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Rohr May Dump Super Eagles After Brazil Friendly Over Unpaid Wages

Rohr May Dump Super Eagles After Brazil Friendly Over Unpaid Wages

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr could quit his job after Sunday’s friendly encounter against the Selecao of Brazil over pay row with the Nigeria Football Federation, reports Completesports.com.

Rohr is infuriated that the NFF publicly denied owing him three months wages.

Veteran sports journalist, Osasu Obayiuwana broke the news on his Twitter handle Saturday morning

“NEWS ALERT: Reliable information from Singapore indicates that Gernot Rohr COULD quit the @NGSuperEagles job, after the game against #SelecaoBrasileira. Rohr is infuriated that @thenff publicly denied the fact that he is being owed three months wages,”Obayiuwana tweeted.


The NFF on Friday debunked claim that Rohr is yet to receive his wages for the past three months and insisted that they are owing the Franco-German tactician one month stipend.

“The NFF wishes to put records straight with regards to a claim in the social media on Friday, 11th October 2019 that the football house is owing Super Eagles’ Technical Adviser, Gernot Rohr, three months’ salary,”reads the tweet on the NFF’s Twitter hsndle on Friday.

”As we speak, Mr. Rohr is only being owed salary for the month of September 2019, which is being
processed .”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • I talk am. I knew NFF was lieing

  • khalil 4 years ago

    it’s a Nigerian problem.
    we like owing workers salary and a foreigner is even seeing this toxic side of us.
    Name any Nigerian owned company and I will you how many of them delay or owe workers salaries and entitlements.
    we need to. jettison this attitude otherwise we won’t make progress as a country.

    As for me, I support Mr Rohr on this we too like dis kain wahala.

  • khalil 4 years ago

    it’s a Nigerian problem.
    we like owing workers salary and a foreigner is even seeing this toxic side of us.
    Name any Nigerian owned company and I will tell you how many of them delay or owe workers salaries and entitlements.
    we need to. jettison this attitude otherwise we won’t make progress as a country.

    As for me, I support Mr Rohr on this we too like dis kain wahala.

  • Asoko Emmanuel 4 years ago

    @Tuns,don’t believe some of the things u hear over the social media.By the way has Osasu become the mouth piece of Rohr as to know what reaction he has over an issue?Remember this same Osasu said things attributed to Rohr against Mikel and Mikel came out to debunk same.I just wish Osasu has not been paid by the enemies of SE to cause commotion in the team cos I have a strong feeling that something is not just right as regards these rumours, they might just be hand work of saboteurs.Osasu be careful before thunder will fire u ok.

    • My brother@asoko emma plZ help me tell some people here that the idiot journalist is an evil man,this is the people that always in need of negativity,

  • Sunny 4 years ago

    If Rohr leaves, then Nigerians should hold the NFF responsible. If they are banking on the usual immunity, they should remember that it’s not on grounds of misappropriation.
    They have to give account of how they spend every kobo.

  • Sintali 4 years ago

    I once said Osasu is an agent of distraction and destruction. We should be careful with his report.

  • Kweli 4 years ago

    This is such a persistent problem, besides non-payment of player bonuses, that it is becoming boring talking about it. We seem to accept our backwardness with resignation. I think the NFF should begin to look for volunteer coaches who will coach for free and volunteer players who do not want bonuses. That way, the administrators can pocket all the money. Chai!

  • Bomboy 4 years ago

    NFF has spoken. We are yet to hear from Coach Rhor. If the coach says they owe him money, I will believe him. But till then, I keep an open mind.

    Over to you coach Rhor.

    • I concur my brother. Until the coach rebukes this report, then i will keep an open mind too. Mind you the NFF is not the one paying salary. I believe its on of there sponsors that took that responsibility. So they might be awaiting payment from them

  • Bomboy 4 years ago

    On the other hand, the NFF says they are processing his September salary (and this is already October 12 already). Maybe the October salary, which will soon be due, is part of the three months salary Osasu is talking about.

    I wonder how long it takes the NFF to “process” salaries.

  • Patrator 4 years ago

    Corruption at its peak rocking NFF like an epidemic.
    What’s there in paying your employees as at when due?
    Even if this news is not true, we’ve known NFF for this gluttonous and axe-grind acts. Why are people this greedy!!
    God help Nigeria in all ramifications

  • Oakfield 4 years ago

    I wonder why u people like posting disruptive stories on the eve of everytime we have a very crucial match to play. The other time,it was Mr ex cricket international writing rubbish on the eve of a Very important match against Algeria at the nations cup, we all know how it ended and now this distraction. What ever ur evil plans are,u agents of failure, Una no go succeed!!!

  • Rhor is not going anywhere, even if they owe him one year salary.
    If he could leave, he would have left after the world cup and the AFCON with all the criticisms.
    He stayed because he knows what he is getting.

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    Who is lying between the NFF and coach Rohr? I read the news today somewhere that NFF are owning the gentleman 3 months salaries and tomorrow’s match could be his last match according to the news.

    However, I’m not surprised about the news though because, NFF are betrayers and liars.

    Coach Rohr deserves more than this. Systematically, NFF chased coach Dennerby away and now coach Rohr.

    And whenever I’m talking about NFF, my colleagues here on this forum feels like my own too much and I hope they are seeing the true colour of our NFF cabals now?

    I only pity Oga Rohr. He still loves to be the manager of the Super Eagles and he’s not concerned too much about his salary that’s why NFF are taking the advantage of him.

    Concerning tomorrow’s match, what I saw in Senegal vs Brazil match, Super Eagles should be able to beat Brazil 3-0.

    Only Super Eagles can beat themselves in tomorrow’s match.

    No1. Selfish play.
    No2. Eagles have to play collectively.
    No3. Game plan and right tactics.
    No4. Early substitutions.
    No5. Select the players on merit.

    If Brazil eventually beaten us tomorrow, we or I omo9ja will put the blame on the gaffer.

    This our current team can beat any team. Yes, any team I said. They are ready to go and we are going to see that tomorrow but I’m afraid about coach Rohr tactics. Playing against Brazil is like playing against an African team.

    Oga Rohr should tell his team to go all out and beat Brazil. By saying that, Eagles will step up their game.
    That reminds me, Nigeria vs Morocco Chan team under late Keshi, that’s reminds me as well Nigeria vs Brazil under Jo Bonfrere Atlanta 96 and Afcon 2000 in Surulere Lagos Niger vs Senegal.

    Now, Nigeria vs Brazil under coach Rohr, I believe we have what it takes to beat Brazil inside out comes tomorrow.

    Tomorrow’s match is an opportunity to show the world that we are back.

    If we wins tomorrow match with big margins, other big teams like Germany, Italy, Holland, Uruguay and so on will come out for us. I quote “King Kanu”, “Nigeria vs Brazil is more than just a friendly match”.

    I quote “section 410” of my constitution. “Use what you have to get what you don’t have in a positive way”.

    That means Oga Rohr should use tomorrow’s match to have fame and big achievement in his career. I wish our beloved coach the best.

    Brazil are beatable. God will help us to achieve that because this is the best time to do it because, FIFA ranking has nothing to do when both team meets tomorrow. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • This is the best comments I have seen from Omo9ja. With this, l am happy you were not banned at a time every body hates your got. Thank you for turning around to become a true and decent Nigerian.

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      Don’t be rude. Speak for yourself. I see things differently and I say it the way its should be.

      I’m a kind of person if you deserves to be praised I will praise you but if you do the opposite then I will tell you to sit right.

      I don’t talk because I have to but for a purpose. I can see that Oga Rohr have changed a lot after the Afcon this year. He understand now that we love football and Nigeria is a football nation and we hate failure.

      I think He is ready to listen and ready for correction and improvements of the team.

      After today’s match against Brazil, I am expecting the NFF to replace Imama and Allow Agu for the betterment of our team.

      Amunike or any other Young Nigerian ex players can be Oga Rohr’s assistant coaches.

      Mr. Rohr has done well and he need a point to prove to us that Nigeria Super Eagles can beat any team.

      Having that belief will make me to trust him again like I did when he started coaching the team. But that trust is not there at the moment because he have to convinced me.

      I can’t celebrate him because of 45 minutes display because the game of football is not 45 minutes of actions but 90 minutes.

      If that happens against Brazil, I’m going to react to that. That is for sure.

      If that what made you thinks CSN should banned me or making others to disliked me, I’m sorry it won’t work. I have so many friends here including the cabals lol. We are all Nigerians with one vision in different directions.

      I love my Country and the Super Eagle team is the only thing that unites us and I will never turning my back when things are not going on well.

      Mr. Elf, I would advised you to be yourself and be honest with your view.
      Don’t follow others because you have to but be yourself because nobody can be like you.

      You are the owner of your identity, use it well to make Nigeria great. Good luck to our lovely coach Mr. Rohr and Super Eagles our pride. God bless us all. Happy Sunday my people. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    Those of you saying the news is a distraction or rumors should remember there’s no smoke without fire…. where is Dennerby today? That rumors is now a reality I guess…. we all know our country Nigeria yet we are thinking Nff is not owing the man when time will tell!