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Simon: I Can Play Left-Back For Super Eagles, Happy To Make AFCON 2019 Squad

Simon: I Can Play Left-Back For Super Eagles, Happy To Make AFCON 2019 Squad

Moses Simon, has told Completesports.com he is delighted to make Nigeria’s 23-man squad for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt, and is ready to play a makeshift left-back role if Gernot Rohr so desires .

Moses, who missed the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals in Russia on account of injury was drafted to defensive role by Super Eagles manager, Gernot Rohr, as the squad strategized in Asaba.

He played the role in one of the Super Eagles training sessions in Asaba.

This shift in role gives the team more attacking options even as Rohr has been stressing that the Levante forward is a versatile player.

“I can say it (left back) is not my position, but I’ve no option than to play there and serve my fatherland,” Moses responded.

“And I’ll do my best to make my people proud and happy.”


There was apprehension amongst the players at their Golden Tulip training camp, Asaba, Delta State, before the final 23-man list was called.

“What was going through my mind when the list was yet to be called was that I don’t want to miss the Nations Cup after I missed the World Cup in Russia,” Simon told Completesports.com.

“I’ve really worked hard for a place in the team but the decision was for the coach to make if he would take me or not.

“I must say it was not easy to make the 23-man list. So I’m delighted to be there.

“We are all fighting for a place in the team. And it is not over yet, I must say, because everyone is good to make a good AFCON team.

“So now, the next level is to fight for a position in the starting line up. And I believe the coach has the best decision to make, to put the right players in the right positions because we need good result in Egypt.”

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  • _Top 10 potential surprises in Egypt_

    Tournaments throws up surprises. Who would have thought that Ike Uche would only play a bit-part role in Afcon 2013 or that homebased Sunday Mba would become a national hero in the same Afcon.

    Here are 10 of my potential surprises ahead of Afcon 2019.

    1) Jamilu Collins could under-perform leading to Moses Simon being tried out at left full-back and ending up to be a success for the rest of the tournament.

    2) Much to the horror of many fans, Akpeyi could end up being the number one in Egypt and actually perform well.

    3) Ighalo could fail to find his Scroring Boots leaving the door open to Osimhen who ends up with the tournament’s golden boots award.

    4) Chukwueze could flop big time leaving many to wonder what all the fuss about his inclusion was about.

    5) John Ogu scoring a wonder long range rocket after coming in as a substitute and then going on to bench Ndidi for the rest of the tournament.

    6) Musa ran without purpose several times allowing Onyekuru to outshine him.

    7) Omeruo finally earned starting spots ahead of Balogun apart from inconsequential matches.

    8) Nigeria going all the way to the semi-finals without Paul Onuachu kicking the ball for 1 second.

    9) Iwobi banishing his hot-cold form to maintain consistent high standards throughout the tournament.

    10) Shehu Abdullahi claiming a spot in defensive midfield and shinning like a million stars.

    • @deo your write ups are that of a nincompoop sometimes, this was the cherry on top for me regarding some of the nonse you write.. ” Chukwueze could flop big time leaving many to wonder what all the fuss about his inclusion was about”.= WHAT UTTER TRASH IS THIS??????

      The fact that you actually wish Chukwueze will to flop makes me wonder if you have sense at all. Chukwueze will shine like a million stars. So you think Shehu can displace Ndidi well you have another thing coming Ndidi is a world beater so is Chukwueze. So your wish will not come to past Ndidi and Mikel are indispensable fo the Super Eagles in the Afcon 2019 this will be a fitting end for Oga Mikel’s Career with the Eagles . Another thing, Aina will displace Shehu thats also in the writing. Lets wait and see

      • As thick as a rock. What lies inside your skull is more worthless than the brain of an ostrich.

        You lack the basic capacity to be able to decipher different nature of write ups. You only digest them as you read them – bastard motherfucker.

        • @Deo, I am seeing the other side of you today, it’s shocking i was reading today about your comment, no matter the level of provocation, you should not have gone that low, am sure too, alot of people here at this forum who read your thought-provoking and incisive feed felt let down by your outburst. I think we all need emotional intelligence training, EI training, being aware of our emotions and those of others, this will go a long way to help us manage our impulsivity.
          it ‘s well, it just soccer that draws a lot of passions but must not allow this to get the better of us.

    • @deo even if he flops as you wish, which “God Forbid” he won’t. He is still our most talented Super Eagles Export in Years, alongside Onyinye Wilfred Ndidi and Henry Onyekuru. and God willing Kelechi Nwakali when he finds his footing again

      • Ugo, you are a disgrace to yourself, your parents, your generation and indeed to all Nigerians.

        Never had you have any meaningful contribution other than come out like a mad dog whenever anything is written about Chukwueze that you dislike.

        You are useless beyond comprehension and hopeless beyond redemption.

        I have seen far better street rats scavenging the gutter looking for something to eat compared to a hopeless worthless bastard like you.

        How I wish I knew who you really are so I can continue my biff with you one on one outside this forum so I don’t upset well meaning reasonable people.

        You are such a worthless useless ass hole and your parents have to be ashamed of the street rat that you have turned out to become.

        A shame to your community and a shame to your country, hopeless bastard that you are.

        • @deo the real animal is coming out in you LOLZ hegoat.. it is good to see that all this intellectualizing and big grammer you potray on this forum is all a facade brainless animal. may amadioha strike you dere olodo..

          • Like I said, you are a worthless piece shit. Wasting time on a bitch like you is simply not worth it – bitch!

        • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

          @Ugo There you go again people who have families in the super eagles are not complaining. I wonder what your problem is i hate to say it but we all know that it is only Villagers who always accuse people of witchcraft at any chance. Ugo stop this your disgusting Village attitude same way Simon behave until he was frustrated out of the forum same attitude you are bringing here and will make you runaway as well.

          • Wait ooo @Chima E Samuels you and @deo na the same people abi. Wonders shall never end. Anyway I merely stated something, and @deo started with Insults So Chima tell me, who is the real animal here?? abeg make I hear word joor

        • Adeyemi 2 years ago

          Hi Deo. After much reviews and following your messages and comments of a world class tactician reasoning from and ocean of knowledge, we would love to invite you the NAIJAFOOTBALLERS platform, a group with Nigerian players, agents and high ranked media officers of the national teams. Please send a private message to this whatsapp number +447949470935 or +2347038064286, our correspondent will give you the necessary information. Thank You.

    • Abiola Joseph 2 years ago

      Hi Deo. After much reviews and following your messages and comments of a world class tactician reasoning from and ocean of knowledge, we would love to invite you the NAIJAFOOTBALLERS platform, a group with Nigerian players, agents and high ranked media officers of the national teams. Please send a private message to this whatsapp number +447949470935 or +2347038064286, our correspondent will give you the necessary information. Thank You.

    • @deo

      Hi Deo. After much reviews and following your messages and comments of a world class tactician reasoning from and ocean of knowledge, we would love to invite you the NAIJAFOOTBALLERS platform, a group with Nigerian players, agents and high ranked media officers of the national teams. Please send a private message to this whatsapp number +447949470935 or +2347038064286, our correspondent will give you the necessary information. Thank You.

      • Thanks Abiola and Joseph. I will definitely be in touch. Cheers.

  • Chukwueze cannot flop,retract that statement

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      How can u ever think that chukwueze would flop? Is it bcos he lacks experience or what or bcos he hasn’t performed on a big stage before. For you to think that he will flop is really unrealistic. Been following ur posts @deo with much enthusiasm but I’m afraid u got this all wrong, honestly.

      • @Oakfield, so sorry if you felt offended. That wasn’t my intention. It was just meant to be a lighthearted exercise.

        Hopefully the whole team will have a fabulous outing in Egypt.

        One love bro.

    • Okay Larry, if it offends you that much, I will retract the statement.

      The piece was meant to be a lighthearted exercise.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    @Deo only the wise will give you applause for such write up. I call it foresight write up because going into every tournaments we have our expectations just like the past tournaments but then something else happens.

    Example was the world cup nobody tipped Musa every hope was on V.Moses but he ended up as wingback after a dismal show against Croatia in the Opener and then Ighalo did the spectacular against Argies to send Nigeria home with the Trophy hahahaha.

    To cut it short Deo is not wishing anyone bad we are all Nigerians lets stop this mindset of always having to oppose just to create a scene when a wise man will easily know this is a foresight write up that is 100% harmless!

    • Thanks bro and sorry if my response to that fool caused any offence to you.

  • @Ugo, I won’t leave until wishing you what you wished me. May thunder strike you dead! So, because I conduct myself in a professional manner you think I am an easy target for your bullying and harassment, I see.

    I just feel bad for others who have to read this as it is not my intention to cause upset.

    However, very recently, I have had the time for low life scum like you. I spit on you, you swine.

    If you don’t like my write up must you reply with insults? Fucking idiot.

    Sit there and be lucking Chukwueze’s ass. The young man couldn’t care less who you are – fool.

    Just one of those people who have not done anything meaningful in their lives other than lick the ass of footballers in chat rooms.

    Ass hole.

    • @deo I don’t need to lick Chukwueze’s Ass because, I probably make twice as much as the boy does “Laughs”. Only my love for the beautiful game and Super Eagles My national team brings me to this forum to mingle with Broke ass nincompoops like you @deo dustbin mouth. Shege!!! if I ever see your face na sounding slap you go receive Anama.

      • You make twice as much as Chukwueze. You are dumber than I thought. It just gets worse with you.

        Only your love for the beautiful game. You need to love yourself before coming to shadow forums to lick ass of Chukwueze who you earn twice as much as.

        And if I ever see your face I will pour urine on it.

        Son of a bitch that you are. Hopeless bastard. May snakebite be the end of a bastard like you.

        May you rot in hell for all eternity, fucking idiot.

      • Yes, bitch. All that grammar is a facade. You may just have opened Pandora’s box, you git.

  • @Ugo, your love for the beautiful game makes you leave ugly comments.see how hopelessly conflicted that you are.

    Such a bastard.

  • Ugo Iwunze – what a prick.

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Abeg o, make Una sheath Una swords…it’s very hilarious reading some of these posts especially when they are coming from people who have been well cultured on this forum. E don do abeg, Chima Samuels, pls call ur police [email protected] Simon in here A$AP, we’ve got a job for him…..lol..

      • Sorry Oakfield, I ain’t taking crap no more particularly from junkyard dogs like Ugo (the Chukwueze ass licker) Iwunze.

        • Oakfield 2 years ago


        • @deo its you father that’s Junkyard dog, Aboki like you, abeg free me joor! all you are happy to see is Shehu do well and Chukwueze flop you are an illitrate and, I have witnessed it live today. You will never gain respect in eyes because we all you are a mediocre mind like the mediocre players you like to support.

          One more thing,It has been written that those you speaks bad on Ugo Iwunze in a public forum will be running mad and eating from Dustbins very very soon keep coming with insults Nkita like you. Anumanu!!!!!

  • Bishop 2 years ago

    Some of the most terrible kind of word assaults coming from people I admire. Ugo, deo, please, make una no vex, bad mouth no fit una at all. Face your analysis and devotion to SE. That’s what brought every one here. If I hear… Again, I will come looking for both of you.

  • Ralph Palmer 2 years ago

    There are loads of sport forums all around the globe where fans read and comment on articles about their teams, some agreed and others disagreed and the argument got intense and boiled up over time, constructive criticism and argument are part of the game so I cant imagine why you would call someone BASTARD, MOTHERFUCKER,IDIOT, STUPID or mentioned their PARENT just because we are arguing about some players who are making their cool money and getting rich doing what they are having fun doing? This is ridiculous to be honest.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Deo, I’m so so so disappointed in you bro, why are you wrestling with a pig.some of these clowns don’t what your time. 

    • @Sunnyb, you too are calling the person names, yet you are disappointed in another person who did same. OK is it that you called only one name, so you are beta?
      Pls let’s stop all these and maintain dignity here.
      I have begun recommending this forum to people.

    • Uncle Sunny, I know I let you down with my utterance and that is regrettable.

      However, as far as Ugo is concerned, I am afraid I will have to continue letting people down!


  • Always felt proud of this forum because of it’s maturity. Sad to see insults here. God have mercy.

    And to face it, Nwanna..Ugo, you ignited this fire.Ofcourse,in firing back, Deo also lost the plot. We need more of Jesus.We need to forgive.
    @Deo I enjoyed your intellectual exercise of a write-up. For the records he didn’t WISH any player bad, he also didn’t THINK evil of any player. He kept using the word-COULD. He says this and this COULD happen. I don’t agree with all his points, but I can’t accuse him for being negative. He didn’t even say he hates the Super Eagles that he wishes them failure. We need to put our emotions in check and allow sound reasoning prevail.
    He has valid reasons to his mind, why those things could happen. If you don’t agree with him, you have valid reason that are correct in your own eyes.
    So Deo owes no one any apologies.

    I disagree that anything thing he wrote there be called UNREALISTIC. Someone said, “unrealistic”, as if he(the person) is the Almighty God that opens a door,no one can shut.Hehe let’s be careful with our words. Isn’t it “unrealistic” that injury shud keep Neymar out of d upcoming copa America?But injury has painfully happened to him,he’s out.That’s futbal,oh now you see IT IS NOT UNREALISTIC for one to have said based on so, so and so Neymar COULD get injured before the tournament. Yet Brazil could still lift d trophy without him. Abi is dat being unrealistic again?*smiles*
    See fact is, no one can assuredly say he can see exactly what will happen in the nation’s cup- are you God? Talk true, most of us didn’t expect Sunday Mba to shine in that nations cup. Man dat can’t see beyond his nose.
    So interesting write-up Deo,quite incisive. I don’t agree with a couple, but what do we know, we wait and see.

    • @Oge,it is rather unfortunate that it has to come to this but I will not tolerate insults anymore.

      As yoy so eloquently put it, you don’t have to agree with me and yes, I wish all our players well.

      But we have different perspectives and that is not enough for others to think they can take us for granted.

      I once wrote a piece about a player and the reply I got from the scumbag called Ugo was to call me mad, just like that.

      It is not his first time and I will stand for it no more.

      I have his time today so, let’s get this show on the road….

      • Hi,yeah rather unfortunate.E clear, ur response to him already suggested to me that it wasn’t his first time. You just confirmed my suspicion.
        I perfectly understand the situation,even so the advice I offered previously is even more valid pls.
        There is a more perfect way.


        • @Oge no shaking lets all lick deo’s Nyash after Afcon when Samuel Chukwueze Shines and all the bogus your Lord @deo does not come to pass, Abeg I would urge you all then to be Man enough to Apologise to me “Ugo Iwunze” for picking Sides of a conman like this Anumanu @deo..

          Like Ogu Benching Ndidi??, As much as I love Ogu that’s not going to happen Ndidi is younger and Fitter than Ogu.
          only 2 things he wrote that makes sense is Onyekuru benching Musa. And Osimhen outshining Paul Onachu. the rest is utter Rubbish I mean Akpeyi shining HAHAAH!!! Anugum ya .. I mean what okwute is the conman smoking?

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      Thank you @Oge exactly why I’m wondering people writing Deo I’m disappointed when they should sweep away that weak brain ugo and @Deo please that write up is a master stroke of literature i beg you not to relent simply because a shallow mind can not relate. And those of you calling Deo names it makes no sense that a dumbass will come into this forum and aim a jab at one of our notable writer and we will all fold our hands especially when we know Deo’s point is valid and well thought. Oga Deo please you owe no one apology because that boy started the dirty use of words to disrespect you and he will eat his words. From his words i can tell he is a village yahoo boy at some outskirt of lagos, togo, ghana or even benin.

      Everyone on this forum must realise that in real life some people you aim jibe at are well meaniful people so we have to by all means not take for granted humanity.

      • @Chima E Samuels I have been quietly reading you insulting me without saying a word, it is as if you are waiting for me to descend on you however, I will not engage with you in as much as I want to rip you apart, I have withdrawn my sword I will leave it at that.

        As for my Brain being weak, it is yours that is strong abi? LOLZ village champion. Please crawl back to the jungle where you were brought up and let this be the end of my discussions with you Local champion imbecile!!!.

      • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

        Wise up coward you have no idea how you seem like outside the picture like I said villagers like this hanging around the African street must be ignored because your sort of IQ is lower than that of a monkey. So for people to explain words bit by bit to people like you will be a waste of time because you will never understand simple idiom. Your smelly weak brain should tell you decending on your superiors is like a suicide mission but then you are full of dramas and self deception of the highest order.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    By the way, Sammu would not flop if given the chance, I’m afraid Iwobi might not live up to the expectations, due to the physical and ruggedness of Africa soccer.Folks should watch out for Simon, I think he has something to prove.

  • iwobi direct style of play is far better than that of africa rugged style e,g simon moses style, victor moses force style, etc. this africa style lack purpose….iwobi is ful of physical strenght, if not inconsistent his ability to read game to have purpose. his direct style of play make a unique player. even paininthearsenal testify it. both super eagle and arsenal once called him CHIEF CREATOR and MASTER OF CREATIVIY.

    • I am agree with you 100% @Iluwa i think Alex Iwobi will Shine in this Afcon As he did in the World Cup Qualifiers, We really have a good Squad this year and I don’t really See any weak links Apart from Well of course the goal keeping department and Rohrs Selections and in Game tactics i.e choice of substitutions and line ups

  • @Ugo, no you are wrong. It is both your parents who are junkyard dogs. Sad thing is they picked you from the gutter when they were looking for dead rats to eat. In essence, that makes yoy an illegitimate bastard junkyard dog.

    It’s no surprise you never have anything meaningful to say other than read other people’s posts and reply in a manner that only illegitimate child of the gutter can respond.

    Well, you are already mad and eating from dustbins as evidence in the way you write and how you come across overall.

    I can unleash myself on you further by I really feel bad for others reading this.

    As much as I feel bad for what I am writing, I will stand up for myself and not take trash from a worthless piece of gabbage like you.

    You didn’t have to respond to my post. More to the point, you didn’t have to respond in the gutter manner that you did.

    If you talk to me like a civilised person, and will respond to you likewise. But if you display a manner only befitting of an illegitimate rodent, then I will treat you likewise.

    This is not your first time, and trust me, I have your time today. Trust me, I have your time today.

    So, let’s get this party started – BITCH!!!

  • Omaskels 2 years ago

    Wow!!! 31 wordpress, 28 insult among them..naaah dis is poor..dis will discourage people frm dis forum.. i dnt see anything wrong with deo’s analysis..he just told u his expectations n so let’s wait n see if he is right or wrong.. besides,lots of this happen in tournament,dis is football.. wrong reply frm Ugo..but anyway..it’s okk..we are all Nigerians..We are all brothers..let’s drop it n live on..

    • Didn’t mean for it to come to this bro.

      I usually come here to fellowship with my beloved brothers and sisters in sports.

      But that doesn’t mean I should take insult from Ugo.

      I give as good as I get!

  • @Deo &Ugo Iwunze, please my brothers, sheathe your swords. I know how painful it can be reading hurtful words on a public forum, but at some point just let it go and ignore the insult. It takes a strong will.

    By the way, I’ll say this. Complete Sports site admins are the biggest culprits, and this is all because they want traffic and thus, better SEO on search engines and therefore earning potentials with Google AdWords. Consequently, they’ve thrown integrity to the dustbin.

    I’ll tell you folks how this works for them and why they don’t moderate comments here. It’s cos they want to shoot up a Seprworx site metric called ‘Monthly site traffic flow.’ Incidentally, it will also improve their Moz ‘DA -Domain Authority,’ and ‘TF – Trust Flow.’ Insults and counter-insults and big stories that gets up to 50+ or 100+ comments is a big bonus to them. They love it!

    Out of curiosity, I recently checked this site’s Monthly Traffic Flow on Seprworx and I saw a big leap from about a month ago (I’m presently using my mobile. I can only confirm again on my PC). What this means is that Google will pay CSN more for AdWords (those annoying pop-up adverts here and there on the site) than Google paid them last month, for example. Maybe X5 more.

    What’s my point? The site administrators can easily hide or disable some inappropriate comments at the backend or control panel, just as bigger platforms like Nairaland and Kickoff do. But CSN site admins won’t cos they’re trying to grow i.e. increase monthly traffic. Your bitter quarrels is potential sweet earnings to them.

    • @Kel bro. One love. 🙂

      But I won’t tolerate bullying and harassment because Ugo doesn’t agree with my write up.

      You and I disagree on quite a lot of topics, yet we articulate our disagreements in a humane manner.

      Make no mistake about it, I have Ugo’s time all day. All day bro. I have his time.

      • @deo as much I do not agree with your insult mate, you are no better!The fact he insulted you is outrageous and l was livid when I read his comment esp after trying to reconcile it with what you wrote. His comment was bereft of wisdom, however your responses has not made you any better. A response to him is enough. In Australia where I stay, if u are assaulted you don’t reply, u simply call the police. If u reply u are both guilty. Let’s behave as matured ppl pls. And for the likes of chima taking sides, it’s uncalled for. That’s not how to settle disputes. Calm both sides but still say your truth. If I have offended anyone, am sorry o. I am just an avid lover of sports and my country, but when you come to find fun and instead find scum and derogatory words irrespective of where it is coming from; it’s not nice.

    • On a separate note Kel, now that I know what you do, (Internet SEO Specialist) can we meet up sometime for tea and have a chat over a business proposal? 🙂

  • Hi Larry,

    I am so sorry that it came across to you that way.

    I did not mean for my write-up to come across that I am wishing evil on Chukwueze or any of our players for that matter.

    I wish they all go on to have the sort of tournament that we hope bearing in mind that when tournaments start, surprises are not uncommon.

    Have a pleasant day.

  • @deo i did not see any thing wrong in your post because it has been hapening before nown. Japan 93 fans tiped festus odili to shine but kanu and oruma shine. Tunisia 94 no body gave amunike chance to shine he was seating at the bench but westerhof suprised the world when amunike started our final match and score two goals. Afcon 2000 fans were clamouring for akwuegbu but aghahowa finally became our hit man. 2013 nigeria went to afcon with ike uche as hit man but emenike and sunday mba did the job for us. @Ugo stop insulting deo we are football fans and we are here to souport the SE not to insult one another we are one family. May God help nigeria to win afcon. God bless 9ja.

  • Simon 2 years ago

    Alamama Ugo EWU Hausa Nwa Burga. From nowhere you just wan dey talk anyhow. Nwa I dey read say you get levels but na A1 lies be that UGO Nwa baby which after secondary where you end? Nwa next time no come Complete sports again. Ask Oakfield Ni drey how I finish them. O boy no show your face here again! Agbarara tigbui…

    • Mr. Nice 2 years ago

      Sha no break bottle for somebody’s head, just park one side biko… hahaha

    • E be like say you dey craze.. So you escape Yaba but, your madness no quench Abi. no shaking I still dey, dey wait you oya come make I see wettin u fit do. Na after all I don talk ma own finish. I no fit tear race comot 4 anybody. Local man. That hole wey you show from, I go make you crawl back dodge for am shap shap. Pesin wey no get sense I go carry sense put for hin eye. @Simon I no send u guy.

  • Michael Adelami 2 years ago

    Everyone has praised your ability to do good write ups, but I want you to know you can’t keep doing a wrong thing and apologizing simultaneously, you are way more than that except you want to prove me wrong.
    For the sake of the forumites,I think you have to stop the insult (note: I am not begging you to stop, but only telling you to man up).

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Na wa oooo! LEEEMAOO!! See as everybody dey deny themselves for here. All the people wey Dey support each other before don begin rain Akamu on themselves. LEEEMAOO!!! Dem know themselves. Anyway the forum is still ever enjoyable. It’s a place to unwind and have a laugh LEEEMAOO!!

    • @Ayphillydegreat, O boy the whole matter con dey confuse me somehow i dey tell you.
      No be the same @Simon wey me and am dey the same side the other day, the guy come deny me today, Chai laugh won kill me finish oo, but na Naija society we dey.

      I con dey ask my self say, dis @Simon i no sure say hin brain dey work correctly.

  • I understands the similies and metafor sorrounding deos analysis. He is just trying to put our mind at ease from high expectation. But u guys are too quick to jump into insults and Deo is quite gulty as well. I think u guys should improve on ur level of tolerance. As for the eagles even if they fail to move out of the group i will still support henry. Chukwueze and osimeh. These guys are our little gods of soccer they will make us proud in our history. Neymer and messi where shown alot respect thats why they maintained their form. If u dont respect a young tilent it will start to lose confidents and might be the end. For example iheanacho even lukas maura, debron and salah where almost running down at chelsea. So i think we should always protect our future stars. If moses can do it in afcon 2013 on is debut. I think chukwueze and henry can do more. Up naija

  • haaa.. I actually enjoy reading these posts,please keep’em coming Mimi Wam Je

  • Super Eagles all the way. Hate the or not they wont let us down