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Rohr’s Benin Republic’s Winless Run Continues After 2-1 Loss To Madagascar In Friendly

Rohr’s Benin Republic’s Winless Run Continues After 2-1 Loss To Madagascar In Friendly

Gernot Rohr’s Benin Republic side lost 2-1 to Madagascar in Tuesday’s international friendly game, Completesports.com reports.

Benin Republic are now winless in their last four games, recording two defeats and two draws.

The last time they won a match was in March on match day four of the 2023 AFCON qualifiers when they beat Rwanda 3-0 away.

Benin Republic took the lead in the 3rd minute through Cedric Hountonji but Tsiry Razafindrasata equalised for Madagascar on 21 minutes.

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In the 51st minute Jean Yves got Madagascar’s second goal which proved to be the winner.

Former Super Eagles coach Rohr, failed to qualify Benin Republic for next year’s AFCON in Cameroon.

He will hope to do better in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers as the French speaking country will face the Super Eagles in Group C.

Other teams in the group are South Africa, Rwanda, Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

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  • @ Monkey post how far? Waiting dey happen with ur oga team now,

    • MONKEY POST 8 months ago

      The REF was just BIASED in the GAME..so many wrong calls against GENERAL ROAR’S TEAM as if they had issues in the past….

  • Michel 8 months ago

    This man used super eagles and built his profile.he has not won a single game for Benin republic since he was sacked.hemight even end up not winning a single game before they sack him

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      So which coach has not used the SE to build their profiles apart from Otto Gloria and Berti Vogts….??

      I have never seen a profile built with failure…..so yes, he used the SE to build his profile.

      So when you guys cynically say he used the SE to build his profile, y’all are subconsciously admitting/confessing to the fact that he had a great time as coach of the SE….LMAOooo. The fact that his profile got built shows he did well as SE coach…..if he didnt qualify for ordinary AFCON like your local guadiolas, his profile would have been tattered rather than built.

      A Benin team that wasn’t scoring goals before he was hired now scores goals…its only a matter of time for them to start winning games.Please dont slip into coma when that starts happening ehn….! I hope then you will come back to show this relish you are displaying at the moment.

      • Kenny 8 months ago

        Oga stop all this crap. Must there not be a time you will admit that Rohr was not good enough and that he lacks Ambition. Why must you defend nonsense. As there been any foreign coach that did not qualify Super Eagles for Afcon even the worst of all foreign coaches since westerhoff? and it is simply because the team itself has quality.

        The super eagles team simply made him perform.

        I mean this is a Benin team that previous coaches has qualified for nations cup even the most recent one here which was 2019 Afcon, Benin was there.
        All of a sudden your Oga Rohr took them up and could not perform the wonders he supposedly performed with Super Eagles. And we still have not seen any tangible thing he has done with that team even friendlies.

        And you come here with a sense of I know it all to keep spitting what I don’t know when things are so glaring for all to see like you are Rohr’s agent.

        Even as worse as pesiero is we can see a team atracking with purpose(aside the cluelesss goalkeeper), which if it were your Oga Rohr he will be telling us they are young team we are still building, we need to respect our opponent by putting fear in the team nonsense.
        Which country has that luxury of time to be building for 6 years without tangible result.

        Please just stop this your argument for Rohr and face the reality.

        • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

          Hahahaha…other Benin took over the Benin National team in the middle of the qualifiers when then had no points and no goals and still qualified them for AFCON right…..???

          Has there been any foreign coach who took over a Super Eagles team ranked 70th in the world and unable to qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONs….?? Has there been any foreign coach under who the SE played with purpose and strolled into tournaments (sometimes unbeaten) and with games left…??

          Is there any foreign coach whom the SE did not make to perform….??

          From 70th in the world to top 30 in the world is not tangible…..I guess the ‘attacking purpose’ that couldnt get you into ordinary AFCON Qfinals, got you disgraced out of the world cup and dumped you out of the top 5 in Africa and 40something position on the world ranking is the tangioble results yall want to see…….LMAOoooo

          I need not reply you anymore, cus apparently, you are one of those who cannot see beyond their nostrils….LMAOoo

          Maybe it is you who needs to cut the crap and stop your baseless hate….LMAOoo

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

            ……other Benin coaches took over the Benin National team in the middle of the qualifiers…..

      • John-1 8 months ago

        That’s not the point he’s making. Some coaches use lesser clubs/nations to build their profile before arriving bigger clubs/nations. Take Xabi Alonso for instance. He’s building his profile with Leverkusen and attracting interest from biggest clubs like Real Madrid. In Rohr’s case, he may not have built any reasonable profile if not for Nigeria (a powerhouse in African football).

        • Godswill Diego 8 months ago

          @John-1, God bless you for that point you’ve just made.

        • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

          And what reasonable profile did past coaches of the SE have before coaching the SE…?? Apart from Otto Gloria, Berti Vogts, Amodu Shuaibu. Even Keshi used the SE to build his profile.

          Every Super Eagles coach, including the ones that couldn’t qualify for AFCON all built bigger profiles with the SE job.

          And like I said, failure never builds profiles…..so if Xabi Alonso has ran Leverkusen into the 2nd division like Frank Lampard almost did, he wouldnt have the sort of profile that is now attracting interest from Real Madrid.

          So if Rohr used the SE to build his profile, he must have done a great job with that opportunity. If he had failed to qualify for Ordinary AFCON, his profile would have been in tatters.

          • John-1 8 months ago

            Keshi made his mark with Togo until the Adebayo brouhaha. He qualified them for Fifa World Cup; something they may never achieve in long time. You seem to like Rohr too much. The truth is that he wasted years with no tangible achievement.

            Steven Keshi won Afcon and reached World Cup round of 16 in less that 4 years(That’t a different subject anyway).

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

            I dont love Rohr too much, I am just being factual where the rest of you are being hateful.

            Keshi may have qualified Togo for the WC in his 1st spell, but he was sacked by the same Togo in his 2nd spell. He coached 8 matches at the AFCON group stages before our last 2013 AFCON group game vs Ethiopia and had just 1 win. That poor record was going to be extended to 1 win in 9 games until Victor Moses intelligently won us a penalty kick in the 80th minute and Vincent Enyeama miraculously and incredibly saved what should have been an Ethiopian Equalizer 3 minutes later.

            Keshi may have won the AFCON and reached the WC R16, but there is a reason why Nigerians still always refer to 1994, even when 2013 is closer. Have you ever asked yourself why….?? Yes, everyone who has any iota of truth in them knows Keshi’s 2013 triumph was a triumph of Grace. Never in the history of Nigerian football has the NFF booked the flight of the team back home before the team was knocked out….that’s how terrible we were. What was Keshi’s pattern of play, I bet no one can confidently tell us what it is to date. Omo9ja famously nicknamed him “Gather and Play” Coach back then.

            So Keshi was in the same category as Luis Goncalves who also qualified Angola for the 2006 WC, but Keshi used the SE to become the first man to lift the AFCON as a player, Captain and Coach, as well as the first man to lead an African team to the WC as captain and coach…… He was coach of Mali before then but got sacked after Mali got booted out of AFCON in the group stages……So Yes, Keshi too used the SE to build his profile.

            Rohr didn’t waste years, he gave us tangible achievements, given he picked us from our worst position in our footballing history. There was never a time even before independence we were ranked 16th in Africa…he took us from not qualifying for 3 out of 4 AFCONs to what is equivalent to the final of a 16-team AFCON. Anybody that can take the current 16th-ranked african team to the podium of the next AFCON cannot be said to have not achieved something tangible.

            It is not Rohr’s fault that we only attended 1 AFCON in those 5 years plus. Every other target we gave him during that period, he delivered….including qualifying us for a world cup Mr Odegbami said “WE HAVE NO BUSINESS QUALIFYING FOR”….and indeed, we had no business qualifying for that world cup but we did unbeaten with a 5 points lead.

            These were the same targets a certain world-class coach, Paul Le Guen said were IMPOSSIBLE to achieve for a team ranked 70 in the world.

            If Rohr was failing in the tasks given to him by his employers, If he didnt qualify for ordinary AFCON or got booted out in R16 like Eguadiola and his 9 dullards, they wouldnt renew his contract 3 times.

            And the beauty of it all was that he did all these with a team that would easily pass for our U23 team. At a point in time, we had to donate almost half the SE team to Imama Amakpakabo to help him qualify for the U23 AFCON.

            These are all FACTS, FACTS that can be proven and verified…..if they aren’t, state where I have said anything that isn’t factual.

  • JimmyBall 8 months ago

    …The biggest fraud in the history of football coaching… “Mr. Qualify with 2games to spare”… how market baba Rohr?

    …You wont see @Dr.Drey and the rest of Rohr’s cheerleaders here now, bob cant even win any games anymore. Benin Republic will soon burst his bubble. Lol…

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      At least under “…The biggest fraud in the history of football coaching…”, Nigeria won bronze in a 24-team AFCON straight from missing 3 out of the previous 4, with so-called incompetent half-baked overated African Guadiolas….LMAOooo

      With 2 months to the 2022 AFCON, under this same “…biggest fraud in the history of football coaching…” every nitwit in Nigerian football (fans, ex-internationals and administrators alike – including the most useless sports minister we have had) believed we were good enough for the AFCON trophy… we had the best team in Africa… and even any coach can win AFCON with the team in 2 weeks….LMAOOoooo. That was how good the SE was under his tutelage.

      Its 2 months to 2024 AFCON and all of you have suddenly become mutes…..LMAOooo. Even the most optimistic of y’all cannot even place one euro on the SE winning a bronze…..LMAoooo

      A ‘dead Rohr’ is still proving to date to be better than ALL “your owns” who are still alive.

      Yes, Benin isnt winning….YET. They werent even scoring goals nor were they picking points from games before Rohr was hired. They were rock bottom of their AFCON qualifying group and were as good as buried. They have since scored in virtually every game since Rohr took over and were one 89th min Mozambiquan goalkeeper save away from miraculously qualifying for the AFCON. WHAT A FEAT THAT WAS…..!!!

      For someone who used to perpetually brandished himself, albeit in a “Tinubu-ically” fictitious manner, as an ex-pro footballer, it shouldn’t be difficult to know that when you take over a team that doesnt even know its way to goal, talk more of picking points in games or winning, the first problem you need to solve is that of finding the back of the net which the team now does in as good as all games since he took charge…. Good job and kudos to the 70 yr old coach.

      The last time I checked, it wasn’t under “…The biggest fraud in the history of football coaching…” we couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON….LMAOooo, nor couldn’t reach the qfinals of AFOCN…. nor got booted out of the world cup by the worst Ghanaian team in half a century……LMAOoooo.

      Rohr still has a job till date, his detractors are still granting hopeless “exclusives” on CSN till date…what a paradox…!!!

  • pompei 8 months ago

    Rohr’s enemies are coming out of the woodwork now, rejoicing at the downfall of a Nigerian football hero.
    He is not only Mr. Qualify with 2 games to spare.
    Let me remind you of his other names:
    MR. DISCOVER AND BLOOD YOUNG TALENTS. Talents we are still enjoying today.
    MR. AFCON BRONZE MEDAL. If you say bronze is useless, what did YOUR OWN come back with?
    So, if all of unu like, make unu go jump commot from 3rd mainland bridge. A man who NFF Onigbese shamelessly owed for almost 2 years continued to work hard, and produced amazing results, yet some obtuse individuals refuse to appreciate! Whether unu like am or not, he is a Nigeria legend!

    • KENNETH 8 months ago

      Excuses excuses excuses, why hasn’t he translated that to the benin team. What a shame, when we said some is a PE teacher una dey their they make excuses for him. Abeg CSN benin didn’t win any match in march, the game was awarded to them by CAF. Their winless streak continues

      • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

        And which national teams are your guadiolas coaching at the moment…..LMAOoo. At least an ordinary PE teacher got shortlisted by 3 countries and eventually got hired by 1.

        E dakun when will your world-class tactically sound African guadiolas at least start making the shortlists of national teams, talk more of eventually getting hired, even if it is Comoros……LMAOooo.

        Ordinary PE teacher can submit CV to get jobs, but world-class guadiolas beg NFF before jobs get thrown at them like meat to dogs….most times even without a contract……LMAoooo

        • Hehehehe nice Dr Drey. Don’t worry, we are waiting for our last guardiola that didn’t know 2-2 draw would against Tunisia was good enough to qualify us for Afcon in 2010 to return from 5 year ban… hhahahaha

          Such a sham for such a talented nation.

      • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

        Yes….excuses, excuses, excuses……that was all you were vomitting too when your “any coach” + his 9 dullard assistants couldn’t reach the Qfinals, talk more of win AFCON in 2 weeks……LMAoooo….and when then got booted out of the world cup 3 months later…..LMAOoo

        You even came here to shamelessly lie to the whole world, in addition to your shameless excuses, that it was the players who didnt want to go the the World cup…..LMAOoo. I’ve never seen anywhere professional international players will not want to go to the biggest stage and showpiece of football on earth if not in the mind of an imbecile……LMAOoooo

        • See as you spring out from no where, you no dey want hear anything about this ur oga, las las a coach is as good as his players, I know you gonna oppose that statement though. Let’s wait and see the wonder ur MAN wanna do with those half baked Benin players now.

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

            No vex say e pain you say I spring out from nowhere…. no be my fault say the SE has not given us anything to talk about 2 coaches after Rohr.

            Yes, you know I will oppose that statement, because deep down in you, you know it’s a fallacy of hasty generalization that you cannot prove empirically.

            The last time I checked, we never had bad players when we didn’t qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONs, whilst we never had a star-studded team when we won the 2013 AFCON. As a matter of fact, that 2013 team was the weakest team to have won an AFCON for Nigeria, and that is why despite equaling the feat of the 1994 squad, they are never remembered as our greatest ever team, simply because every Nigerian remembered that we stumbled on success with that team. It was a product of “Grace”

            So once again, without apologies, I will oppose that statement.

            And as for Benin, right from time immemorial, the target for a country like Benin has always been qualification for AFCON. The 3 times they qualified for the 16-team series, they finished 16th, 15th and 14th position with only 4 goals scored in total at the 3 tournaments…..and the only time they qualified for the 24-team series, they reached the Qfinals scoring 3 goals in 5 games without winning any of the 5.

            Cumulatively 14 games, 7 goals.

            So, they know their limitations, they know their handicap, and they know how to be realistic with their targets. When you now see the same Benin scoring in virtually every game since Rohr took over, something must be in the offing.

            They are not expecting to qualify for the World cup, but as to what Rohr will do with the half-baked Benin players, wait till they constitute themselves to be banana peels for some arrogantly disrespectful teams in the WC qualifiers soon to begin.

            At least he has shown a glimpse of “what he can do with the half-baked Benin players by holding a Senegal team complete with Sadio Mane, Nick Jackson et al.

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 8 months ago

    The point is whether Rohr, Eguavoen or Paseiro is the coach of Super Eagles, they are still mediocre coaches.

  • Omo9ja 8 months ago

    I’m short of words. Former coach of the Zambia Renard proved his worth whatever he goes, but what can I say to this Benin coach?

    What is going on? If you know, you know.

    We have to console the manager fans to take heart. They can see clearly that if it wasn’t because Mikel Obi, Victor Moses and the rest of our players, the former world class coach wouldn’t have achieved the little he was able to achieve.

    Keshi qualified Togo to the world cup with his kerewa kerewawa style, but why can’t the German tactician manage to achieve something close to that Keshi with the Benin team?

    Why can’t the coach win with two games to spare? You can’t give what you don’t have.

    Enough of these excuses. Amaju Pinnick should be arrested for hiring Oga Rohr period. I am saying a big sorry to we patriotic Nigerians on behalf of Oga Rohr followers. The truth is revealing itself now. Zero win so far. Fingers crossed. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Kenneth 8 months ago

    Why respond too a liar, kindly fetch out where i said the players didn’t want to go to the world cup. Well i understand, old age, seems those parasite are beginning to eat up your brain. Better advise your PE teacher to return to his hotel business and leave soccer alone. Maybe he needs to go beg foreign born Benin players. It’s just so glaring that he knows nothing.

    Please have you found out the cup he won in Swiss when he was a coach.

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      Hahahahaa…..very pathetic liar. One very good attribute of liars is that they always forget what they said long after.

      You have apparently forgotten when you where fighting tooth and nail, defending and exonerating your failure father Cerezo from consecutive disasters under his watch, blaming the same players that Rohr was using to meet his targets for the failure you and your father Eguavoen dragged us into within 3 months…..LMAooo. You have forgotten claiming the players didnt want to go to the world cup, and that it wasnt the fault of Eguavoen…..??? LMAOoo

      Dont worry, thank God CSN never deletes comments even if posted 10 years ago……I dont have time now, but I promise you, I will unearth your stupidity and post it here for you and the world to see, so that you yourself can judge now in hidsight how stupid your comments on this forum has been……LMAOoo.

      I think now is the time to strip you naked and show the world the real liar here…..LMAooo.

      Just give me a few days let ehn…..LMAooo. You will regret this day for ever…..!!!

      See imbecile trying to run away from his stupidity o……LMAooo

      • Kenneth 8 months ago

        Oga please dish out where i made such comment before those termites in your brain eat up whats left. Like i asked, show us where he won a cup in swiss league

        • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

          KENNETH 2 years ago
          Oga go hang transformer and die. 90 PERCENT OF THE PLAYERS ON THAT TEAM YOU CALLED FOR, AND WHAT HAPPEND THEY FAILED THE NATION, BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO SABOTAGE THE GAME SO AS TO PLEASE THE WHITE PE TEACHER THAT WAS FIRED EVENTUALLY. Since you not ready to shut up, i will find some spicy peanut to send to your cage

          Dr. Drey 2 years ago
          So the players intentionally didn’t want to go to the world cup right…..?
          90 percent of the players who have been qualifying for tournaments with games to spare before suddenly decided to sabotag both AFCON and World cup…..LMAOoo. Omugo rairai….!!!
          Shior…Common sense is indeed not common…..LMAOooo
          I weep for the day people who attended your naming ceremony when you were born.
          Idiot lasan lasan. Feed yourself your spicy peanuts so that your Intelligence quotient can increase at least to the fraction of normal human beings.
          Awon specialists in failure….LMAOoo.
          Go and drink rat poison now that your useless bunch of mechanic apprentices have been booted out….LMAOooo.


        • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

          KENNETH 2 years ago
          Oga go hang transformer and die. 90 PERCENT OF THE PLAYERS ON THAT TEAM YOU CALLED FOR, AND WHAT HAPPEND THEY FAILED THE NATION, BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO SABOTAGE THE GAME SO AS TO PLEASE THE WHITE PE TEACHER THAT WAS FIRED EVENTUALLY. Since you not ready to shut up, i will find some spicy peanut to send to your cage

          Dr. Drey 2 years ago
          So the players intentionally didn’t want to go to the world cup right…..?
          90 percent of the players who have been qualifying for tournaments with games to spare before suddenly decided to sabotag both AFCON and World cup…..LMAOoo. Omugo rairai….!!!
          Shior…Common sense is indeed not common…..LMAOooo
          I weep for the day people who attended your naming ceremony when you were born.
          Idiot lasan lasan. Feed yourself your spicy peanuts so that your Intelligence quotient can increase at least to the fraction of normal human beings.
          Awon specialists in failure….LMAOoo.
          Go and drink rat poison now that your useless bunch of mechanic apprentices have been booted out….LMAOooo.


          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

            Hahahahaha……Thank God Complete Sports never deletes comments…..LMAooo. The internet never forgets…..LAMoooo

            Who is the REAL LIAR now…..LMAOOoo….Whose dead and decaying pig brain is being eaten by termites and parasites now….LMAoo

            Oya come back here and tell us more lies na….LMAooo. Come back here and blackmail Dr.Drey with your own stupiity, illiteracy and inability to comprehend basic English words like finalist and winner……LMAOoooo. Ode olodo rabata oshi. Dr. Drey has to teach idiot everything. Go school, No, dem go say school na scam…..LMAooo. Dont worry ehn, I will never stop knocking basic common sense into your head.

            Maybe it was your father’s ghost who posted that stupidity…..LMAOoo

            Where else will professional international players intentionally want to not qualify for a World Cup they were already 1 foot away from qualifying for (especially on home soil with 200m people watching) if not in the brain of a born-by-missue imbecile.

            I really weep for the day you were born……LMAOoo.

            I ahve told you many times, it would be better if you shut your stinking mouth than consituting a nuisance to everyone on this forum except your daddy jimmylie offcourse.

            There is more to life the showing everybody how much of a gutter-born and bred pig you are.

          • MONKEY POST 8 months ago

            LMFAO! KENNETH has been BUSTED! Oya what else can you say! You have been EXPOSED!

            DR DREY you should be working for the FBI…

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

            Hahahaha….the useless pig has run away…..LMAOoo. Pathetic Liar ben-johnsoned after being stripped naked…..LMAOoo.

            He must be eating termites and his spicy peanuts laced with pig faeces by now…..LMAoooo

            He should come and shamelessly deny it the way he denied being ignorant of the fact that there is something like Player-Coach in football back then before he was busted by forumites……LMAOooo, dem I will post more to strip him of the outer layer of his filthy skin……LMAOoo.

          • KENNETH 8 months ago

            HAAAAA, old man i no run go anywhere, what are you dishing out trying to make your self look cute. I will not back up from my opinion that all the names of the players you keep dishing out are super eagles material played rubbish. Most especially lookman and Dennis. Yes their was no hunger in that team that played Ghana except you and your cohorts want to lie, did they look like players who wanted to attend the world cup. How many chances did we create in both games. Abeg go get busy biko. Has your care giver not come around to wipe your filthy ass

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

            HAhahaha….useless idiot and pathetic liar has been caught red handed and exposed…..LMAOoo….He now wants to change the topic….LMAOoo.

            Continue asking stupid questions on what I am dishing out ehn…..LMAoo. I’m dishing out evidence to show the world what a cheap unrepentant serpentous liar and blackmilling idiot you are.

            At least they all can know who the REAL PATHETIC LIAR is now.

            Senseless Bastard, common imbecile…..LMAooo

            You never get tired of telling lies ehn…..LMAOoo. Me that I was one of the most fervent critic of Dennis on this forum….LMAooo. A player I fervently supposed his axing from the SE due to his terrible attitude, bfore your father Eguafailure went to bring him back to win idiotic fans like you over. Ask your master Jimmylie, he can attest to that if that is the only truth he can tell in his life.

            Idiot wants to deflect attention now that he’s been stripped naked…….LMAooo….!

            Everybody on this forum except a sensless idiot like you knows that I dont throw names of players around anyhow here, especially these your so-called young bombers who y’all think will come here and perform magic for you. But because you are a pathetic liar who is desperately looking for something to cluth on now that 1 single sucker punch has exposed you as a shameless liar…LMAOooo.

            Its like you have been in coma all these while, or maybe it is because you are perpetually brain dead, that is why you have not noticed how people always attack me for advocating that no old player should be forcefully retired for any Dennis or Lookman or Ejuke or any young player.


            Pathetic cheap liar.

            There was hunger in the team when Rohr used the same boys to qualify for 2018 World cup, there was hunger in the team when they qualified for 2019 and 2022 AFCONs, there was hunger in the team when they qualified for the playoffs of the 2022 world cup, but when your incompetent daddy Eguavoen took over, they suddenly didnt want to go to the World cup abi…..LMAOoo. Professional international players didnt want to go to the World cup…… Ode abirun oshi….LMAOoo. Na that hunger go kill you with your useless lies.

            Since my care giver is not around, you can come and use your tongue to wipe my ass na….afterall I have been using your mouth to wipe my ass for over 4 years on the forum already…knocking common sense into your illiterate termite-infested brain……LMAoooo

          • KENNETH 8 months ago

            Oga what is the lie their, did the players you keep shouting here to play for nigeria perform, abeg spare me, we know clearly who the liar is. Please kindly show us the single cup ur PE teacher ever won. Less i forget still waiting for the proof that franz bercanbaur was a player coach for NY cosmos. Abi no be you say passing is not part of training or coaches job.

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

            Hahahaha…..useless idiot…LMAOoo. So Peserio flies Osimhen, Iheanacho, Iwobi etc from Europe to Nigeria on international widows to come and teach them ball control and how to pass a ball in the SE camp abi…..? Daft idiot…..LMAooo. The national team training vidoes you alway see online, you see peserio teaching Ndidi how to pass a ball right……LMAooo. Idiot…!

            You are still asking where the lie is….LMAOoo. 1 sucker punch has dazed and disorientated you this much…?? Abi na your papa ghost post this one……

            “….kindly fetch out where i said the players didn’t want to go to the world cup. Well i understand, old age, seems those parasite are beginning to eat up your brain…”

            Ode Oponu oshi….LMAOoo

            Parasites and termites have really eaten the heap of sawdust you call a brain….LMAoo

            Please tell us the so-called players you’ve heard me shout here and post where I shout about them…..Okponu rairai…..LMAooo.

            Cheap liar has been exposed to his pants…..LMAOoo.

            It is only an imbecile like you out of the hundreds of readers of this forum that ever read where I said Rohr won a cup….LMAoo….Olodo bloody illiterate…..as you no sabi the meaning of finalist and player-coach, how will not be asking stupid questions…..LMAoo. Better go back to primary school…..LMAOooo

            Its because of cheap liars and blackmailers like you that CSN does not delete comments…..LMAooo.

            You cant shame the shameless.

  • Papafem 8 months ago

    Rohr tried his best, a very humble and passionate coach. But he had to go one day. That was for sure. I don’t why people keep bringing him back into the picture anytime his current team plays badly or Nigeria plays below expectation. There’s nothing special about GR. He’s just
    an average coach who achieved average siccess in Nigeria. He may not replicate this anywhere again because no 2 teams are the same. But can we just allow this man to rest and stop mocking him each time his current team plays badly. It’s this Nigeria thing , for those who don’t like him, that anytime he fails, we will reference that for justifying his sack, and that’s almost 2 tears he’s left the job. Is he first coach to be booted out of office? Even coaches who achieved greater success with Nigeria, like Jo Bonfere, were asked to go. We should this allow man to rest o.

  • Mr Hush 8 months ago

    I couldn’t agree more @Papafem

    At the latter stages of his tenure,I was one of his hardest critics,and even I cannot deny his successes notwithstanding how average. He did good at some stage.
    Whatever the case maybe, his time his behind us. We should let him be, rather focus on our own. As it is, we got a lot on our plate.
    You never know, Rohr’s Benin could be our aid , saving grace or ( God forbid) our obstruction to qualification for the World cup.

    We should be more humble and thoughtful with our assertions.

    • Very right @MrHush. I think if we ever get into a points deadlock with SA for the FIFA WC ticket, Rohr’s Benin will likely do us a favor as necessary if the dice is in their hands to throw. They would either shed blood and tears to beat SA or play a ‘friendly’ draw with or lose to us. I’m kinda neutral as regards Rohr. He gave us some memorable wins. He was cool-headed and good with player management without media controversies (fans hardly knew about the nonsense Emmanuel Dennis pulled with him until later).

      Under him, the SE was on the ascendancy until the latter stages when the law of diminishing returns set in motion. The ovation was loud and it was time to bow out. Good luck to him and we’ll need that favor in the WCQ if it ever gets to it. Fellow fans, please let’s be nice to Mr. Rohr and say nice things about him, at least for now. Who knows, our fate may lie in his hands come 2025. He might be reading comments here. Let him think or know we still have fond memories of him. Let’s support our neighbours Benin for now.

  • Dandy 8 months ago

    The worst super eagles coach ever

  • Mumu Rohr @MONKEY BAG, See as you dey quite only one comment I hope say your general Rohr have not put you in Depression coma after being found out one game at a time lol. Very useless coach hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MONKEY POST 8 months ago

      MUMU there is no point COMMENTING further cos my RESPECTABLE COLLEAGUE is doing a nice job schooling you guys ass…am enjoying it…

  • Papafem 8 months ago

    Dr Drey was very right on Eguaveon 2 years ago. I had a running battle on few occasions with him on how Eguaveon was going to give us our 4th AFCON title. And I defended my position so staunchly. But I was wrong!! Drey saw something I didn’t see, and I was mistaking his position on the sack of Rohr for his undue attachment to the German. My eyes were opened when poor game management and tactical ineptitude on the part on Eguaveon cost us both the AFCON title and the WC ticket. It was so painful! A very harsh reality. Rohr would have easily given us that ticket, and probably taken us to the final of the nations cup no matter how ugly. But we pushed him out because lowly CAR beat us, abd we almost lost against CV too. Rohr tried his best! He still loves us, I guess. But we need to move on from him.

    • paulo 8 months ago

      Please stop kissing ass, what did he see please. Why not let Eguavoewn remain like they allowing all this journey men coaches

      • Papafem 8 months ago

        We talking of the Super Eagles, I don’t know which journey men uou were talking about.

  • Ignatius Abo 8 months ago

    Rohr tried his best, we move.

  • DeSTAR 8 months ago

    Oga Rohr has just vindicated us again with again that he is never destined to be football coach; a PE teacher with several decades of coaching experience without any cup how little it may be ; not even cup of tea let alone u17 wc.

    Employment of oga Rohr in the first place, was manifestation of a rotten corrupt in NFF plus white color inferiority complex; Oga Rohr has simply gotten back to his familiar terrain of embarrassing poor records with his past employers where he was summarily sacked with a shameful f9 records, until the Moses and Mikel of these world helped him to achieve unpleasant Afcon bronze medal in his career ( his past 3 team records was a poor as 17%)

    Only a criminal organization would have hired such coach; 6 years wasted on the team , no single average goalkeeper, other than the 2 baskets which his fellow PE teacher cum mechanic coach Pesserio follow suit

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      Hahahaha, your African guadiolas who cannot even qualify for common AFCON and cannot get jobs until when NFF gives them contractless jobs have A1 results abi……LMAOooo, no wonder they are perpetually begging NFF for jobs on the pages of newspapers….LMAOoo.

      Maybe it was the spirit of your grandfather who was guarding our goal when we strolled to 3 tournaments with games to spare and made the AFCON podium….LMAOoo… when you world-class ex-internationals couldn’t qualify in 3 out of 4 attempts……LMAOoo.

      I thought goalkeepers are manufactured by Innoson, why has your Egaudiola and peserio not manufactured a “reliable goalkeeper” going to 2 years now……LAMoooo

      The 70-year-old PE coach has reached the finals of the Swiss and UEFA cups in his career and still has a job at 70. Your outstanding world-class exinternationals are carrying briefcases of politicians all over the place begging for jobs……LMAOooo

  • Ballack 8 months ago

    And is any of them begging for their needs. idiot, why you and your fellow grandpa not go and retire. You clearly knows he has nothing to offer, well it’s just a matter of time before his ass gets kicked out. Let them give our guardiola’s the same longevity as the oyinbo coaches.

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