team of respecter of no one in Africa and by extension in the world , made fans to renamed Eagles as Super Eagles till date and in his 5th years with SE, he did not only the second best entertaining team in the first ever World Cup appearance but was the highest ever ranking African nation as the 5th ranked in the entire world ( the same ranking; the Dumbo scam coach Rohr was struggling to maintain in Africa ; what a shame).

    Finally, with your comment , I will advise you to stop following football but go and develop interest in Ludo games ; as you can never understand what football is even in the next century, just as Rohr will totally bury SE if he is given 1 decade to build a team

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      Belmadi took over a team that was already built by Vahid and motivate them when the spine peaks at a good time for them to win the AFCON for the first time since 1990. They couldn’t beat Burkina Faso home and away even when Burkina played their home game in neighboring Morocco. Imagine what could’ve happened if Burkina played in Ouagadougou?? At least the SuperEagles won all their games on Neutral venues. Oga we’ve all moved past the issue of Rohr being told to resign. Coaches come coaches go. As long as another competent foreign coach is appointed I’m all for it. Everyone still clamoring for Amunike, Egbo and co will still lead us back to another Oliseh soap opera. Let them pay Rohr off and hire a young competent foreign coach to begin planning for AFCON 2023 and WorldCup 2026.

      • kingsley 1 year ago

        Maybe you need to go watch both games again, not highlight and see which was the better team. Obviously your mechanic job kept you busy. We understand, you will come here and be typing rubbish. Now you not backing Egbo again, wetin happen.

        • Akanlo Ede 1 year ago

          Leave this matter my guy.lolzzzz

        • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

          Hahahaha ade kenneth Kingsley and Oriṣirṣi ada lọjọ iku Erin Lmao!! I watched both games with objectivity. Jobless wonder about Lmao!!! I’ve proof to you that I’m not in your category you bloody bastard Ọmọ Irankiran. I’m so ready all of you miserable morons who only come display your miserable upbringing.

          • Oviman 1 year ago

            Sometimes, I marvel at the rate at which insults are poured out with reckless abandon. This is supposed to be a forum where ideas are shared. If, you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion, fine. If you do, fine! This insults is one of the reasons why I don’t always participate in discussions. Please,I beg you all to be civil to one another… that’s what makes us right. PLEASE!!!

          • kingsley 1 year ago

            We know who is the bastard between both of us now. So why are you always hot when i tell u to go focus on your mechanic Job. Because you know am saying the truth. Look at this shameless ass kisser talking about being better than others. If they care to know you are a scammer, a big time yahoo boy. Don’t worry the hands authorities will soon catch up to you. You this classless, shameless mother fucker. Well continue to fool people with your excursion video to a drilling plant. Weeere. We know who is a beggar now.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            How many mouth you get self? You said I’m a mechanic and at the same time you claim I’m a big time Yahoo boy which one do want them to accept here?? Anyway everyone here know that you’re the miserable murtherfucking son a gun Aṣiere ọmọ irankiran. Jobless wonder about broke ass Nigga sitting in front a computer looking for mugus to prey on the internet that’s why you’re so star struck that you’re searching every database on the about my name Limao!! ẸNI BA WOṢẸJU AKAN O MA DARUGBO SOJU OMI NI. Everyone know that nonentity who keep changing his name from Ade to Kingsley to Kenneth to Assholephia is the scammer here. Keep looking for how you can get inside my bank account bloody pauper ass Nigga.

          • kingsley 1 year ago

            This bastard can come here and claim he is not a fraudster, no be your fault, na matter of time before dem go catch you. Ode osgi, 419 scammer, when next you dey go on excursion to another drilling site to come and fool people here. Me i don’t need to brag, because you seeking cheap publicity. Continue to kiss dr dry’s ass

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Even if na excursion why did you quickly jump to watch my video?? It’s because you’re star struck Lmao!! It took you 3 days to beg for data to reply Lmao!! By the way you know say big time Yahoo boys no dey collect small money oo!! Na million million dollars dem dey collect. So continue living in front of your computer one day na in front that your computer dem go blow your head off with NASA rocket. And by the grace of God that eyes that you use to watch my video will go blind in Jesus name. Motherfucking scammer using all kinds trashy ass names fuck outta here broke ass Nigga. By Gods grace it is the vultures that will use your corpse for lunch very soon. Oloriburuku Ọmọ irankiran.

    • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

      Dont mind the dumbasses led by Dr. DRE. WESTERHOFF took over in late 1989 when German coach MANFRED HOENER failed to qualify SE for Italy 90 and immediately won Silver @ ALGIERS 90…barely few months later. By’1994, fifth year later; he had won Afcon 94, took Nigetia to no 5 in the world, made it to 2nd Round at USA 94 where he finished as the second most ENTERTAINING (emphasis mine) team.

      Juxtapose that record with Rohr who in his 5th year is still as clueless as BUHARI. Greatest achievements?

      1. Qualifying for tournaments with games to spare

      2. Losing at HOME for more than 40 years to a team ranked below 80 places in FIFA ranking

      3. Drawing at home with a team ranked outside top 50 in FIFA ranking

      4. Inviting a retired player plying his trade in SAUDI LEAGUE (Outside top 30 league in THE world) at the expense of the third top scorer in GERMAN LEAGUE (top 3 in the world)

      Iranu abasha

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        Manfred Hoener wasn’t the one that failed to qualify for the WorldCup. It was Paul Hamilton and Westerhoff himself. Hoener took the then Green Eagles to the final of the AFCON in 88 and were cheated out of the cup. Hoener’s team performance at the 88 AFCON was the reason Augustus Aikhomu changed the Green Eagles to SuperEagles. That’s the team Westerhofff Inherited and couldn’t win the AFCON until the third try because he was building a team that eventually lasted over a decade. We have seen this kind of movie before in Nigerian football history and history as they say most times repeat itself, so it’s nothing new and I’m sure you’re old enough to know the outcome of past movies. Let’s see how the whole thing pans out.

    • @Mahmud Shuaib, ewu Gambia! How is football played in 1994 the same as football played in 2021. Other African nations should just tremble when they see Nigeria on the pitch abi? Why hasn’t any other African country rise to 5th position on FIFA ranking?? Ewu Sudan. If it is so, why has it taken other African teams apart from Nigeria, Cameroon and South Africa to win the same AFCON in under a year of new management. After all, Egypt was dominating AFCON at a point in time, now they are rebuilding their team. Can not think objectively.

      • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

        You must be a child. I wont join you in your illogical and senseless argument.

        A better and reasonable debater in @AYphilly has responded with his facts.

        For your information, regardless of hoe soccer has evolved from 1900 till date; the leading nations are still the leading nations with the exception of FEW whose exploits have declined due to war and or political upheavals. Examples ZAIRE (now DRC)

        With better coaching there is no way NIGERIA will have businesses with the likes of CAR, CAPE VERDE, SIERRA LEONE, LESOTHO etc

        From time immemorial till date we have better players playing in better clubs and leagues and that has always being the determining factor to winning matches and championships.

        Go check all previous WORLD CUP, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF, AFCON and EURO CUP winners. They are always teams with better coaching with blend of majority of players playing for top clubs.

        Of course we have one or two exceptions, but they have always been in the least minority.

        No miracle anywhere will present Malta, Lithuana, Bolivia, Ecuador, Haiti, Niger, Cape Verde as winners of their various confederations championships. Thats what I meant.

        Check out NIGERIA’s bench in comparison to those who started for all our AFCON and WC opponents.

        • @Mahmud Shuaib, so there are no upsets in Football. Then why isn’t Portugal ongoing to Quatar 2022. Was Algeria dominating football at the time of Westerhof or it was Tunisia? People who don’t see upsets in Football as part of the culture. Only past World Cup winners will continue to win. Was France a major player in World football when they won it with Thierry Henry, Lizarazu and Co. Then they say they know football

  • Tod_ 1 year ago

    Roah should be relieved of his job and get a new handler as quick as possible. but, I presume they will want him to take us to the nations cup since the qualification and delivery of the ticket was archived through him.

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    You have said nothing but the truth.

    “He said, “If you talk of the players, the talents are there, the players have the capabilities but we are not having the coach to bring out the best in these players. I saw a couple of players that were not supposed to be in that team that day.

    “We don’t have a playmaker. I think somebody was wearing the playmaker’s number, 10, but when you saw the play he could not carry the ball, to drive with the ball, and go and meet your opponents before releasing the pass.

    “You are giving a pass when there is no one marking you so how do we progress from this pattern of football that we are playing. I don’t think that we can move forward like this?”

    If we have to have a solid team before the Afcon, Nigerians have to fire Amaju and Oga Rohr.

    Amaju and NFF are just milking Nigeria.

    It is time to give our own a chance to make us proud. We don’t want a foreign coach that have no identity. We are Amunike and co and if they fail to impress us in Cameroon then NFF should call for a foriegn coach. Shikena. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • De Star 1 year ago

    @Ayphillydegreat ; Facts and records don’t lie , Belmadi took over a scrap team that couldn’t qualify for the previous Afcon , and a weak team beaten by every team including SE , couldn’t win Afcon again except the one won on home soil in 1990 , until Algeria football federation decided to win or swim with their own local and backed him up with good conditions of services and regular salary that could have been wasted on Mediocre scams dumbo coach as Rohr in the name of foreign technical adviser. Belmadi was barely months on the job when he transformed Algeria team to win Afcon, with scam coach Rohr used as training material on his way to wining Afcon; 3 years after 2019, a local coach Belmadi would for the second time taught your so called foreign super coach clueless Rohr basics soccer lesson in a neutral ground just to prove to us that Nigeria is waste money on your supposed foreign technical adviser.

    With my knowledge of football and passion; I can’t never be that daft to call Dumbo Rohr a technical adviser as NFF fool you and other left over Rohr’s blinds supporter ; particularly with series of enough warning ⚠️ by those that are knowledgeable in football and took it as pure business, have advised Rohr that football coaching is not his calling , as they never allowed him near their feeder team let alone main team or national team after being evaluated and proved to be nothing but scam.

    In his home country Germany as Sports director, he was sacked just one year so as not to bring calamity to their football, and they must have sent warning to the entire Europe not to allow him near their feeder teams let alone national teams.

    In Africa Tunisia club side , having evaluated by transparent football administrators unlike our corrupt NFF, Rohr’s 3years contract was terminated just 6 months on the job so as not to burry their club.

    I need bother you as you already knew, that but for the corruption in the DNA of NFF; Rohr’s summarily dismissed after appalling 11% and 27 woeful records where he had been exposed to be a scam in his previous 3 jobs that comically landed him a super job with his fraudulent partners ( I am for once ashamed that , I unfortunately shared the same country with this fraudulent NFF that brought this calamitous dumbo to SE where SE now appears destroyed irredeemable because of corruption.

    If Rohr is a coach to you fine , but as for me count me out ; never have I seen a coach that would be a dumb & deaf with sealed lip without complaining for more than 8 Months , but would chose to destroy the team he cannot build with corruption.

    Lastly, forget about $2m, the clause is a fraud , no one would pay such huge waste on a scammer that has been exposed ; if he refused to honourably resign or fail to accept negotiated money as pay off , he would be retained for unprecedented ridicule and made to be errand assistance to our local coaches as Egbo , Amunike etc .

    Rohr a.k.a Belmadi’s trainee, is never a coach but a scam

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      Belmadi didn’t took over a scrap team. If you want to talk about who took over a scrap team it’s Rohr when they failed to qualify for back to back AFCONS. Algeria have always qualified for every AFCON at least since 2010. Mahrez, Slimani, Feghouli, M’bolhi we’re all assembled by Vahid in 2013 and they’re still the spine of the team. Mind you they’re aging and we will see how far with them in Cameroon. Fingers crossed. I’ve already moved past the issue of Rohr and the NFF. I’m of the opinion that they should pay him off his entitlement and appoint a young vibrant foreign coach to face the looming storm ahead with a focus on 2023 and 2026.

      • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

        No…please stay with him to swim and die.

        Dont change your tune.
        When we reeled out reasons upon reasons why ROHR wasnt and isn’t fit for SE, you and your proud and pompous co-travelers; Dr. Dre, Oakfield, Greenturf, Ola, etc would not let this forum breathe.

        Because you guys didnr want to conceed ground to @Omo9ja, @Jimmyball, @Footballfanatic, @Prof. Tamuno, @Chima and even the venerable @Deo etc, you continued to back the perfidy and absurdity that define ROHR’s decisions and tactics.

        Its also a corrupt daft that will invite MUSA, NOBLE, UZOHO (bench warmer), IGHALO at the expense of DENNIS, ADELEKE, AWONIYI.

        Its also a clueless and rudderless coach who will start Simon in place of Aina, start Collins in place of Sanusi, start Iheanacho in place of Chukwueze or Ejuke.

        Like Aghahowa pointed out and which I said here on different occasions, SE CAN never win anything with GR becsuse he DOESN’T know what to do with the players in his disposal.

        Just imagine NIGERIA playing 352; a defensive formation Against the likes of CAR, Cape Verde and Liberia!

        Haba mana dan Allah!

        • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

          If the Federation decides to keep him after all I will continue with my support for him and the SuperEagles I can only continue to wish them well and if they decide to part ways pay him and life goes on with a new coach who I will also support as long the new coach continues to meet targets. Shikena.

  • Oviman 1 year ago

    Sometimes, I marvel at the rate at which insults are poured out with reckless abandon. This is supposed to be a forum where ideas are shared. If, you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion, fine. If you do, fine! This insults is one of the reasons why I don’t always participate in discussions. Please,I beg you all to be civil to one another… that’s what makes us right. PLEASE!!!

    • Abdul 1 year ago

      Hmmmn, not everyone. There are just few of them, that can’t express their reasonings without insulting others. Earlier, I had thought some of them are kids, and then I realised many of them are grandpas. It’s pretty embarrassing actually.

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    The atrocities of Rohr in the last few matches is just absurd.

    1. You continually invite Musa ignore Dennis

    2. You ignore the hottest African striker in the Bundesliga for a 32 year old Saudi based man who already paid his dues.
    3. What is Shehu doing in that team

    4. How was Noble invited after not playing for 6 months

    5. How is Collins better than Zaidu who still played 90 mins against AC Milan in a game they won a week earlier.

    6. After the 4-4 draw in Benin there hasn’t been a change in the defence. Still jittery performances

    7. People will say ranking this ranking that. That means whoever got us to the 5th place in 1994 should be revered as a God.

    8. Against Madagascar in the cup of nations we had a similar performance but still didn’t learn cuz we got to the semifinals.

    9. If Ndidi didn’t block that shot we would’ve been out….still has a problem closing games

    10. Substitutions ate late and don’t make no sense. It took CV bringing on 4 attack minded players and gues what Rohr does. Takes out Osimhen and brings I. 2 sluggish players in a high tempo game that isn’t over till the final whistle.

    11. The only sub that made sense was Frank as that was a defensive sub.

    I can go on and on but honestly I expect him to be fired this week as word on the street is the some VIPs do not want him anymore…..his continued presence will be toxic and dangerous for his own wellbeing too.

  • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

    Thanks for the correction on HOENER. It was golden boy; the late PAUL HAMILTON. Westerhoff was engaged to prosecute the illfated double header against Cameroon as I recall vividly it was HAMILTON who was in charge on that fateful day SAM OKWARAJI slumped and died.

    My point is WESTERHOFF with a completely NEW TEAM (to put the bed the arguments that RHOR needed time blablabla) finished second at ALGIERS 90! Yes…a BRAND NEW TEAM.

    Out of the players who won silver in MMAROC 88 and who prosecuted the WC qualifiers only ADEMOLA ADESHINA(I hope am right) and RASHIDI YEKINI started in ALGIERS 90!

    Some of the players in that competition were

    Alloy Agu
    Abdul Sule
    Ben Iroha
    Herbert Anijekwu
    Isaaac Semitoje
    Late Nduka (Udorji skipper)
    Emman Okocha
    Friday Elaho
    Daniel Amokachie
    Moses Kpakor
    Rashidi Yekini
    Uche Okechukwu
    Late Thompson Oliha

    No room for Peter Rufai, Stephen Keshi, Eguavoen, Andrew Uwe, Sofoluwe, Bala Ali, Etim Esin, Okenla, Wole Odegbami, late Sam Nwabum, Omokaro, Egboigbe

    The argument that he won Afcon in his 3rd attempt DOESN’T hold water.

    GR inherited basically same players KESHI won AFCON with in 2013

    Nosa Igiebor etc with blend of players that failed to qualify for 2015’and 2017 Afcons;

    Moses Simon
    Troost Ekong etc

    Instead of building on the telepathic understanding a bulk of Keshi’s team achieved, what happened?

    His team began to regress…

    First; unlike WESTERHOFF who had 90% new team won silver in his FIRST AFCON, GR won bronze in his FIRST

    I know some will remind me that it was a 12 TEAM group, forgetting that it was more difficult then than this EXPANDED system as it was always the BEST 8 or 12 in AFRICA as against this current system where we have the likes of COMPROS ISLAND playing in AFCONS.


    • See your sense, so Rohr should have continue to field a declining Obasi, Igiebor, Azeez when they were struggling for game time in their clubs???
      These are the same people that at that time were clamouring for why didnt Rohr use Iwobi, Tyronne Ebuehi and Osimhen at the last World Cup. Now he should have continue building that same team. When you don’t have an idea of what you say. Everything gibberish makes sense to you. Honestly, I can see that logically there are gaps to your thinking. Nigerians and mumuism

    • Also where was the era of Oliseh in your thinking?? You totally forgot Oliseh’s era who was the one that fumbled until Rohr was hired. Then you will say you know our football history??

  • JimmyBall 1 year ago

    @Dr.Drey… I hold family very dear because unlike you, I have regard for people’s family, so I wont say anything about your parents, so no I wont do anything in my revered Mother’s name and I will neither drag any of your family member to CSN even though I can crash your world with just one try… I wont. Everyone knws here on this forum and how the popular views of Nigerians have finally unmasked the fraud Rohr that you worship like the miserable slave that you… leading innocent souls here with your half truths and twistedness to pull stunts with fraud while projecting mediocrity and lack of merit… is why my likes and people of conscionable minds stood up to you here…

    Who will take a fellow like you serious who says, Musa has proven his worth in the past and does not need any club, does not need to be active to command a regular playing spot in Super Eagles under your moongod fraud slave-driver… Gernot Rohr of a man, you come here to insult Orji Uzor Kalu even about football, even though we all know he is a stalwart on football management and that has nothing to do with his political person. When you are ready to insult politicians then you can insult all of them together including your current president who isnt any different regarding politics just like Orji Uzor Kalu…

    You are fraud and we are still expecting you to validate your fictitious and non-existent PhD from the Netherlands 22yaers ago… funny dude who has never gone beyond the borders at Badagry, claiming a farce of a PhD from Netherlands… you have long been busted here for being a lying fraud of nature… Lol. If the likes of @Lanre, @Ola, @Greenturf, @Dr.Banks and all your other aliases are different individuals then I challenge you to validate your PhD on this forum… fat lying fool, a PhD fellow… who cannot spell “Liar” and had to write “Lair” repeatedly like a retard… such one actually disgraces the PhD title. In your world of football fraud reality… Etim Esim can be brough back to play our No.10 since he proved himself in the past… your other new alias that you will morph to should be @DoubleStandardFraudstar… I will stop shot of mentioning your mother like I said but if you push me I will crush the personality of that poor woman wherever she is managing herself in the current harsh reality of Nigeria’s Economic Hardship to a dolt existence… fool be warned not to test me! I stop further to respond to an egoistic fool… watch what happens to the likes of Musa and Ighalo your master’s benefactors in the coming weeks when a new coach responsible coach takes charge of the Super Eagles reins…

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hahahahahaha….chrnonic liar has been caught red handed once again with palmoil stains all over his mouth…..LMAOOoo

      Your mother needs to come and see what being trafficked to Europe and scavenging for decades before getting 1 decent job in 2021 has done to your life…..LMAOOoooo. Turned you to a chronic liar shamelessly telling WHITE LIES on a public forum…..LMAOooo

      “….. I did his IP filtering, as well as run his posts on the forum through a pattern recognition software online… it returned hits of his numerous phrases and signature words.. I swear he is the same individual…….”

      Unintelligent fool….LMAOooo

      Your fake software told you a westerner and an easterner are one and the same person……LMAOOooo

      Your fake software told you people who have distinctively existed on soccer forums for decades are one and the same person……LMAOooo

      Please tell us the name of the so-called software. I DARE YOU TO NAME THE SO-CALLED SOFTWARE…….lmaoOOOO. Let us also run the fake checks you claimed you ran.

      You lied you did IP filtering…..I DARE YOU TO publish the IP addresses of each and everyone that you have claimed is Dr.Drey here let us see……LMAOOoo

      Pathetic liar……they must have forgotten to add Lucifer to your surname during your naming ceremony, because you are the true son of your “father”…infact to tell more lies than him that he would be so proud of your from hell where he is watching you in high definition…….LMAOOoo.

      “…… I stopped associating you to @Pompei because I ran his post and there was no hits with your signature words….”

      SO IN ORDER WORDS, YOU ALSO LIED when you declared and swore that Dr.Drey is Pompei……LMAOOoo. Your life is conceived and founded on lies. And what about Dr. Banks too……LMAOOooo…..is he no more Dr.Drey…??? A Doctor of Medicine is no longer the same person as a Doctor of Engineering….?

      Bloody fool. whoever deceived you that you are intelligent scammed you real big……LMAOooooo. Your body just grew and left your brain behind….LMAOooo
      Even you publicly admitted on this forum that you are stupid. You shamelessly cloned yourself and even told yourself straight to your face that you are stupid. That is the depth and magnitude of how big for nothing you have grown. All body, no brains……LMAOoooo

      Only you, lied that Dr.Drey is a staff of CSN, lied that Im a jobless teenager, lied that i’m a 35 year old newspaper seller……you have shifted to Dr.Drey has never crossed Badagry……LMAOoooo. Dont you ever get tired….LMAOoooo. Your brain has not told you yet that you cant bring a man down with lies…? You already know your reputation is forever tarnish so you desperately want to also tarnish Dr.Drey’s……with LIES……LMAOoooooo. Wake up….it wont work…..LMAOoooo. Oil can never mix with water…….LMAOoooo

      I am not a hobo like you who seeks validation with FAT LIES……LMAOooo…you are the least of creatures I need to provide any form of validation to. Hang yourself if it pains you I held PhD at a time you didnt even know what to do with your miserable life……LMAOoooo. If ypographic errors invalidates peoples’ qualifications, then even you yourself are a stark illiterate….LMAOooo. Just up there, you wrote;

      “… hahaha is a morphing masquerade…”

      How a person who claims to have 2 bachelors and 1 Masters degree doesnt know a definite pronoun is supposed to appear before the ‘is’ eg, “HE IS”, “SHE IS” or “IT IS” beats imagination…….LMAOOooo. All you qulifications should be invalidated beause of this and other numerous errors you also commit that nobody gives a hoot about.

      Sensible people come here to discuss football with facts and figures, a cheap lying poverty stricken money-miss-road like you comes here to LIE, count Likes and Dislikes and mark English spellings…..LMAOooo. I never knew we are mandated by law to run our comments through spell check softwares and word processors before we post them or convey out thoughts…….LMAOOoooo.It is your intellectual bankruptcy and desperation to prove to be what you are not and NEVER will, that frustrates you to hanging on such trivialities…..LMAOOooo.

      It you want to make a living out of spotting spelling errors in Dr.Drey’s posts….please go ahead…..LMAOOoooo…..I type really fast and will ALWAYS commit errors that I dont bother about since CSN is not an academic or professional page……..so you will work daily till you grow grey hairs in that your anus you often dip your finger and lick in order to get inspired to cook up more and more lies…….LMAOooooo

      You can insult my mother if you wish to, the dead know how to fight for themselves…..LMAOoooo, so go ahead, but I DARE YOU ONCE AGAIN…….

      …swear by your mother’s life that everything you’ve just said above is the truth and nothing but the truth…..that you indeed ran a check and it told you Greenturf, Oakfield, Ola and Lanre are the same persons……LMAOOoooooo!

      I DARE YOU…….Name the so-called software you LIED you used, I’ll download it right away, run the checks and pubshlis the results here for everyone to see what a shameless liar you are……LMAOOoooo

      I DARE YOU……publish the IP addresses of each one of us since you LIED you did IP filtering…….LMAOooooo

      Devil wants to disgrace you again tonight…..LMAOooooo

      Shameless filthy liar…..LMAOoooo.

      He wants to run away from his lies by beating about the bush. LMAOOooooo.

      Dont worry, as they say in local parlance, who dem dey carry new wife come meet no dey stretch neck. I need my physical and mental strength for the weeks ahead till I close this project. I’ll be back when time and space permits to rub your face in the mud with facts as I have always done. Enjoy my temporary absence while it lasts.

      Colossal liar…..LMAOoooo.

      “……I did his IP filtering, as well as run his posts on the forum through a pattern recognition software online… it returned hits of his numerous phrases and signature words.. I swear he is the same individual….”

      Go and fool your unborn children and grand children, not folks here on CSN…..LMAOOoo

      I DARE YOU ONCE AGAIN…..swear by your mother’s life that you actually did as you claimed. Tell us the name of the so-called software you used and the IP addresses.

      You can do your worst afterwwards.

      Desperado……he wants to be like Dr.Drey……LMAOoooooo

      • JimmyBall 1 year ago

        @Dr.Drey… as your mama suffer sote she come die wey you no ever fit help am coupled say you no even sabi your father naim you think say everybody come from non-existent home like you… hahaha. See jobless man claiming busy with project… tell us the school wey the teach for Nigeria as a PhD holder let us pay you a courtesy call… of course we know your scam… where I dey for life na for film your likes go the watch am… jealousy naim go kill you for this life… I was smuggled by trafficking to Europe… reveal your facebook account wey you the hide make we no catch you say na Okitipupa you dey make I sahre my flight ticket to Deutschland with you when I first come for trials for Duisburg… when you see a man that hardship and life has dealt the short end of the stick… you know him from his anger and foul language! Go and look for your father who ran away leaving your poor late mother and extinguish your life’s disappointment and failing on not responsible folks on CSN forum… hahahaha.

      • Dr Banks 1 year ago

        Welcome back @Dr. Drey my brother, you are well missed on this forum. So glad to read your comments again.

        As for this Mr “Played at highest level” whose name was never even found on the list of common ball boys of any team. His lies knows no bounds and no wonder he quickly aligned with a convicted thief Orji Kalu who claimed Rohr doesn’t have credentials to coach a club in Nigeria but has credential to coach in France, Switzerland and got to the Final of UEFA Cup.

        How can Orji Kalu be regarded as a technocrat in Nigeria soccer except the fact that he spent the Abia State Government money on the team while he was Governor, if he has so much love for soccer development as claimed by @JimmyBall, why didn’t he start another club in Nigeria with his stolen money after his Governorship tenure was over to show us he has the interest of soccer at heart. Easy to spend awoof money with no accountability.

        And as for your useless software, continue deceiving people with your unintelligent lies, it simply tell us how gullible you are

        • JimmyBall 1 year ago

          @Dr.Banks a.k.a @Dr.Drey… no be everyman dey your level. If you want to learn work to save your life I will give you referrals. Data Science and AI has made everything under sun almost possible… IP filtering software and Quantum Data search is as easy as the Ewedu you love to eat if you a real techie with solid programming and Networking skills… I did not move to Germany, Norway and Germany again for nothing, if you know what is to get Norway Visa you wont argue with one who knows your location like the palm of your hand…

          • Dr Banks 1 year ago

            The problem with you is that you think everyone is as daft as you, grandiose delusion is what you have bro and you need a certified specialist psychiatrist assessment and treatment fast before the other irreversible symptoms start showing.

            Can you imagine talking about Norway visa as an achievement? Like I told you earlier, getting a visa to any country of choice in this whole world is nothing to brag about for people like me, it’s a given and no question asked.

            People who are worth their stuff don’t make noice of it like you do, go and google Kriel School of Gynaecology Endoscopy in UKSH for your backyard their in Germany, I have been their nothing less than 3 occasion to deliver lectures and clinical demonstration in the past 5 years, same in Excel London (RCOG Congress), Sweden, Poland, Australia and Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The list goes on.

            So stop thinking that because we come to CSN due to our love for Nigeria football, we are in the same category. Levels differ my brother.

            Stay your lane bro, I only want you to stop deceiving guys with your lies and ill-conceived comments, that’s why I respond to you

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahahaha @ Dr. Banks, dont mind the empty arrogant for nothing farm boy who was uprooted from his father’s peasant farm in Benue state and trafficked to Europe by a privileged kinsman……LMAOoooo. We know their types. That is why obtaining travel visas is an achievement that must be widely celebrated and broadcasted to the world, the same way his 1st decent job after years of scavenging and being dehumanized by whites in Europe was broadcasted here……LMAOoooo

            There’s absolutely nothing huge is securing a visa to any country you wanna go, so far you have valid and verifiable papers, have no criminal/health/financial issues and your hosts have provided the necessary documents that prove your valid reasons for the trip and that you will not be a liability of any sort to that country whilst you are there……LMAOooo. No, Mr educated illiterate must make a plaque of honor out of securing a visa to Norway……LMAOooooo.

            Everything becomes like Ewedu when he can no longer explain his lies….LMAOoooo….the same lies that flow from his mouth with frictionless abandon like ewedu soup. Explain how you were watching french league on multichoice in Nigeria in 1993 in benue state, when multichoice themselves said they opened their first office for operations in Lagos Nigeria in 1995, chronic liar shifted to “hot-wiring LNBs is like ewedu”. Now tell us the name of the software you LIED you used, he has summersaulted to AI and Quantum Data search……LMAOooooo

            Bloody lair thinks he has seen people he can use Data Science and Machine learning semantics to bamboozle……LMAOoooo. Young man, all you just babbled through up there are mere algorithms….they are not softwares. Some of them, like neural networks (the foundation of AI) and evolutionary algorithms like Quatum Data search are coupled together to develop design optimization solutions. I’m as we speak leading a team currently, developing and establishing bespoke test models for condition-based monitoring systems for structed health, maintenance and failure prediction as early as 12 calendar months in advance for a power generation company, based on coupled kriging and genetic algorithms. Your mates and young boys younger than you are working on my team, proffering REAL 4IR complaint engineering solutions, you are seated in an 81 sqm lab as an ordinary technician, repairing faulty instruments with 2 bachelors and 1 masters degree in elect. engineering and beating your chest like a sex-starved gorilla and that you are “not on the same level”…….LMAOOooooo. Of course, actually and obviously, we are not.

            Dont EVER think you can come here to hoodwink people with semantics and jargons……I will lecture you in football and I will still lecture you both on theoretical and practical applications of Data Science and Optimization Algorithms. Common general-purpose commercial tools like Matlab and Minitab have built-in modules that people use in playing around with these things that you are blowing like its some BIG VOCABs because you think we are all fools here on CSN because we talk football and super eagles……LMAOooooo. I might be a mechanical engr by qualification, but I’m also a thorough-bred plants and industrial services engineer, project manager, development consultant and researcher by trade and experience….dont come here raising shoulders stupidly like a cockerel on heat

            I asked you a very simple question, just tell us the name of the exact software you claimed you used and paste the comments you claimed you used in running your fake, fallacious similarity tests that told you an Ibo man and Yoruba man are one and the same persons……LMAOoooo, I will instantly download or purchase a professional licensed version of the said software and build it into my company’s project account and run the same fake checks you claimed you ran……LMAOooo. Maybe the software can even come in handy for us in the company.

            Bloody FAT LIAR……LMAOooo

            If you truly ran IP filtering as you LIED you did, you wouldnt be ranting about Dr.Drey not crossing Badagry or that I should tell you which varsity I lecture in in Nigeria, because your IP checks would have told you Im nowhere near that geographical entity at the moment…..LMAOoooo. You see where your own lies found you out…??? LMAOOoooooo. Devil has a way of disgracing you by using your own mouth to bust the lies you have previously told…..LMAOoooo

            There is nothing to will say about me or any of my kindred that that will rile me or get under my skin, as far as i’m concerned they are just your usual ranting of a shameless liar who has been busted once again and caught red-handed with his hand in the cookie jar. That’s how you rant aimlessly and directionlessly when you have been busted
            and frustrated.

            But I STILL DARE YOU ONCE AGAIN……swear by your mother’s life that you actually did as you claimed. Tell us the name of the so-called software you used and paste ALL the EXACT comments and the EXACT IP addresses of those individuals that you LIED YOU ran checks on here……LMAOoooo. Let us run it too and see….LMAOoooo.

            Bloody money-miss road desperado boy. Very local boy indeed.

            You must be the biggest achiever in you lineage thus far. That is why even securing visa to Norway is now such a mean feat for you…..LMAOoooo

            “….I did his IP filtering, as well as run his posts on the forum through a pattern recognition software online… it returned hits of his numerous phrases and signature words.. I swear he is the same individual….” LMAOOooooo

            Very pathetic lair…..LMAOoooooo

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Also I DARE YOU to copy and paste the EXACT POSTS of Greenturf, Oakfield, Ola etc that you LIED you ran on your phantom online software, and let us see the so-called signature words that only Dr.Drey has been permitted and patented by the Oxford English Society to use which they too are using……LMAOooooo.

      Your type of madness must be that type that bubbles like Banga soup inside heated clay pots…….LMAOoooo.

      Pathetically shameless pathologically lair.

      Devil will definitely definitely give you your own firewood and petrol to go start you one hellfire on judgement day.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      “…… I stopped associating you to @Pompei because I ran his post and there was no hits with your signature words….”

      A wonder admittance you LIED initially…LMAOooooo.

      Drunk fool.

      The shameful aspect is that he will even swear on top of the lies in order to force people to believe him….all because of his desperation to bring Dr.Drey down in the eyes of the world…….LMAOOoooo.

      Bloody bastard, my participation in Nigerian soccer forums transcends 2020 when you barged into CSN LYING you played football to the highest level just to force everyone to not contest whatever lies you spill out from your serpentous lips……LMAOoooo…..BEFORE DR. DREY UNRAVELLED YOU TO THE PUBLIC TO BE A LYING BASTARD EVEN WITHOUT ASKING ANY DETAIL FROM YOU…..LMAOOooo…I knwo you are still shocked to your bone marrows about that till today, that you quickly summersulted from PLAYING AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL to becoming an AFFILIATE and thereafter a PARTAKER…….LMAOooooo.

      No amount of malignant propaganda from a globally known pathetic liar like you can undo all the goodwill I’ve built with FACTS and cream-of-the-top intelligence-filled contributions over those years. So stop trying too hard and start working on your own battered image which you shredded to minces with your lying tongue and empty arrogance……LMAOooooo.

      Pathetic Liar.

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    All I know is that Mr Rohr has not failed us as a coach. He has fulfilled the conditions nff set for him when given the job. And the conditions was to qualify us for the afcon after two previous failed attempt and then the world cup. This man did not just qualify us but won us a bronze and then took us to Russia. And then now, he was able to qualify us for another Afcon and then we are on the verge of going to Qatar. So why not wait and see if he didn’t give a satisfactory account in Cameroon and then at the world cup before we start shouting sack sack!!!

  • De Star 1 year ago

    @JimmyBall , Please this forum is supposed to be for adult , cultured , matured and enlightened people with descent education to some extent. It is high time you put a stop to this garbage unexpected of those that claimed that have seen 4 walls of University which many of you claimed , going by the impression in the forum. We enjoy you when you do your brilliant analysis of which was never in doubt that you were once a footballer, which you have proven with facts here . Nevertheless, stooping low in retaliation could never have earned you kudos ; if you choose to maintain your expected standard doesn’t makes you a lesser nor diminish you ( Kudos for saying you will not insult @Dr Drey or @ Ayphillydegreat mothers ; what is what doing at all is what doing well , why don’t stop the entire stuff all together, as this derogatory and gutter languages will put off many responsible members from the forum ).

    @ Ayphillydegreat; you are Yoruba man that are highly known for high moral culture, with home education taken as highest priority in the entire Yoruba Land; the quality of education you claimed to be privileged, plus your western exposure ( which I don’t have to doubt , except you prove otherwise in your conduct) ought to have been leveraged upon and increase your value , same also goes to @Dr Drey irrespective of his tribe in Nigeria, as I never read any tribe that celebrated low moral value in their society. I must be sincere with you, your negative insulting and derogatory languages uses on members along with Dr Drey in particular are never a plus to many of your great contributions in this platform; and, in all honesty, I must confess, my personal strong impression on you (right or wrong ) is, you are negatively being influenced by Dr Drey , who cannot pass his contributions without dishing out shameful and derogatory languages on fellow members, or anyone that pointed out the glaring numerous technical deficiencies in Rohr , which he had taken to another shameful level of corrupt invitation where a retired flopped 32 years Igahalo did not only fund himself in SE but also commanding first 11 shirt , coupled with a benched cum 6 Months inactive player John Noble being considered in SE ahead of the better quality goalkeeper that benched him permanently in the same club ( that is to tell you the unprecedented level SE has become under the clueless Rohr).

    For some days, without Dr Drey in the forum until yesterday, your contributions have been greatly delivered devoid of the notorious and fouls languages ( you all claim to live in the western world, are all these nasty languages accepted in the coporate organizations you are earning your living , which I know , it is capital NO as some of us too also live and earn our living in the western world and Nigeria as professionals in our various chosen fields not excluding University education as well ) .

    I humbly appeal for everyone of us to behave in the forum as matured adult and educated ones ; let us enjoy brilliant analysis, historical information and opinion that are devoid of insults ; we should learn to take a good notes from the likes of @Mr Hush who was the overall highest rated valuable member in this forum despite of being Rohr’s strong supporter until lately , having seen reality himself. If there is any member that earn my respect in this loop , that person is @ Glory , no right thinking can fault his brilliant submission yesterday and in humility, he owned up that , in deed , despite being Rohr’s strong supporter, Rohr failed and messed up big time lately ( that is hallmark of humble and sounds mind that would make a u turn and admitted of taken a wrong position or opinion, when confronted with glaring facts, as no one has monopoly of knowledge) .

    If anyone still believe Rohr can continue as SE Coach , that person should wake up from his dream; morally , technically Rohr can no longer continue to be in charge of SE ; aside from his technical deficiencies, Rohr has lost it particularly with corrupt invitation to sustain himself for a coach that is owed several months of salary , and now with this debate by his employer either to sack him or not , having been advised to honourably resign ( that shows , he has lost the confidence of his employer and by extension loosing the dressing room if he were to be retained )

    A good coach that valued himself ought to have done the needful before this stage by resigning rather than signing contract extension as it was too glaring that if Rohr is given a decade in SE ,he has nothing to offer , he is scam .

    • JimmyBall 1 year ago

      @De Star… I will respect you and other forumites and moderate. But as you will already know, it is due to just one individual… @Dr.Drey. I can say something to @Ayphillydegreat and apologise, I have in the past done it… Lol(I hope he is not actually another @Dr.Drey alias because these days it hard to tell the differnce in their comments)… I have done that before and to be honest, @De Star… you have observed well, @Ayphillydegreat was a perfect gentleman as I can remember, up till he became a ride-or-die journeyman with Zeus himself, I called @Dr.Drey Zeus actually in light of good gentlemanly banter as he has a cult-following here with some that is almost godlike… Lol.

      Believe me I am a very funny person in real life, and honestly we are all a product of the tough streets of Nigeria, so when you have someone who is always quick to attack and unleash venom, what you will have is a forum full of those who will begin to push back… all we have ever wished for here is for the improvement of our national team with a case for merit to always be made regardless whose ox is gored for it… the culture of invectives and curses here was introduced by @Dr.Drey because he started always with derision and scorn on anyone whose views run anti-parralel to his, for a long time I was a victim and it came to a point I said, man! I can get in the trenches too and thence, came the explosion of war chants and fireballs we now have today…

      Honestly, I have to restraint myself not to go scatter-gun on his mum, for the fact he even called my mother into the whole thing and it wont be the first time he has gone family, he has called me here the worst down to my family before and that was the fisrt time I went beserk on his too… since then I vowed never to engage in that again, stooping so low into the gutter with someone so egoistic it bangs a loud drum here… lol. Make we just easy with English… but me I want to tell you say… out of respect for this forum and responsible dudes like you, @Deo, @Chux Haifa, @Mr Hush. I will listen to you and your appeal and keep it serene and tolerable here… otherwise believe me we can all have capacities to go wacko and throw this honorable house into a crossfire of shit… normally friendly banters should make everyone have fun here… However, I salute and apologise to the house!

  • De Star 1 year ago

    @JimmyBall ; thanks and maximum respect for your humility cum understanding to ceasefire @ Ayphillydegreat @Dr Drey are our brothers; one love ❤️

    • JimmyBall 1 year ago

      Just scroll a little up and see what the egoistic fraud was saying about my parents… I pitied him and replied him mildly how you know one does not have more than one hopeless BSc qualification claiming PhD… dude is as phoney as they come… one frustrated human being loafing in some very wretched dwelling!

  • Dr Banks 1 year ago

    ****Kiel School of Gynaecology Endoscopy…………….CSN please bring back the Edit button abeg

    • JimmyBall 1 year ago

      …hahahaha. Even the Lamba wey you try to sell sef no gree enter… Lol. See as the lie no gree stick you come the misquote yourself… Lol…”Dr Travel The Whole World Untop Symposium” now you know telling lies is no beans because you have to be smooth otherwise you make fun of yourself. I like this version of gentle @Dr.Drey. I meant I lived in Norway for a while not visit like a tourist… I went there run official settings not as a tourist like your supposed Ajala level… goodnight!

      • Dr Banks 1 year ago

        Your case don pass Grandiose delusion or personalty disorder truly, according to DSV 5 classification your state of mental health is psychoactive schizophrenia and you only need God to heal you.