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Saka Rated Most Expensive Left Midfielder In The World

Saka Rated Most Expensive Left Midfielder In The World

Arsenal exciting young forward Bukayo Saka has been rated the most expensive left midfielder in the world.

This was according to Transfermarkt who reported that Saka is now valued at £36m.

Still only 19, Saka has made himself a first-team starter at Arsenal.

Six goals and five assists in 26 appearances this season tell only a fraction of the whole story. 

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He now has more than all other Premier League teenagers combined.

He also has four goals and two assists in his last six Premier League games.

Saka has entertained, thrilled and dazzled us all, a rare shining light in what has been one of the most boring Arsenal sides seen in a generation.

And according to Transfermarkt, Bukayo Saka is the third most valuable player who was born in 2001. They have just Mason Greenwood (£45.5m) and Rodryo (£40.5m) ahead of him.

Worldwide, Saka is now the 121st most valuable player and 48th in the Premier League.

In terms of English players, he’s 14th and when it comes to left midfield he’s number one –  in the world.

Starting with a value of just over £6m when he arrived on the scene in September 2019, Transfermarkt rated Saka’s value at £36m.

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  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Such an unbelievably intelligent kid. When he plays, the whole Arsenal team plays. And still only 19….though not to cry over spilt milk…but this kid + Tammy would have raised the SE’s “difficulty level” a notch higher.

    But my question is…if England can develop tru and tru Naija bloods to be this good at such ages….why is it that Nigeria is struggling to develop home-grown players to be half as good….? #Randomly musing

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    England did not develop saka. Stop given credits to the wrong people, do you think football is a charity organisation? Saka parents are Nigerians and they developed their sons carrear to what they want it to be like. Thesame thing chukueze father did for his son in aba, football academies are been paid for just like normal school fees, and arsenal is one of the most expensive academy to be. Saka parents pays his football fees, buy his boots and kits, his father take him to school in the morning, pick him up in the evening and drive him to training, wait for him for two to three hours and take him back home, it was a daily routine, it cost them time and money. It was not england FA that pays saka,s football school fees, it was not southgate that drop and picks him from training on a daily bases. These hardworking parents are Nigerians and they struggled to get to that level with their children. Same goes to Aribo, ajayi,eze,osayi,adarabioyo,lookman etc. If an English born becomes extremely talented in a nigerian soil, the british will not see it as an enviromental infuence. rather they will call it a natural or genetics influence and all the credit will return back to them. My people i have been living in the westernworld for the past 15 years, to be a football star is not automatic (if so every white british would have been mikel owen or rooney) the struggles are as equal as they are in africa, your parents have to pay a huge price to get you upthere and it also take a bigheart to be among the chosen. Go and listen to eze and see how manytimes he was rejected by defferent clubs including this same arsenal. Any Nigerian born player are typical Nigerians. apart from half cast whose parents are from both sides, i will always respect their decision to play for either way. But for those whos both parents Naija is a Naija breed and thinks naija, they eat naija speeks igbo, yoruba etc in their home, they sing and listen to naija music. if he his a star its naija made star. There is no english fa academy in england they are all club players and ur determination to excell in club level is personal not national, if ur parents are Nigerians its 70% chance that they love football and if you found yourself in a big academy in uk respect your black father becos they are very expensive and majority of white men are not happy to see you there. England is fortunate to have Nigerian born in their system given them alot numbers to select from,(which have helped them won u17 and u20 worldcup) if it was by location jamaicans are more in the uk so as gambians and indians or chinese why are they not becoming football stars. Talking about facilities their are equal football facilities in england and albania or southafrica, the talent are coming out of england becos nigerians raised the competition there. Its not by facility its by determination and competition to be a success in the world of football. Arsenal in all their entire existance and with all their worldclass facilities, they have never produced from their academy a striker like yekini, kanu, eto, or drogba.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hehehehehe……weldone…clap for yourself. You have tried. You shot yourself in the foot by declaring unequivocally that England created SYSTEMS. You will tell us if there will be anything else these youngsters and their parents can build on if there where no systems in the 1st place.
      Kanu declared severally that he learnt football only when he got into the Ajax SYSTEM….Etoo has never hidden the fact that he was formed by the Madrid SYSTEM….Drogba too was an offshoot of SYSTEMS put in place in France. Today there are tens of young American kids playing for top 5 clubs in the top/biggest leagues in Europe because of the revamped development SYSTEM in the US in the last decade and a half that is beginning to churn out quality world class youngsters in their numbers.
      Maybe parents are not paying fees buying boots and kits, and spending time and money on their wards back at home that we cant have 18/19 yr olds like Saka and Tammy taking the best leagues in the world by storm.

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    If your parent design and breed you into a football world. You will make sucess anywhere. Serena and her sister remains the only black sucessfull tenis player in the world bcos of their father,s determination and hardwork, its not becos they are in america or usa, if not we for don see many other version. Mikel jackson remains the greatest entertainer of all time thanks to his father. even muhammad ali was striped from his boxing license by the american authorities yet they couldnt stop him from becoming a boxing legend. I understand that europe have a stable and advance footballing system but that is not what drives or inspire players to bcome great. As a kid you always strive for positive attentions from family and friends. If in every evening you see ur father watching and discussing football there you begin to admire the game, with time you would like to prove something to your parents and friends that you can become as good as their football heroes that is what drives the dream, if you get your parent support and sponsorship then you are on the top of your world. If ur father or a family member happens to be a guru in the game then you will have another advantage. These facts are the main influencers, just as the chinese loves kunfu and indians love cricket, thats how Nigerians love football. Self determination also matters. The issue of players getting better in european clubs is personal and not national or becos of the clubs. bcos hundreds of players pass through same clubs and didnt learn anything. We have seen anichebe, akpom, even dessers, struggles to compete with Nigerian born in thesame football game. If saka was born and raised in lagos he will still be or even be more talented than what you see now. The best football freestyler guiness recorded is a Nigerian kid from abia state, he is not a barcelona or arsenal product, he is a nigerian and africa product.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hehehehehe…..after all this epistle, without the right systems in place…..fa fa fa faoooo…!!! There is but much an individual can do. Individuals raise individual champions, SYSTEMS raise multiple champions. Its not a co-incidence that most of the QUALITY Nigerian players of truly World class standards playing out there, especially those who are 23 yrs old and below, are foreign borns…that is why we keep chasing them all over the place begging them to come and play for us. Another 8 has just been approved for us by FIFA. Very soon our SE will line up and only Osimhen, Ndidi and Chukwueze will be the homebreds good enough to make the starting line up.
      I rest my case….!

  • Meanwhile, GOOD NEWS, SE fans. I read FIFA has finally cleared 8 foreign-born players for Nigeria. See the list below:

    Ademola Lookman
    Ovie Ejaria
    Tosin Adarabioyo
    Jordan Torunarigha
    Sheyi Ojo
    Nathan Tella
    Noni Madueke
    Ike Ugbo

    Now the Super Eagles should be explosive. Here comes the real selection headache for Rohr. This could also mean that some players will be prematurely retired.

    • Jones 3 years ago

      Not true….it has been debunked by

    • Olusegun.B. 3 years ago

      I have been waiting to see the list of players who switched allegiance to Nigeria. . they are amazing players. We really need a number 10 seriously . Someone who can carry the team on its shoulders like the Pele, Maradona , Zidane , Gerrard et Al .

      Muda Lawal, Henry Nwosu, Etim Esin, Friday Ekpo, Austin’Jay Jay’Okocha, John Mikel Obi these are the number 10s of Super Eagles

      Who has got the guts to be the main man ?

  • I hope ademola lookman is one of the players cleared to play for the Super eagles, he will bring alot to the left wing. Ejaria is another player we need in the midfield, he will add creativity and more dynamism to the MF. Noni madueke can play as an inverted winger on the right wing (providing enough challenge for chukwueze in that position). He scores goals, is strong and agile.
    Tosin and jordan could be assets in defence, I dont know much about tosin but there is talk of Juventus being interested in him. Jordan I think is a must have, if im not mistaken he is left footed, and I have always opined that the Super Eagles need a left footed central defender, these players will really boost the teams strength and performance. The only issue will be who will be dropped for who.


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