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Sports Minister, Dare To Super Eagles: ‘Only A Win In Freetown Will Be Acceptable’

Sports Minister, Dare To Super Eagles: ‘Only A Win In Freetown Will Be Acceptable’

Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare, says only a win in Freetown will be acceptable to Nigerians when the Super Eagles take on their Sierra Leonean counterparts in the reverse Group L fixture of the 2022 African Nations Cup qualifiers in Freetown on Tuesday.

The Super Eagles surrendered a four-goal lead in the first leg in Benin last Friday, an unprecedented international collapse by the senior national team, and like most Nigerians, Sports Minister Dare expressed shock and disappointment at the team’s unprecedented meltdown and has demanded a response in Freetown on Tuesday.

“Nigerians have expressed a collective disappointment with the collapse of the team especially in the second half, giving up a 4-0 lead to a team that is ranked 88 times below our biggest football brand, the Super Eagles. I have expressed my disappointment with the result to the team and the Nigeria Football Federation. Like most Nigerians, only a convincing win in Freetown can assuage our feelings and bruised egos. Only a win will be acceptable in Freetown”‘said Sports Minister, Dare, who deferred comments on the suitability or otherwise of Mr Gernot Rohr as manager of the team.

“The task at the moment is to get the team firmly back on track towards picking one of the group’s two tickets on offer for the 2022 AFCON. A win in Freetown will seal a 19th participation in the African mundial. After this, we can now debate Mr Rohr’s suitability as we seek to return Nigeria to the pedestal of African football and one of the beautiful game’s power houses in world football. We will reappraise Mr Rohr’s performance since he was named as Super Eagles manager and see if he is the right man to fulfil our expectations,” said Dare.

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The Sports Minister says he is not unaware of the role the domestic league can play in actualising a Super Eagles of our dreams.

“The success of our endeavours in football can only be measured by the success of the domestic league. A thriving, professionally run domestic league in all cadres will impact positively on our national teams. That’s why I demanded a full implementation of FIFA and CAF club licensing regulations. This will bring us closer to making our leagues viable for investors and restore the confidence of all stakeholders,” the Sports Minister concluded.

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  • presh 9 months ago

    How dare you debate Rohr’S position after the match on tuesday, he is progress, and he task was and is to go with to the world cup and surpass where he was last time in Russia, how can one evaluate his works, you lots dumped Keshi dumped great coaches and now again you want to debate the coach, no, you even gave him nigeria currency he agreed, what do you want a coach that will come now and get into the world cup and use the materials this man built, you lots dumped late Amodu shuabu, he qualified to the world cup and you brought in a foreign coach to take his glory, fans you lots are the problem of Nigeria, you complain too much some section hate this man Rohr the way they all complained Keshi should be sacked, get the new one after Rohr you still complain. SouthGate of England remember he is also a project, and he was in Russia, and will go to the next world cup, and you see what it means to have a coach that now knows the players, Yobo if you are reading please tell the Ministers if they will listen to please Rohr has good for the nation, he attracted so much Nigeria foreign born players, that’s one of the yard stick of getting good players to play for you, you cannot talk about Rohr when your league isn’t well structured, stop the melee of local based players, they come and runaway to Bulgaria and latvia and slovakia and want to play, please structure your league, pay your players give them good standard of living, then we can all debate, Minister live and lets live. All my opinion.

    • GLORY 9 months ago

      Thumbs up @ Presh. It will be sucidal to sack Rohr now. Football administration has always been our bane. They brought in an inexperienced Yobo to assist, when they should have brought in more accomplished and experienced local coaches. These guys just keep kerewa kerewawa all the time. Bringing in a new man now, will automatically means starting all over again. And we still gonna have to deal with same political bottle necks, witch hunting and many more. So what are the chances, that anyone brought in will be able to withstand these negatives especially with World Cup qualification in mind.

      • Dr Drey 9 months ago

        @ Glory….see…Enough of all this noise and scrutiny of sack or no sack, why is it difficult to type a sack letter and sign it. Nobody is forcing them to tolerate Rohr…..If you say he is not delivering SACK him. If you have no reasons to sack him then let him be and wait till he doesnt deliver on the target you gave him…otherwise they should replace him now with whomever they feel is flawless and can lead us to the promised land. The grass is always greener on the other side until you get there….if Akpeyi had been in goal yesterday under the same circumstances people would have sworn Okoye will never concede 4 goals if he had started. Up till wen Musa was subbed off we were still dominant and the boys were still serious with 69% ball possession, with a numerical advantage in the middle and zero threats at out goal whatsoever, the younger wazzer dazzlers that replaced him, pls what did they do in 30 mins they were on the pitch….zero contributions offensively and defensively and the entire team collapsed…but the general consensus has always been that the younger flamboyant ones are the better performers. But we can now see that hindsight is telling us that maintaining status quo is the better thing to do at them moment. So Let them sack Rohr if they want and bring us whoever they want to bring that will never loose a match. Enough of all these threats and revisions upon revisions. When his contract ran out he didnt put a rope on their necks to renew it. They renewed it with a pay cut, removed the authority of team selections from him and employed a liability as his assistant….everything has been going down hill since then and they are taking about revision and re-evaluation. They better do their revaluation quick and fast or forever hold their peace till this current term expires.
        It was you that 1st recommended he should start calling their bluffs and return to being his focused self in his 1st term where we were unbeaten (bar the loss vs SA) on this continent for almost 3 years, and i seriously second that motion. The man should just grow balls….enough balls to walk the sports minister out of the SE dressing room the way Westerhof used to do back then….enough balls to fling a boot at his players the way Fergie did to Beckham. His gentility and humility is now being taken as stupidity and now everyone doesnt take him seriously anymore down to when they are on the pitch. I cant imagine any player under Mourinho or Simeone just giving away the ball casually close to the area and just standing there watching the opponents going to score. For his own sake he needs to shape up…unless he has lost motivation, then he should pack his things and head back to Mannheim.

        • GLORY 9 months ago

          Well [email protected] Drey. I concur. Truth is,if not for love for Nigeria, I would easily have been looking away from everything concerning our football.

      • presh 9 months ago

        I remembered when we played France in Brazil 2014, who was the coach Didier Deschamps, he is still the coach now 2020, and he knows now what it takes to kill a game. Also should they have the press have showed us the Pep talk Amaju gave the team after the loss, no, we are now in the internet world, our opponents are watching. Well thanks for the thumbs up.

  • JOSIAH Ndugbe 9 months ago

    Roger doesn’t have different strategies for different games and approaches he uses only one strategy in every game and it makes his game easier to read by order coaches the last game he saw the order coach bring in two strikers he should have alerted his defenders against it and mark them but he keeps quiet that’s too bad

  • Dr Drey 9 months ago

    Oga Minister, are you not going with the team to Freetown after dazzling like a million stars in training…?? If it were to be Cameroon or Senegal we want ed to play, with only 2 training sessions available, will you and your NFF sidekick go and be disrupting the one of few opportunities they had to prepare for the game…? Ooohhh…I see, you guys too thought “isnt it small S/L….we will dispatch them with eyes closed jare”. So after infecting the players with the same complacency and getting burnt, you now seat in your office to give directives…? No o. we nor go gree, you must follow them to freetown and play that match. Bunch of Unserious fellows…!

    • Igbekun Abo 9 months ago

      I totally agree with you Dr Drey. You have so much wisdom.

    • pompei 9 months ago

      Una don dazzle finish for training, oya come and play match na! The two of them, their boot size plenty for market. This one that Ishay Johnson is saying they will dash us one goal as kola for visiting Freetown. Perhaps Dare or Pinnick will score the goal for us. The two of them should start in the attack for Nigeria. Let them continue their dazzling at the Siaka Stevens stadium!
      After distracting the team finish, dem come dey give orisirisi motivational speeches. Hehehehe! Na waya!

  • mutum 9 months ago

    any 1 who puts hope on this average players who thinks they have arrived is sitting on a long thing. rohrs has never won any match convincingly since he took charge.alwsys giving us hopeless hope. truth be told, our defence is porous.thoght rohr used to be a defender . our defence is to jittery, making errors…..

  • Left to me if were Rohr I will justvwalk out of this team immediately after the match against Serial Leon. This stupid minister doesn’t want the man to be given that contract in the first instance but just succumbed to fans and some other power be maybe becauae he was just been appointed as sports minister then. Look at him talking as if he has the money to employ someone better. Later they will start running from pillars to posts begging for sponsor that will the coach salary. Pls sack him and let’s see how truly you plan to return Nigeria to world power in football nonsense..

  • daniel 9 months ago

    make una leave this coach alone, his doing great job

  • mutum 9 months ago

    sack Mr talk talk simple. if u r not good u r not. coach that hasn’t won a match convincingly na coach? yobo and rohr used to be defenders, wonder wot d tell our back line… always jittery wen been attacked esp with long balls

  • Dr Banks 9 months ago

    Guys………..have we looked at one controversial angle that crossed my mind just now
    Could this match be a subtle protest by the players for their unpaid outstanding bonuses and #Endsars? I watched the highlight again and again and i found the 4th goal in particular quite funny…….first Iwobi lost the ball cheaply, then Sanusi simply placed the ball onto the path of the SL attacker and relaxed, then Ajayi hesitated without any intent to defend or tackle the ball giving the attacker ample time to choose his spot and place a diagonal cross which Ajayi then sheepishly diverted upwards out of reach for Okoye before the SL striker guided the ball into the net.
    This sequence of event is not natural for a team that should do everything possible to maintain a slim lead at that point in the game…….smells of foul play somewhere.
    Just my thought though, what do you guys think?

    • Dr Drey 9 months ago

      @Dr. Banks….whatever be the case….all of them…players, coaches and administrators should shape up or shape out. The sports minister coming to grandstand when he was the one who instead of rallying the troops for an important match ahead decided to jamboree with them in training should put his money where his mouth his. To whom much is given much is expected. Officials also have responsibilities to fulfil before demanding efficiency from the team. You give the coach a paycut and expect better perfomances than b4..? you dismiss his assistant and thrust a liability on him as an assistant and you expect better results…? You dont pay players their bonuses all the way from AFCON (heard the last allowances paid so far are the group stage match bonuses) and you think you have moral justification to command them to lay their lives on the pitch. Osimhen and Dennis are injured on national duty now who will pay his medical bills…? who will pay the bonuses he will lose as a result of being incapacitated to play for napoli during his recuperation..? If the players have not been paid bonuses since AFCON I bet coaches have not too. Once again to whom much is given, much is expected. Lets hope everyone…players, coaches and Administrators have all learnt their lessons now. The super eagles (players and coaches) have made the return leg much harder than it was ordinarily supposed to be through their own indiscipline and complacency…The match in Freetown is going to be like going to hell and back and I hope the players have been fully briefed by now. I just saw the highlights of matches played recently at the Siaka Stevens stadium and Ogbemudia pitch is looking like Old trafford compared to it. So the team must be ready to break bones. Na dem put diasef for this kind situation.

      • Igbekun Abo 9 months ago

        Sense no go kill you Dr Drey. Your name suppose be Dr Sense-full Plate.

  • kenneth 9 months ago

    Please whats all this noise, please leave the minister alone. So hanging out and spending time with the players is the issue for them drawing the game, thought they were professionals, obvious they average players like someone stated here. Please am i missing something, when did the NFF owe players there bonus or allowance. Will really appreciate you share a link. I still maintain, the coach is till at fault with his one dimensional style. What exactly is he doing now that he is based in Nigeria, should he be holding training sessions with some capable local players, at least none will run away with covid out there. But no, i guess he is running his hotel business and getting paid on a monthly basis.

  • Edoman 9 months ago

    @Dr Grey. Let any one address negatively what the Hon. Dr Grey just admirably laid out before the Nation. Nobody would do anything for nothing in our World while others think

    they are smarter than everybody else. Let the minister, NFF and others do their jobs with better value judgment before they demand better performance from the players. The turf was not good. Rohr was set up to fail by depriving him of his able assistant to perform his job to the maximum. They do not provide full insurance courage to players who are made to risk their up and coming career on the unforgiven turf like the one in Benin City all for nothing. A lot of my friends here in United States are already betting ‘against’ your Super Eagle in this match on Tuesday. Just to let you all know. Nigeria will loose this match. Would you work with empty stomach? If you say No, then.

    • JimmyBall 9 months ago

      @Edoman… these excuses are like those of a poor workman blaming his tools. Let’s stop it! If we put up excuses like this against Sierra Leone, which one are we going to put against Morocco, Algeria, or Cameroun next time.While I dont subscribe to too much felicitation between NFF/Sports Ministry officials and players to the point of mixing with them to train, so that players do not start deluding themselves and take their opponents for granted… I would say, our players have shown this attitude of letting opponents come back into games after often taking leads since Rohr’s dispensation… it has to do with being really professional. Flimpsy excuses like Edo stadium turf was poor, weather was hot, akara was fried too brown or the fufu served them was too strong will not just fool anyone. Coach and Players messed up period… let’s accept this truth and wish them good results in Freetown… the real test of character for the Eagles is the second leg in Freetown… Rohr’s job is obviously on the line there, because Benin Republic will be topping us if we dare lose and they win!

      • Omo9ja 9 months ago

        This JimmyBall is too good, wise and humble. I love you JimmyBall. Just don’t change your attitude.

        However, my friend Edoman, why now? You knew more than what happened on Friday against the Leone star team.

        Let’s be honest with ourselves for once my lovely friend. You know I love you and I don’t wanna lie to you, Oga Rohr and Mr. Amaju failed woefully for that Friday game.

        Nonetheless, Good job to all the patriotic Nigerians for coming out in numbers to educate NFF and the coaches of the Super Eagles including Oga Rohr fans. No more excuses from now on. Ah, we are sick and tired of that. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • omo9ja there is nothing you will say to convince me i hate you already.you said you know God but praying for all other people to fail to justified your stupid argument i will respect others here,but won’t have my respect you disgrace to humanity.

          • Lol…@Omo9ja, you see your life? You have been waiting for that very day for years so now that it has come, is this all you got?

        • Dr Drey 9 months ago

          Abeg remind us….who is still topping the group again…? Lolz

      • pompei 9 months ago

        Truth be told, the egusi soup they served the players before the match was “too spicy”, and they were not accustomed to the aroma of the fufu. That is the main reason Rohr was so poor on match day, and also why the players made so many mistakes. These guys are on a strict fried rice and chicken diet. Take note, kitchen staff, loooooool! Nice one, JimmyBall. I needed that laugh 🙂

        • Dr Drey 9 months ago

          @Collins ID has told us the reasons for the 4-4 draw. In his words, it was the reverberations of the 4+4 that was shouted severally in that stadium during the Edo electioneering period and during the inauguration that kept revving in the ears of our players…..LMAO

  • Goal ⚽️ 9 months ago

    All this excuses wouldn’t help any one, I will personally blame the coach for some good reasons.

    Substituting Musa for Iheanacho, what’s that for?
    A change of formation or what ?

    Is Iheanacho a winger? I noticed that after Musa left his position was empty causing sanusi to always overlap and iwobi who is never a defender  had to cover for him he became clueless and lost the ball resulting in the equalizing goal.

    Is onuachu a like for like replacement for osihme?
    It’s been proven time and again that this guy is ineffective in this current Eagles set up, now the question is who invited him? What’s the reason behind such invitation?

    The best form of defense is attack, when sierra-Leone saw that the team lacked organization due to  change of formation and no threat again from the Eagles, it’s an opportunity to be confidence and launch an attack.

    Please let’s stop this blame game after all no one made the team selection for him, he is the architect of his own problems.

    I also noticed that Aribo was tired to extend he became clueless, but did the gaffer has a replacement for him?
    How can he has a replacement when he invited only 3 midfielders in a 23 man list.

    Abeg make una rest biko.

    • Omo9ja 9 months ago

      Here is another one in the house @Goal, God bless you for me bro. You never disappointed me. We have to keep telling them.

      We still have a lot to do because I know, many of them won’t listen to the words of wisdom from we patriotic Nigerians.

      They brought Oga Rohr and Super Eagles to this stage.

      I used simple arithmetic, 1+1 for them, they told me to keep quiet.

      I used section 419 for this people, they said rubbish who cares but today, Oga Rohr, Oga Pinnick and Oga Rohr followers are complaining now. Sorry, too late. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Goal ⚽️ 9 months ago

        Don’t mind them @omo9ja  we will keep telling them the truth which they wouldn’t have any answers to, since they said they know it all.

        • goal i respect you but omo9ja no worth living

        • Omo9ja 9 months ago

          @Goal, this is quite funny o lolz. Trust me, I won’t.

          We have to bring Eagles back.

          @Frank, thanks for the accolades. I hope you are very happy with coach Rohr now?

          If not then, you have to refrase what you said. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

      Hahahahaha…Una eye don dey clear small small, see people advocating for musa to be kicked out of the SE now asking why he was subbed off for iheanacho…..LMAO. No worry, shebi na una the coach dey listen to…..why are you now disowning him for listening to you. Put okoye put okoye….put iheanacho put iheanacho…..put ejuke put ejuke……arm chair coaches…LMAO. E don blow for una faces now…LMAO

      • Goal ⚽️ 9 months ago

        Show evidence where we made such clamor that he should replace a winger with a striker.

        Your lame excuses hold no water.

        • Dr Drey 9 months ago

          Hahahahaaa…stop watching the back of your TV…? Did Musa play on the wings vs S/L….LMAO. He played mostly behind Osimhen and was driving balls from midfield to attack. Chukwueze played on the right wing while Iwobi was combining with Sanusi on the left. LMAO. People wey sabi pass the coach….LMAO

      • But come oo @Dr Drey Musa couldn’t score when he was on the field he couldn’t even handle ball. what made you reason that his substitution is the reason we failed. I been dey tell u since say, u nor get sense. Wasn’t it clear that the presence of a 96Mil Euro attacker gingered the boys also his injury deflated them coupled with the substitution of an Inform and revitalised Balogun with Rangers. And Sanusi lack of tracking back. Please Guy this giving too much credit to Musa is becoming a joke abeg clear road jare make people wey sabi debate.

        Musa this Musa that. If Musa was on the pitch would he have SOCRED????..E DON DO GUY HABA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

        • Dr Drey 9 months ago

          Hehehehe…..tribal bigot…musa didnt score, but I knew your hatred for him wouldnt allow you to see the yeomans job he did in an unfamiliar attacking midfield role even though some of his passes didnt get to the target. He was the one most times picking up balls from the middle and moving them to the attacking third. He gave us a huge numerical advantage in the middle and was probably the most fouled player in that match, attracting the 2 S/L DMs to himself and allowing Iwobi the freedom to roam and combine with Sanusi on the left….the result….our 1st 3 goals. So many times you could see him directly the players and sometimes calling them to order on the pitch. The S/L practically had no midfield all through the period he was on the pitch as he welded the midfield perfectly like a true leader dishing out instructions to the rest of the lads. How come the entire midfield and attack became useless within 5 mins of his substitution….LMAO. As at 60th minute we were still controlling the game, peppering the S/L with attacks and even had 69% ball possession with ZERO threat at our goal. How come we became useless after he and Balogun were subbed off….its clear….the 2 leaders, organizers of the attack and defense respectively, in the team were subbed off and the ENTIRE team collapsed. Even fellow critics like you have admitted subbing off Musa crippled the team, but your own hatred will accuse Musa of raising dust even if he falls into a pool of water. What did your wazza dazzlers do when they came in….nada…!!!
          Moses Simon has no business in the team, Musa has no business in the team….it took only 10 mins of removing musa from the team before the whole team collapsed. We became toothless in the front and became a basket at the back. LMAO.
          Shebi it was Iwobi’ s cross that won a penalty vs Tunisia, why didnt he win another penalty after his partner in crime was subbed off. Why was Iheanacho clueless for almost 30 minutes he was on without Musa to combine with…? LMAO.
          My happiness is that Iwobi is even shutting all of you his haters up more and more with each passing match in the SE. 2 goals and assists in 2 matches. Your tingod Eze is still tightly strapped to the bench of England U21s and only got 15 mins in a match they are just plying for formality sake as they have long qualified with an unassailable lead….LMAO

          • Hautside 9 months ago

            @ Dr Drey
            I have been following your analysis for years and I think you should take up a coaching job. Kudos bro!
            To start with, Rohr played a changing formation of 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-4 formation rotating musa as 8 and “False 10”
            He played kelvin as right back so as to give chuchueze the degree of freedom he needs upfront and that worked perfectly!
            Kelvin and Zanusi were told not to move too high up simply because chukweze and Iwobi are very versatile and liable to lose possession easily.
            The first goal conceded was not a kelvin’s mistake but chuchueze’s avoidable error!
            However, Rohr got it wrong with Aribo! Aribo was too rigid. Playing just 2 midfielders, you need a strong, commanding player with fluidity. That which Etebo displayed.
            I would have expected Aribo come out for Ajayi at 56 minutes. He was lost and obviously tired!
             Then, when Balogun got injured, replace him with Awaziem. Move kelvin to pair Ekong and let awaziem remain in that RB position (Since he is more of a rigid RB like Kelvin).
            Moving forward, if you are substituting Musa, Move Iwobi to the middle of the pack and throw in Ejuke to the left flanks! When Osimehn got injured, replace him with Kelechi. 
            At this point, you had a choice to still retain the 4-2–4 or switch to 4-3-3… I have seen Kelechi and iwobi combined so well especially against Argentina in that 4-2 friendly.
            I won’t blame it solely on Rohr but what are the back room staffs who were supposed to analyze the match doing? 
            Obviously, Ajayi and Ekong pair isn’t working! Ajayi should be drafted to the midfield.
            My last substitution would be Moses Simeon for chukwueze and that would come at the 80th minute. This is because Moses is strong and tracks back with ease.
            My take!

  • Hahahahaha….

    The same set of REGRESSIVE PROGRESSIVE pple that were advocating for ONUACHU, OKOYE, EJUKE to be invited are the ones blaming why they were invited….
    Wonders shall never seize to end especially in this local habitat call nigeria….

    When OGA refuse to call u, it doesn’t mean u aren’t good, it means u can’t fit into his style of play ASAP.

    This man has been watching all our boys in europe, he knows what they can offer, he knows their style of play, infact he knows every thing about their pattern of game…..

    He will only invite those that can execute his game plans well…..

    When we talk u pple would not listen to us…..

    U pple keep crying, weeping, wailing for this one or that one to be invited and when they are thrown into the pitch, they become another player u thought of entirely….

    Allow the coach do his work,,, he knows the player to invite that can play his plan…..

    I don finish my own o!

  • All these people..leave our players alone. Suddenly, u don’t want Okoye, u don’t want Akpeyi, U don’t want Akpoguma, U don’t want Ekong, Sanusi too don fuck up, even Aribo, iwobi is not better than Eze, u don’t want Simon, u dont want Musa, Onuachu and Ajayi! I beg, who come remain?
    Make we kunkun cancel super Eagles now! Upon the news that Musa wept bitterly after the match some people are still here to talk against him. All of us here watch this games from our various sitting rooms but from that your houses and sepe joints, you know pass the coaches and the players that are in the camp. Nawa o! Super Eagles! I am with you…I love you all at least, you people have shown me that you can score four good goals if you are in right state of mind. Go and shut these bad people’s mouth. To Akpoguma, Okoye, Balogun, Iwobi, Ebuehi, Ekong, Aribo and others…thanks for choosing Naija. The good time shall surely come.

    • Dr Drey 9 months ago

      They will soon say you too are a multiple id of Dr.Drey now…Lolz.
      Honestly, up till the meltdown, the first 60 minutes of that match was the best performance I have seen of any SE team in a long while. Indiscipline and poor attitude is like an atomic bomb, it ruins years of hardwork in a twinkle of an eye. The indiscipline of the entire team in toying with the game (not marking and romancing the ball in dangerous players) destroyed the good work they had earlier done. Lets hope they have all learnt their lessons.

      We are defeating S/L in Freetown…that is a given. As Amokachi said, unless these boys are not Nigerians.

  • Tunde 9 months ago

    Don’t mind GErnot Rohr he would have bring in sport minister Dare and Amaju Pinnick in the 2nd half and win d match for us so far both train very during training

  • Kingston 9 months ago

    to all iwobi haters, how market?!?!

    • chuks 9 months ago

      Whats there to hate. That he went to sleep and caused us the win with his lackadaisical display in the second half.

  • Kenneth 9 months ago

    After being speechless all weekend, not knowing how to defend there average team, after the team disgraced themselves on Friday. Abeg make una channel your energy on getting a sound coach. Tomorrow is around the corner. Lets see what they have in stock. Maybe the team could have been forgiven if this was a top class team.

  • Larry 9 months ago

    It is obvious that the progressive regressive wings on CSN are waiting for the outcome of tomorrow’s match to take a stand. The fact is that the outcome will not change anything from what we have known;

    GR I : SE first loss at home to SA
    GR II: SE first loss to Madagascar
    GR III: SE first loss of a 4 goal lead
    Bonus: Does anyone know the last time SE played 3 matches without winning at least 1 ? Still searching the archives..

    Win or lose on Tuesday, the fact is that GR has done his best and his best is not enough at this time. You can’t give what you don’t have.
    Good Riddance…

    Frank Rijkaard (T/A), Ndubusi Egbo (Coach), Sunday Oliseh(Coach), Manu (coach), Enyeama/Ikeme (GK coach), Olofinjana (A.T/A)

    • Ayphillydegreat 9 months ago

      SuperEagles played against Congo, SA and Sudan under Keshi and did not win any of the games. Lost at home to Congo, draw away to SA and lost to Sudan away. So please come up with another lie. This one you’re saying is irrelevant. No problem you can sponsor Rijkaard to become the next coach and you can pay his salaries. Now you can mention Ndubuisi Egbo and Oliseh after most of your so called progressive regressives already said they have nothing to offer. We shall see. Let’s see how they will take the SuperEagles to the promise land. It’s Christmas come early for you. You can continue to celebrate that we draw at home to Sierra Leone. But you and your regressive group will ignore the fact we scored 4 goals in 30 minutes. 

      • Kenneth 9 months ago

        So whats your point. Will they be the first eagles team to score 4 goals in 30 minutes. So why didn’t they continue scoring. Abi tell us exactly what led to there collapse. Mind you they will be the first eagles team to blow a 4 -0 lead. Of course keshi lost games has you have stated, was it that humiliating like this one at home. if they can afford ROHR why not Rijkaard. We know any local coach will not see shishi, so lets stop beating around the bush. is that not why Oliseh walked away. Egbo can come and try his luck, if they don’t owe him salary

        • Ayphillydegreat 9 months ago

          Please tell me which other SuperEagles team scored 4 goals in 30 minutes??? Please I’m waiting for the link of any other SuperEagles team that scored 4 goals in 30 minutes. A 4-4 draw is humiliating and we’re still top of the group. But a 2-3 loss to Congo not DR Congo at home is not humiliating abi?? Continue to be channeling your energy to hiring Rijkaard. “If they can afford Rohr they can afford Rijkaard”. Lmao!!! So Rohr is now in the same level as Rijkaard all of a sudden because if they can afford Rohr they can afford Rijkaard???? I laugh in itsekiri. Anyway let’s see maybe Rijkaard will accept a pay cut to coach Nigeria at any level. 

        • Edoman 9 months ago

          No Oliseh. Rohr must go.

      • Dr Drey 9 months ago

        Hahahaha…they were having heart attack when the Eagles were cruising o. None of them could write even a full stop here on CSN at half time….LMAO.
        Its their Christmas time now, let them enjoy it while it last…..LMAO. Their joy ends tomorrow when we ransack the Leone stars in the own backyard. It is Rijkaard that couldn’t qualify perennial WC attendees Saudi Arabia for the 2014 World cup and crashed out of ordinary Arab gulf cup in 1st round and last coached in 2013 plus Oliseh who couldn’t qualify for Ordinary AFCON that they want to bring back to succeed Rohr so that he will help us send Ndidi, Iwobi and Osimhen and our other best players to early retirement like he did to Emenike and Enyeama. LMAO. We are moving forward, regressive in their typical facing want to drags us back again to 70th in the world…LMAO

    • @Larry..kudos to you as u took your time to gather points all in the name of falling Rohr.
      Congo and Uganda beat us at home during keshi Era..May be u were not born then.
      2002 world cup with Kanu, Okocha, Adepoju, Babayaro, Aghahowa, Yobo and others ..we did not win any of the 3 matches we play under coach onigbinde in the group stage. Nobody come out to bring such record but here you are. “Messenger of Doom” the lord is your strength.keep it coming.

    • Edoman 9 months ago

      Rohr must go. No Oliseh.

      Everybody say ” No Oliseh. Rohr must go.

      Everybody say with me now, NO OLISEH. ROHR MUST GO HOME now. Thankyou all.

  • Ayphillydegreat 9 months ago

    No problem na? Maybe they can help us find Guardiola, Koop, Maurinho and co to take us to the promise land. Or better still bring back their African Guardiolas to cone and take us to the promise land. Lmao!! They were all quite and hidden in their covens when the team was leading 4-0. They were so elated after the match that we gave up a 4 goal lead. Anyway we didn’t lose the match and we’re still on cause to qualify for the AFCON with games to spare. Even if it’s until the last match of the qualifiers we’re still guaranteed to qualify. Anybody wey wan become the coach can apply for the position when the NFF post a job for the SuperEagles head coach. They can continue to enjoy the moment that comes every once in a while. The boys have moved on to the next objective. It could be Sierra Leone almighty France list to Finland and the heavens did not fall. Abeg keep channeling your energy on criticizing the coach till after 2022. Lmao! 

    • Kenneth 9 months ago

      France losing to finland. In a friendly game. You and i know in a must serious competitive game, that will ever happen. Don’t worry we are all die hard fans, we looking forward to tomorrow.

      • Dr Drey 9 months ago

        UEFA Nations League is a Grade A competitive fixture on the FIFA calender. A match in the UNL is equivalent to any Major qualifier or Major Tournament game. Any player that plays in it is cap tied to the nation he plays for.

        • Kenneth 9 months ago

          Please go reboot your internet. Don’t come here with another fake information, it was a friendly game and not a UEFA Nations league.

          • Dr Drey 9 months ago

            Reboot your eyes and read properly…!

          • Ayphillydegreat 9 months ago

            Yes it’s a friendly game before their UNL match up with Portugal. Didn’t we lose to Uganda in a friendly under Keshi?? I don’t have any problem with your opinion, but you messed up everything when all you can point is to Chanel our attention to getting a new coach at this crucial time. Let me tell you the truth. If NFF fire Rohr today Yobo is the next coach. So braze yourself for more growing pains after GR leaves. 

    • Kenneth 9 months ago



      • Ayphillydegreat 9 months ago

        Bro. Most of those matches are either 7-1 or 6-0 of wish we scored 3 goals under 30 minutes and the rest in the second half after 15 minutes break. Against Argentina we scored 1 goal in the first half and 3 goals in the second half after 15 minutes break. How does that amount to 4 goals in 30 minutes? My main question is when did we ever score 4 goals in the first 30 minutes of any game??? The matches you brought up are matches we won by 7-1 or 6-0 under Westerhoff. In those games we didn’t score more than 2 goals in the first 30 Minutes. In the games we scored 4 goals in the first half after 10 minutes against Malawi in 2004 we were already trailing 1-0 at home before the boys wake up and that was 16 years ago. The other matches against Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone in 06 and 10 were mostly scored after the interval. For instance we scored in the first half against Sierra Leone in 08 and score the remaining 3 after 15 minutes interval in the second half. No Nigerian team had ever scored 4 goals in  First 30 minutes of any game. That’s my point. Of course we’ve beaten teams by wider margins in the past during the 90s. That’s even a testament to what happened on Friday. The boys just underrated the SL players after scoring 4 goals in 30 minutes which is unheard of. If they had continued with that tempo who knows what might’ve happened. I can guarantee you that Sierra Leone will have no place to hide tomorrow. 

        • Kenneth 9 months ago

          Do your research well sir. At least you said we didn’t score 4 goals in 30 mins

          • Ayphillydegreat 9 months ago

            None of those goals were scored in the first 30 minutes of any game. I never told you SuperEagles have not scored more than four goals before. We scored 4 goals against Libya and Cameroon under this coach so it’s never a new thing for us to score 4 goals in a match. Scoring 4 goals in the first 30 minutes of any game is never done before. 

  • Kingston 9 months ago

    a wise man once said – your enemy will never see anything good in you!
    “GR I : first loss at home to SA
    GR II: first loss to Madagascar
    GR III:first loss of a 4 goal lead”
    first point of correction – we didn’t lose to Sierra Leone.
    second, the Madagascar we lost to what did they later do at afcon? the south Africa we lost to, why not mention the draw we later had at their home due to the massive error from the referee (the guy even apologized). why not mention that when it came to the afcon proper we won them?
    third, why not mention the numerous victories we have accomplished?! like the 4-0 win against Libya? or how we defeated Cameron 4-0 at WC qualifiers and when it came to afcon we still showed them the door? (imagine what Cameron fans must have thought?) or the win against Iceland?.
    didn’t your conscience pricked you as you try to tear down rohr achievements. you guys want to do to rohr what nff did to keshi!
    you listed three unlikely loss and justified it as enough reason to sack rohr. why?!!? don’t bigger teams like Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Portugal, etc have theirs.
    rohr messed up last week, no doubt, no justification for that. but fans that hate super eagles but use rohr as an excuse, you should know that we are aware that your loyalty to the team is like vapor it is not even guaranteed if we literally win 100 matches out of 100.

    • Kenneth 9 months ago

      After all the accolades about the wins, what of the losses, the keshi you guys are berating won the nations cup for us, qualified 2 different teams to the world cup. lat time i checked, Rohr didn’t get to the second round of the world cup.

      • Ayphillydegreat 9 months ago

        What happened to the same Keshi afterwards??? Couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON. At least we’re on course to qualify for our third major tournament with games to spare under this coach. In a WorldCup group of Iran and Bosnia Herzegovina if not for the player he never wanted to take to the WorldCup in the first place. Odemwingue’s goal secured qualification. The team struggled against Iran and still lost to Argentina and France. Meanwhile we’ve been to that stage prior to that point so it was nothing new. The aftermath was the major issue and he was duly fired. 

        • Kenneth 9 months ago


          • Ayphillydegreat 9 months ago

            At least we’re going to tournaments. Not missing out of 3 out of 4 tournaments. Whatever happens in Cameroon we will cross the bridge when we get there. 

  • Our elders normally says that “WHEN THE BUSH IS ON FIRE, A STUPID MONKEY LAUGHS”.
    (progressive regressive u pple are free to laugh, we’ll surely bounce back).

    Now let me proceed with what i wanted to say….

    When things happens this way, a reasonable man would sit down and ponder over it, asking some intelligent questions like “WHY” “HOW” “WHAT” “WHERE” et all….

    Now let men ask those “progressive regressive” pple;

    when ROHR was allow to take decisions on team invitations/selection for matches was things going awkward like this?
    I need answer pls

    When that young innocent noble man(YOBO) was not package and force on us was things moving downward? (I read somewhere were players were complaining how Yobo gives instruction during matches which aught not to be so as a 3rd assist.).
    I Need answer pls.

    When Rohr was allowed to pick players of his choice without veting or suggesting average players for him did we experience this kind thing; 3games without a single win?

    B4 u judge any man, even if u concede hatred in your heart against him don’t forget to ask “why”.


  • Babad 9 months ago

    Super Eagles camp in disarray as players, coaches battle Rohr over ‘poor decisions’

    The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is said to be trying to bring sanity to Super Eagles camp over ‘the bad blood’ generated by Friday’s 4-4 draw the Nigerian team recorded against Sierra Leone in an African Cup of Nations qualifier.

    Nigeria led Sierra Leone by 4-0 at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium on Friday only for the Leone Stars to come back and force the Super Eagles to a 4-4 draw.

    At the end of the game, many of the players and some back room staff blamed Rohr for the draw, accusing the German of ignoring their counsel in the game management.

    An NFF top official, who pleaded anonymity, said the federation’s President, Amaju Pinnick, had to intervene when it looked like some players and coaches were trying to mutiny against Rohr over the way he is handling the team.

    Relating to an incident during the match when Skipper Ahmed Musa had to confront Rohr for making ‘bad changes’ in the course of the game, the source said many of the senior players accused the German of not understanding the flow of the game and therefore could not make effective changes.

    “The Sierra Leonean coach made three changes that turned the game on its head, while Rohr reduced the effectiveness of our team by some curious decisions.

    “The worst part is that he did not seek any of his coaches’ opinion before making changes during the game. He only wrote some things on a paper and passed to our team secretary, Day Enebi, who then submitted names for substitutions.

    “Rohr said some of the players were not mentally ripe for national team games, yet he keeps inviting these players.

    “The way things stand, if the NFF president fail to bring sanity to the camp, we could witness worse performance in Freetown,” he said.

    The source also said some of the senior players have started questioning Rohr’s competence, arguing the German has not been able to lift the team above the 2017 level.

    “I have been confronted by some of these players with what they perceive as the poor coaching standard of the leader of the technical crew.

    “After the 2-1 loss to Argentina at the World Cup in Russia, Rohr said he had learnt his lessons from that game. But he seems to have learnt nothing.

    “Some of the senior players have now decided to play more active part in team selection and management during games since Rohr has shown a glaring lack of capacity to manage the team effectively.

    “I am sure that if the late Amodu Shaibu or Stephen Keshi were in charge of the Super Eagles, no team, not even France or Brazil, can force Nigeria to a draw after trailing by 4-0. It is not possible.”


    • King S 9 months ago

      I had to through this and i perceived a foul play. I am more than sure that these senior players in question are those that have little chances with the National team. The reference to the late Keshi and Shuabi showed it all. I wont be surprised that Etebo is inclusive. The dude knows damn well that when Ndidi is fit, he wont be a guaranteed starter.

      It is awkard, stupid and disappointing of any so-called senior members of the national team to say Rohr has not moved the team up since 2017! I mean! I was extremely disappointed that we drew from a comfortable lead, but that will not make me say Rohr has not moved the team upward since 2017.

      Even Musa that was reported to have confronted Rohr can count the number of times he lost possession.

      No one is saying that Rohr should or cannot be sacked, but we are concerned about his replacemet which is evident from a ‘novice’ appointed as an Assistant coach and till now we dont know what the former ass coach was sacked.

      How many of these senior players can confront their club coaches if a situation similar to the ‘blight of benin’ as @deo calls it? But with the over-politicization of Nigeria football, even outdated players dey yarn dust.

      I’m sure these senior players are not happy with the influx of foreign-born players. They know if these talents are mechanised, then its bye bye to super eagles— Musa inclusive.

      I think if Rohr escaped his sack, he should stick to his gun or something like that as @Dr Drey(my most respected forumite) said. And if he knows he is tactically inept to push the super eagles forward, then he should leave.

      I noticed that some shallow-minded forumites laughed at Rohr’s decision to pick Kevin over Aina and Ebuehi because of aerial prowess. But its their day, there are free to run that mouth like leaked pipes.

      The report even said the senior players want to be involved with players selection? See foul play! Make dem go coach. I am angry at the statement of these players if true.

      If Rohr invites according to them metally unripe players to the national team, were they all ready-made when there were invited too?

      This development as reported, i firmly believe, is a ploy to remove Rohr. Make dem give Yobo the job, make we see how hin go fare. But what will be the case is that things go don spoil!

      The NFf official no fit talk about the players wey dem dey own. Wahala dey for Nigeria o

      Rohr too should stop disappointing and get his tactics right.


    • Omo9ja 9 months ago

      @Babad, thanks for the heads-up bro.
      I am begging coach Rohr fans to come out in numbers to read this and say something about it.

      I’m not surprised that such a thing is happening in the camp.

      We can’t do anything about it though, because it is too late.

      I believed the only thing that we have left over in that team is our players. They are the ones to count on to get the job done. Not the gaffer.

      If they put themselves together as a team, yes they can win the match tomorrow. It has happened before in France 98 against Spain if we remembered. Our players told themselves what to do and they went for it and we won the match in the end. Mr. Garba Lawal confirmed it on CSN.

      Thank God Yobo is there with the team. His maturity and experience as a former footballer will count for tomorrow’s match.
      Also, Musa will play an elderly role in tomorrow’s match as well. These are the advantages we have over the Leone star.

      Anyway, impossible is nothing. It’s 50/50 chance for both teams. I’m not under any pressure because I have warned coach Rohr, his followers and NFF.

      For that reason, they should hold NFF president responsible for this shameful result on Friday.

      Oga Rohr fans also included.

      Oga GR did not deserve to stay in the office till today, the gaffer would have bn fired long time ago.

      I love Oga Rohr too much before now and after the world cup in Russia, I made a U turn sharply because I knew that he could not go beyond this level.

      I have been clamoring for an expert for a while because he can help Oga Rohr. Instead of NFF to hired an experienced ex players but they opted for Yobo that should be the one learning from other coaches in the team.

      Hmm. I won’t blame Mr. Rohr that much but NFF. They are very wicked people. They don’t care about us but themselves. That is so bad. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Edoman 9 months ago


    • @Edoman….

      When ROHR goes what have u archieved???

      Will that make SE to win world cup???

      Will that make SE not to be an average team with 100% average players???

      When Rohr was not the coach of the team, we’ve been going for world cup how many times have we reached the quater finals???

      Even when afcon use to be an 8 nation tournament, when the likes of GHANA, CAMEROUN, EGYPT won 4 each, how many did we win???

      It progress to 16 how many did we win???

      I said it b4 that our elders normally says that “WHEN THE BUSH IS ON FIRE, A STUPID MONKEY LAUGHS”….

      Don’t laugh at a man’s downfall bcos u don’t know what lies ahead….. Your today may be good but your tomorrow may not go well….

      B4 i bow out, for DARE to sack ROHR he must pay him his remaining 2 years contract. Bcos as things stands, Rohr will likely qualify SE for afcon to meet the first mandate,,,,
      so if sacking rohr would solve the problem, they should prepare the money ASAP.

    • Omo9ja 9 months ago

      @Edoman, ah, what happened? Ahahahaha, I can’t believe my eyes o seriously?


      Were you not one of those people that backing the coach? You believed so much in Oga Rohr to the extent that whenever I’m talking about the coach you disagree with me most of the time but what is going now my lovely friend?

      Please I need an explanation sir. I can’t believe this. Wow. I don’t think this is Edoman.

      @UBFE, do you think that Edoman doesn’t know what he was talking about?

      Don’t tell me you didn’t see anything wrong with the Eagles last Friday. Oga GR ran out of ideas against Argentina, Algeria, Madagascar and now, Leone star and you still want the coach in charge of the team? Are you kidding ba? Come on
      UBFE. He got his tactics wrong big time. Yes, Oga Rohr should be fired period.

      I read your comment and I’m speechless. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Ayphillydegreat 9 months ago

        Oga Rohr should be fired period. Is that not the same match you want the players to boycott??? Lmao!!!! It’s Christmas Day come early for you, enjoy it while it last. No matter the circumstances we will still qualify for the AFCON. Just don’t come back and congratulate the coach when that happens. Stick to your slogan of oga rohr must be fired period. Lmao!! Go and apply for the job na? 

        • Omo9ja 9 months ago

          @Ayphillydegreat, is not about winning tomorrow’s match alone, I’m not convinced, confident and bold enough to say Oga Rohr deserves to continue with Super Eagles job after tomorrow’s match.

          Reasons are,

          1. If his first plan didn’t work, no other options and the team collapsed.

          2. Always talked down the team before the match.

          3. No confidence

          4. Always converting players

          5. Favoritism and wrong sub

          However on the other hand, Oga Rohr is a world class in terms of man management. You are fabulous on this Mr. Gernot Rohr.

          I hope Nigerian coach can emulate this from Oga Rohr.

          Ayphillydegreat, yes you are correct sir. Boycotting the match would have been better than that of last Friday result.

          From 4:0

          Hmm. Nigerian history won’t forget Oga Rohr, his fans and NFF president, Amaju Pinnick for this result.

          I think it is an abomination to tell Oga Rohr to continue.

          Frankly speaking,

          Ayphillydegreat, let’s move ahead. We patriotic Nigerians have decided to let go of Oga Rohr period.

          We appreciate him and we wish him the best. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Ayphillydegreat 9 months ago

            No problem go ahead and sack him na?? All your cry here is irrelevant. No matter how you want him to be sacked he will still qualify us for the AFCON and take us to a third tournament with games to spare. 

  • @King…

    Pls let me just cut in.

    Apart from NDIDI, EBUEHI, EKONG(partly) mention just one of the so call “senior players” that their club can rely on just like MANE, SALAH, AUBA, KOULIBALLY, ZAHA & MAHREZ.

    Bunch of below average players & Age-cheat like them.

    Can they even talk to their fellow team mate on the pitch in their club not to talk of the captain; then u mention the coach.

    If they like their career they should just keep their mouth shut & allow those evil men that has no where to go to plot & dismiss that OYIBO man else most of them would end up not even seeing the bench to sit on when they travell back to their clubs…
    Unless they don’t like those benches they are warming in their club….

    3rd class players like them only playing to be invited to the national team…

    Ever since OKOCHA & KANU left SE have we produce any contestant for caf awards?

    Mikel & Moses only tried but can’t dislodge Yaya & Salah…

    These ones are just swayed away by their advocates to fight for invite.


  • @Omo9ja

    Did i hear u mention Musa?
    I thought musa is old and outdated.
    These pple are just sword with 2 edges.
    They don’t have where they belong.

    If i may ask, which of the YOBO are u refering to?

    Is it that one that pass through the “NIGERIAN WAY” to be assistant coach?

    I think the last time i checked, the 2012; 2015 afcon YOBO was the captain….

    Why didn’t he bring his experience as an old player without any coaching batch to qualify us???
    No wonder NNAMDI KANU call this country “ZOO”

    Rohr would leave and Yobo would take over.
    But whoever is instigating those average age-cheat players to abuse that innocent man would never rise to ROHR’s rank in the world of soccer; amen.

    And the same cup he measure for Rohr would be measured back to him. So shall it be; amen.

    Whether the person is a civil servant or not, he would never sow & stay to reap his labour; amen.
    Since he doesn’t want Rohr to reap what he has sown after picking this team from the scratch…

    • Fortune Fortune 9 months ago

      DON’T ADVISE THESE 3 FOLKS: A Woman In Love; A Man Who Became Rich With Bequeathed Wealth;  A Football lover [Or Religious Folks] Following A Prophet [Gernot Rohr].


  • @Omo9ja….

    How about the tactics that made SE beat CAMERUON the defending champion twice?

    The Argentina friendly nko?

    How about the Algeria 3-1 victory in uyo?

    The poland tactics u failed to mention….

    When last did SE withstand BRAZIL?
    But Rohr useless tactics prove a point against almighty Brazil…

    How about the Egypt game, they scored one and defended till the game was over…

    The Zambia home & away thrashing nkor?

    Do u think we’ve forgotten all these good times?

    We are two different humans….
    Don’t expect me to behave like u….
    I was born and raise in a christian home where descipline is the order of the day….

    I was taugth not to hate, envy, have bitterness against anybody by my Godly parents and i grow with it….

    I was taugth not to laugh or mock at some ones downfall….

    I was taugth not to pray for somebody to fall without a cause…

    And many more….

    You can never lure or entice me into that ur evil way….

    Your evil character and wickedness perish with you @Omo9ja….

    • Omo9ja 9 months ago

      @UBFE, let’s talk about football a bit chairman.

      You see gentleman, in life everything has its own season and every season has its own up and down scenario.

      At first, I appreciate Oga Rohr for that achievements.

      However, you said Oga Rohr tactics won us all these matches? I do not agree with you but i give it to you sha.

      In reality, Oga Rohr tactics did not.
      During the time you were referring to, we had a fantastic and experienced team and those boys won Oga Rohr the matches you are talking about today.

      We would have gotten the same result 4:0 last Friday against the Leone star if the gaffer used the right tactics. The gaffer didn’t know what to do.

      Presently, we have players but we don’t have a coach.

      “You can never lure or entice me into that ur evil way….

      Your evil character and wickedness perish with you @Omo9ja”….

      Did I do something wrong? If no, then, this wasn’t for me bro. I think you are too emotional. I can understand. The love you have for Oga is way too much.

      But you have no choice, you have to choose between Nigeria and Oga Rohr if you want our Super Eagles to be successful from now on.

      Rohr would leave and Yobo would take over.
      But whoever is instigating those average age-cheat players to abuse that innocent man would never rise to ROHR’s rank in the world of soccer; amen.

       I was taugth not to laugh or mock at some ones downfall”

      But you are typing all this?

      “And the same cup he measure for Rohr would be measured back to him. So shall it be; amen.

      Whether the person is a civil servant or not, he would never sow & stay to reap his labour; amen.
      Since he doesn’t want Rohr to reap what he has sown after picking this team from the scratch”…

      I’m so sorry for bro. All what you said above doesn’t count except if you were happy with the result of the match otherwise, don’t take this personal. Ww are all Nigerians and Super Eagles deserve the best.

      I wish you the best. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Collins id 9 months ago

    honestly speaking there are some players we shouldn’t be mentioning here anymore wether they score for their clubs or not.
    no 1 is iheanacho when ever I watch that guy play for Eagles i begin to regret the early dismissal of players like Brown ideye, gbolagan salami and also begin to respect sone aluku, oduamadi these players are far better than iheanacho, even Isaac success despite not playing in club will do better than iheanacho in the eagles. iheanacho is just like a 36 years old player who is about to retire.

    2 unuachu, this guy babalawo or pastor, infact all of the above, needs to understand that the nations happiness is astake, therefor should allow Rohr to see other player

    3 Etebo, though one of my eagles favourite player. but anytime you see eagles surprisingly failed or throw away their supposed victory Etebo is always there to play the failing role. especially in absence of Ndidi to cover for his kangaroo display in our midfield. I know that rohr knows this fact that’s why he prefers aribo to etebo but in absence of Ndidi etebo must come in. if the likes of josh unoma ejiara azubuike etc comes in I think etebo should be shown the door. haba. Egypt home draw and away lost he dey there. Madagascar lost he dey there. Ukraine draw he dey there, Argentina and Croatia lost e dey there. South Africa home lost e dey there. serrieleone 4 4 draw he wear agbada for there, even Algeria home draw despite disqualified results etebo was there. I still believe that guy is played out of position e doesn’t posses the awareness of a natural DM. this guy perhaps should play up front where his speed and shot is much required and will not cos us damages like he has been doing in front of our defenders. The worst part of it is that he doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

    • Ayphillydegreat 9 months ago

      Oga Colins. I understand your frustrations. But don’t forget that players like Brown Ideye, Gbolahan Salami and Nnamdi Oduamadi are still active footballers. Though they’re now semi retired in their late 20s to early 30s. If they’re in form I don’t think you have to be the one to tell the coach to invite them. They will be in the team by now if they’re still in form, that’s why I will prefer a Dessers who I’m sure is actually 25 years old compared to a Gbolahan Salami who claimed to be 29 and already retired or playing semi pro football somewhere. Iheanacho has already played at a big club in his career ManCity and currently plays for a top 5 club in England. Yes Leicester is a top 5 club in England. Over the the last five years. When you mention ManCity, Liverpool, ManU and Chelsea, Leicester is next before you talk about Arsenal and Tottenham over the last five years. Iheanacho is very much relevant in this team. Let’s see how he performs tomorrow in the absence of Osimhen before throwing him the sticks. At least he’s way better than Onuachu whom most fans have always clamor for in recent past. 

      • Ayphillydegreat 9 months ago

        Etebo was our best midfield player on Friday. I was glad that Iwobi scored two goals, but he quickly tired out towards the later stages of the match. Same with Aribo. Those are supposed to be the two critical changes made towards the end of the game. Against Lesotho when Azeez came in for Aribo we became more purposeful and he created an assist for Osimhen to score the fourth goal. Shehu or Ajayi should have come into the midfield as fresh legs to support Etebo. I think they underrated S/L towards the end and they paid dearly for it. I really hope this will not be the identity of this team. Go up to gigantic leads and give it up towards the later stages of important matches. I hope this serves as a massive lesson going forward. 

    • pompei 9 months ago

      Hahahahaha! Chai, no be only agbada Etebo wear for Benin. E join am with danshiki too. Looool! Unfortunately, the agbada don hook barbwire, don tear finish. Na so we see am.
      As you mentioned, the argument can be made that Etebo is being played out of position, like a square peg in a round hole. The Etebo that caught everybody’s notice when he started out was an attacking midfielder! He was so good at Warri Wolves as an AM. Playing as a junior under Siasia, he continued to impress in an AM role. Even at the Olympics, he was an AM.
      The initial idea to convert him to a box-to-box midfielder started with Siasia. His first attempt at the DM role was against Egypt in 2015, when he was paired in the middle with Mikel in Siasia’s favored 4-4-2 formation. He scored in the first leg that ended in a draw in the blistering Kano heat. Then we lost in Alexandria and that was that.
      Actually, Etebo has done well in this DM role. This is the same Etebo that Mahrez heaped praise on after Algeria’s 3-1 defeat in Uyo. I recall Mahrez said Etebo was “everywhere” on the pitch. Recall that intelligent pass he gave to Mikel for the second goal?
      Luka Modric singled him out as the player that impressed him most after Croatia beat us at the world cup.
      My point is, I don’t know what is responsible for Etebo’s current downward spiral. Perhaps age is catching up with him. What I know for certain is that the Etebo of the recent past was one of our very best players.

  • De Star 9 months ago

    @Ayphillidegreat , I cannot agree less with your balanced analysis; Etebo is a strong warrior type player that plays more with strength than skill, perhaps , his not being skillful player is definitely reason , he is not being appreciated in SE , just as Garuba Lawal was never appreciated in his days , Etebo is still very much relevant to SE same as Ihenacho , who I believe considering Ihenacho age , coupled with the fact that he is not a total failure in eagles , he should therefore be encouraged as he remains one of the few stars in the team ;

    rather it is the player like Unuachu & co that doesn’t have business in super eagles as he had failed severally in the past till present even if he scores the winning goal tomorrow; only Oga Rohr can explain why he continues to invite in the team , thank God it is not Nigerian Local coach that is in charge of SE , accusation of bribery or players forced on the coach would have been deafening, but since anything white colour is always faultless with some , I will want to give Rohr some benefit of doubt in that area.

  • Kingston 9 months ago

    etebo still got quality. I don’t know when this idea of etebo not doing well started. probably since aribo came to super eagles, all of a sudden people have forgotten who etebo is! I personally feel the best position we can apply him is the center midfield role, where his box-to-box ability is utilized. I don’t fancy him in the AM role. though he got the qualities, but whenever he plays there for us there’s something about our attack that doesn’t just feel right… maybe it is his creativity, his type is not that kind a no10 display (no10 such as KDB, juan mata, david silva, even iwobi). etebo is even our most consistent player. since world cup till now, how many matches can you say he did bad? I bet not up to five! ariball is good, but for African games I personally think etebo should bench him, that is, when ndidi has return from injury.

  • Collins id 9 months ago

    there is more to be expected of a DM and a CM, not only by bullying of the ball like bulldog and let it off like a chicken in wrong positions that can cost the entire team. my question is does etebo trains or play regularly as a DM in is club or is he just playing it for eagles bcos we like him. The only team that ever utilised him as a DM is stoke city and we all saw how he was relegated to the bench and the aging Mikel took over from our so called warrior(football nor be wrestling). that’s to tell u that it’s more than gragrabilty to play as DM. etebo have poor completed pass ratio and seems to be always indecisive with the ball from that dangerous position. anytime the opponent press high etebo is bound to lose the ball, the reasons why u guys like him is his tackling ability and aimless dribbling, etebo will allow his opponents defenders to recover their position before he releases the ball, some times the guy go first dance 360 degree around with ball before he could release the ball, if you watch football with four sites you will notice that Etebos careless displays by given out the ball to the argentines in morethan 8 occasions cost us Argentina lost! not ighalo miss, he cannot soke high pressure and he is inconsistent withen 90 minutes. that is bcos he is not a natural DM besides only defenders can bcome DM not dribblers. I really miss onazi for real wether you guys agree or not that guy is the best DM we have had after Sunday holiseh, he knows that job too well. @Aphyldegreat I am not calling for those names to be recalled I am just regretting why I didn’t fancy them when they were doing better than iheanacho in the eagles back then . iheanacho can play for realmadrid if he likes as far as eagles is concern he is a scam. musa of saudi Arabia and ighalo of China still offer more than this young old man.