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Sacking Rohr Now Will Spell Disaster For Super Eagles In 2022 AFCON -Ikpeba

Sacking Rohr Now Will Spell Disaster For Super Eagles In 2022 AFCON -Ikpeba

Former Nigerian forward, Victor Ikpeba has advised the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) not to sack but retain the Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr for the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

Ikpeba made this known during Monday Night Football Show on SuperSports, where he fumed that sacking the German tactician will spell disaster for the Super Eagles at the tournament.

He warned the NFF to apply caution in the handling of the whole process so as not to affect the progress of the senior national team.

“It is less than 48 days before our first game against Egypt at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations. The speculation about his sack has been intense and I’m really surprised. I know what happened in 2002 and in 2010. Rumour of people going to the Sports Ministry and the Presidency calling for Rohr to be sacked.

“Rohr has done the needful qualifying the Eagles for the World Cup playoffs. Yes, we were not brilliant against Cape Verde but he has done the needful. Why not wait till after the AFCON and take a decision on his future. It will be a disaster if that happens now. If you sack Rohr and employ another coach, if the team fails at the AFCON who takes the blame?

“What will the new manager change. What changed in 2002 and in 2010. It was a disaster.This will happen again if Rohr is sacked now. My worry is that we forget history and we should not. Those who sacked the late Amodu Shuaibu twice said he was not good enough. Gernot Rohr has been too soft with the players the NFF can help him.”


By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • S. S . Bola Matthew 2 years ago

    It is already causing disharmony in the camp. I think what the Ministry would do is to wait till after Afcon next month, 1 week. And again, to have judge Rohr based on a match played on Teslim balogun’s turf was wrong. That turf never favor us.

    • Fully concur.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      And what about the Liberia game played in Morocco on a good turf at a Neutral venue. Keep making excuses because only failures do that. Mercy!

      • Johnson 2 years ago

        @Chima E, Rohr’s SE won by 2 goals to nil in Morocco. What ’bout that? In between, S.S Matthew is right there.

      • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

        The scoreline doesn’t reflect on the match situation that Liberia totally dominated on a good pitch; A good side with good strikers will make us pay dearly for such clueless play. Don’t forget that the Afcon and world cup we will not be playing Liberia Cape Verde or CAR. We should just get our own technical coach who understands Nigeria attacking football in the frame of Belmadi and Cisse ( we have our own Amunike). Let’s put an end to this clueless football such that players can not complete passes or loss of ideas when holding the ball. Afcon will also be used to judge the coach overall play if we are ready for the world cup but not under Rohr. Rohr is a repeated mistake that can not be tolerated again. Rohr is causing us disgrace just take a look at our players on the pitch even the North African clubs will outplay, outrun and outscore us talk less of North African countries. I’m talking about today’s Rohr and not the past Rohr we use to know that defeated Algeria and Egypt. The new Rohr is now andropause he is past prime and can not think well. Let him retire everything has expired date. Uruguay coach has also been shown the door age is catching up with some of these coaches and ours is one of them whom age has caught up with. Except if we want to continue wasting time and funds.

        • Johnson 2 years ago

          Two goals never do you or you wanted our experienced lads to have their legs broken? You failed to notice that Rohr’s game plan was to have the Lone Star run around the pitch which they did 100%. 2 zero is cool for the purpose. No option, we are already looking up to the 11th of January, 2022 against Egypt

          • RESPECT IS RECIPROCAL 2 years ago


          • What about CAR, what was his game plan? What about the friendlings against the likes of Cameroun, Algeria and Morocco ? If he is allowed to continue the Super Eagles will be humiliated in both Afcon and the second phase of our World cup qualifiers. We did it in 2002 when Bonfere Jo who was part of the Technical crew that won Afcon for us in 1994 and also qualified us for the World cup same year, he crowned it up by winning the first ever gold medal in soccer for us and Africa as a whole after succeeding his boss- westerhof as our national team coach. Yet, when he lost to Serria Leone he was fired in the middle of the qualifier for 2002 World Cup and the late Amodu Shuaibu went on to qualifer us for the World Cup. So it is nothing new, Nff only need to be sincere in the selection of his successor

        • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

          It is in only Nigeria that I heard this your pattern of play. Sorry I am used to excellence I will rather go with Senegalese dominant play and win or Algeria, German etc than for my team to be dominated and then I will win. Baba let the argument end everyone are entitled to their philosophy. For me I will choose excellence over average.

        • GLORY 2 years ago

          @ Chima, I honestly buy into this reasoning. But we can still save ourselves the agony of paying Rohr off by just doing the simple. Firstly, discard all of Rohr’s sleeping/lazy backroom cum business men staff, leaving just and only just Rohr to remain as technical adviser while getting any of Amunike, Finidi, Egbe or even Oliseh to be the head coach along with few others as assistants. That way, Rohr is only going to be involved in giving advice which the head coach will be at liberty to either accept or reject. Or Rohr might just decide not to be ready to work like that and ultimately resign. This must never be used as a way to ridicule Rohr but just to recreate an amicable working environment for the team/everyone going forward unto AFCON.

    • Ikpeba is right. Absolutly right

  • BHG LA T 2 years ago

    CSN please is it Odion Ighalo or Ikpeba. Check your first paragraph and make corrections where necessary.
    What are concerned about us success at the nation’s cup and not distractions.

    • BHG LA T 2 years ago

      CSN please is it Odion Ighalo or Ikpeba. Check your first paragraph and make corrections where necessary.
      What we bare concerned about is success at the nation’s cup and not distractions.

  • BHG LA T 2 years ago

    CSN please is it Odion Ighalo or Ikpeba. Check your first paragraph and make corrections where necessary.
    What we bare concerned about is success at the nation’s cup and not distractions.

    • BHG LA T 2 years ago


      CSN please is it Odion Ighalo or Ikpeba. Check your first paragraph and make corrections where necessary.
      What we are concerned about is success at the nation’s cup and not distractions.

  • Sammy 2 years ago

    Baba please start from 1997/1998.

    The same mistake they made by sacking Phillip Trousier 6 month before the World Cup, and bringing in Bora Milutinovic (I’m sure I got the spelling wrong). They made the same mistake on our behalf twice, when Amodu had built a team capable of doing well at the world on both occasions.

    I think we are really unfortunate with the worst set of decision makers anywhere in the world. Funny thing is this speculation had already undermined the coach and his staff in the eyes of his players prior to the nations Cup, and probably damaged the relationship between Rohr and his Nigerian backroom staff.

    A big mess all round.

  • I hate when people drag foot unnecessarily with endless protocols. Please do what you have to do now and stop wasting more time and complicating issues. Any good coach can get things going in under 5 weeks – like in the case of Chelsea and Tuchel who hit the ground running with great results immediately.

    If you need to retain the man (I just hope he won’t maliciously sabotage us at this stage) and help with more technically sound assistants to replace Yobo, Salisu and Agu, please do ASAP. If you need to let him and all his technical crew gone, please do ASAP too. All of this is getting stale now.

    It is not about playing ourselves into a disaster by sacking Rohr now, it is about avoiding a disaster and losing the 2-legged WCQ with the kind of insipid, disorganised, unconvincing play his team plays now. It is about saving the situation. He couldn’t beat CV convincingly, which of the other 9 qualifiers would he then be able to beat convincingly? So, it is about saving the situation and avoiding that disaster now!

    • Sammy 2 years ago

      Can they afford a coach of the calibre of Tuchel though? And are Nigerian players of the calibre in the Chelsea squad? Are they as motivated as Chelsea players?

      Baba we are sleepwalking into a trap or our own making…

    • nigeria is a country not club,is not possible to do anything with national team with that short period of time.

  • Biodun Awori 2 years ago

    It was the most stupid decision to be discussing a Changing coaching crew when you have few weeks to an all important tourney like the continental show piece. I really can’t understand what came to the minds of those charged with the responsibilities to manage sporting activities in the country. By the way, why does the NFF seems dumb at this time? If. Gnot Rohr hasn’t met his targets it would have been understandable. I think our sports managers needs psychatric evaluation or what would you call this if not madness.

    • Sammy 2 years ago

      Guy, three weeks to start of camping for nations Cup, our so-called leaders are speculating over the coach of the team.

      Unbelievable decision making.

      I can bet you that when they sack Rohr or undermine to the point that he’ll be unable to do his job; they’ll quickly realize how bunkers it is to parachute someone in at short notice, and they’ll end up leaving Salisu Yusuf and Joseph Yobo in charge.

      Just watch what these clowns are about to do…

      It’s as if we just decide to choose the worst people to take decisions in Nigeria. Zero sense of perspective!!!

    • Biodun Awori 2 years ago

      Ómo ale, idiot what do u know? Go and sack him nah. Rohr is bringing afcon cup home and would see how he qualify us for the WCup.

  • KangA 2 years ago

    It’s easy to side with one that has been perceived to have been paid with the wrong coins. But can we take a moment to reflect on how Oga Rohr has undermined himself? Obviously, he has contributed a lot to the growth of the SE, but why did he become fearful and ultra-conservative? Those questionable invitations and deliberate cocooning of other eligible players.

    Why did he bring back Ighalo, a retired player who up till now saw no need to rescind his decision and come out of the closet? Supposing Oga Rohr is sacked (I hope not), will the new coach assuredly look at Ighalo’s direction? In which case would he have ended his international soccer career on a high note? How about John Noble? Is he the best goalie in the local league or the guy with the best connections? Why is Oga Rohr so fearful? Is that the Naija spirit? Think about Keshi (of blessed memory). Would he have given us that much-coveted cup if he kept skilled players glued to the bench?

    Oga Rohr has undermined himself greatly. Hope he has learnt his lessons and he’ll sit up when the storm calms.

  • NFF have a rethink because sacking Rohr now few days to Nation cup will spell another disaster to the nation. Stick to your contract because oga Rohr didn’t fail on his part. NFF support him for good outing instead of appointing new coach a dying minutes to Nation cup. we don’t want year 2002 and 2010 history to repeat itslf.

  • Collins 2 years ago

    With him in charge we will still not do well so let him be sack once and for all any good coach that has the quality of players will have one month is enough time to prepare

  • Collins king 2 years ago

    With him in charge we will still not do well so let him be sack once and for all any good coach that has the quality of players will have one month is enough time to prepare

  • Akunde Kwagh 2 years ago

    Shut up, you beneficiary of an unproductive product.

  • For me sacking rohr will be a blessing in disguise for the super eagles because the team needs new ideas new strength.

  • Derrick 2 years ago

    that man needs to go.Nigeria is not Niger Republic

  • Nonso 2 years ago

    It’s not even that he will coach the Super Eagles forever but the timing is wrong. On this, I am in support of Ikpeba.

  • Sacking Rohr isn’t a problem because no coach can remain as a coach for a particular team forever.

    The Major issue is for the new coach to outperform the previous Coach.

    Our mechanic coach has paid his dues by outperforming what our quadiolas did.

    His adent critics says they want a more tactical & technical coach irrespective of the result(whether we make it to any tournament or not).

    We’re strongly behind the team no matter what our enemy want to use the team for(whether they want to use it and advertise their below average self-acclaimed pool of talents we don’t care).

    Please let @omo9ja and his company including @jimmyball come out now and say something.
    Their Ex rubbish rubbish headed by Odegbami please come out now and approve this man from Serbia, not when he starts delivering but refuse to invite your mediocre league players you pple start crying like Tata…

    We the progressive are behind any developments that will make the team better.

    The target still remains…. Afcon trophy and making it to 2022 in Qatar.

    Anything shot of this will not be accepted.

    I humbly rest my case.

    ****S H A L O M****

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      See your mouth you’re the dumbest fool in the world. You and your mediocre players will not want the coach sacked of course so that he will continue recycling the Garbages. Go and check the meaning of Progressive then you’ll know fully well where you and your backward thinkers belong.

      • Abdul 2 years ago

        I wish I know you in real life. I’m sorry but your comments on this platform say a lot about what’s going on in your life. Someone made a simple submission of his opinion up there. Take a look at your response. Moreover, there’s absolutely no common sense in many of your submissions. Calling for the sack of a coach in just about a month to the only tournament this team can win, what’s the sense in that. You go around talking to everyone as if they are your kids, after all, you are just behind your keyboard. Trust me, no one happy with his life does that. Definitely, I won’t respond to your bullshit, so you can write whatever you want.

    • Razak 2 years ago

      Go a heard and sack Gernot Rohr and get a good technical, tactical coach, and when disaster befalls you the NFF and the Minister of Sports put their heads on chopping block and resign, no more apology, that is they should be held accountable.


    Disaster is inevitable, with or without Rohr

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    Augustine Akhilomen, Victor Nosa Ikpeba and other friends of Odion Ighalo littering Complete Sports with Rohr Campaign don’t worry coach Rohr will not be sacked but after Afcon I hope you guys will show your face because there will be no hiding place for the wicked. Make una carry Naija football go chop we leave am for una….

    • GLORY 2 years ago

      @ Chima Samuel, please for God sake go easy with your choice of words. The day I read Mathew 12:36-37 and got convicted, a certain fear took over my conscience. That fear now helps me manage my tongue/words. Though it’s not been easy but my heart sincerely strive not hurt anyone with my choice of words all for the sake of material dead things/value. I know/sense you/many outta here are a bunch decent minded people but we just have to be mindful.

      • @Glory I really understand @Chima’s frustration people on this forum will see black and call it red all in the name of I do not know what. Is Rohr Nigeria?? Super Eagles was there before rohr and will be godwilling excelling after him. In the past 5 months of his tenure Nigeria are gradually regressing his recent Yardstick for inviting players will only get worse if not nipped in the butt. Look at Bafana Bafana they took thier so called Experience heads and failed miserably for Afcon. brought in a coach Hugo Broos, Whom I suggested Months before Bafana Bafana signed him, now they narrowly missed out of World Cup well, not quite yet as they may have a replay against Ghana why?. Because he removed the so called Experience players “in Bafana ” standards and went with YOung fresh talents but with Bross tactics the same that Won the Afcon for Cameroon in 2017. that is coaching not this Rubbish Rohr is doing. .WHY IN GODS NAME DID HE BRING BACK IGHALO WHY??????????????????????????? this is enough to fire him. when we have Taiwo Awoniyi and Emma DEnnis not to mention Ademola Lookman, Michel Oliseh will choose algeria because of Rohr and Pinnick Negligence they both have to go if you ask me Rohr and Pinnick. And I feel the Sports Minister is getting involved because of Pinnick Shenanigans with this Ighalo matter. Can you imagine the audacity Pinnick just wakes up one morning and decides Ighalo must come back and boom ighalo is back. What Sort of Rubbish is that. Is this team Pinnicks team. Yes 6 years ago when we never had depth but Today that decision is almost self sabotaging to say the least and people are still supporting this rubbish. ROhr is taking our football backwards HE SHOULD GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I mean why not wake up and Say okay it is time for Musa and Ighalo and Shehu to make way I will reinforce the team with the 3 or 4 Nigerian players causeing a wave now. All Rohr needs to do is . Drop Musa, Onuachu, and Abdullahi Shehu maybe Simon ( I would have said Ighalo but we may need him now, he is still more useful than Onuachu)). and call up Dennis, Lookman, Awoniyi and Bassey again maybe. Rohr needs to sit up really.

        Then Give Amoo a lookin. Eze is back look to him to see how far, and for Gods Sake there is no bigger statement of intent by Rohr that he means business than giving the fans what we want and at least show some effort in convincing VM out of retirement. Then we know he is serious. This team at the moment is not at its full potential hence the huffs and puffs. anybody who doesn’t see it then okay o

        • GLORY 2 years ago

          @ Ugo you may never ever know how badly I feel, being let down by Rohr’s recent decision making,in as much as I can confidently tell you, that those decisions were way beyond Rohr’s control.
          My disappointment with Rohr is, why on earth, is he allowing people to destroy the good work he started off with? Why can’t he dare these criminals to drop the job should they continue to try influence how he goes about his job. Atleast that will expose them to football fans, as the true enemies of Nigeria football.
          I do honestly understand @Chima as well as other well meaning SE fans pain. I just don’t like read people I hold in high regard using derogatory statements. Better off don’t respond or read anyone you feel his write up is gonna provoke such outburst of vulgar response. I have come to truly understand, that we’ve got variety of forumites here;
          1) Die hard honest SE/NIGERIA FANS
          2) Players agents/those working for agents.
          3)friends or relatives to players.
          4)Media men paid to promote certain players through rubbishing another player.
          5) Few foreigners with much envy against Nigeria hence come here to say nasty stuff.
          7) Ego driven individual who would wish bad luck to SE simply because their opinion hasn’t been recognised with such one surprisingly,not knowing their vague criticism is only opening the doors for these criminals to come in n make abode.
          I will suggest, that we don’t get passionately overboard with our dissatisfaction but make suggestions for everyone to happily read, knowingfully well we all understand differently which all together is based on our ulterior motives. THE CRIMINAL/SELFISH MINDED KNOW N UNDERSTAND THAT ALL YOU SAYING, MAKES SENSE BUT WILL FOREVER REFUSE TO ACCEPT. THE EGO CENTRIC WILL NEVER RELENT, AS LONG AS HIS OPINION HASNT BEING TAKEN SERIOUSLY IRRESPECTIVE OF WHETHER THINGS ARE GOING WELL AS AGAINST WHAT HE MAY HAVE ENVISAGED.

  • Chibuike 2 years ago

    Problem with black people is inability to think and reason properly. Amudu shuabu qualifer Nigeria for world cup. They sack him and replace him with onigbende. Honestly if you sack rohr, Mozambique will better than Nigeria

  • Vincent Ituma 2 years ago

    This issue don pass nah. Let’s be hopeful and wait for our first match. When is SE camp opening for Afcon? Do we still have up to 16days?

  • Bright 2 years ago

    Mr Ikpeba let the man go cos he has nothing to offer to the eagles.let the NFF appoint Amuneke and you will see wonders within 3 weeks.you an ex eagle’s player, advice the NFF on indigenous coaches.we still have Oliseh, these are high profile coaches

  • Coachie 2 years ago

    You guys are getting the timing for AFCON preparation twisted, we absolutely do not have time.
    Our first game is on Jan 9th 2022, FIFA rule mandates the clubs to release their players only 2 weeks before the competition and I know already that some teams are already talking to NFF to have a keep certain players till January 2nd or so. What all these stories up here mean is that the team have just about 12 days or thereabout to prepare for the tournament and we are still here talking about sack this coach, employ this coach. Who do us like this for this country sef.

  • Victor 2 years ago

    Thank you Sir Victor! You appear to be the only one who knows history and I must say we are on the same page on your submission. Amodu was sacked in 2002 and 2010 after qualifying us for the WCs and won bronze in both Afcon because people said he wasn’t good enough and that his style of play would spell disaster in the WC. In fact we didn’t progress beyond the first round in both WC, while Senegal and Ghana got to the Qfinals of the respective WCs. Incidentally Amodu lost both Afcon semifinal to Senegal and Ghana respectively. The opinion was that we shouldn’t be losing games to both countries on the balance of our status then even when the Senegal match went into extra time. It was purely an ego issue and disrespect to these countries. Some players that would have helped our in 2002 WC were scandalized and thrown out of the team. Players like Finidi, Oliseh, Agali etc. People that don’t know football messed our chances up. Similar trend is building now and NFF is falling into the same trap.

  • De Star 2 years ago

    @UBFE ; calling Segun Odegbami National honour awardee OON an Ex-Rubbish simply showed how you were brought up ; please check every other people comment ( the progressives ) did you read anywhere where derogatory languages were used on Ikpeba who is ex international, an equally stakeholder that is well qualified to air his opinion in football matters ; so next time , be more matured and conduct yourself accordingly ( Segun Odegbami is not in the position of authority, as a private person he surely deserves respect , particularly a man whose goals accounted for SE winning first ever Afcon) and a respectable elder for that matter.

    Mr Ikpeba , thank you , at least for pointing out additional deficiencies in Rohr apart from his technical deficiencies, as he has now added weaknesses to control the so called young players and inability to maintain discipline in his team . Many of the Rohr’s left over supporters would have covered this glaring aspect and continue to defend him shamefully .

    However, we beg to disagree with your opinion, it is embarrassing to be appealing to NFF to help Rohr control his players and maintain discipline. If a coach has lost dressing room ( loosing respect of his so young players) , what does that pointed to? Corruption and ineptitude of course . The players themselves don’t have respect as they knew themselves he is not adding value to the team and above all live at the mercy of those that can bribe him which also reflected on the questionable unmerited players invitations.

    Mr Ikpeba, Rohr’s SE played against 3 teams of which 2 of them did not have a single one stadium in their country and played all their matches away , with one of them beating SE at home that has never happened in the past 4 decades, labouring to beat Liberia not on opened play but penalties; and then again laboured to 1-1 draw at home , qualifying by whisker. In the next round of WC , we will not be meeting those countries that are ranked 100 and fifty something as those Cape Verde , Liberia & CAR ( two countries without one single stadium ) but high ranking countries as Nigeria. Since 2020 till date ; Rohr never beat one high ranking team except the minors, even Sierra Leone that have never won Afcon bronze let alone under age competition tutored Rohr on how to draw a game from 4 goals down and equally made Rohr and his avalanche of stars look ordinary by playing draw in the reversed leg.

    It is certain that Rohr is not going to achieve anything special in Afcon, but blame game as usual, particularly with his saviour Osimeh out of the team due to injury, and in the WC qualifying games Osimeh may not be there for him ( your guess is as good as mine).

    Getting in a technically a good coach that can control , maintain discipline with visionary & merited players call up as Keshi is very important than Afcon . Given Rohr another decade he cannot win Afcon let alone this one in January that he would meet serious team , including his Trainer Algeria local coach Belmadi. Except because of the fraudulent $2m fraudulent in his severance package, while we want him to go to Afcon and then get sacked as everyone know he can’t not win the cup ; we would save money , but at the same time , it will cost us WC ticket if we are to waste precious time until next year February; the same set of people would still be arguing blindly that WC qualifying game is too close .

    Rohr is needless distractions Mr Ikpeba , a coach that cannot control his team and maintain discipline with liability of technical deficiencies is as good as complete waste .

    We have have enough of a mechanic scam NFF unleash on SE ….

  • Larry 2 years ago

    @De Star, as sound and eloquent as usual. You have raised valuable propositions and I completely agree with you.
    A coach is as good as his last match. Based on events that transpired before, during,and after the last match, no seriou organization will retain Roar…
    The nff should do the needful and name a good coach. Although, i’m not in support of local coaches, but if the situation necessitates one. I’ll go for Finidi.
    Unlike his mates, did not sit idle looking for easy route, after an unsuccessful attempt to become a national team coach due to gross ineptitude by corrupt Pinick and Co. He took the challenge at Enyimba and so far, he has not done badly.
    Finidi is a well cultured and discipline character, who knows his worth. He will resist undue interference.
    Findi will do a better job than Dumbo Roar!!
    If Roar insists on staying, he should be demoted to assistant coach with Finidi as the only one that decides players invitation, selection and all tactics on the field.
    If the nff can not get a sound foreign coach, a consortium of coaches led by Finidi (head coach), assisted by Manu Garba (assistant 1) Egbo (assistant 2) Olofinjana (Technical Adviser) and Carl/Rufai (Goalkeeper coach) will do.

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      Sometimes I wonder who is really the Dumb ass between you guys and Rohr.

      Can you imagine your suggestion of demoting Rohr to be assistant coach to Finidi? Your tiny brain can’t decipher that to be breach of contract. You guys will just write out of emotion without applying your brain.

      Imagine suggesting Manu Garba whose only success has been winning U-17 once, flopped at U-20 and recently flopped again recently at U-17 before been booted out. Egbo won a league in back league in EUROPE and performed badly the next season and booted out, hasn’t done anything meaningful thereafter. Rufai / Carl has been redundant since retirement and you want them to coach SE. Finidi has only started coaching and yet hasn’t won anything to distinguish himself. Amunike won U-17 but flopped at U-20, took Tanzania to AFCON and lost all 3 matches and was dismissed, demoted to academy scout after 1 month in an unknown Egyptian club till date.

      You guys should wake up from your hatred-filled slumber and embrace reality. Rohr has done relatively well with SE and I only accepted that he must go because the relationship between him and the NFF, fans and players has broken down. But we should be talking about a capable replacement and not all these dead woods you were all mentioning

      • GLORY 2 years ago

        Brodaman @ Dr Bank, it is within the power of an employer to create a higher office and delegate subordinate officials to that office. So the onus lies with the NFF.

        @ Banks, we all should be honest with ourselves in this Rohr’s matter. While I do agree, that some have never wished Rohr well even when he was doing so well with the team and haven all these while being praying for moments like these, I am sad to say Rohr, disappointingly has played himself into their hands thus letting many of us his supporters down big big time.

        Many many very dark/questionable decisions made by Rohr, leading to our last qualifying games makes it extremely difficult to defend him against all the scathing remarks he has been receiving.
        The day Rohr accepted to take back Salisu, caught red handed taking bribe, was the day I lost my trust in him. I only then, started to see a man, now compromising standard, which can only happen when such one starts meddling in corrupt practices. That single action gave the perfect answer to the troubling questions as to why certain very very undeserving players will be getting invitation while potentially better ones never get opportunities.

        Yes I accept, there has been outside influence on the team but this is what has always triggered our support for Rohr; BEING A MANAGER WE COULD TRUST NOT TO EVER COMPROMISE HIS HIGH STANDARD OF PLAYERS INVITATION, NO MATTER WHOSE HORSE IS GORED. CAN YOU @ BANK OR ANYONE CONFIDENTLY SAY ROHR IS STILL MAINTAINING THAT STANDARD? AND IF NOT, WHY DO WE CONTINUE TO DEFEND HIM? IF MANY US HERE WILL BE EVER READY TO USE A SLEDGE HAMMER TO NAIL SIASIA, AN OLISEH, A LATE KESHI AND SO ON TO THE CROSS , BECAUSE OF CORRUPTION, WHY THEN ARE TRYING TO DEFEND ROHR/SALISU. Isn’t that double standard of judgement, won’t that makes us come across as part of a criminal/corrupt syndicacy, feeding fat from the corrupt business going in n around our SE hence the support? How then, do we justify our continue attack on people like Segun ODEGBAMI, John Fashanu etc who have always spoken out against Rohr.
        Talking about capable replacement, Nigeria as an entity is not ready for that quality of a foreign manager that will work to the highest standards without comprising. Here we are to talking of the likes of Tuchel, Mourinho, Pep, Zinedine, etc. I can put my money that these guys will maintain 98% high standard but it’s only in our dreams we can see them accepting the SE job.

        There are many many more very good foreign coaches out there but I can with certainty tell anyone that cares to listen, that the Nigeria thing will corrupt them if only to stay put on the job or force them to abandon the job mid way.

  • De Star 2 years ago

    @ Larry ; your brilliant submission is absolutely enough to put the needless distractions of debate of sacking the dumbo mechanic scammer Rohr vis-a-vis his $2m fraudulent severance package.

    I totally agree with you, if Rohr should take his luck too far by resigning; NFF should demote him to work under the consortium local coaches as recommended by you and every other great minds , and withdraw all his power to influence players call up ; then he can only be sent on errand by coach in charge of the team when needed .

    Your recommendation is absolutely panacea to SE nose diving, and bringing in Finidi is super suggestion , but be mindful that Finidi has just signed a long year term with Enyiba, would Eyimba club officials be willing to allow Finidi to abandon Enyiba just few months on the job and doing fantastic job also ?

  • De Star 2 years ago

    @ Larry ; I cannot agree less with your brilliant submission and recommendations to settle the needless debate to sack the 6 years running waste of Rohr’s reign vis-a-vis avoiding his $2m fraudulent severance package.

    You are correct , if Rohr attempt to take his luck further by refusing to do the needful of resigning; then he should be demoted to work under the local coach with withdraw to strip him off power to influence players call up and any other power but only on errand as at when needed , before he will resign without compensation.

    However, my worry on your micro zoning it on Finidi may not be all that easy , because how are you sure that an ambitious team as Enyiba club would want to release Finidi considering the fact that Finidi has just sign a long year contract , and doing also a fantastic on the job.

  • Larry 2 years ago

    @De Star, you are right about possible Enyimba’s position on this. Enyimba being a team that is blessed with professional support could prove difficult but I believe they will take the best decision for the Eagles.
    Already, Roar is compromised. For fear of getting exposed in the aftermath of Roar’s removal, Picnic might play his political cards..

  • @Destar your hatred for Rohr has beclouded some of you sense of reasoning that is why you always come here to write long senseless epistle. Go and check the Moroccan team you were celebrating played all their matches in Morocco because most of their opponents did not have good stadia. Check stats Rohr has never lost any away matches in qualifier. Moreover,isn’t time for you to stop all these Rohr this Rohr that. You eyes will soon clear then we will know who is clueless mtcheeeeew.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      Tayo don’t mind them. The way he’s been dishing out epistles since the news about Rohr sack one would think he’s a member of the technical committee Lmao!! Imagine this are the kind of people that will be making decisions in the glass house?? Yet they will be blaming Buhari. We rarely see him here when the team was qualifying for the AFCON with games to spare, it was when we lost and draw at home in WorldCup qualifiers that we began seeing epistles of many lies. Lmao!! No problem Rohr will leave for them and we will see the messiah that will win them the AFCON in only 6 weeks before a major tournament.

  • De Star 2 years ago

    @Tayo , please grow up , why insult rather than coming up with a superior argument as many sensible members do without allowing frustration to get better of them.

    It appears you are confused and your complex is getting better of you because of your blind loyalty to Rohr a.k.a Belmadi’s trainee ; I rolled out known facts to and if you viewed it otherwise , you should hand come with your superior facts rather than being frustrated.

    The latest facts that I made reference to was from Rohr’s supporter himself- Ikpeba that we are all reacting to ; if it were Chief Segun Odegbami that exposed that deficiencies, blinds supporter like you would have tagged him a lier.

    Now , would a sensible organization and sensible countrymen keep a coach that is not only poor technically but also looses dressing room with no more having gut to control his players , to such extent, Ikpeba have to be appealing to NFF to be spoon-feeding Rohr that calls himself coach ( what would have made a so called foreign coach not to be able to control and maintain discipline if not corruption, as we have seen in the quality of unmerited players invitation )

    What else are you faulting , is it the fact that despite the 2 out of the 3 teams we played against in the WC qualifying games did not have single stadium and played their home matches in another countries , with one of the two beaten Rohr’s SE hands down with the mechanic Rohr ran out of idea , and only qualified by whisker , with many of us praying for Cape Verde not to beat us at home again which would have ended our WC appearance hope ?

    Is it a fact that Rohr is a trainee of Algeria Belmadi; is Belmadi that tutored and bundled out Rohr’s SE 3 years ago in Afcon , not a local coach of Algeria ? Did Belmadi not tutored Rohr again this year ( 3 years after he bundled out our supposed foreign technical adviser) , the basics rudimentary of coaching skills?

    For 6 years running, does your clueless mechanic Rohr has identified style of play , rather an amoeba like pattern ?

    Is Rohr not the longest serving coach of SE , 6 years running; No dependable standout goalkeeper, No particular player in outside right & left wings (N0 7& 11) , No creative midfielder, No designated free kick players in the team ( If otherwise, why don’t you name the players ?)

    If Rohr is a great coach according to your knowledge of football; I am sorry , to me as have been attested to by every knowledgeable people, and even by his immediate past 4 employers that dismissed him with a shameful records depict of a mechanic and a scam which he is actual what he is ; Rohr at best should be handling local Nassarawa united reserved team , shouldn’t have carried his luck too far , as SE is quite bigger than Dumbo Rohr .

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      All your points are so irrelevant and they’re very laughable in the context of comparison day and night. What achievements has Niger, Gabon or Burkina Faso achieved in African football talk-less of the global stage??? The same Burkina recently exposed your Belmadi’s Algeria. Y’all will say the likes of Senegal and Algeria are playing entertainment football yet the last time I checked Senegal has never won a single AFCON and Algeria thanks to a team assembled by Vahid in 2013 that recently peaked and won an AFCON after 29 years. We will see the outcome when the dust finally settles. The funny thing is that none of you can come up with a reputable name to replace the man y’all are castigating.

      • Dele Sapa 2 years ago

        Don’t mind the he-goat, he’s nothing but a noise maker. Responding to his nonsense is a total waste of time.

  • NFF don’t sack Roh, if you do so, you people will be doomed. Coach Garnot.Roh is the best coach we have this recent time, and also he has Buildt up a Team with much Depth and Talentwhich can stand against any other Team world wide. Please people should allow him Focus on Delivery his contract Agreement. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Stephen Otu 2 years ago

    So many of you are very irrational and parochial over this issue. We must not make the mistake of the past, which has been mentioned by some of us before. It will bting real regret. Let’s give Rohr that chance to take SE to Ascon as explained by Ikpeba. This man Ikpeba has seen beyond what many of us can see. He has been in that team and can share with us the onions and paper of bringing in a new coach immediately to gather them for all this important competition ASCON 2022. May God teach us to number our days that we may apply our heart unto understanding. If we fails in Ascon we now can have all the evidences to sack him outrightly. Please the time is too short – we shall be fully justify for this during and after Ascon.

  • Ralph 2 years ago

    The team is already a disaster so what’s the point?

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