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Rohr: Simy Nwankwo Must Leave Crotone To Get Super Eagles Chance Again

Rohr: Simy Nwankwo Must Leave Crotone To Get Super Eagles Chance Again

Nigeria head coach Gernot Rohr insists in-form forward Simy Nwankwo must leave modest Serie A side Crotone to boost his chances of playing for the country again, reports Completesports.com.

Nwankwo has earned rave reviews due to his superb displays for relegation bound Crotone this season.

The 28-year-old has scored 19 league goals for Serse Cosmi’s side this season.

Only Inter Milan’s Romelu Lukaku and Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo have registered more goals than him in the Italian top flight this term.

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The forward has been overlooked by Rohr since the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia where he was named in the squad on the back of his impressive showing for Crotone.

“I know Simy very well, it was me who called him for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. He performed well at that competition, after which he played for some time in the Italian Serie B. I have never forgotten about him and have always observed him, not just now that he is doing so well.,” Rohr told Europa Calcio.

“However, the competition is huge: we have Osimhen, Iheanacho from Leicester and Onuauchu from Genk, who is very similar to Simy in terms of features and physical structure. Without forgetting Sadiq and Ighalo.

“So it is very difficult to be part of the Nigeria attack, we have very good players. As I said before, I have never stopped following his performances, but I believe that next year he must go and play in a club and in a team that is stronger than Crotone.

“It will not be equally easy, but he would already have a better chance of returning to the national team “.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Why does Rohr keep mentioning Ighalo? So you’ll exclude a red hot Simmy in Serie A to make space for a retired Ighalo in Saudi Arabia?

  • Ako AMADI 3 years ago

    Rohr talks nonsense! According to Rohr’s wisdom Simi Nwankwo in the 1st Division is not qualified to play for Nigeria on account of the weakness of his club, while Sadiq in the 2nd Division is preferred. So Rohr’s logic is that Almeria of Spain is stronger than Crotone of Italy? How did he come about that?

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    This is trash news… I don’t believe coach Rohr will say something this unintelligent… when our captain dey Kano Pillars?

    • Abdul 3 years ago

      I’m not sure that man will say this. And if he actually did, then he said nonsense.

  • Chris 3 years ago

    I also don’t think he said this but if he did, then I am convinced he doesn’t mean well for Nigeria and should be fired.

    • It isn’t rohr fault. By now nobody inducted rohr when he got eagles job. There is no historical adviser n glass house in Abuja. Yekini on setubal scores week in week out then his club was always losing. Just like crotone doing now but Yekini story is still hanging in our brain til today . I wouldn’t blast rohr . Wen his as a subject is gone from Nigerian school. Who will tell rohr was had happened be4.

  • Olusegun.B. 3 years ago

    Rohr is really something else . When Simy has and still scores massive goals , did he want to say that he’s not worth the attention . It’s not when he leaves Crotone that he needs to be considered , he’s already shown that he’s good enough .

    Also his comments about having Ighalo back in the team is also wack . Yeah Ighalo is still young no doubt , but we need to ask why wasn’t he being used in Manchester United anymore. Again he says because he has experience, does that mean that Paul ohnanchu(26) simy( 28) don’t have experience with their age. Rohr have talented players but haven’t proved that he knows how to truly unleash them to their highest quality.

  • Edoman 3 years ago

    The coach is wise and serious. He is a real pro. He followed Simy in most of his games. Yet, the coach said what every pro would say to Simy that he needs to go to a high profile team that will not continue to drag him down. That team is an embarrassment to hard working efforts that Simy is putting in week after week scoring goals like rain falling from the sky and yet, their backs are linking like basket you take to Ovia River. Every one of the strikers have history. Historically, where does Simy stand in today’s line of available strikers for Nigeria? the coach offered his choice and named them based on what he have observed. The Nigeria coach did not dismiss Simy by any standard but, suggested to him to move his trade to a well established team where his worth will be well appreciated by everybody including himself. In my opinion, l think that is a fatherly and wise advice.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Edoman… You have come to interpret what you alone are able to read from coach Rohr’s mind again! I hail o… Lol.

    • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 3 years ago

      So Almeira in the Spanish Segunda is an established club ba, or Al whatever that club in back waters Saudi League where Ighalo plays??

      Truth is Rohr like Buhari suffers from severe amnesia and dementia; no disrespect!

      Watcg and listen to his uninspiring and confusing interviews.

      19 goals in Seria for a struggling team is no moi moi please!

    • Creamy 3 years ago

      It’s double standard for Rohr to invite Musa when he had no club and then set lofty standards for a player only behind CR7 and Lukaku in Seria A top scorers’ chart. Rohr is an embarrassment if he said this really. This also smells like corruption on his part. If Ekong and Sadiq in lower division have a future with Eagles, how do you explain to the 3rd highest goalscorer in Seria A that he doesn’t?

  • Coachie 3 years ago

    I wanna call you out here. What do you have to say about Tuchel’s Chelsea playing 3 at the back and they are all natural Centre Backs…

    • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 3 years ago

      But that’s best formation. 3 Centre halves in a back 3 is the best and solid approach.

      Cant remember reading where @Dr Dre spoke against that.

      If my memory serves me correctly what he said in response to @Jimmyball was write against a back 3 of only one natural Centre Back.

      Lets always get our facts right pls my beloved bro

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hehehehe…..don’t mind him. He was feeling bored…. LMAO. That was how that arrogant for nothing liar that looks like something from a refugee camp @ China disgraced himself too the other day claiming to “remember VIVIDLY” what NEVER occured in the first place…..LMAO.

        When their fingers are itchy their memories seem to suffer power failure, then Dr.Drey comes to their minds.

        • It’s unfortunate Rorh has transformed himself into a Nigerian politician. He needs to listen to his interviews again because he contradict himself alot.

      • Coachie 3 years ago

        Oh, thanks for putting the records straight @Prof. Tamuno Offiali. I must have got it twisted to mean coaches do not play 3 natural CBs in a back 3 formation… i appreciate your insult(less) reply sir.
        @Dr.Drey, i am actually one person who loves to read your write up here and most often than not, i seem to agree with a lot of them. Wrt what i posted up there, i just wanted to get your opinion which i erroneously thought was in contrast to your view here sometime ago as regards the ideal make up of the back 3 formation in modern day football but instead of just correcting my error you just went on hurling insults…
        I won’t go that route with you.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hehehehe…..how I love the humility in your tone now. I can bet you weren’t just about “getting my opinion” earlier on.

          I appreciate your appreciation of my write ups, but even a handshake will be mistaken for a wrestling bout if it crosses the elbow.

          Apologies if I have hit you below the belt, but time and again I keep getting such “handshakes” from the herd of ignorant antagonists who get instant depression and fury once they see Dr.Drey’s posts on this forum, with the primary intent of ridiculing Dr.Drey, with no subsequent apologies afterwards after they have been taken to the cleaners and back.

          Apologies once again, a man whose father was killed by a snake with be on guard seeing a mere rope. I salute your courage and sense of integrity in admitting your error. Not many are men enough to do that.

          I am still waiting for that chronic arrogant liar @chima to tell us how he managed to remember VIVIDLY Dr.Drey insulting Sam Sodje in 2013 when he was arrested for match fixing…LMAO. I’ve copied and pasted all the news threads on CSN concerning Sam Sodje for all to read with Dr.Drey’s comments conspicuously missing. I dont understand how someone can VIVIDLY remember something that never happened in the first place if not for someone suffering heat wave fluctuations in his brain. He should be honorable enough to substantiate his claims OR just simply be man enough (as he always claims to be) to tender an unreserved apology for his lies….LMAO

  • Rohr have seen more than enough of Simy both in training and in matches to say what he has said.
    We can’t continue bringing back players we have already seen and tested in the past without success……..at the expense of those we are yet to give a chance. There are other strikers we have tested without a second chance, eg. Kayode, Nwakaeme, Dessers, Isaac Success etc. Until we see Sadiq, Moffi, Lookman etc, nobody is bringing back any of these players we have already tested in the past and they failed to convince

    • Chris 3 years ago

      I don’t see any wisdom in that. You have to consider every player’s current form and not rely on past impressions. This is exactly what made Rohr to ignore Onuachu because he didn’t perform well in the past, and refused to consider his current form. But when he eventually invited him, he became the hero of the day.
      Simy is one of the best strikers in Europe as at today with the available stats. If he can do what he has done with a club like Crotone, he will certainly do better if he is with a better club.

  • Sam k 3 years ago

    Rohr is Niger Republic standard not Nigeria. This job is overwhelming him.Ighalo? For what exactly? Well he doesn’t know Nigerians.

  • In as much as I am excited for Simy, u need to watch his games with crotone. His goals are penalties, rebound, tap-in. A coach knows what he wants from a striker and I honestly don’t think Simy is that now.. no disrespect

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Are you kidding me check the second goal he scored from Onas assist and see the intelligent movement, say the team is just full of strikers and not the above excuses abeg because when it comes to conversion rate this season Simy is ahead in the pecking order followed by Onuachu then comes Umar at 3rd I’m talking about the tallingo strikers because Kelechi and moffi can play multiple positions while Osihmen is the chosen point man for the team. I just feel Simy should be more ambitious so he gets a proper value because he has been a consistent scorer and if Rohr gives him a chance like he did with Ighalo even when he wasn’t scoring before he started hitting the net. Simy will score he is too good pls for now let the coach not talk down any of this guys because his words can kill them psychologically.

    • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 3 years ago

      And you think its easy to score tap ins and rebounds??

      I hope you know that positioning is one of the greatest qualities of goal poachers

      Habe you heard about a Filipo Inzaghi?? He kept more better all round strikers on the bench at both Ac Milan and the Azzuri due to his prolific nature in front of goals. And guess what?? 90% of his goals were tap ins and rebounds!

      Ditto Van Nisteroooy.

      E easy na it those wey sabi dribble score goals no outscore am laat season in Seria B and in the current Seria A season??

      • Tap ins are are easy… Ask the yak

        • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 3 years ago

          Then you know nothing about football.

          Tap ins are mastered arts, otherwise everyone spotting no 9 on the back of their strips will be banging in goals with stupendous regularity.

  • Obidee 3 years ago

    This Man is an idiot to say Simy must leave Crotone to get SE invitation
    All those lower league players he is inviting re they better than Crotone that plays in Serie A and even Musa without club player’s our last game
    Idiot Man

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Simy is a prolific goal scorer. Most of his goals are penalties and tap ins. Nothing wrong with that. Penalties are not easy to score, and he seems to be a master at that. Also, it takes a good striker to position himself to take advantage of a tap in. Not an easy skill either.
    Simy is also occasionally capable of the spectacular. E.g., the bicycle kick goal against Juventus in the 2018 season. A goal that CR7 himself would have been proud of.
    He is definitely SE material, and in other circumstances, would have been the first name on everyone’s lips when it’s time for internationals.
    Alas, Simy finds himself playing at a time when Nigeria has quite a few really good forwards. Osimhen, Iheanacho, Sadiq, Moffi, Onuachu are all as good as Simy. They can all do everything Simy does. They are all good with penalties. They are good in the box, and score many tap ins.
    So it is now up to Rohr to chose a few from a capable many.
    As far as strikers go, Rohr’s preference is the Osimhen type. A workaholic striker that can run all day, press and harass the opponent’s defenders, and can hold up the ball and bring others into play.
    Simy is great at hold up play. But falls short of Rohr’s running and pressing requirements. The others, except perhaps Onuachu, are exactly what Rohr likes. Onuachu, based on his last two international games, seems to have realized this, and is making the necessary adjustments to his game so he can meet Rohr’s requirements.
    This is what Simy needs to do also. Perhaps going to a better club will help inject more energy into his game, make him more mobile in and around the box. Which is why Rohr has given him this advice. Boy, go to a club that will bring out the best in you.
    It’s up to Simy to rise up to Rohr’s demands.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    What a coach. Renald, the former Afcon champions coach is in the position to do this but the wise man did not do such.

    The French/German tactician that managed to win the only silver medals for the first time of his career is here dictating and intimidating our players?

    What a funny coach he is. Simy should leave his club side if he wanted to play for Nigeria, is that what you are saying coach?

    The last time you took the innocent man to the world cup, you benched him and kill his dream to shine in that tournament.

    Ighalo that you are still counting on fail to lifted your team in that championship in Russia.

    You and your fans are manipulators whose likes to manipulating everything for us.

    You invited Dessers, you killed his dream of representing Nigeria. You and your followers said the guy needs to be playing regularly.

    What of Simy that scoring goals day in day out? Crotone is a small team compared to Ighalo’s team abi?

    Afcon tournament in Cameroon is your last chance. You do well, you continue and you do bad you exist.

    Upon all the players he have now, Sierra Leone showed Nigeria that our world class coach not good enough to do the job.

    I have said it and I’m still going to say it one more time. Oga Rohr will continue having fantastic and an amazing team but to win something with the boys may not possible.

    He is sending the message to all of our strikers that they are not good enough and he can only, I repeat, he can only count on Ighalo.

    We have Musa and Moses Simon that the team can count on but why he Oga Rohr still wanted Ighalo back?

    I am seeing it coming again. It is coming and this will be end of the road for this coach if he failed to impressed us.

    If Simy like, he should quite his club because of Oga Rohr.

    Algerian coach have warned Nigerians about Oga Rohr but NFF ignored the Algerian coach.

    I don’t need to waste my precious time on this. After the Afcon 2022, you will know your fate.

    The coach that fails in other African countries that got fired he’s the one telling one of our hot strikers to exist his club?

    Next level of president Buhari, you see what we getting now?

    Next level of Oga Rohr is going to be like what we are beginning to witness. Ighalo that playing in unrecognizable league will replace Simy in Serie A? Well done coach.

    I will just tell CSN to tell Amunike and Egbo to get prepared because we can not continue with this coach. Enough of this.

    His days are numbered period. Westerhof and Johannes Bonfrere didn’t not tell any player to quit his club while doing great in the same club still, both coaches won us something meaningful.

    Oh well, this is Nigeria, anything can happen. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • @Ivy Oh, the man is even one of these strikers that thrive on penalties? We don’t need such a striker, because penalty is almost like a contraband to us. It comes once in a while. Between last year and this year, we have already played about six matches but only one penalty to show for that.

    Actually, I have never seen Simy play for his club side. But I have seen him play for SE. And to be honest, I was not impressed……His worst showing was against Argentina at the 2018 WC.
    The plain truth is that Rohr is not so impressed with whatever Simy is currently doing. Most people in position of leadership are very tactful and diplomatic with what they say in public. That is why instead of Rohr to plainly say he is not yet sold on recalling Simy, he instead said Simy should join a top club first……..meaning, Simy has to prove himself more and do more than he is currently doing to earn invitation again

  • Was this same world best SIMY not given a chance to play(training/match)?

    Was he able to steal the show & convince the gaffer?

    How many strikers should be invited for qualifiers/tournament?

    Are the ones in the fold not performing?

    Is the team struggling in front of goals?

    Should we ignor the team’s chemistry and bonding just bcos Simy has resurrected & he’s on a scoring streak?

    last time your fellow (u people’s EX) claims Rohr doesn’t have first XI & that Rohr keep changing players.
    His fellows were clapping for him.

    Why’re u pple crying now that Rohr want to stick to his boys that do give him joy so he can have starting XI?

    Most of u pple are just confuse in life.

    U pple keep crying for players as if we’re lacking strikers to deliver.

    Very soon @omo9ja will come with his own; Rohr doesn’t have starting XI after 6 years.

    How will Rohr have starting XI when u pple keep bringing names & want to force it on him?

    Let’s watch our ways.


    • Goal ⚽️ 3 years ago

      Those who are doubting if Rohr said so should go to instagram and follow omaakatugba to listen to the interview or should I call it discuss.

      It’s obvious that what we have as a coach is below average tactician with an inferiority complex , so without ighalo this man can’t win afcon he is taking us backwards if he continues with this mentality.

      That reminds me of one president that appointed a dead man as minister or so , showing he is not in touch with reality.

  • You see you cannot dash somebody sense, If sense no dey e no dey period.. How can Rohr make such a statement about Simy yet he brought a clubless Musa back. Double standards in Life is not good it is a destroyer. What kind of statement is this coach making or does he think our players are robots with built in memory. Or does he not think that some of the players will raise eyebrows to these comments. Also He wants to bring Ighalo back at 31 and leave a red hot Stricker who is entering his prime at 26?? is this even normal. can’t Rohr fans see that he has lost a little bit of his reasoning?.. How can a coach at the highest level be reasoning like this with Double standards.. Is Crotone not a better club than Kano Pillars or any other club in China?. Rohr please enough!. Nigerians are not brain dead individuals like you European’s think we are. although some of Rohr fans on this CSN Forum act brain dead sometimes when defending some of Rohr’s mind boggling statements and actions. Mr Gernot Rohr stop shooting your self in the foot like Nigeria as a whole is professional at doing.

  • All of you guys talking against rohr are fools with low or completely without discernment
    If you guys are wise enough you will know that G/R is an old man, therefore he speaks in parables LMAO
    Or should i interprete his parables for you?

  • Chuky 3 years ago

    What is this old man saying, he is playing in a small club what has 8t got to do with his ability, or is the call up no longer on merit, someone playing in Italian league and scoring every by week, then something much be wrong with you as a coach…he has scored against all those big clubs this season, I don’t thing he needs to do any other thing to merit a call up so give it to him old man…..

  • Godsown 3 years ago

    Rohr doesn’t need Simy, he is the coach , Nigeria is not lacking in that department, when Nigeria needed a striker he floped, and I wish these people that are abusing Coach Rohr, will come back and apologize if he eventually invites him, wait till there is a match a Rohr refuse to invite him before venting your anger now, that was how someone was clamoring for him to invite Olayinka, at the end of the day both them had met and discussed with each other and yet that person refuse to acknowledge his impatience.
    No sane coach can ignore Simy for now, the man is just pushing him to be more inventive in choosing a better team than he is now.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      …mind-readers! Rohr does not need Simy, rather it is Ighalo he needs… Rohr met and spoke to Olayinka, knowing he won’t be available for the last set of games… why was there still need to release list with him directly going on the standby list? Still… Knowing people were expecting the dude on the main list on the back of solid performances in Europa league and yet, as it is often unprofessionally done, say Rohr that talks to every football media outlet at ease did not see it reasonable to talk about Olayinka having an important personal engagement coinciding with the schedule of the matches… but found it easy to tell the press why he wanted Sadiq in place of Onuachu since he has already seen Paulo and knows him already just like he has already seen Simy, and know him already, and in his own case, must move to a more prestigious club before he will stand a chance coming back into Super Eagles fold again… very inconsistent way of doing things… In the end it was Paul Onuachu that that pulled the aces in both games! An elite coach like Claudio Ranieri at Sampdoria is talking up making a dash to acquire Simy Nwankwo but it’s a Rohr, the revered master tactician that does not need Simy as our most deserving centre forward tripod at the moment… Moffi is good and Sadiq are excellent don’t get me wrong and deserve their own bite at the cherry… but which Nigerian is the most deserving at the moment based on stats! Yea… the usuals: “he scores mostly penalties” easy goals… tap-ins… blablablablabla… go and tell Asamoah Gyang penalties are easy… When you finish, go and sue Ruud Van Nistelroy and Filippo Inzaghi for scoring tap-ins!

      • Godsown 3 years ago

        @Jimmyball, I know you didn’t read the part I said “no sane coach candy ignore Simy now”, all am just asking for People to at least be patient with him,
        At the end of the day he is the coach and has the last day, and if he eventually he now invites him in the next qualifier, will you all come and beg him publicly on this platform
        What am reading from the tone of Rohr words is not of encouraging him to get a better club.
        And Mr Ugo Iwunze, stop calling people fool, we are not at war here, at the end of the day, football is just an entertainment, unless you play naija bet.
        And another no one should compare Yekini with Simy, it didn’t take Yekini years to make his mark in Super Eagles.

        • Godsown 3 years ago

          Please the don’t mind the typo error, I mean Rohr is trying to encourage him to get a better club

        • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 3 years ago

          Then you obviously didnt know him. Must be one of these indomie generations here. Lol. Fyi Yekini was in Onigbinde’s team to Ivory Coast 84 and sat on the bench for Chibuzor Ehilegbu. At Maroc 88 he struggled only scoring a solitary goal against the Harambee Stars.

          He only came into his own by Algiers 90 (6 years after his first cap)

          Simmy only gatecrashed 2018 WC partt and never had a look in since then, no thanks to his club career.

          And mind you no one complained but now as 3rd best scorer in the 3rd best League in the world….he definitely is in the mix more than Moffi and Sodiq

        • @Godsown Who is comparing Simmy to Yekini. I am glad you seem to think Super Eagles attacking force soley consists of Simmy Nwankwo.. I am sayin the combination and the Calibre of attackers at Rohr’s disposal.

          Once again my statement read: “Rohr is boosting in his disposal the most Lethal attack in Africa at the moment and arguably the Most lethal Nigeria has had since the days of Yekini and Co.”

          and you seem to think Simmy is the first name that popped to mind when making such a statement. Have you ever heard of Kelechi Iheanaco aka Senior man Kelz and Victor Osimhen aka V09?.

      • FatherJP 3 years ago

        I love this…100% @Jimmyball. Arguments with points…historical precedents and antecedents devoid of name calling.

        Penalty easy, tap ins easy…yet a certain 36 uears old CR7 keeps raising the bar anywhere he goes; ala MTN (lol) where as una rugged, all round, dribbling wizards are all playing catch up.

        Scoring goals is an art…ask late Yeking, ask Messi (a diminutive winger fa), aak Alan Shearer( last I checked his record still intact in the Epl long since retirement)

        Stephen Ayodele Makinwa played for Atalanta, Lazio among other respectale teams in Seria A; Obagoal played for Inter, Obinna Nsofor counted Inter, ‘almighty’ Sadiq played for Roma, Oduamadi Ac Milan; yet, none of these players managed ordinary 10 goals in a season in either Seria A or Seria B.

        A penalty and tap in player scored 20 in Seria B and about to match that tally in Seria A in consecutive seasons.

        Stats dont lie….he is Nigeria’s all time top scorer (19 goals in a season) in the top 5 European leagues.

        Afterall gaols win matches and not entertainment!

        Wonder why Jay Jay never managed to win AFOTY and ordinary Kanoute did???

    • @Godswon He doesn’t need Simmy okwa ya??? Now tell me, all those quality young players you are on about how will they get a look in if Musa and Odion are getting brought back by ROhr????..

      Don’t you see the point here we are questioning his double standard methods reagrding inviting Musa and Odion who are playing in weaker leagues and then turning around and neglecting a red hot attacker playing in one of the best leages in the world.

      oh and Mind you Simmy is in the top 4 of hottest Nigeria Attackers at the moment. He can bring even more than Onuachu if giving a proper look in, purely because he is Quicker than Onachu and he is playing in a League (seria A) that is considered the best in terms of Defenders. Meaning Mr Man he is scoring such numbers in a League that is stronger than that of Onuachu’s. So tell me Mr Intelligent How many goals will Simmy Nwankwo bang in if he was playin in Belgium? if he is producing such numbers in a tougher league? . My friend go and sit down and allow people wey sabi to discuss

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Ugo Uwunze… Leave them! Rohr’s major problem is double standards… evident politics, lowering the marker for some while raising the bar for others. Person wey no the lie to himself go see the ojoro… It’s clear!

        • kenneth 3 years ago

          My brother una get time to dey respond to morons. I hear people talking about the department being full, during the days of westerhof, we had close to 40 players in camp until it is trickle down to 22. So why don’t the PE teacher allow him to come to camp and see what he is made off. But yet you invite players from inferior leagues. Is Crotone not in the top 5 leagues in europe any longer. Double standard indeed

      • FatherJP 3 years ago

        Bro, point of correction sir. Simmy is not top 4, he is no 2 based on European Leagues co-efficiency!

        His 19 goals is only bettered by Onuachu’s 30!

        • Bro when making such points you have to look at the calibre of the leagues the players and teams that compete in those leagues and the Level of competition. I mean if the Belgium League is so good Why do the best Belgian players move to Either England, Italy, Germany or Spain. Mind you Simmy is competing for the Golden Boot award in Italy with one of the Belgium’s greatest ever attacking exports, A certain Romelu Lukaku. Ask yourself why Belgium’s best forward is competing in Italy with Simmy and Not Belgium with Onuachu.

          Also lets not talk of the Youri Tielemans Timothy Castagne, Kevin De bruyne. These are the calibre of players Wilfred and Kelechi calls team mates. these players are all Belgian.

          Osimhen is also in Italy. Look at who Chukwueze plays against in Spain.

          In Life You can only claim to be the best once you compete against the best. Iheanacho at present is the No 1 attacker for Nigeria Bros.

          • Followed by Victor Osimhen based on the Calibre of players he is competing against at Napoli I.e Insigne, Dries Merthens and co. Dries Merthens( Belgian). and what injury did to his start the pressure of living up to the price tag as an African and a young lad. It will be stupid to put Simmy ahead of Victor Osimhen in fact Victor IMHO can be the Best Forward Nigeria has EVER HAD. from next season as he has started settling in now you guys will see for yourself the gulf between victor and Simmy..

            Infact there is a big gap in Quality between Kelechi Iheanacho, Victor Osimhen and Paul Onuachu and Simmy Nwankwo. The former two have that X FACTOR.

            Simmy and Paul can drag for 3rd. but I will go with Simmy because of the ruggedness of the Italian Seria A. and his performance in a Tough and Rugged League

  • Gbam @JimmyBall you don talk am finish, No dey stress your mind for Rohr’s CSN Brigade, people wey sabi reason.

    They are here celebrating a coach that still says he is building and needing Ighalo’s experience when he is boosting in his disposal the most Lethal attack in Africa at the moment and arguably the Most lethal Nigeria has had since the days of Yekini and Co. Don’t mind Rohr’s CSN followers they think they are fooling us any coach that selects purely on merit will qualify Nigeria to any tournament with this squad. The thing is can Rohr have the courage and take us to the next level and win the damn Afcon instead of trying to drag s back with Ighalo, Musa and CO. then when we fail turn around and say he is building he is building preparing for failure in big tournaments instead of victory. FOr how long..

    What we need now is keep this core if players like Simy is performing then give him a look in in two internationals he can replace Musa’s place and bring Simy. and if others show quality the give them a look in but keep the core group of Ndidi, Chukwueze, Osimhen, Senior man Kelz, Aribo, Ekong, Iwobi etc. then use some sense to hasting Ademola Lookmans process, I also hear that Eze is considering ditching England. Also try give Ejaria a look in Isaac Success helped Watford gain promotion along with Ekong. I mean Usman Olayinka the list goes on.. Try give these boys one or two games on different invitations maybe include 1 or 2 at a time for certain team lists.. this is where Rohr should be putting his Focus not Ighalo and Musa for crying out loud ROhr should


  • Gbam @JimmyBall you don talk am finish, No dey stress your mind for Rohr’s CSN Brigade, people wey sabi reason.

    They are here celebrating a coach that still says he is building and needing Ighalo’s experience when he is boosting in his disposal the most Lethal attack in Africa at the moment and arguably the Most lethal Nigeria has had since the days of Yekini and Co. Don’t mind Rohr’s CSN followers they think they are fooling us any coach that selects purely on merit will qualify Nigeria to any tournament with this squad. The thing is can Rohr have the courage and take us to the next level and win the damn Afcon instead of trying to drag s back with Ighalo, Musa and CO. then when we fail turn around and say he is building he is building preparing for failure in big tournaments instead of victory. FOr how long..

    What we need now is keep our core of players currently and if the likes of Simy is performing then give him a look during international breaks he can take Musa’s place. if others show quality then give them a look in but, he should keep the core group of Ndidi, Chukwueze, Osimhen, Senior man Kelz, Aribo, Ekong, Iwobi etc. ROhr should also use some sense to hasting Ademola Lookmans Fifa switch process, I also hear that Eze is considering ditching England and making a u-turn on his decision. Also try give Ejaria a look in, Isaac Success helped Watford gain promotion along with Ekong. I mean Usman Olayinka the list goes on.. Try give these boys one or two games on different invitations maybe include 1 or 2 at a time for certain team lists.. this is where Rohr should be putting his Focus not Ighalo and Musa for crying out loud ROhr should

  • This is bunkum from Rohr, and I’m disappointed if he actually said this.

    Simy, being Nigeria’s highest goals scorer across the top five leagues, deserves better than this from Rohr.

    What then does he say to Ahmed Musa who had been clubless but only recently joined Kano Pillars? I guess the Nigerian league is better than the Italian Series A.

    Then why does Ighalo’s name keep popping up in his mouth in a department where Nigeria is well stock? I guess the Saudi League is better than the Italian Serie A as well.

    Wither his hitherto sermonised criterion of player performance at club side as the overriding basis for selection to the national team?

  • FatherJP 3 years ago

    You obviously didnt get my drift. I was fully in agreement with you. Only pointed out that based on current statistics he is only behind Onuachu.

    Eufa co-efficiency is 2 points per goal for the top 5, Belgian Jupiler is 1.5

    Infact Onuachu is in the top 10 while Simmy is no 17 in Europe.

    Seniorman and co are trailing the duo in terms of goals scored in Europe by a Nigerian this season.

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