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Rohr Lists Condition For Inclusion Of Home Based Players In Super Eagles

Rohr Lists Condition For Inclusion Of Home Based Players In Super Eagles

Super Eagles technical adviser, Gernot Rohr has urged payers in the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) to ensure they play more games if they hope to be part of the senior national team.

Rohr arrived in Nigeria at the weekend in preparation for the crucial 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers against the Squirrels of Benin and Crocodile of Lesotho on March 22 and 30 respectively.

The German tactician who disclosed that he was privileged to watch some NPFL matches during his stay in France, promised to include a few of the domestic league players to the team once they keep playing regularly.

“I’m happy that we can watch the NPFL anywhere in the world, I saw some interesting NPFL matches when I was in France.

“I think the players need to play more games and my assistants have been monitoring the matches.

“If we see any players that can come up, there will be a chance for them.”

By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    I hope you are not bullied into inviting the homebased players.
    However,every good Nigeria player whether you play at home or away should have equal opportunity to represent her country and the coaches should have the freedom to make that decision.
    Having a quota for the homebased professionals in this day and age is wrong and this trend is not practised in any footballing country in the world so we must desist from this embarrassing system.Invitations to the national team must be on merit only the best footballers should be invited irrespective of where they ply there trade.
    Though Europe has the best standards.
    Nigeria and every country use this continent as a medium to select it’s best,FIFA literally,does the same as they also use Europe as determinant for there annual award ceremonies.So players playing domestically must exhibit exceptional standards comparable or better than there foreign counterparts to have a chance with the super eagles,otherwise I do not see the need for there invitation.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Na sidon look we dey na. Let the lobby by hungry agents/NFF officials begin.

  • This is looks illogical…. Does it mean CAF had no sense organising CHAN for the home base?

    Why can’t our own homebase play and qualify for their tournament?

    U can’t beat your fellow homebase from other country but u want to force yourself on the SE coach to invite u….

    To come and do what if i may ask?

    When UZOENYI & ODUMLAMI went to CHAN, we all saw what they did and we all cry for their inclussion in the national team….
    But this current homebase can’t even proof themselves in CAF CLUB COMPETITIONs but they want the national team.

    While football countries like SENEGAL, ALGERIA, IVORY COAST MOROCCO et all is trying every day to move forward to better their football, nigerians are the ones dragging nigeria backward….

    This new useless idea of using the national team to boost players’s confident and what ever is just rubbish and will not drive our soccer forward, let’s unite together and cast this demond away.


    • Dr Simone Toto 3 years ago

      And when was the last time your super eagles team won a match why have they not disband them? Follow follow comments just to remain allies with the retrogressive team.

      • Peterside Udah 3 years ago

        Dr. Toto, why not take time out from commenting on this platform. All the curses Dr Drey rained on you might just be manifesting. Just take time out and go and comment on a Cricket platform. The 20/20 ICC series will soon start. Nigeria will face Pakistan. Go and comment on cricket for a while. You have been nothing but a nuisance on this site.

        • Dr Simone Toto 3 years ago

          Lol another son of a bitch talking when he should learn.

  • Chibuzor 3 years ago

    Thought your contract was for you to be in the country. Guess the NFF deceived us on your new contract. Please keep your useless demands, and continue with your less fancied team. All of a sudden you watching NFPL games on TV. Na who you think say you dey fool. You know your time is almost up and anytime soon you will vacate your position

    • Jones 3 years ago

      stp showing your ignorance….i streamed the Kano Pillars vs Ifeanyi Ubah game live couple days ago and i don’t stay in Nigeria or even Africa…..so Sir stop embarrassing yourself on this forum.

      • KENNETH 3 years ago

        What ignorance are you talking about sir. Can you kindly let us know what were the conditions of renewing his contract wasn’t it for him to reside in the country and select some few home based. So why is he just showing up. And you are here telling me am being ignorant. Please let us know how many league matches he watched via satellite. Maybe sharing a link will be helpful

  • I think the problem of the homebase players are the league structure, the quality and technical know how of our coaches and financial status of the clubs

  • We need the best for SE. In fact, I personally vehemently against any invitation to home based players, they should prove their mettle in the black continent before any invitation at all. RRubbish and a slap on us, Nigeria could not qualify for CHAN hosted by Cameroun 

  • daniel 3 years ago

    I watch Nigeria league, infact na kick and follow football i see. who home base player wan bench for super Eagle?

  • Sam k 3 years ago

    “I think the players need to play more games and my assistants have been monitoring the matches”. But he will invite Ahmed musa who hasn’t played for months and start him, claiming experience as if that one no do,in the era where most of our CF’s are doing great,this franco-saxon wan carry ighalo come back. Home base players gets Terms and conditions but musa no get.

  • When it comes to the best clubs in Africa, for now Nigeria isn’t among. The glorious days of enyimba are gone. They had a great team back then with quality players who could play for the Super Eagles, enyeama was part of that team if im not mistaken. Lobi stars produced taiye taiwo. But where are the quality players of the npfl today, where are the quality teams, what we hear is this play leaves Nigeria to play in division 2 in one remote country, the chan eagles are nothing to write about so who will be invited and where will they play and who can they displace in the Super Eagles. We see our SUPER EAGLES players perform weekly for their clubs in europe, we know who is inform, who isn’t in form, who is scoring,who is injured etc but for the npfl I cant even mention the name of a single potential talent. For the Nigerian league to improve, they have to be on Tv so all can see the players and then get better sponsorship. Right now I dont see a single player from the Nigerian league being invited

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Sportsfan… So you don’t even know NPFL is on satellite TV now?

      • ABAYOMI Osunnuyi 3 years ago

        Help us ask them. They went from players need to be playing in top 5 league. Yes some are playing in division 2 and still invited, even while they were in Saudi Arabia, they were called. Even when clubless they were called. Will not be surprised if he is included. Bunch of hypocrites.

    • Sam k 3 years ago

      You don’t watch npfl and you are speaking grammar @sportsfan

  • Anthony 3 years ago

    I was opportuned to watch npfl match few days ago, i believe it will be on sunday to be precise, and it was the game between Dakkada fc of uyo and a relegation threaten team of aba the Abia warriors. I most admit we still have few talent left in the npfl, but still they are not to be compared with their foreign counterpart, in all aspect when it comes to modern day football, i say this becuase the npfl of today is not what it used to be in the past. I mean it has literally turn out from what it used to be as a thing of monumental pride, to what i now cover my face in shame and disgust due to what i esperience while watching that particular game it was so terrible to the extent i was impatient to complete the game for full 90 minute. The issue is not about inviting npfl players to the national team but getting rid of this kind of myopic management that is currently at helm of affairs in the LMC cause not until something drastic is done, we will still be coupled with the same problem, period.

  • Abraham's Blessings Are Mine (ABAM) 3 years ago

    Let us take up the cause of Desire Oparanozie. She is in form and was the last captain and is being denied a call up as punishment for fighting for her team mates when the thieves in the NFA refused to pay the girls their due. As a society, if we remain silent while the thief deprives the owners of their rights we become accomplices in the crime. #ISTANDWITHDESIREOPARANOZIE

  • D-cardinal 3 years ago

    You watched dakkada and abia worriors, generalized all the players in npfl on that..on Sunday take a trip to aba, go and watch enyimba vs rivers united, with keen intrest on -Anayo iwuala -Toxin omoleye-Austin oladapo-Godwin aguda…then you can say more…players like j.Collins,Ahmed musa,Kenneth omeru has no business in next set of matches base on form, but I bet you those names will be on the list with musa even starting, while we have an explosive winger in a mode of anayo iwula ….make we dey fear God.

  • Hello just passing

  • Imnas 3 years ago

    The Madagascar team that whipped your ‘fantastic’/infallible Europe based super eagles with your super
    Rohr at the last afcon are made up of mostly home base pros,worst,this team is not even popular with the change tourneys or something,yet they achieved something many are proud of.so home base missing out on channel should never be a yardstick to condemn their potentials.raw talents is God given and not a function of avalanche of super structure or even solid infrastructures.NO.if that was the case, Europe would have won the world cup more,I mean Brazil, Argentina won’t all that much global football honors.in Africa,the north and south Africa have better infrastructure,yet west Africa has more afcon glories save for maybe Egypt.

  • Imnas 3 years ago

    Above I was trying to say Madagascar team haven’t made much marks in the chan tournament,yet we got spanked by them.so enough of this talk of writing off the home pros,just because they have not dominated the chan. the home base will bring competition,it worked for keshi, see what he achieved within a relative short time.Rohr don’t seem to understand the passion we have for a strong super eagles,robbing shoulder with the best and even being the best.with him,it’s no longer such a big deal we are losing to teams like Sierra Leone, twice to Algeria, Madagascar and a host of other embarrassing results.with our accomplishments and pedigree in world football, we should by now be thinking of making it to the last eight at the world cup!

  • The appointment of a technical adviser is for all National teams especially the local eagles and the super Eagles, When Westahof was appointed he dug deep to find local players and quickly helped them to join European clubs because he knew they were not good enough for the super Eagles. Besides, he gave Amunike a
    Chance to prove his worth at the National team despite
    the fact that he was playing in Egypt, Bonfere Jo invited Julius Aghahowa a Bendel Insurance player haven seen him play in the wobbling and fumbling U20 team of 1999 and he took Africa by storm. The late Stephen Keshi had a home based super Eagles team and he usually open the camp with them before the arrival of the foreign based players and he ended up promoting some of them to the first team that won Afcon in 2013. Among them was Sunday that scored the winning goal at the finals plus most of the backline were home based. But our present coach is very lazy and that is why his team remains an average team after 4 or 5 years of his stewardship. It took Westahof same time to turn the super Eagles to a killer squad. It is an insult on Nigeria for our National team coach to say he watches our local league on TV in far away Europe. I know our local league is really bad but it has been so for the past 30 years and above, that the league is bad does not mean there are no talents, all that is required to discover the few hidden jewels locally is commitment and a coach that has an eagle eye to see in a player what the ordinary person cannot see. Our U20 team of 1999 till date remains one the the worst u20 team Nigeria has ever gathered but Bonfere Jo was able to spot Aghahowa and by January 2000 he was a full member of the senior team. How many players has he developed, we got to the finals of Chan last time who did he spot from that team, we played at the last U20 World cup and performed poorly but he could have spotted at least one player if he had taken the time to look out for talents in the team.Our coach needs to wake up and be committed to the improvement of our National team and stop treating our team as a job where his salary is paid

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