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Serie A: Chukwueze Benched As Milan End Barren Against Verona

Serie A: Chukwueze Benched As Milan End Barren Against Verona

Samuel Chukwueze was named among the substitute as AC Milan defeated Hellas Verona 1-0 in their Serie A clash at that San Siro.

Portugal international Rafael Leao scored the winning goal in the sixth minute.

It ended a run of two games without a win for the Rooseneri.

UBA Super Savers

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It was the first time Chukwueze will not be involved in a competitive game for Stefano Pioli’s side since season.

Milan goalkeeper Marco Sportiello needed a couple of big saves to get the better of Verona.

Verona also paraded Nigerian-born midfielder Michael Folorunso in the game.

Folorunso came close to scoring twice in the keenly contested encounter.

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  • Greenturf 2 months ago

    Now you know the coach wasn’t honest about being impressed with Chukwueze’s performance in the champions league..

  • @Greenturf it was clear after the Champions league he was not thrilled about Chukwueze.he did use the word “impressed” he used the word satisfied. Which made it very clear he was not happy with his game

  • JimmyBall 2 months ago

    Chukwueze needs to improve in a lot of other areas of his game… right now, he is just a one-dimensional player. Seasoned managers at traditional clubs can’t be easily fooled. There are body of coaches who know the game and what players should bring with them… Once they see you not adapting your game and rather playing too predictable as we know Chukwueze to be… your ratings will dip.

  • collins 2 months ago

    When we said he doesn’t know how to play, na so una build excuse for him, @jimmy don talk true he is just a one-dimensional player. Milan is not vila-real. Well hope he improves

    • Ignatius Abo 2 months ago

      Thumbs up brotherman @Collins. Chukwueze Wazza Dazzling Dazzer is a bundle of talents but he needs to improve. Just look at Ejuke Chidera or Emmanuel Dennis. Even Anayo Iwuala is mature in his game.
      I n I will always believe in Chukwueze. He will grow up in Milan.

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 months ago

        This ignateos abunna is the very same mumu who used to call himself arara krumblie.. we see you mugu lool
        guy you need to up your game coz it’s whack! lol

  • pompei 2 months ago

    Na otu ukwu things ooo.
    One one leg something.
    We don talk taya.

  • pompei 2 months ago

    The funny thing is that once this dude starts using both feet, he will become unplayable.
    But as it is, he is just too predictable.

  • You could hardly tell these greats were/are natural left footies. Chukwueze needs to study them more to be a great like them, especially compatriot Amunike during his playing days.

    – Emmanuel Amunike
    – Arjen Tobben
    – Robbin van Persie
    – Lionel Messi
    – Mohammed Salah
    – David Silva
    – Riyhad Mahrez
    – Phil Foden
    – Raul

    These guys play well and often score with their heads and right feet sometimes you forget their left feet are their greatest assets. If it’s not on Chukwueze’s left foot, then forget it.

  • Collins Id 2 months ago

    It is not about the one leg play of chukueze, many right footers doesnt use their left legs as well, there are factors behind chukueze failed performance for milan, someone said milan is not vilareal, i doubt if any Italian team can beat vilareal in uefa competitions, not even Manchester city can guarantee you victory against the yellow submarines. Chukueze moving from vilareal to milan ofcourse its a progressive movement by paper considering the height of milan in the european football leagues but in reality its like moving from gear 5 to gear3 on a high motion, the spanish league is more faster and tecknical than the italian league which is more physical and diffensive minded, vilareal on the other hand plays faster football than milan, in terms of teamplay ball rotation and goal scoring, milan is not too good with or without chukwueze inter piped them 5 1 in the last league match, these are factors that are affection chuks adaptation to milan and the serie A, chukueze on is own have to improve in many areas, not necesary training the other leg, despite the right leg will be usefull but the most important here is the mentality and his aproach, chukueze strives more with teams that are more open to play and comes out wide, so he can easily get his counter runs and cos damage to opositions this issue also apply to the entire super eagles play, they strives more on teams that will aproach them like golayath and they will retaliat with counter or a shocker that always put them in davids position which is currently affecting chuks, he also want to be roben in a hurry, always chasing for dribblings and solo moves that is where his problem starts, anytime a team uses a deffensive aproach like the italian football tradition or like the tunisia afcon defeat few other situation where defenders pulled back to play deffensive football chukueze will become toothless, that his because he lacks the intelligent part of the game, were iheanacho stands above him, secondly he doesnt have the strenght to force dribblings like moses simon, sterlin, mbape or rashford does therefor he cannot bully or force out a defender on his way onless through driblings and runs, which these runs demands space and deffensive errors to get sucessfull,
    The way forward is for him to change his mentality, iheanacho doesnt have much strenght and footwork too but he has the intelligence to beat players with his team mates and also takes the ball away from risks he doesnt put him self in difficult position and he is not despirate for heroic moves or solo goals, chukueze should calm down and play according to the tempo and also read the entire team movements and stop moving your own ways, he should focus more on assist and pre assists which is his primary duties, it will allow the team to win even without his goals or assist, if he focuses on these primary demands the other magics will come naturaly, becos he is nolonger underated and deffenders know him too well wether both feet or one foot if he doesnt change his aproach he will be marked out,chukueze and supereagles have big problem braking deffensive teams, becos they duel more on counter, only iheanacho, iwobi, and samuel kalu had the capacity to decide games from magics. if our Nigeria defenders can luck down players like neyma,salah,marez,lewandowsy,abubakar,etc who is chukueze that cannot be luck down by refined defenders, its just a matter of changing his oneway mentality, play with ur team look at how to supply than to recieve.
    For those of you saying he cannot play, its quite funny, he has delivered for club and country, won uefa, afcon bronze and will soon add serie A and afcon gold to it, musa didnt do well with leicester, emenike failed in england,hazard couldnt perform for realmadid, mane failed bayern, lukaku failed man u and chelsea, does it mean they cannot play? I beg make una dey reason well for here.

    • Ignatius Abo 2 months ago

      Give it up, boy. Chukwueze needs to improve. That na the Koko.

  • Sean T 2 months ago

    Everyone knows Chukwueze as 1 dimensional player so it’s not new to anyone except you haven’t see him play and this makes it very easy for opponent to neutralise him. Not only him but all SE wingers except maybe for Lookman.

    Modern football demands technical players at the left side or right side of the midfield and not necessary a typical winger. Take Mbappe, Vini Jr, Phil Folden, Mahrez, Madrid Rodrigo, Valverde, Rafael Leao, Saka, Bernando Silva and Salah all this players are very dynamic. Most of them can function as left or right side midfielder, front 3 perfectly, play as 9 in the case of Mbappe and false 9 like Folden, Rodrygo & Leao.

    IF Chukwueze doesn’t add technicality to his game, he will remain an average player & be overwhelmed by the qualities in the Milan team. B4 the season begin at all, I’ve suspected he’s going to be a squad player as long as Pulisic is there because Pulisic is far ahead & i will pick him over Chukwueze 10× unless he’s injured.

    So you can see why we’ve problem in the SE midfield because we lack technical players from the wings and also lack a creative midfielder. If we’re opportune to have technical players mentioned above playing from both side of the midfield, then it’s not a must we’ve a playmaker as we can use double 4, then a creative forward in the mode of Boniface to pair Osimhen upfront. Then SE will be stronger and dangerous to play against.

    • Greenturf 2 months ago

      Your post @Sean was aptly written..Thumbs up!

    • Greenturf 2 months ago

      @Sean why no one is clamouring for fleet-footed and technical Haliru Sarki for the super eagles?The flying eagles no7 reminds me of prime Tijani Babangida.
      I’m yet to see a better winger than that dude in present day Nigerian football,why he hasn’t got a mention beats my imagination.

      • Mercy 2 months ago

        A winger should be able to make pin point crosses, cut back, targeted shots and not just makes runs and dribbling. Which is the case with sarki and many of our SE wingers.

        • Ignatius Abo 2 months ago

          Thumbs up Sisterwomam Mercy. You are one of the few people who make me comment on A Nigerian football. You sabi ball Walahi

  • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

    Players like Robben didn’t have to master two foot all they had to do was know how to utilize their left by knowing when to cut in, make a clean pass, feign and swerve shot. All in all Chukwu has to study Robben more and be consistent. I recommend Robben because he’s the best one legged player that Chukwu is similar to.