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Rohr Pens Three-Year Deal As New Coach Of Benin Republic

Rohr Pens Three-Year Deal As New Coach Of Benin Republic

Former Super Eagles head coach, Gernot Rohr, has signed a three-year deal with the Benin Football Association as the Squirrels new handler.

Rohr replaces Moussa Latoundji, who had been the team’s caretaker coach since Frenchman Michel Dussuyer was dismissed.

Benin Republic becomes the fifth African team Rohr will coach after Gabon, Niger, Burkina Faso and Nigeria.

Confirming his appointment, Rohr told Punch Sports Extra: “I signed a three-year contract with the Beninese Football Association.

“It’s an interesting mission to rebuild a team with younger players.”

Rohr’s first game in charge of the Squirrels will be a Group L 2023 AFCON qualifier against Rwanda in Cotonou in March.

During his time as Super Eagles coach, Rohr qualifies the team to the Russia 2018 World Cup and led them to third-place finish at the 2019 AFCON in Egypt.

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  • He has already started with songs of failure “Young team” If he cannot make it in Nigeria that is loaded with talent is it Benin that he would win the world cup or AFCON with. Another country has fallen for the scam of this old man who should have retired.

    • Oakfield 12 months ago

      And what exactly has the present coach done with this array of talents at his disposal????? Winning 2 games and losing more than 9games with the same bunch of talented players. The last time i checked, it was the same bunch of talents that failed to beat Ghana to qualify for the world cup. Do not just talk or post bcs u have data.

      • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

        Beautiful reply.

        May your wisdom never wither.

        Nigeria stopped having talents immediately Rohr left…..that was why we couldnt make it to the qfinal of AFCON and the WC back to back for the 1st time in 40 years…..LMAOooo

        I wonder when countries will start falling for the “scam” of their African guadiolas who are already in their 50s yet whose coaching careers have refused to take off……LMAOooo

      • Kenneth 12 months ago

        Nonsense comment from another ass-licker. Where did he inherit the squad from. is it not from una PE teacher. omo i can’t wait to be following benin republic. They must top there group with games to spare.

  • Oakfield 12 months ago

    Congratulations mr Rohr, wish u all the best. I hope your efforts shall be appreciated immensely there unlike the god forsaken place and people u work for before. Cheers.

  • The Eagle has landed!
    From Nigeria via Burkina Faso/Gabon with lots of love/sexy soccer.
    He will ”meet targets for them.”

  • Congratulations mr Rohr

  • dominic 12 months ago

    hahahahahaha i am hoping within this 3 years contract NIGERIA super eagles will clash with Squirrels Benin
    it will really be an interesting match

  • Greenturf 12 months ago

    Under Rohr’s stewardship Benin will qualify for the next Afcon & FIFA world cup tournaments respectively.
    Much love senior man.
    Wishing you great success in your new job.

    • Ignatius Abo 12 months ago

      Thumbs up brotherman Greenturf. Benin will now qualify for tournaments with games to spare with their forever young squad.

  • Congratulations to you Rohr while hoping you will be given a much needed freedom n support to perform on your new job. Truly happy for you and can only wish you the best. God bless to Gernot Rohr , God bless to Alexander The King Iwobi, God bless to Calvin Bassey and all deserving SE players. Lots of LOVE to you all.
    But I won’t say anything to all the gri gri footballers Bosso gozzo bottles to be promoting. I AM JUST WATCHING……

  • Akunde Kwagh 12 months ago

    Someone asked me this question; when will people see that failure is the result of inability, like in the case or Rhor? Rhor gave SE nothing new than ing on the back of SE’S previous glory

  • Apologies for the delay in response to this post I was on a 3 day fasting and prayer, for Honorable Peter Obi to come out victorious, when the polls are read. back to the matter at hand. I was under the impression @MONKEY POST will be the first to congratulate his general. lol!. I can now see that he has not because he would have liked a very very very unlikely and far fetched idea of Pohr! Lol!!.

    Anyway congrates Rohr maybe you can do better with the squirrels albeit i doubt very much!

  • Chima E Samuels 12 months ago

    Coach Young You Never Still Change This Your Format. LMAO “Young Squirrels”

  • Complete sports like comments

    Why will Rhor news be under national teams news column

  • Don’t you know that Benin is more organized than zoo country Nigeria ,He can achieve there more Zoo Nigeria

  • Ignatius Abo 12 months ago

    Dr Drey come out come out wherever you are…..

  • Ignatius Abo 12 months ago

    If you see Dr Drey
    Tell am say o
    Rohr don get job
    Na Benin gain o
    Shame to Pinnick o
    Shame to Dare dem
    Drey time is the best
    Hosanna baby Hosanna
    If you see Drey

  • pompei 12 months ago

    Rohr finally has a real job that pays salary, LOL.
    His salary will be paid when due now.

  • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

    70 year old man can still find a job African Guadiolas will die to have but cannot have. The man at 70 still putting out his CV and catching the attention of other football federations in West Africa a la Ghana, Mali and now Benin.

    Ndi If Rohr was good why is he still jobless…..ngwanu see for yourselves.
    Technically, he was only jobless for 1 month as the NFF still payed his salary till December 2022.

    If your local coaches were that good why cant they get decent jobs elsewhere even if it is Togo or Benin rep. other than the piece jobs NFF throws at them when they feel like.

    Call Rohr a failure all you want, but he left us a team that was “strong enough to win AFCON in 2 weeks”, not my words, but the words of you his haters.

    Since he has left we have had 1 local dullard technical director with 9 confused assistants and 1 Portuguese with 5 directionless assistants as coaches yet the SE has not flown higher than it flew under him. Infact they all have conspired within themselves to give us the worst performances (zero AFCON qfinals and zero WC showing & worst loss |0-4 loss| in any international match) we have had since the days of Otto Gloria.

    We will see how this one will fare when the NFF starts owing him 6 months plus salaries and the boys 2 years plus bonuses, taking the team for away international matches by boat and forcing them to play home games in stadia even CAF will not approve for continental club competition matches.

    Congrats Mr G. Rohr.

    Enjoy all that is left of your career in good health and make sure you have as many girlfriends as possible as long as your engine is still firing on all cylinders.
    Whom you spend your leisure time with is and will never be anyone’s business.

    Best of luck in your new projet…!!!

    • Ignatius Abo 12 months ago

      Na your papa child you be. Lolzzzz

    • Nigerians, kai, you people are fighting each other over a coach that spent six years as super eagle coach with little or no achievement , this old man left our team weaker than he met it, how can anyone explain that the old man could not rebuild our team for a whole six years and some people here are hero worshipping him- SHAME ON YOU ALL. Some of us come to this platform and throw words at each other and in the process keep putting Nigeria down like as if you guys have another country you can call your own, where is your PATRIOTISM? WHERE LIES THE LOVE FOR YOUR FATHERLAND? How come we are the ones that rubbish our retired professionals and allow corrupt politicians to manage our football without any technical knowhow thereby destroying all the developmental structures we had before their era so that they can have enough money to embezzle. We call our coaches unprintable names instead of putting pressure on NFF to invest in their training by bringing trainers from europe on annual basis to brush our coaches up. Politically , Nigeria as a country is suffering from the same problem because we leave our best brains and start electing and hero worshipping dead woods. Let us be patriotic enough to always wish for the best and the best only for our fatherland

      • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

        B4 Rohr:

        2015 AFCON – we didnt qualify (local coaches)

        2017 AFCON – we didnt qualify (local coaches)

        During Rohr:

        2018 WC – We qualified
        2019 AFCON – We qualified and won bronze in a 24 team AFCON
        2021 AFCON – We qualified
        2022 WC – We qualified for the playoffs

        After Rohr:
        2022 AFCON – didnt even reach qfinals (local coaches)
        2022 WC – failed to qualify. (local coaches)

        Rohr indeed left the team weaker than he met it……LMAOooo. Same players, Same team……different coaches.

        You were one of those who were claiming the SE was strong enough to win 2022 AFCON …now you have changed mouth to he left you with a weaker team. It was that weaker team your dullard TD used to win 3 groups stages at AFCON, overrunning eventual silver medalists Egypt without trace…that was “weaker” SE compared to the one that couldnt defeat same Egypt home or away to qualify for 2017 AFCON.

        Rohr left the SE weaker indeed……LMAOOoo

        Continue to lie to yourself in the name of patriotism you hear. Keep it up ehn.

        Please carry your SE and give to your local guadiolas who cannot compete for jobs elsewhere with their empty CVs ehn……LMAOoo….you will learn by force when they start churning out failed qualification bids upon failed qualification bids for you as usual……LMAoooo.

        A “failure” like Rohr even at 70 is still competitive in the market, your “successful” guadiolas in their 50s are carrying scanty coaching CVs all around beggin NFF for jobs…..LMAOoo.

        Well done ehn…Mr Patriot
        Infact, when they wrote the first line of the Nigerian National Anthem “Arise O compatriot”, it was you, yes you, they were calling

  • Edoman 12 months ago

    Rohr will be appreciated in Benin Republic. He will be for the Country what the Nigeria coach will envy. I challenge Ugo, Kenneth, Omo9ja and other ‘enemy of progress’ in this forum to bet if our former Oga Rohr is not superior to what we have now. The present Nigeria coach is what is called ‘pupuu and yeye’ coach in the coaching World. He is in Nigeria to suck the Country off.
    If only they listen to Dr Drey and other well-meaning Patriotic Nigerians who tirelessly called for his return to his position if was willing to come back to make us great again.
    My brothers, pray that Benin vs Nigeria never happens during the 3 years Oga Rohr will be in-charge over there. You will then realize why Nigerians fans called him ‘Oga Rohr’

  • chuks haifa 12 months ago

    Pitso Mosimane, Florent Ibenge, Walid Regragui, Djamel Belhadi, Hassan Shehata and Aliou Cisses are african coaches that are far better than Rohr or this olodo called Jose Pereira. If NFF is serious and want super eagles to get back to normal. They can pick any of these home grown African coaches who will die to coach this present super eagles, prove a point and shake the world. Nigeria cannot afford a world class coach now and nobody is investing in our football. How can Nigeria soccer grow when our billionaires want to purchase premier league clubs and publicly state their support for Arsenal, Man Utd etc. Colonial mentality where we don’t value our own. How many Americans, Spanish,Italian, French, Portugese will come and be blowing support trumpet for teams that are not from their home country. The day we start supporting Enyimba, Rangers, Kano Pillars, shooting stars etc is the day our teams will start becoming better and having more respect. This generation just threw away the gains we made in the 70’s and 80’s for local league support. Indomie generation with parents that forgot there roots.

    • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

      Ngwa you wey dey support Enyimba, Pillars, Rangers….please can you list the starting XI of those teams you mentioned in the local leagues.

    • Ignatius Abo 12 months ago

      Ndi why not support Udoji United, Ngwa why not support Lobi Stars, Lolzzzz

  • Oga Rohr, there’re people who appreciate your worth. Wishing you best of luck in this new endeavour. 

    Pity NFF is still ‘moving’ on a stationary bike. As you’re operating from the WA soccer power block, CAF may soon set us up for a battle,  and you could use the opportunity to assert yourself. I won’t hate you for it—you’ve got to advance your career.

  • This man will just destroy the team and run away

  • Bénin pour qua lui?? Il n’est pas un non entreniuer il nes conect rien Cink ans avec le équipe de Nigeria mais finalement il n’as rien fait ils tué le Super eagle il n’as arrivé pas nous donne un equipe solide après Cink ans se vraiment un faux entreniuer

    • Edoman 12 months ago

      You see, they are talking in different tongues now. Rohr knows everything about Nigerian boys so well. If at any stage, we have to meet Benin Republic, that will be the end of the road for Nigeria. Dr Grey and l will surely tell you all that, ‘we told you so’

  • Footballfanatic 12 months ago

    Nigerian boys just full relegation zone for premiership lmaoo

    Leceister, Nottingham forest, Everton, And Southampton…..One club with a Nigerian in it is surely going down or maybe 2 Nigerians who knows lol…..Even though the likes of Leceister and Nottingham forest are lil bit up in standings…..The points between them and the bottom teams are like 3 or 2 points…

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