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South Africa Coach, Ellis: How We Clipped Super Falcons’ Wings

South Africa Coach, Ellis: How We Clipped Super Falcons’ Wings

South Africa head coach Desiree Ellis has revealed the secret behind Banyana Banyana’s impressive 2-1 win against holders Nigeria in their opening Group C game at the 2022 Africa Women’s Cup of Nations.

Banyana Banyana dominated the game even though the Super Falcons created few chances too.

South Africa took the lead through Jermaine Seoposenwe on the hour mark.

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Hilda Magaia added the second with a fine finish two minutes later.

Rasheedat Ajibade reduced the deficit with an incredible finish in the 92nd minute.

“We forced them to play long balls,” Ellis said after the game.

“We knew we can force them to make mistakes at the back which they did, the players deliver our plans.”

Ellis also reflected on the win which put her side in a good position to qualify for next round.

“This is a very big win for us as a team. We needed to get this result because it sets the tone for the rest of the tournament. We had a meeting before we started training to talk about our goals and ambitions. We want to qualify for the World Cup and win the title here,”she added.

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“We know what happened in 2018, but we have matured over the past four years and there are changes in our team. Jermaine played about four positions today. That is the versatility we have now as a team.”

“This victory is for everyone back home and for all the coaches. This is for everyone connected to women’s football back home.”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Titilope 1 month ago

    Hmm! Here we go!!! How We Clipped Super Falcons Wings..

  • Coache 1 month ago

    A home based coach teaching our over prized foreign coach how it is done.

    The same with Senegal CISSE, Rohr could not beat his Senegalese team throughout his reign. Is there something we can learn from these two scenarios. I case my rest.

    • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

      Hehehehe, he’s talking Senegal….LMAOooo.

      Yes there’s a lot we can learn. And one of them is that your own was unable to beat a sick, coachless Tunisian B team and the worst Ghanaian team in 40 years.

      The same Senegalese team has as much as 6 white assistants….there is something we can learn from that too (And maybe one of them is that Cisse is just a window-dress, or a figure head of some sort)

      The same Cisse won nothing for 7 years and only won AFCON at the 3rd time of asking….there’s something we can learn from that too.

      The same Senegalese team had ZERO HOMEBASED, 100% foreign-based and over 70% foreign-borns…..there’s something to learn from that too….LMAOooo

      Its not about local or foreign, black or white….Its about hiring the “best” man available for the job.

      If a Ghanaian coach is better than a Nigerian, hire him. If a South African coach is the better man hire him. If its a white, hire him. And if its the Nigerian that is better than them all, hire him.

      Colour or nationality or geographical location does not and should never replace competence and merit, either in the selection of players or recruitment of coaches.

      • Coache 1 month ago

        Your last two paragraphs I concur vehemently but the morale of my write up is that Ellis was under the tutelage of the last Dutch Coach of the Banyana Banyana. After she left at the expiration of her contract, SAFA did not employ a new foreingn coach but left the team to Ellis who was the assistant. She obviously was trained and properly mentored by the former Dutch coach albeit it was included in her contract to do so. Now that we have a new coach in Peseiro, how best can he groom local coach(es) during his tenure so that we have brain gain? That is the way to go! My urgent 2k advise though.

        • Ayphillydegreat 1 month ago

          That’s why Finidi is working with Peseiro. I believe he will learn one or two things while working with him. At least he possesses the required qualifications. If at the end of Peseiro contact Finidi is best qualified for the job let him get the job and perform. 

        • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

          Oga….Ellis was not trained by any Dutch Coach.

          Ellis trained herself, went for coaching courses, went on attachments, got busy coaching teams. She didn’t sit down feeling entitled to the national team top job.

          She developed herself.

          It is not Peserio’s duty to develop your coaches.

          It is cheap hypocrisy to claim your local coaches are better than foreign coaches and in one fell swoop claim Peserio should groom local coaches.

          • Mr. Nice 1 month ago

            I just feel like giving you a big hug right now, you’re classical example of round peg in a round hole. God bless your wisdom.

          • Kenneth 1 month ago

            Abeg Make una do your research, because this liar has come out now to say what he doesn’t know. Abeg who is asking the foreign coaches to develop the local ones. There is nothing wrong in understudying from them. So go back to your cage if you have nothing sensible to type

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Hahahaha…Ode Okponu ayirada. Mr Bloody lying Researcher….LMAOoo. Researcher of the highest calibre who lied to us Etoo was awarded an honourary doctorate as reward for what he did for the awarding school…..LMAOooo

            Between you and I and everyone else who has commented on this thread, who sounds like a hungry animal who has just been released from its cage…??

            Who sounds like someone saying what he has zero idea about…?? LMAOooo.

            Olodo did not read the thread properly before jumping in to pollute the air just because he say Dr.Drey on the thread…….LMAOooo

            Human beings have just had a healthy discussion, eranko comes out and starts vomiting sewage from his foul-smelling guts.

            Ode cannot read and is asking stupid questions as usual. “who is asking the foreign coaches to develop the local ones”…it is your father now…since you are too blind to read up and too much of an imbecile to follow the conversation. It is you father that is asking the foreign coaches to develop the local ones…LMAOooo.

            One moment, okponu is claiming no one is asking the foreign coaches to develop the local ones, the next moment he is canvassing for foreign coaches to be understudied by local ones….LMAooo. Self-contradicting drunkard…..LMAOoo. In his illiterate mind, understudying is not a form of development….LMAOoo. Olodo abirun omo. I’ve told you severally to comment in your mother tongue since English is a big challenge for you…LMAOooo…Ara oko.

            In your own mind now you have typed something sensible and factual o…..LMAOoo.

            I dont pity you one bit. You dont understand comments in context, still you do not understand comments written verbatim…LMAOOoo….that’s how much of a brain dead illiterate you are…LMAOoo

            Omo eni ku o san ju abirun omo lo. A dead child is better than an imbecile. Your own type of imbecility is the type that is worse than losing a child.

            Go and look for people to help you wash your brain very well, if at all you have one.

            Useless pig. Okponu agbekpoo.

      • Edoman 1 month ago

        GBAM! Follow who know ROAD. thank you, Dr. l wish Omo9ja would read this Dr’s articles above and take a lesson from it. He may not though. Omo9ja is set on his regressive ways which, which infuriately led to Oga Rohr not able to finish his contract terms and consequently, enable a low-level Ghana team to prevent us from going to World-Cup. Most expert’s opinion suggested that sacking a long-standing coach like Oga Rohr was not only a misjudgment but a disaster at a middle of huge tournament such as AFCON and a world cup play-off. Omo9ja with his cohorts were duly responsible for that undeniably. “Our Own” was a fluke, a misconception and wrong. It backfired on that very idea. Here we are today, no World Cup attendance, all because of people like Omo9ja in our mist.

  • Bobby 1 month ago

    Don’t worry, we would be back. Similar thing happened last time and we won at the end. Definitely, we will meet them again in the final. SA is not a special team and when it comes to playing with Nigeria, they reignite their energy in.

    • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

      SA is not a special team, but in their last 4 meetings in the last 4 years, they completely outplayed Nigeria on all the occasions and won 3 of the 4.

      Is it until they whoop you 10 times in a row before they become special…?

      Go and face them again with this same arrogance and watch them humble you once more.

      • The Super Falcons are doing a “Rohr” on South Africa. What do I mean? They are picking the matches to win. Yes South Africa has won Nigeria in 3 out of their last 4 encounters but the only game that the Super Falcons won was the crown jewel as it delivered a trophy.

        In a friendly match, South Africa won by 2 goals margin which reduced to 1 in competitive matches.

        So, I am waiting for South Africa to dump Nigeria out of the quarter final of the WAFCON or condemn us to second place in the final before I can place the crown on their head.

        For now, they have covered the gap no doubt but Nigeria still wears crown!

        • Greenturf 1 month ago

          Agreed @deo

          • Thanks Greenturf. Egypt lost to Nigeria in their opening Afcon encounter only to go all the way to a podium finish. I am still waiting for South Africa to do a number on Nigeria when it matters the most.

        • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

          These one are not picking anything.

          Its a fact that we have not won SA in 3 competitive matches and 1 friendly. As if that is not bad enough, we have struggled to score in all the meetings too. We where even down by 3-0 at the Aisha Buhari cup and 2-0 down yesterday

          We didnt ‘pick’ winning the only match we have managed not to lose to them in the last 4 years. Go and re-watch the 2018 finals, anxiety to score and best Nigeria on the part of the SAans were the only reasons we survived 120 minutes for the only draw we’ve had. Penalties are 50:50. Nobody picks/chooses to win or lose a penalty shootout. We only have mother luck to thank for that one.

          They have now grown over the course of 4 years from being abayana bayana to abayana bafazis to overcome that anxiety and inferiority complex. They now have the exposure of europe-based exports and are no longer intimidated or feel any complexes. They now calm down and play the SF woman for woman without fear or fervor. We are being roundly, comfortably and meticulously beaten by South Africa these days. Its the referee’s final whistle that seems to be saving us from further embarrassment nowadays….LMAOoo.

          My money is on the SAs whooping the falcons again if they meet in the finals this time around.

          Mark my words.

          • onwajunior 1 month ago

            They may not meet again. With what Falcons played yesterday, we are not sure they’ll beat Botswana. Let’s hope they win, but mehn…no hope. Do we even have a functioning female football league? Maybe the bad administration is finally catching up.

    • Your words are very well marked Dr Drey. In perhaps their most important match in the last 4 years, the South Africans still fell short to Nigeria at the 2018 WAFCON final.

      All the other 3 loses that Nigeria suffered to them were superficial at best and inconsequential at worst. If you ask South Africans to trade their 1 Afcon Final loss to Nigeria for their 2 group stages and 1 friendly win, some of them will happily go for the WAfcon trophy.

      We are the current African women’s champions and we did it by defeating South Africa in the 2018 final, that is fact, that is all that matters.

      Mind you, I am not boasting that the Super Falcons will definitely defeat South Africa in their next encounter – whenever that is. All I am saying is that as things stand, we remain the Queens of Africa until dethroned.


      And I will like to see South Africa try to dethrone us. If they manage to pull it off, only them will I duff my hat to them.

      For now, they are just any other noisy rivals.

    • And I referred to South Africa as an emerging powerhouse in African women’s football which is why the Super Falcons have “struggled” to score against them in recent outings.

      But the fact hides the brutal reality: the more high profile the match, the more South Africa struggle to score against Nigeria. In a friendly match, they won by 2 goals margin, in group stage matches they won by a single goal margin and in the final of the Afcon, they failed to score and ultimately lost on penalties

      If there was a functionality for me to plot a graph on this platform, you will see how the winning margin of South Africa against Nigeria diminished (leading to them eventually losing on penalties) as the profile and significance of the matches increased.

      Again, I will only accept South Africa’s dominance once their margin of victory against the Super Falcons increases in line with the significance of the matches.

      • Omo9ja 1 month ago

        God bless you more Deo.

        I decided not to waste my precious time with Dr.Drey, Edoman and co because they won’t listen and they are not ready to learn.

        Don’t write off Waldrum Super Falcons team yet Nigerians. It is too early to do so.

        I will just advise the coach to select the players based on current form and after the tournament, he should inject more talented young players to the team.

        Deo, please keep the comments coming jo, I am enjoying them kę. I believe our ladies will bounce back. Good luck to our darling Super Falcons. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Cyprian 1 month ago

    South Africa have their nemesis in Zambia waiting for them probably in the semis.you will be surprised they won’t get to the final.

  • Codex 1 month ago

    I warned of the consequences of our over-confidence and boastful arrogance especially after onumonu’s remarks as for the match Randy waldrum was outclassed in a tactical battle with Ellis “again” south africa play possession based football with is countered with energy,exuberance, humility and passion and none was seen from almost all players in green & white this is what happens when a team selection is made out of sentiments rather than merit I wonder why a midfielder who was supposed to be our creative linchpin with her range of passing could not get 4 key passes right and why the coach would fill 2 out and out strikers in a 4-3-3 system (onumonu and asisat cos the 2 are the same) which made our shape lopsided rendering Toni Payne isolated and ineffective and also why the coach could not see that alozie was targeted as the weaklink in the team both attack wise and defensively as well is it that we don’t have any capable right back in the team the goal came belatedly when Vivian, Francisca and co came on because they were energetic and forced south africa to concede territory while ramping up the attempts on their goal so I hope Randy has learnt from his mistakes otherwise I’m with the good doctor DRE on this one.