Rohr: Eagles Showed Positive Attitude In Win Vs Bafana Bafana

Rohr: Eagles Showed Positive Attitude In Win Vs Bafana Bafana

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr says his players showed great attitude in their AFCON 2019 quarterfinal win against the Bafana Bafana of South Africa at the Cairo International Stadium on Wednesday, reports Completesports.com.

Rohr also acknowledges the support of the home fans who came out in large numbers to support the Super Eagles in the game.

The three-time winners outplayed the Bafana Bafana for the majority of the game in what was unarguably their best performance of the competition so far.

The win meant the Super Eagles have now reached the semifinals of the AFCON finals for the 15th time in 18 appearances.

Villarreal winger Samuel Chukwueze put the Super Eagles ahead in the 27th minute, scoring after receiving a pass from Alex Iwobi.

Bongani Zungu levelled scores for South Africa in the 68th minute with a header that gave Daniel Akpeyi no chance.

William Troost-Ekong however scored the winning goal a minute before halftime.

“The support from the home (Egypt) fans was fantastic. They were fantastic all through the game, but my players also showed good attitude and we played very well especially in the first half which also gave them something to cheer about. I hope they continue to support us in the tournament,” Rohr stated during his interaction with the media after the game.


“The support was great, it is normal for them to support us after after South Africa removed Egypt from the competition.

“We knew facing South Africa will be very difficult for us. They gave us a good fight, but we were lucky to score in the final minutes.

The Super Eagles lost 2-0 at home to the Bafana Bafana in the qualifiers and Rohr admits the result had a positive effect on his side.

“It helped us change a lot of things and also refocus. We were able to beat Cameroon 4-0 during the World Cup qualifiers and have only lost to African opposition twice since then. I have to say thank you to Stuart Baxter for that,” he added.

“We had a plan and we knew South Africa would find it hard to replicate their performance against Egypt, so we had a slight advantage. We are happy with the win and now we must recover in time before our next match.”

The Super Eagles win face the winner of Cote d’Ivoire versus Algeria quarterfinal game on Sunday also at the Cairo International Stadium and Rohr is already anticipating a tough clash.

“Things will get more difficult in the competition now since we will meet Algeria or Côte d’Ivoire in the semifinals.”

By Adeboye Amosu (photos: by Ganiyu Yusuf) in Cairo

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  • Rorh u are my man,u are the best in super eagles history,up SE up nija up me

    • Everyone keeps voicing their opinion on the different things regarding the Super Eagles but I’m surprised no one has yet said a thing about the horrible Akpeyi Goal Keeper! Arguably, Nigeria has the worst goal keeper in the entire tournament! He is flat footed and heavy on the ground, not agile, has very poor timing and reflexes! Almost all the goals he conceded were cheap goals! One keeps wondering what the Nigerian coach was thinking when he made him his No.1 choice! Nigeria will lose to Algeria in the semi-finals of Akpeyi is fielded! Mark my words!

    • Olujimi Morgan 2 years ago

      Please do not get carried away. The best coaches in Eagles history are: Westerhof – 1 Afcon win and 2nd round WC; and Keshi – 1 Afcon and 1 2nd round WC. Rohr, by comparison has 1 1st round WC and ongoing Afcon. He cannot match record of Keshi and Westerhof.

  • Emeka 2 years ago

    God is with you my coach

  • James 2 years ago

    Haters will be gnashing teeth by now. #SoarEagles , God gat ur back! Rohr you’re blessed

  • Pls oga onyekuru don’t deserve to be on the bench,

  • Rohr is a genius.  I can’t begin to prove it, but there’s something fishy in that loss to Madagascar. And that backpass by Balogun? If we had trashed Mad …., wouldn’t the next opponent have stepped up a gear? The real story will come out. Where’s Omo9ja? Having a voice transplant in South Sudan?

  • Presh 2 years ago

    Now the coach is everyone’s friend. Nigerians. Well done Rohr 

    • Bomboy 2 years ago

      Do you prefer that we castigate him when he did well?

      He deserves applause for a good result. However, if what you want is applause when he makes wrong decisions, you won’t get it from some of us.

      Any coach that can’t stand criticism, whether harsh or constructive, is not fit to coach the Super Eagles.

      He has done well for Nigeria and Nigeria has done well for him. This is the first time he is playing in the Semis after being in Africa for so many years.

      For your information, the Egyptian coach has been sacked and the FA chairman has resigned because of that loss to South Africa. So why do you expect us to applaud him when he loses to Madagascar?

      (Please note: I didn’t use any abusive words in my comment. Just merely stated my opinion).

  • Mister 2 years ago

    Kudos to coach Rohr you proved to me that you are a  very good coach with tactic. Look at the tactics is used to silence all the attacking line of SA even in milfied he cut all their lines so very good tactics and kudos to all the players. Now we have a team and good coach too I can confirm that. Inchallah we will win all the remaining matches and lift the cup back home inchallah 

  • Bomboy 2 years ago

    God is the only one that can’t be criticised. God is the only one that can’t make mistakes. And coach Rohr is not God. He is not even a hero yet (we have had far better coaches!)

    By the way, this hero worship mentality is what is killing our nation. Despite the fact that most people have realised that the man they voted into Aso Rock is not a saint as he was formerly portrayed, they still chose to support him. This lack of accountability will ruin our nation if God doesn’t help us.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hehehehehe…see them…Rohr don rub pepper for their eyes….dem don begin dey change from Jefferson street to Walker boulevard. Constructive criticism my foot.
      Maybe I will have to start posting some peoples’ previous insults on the person of this humble coach, so as to remind them how “constructive” they have really been with their so-called criticisms.
      The man whom they called tactless, no winning mentality and no confidence is now in the last 4 of the AFCON. If it were to be in the days of 16 team format, our next match would have been the Final.
      They said we won Burundi by luck…Guinea came with their star-studded team, we completely neutralized them (Akpe-basket didn’t have to make any save of any kind)…..We lost an inconsequential match and they all ran amok, raining heavy curses. The defending champions came and we sent them packing…they said it was luck. We have defeated SA that knocked out the No 1 favorites to win the AFCON….they are still saying it is luck.
      Wen we win, it is solely the effort of the players…but when we lose, it is entirely the fault of the coach.
      Awon “Constructive critisismers”…..LMAO

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    “The Super Eagles lost 2-0 at home to the Bafana Bafana in the qualifiers and Rohr admits the result had a positive effect on his side. It helped us change a lot of things and also refocus. We were able to beat Cameroon 4-0 during the World Cup qualifiers and have only lost to African opposition twice since then. I have to say thank you to Stuart Baxter for that,” he added.
    Pls remind them o Coach

    • Bomboy 2 years ago

      Dr. Drey, please go ahead and post mine. But that won’t change anything. If the coach does well, he will be commended. If not he will be castigated. That is what he is paid for.

      And note my words in the post above: a coach who cannot stomach BOTH constructive and harsh criticism is too lilly livered for the Super Eagles.

      • Jones 2 years ago

        There’s a difference between constrictive criticism and plain hate.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Dr Drey, Ndubuisi, Pompei, Danuch, Oakfield, Achi, Slashy, Ubah, Presh, James and all other progressive thinkers I hail una. Congratulations to our darling SuperEagles and coach Rohr for reaching the semifinals of the AFCON. That was the main target for this team and they’ve achieved it. Now it’s next to the ultimate and by God’s grace SuperEagles will bring back the cup. 

    ỌMỌ9JA FC I hail una too ooooo!!!! ẸKU ATIJỌ ṢE DAÁDAA NI?? Make una no worry we Are still enjoying the banana banana  champagne until the semifinals.. LEEEMAOO!!!!!!

    • Bomboy 2 years ago

      Some of the people you just mentioned were one of the harshest critics of Coach Rohr…

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        Please be specific and name them. I know my own people who stood by Rohr in good times and bad times. The ones I mentioned have always supported Rohr every time on this forum and I also know ọmọ9ja FC LEEEMAOO!!!  @Greenturf the effervescent Rohr main man I hail you too my bro. Congratulations on the win. 

        • My guy u get it right,@Ayphillydegreat.u just mentioned the real nigerians in this forum,because @Ak is from soweto,bomboy is from togo.with their mentor @omocongo hahaha lol

          • Oakfield 2 years ago

            [email protected]…aphilly I sight u. Pls, where has Ashley slashy my man been. Been a long time we heard his voice…

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          @ Oaksy….your man has been around….his writing signature is quite evident…even though he likes to shroud his presence on the forum. But trust me….he’s very much around. Lolz

          • Oakfield 2 years ago

            @dreyhmmm, interesting to know he’s still around. I miss his whala shaaa…lol…u know what I mean @drey. He used to be one of them but later migrated..lol

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago

    Now, this is me having a bad day at work; and yeah thinking of coming online to read something that would take my mind of things ( at least for some few seconds),and make me feel elated ;yesternight win comes to bare.
    Coming to my favourite forum to read others thoughts ,no matter where they stand,is always invigorating..
    But what do I get..
    People chastising the critics (haters of Rohr or so) and trying to glow over it.
    In fact even taking names of those they can high -5 or even invite to their parties!

    For crying out loud ; 
    1. Nigeria won.lovers, Haters,critics are all Nigerians ,they all won.
    2. What does it matter who is wrong or right or your view or theirs; it never goes beyond here,after all this is a forum to air views,wrong or right,you don’t have to take it or such,it doesn’t have to be right or wrong,it is just opinions shared,people that want to learn would,others wouldn’t ;it never changes what happens in reality; unless we are to gloat to the outcome of such opinions we share(and yeah,it is amazing to gloat,especially over a stubborn foe who shares otherwise …)..
    3. Gloating never gathers respect even when right. It brings unnecessary animosity;especially when you are on the same team.remember,this ain’t club football,this is the Super Eagles of Nigeria.it is owned by all.
    4.and yeah..critics would always criticize,it is normal;it is essential.why shouldn’t they?
    Our analogy is to learn.and for those that are here just for hate;then results teach “us” to learn.

    5. Finally,we got tomorrow to look into.lets focus on that and waste less energy vengeful rhetorics.

    Side note: let’s keep sharing our minds; it is a forum. Results would justify who is wrong or right.
    Knowledge is a continuous process.

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      I tend to disagree with u mr hush. If you’ve been an active member of this forum, you’ll understand and know that there are people who are just evil. People who celebrate the downfall of others and would never appreciate anything good done by the former. A good critic criticises constructively and rejoices with the person whom he’s criticising. But some people like omo9ja most especially are just evil. Always turning a blind eye to the coache’s achievements, finding it very hard to give him a pat on the back for a job well-done but very quick to pounce on him when he slips. He predicts doom in his heart and pretends to be with the team. Such people are evil and deserve to be labeled haters. There shall be no mercy for them as long as God lives. Darkness can never overshadow light. We are here to give them what they deserve.

      • Mr Hush 2 years ago


        Trust me
        I do understand where you are coming from..
        But forgive me to state,
        Being a critic doesn’t necessarily make you evil; 
        You should understand that not all see things the way you do and not every are wise( and I say that with all respect).
        We are always as wise as we think we know..
        And as it relates to the super Eagles,most supposedly Rohr haters,simply are those lost to emotions not necessarily evil.. they simply want to play beautiful and win ;not knowing the little details a win entails or simply not caring about it or simply not understanding you can’t have them both.
        And trust me,I am not trying to read their thoughts,cause it is lost in me..

        I am just saying, we should magnanimous in victory,especially over those that “intentionally saboteurs”; 
        Light can never mix with darkness; but a a shade of light in darkness,can brighten that Darkness and can atleast, turn it to grey….

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Nice one coachee. I heard the hard disk of the ex cricket player(odegbami) turn columnist instead of coach has crashed and his ink finished. I also heard he has run out of ideas of what to write again. Na so God go Dy do am for mr rohr, haters are now silent. Some are beginning to migrate from their evil camp. All the best coachee, you’ve got the support of true believers @drey,pompeii,glory,tee,aphillydegreat, kanu nwankwo, kadiri ikhana et al, u guys have been so great with your faith in the coach and team and we are reaping the rewards,That’s the spirit of brotherhood and confraternity. Semper fidelis!!!!

  • Cuteprince 2 years ago

    Guys I think we’ve chastised the so called haters enough…
    You know without their views this forum wouldn’t be as interesting and interactive as it is now that was what made us all cherished the COLIN UDOH’s KON, SL10, AFRICAPLAYS forum all of defunct memory now… we even went a step further to register an association (S.D.E.I) with CAC supporting Nigerian football and given critical analysis of prevailing situations at the time thereby helping the then administration of Nff to achieve great things from Sani Lulu to Ibrahim Galadima, to Aminu Maigari down to our very own Amaju Pinnick…

    Prominent amongst the elite fans and forumites of Nigeria football are as follows:
    Ken Gaddafi
    SleyNd (Marcus Imodu)
    Kola usa
    Rachael ugiagbe iseoluwa
    Dr Drey
    Mr hush
    Collin udoh
    Kenneth Ezaga(Zeegee)
    Elo Ezaga
    Peterside Idah
    Samson sia1
    Maureen Maud
    Nkiru okosieme and and her brother
    And all others who may have changed their usernames on CSN


    • Respect also to the present generation of elite superfans of naija ably led by our new General
      General DEO…
      AND all others on CSN

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    @ CutePrince … You forgot to include one certain Nkata Offor of the old KON squad. Meehnnn…that chap was something else. If you thought Omo9ja is a black sheep, you needed to experience Nkata Offor. Lolz

    Bye and large, supportership is what makes football football. If you’ve watched a match played behind closed doors, you will relate with what i’m saying.
    CSN is like a Stadium, while we the forumites are like the supporters….an empty stadium kills every vibe the game of football is meant to emit.

    To all who have kept faith, even when there isnt any reason to….Oakfield, Greenturf, Pompei, Danurch, Ndubuisi, Jones etc (if i no mention ya name bikonu eweniwe…make una nor vex) I salute you all. It only takes someone who either as kicked this round leather before or someone who is/has been in management (be it low, middle or top level) to know and truly understand what this our ambassadors and the gaffer are passing through, and why they need pillars of support be it in good times or in bad times.

    To all the truly “constructive critics” (i no wan mention name hia) I also salute you all for knowing where to draw the lines between constructive criticism, baseless criticisms and outright hatred.

    For the haters….those who are after the coach, the players and team due to their unforgiving hearts, selfish reasons or parochial interests…. I cant salute you…because the venom y’all spilled uncontrollably from your guts could have destroyed our team and we couldn’t have been here savoring where we have gotten to so far. Imagine some people even went as far as issuing death threats to Ighalo after the world cup. Is it not the same Ighalo who has now scored 10 goals in 11 games after the same world cup and is currently in the best form of his life for Nigeria since even his U20 days…??? Imagine if your poisonous mouths had sent him into depression…? his career and family could have been ruined for life.

    But as the saying goes, God often comes to the aid of the tail-less cow….When a man has a pure heart and the right intentions, the almighty never departs from him. Its evident G. Rohr has always had a pure heart and good intentions for Nigerian football, giving us such a solid team in which anyone can be benched and we couldn’t miss him….a team with the bench as strong as the starting 11….a team that has gotten to the semifinals of a 24 team AFCON without leaving gear 2….all within 3 years. Its clear to all to see….even those who hate him…that this team is not one that is founded on the alter of bribery and corruption. Though he has his own short-comings which I personally am aware of and I see, but he more than makes up for his shortcomings in many other ways and areas, which the haters never see….That’s the difference between us.

    Cant imagine how anyone could conclude that a man who has wining ratio of close to 60% lacks winning mentality, just because he’s chooses his words well when in public and is always humble and magnanimous in his approach. I cant imagine how a tactless, dumb coach can amass so many wins, even against the best on the continent and go years without recording a loss. If not one blinded by hatred.

    But since the birds have learnt how to fly without perching, hunters have learnt to shoot without missing. If you think a madman has no family, you just go and machet him in broad day light and see if you wouldn’t live to regret it.

    And the fact that we have 2 sides of the divide makes it even more interesting. Just like a typical game of football, its about showing your sparing partner who is superior. But in the end, the spirit of the game remains unity, love and togetherness.

    Yes, the arena does gets charged most of the times…..but if I tell you a hair of my skin gets lost in the tussle…I’ll only be lying to everyone.
    Whatever happens on CSN ends on CSN……!

    CSN is the place to be……We still all remain friends, brothers (and sisters)….!

    Like I will always say, Rohr will come and go. Infact If he goes ahead to win this AFCON, i’ll advise him to resign….bcos the NFF hates having a coach with a bigger clout than them. He should rest assured that the NFF will set traps that will derail him in due course. But till when he eventually leaves, for the sake of the SE and for the sake of Nigerian football….IN ROHR I TRUST…..!!!!

  • So na Algeria na im e be. Okay o

  • Mr excel 2 years ago

    Pls ,don’t let us fight cos we re winning or not everything is just an opinion, pls bro we don’t av to rain abusive words on ourselves .let us keep supporting our team,n make correction were necessary. Rohr himself knows is doing mistakes n DAT is why he has not av a perfect 11,so pls,let us be more friendly .thsnks