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Rohr Thumbs Up Players For Impressive Showing In Friendly Draw Against Ukraine

Rohr Thumbs Up  Players For Impressive Showing In Friendly Draw Against Ukraine

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Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr is satisfied with the performance of his team in Tuesday night’s 2-2 friendly draw against Ukraine at the Dnipro Arena, reports Completesports.com.

The West Africans tormented the hosts defence in the first half and led 2-0 at the break courtesy of Joe Aribo and Victor Osimhen goals.

Debutant, Joe Aribo put the Super Eagles ahead in the fourth minute following an enterprising display of skills by Samuel Kalu.

Three minutes after the hour-mark, the Super Eagles doubled their lead with Lille star Victor Osimhen scoring his first goal for the three-time African champion from the spot to further silence the the home fans.

Ukraine finally broke the Super Eagles resistance in the 78th minute, thanks to Oleksandr Zinchenko’s brilliant movement and finish.

A minute later – 79th minute, Roman Yaremchuk netted a controversial hand-aided goal to draw the hosts level, and both teams both sides battled to end it in stalemate in Dnipro.

“We saw a great match. Both teams played quality football. We dominated the first half, but Ukraine played at home, so the result is natural. After the break, they did much better,”Rohr told reporters after the game.

“Would I like to win Ukraine’s national team in an official tournament? No. This team is ranked 24th in the FIFA rankings, leading the way in its Euro-2020 qualifying group and is likely to reach the finals of the continent. ”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Mr.Streams 2 years ago

    love you Rohr.. humility pays…but u wud ve try okoye d new goalie! Aribo total Recovery..Rohr pls we don’t want Simon in dat team..Musa shud manage d bench

    • walking 2 years ago

      I have always dismissed the thought of Mosses Simon in the Super Eagles team. I see no one he should displace in the team. However, that means the scouting team needs to be on their toes in search of a new replacement….

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago

    Questions comes to mind.

    So Ukraine played at home ,does that mean they can’t be beaten at home?
    Haven’t they been beaten at home in the past?
    If not,why can’t you be the first to?
    What’s stopping you from doing such?
    How natural can a football match result be?
    So you don’t want to beat a team higher than you in the ranking?
    Isn’t that supposed to be your goal?
    Haven’t you beaten teams higher than you in the ranking in the past?

    If you dominated them in the first half,why can’t you continue in second half?

    Isn’t football a two halves sport?

    How far do one go to differentiate between humility and lack of ambition? Cause it is a thin line between both..

    So many questions comes to mind from this little interview..
    From the speech of a man,you know his mind…

    • Unique 2 years ago

      This is the reason I always call Rohr should path way for another coach. I don’t think Rohr knows that super eagle is not in the category of Benin republic or Tanzania for goodness sake. This man is mentally weak to take Nigeria to Nigeria level, we need a coach that will demand alot from his players, someone who is mentally strong and not coward to approach game like a champion. We have talented players to torment any top team in the world but my afraid is the coach coward mentality to inspire the players. I would suggest we hire another foreign coach or give Amunike a chance, I’m totally fed up with this coach ridiculous mentality and negative substitute everytime.

      • Greenturf 2 years ago

        Amunike who was clamouring for home based players inclusion in the super eagles.You have to be careful with what you wish

    • Blendluv08 2 years ago

      What I want you to understand stand is the fact that the statement he made (Would I like to win Ukraine’s national team in an official tournament? No. This team is ranked 24th in the FIFA rankings, leading the way in its Euro-2020 qualifying group and is likely to reach the finals of the continent) is an irony, he is not stating his mind & for the draw, I strongly believe the fact that the aim & objective of the match is achieved. When a friendly match is played, it just to refresh & update the team, see what new players have to offer & make a strategic game plan. No coach or team want to lose but no matter the result that come your way after the match, you have no option than to accept it. For those clamouring for Amuneke, I can assure you that this man has nothing to offer than to scatter this them & blame the loss of each game on the weather or inadequate time for preparation. We all know that this team is not a finished product but we’re getting there & very soon we will all see the Eagles we want to see but remember that all matches can be won especially when you’re testing new players and tatics, it’s either you win, lose or draw. Wish you all a blessed day!

      • mr Hush 2 years ago


        Without being disrespectful,i think it is ironic of you to think Rohr’s statement was just an irony.
        Yes,it could be,but there was a certain give away in the same statement to prove otherwise;” this team is ranked 24th in the Fifa rankings,leading the way in the Euro-2020…”
        How ironic can that be?

        That sounds like a man giving too much respect to an opposition,one he never thought he could beat!
        And if you think I am too hard on the coach,then you need to go back and see all Rohr’s press conferences; he needlessly plays the weakling even against weaker oppositions; and I am talking pre and after match conferences.
        Even when he in victory,Rohr always find a way to make the term ‘magnanimous’ feels lower than it should be.

        It is just a shame,that coaches must give their own speech during conferences or I should have prefer Rohr gets a PRO. He needs it.
        My only worry is that,I hope his ‘lay back’ attitude don’t get to affect the progression of our team. We got the quality,we shouldn’t be afraid to aim high. 
        I can go on and on,but I think Rohr should take a cue from one of our sister sports,basketball.
        He should see how coach Nwora self belief is telling on his team and their progression.

        • Blendluv08 2 years ago

          @ Mr Hush, I always listen to coach Rohr’s pre & post match conference, but let me remind you of the fact that whether he lose or win the game he will still be found guilty of the same comment but has these negative comments affected the players in one way or the other NO & this is to prove to you that what he’s telling the players is different from his pre & post match conference. Thank you

          • mr Hush 2 years ago


            So what about the fans?
            What about the opposition teams?
            OR do you think statements, pre or post are made for the players of ones team alone?

            What stops you from inspiring in secret and still inspiring in the open with your statements?

            Why can’t you do both?

            And why must all his statements go the same way,talking of how much respect he gives the opposition,rather than talking of the tactical indepth of the match just played?

            And how do we really know it his words that inspired the boys,rather than the the boys simply finding inspiration in themselves cause they are that good?

            I can keep asking all these questions,
            But you have your point ;
            It is not going to change the fact that Rohr’s press conference are beginning to sound boring.

            I guess we just stick to watching the matches and skip his speech.
            Now thank you.

          • Blendluv08 2 years ago

            @Mr Hush, I understand you point, at least there should be word of encouragement & motivation in his speech but you’ve said it all by saying we should ignore his speech & focus on the game

    • Glory 2 years ago

      @Hush let’s just give Rohr a chance to continue his good work. Based on Nigeria circumstances at the moment, he remains the best we can afford to have. I trust that Rohr public comments is different from his private talks with the players, reason you see players always striving to give their best. As negative as his comments might seem, we are seeing massive improvement in the team’s performances game after game. Rohr n this team will get to where we all want them to be soon. Fantastic team performance yesterday. While the likes of classy Iwobi, energetic Aribo, Etebo, and whao my wazza dazzler Chuzzy and ever impressive kalu, not forgetting to mention one of the best performers Ola Aina, while these have permanently stamp their claim for constant SE invitation, others like Esiti who I thing will do marvelously well in Sumo wrestling, Simon Moses either improve or take exit door.

      • mr Hush 2 years ago

        @ Glory

        Thanks for your assertion.

        I am just getting frustratingly bored of hearing Rohr’s press statement all the time.it is so uninspiring.

        But it doesn’t take away the fact that I respect his work.have always given that to him.
        His man management skill is quite impressive.
        He is brought calmness to the super eagles.
        There is the passion from the players,staff and us,fans.
        The team is set up professionally,more like the Europeans. 
        A lot of positive from Rohr.
        That’s why I support his stay.

        But I have to criticism when I see some wrongs. Every hole have to be fix to make the road smooth. Closing your eyes to such,deepens that pothole.
        Rohr needs an assistant that’s tactically sound.maybe a local one,to save cost and not to bring insubordination.
        And I think he should learn to aspire in his work and inspire in his statements.it helps.

        For the players last night, they all did good.
        Except for Esiti.
        I never liked his style,even when he played under Oliseh.he is too immobile.he can never fit in to this fast moving super eagles.
        I might be wrong in future,and he improves;but right now.naaah

        Just my take.

        • mr Hush 2 years ago


        • Glory 2 years ago

          I always respect your openness @Hush. That tells of a progressive personality who is devoid of sentiment. I see you honestly want the best for the team n for Rohr.I m 100% with anyone with such mindset. I know Rohr is a good manager/coach but a bit concerned about his assistants. Are they really helping him is a big question.

          • mr Hush 2 years ago


            Thanks for the words,
            Much appreciated.

            It takes a progressive mind to understand one..

            For me,Rohr’s present assistance are shambles.
            I don’t think they got it in them.
            From his right hand in amamkpakobho to the goal keeper trainer.
            I don’t know how you can pick an Akpeyi over an Uzoho; the dude is simply better.
            That shows the incompetence of the GK coach.
            And for Rohr’s local assistance,how much input have the put in the team,if we are still complaining about Rohr’s tactical ability.

            It is certain Rohr needs an upgrade from his present local assistant.

            I like the present Enyimba’s coach. I think he is very resourceful and knows how to organise a team.

            But I am not the FA and I am not Rohr.
            I guess he has his choices.

  • I think Rohr needs to stop this nonsense. There is difference between humility and stupidity. Inasmuch as I deeply appreciate his managerial skills, I think his tactic of punishing his team will not always work to our advantage. It did not work for the Algerian Match. All these excuses of FIFA ranking and age should stop. We do not say he should be arrogant but what he just said on this report is a thrash. This is nothing but a demonstration of inferiority complex. This funny tactic of the so called humility is becoming really boring.He should find another style. This has become a cliche.

  • Sammy 2 years ago

    That jersey is back luck. You guys were leading 2-0, how come you conceded 2 goals in a place of 30 seconds? A BIG CONCERN!

  • Mr. Rohr you did a good job in the first half for starting Aribo, Iwobi and Etebo in the midfield, the combination was great and they perform well. But in the second half you made a wrong substitution. U brought in Etisi for Iwobi that was a big mistake. Simon for Kalu was a big mistake. Etisi came and became a weak point for the team and becos of Etisi we conceive 2 goals in 1 minute. Mr. Rohr we need a good ofensive midfielders and a good wingers. You need to inform nff to start now and process switch of alegience of Lookman and Ejiara we need this two players in our super eagles. Ejiara will compete with Iwobi while Lookman will compete with Kalu. And u need a good assistant coach that can assist u in match reading and substitution please.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      “But in the second half you made a wrong substitution, U brought in Etisi for Iwobi”……Abeg who on that bench should have come on for Iwobi…..Bryan Idowu…??? Or who else should have come on for Kalu…..Maduka Okoye…???

      So Ukraine came to sell guguru in front of their own fans and wait to be runned over by the SE abi…?

      Guinea, Ghana and DRC are looking for new coaches o…! CSN coaches please go and submit your CVs

      • Blendluv08 2 years ago

        @Dr Drey, I doff my hat for you. May God bless you & replenish your wisdom and understanding. You nailed it

    • Blendluv08 2 years ago

      @Elico, concerning the substitution, we are all aware of the fact that there is need for substitution in the various departments it was made & based on our bench as at yesterday, if you are the coach, you’ll definitely replace Iwobi with Esiti because we have no other midfielder on the bench or stick we Iwobi on the field to manage till the end of the match & I want you to know that had it been Esiti was not given the chance yesterday, most people will criticize the coach for that after all most people clamoured for his invitation & celebrated it when he was invited. Chukwueze should be cautioned in subsequent game because selfishness will kill the morale of the team, and finally I think Maja should have came on earlier to replace Chukwueze & combine with Oshinmen in attack. Thanks!

  • That man Rohr speaks from his heart and all his being. So if you hear mediocrity in his sentences is because he his a mediocre. Simple!!!

    I am tired of him saying all these things that indicates that he is not here to win matches… What is he here to do then?
    Those guys need a good coach, we have excellent players.

    I want to see fire from our players and highly motivated.

    It is just so annoying to see him talk like this.

    This is the time Nigeria SE need to win lots of matches to increase our rankings.

  • walking 2 years ago

    Well, we often blame Rohr for all wrong substitutions, and tactics but we should not forget that he also has assistants that ought to give advise and options he should choose from. The only thing i’m not sure of is if he was the one who chose the assistants himself then, i might just blame him……

  • “You have excellent players” were you the one that assembled those players? Win you will cry that the team did not play well lose you will say the coach did not use some certain players haba! Now they are blaming Esiti and the same set of people were calling the coach all manner of names for not inviting him but they have forgotten. please if u know you can do better wait till your turn cos Gernot Rohr is the coach for now, so enough of this Rohr is this and that.

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    It was a friendly game and the purpose was achieved.. Mistakes are better done in friendly games.. If not for the game many of us wouldn’t believe esiti wasn’t super eagles material. He was the only player brought in to replace ndidi he even wore number 4 jersey meaning the coach expected him to do similar to what ndidi does for the team but he didn’t impress. There are still many of those who fans are clamoring for like azzez who might probably do the esiti effect if invited.. Why I love the coach is that when he doesn’t invite you again you have no reason to complain.

    • Glory 2 years ago

      @ Ololo hahahaha… Are you now here with me regarding Esiti. I see a decent player from miles away. Only a touch on a travelling ball tells one who a proper player is. I truly love Rohr.He allows everyone to see why he sometimes refuse to extend invitation to certain players. Esiti definitely don’t belong to these set of electric pace SE n pls, don’t mention Azeez. We should get more electrifying players like Ejaria, Azubuike,bubble boy lookman,Sheyi Ojo. Every present super eagle player now travel at such electricfying pace and if you must belong, you must get connected and allow that super charge go through you. Pls pls n pls everyone criticizing Wazza dazzler Chuzzy, saying he is selfish, should take it easy on him. Every great player his age has or had that effervescent n explosive energy in them that always Make them selfish at time. He will definitely grow into the perfect master class in due course. He n d boisterous kalu tormented the Ukrainian defence into hypnosis yesterday n the sweetness of their game is rubbing so much ony day today that everyone is been asking if I m on some excitement.

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    I’m proud of this team rohn produced for us.. Many don’t seem to remember that Ukraine is leading in their group qualifier for euro with current champions Portugal below them.. If you really watch the match you would notice how amazed and surprised skvenckto was watching our players..
    This team is good.. We only just need few others additions..
    1. Oshimen needs a partner or someone to replace him when injured and that person for me is Tammy Abraham.
    2. Iwobi is good but we can’t always suffer when he is not on the pitch like we saw yesterday iwobi leaving the pitch results in two goals.. We need someone like eze of qpr he plays almost same styke like iwobi.
    3 for me aino was our greatest problem yesterday all Ukraine pressing came through the right side.. Even their first goal was because aino wasn’t there to protect esiti and Ajayi he overlaped and forgot he has a duty to defend.. In the first half he wasn’t able to head the ball away with a flying header like he was trying to score in the opposite side. If not for uzoho that shot would have been a goal.. We seriously need a sharper right back and one ihezue from Holland would be a good addition

    • Jones 2 years ago

      Tammy Abraham has stated categorically that its England or nothing. Can you guys stop mentioning him.

  • xhuxhu 2 years ago

    @glory and Mr Hush-You guys made valid suggestions and observations.
    It was a good game for the neutral but Rohr missed an opportunity to gain points that will help us climb the FIFA ranking, World Cup qualifiers are around the corner, we will need a higher ranking for a favourable seeding and he also lost an opportunity to evaluate Maja and Okoye.
    Esiti didn’t give a good account of himself, he might end up like Simi, Success etc.
    Aribooooooooo, blew my mind away and we should settle for Aina and Collins as our fullbacks, superb performance from both of them especially Aina..goodbye Shehu.
    We should build on this momentum, add more quality to this team. I still expect that Lookman, Ejaria and Dessers have something to add to this team.
    Kelechi Iheanacho!What is really happening,he needs to have a Chang of Mentality and know that he needs to work hard to be a great player, with the emergence of upcoming talents, he might become history in this New Super Eagles.

  • Olusegun. B 2 years ago

    Really! Rohr doesn’t want to beat a team higher in ranking than his own team didn’t Madagascar beat your team at the nation’s cup . I don’t know when he would put such low mentality on his own team ,team that he manages .
    Again looking at the match again , he’s still doing the same mistakes he did during the world cup. At the half minutes of t he second leg he goes defensive and at the end Ukraine charges and scores .
    Kalu needs more work on his run, Moses Simon should stop playing to the gallery esp when a win is much needed in a team. Alex Iwobi still has work to be done in the issue of scoring accurately through shots . Jes done it before in world cup qualifier , eat happened to him after that ?

    Aribo was cool . Love how he took the chances . Jes here to stay for the eagles .

    Victor Oshimen has shown that he’s got what it takes to be a point man right from the youth world cup.

    The defence did their best, I pray they do much more ..

    I wanna see more new players like Ademola lookman I want to see him at the wings

    And midfielders like Tom Bashiru,Kel Nnwakali it’s time give Alex Iwobi a rim for his money on the misfiled position..

    One more player I would like to see is a young man named Felix Agu he’s based in Germany.

    That new goal keeper, okoye I would like him to start I’m trying next friendly match
    I wanna know his capacity….

  • Can anyone please let Rohr know that it is okay to substitute Etebo after 70 minutes. Because he just becomes useless after 70 minutes. He becomes very tired, struggles to run and can’t fight for the ball again and he starts making errors. His errors led to the 2nd goal yesterday and also led to the free kick against Algeria which they scored to beat us. It is not a taboo to substitute Etebo.

  • Glory 2 years ago

    Can CSN let us know why Balogun wasn’t even on d bench. He remains very dear to us SE fans though coach Rohr selection must have to be respected.

  • Nawa o! Some people will praise Aribo, praise Kalu, Jamilu collins and others finish and later start blaming the coach.who told u that the likes of Aribo, Okoye will be chosen ahead of rabiu ali, izuna Ugochukwu, igbohun, sincere seth, Isaac promise etc if an home base happens to be coach? It doesn’t make sense when we noticed improvement in a Team and the players and yet, we want the coach changed. I beg, warn ur self o

    • Samchi 2 years ago

      Pple go just dey yarn Apata getting themselves worked up for naffin_
      Which one is Coach Said this and said that, na Mouth dm de use play Football? Rohr is an Elder who knows hw to use only Eye contact to wield his authority even though he appears to be Smiling…
      Focus on d happenings around the pitch the boys level of discipline from the coach tells in their seriousness on/outside the field of Play.
      Imaging if he States the “obvious” about his Young Team nw >Hell will break loose.
      Someone is talking about coach Nwora and his team as if they won they FIBA world cup when their performance can be weighed equally with the Afcon tournament by Rorh’s Team.
      Wen i see progress i know, our Football & Basketball is on the Rise once more.
      Any way, some pple wouldn’t just Like your personality no matter what you do and Rohr knows that very well.

    • Charlesemeka 2 years ago

      Good response bro, leave hypocrites who doesn’t find anything good from the German. All they do is criticize every move he makes.

      Is only a fool and ingrate that won’t appreciate and accept the fact that Rohr has done a good job since taking over the team. Today we boast of a team which comprise of young talented players who re doing great things at their respective clubs in Europe and are been rewarded for that by inviting them on merit unlike when the likes of egwueke kwambe and co were forced on us as the best thing that happened to our football.

      The team is progressing as the day goes and the infusion of more quality will fortify the team more. The only problem with the team currently is the lack of quality subs and I urge Rohr and the nff to start working on getting the likes of uduokhai, Fikayo, lookman Eze and ejaria. These aforementioned players if integrated the team will add more option both in the starting 11 and the bench.

      The likes of Simon Moses and musa should be excused from the team for now.

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        Thank you jere my guys. I tire oooo. The coach that gave Aribo his debut, gave Kalu his debut, Osimhen, Chukwueze, Aina, Collins is always at the receiving end of some keyboard coaches. They will always find a fault to put him down after all the good work he’s been doing with the team. All of a sudden we should start playing like Brazil or France after failing to qualify for two consecutive AFCON before the German took over the reigns. Now we can talk about players like Aribo, Maja, Dennis, Lookman, Sheyi Ojo, Ejaria, Eze all doing well in Europe instead of Kwambe, Igboun, Uzochuckwu, Uzoenyi and co. Make dem kontinu they will do that till 2022. Afterwards they can bring in Amunike and Amapakabo combo. LEEEMAOO!!!!! 

      • Mr Hush 2 years ago

        @ Samchi

        So are you one that thinks people criticise because they hate Rohr’s personality?

        You do know there are people called critics,who get paid for raising objective and constructive criticism about a subject matter in review,putting sentiments and emotions aside?
        For every game, there will be criticism,no matter how the result turns out to be;
        And most times,it has nothing to do with the character of the personality subject to such criticism?
        Just a critic stating the obvious,you don’t want to see due to your own sentiments attached to the forbearing?

        You know say,people dey allowed to Yan as dem like,so far na Dem get Dem mouth,so even if you see am as rubbish,because u no like am, e no mean say some people no find am as real talk.everybody get right to Dem opinion even if e no change anything. Na so we dey take learn.

        And speakin of coach Nwora of the D tigers; yes ,he didn’t win the Fiba world cup,but from his speech always connotes with his actions.it shows his aims.
        That motivates.
        Yes.mere talk don’t win matches,but it goes a long way to inspire and show aspirations.
        And most times it affects play on the speech,rather than just eye contact!


        Going far to call people hypocrites and fools for stating their mind and displeasure,isn’t really polite.
        You are entitled to your opinion,so are they.
        If you can’t except their criticism of Rohr,why so you expect them to just except your praise!
        Or do you think by calling them ingrates and fools,would change their view on things?

        You talk of these abundance of great players we have right now across Europe doing well,like it was Rohr who nultured all of them.
        Rohr is doing a great job in the super eagles,man managing these talents we have right now,but we must never forget he is blessed and lucky to be around in this era of abundance.
        Sometimes in football it happens.there comes a time a country’s life,that there are abundance of great players playing at top level In the same period.mostly primed ‘golden age’.
        Portugal has had theirs with Figo and rui Costa era.
        Ivory coast had theirs,drogba era.
        Czech republic with nedved era.

        So it just happens that Rohr’s era is witnessing a boom and I dear say,a new Golden age of Nigerian players.

        Take nothing away from Rohr.
        He is doing a great job managing this boys.
        We can only ask for more.
        There is always room for improvement.
        And if we see errors.
        We would criticise.
        It is not just Rohr’s super eagles.
        It belongs to us all..
        Hypocrites or praisers.

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

          Was it Westerhoff that nurtured all the players he brought into the SuperEagles??? The rest as they say was history of nostalgic imaginations. Rohr didn’t nurture them but he was the one who gave most of them their debut.

          As you said you have a right to your opinions regarding the obvious. However, this was just a friendly match against an Ukrainian team that had only lost one of their last 17 matches. We need the coach to continue the good work at least until 2022. Then if una wan bring in Amunike and Amapakabo afterwards sayonara.

          • Mr Hush 2 years ago


            It Is like you are misconstruing my message.
            Have you ever read a message from me that has been for the hiring of Amunike?
            Or are you one that just live life and follow blindly without giving room for objective reflections and criticism when necessary?

            So because someone criticises Rohr it means he isn’t a supporter of Rohr?

            If Rohr is going to be there till 2022 or till Jesus comes,how would that stop me from criticising when I see a fault.

            Bro,.you don’t have to accept it.

            Rohr has a lot to improve
            And people like us,
            That watch football with our senses,and mean well for the country,
            Would always state the obvious that some a blinded by emotions to state.
            I would underline the positives,and give praise.
            And definitely, definitely criticise the negatives.

            Like I expect of you.

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

            Yes I am absolutely one of those that follows and support Rohr blindly because I am very satisfied with his achievements with the SuperEagles so far. At least  I saw improvement in the team display and that was a friendly match we actually won if VAR was present.

            You Mr Hush is the one that criticizes blindly and you must be notoriously blind not to see the improvements and the strides in the team so far. You only come here to write long epistles about the coach weaknesses in an inconsequential match of which the players only had a day to train together.

            In your blind mind you think you’re criticizing, but you’re very shallow minded and very sentimental in your write ups. I know your types. However, if ever you want to have a debate with me don’t ever in your life refer me to being blind in my views or else you will get the other doze from me anytime any day. Where in my earlier comment did I use any vulgar language? How can you come here and call me blind all because I disagree with your criticism of the coach which is sentimental in my opinion?? If you’re the type that likes to deliver messages in vulgarity I’m sure you’ve seen quite a few that I’ve delivered to some of your types since you came into this forum.  

            You can continue to criticize Rohr till Jesus come that’s your own personal vendetta as long as the SuperEagles continue to improve and progress I’m satisfied. In your view it’s as if we have players in Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, ManU, City, Arsenal et all. 

  • Victor Oluyemi 2 years ago

    Aribo and Kalu are very impressive in d match. They should always make d 1st eleven if they maintain this form

  • Patrick 2 years ago

    team selection was oKay. but esiti was the weak link in the team. with players like ndidi and etebo we don’t need esiti in the team. aribo ought to play the next competitive game of super eagles. he is an intelligent fotballer.

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago


    I could feel the anger in your last message..

    So much words from you and all i could read is blind,blind, blind,blind and yeah there was my type and I think sentimental too!.
    All good.
    I guess I started it.
    I deserve your ‘hot rant’…
    I don’t know,but seems we already having a debate? Aren’t we?

    But let’s be clear.
    There isn’t no need for foul languages.we can always get our messages across.
    Yeah admittedly,I got carried away and was satirical in my earlier message,so such abuse or so never came intentionally.if it seems that way to you.no vex.

    2. I think it I best you tackle me by my person rather than judge in a group..i am debating @Ayphillydegreat,if I can call it a debate.

    And to the important part of my ‘epistle’,guess you always miss this part.

    I am a fan of Rohr!!!

    I criticise his errors doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate his work.
    You should get to understand that Rohr has flaws.
    One our criticism should hopefully help adjust.
    It can only come out good for us and the super eagles.

    And I am always categorical about this flaws in my criticism and it comes as I see it fit,per match.
    It is not a daily rant.
    It is what it is..

    But you got your way you of seeing things and I got mine.

    No love lost

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      “Or are you one that just live life and follow blindly without giving room for objective reflections and criticism when necessary?” That caught me unawares and I was like really? 

      “And people like us, That watch football with our senses,and mean well for the country, Would always state the obvious that some a blinded by emotions to state.” That’s what makes me feel you’ve putting yourself in a group. I do believe Rohr has flaws which coach doesn’t??? If you ask me most pundits that criticize coaches how many of them ever had success in coaching???

      I’m sure most Nigerian fans yesterday were calling for a defensive substitution in the 70th minute which the coach tried to do, but the tempo of that game was too much for Esiti and Simon when they came on. Esiti replaced Etebo in front of the back four to allow Etebo to move forward, but Etebo is not that kind of player after 70 minutes. He doesn’t have the class of Iwobi that’s why he’s more comfortable sitting in front of the back four.

      Tactically. any top coach in the world would’ve made those changes trying to see out the game. Meanwhile, One of those substitutes (Dennis) nearly scored if not for the impressive Lunin. I think that kid can be Iwobi’s deputy in the AM role. He looks like a potential top talent. If you can do that in only 7 or 8 minutes on the field I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me the contrary. Obviously, he should’ve been brought on earlier. Nevertheless, it’s still only a friendly match and I think the team display was much improved and there are lots of positives from that game going forward. 

      • mr Hush 2 years ago


        You are totally right about most pundits.
        They don’t know how to really coach,since coaching is not for everyone.
        And most fans are pundits some way or the other.

        And yeah.
        I think most Nigerian fans wanted to preserve the 2 goal lead,so wasn’t much of a surprise when Rohr brought in Esiti.
        And to Rohr’s backing,he never expected Esiti to flop in that game.for me it was the right substitution to make.Iwobi has done a lot of running,and it would be nice to see Aribo in number 10 role; so Esiti was the obvious replacement.
        But he let Rohr down,and basically himself.

        But my pain,like you stated,is why the delay in bringing in Dennis and Maja. I thought they could have been introduced earlier than they did.afterall,it was a friendly,and as you noticed,Dennis almost scored in the short time on the field. For me,it was a wasted opportunity by Rohr, to allow us see and access both boys.

        But it is what it is,
        We live to fight another day..
        Learning is a continuous process.
        So far.so good

  • Peterside Udah 2 years ago

    I said Rohr has failed….

  • Eric Ibekwe 2 years ago

    Rohr need to be positive in every match whether friendly or tournament. Leading 2 nil up to 78 minute and eventually drawing the game is no credit to the tactical savvy of Rohr.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    What coach Rohr said in this interview showed that we don’t have a coach. Bye bye to Nigeria football. It’s just a pity. I don’t want to talk, I jus want to see how far the coach Rohr’s scenarios will go with his employer and his fans in the end. .

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      I’m watching o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • @omo naija. Thank you my brother u are not like these other guys who are so foolish like sheaps who have chosen to be following a dog instead of their shephard. U see rohr appears to me like these referies that have bin spoiling football with their dubbios judgments. His justification on players invitation are verry stupid. Oh my God i am a better coach dan that outdated headed coach. Some of u a praising him over a new team as if those players just started existing. Beside we when did the nations cup ended is it not bearly a month or two. Now he is here talking rubbish. For a verry long time every following eagles knows how our team should look like infact this team was my hope for the nations cup including kelechi nwankali and onyekuru. If not the retirement of ighalo and mikel. This old idiot will allow those old cagos play against ukrain. Rohr is looking down on a country who have beaten france in france before. Defeated ireland in dubblin defeated spain in worldcup defeated bosnia and many others including mexico. He has come to make us look little and also with is wrong taktics can somebody tell me between our late keshi and amodu plus living siasia who is rohr better than. U all saw wat micheal owen said about capello how he killed english football with is outdated italian style. How can we be deffendin agains ukrain a team without a trophy in their desk. Shevshenko is their only popular. A team that we were beating 2 0 till 79 min.

  • Asoko Emmanuel 2 years ago

    Omo9ga,always looking for attention even when no one is noticing you always sticking your neck out as though you have something reasonable to say.Omo9ga,can’t believe you are real cos ur reasoning are very absurd even my 3 year old reasons better.No one ever said criticism is not allowed on this platform,but every criticism must come with a recommendation.In other words u r saying the status quo is not good so what is the alternative.If all that the coach had on the bench is another dm in Esiti (who to me is very good but merely had a bad day in the office) and puts him in place of an AM in Iwobi so that the enterprising Joe Aribo can take the AM role while Esiti plays in front of the defence line alongside side Etebo,and u blame the coach for wrong substitution,I don’t see any sense in it(Am actually referring to those who made that comment about wrong substitution ).
    Further,we forget so soon the labours of our heroes past where they make a slight mistake as though they r a tissle that can be picked and used and thrown away at will.I here someone say Musa and Simon should excuse us for now.Haaaaah I laugh in Swahili.I bet u if u try it u will go to a major tournament and achieve nothing why,not because those Aribo or Chukwueze or Osimhen are bad players,but because u suddenly changed the nucleus of ur team without recourse to team chemistry and rhythm that same Moses had two vital asisit at the afcon.Do u know that if Igalo was in that team he will score a hat-trick? why?Cos of experience and better reading of the game which Osimhen cannot buy in the market except with experience.All u sycophant clamoured for the removal of Uzoho from the nation’s cup list cos of the single mistake he made against Seychel,now again u turn around to condemn Rohr for benching him at the afcon,hoooooh humans.
    I am eternally glad that non of u is the coach.I wish Omo9ga and his cohorts to run an academy as I see many Tom dick and Harry do now,so that if u succeed u can at least say a thing about team tactics or timely substitution as both aforementioned are not academic words they are used by professionals in the game who actually know.
    Finally,for ur info,when the big stars return to the team Aribo and either Chukwueze or Kalu will drop to the bench.Aribo to the bench cos of Indidi and Kalu cos of Musa.Again this is the core of the team which should not be altered.Tanks and God bless.

  • Kweli 2 years ago

    I write as an African who admires the Super Eagles. I speak with honesty that the level of talent in this SE team deserves a tactician and coach of much greater caliber than Mr. Rohr. Even his declarations often do not demonstrate that he is capable of firing up his players psychologically. Above all, besides being a tactician and trainer, a coach must motivate his players and psyche them up to come out firing on all cylinders. This was done by the Ukrainian coach during the half, not by Mr. Rohr.

    • mr Hush 2 years ago


      Want to appreciate you for joining into the conversation; it is heart warming to always hear the views of our fellow African brothers as it relates to our darling Super Eagles.
      It is even more amazing to think,that I share “almost” similar views with you regarding Rohr.

      I have always stated,and I know that most of us Nigerians know this,that Rohr tactical input is nothing to write home about.for me,he doesn’t read the game well enough,and seems to always stick to only plan A as regards the formation he uses to start a match,be it a 3-5-2 or is favourite,4-2-3-1 formation. His approach is always stiff and one that wouldn’t change no matter how the game is going.he never goes for the jugular even when the opposition is pegged the ropes.
      And that’s always dangerous,and such allows the opposition to always get back into the game.

      That said,
      I wouldn’t say Rohr hasn’t done well.I love what he has done by stabilizing the super eagles,being a father figure the boys,and giving the super eagles this international recognition we seemed to have lost all of a sudden after the 2014 world cup. We have a strong appeal,and you can see that most Nigerians born outside are willing to pledge their allegiance to country.
      Rohr has done fantastically well in all these regard.
      And for that I would always support his stay.
      I respect him even more cause he is one that is passionate about the Nigerian course,and has this friendly demeanor about him.
      A place serene can only bring positive results.

      For me,the FA can get good Local assistant for Rohr,one technical that knows the tactical approach of the game.
      Since Salisu Yusuf left,that void hasn’t really be filled.the ones there,for me,aren’t that good and haven’t really being helpful.
      So everything falls on Rohr’s feet.

      Well,but what can we do,we can only support Rohr and be sound critics when we see flaws.we all want the best for the Eagles.
      For now,it is to be hyped about the present and the future.
      We got the boys.