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Rohr- I Will Select The Right Players For Super Eagles

Rohr- I Will Select The Right Players For Super Eagles

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr says he will only pick quality players for the team and declared that it is not part of his contract to pick players who are not good.

The 66-year-old last week signed a new two-year contract with the Nigeria Football Federation.

Rohr states that he has free hand to pick his players and will only invite players on merit.

“It is not a part of my contract to take players who are not so good. I can choose my players myself. Rohr told Channels TV.

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“It is the most important [thing]. So, nobody can tell me ‘You have to pick this one or that one.

“I can take the best players and I don’t do it alone. We have a team and our staff. I have my assistant, I have my analyzer.

“Each Monday we have our meetings and we speak about the games played at the weekend and what our players did.

“We have to take the best ones no matter where they are coming from.”

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  • You had better Pick the right players and best players. And stop talking Rubbish like we are not the best in Africa, the sooner you realise MR Gernot Rohr that Nigeria is parading some of the BEST and I reapeat BEST up and Coming Prospects in World Football now not even African WORLD FOOTBALL the sooner you will learn that we will not accept your excuses and undermining of these STARS..

    Osimhen is one of the Hottest propescts in World Football now. A player who made Lille not miss Nicholas Pepe for even a Second and I repeat “A” Second, Wilfred Onyinye Ndidi a player whom a Whole 3rd place Leicester City loses if he doesn’t play Rohr should stop saying we are not the best team in Africa because on Paper which I believe Rohr is referring to when he says Nigeria is not the Best, We actually are the Best on Paper if fully fit.

    Gernot Rohr enough excuses and stop undermining our Stars with your Rubbish in the Media

    • presh 1 year ago

      I think @ugo you are sick, its your type that don’t want rohr to get his contract, I repeat you are sick, you think football is easy, other countries just parade useless players? watch it.

    • Chux 1 year ago

      @Ugo,you don’t know what you are saying.Your sense of reasoning is impaired

    • Na just insult full my mouth for you. I won’t give it to you. You are a disappointment

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    This is so funny to read o. You will select the best players for Nigeria yet, you keep playing Akpeyi.

    If possible, You will bring back Ighalo and bench Osimeh for him again.
    You keep inviting Onyekuru without using the talented player? Okoye was lucky to manned the post for few minutes if not Uzoho was injured against Brazil. Still, Okoye is too young ba? You are keeping your best players on the bench and expecting miracles abi? Lolz.

    We are Nigeria and Nigerians deserves the best period. No excuses. I wish you the best coach. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Abdul 1 year ago

      Do you just choose not to be consistent with your arguments or you just forget things easily? I hope its the latter because the former would demean you manly. Have you forgotten how heavily you criticized this okoye invitation? and if that’s true? how come you were expecting his “instant” success in the super eagles, that you even categorized him among your “best players”.

      On the other hand, from a common sense point of view, if you initially argue against something and the result came out differently, would you still be so egoistic to accept the success? Rohr benched Osihmen at the Afcon for Ighalo, yes. But were super eagles goal starved at that tournament? or did Ighalo not emerge the highest goal scorer?. Moreover, he kept a brilliant relationship with the younger lad, that the boy waited patiently and finally step up to the role. Is there something wrong with that common sense?

    • @omo9ja are o ok?? Will u stop ur hate from eating u up,were u expecting Rorh to bench ighalo for a player coming from Charleroi at that time, Ighalo who took us to nations cups, scored if am not mistaking over 60% of the goals Nigeria scored in the qualifiers and was also the overall highest goalscorer in the qualifiers, u expect ur coach to bench him at that time???
      U really baffle me with the Okoye statements, I love the guy personally no doubt, but what club does he keep for? The B team of a small club, not even the first team of a small club, he is not tested nor trusted and cannot be given the no.1 shirt yet, he needs to move to be playing regularly in a first team, we are bigger than having a b team goalkeeper as our no 1, for now Uzoho is the safest hands to mantle our goal, he should great improvements before he got injured against Brazil, until a better goalkeeper is found Uzoho should be no 1

      ONYEKURU, Another player I love, but to be honest he hasn’t done well in the national team, those ahead of him are better, when he was brought on against Algeria he didn’t do well and we lost our attacking threat, and eventually lost the game.
      As for Akpeyi,am waiting for him to be banned or retired from the national team

  • Barth. 1 year ago

    @ugo,i advice you stop smoking weed bcos it’s not good to your reasonings and health!. Pls @ugo go to any rehabilitation centre near you!.

    • Pompei 1 year ago

      My main paddy UGO “AREA SCATTER” IWUNZE is back in town! Huffing and puffing, firing on all cylinders! Just now now, everybody don sabi say you get wahala? And you never even begin yarn sef. This one na warm up you dey. I scatter laugh for ground. In Italian. Rehabilitation centers go reject dis one oooo. Na bad market na 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Stan 1 year ago

    Nff decesion realy broke my hart am disapointed. I have not been my self because of their decesion. No wahala we go sit down de look.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      This is just the beginning, like master like slave.

    • Eeyah, Oga Stan, your Oga at top Odegbami is also presently on HBP I suggest you check in to ICU for emergency check up. Am still wondering how u will cope for the next 2 and half years

    • Phynum 1 year ago

      I feel your pains man… Sorry and sorry in advance. Rohr stays! Haters can start nursing broken hearts, high BP and the likes

  • O'billy Pam-Pam 1 year ago

    Listen Guys, can we be objective with our criticism? Or stop for a while and think about/over what is said? “Nigeria is not the best team in Africa”.And I thought to myself,This Guy(Rohr) is at it again, what does he actually mean? I sat for a minute and reviewed our team.Lets not touch the goalkeepers,in defence do we have anything in the mould of a Koulibaly or Eric Bailly? The left and right of our defence are all average defenders,in midfield, only Ndidi who is on the upward trend,others are still cutting their tooth even in club football. In attack, with the retirment of Ighalo, those who took his place are doing well, but need to be consistent,we don’t have their a Sadio Mane or Saleh. My comparison is limited only with African teams. After this I thought maybe Rohr is right, what we have presently is an average team, with individual sparks here and there, but not the best in Africa. I am wanting to compare them with the German team of 2006, that failed to win the World Cup on home soil,but don’t know if that is fare? You can’t even compare them with Eagles of “92. So, like the German team of 2006, I think this is a team moving in the right direction,
    that will go on to win tropheies on the African stage and excell in World stage, if the technical crew and the team are kept intact. It may not be 2023,but not far.

  • KING 1 year ago


    U are lucky it’s only ur heart that is broken so i’m not worried at all…
    If it was high BP; that is when the wahala would have started….

    U can scatter your heart no problem, afterall it is only 2 and half years…

  • Olumine 1 year ago

    I just dey read yan, lol.

  • De Star 1 year ago

    @Ugo Nwunse , take it easy with Rohr oo, many of his army of supporters have just suddenly realized where the progressives team of @Omo9ja,@[email protected] @Ade Collins &co boxed their coach into , if they like let them call you Crazy , honourable minister of Sports is reading the progressives team submissions here with rapt attention …. NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL,  AFCON is a MUST , Nigeria is not Gabon , not Togo that will be celebrating mediocrity of bronze medal  , we would rather not qualified for Afcon than going there and be messed up again by the local coaches team of another country and waste huge tax payers money. ( It is not a pride , Lion will not eat grass ) 

    I seriously don’t know the problem with Rohr’s promoters with their inconsistency, several months, several weeks ago until Rohr’s contract was extended, they were calling us all manner of names , claiming Rohr’s super eagles is a finished soup and world beater that they would not allow any other coach to come and reap the benefit , when we were telling them, Rohr cannot win even tea cup unless he is assisted by NFF with skilled assistants , now less than a week of getting contact extension, they are now coming with another excuse of not having  a stars team that can win ordinary Afcon next year , it is no longer age . 

     OMG !! does this people have shame in their dictionary? If a coach failed to build a team that can conquer Africa in 5 years ( because by the next Afcon in 2021 , Rohr would have spent 5 years ! the longest ever along with Westerhof , whose fault is that  , may be , we should go and exhume dead body of late Keshi to come back to teach oga Rohr how to build a winning team in less than 2 years, may be we should go back to beg 80 years old Westerhof to come and teach oga Rohr how to build a world beater team in 5 years or perhaps, to put aside our shame and beg Algeria team local coach to come and teach oga Rohr how to build a team that can win Afcon in less than 1 year .

    Listen oga Rohr , Keshi cannot come back to teach you how to do it , we will not go and beg Westerhof to come and teach you nor beg Algeria local coach to come and help you , you are supposed to be TECHNICAL ADVISER not a training coach , it is too bad and shameful if you cannot build a team that can win Afcon in 5 years. 

    Those that were hailing you yesterday of having the most dreadful team with arrays of Stars all over Europe that now made 360 Degree U-Turn should go and bury their heads in shame. It is too late NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL 

    • Toks 1 year ago

      Oga are you serious? So Nations cup is now ordinary? Why don’t you direct your question to Ivorian Ghanaian Algerian Golden generations that couldn’t win it in there Prime! You could go take over his job and do it yourself! SMH 

    • @Destar you never disappointed me, trash as usual

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      You calling it ordinary afcon but your “able bodied” coaches failed to even qualify us on 3 consecutive occasions let alone reach the semis and even dream of winning it. He has made qualification look very ordinary and suddenly u realize it’s “ordinary” afcon lol…. People sef. Where were u when we couldn’t even qualify for these tournies? Did u have the morale to post this kinda of garbage u posting now all bcs you’ve seen that the eagles is being tinkered into a formidable team by the coach? Our failure to qualify for these tournies in times past made the nff set “ordinary qualification of afcon as a target for rohr which he went beyond that to reach the semis. It looked like an impossible task then but he made it look ordinary and suddenly reset the belief of many including your miserable self that truly the eagles can fly again. You people’s folly is written all over your body and it’s very shameful that you have continued in this trajectory. Verifiable facts have been presented here on numerous number of occasions debunking your satanic lies but still you are raising your ugly head switching to new evil dimensions like a parasite. You won’t cease to disgrace yourselves with your unprecedented level of ignorance and foolishness just like your ex cricket international master rightly described ur group. @stan said he’s been heart broken, your ex cricket international said he’s foolish and is already having bp, you are already heart “shattered and disoriented ” hence your senseless and disgraceful garbage. Good news is, whether u like it or not, if you like type garbage from now till Christ comes, rohr has been given a new contract meaning that you’ll have 2 good years of continuous jealousy and heart break whilst rohr churns out results with ease. So continue hating while he continues rising.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      And did u read picnic’s shameful confession about rohr??? It’s on here on csn. Straight from the horse’s mouth! Summon some courage and read it and after reading it, u submit ur comment. You’re such a hypocrite.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Haahhahahaha…Please i must be missing something…??? Who has said we are not capable of winning AFCON 2021 here….??? Pls someone should pls point any anywhere anyone mentioned that we are not capable of winning 2021 AFCON. It seems some people have started smoking lipton tea.

      Some people are born lairs. And I wonder what sort of next generation they are currently breeding if they as adults lie this much.

      “….we would rather not qualified for Afcon than going there and be messed up again…”

      HAHAHAHAHA….see backward thinking progressives o…..LMAO. Progressive Regressives. If you have shame…you will recant that statement. See them trying to make excuse for their collossal failures who cannot get jobs…LMAO

      Let me remind you that the times when you didnt qualify for afcon (with your World class african guadiola), Nigerian players couldn’t sign for even ORDINARY Birmingham city….we lost millions of dollars in revenue. NFF became perpetually broke because no income form CAF and FG. The SE struggled to get sponsors. Sports media lost billions of naira in revenue. The valuation of Nigerian players globally dropped. Nigerian players couldnt get good deals in clubs, they were paid peanuts…because in the first instance, they couldn’t make moves to big clubs. Turkish league became the EPL of Nigeria’s best players. Nigeria fans whose only joy is their beloved SE remained heartbroken, unmotivated and hopeless. Stadiums struggled to get filled when the SE played and fans were always booing them. WE BECAME SUPER CHICKENS ALWAYS PLAYING LIKE CHICKEN THAT WAS BEATEN BY THE RAIN. Ever here on CSN…you wont see more than 3-5 comments per day…..what is there to talk about…??? We will want to play congo (not even DR congo) AT HOME AND FANS WILL BE SCARED….we will want to play sudan in UYO and fans will not know what to expect……this is the era evil minded people prefer…LMAO

      But that ordinary afcon we now qualify for….Man U, Barca, Inter, Liverpool, Chelsea…name them…they are all running after our players now….even the “most useless” ones amongst them are being courted by European clubs. NFF has made more than $14m (convert it to naira) in prize money and qualification fees for tournaments since rohr has been incharge. NFF budget for 2019 submitted to FG was over N1bn, simply because we were going to be in AFCON. We no longer hear NFF crying of being broke like before. Because of our current position on the continent, our subventions both from CAF and FIFA has seen a huge raise. You come to CSN nowadays and sometimes you see over 100 comments….even CSN is smiling to the bank bcos of Rohr LMAO…before even on matchdays, you can find 20 comments on CSN. Most sports media now receive sponsorship and patronage to cover the SE because interest, hope and confidence has been restored to the fans. Nowadays even when we are playing away, you can close your eyes and bet on the SE. EVEN OMO9JA MOST TIMES DOES NOT STRESS HIMSELF TO WATCH SE, BECAUSE THERE’S NO POINT WATCHING A MATCH YOU ALREADY KNOW IS MAXIMUM 3 POINTS ALREADY. OMO9JA ONLY COMES LATER TO WATCH THE HIGHLIGHTS ON YOUTUBE TO KNOW WHO AND WHO SCORED…DASALL. The SE are back again where most of us knew them to be in he past.

      Ndi 4/5 = 95% failures…… Ndi ‘we would rather not qualified for Afcon than going there and be messed up again…’ Breeze don blow, so this was your plans for us…to take us back to our days of sorrows….that was why you wound up lies (which we are still waiting till this moment for y’all to substantiate) against Rohr just to ensure he is sacked and replaced with your African Guadiaolas who are begging for jobs on internet pages. If you all truly have shame then y’all should go and beg your unborn generations for mercy and forgiveness.

    • Dr Tee 1 year ago

      @ de star.
      Seriously you need spiritual help and support. You are gradually loosing it

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hehehehehe….“….they will rather not qualified for Afcon than going there and be messed up again….”.

        Hatred is like poison, the more of it a man has, the more his brain succumbs to the venom of its poison. A step away from bringing home a trophy to some people is being “messed” up. Not qualifying at all is their own pride. Tufiakwa..!

        Truly apostle must hear of this…!

  • Stan 1 year ago

    @Destar you are blessed with wisdom.

  • U. F 1 year ago

    The ALGERIA that u pple are singing here and there…
    Let’s just watch and see their outcome next afcon edition…
    An unknown minos will knock them out in the knock-out stage….

    The only problem i have now is SENEGAL & Ivory Coast….
    These 2 have players in top leagues and if properly assembled; africa will shake….

    As for our SE i have no problem since a straight forward man is in charge….
    He will assemble the lads base on MERIT i repeat MERIT….


    MANE, SALAH, AUBA, PEPE, MAHREZ, HAKIMI, ONANA, ZIYECH etc were not hyped…. We didn’t even know most of them untile they rose to stardom..
    Pls let’s do this for the benefit of our boys.

  • you better do that.
    stop inviting the following players
    they have nothing to contribute. iwobi lack the following qualities
    hold onto ball.
    get past marker.
    ball control.
    keep possession.
    iwobi only have through passes.
    musa is not dynamic.
    simon cant beat marker.
    akpeyi set piece problem.
    drop them and invite ejuke, lukman, denis, uzoho,

    • Jones 1 year ago

      My guy you are daft. Simon cannot beat a marker but he won best player iat his club..

    • I don’t know why NFF signed Rohr when we have a “sound coach” like you…

    • Phynum 1 year ago

      Sorry sir, you’re talking in the nonsense
      Iwobi ke???? Ah!!!!

      You’re talking in the rubbish..sigh!

  • @drey, Oakfield, Ayphillidegreat, and other of my fellow progressive for the upteenth time please stop giving your precious time to these progressive-from-back gang as y’all have rightly uncovered that they are kill joys and headbent on taking away the only joy Nigerians have…by their fruits we’ve realized… Sane people can’t reason like this

    “….we would rather not qualified for Afcon than going there and be messed up again…”

    HAHAHAHAHA….see backward thinking..

    It’s not their fault Even the Jews because of Hatred & Jealousy CHOSE BARRABAS INSTEAD OF CHRIST

  • Stan 1 year ago

    @cuteprince we messed up in the last nations cup. We strugle to win ordinary burundi and guinea Lost to madagascar.loosing to madagascar was a very shamefull thing to nigeria football. When the final list for the afcon was released. That was when i knew that GR is not a coach. How can a coach went to a tournament with only two mildfielders and six wingers. How can a coach went to a tournament with four injured players. I dont know why GR fans are making noise here. Since nff want him to continue we will all souport him. With YOBO to assist him things will surely change for good.

  • De Star 1 year ago

    @Stan , thank you, you could have also observed  that the progressives members don’t waste their precious time here again , we  only just pop in at our  free time to comment and leave the stage . I only respond to the great minds among the Rohr’s promoters like @Deo and  @Mr Hush ( I equally noticed too , that Mr Hush is equally disappointed in his group’s members last time , when they were shamelessly backing their timid coach of “ Nigeria is not N0 I ranked in Africa to have have gotten confidence of winning Afcon next year )  . 

    Gradually, they are even copying our group names ( the progressives) . Continue to call us names , abusing us , we will not go down to your level , it is still the manifestation of average black man mentality syndrome and the sign of frustration, it is normal for a loosing team to always succumb to frustration .

    1. We said Rohr has to work for his pay , not sitting in his comfort zone in Germany acting as if he is doing Nigeria favour with his mediocrity achievement of bronze medal and bundled out in first round WC , ( The request was granted in the new clause , WORK in Nigeria, look for hidden talent in the local league as other great coaches have done in the past and got results) 

    2. We said No more padded salary as was fraudulently done by Rohr and his business partners NFF 2 years ago ( the request was answered, even accepted lower pay in the new contract, in )

    3. We requested for skilled ex international assistants to support Rohr if he is to be retained , that can help Rohr in his area of noted technical deficiencies ( The request was granted , Yobo was brought in , even though we believe more skilled assistants like goalkeeper training in Cal Ikpeme, Enyama, Peter Rufai , Ike Shorumi and other skilled ex internationals coaches who can agree to be his assistant to help him in his area of technical deficiencies) 

    4. We said , we are not Gabon , not Togo that can be celebrating mediocrity of wining bronze in Afcon but gold and nothing less or  being bundled out again in first round of WC  ( the request was granted, with the declaration of the  new Sheriff in town honourable sports minister NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL Afcon gold and nothing else as the local coach Keshi also won it with a team that couldn’t qualified for the previous Afcon and achieved it in style just  less than 2 years !  Achievement that Rohr and his supporters are still not sure in 5 years on the job  ) 

  • Larry 1 year ago

    @De star , well said.
    To like minds and oppositions.
    The progressives don’t join issues with delusional supporters. The progressives dont comment on irrelevant isues. The progressives identified GR’s weaknesses and offered suggestions on ways to make things better.The progressives identified irregularities in GR’s old contract and recommended clauses for proper evaluation. The progressives are relieved with the new contract and will always wish the best for SE. GR has accepted the challenge of winning the next Afcon and the progressives are backing him to achieve that common goal. The progressives have identified the GK dept as the weakest link in the team and have offered suggestions.
    The progressives are not talking because they know
    “talk is cheap, long stories dont make blockbusters”
    [email protected] star, omo9ja, stan Ade, goal and the likes.
    You guys are the MVP !!

  • De Star 1 year ago

    @ Larry , well done for your uncommon level of patriotism , Super Eagles is our collective project , God forbid , if Rohr fail , he would simply carry his bag and go back to his country  with Nigeria as a looser when he would have raked in 5 years steady salary .

    We will continue to point out area of his weaknesses and the way forward for improvement to achieve the set goals . GK department needs serious overhaul, no coach in this world would have luxurious time of not been able to produce reliable and dependable N01 goal keeper  in 4 solid year ! , Westerhof had it in Peter Rufai ( De Rock) , Bonfere Jo have it in Ike Shorumu, Onigbinde in less than 1 year had it in Eyama , Oliseh  in few months had it in Cal Ikpeme ….. Goalkeeper trainer Agu is negative in the team , NFF should wake up and get him replaced if Rohr would not ask for change 

    God bless you God bless Progressives group , God bless Nigeria …. Ire oooo 

  • Ub.F 1 year ago

    I regret ever argueing soccer matters with the so call REGRESSIVE PROGRESSIVE MIND.

    This pple no nothing next to soccer.

    So u don’t know the difference btween midfielders, strikers &defenders?
    How can u say ROHR went to AFCON with 2 midfielders?
    1) MIKEL
    2) JOHN OGU
    3) NDIDI
    4) ETEBO
    are all midfielders.

    How did 4 turned 2?

    NO WONDER @DR DREY keep calling u people “LIARS”…

    NOW I SEE…

    U only mentioned the game we lost & the once (u & ur soccer ignorant pregessive members claimed) we struggled.

    I was expecting u to mention the game ROHR outclassed SEEDOF & KLUIVERT in the 2nd half.
    ETO was doing as if he knows more than evrybody.
    But Rohr “TECHNICALLY & TACTICALLY” used IWOBI to destroy ETO & his pride in the 2nd half.
    The SOUTH AFRICAN game was played in world cup not afcon.

    The Tunisian game was played in olympics not afcon.

    From today i stop taking u & ur ignorant(base on soccer) REGRESSIVE PROGRESSIVE members serious…

    Hatred has beclouded u pple’s sense of reseaning.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      You can clearly see the type of animals we’ve been up against all this while: Shameful liars with first degree, masters and PhD. Very pitiful.

  • Edoman 1 year ago

    There are now two camps in this place. What a shame!. Folks are now not able to look at issues, news, and other items, and wholeheartedly and independently makes their contributions as they deem fit but view the issues from what his camps says even if when such comments are senseless and meaningless or even when such so-call camp lies.
    Countrymen, don’t deceive yourself. You will be judged by the amount of positives or negatives your comments attracts. Hiding under the so-called Progressives will not protect you from your unacceptable comments to be viewed as reasonable. The safest rule is, if you have nothing good to say, keep mute.

  • Stan 1 year ago

    @ub.f We went to egypt with ndidi and etebo as mildfielders. John ogu has no buisness in that team. Mikel went to afcon with injury. Etebo was tired against Algeria but we dont have someone in the bench to replace him.

  • Tunde 1 year ago

    **And lastly, CREATING COMPETITION IN EACH POSITION (i.e no automatic shirt 4 any players).