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Sports Minister Demands World Class Foreign Coach For Super Eagles

Sports Minister Demands World Class  Foreign Coach For Super Eagles

Sports minister John Enoh has challenged the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to appoint a world clash expatriate for the Super Eagles.

The NFF are in the hunt for a new technical adviser for the Super Eagles to revive the team’s chances of qualifying for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The three-time African champions failed to record a win in their last two games in the qualifiers.

The West Africans held Bafana Bafana of South Africa to a 1-1 draw at home and lost 2-1 away to the Squirrels of Benin Republic.

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They currently occupy occupy fifth position on the Group C table with three points from four games.

“It has to be a name that will inspire the spirit of our nation,” Enoh told Eagle7 FM.

“He has to be a first-class coach with a track record, a pedigree, who will earn the respect of our players.”

The NFF is expected to appoint a new gaffer before the Super Eagles begin their quest for a place at the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations in September.

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  • Greenturf 2 weeks ago

    You knew what was right all along but you chose the route to failure!Now you looking for a world class coach to clean up your mess pathetic!

  • Lucky Ukhun 2 weeks ago

    So, how are you going to pay him this time?

  • “A quality coach in time saves nine points”

    Now 9 points is lost forever and we’re hoping others slip up.

    Classic self sabotage. People canvassed for different coaches. I can’t remember anyone propping up Finidi, despite being assistant to Paseiro.

    But NFF in their backyard “wisdom” thought otherwise.

    A possible 12 point became a paltry 3 points in a group where we rank above all the rivals, which include names like Lesotho, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, and Benin.

    Wonder of all wonders.

  • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

    I thought there was no money to pay a foreign coach…..LMAOOoo.

    As the wise old African saying goes, “A dog that refuses to listen to the hunter’s whistle will surely get lost”

    Mr Clueless Minister, where is the money suddenly flowing out from now…?

    • E ku agba…E e pa mi…. i bow o…. Aja t’omaa so nu, kii gbo fere ode…. E sa je ka maa dupe pe at least won ti ji….They were sleeping in the dream land… Let’s thank God that they are up from their slumber… At the same time, we should not lose sight of their corrupt somersault and shenanigans… Mr minister, NFF just received the AFCON $4M…. That money must be spent judiciously and accounted for….. We can get Havre Renard for less than $100K a month. We don’t want to see a bill of $120-150k per month where the the excess ontop of 100k is arranged to be shared…. Mr. Minister, what is happening with Falcons camping for the Olympics?….let us stop playing in to the gallery and let’s be serious…..abeg…

  • We don’t need a world class coach to qualify for the WC In 2026. Although picking the first spot of the group is very slim but we can still hope to be pick as 2nd best in our group and compete with other countries from other continent as second best in our group.
    We are still not developing right structure for future reference. A foreign technical adviser is not magician. NFF put your House in order.

  • Larry 2 weeks ago

    The jazz Gusau, Picnic and the nff mafias used on this one is clearing gradually. You better keep an eye on this forum and learn more about nff sinister moves.
    The latest is the Osi distraction being used to cover their ineptitude snd take attention away from what they are cooking with coaches appointment.
    I hope this we won’t have to wait till 2 weeks to the next match before they unveil their world class coach.
    Besides, the case of Chris Hoddle and Erickson comes to mind.
    The corrupt nff and their agent of darkness!!

  • Larry 2 weeks ago

    The nff WC coach mechanism!


    Erickson said he rejected the offer after he was told by an official of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) that his salary would be paid into two different bank accounts.According to the Swede, the NFF gave him a condition that his salary would be paid into his account and “another account that was not in my name.


    Hoddle is believed to have claimed to the Nigerian state authorities that he came under pressure to arrange a bung for one of his new employers. Hoddle’s allegation is said to be that, having agreed a US$1m (£650,000) short-term deal last month, an official told him it would be announced as US$1.5m.
    Hoddle, who has not responded to attempts by the Guardian to contact him on the matter, was informed he would have to return the £325,000 difference as a kickback.

    • Hassan Tia 2 weeks ago

      I think Sport Minister John Enoh and NFF should contact with Herve Renard , they must wait him till septemper the end of Women World Cup , then they can hire him after negosiation ; or they should contact with ex french coach Reymon Domenech or Netherland coach Frank Deboer ; I think thoes three coaches are World class coaches who have pidegree to take Super Eagles to the new era , they can contract with less than $ 100000 monthly …

  • luger 2 weeks ago


  • KangA 2 weeks ago

    Why the sudden change of heart? Don’t do the right thing and continue to glue your bum on the seat. The chair will be thrown away with you perched on it. 

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    You want to drink clean water, but you’re using a filthy cup.
    We keep throwing out the water, sacking coaches and their assistants, while the filthy incompetent NFF that hired them remains in office!
    Even if you put clean water in a dirty cup, that water becomes unfit for drinking once it comes in contact with the filthy cup.
    If we like, we can bring Guardiola and Klopp combined. Will they succeed working with this NFF? A corrupt to the core, incompetent, NFF that is untouchable? An NFF that does whatever it likes completely unchecked, and does not answer to anyone?
    This needs to change!
    We need to get it right. The current NFF must be given performance targets.
    This is the only way to get them to care enough to do their jobs.
    Love of country is zero. Love of Nigeria fans is zero. Love of the game is zero.
    All they want to do is share money.
    Tie their jobs to results, and they will all sit up.

  • SeanT 2 weeks ago

    For SE to qualify, we need to win the remaining 6 matches and hope SA drop 2 point by getting a draw after we might have win them on the return leg. But do you think that is possible?

    That’s the big question but even at that if the so call NFF can act professionally this time, get a Grade A Coach and not just average coach because of some AFCON experience & also avoid stay clear of the team selection, then we might have a chance. No doubt we have good players who can hold their own against any African opponents but getting them play together as a team has always been the problem.

    The incoming Coach should immediately bring in fresh legs to help Ekong & Bassey at the Central defence because they’re the only ones reliable at that role for now. Igho Ogbu, Tosin Adarabioyo if he’s willing to play for Eagles & Gabriel Osho should be added to the list of central defenders and drop players who have underperformed in that role.

    Lookman should be made to play as 2nd striker not winger. All our remaining wide players are not naturally wingers. The Coach should be able to understand their role as inverted wingers and stop assigning role that will diminish their performance to them. Chukwueze is a perfect example in this case and we need to get Ejuke back into the team as we need players who can make good use of the ball while attacking. The way our players easily loose possession has been worrisome.

    Lastly we should stick to 3 central defenders in other to avoid conceding cheap goals. Aina is a quality wing back on both side of the pitch. So Osayi or Simon can take up the right wing back role. Eventhough I’ve criticize Simon in the past but i later realized he’s very useful in the team organization.

    Iwobi need to up his game if he still want to continue to be the team playmaker otherwise the new Coach should give Fisayo opportunity to proof himself. I have believe that Lookman can also excel in that role provided he has 2 defensive midfielder to win 2nd balls behind him.

    2 central midfielders in the likes of Onyeka, Onyedika, Ndidi or Yusuff. The Coach in charge should select the most inform and fit players out of those 4 to play as central and defensive midfielders

    Osimhen should be paired with another striker who likes to drop back to the midfield to build up attack, Lookman or Boniface can do well in this role because both are skillful. Lookman the most technical though.

    3-5-2 formation is the best for SE for now because our midfielders are just average so we need more body in the midfield so we won’t be always outplayed in that area. We fans suffer a lot watching SE chasing after the ball against almost every opponent we’ve played in the last 2 years. With 3 midfielders and 2 wing backs, opponent self go feel am.

    No more players from the NPFL or other weak league representing eagles again. Our best players are Abroad and we should stop deceiving ourselves

  • Codex 2 weeks ago

    Oh Please Shut up Mr.Minister you can’t even comprehend the reality of your decision making mechanisms let alone get the required results yet you want the best of the best to rectify the said rotten decision making.

    Crap will always beget crap period!

  • If you are ready to pay for first class money you will get a first class coach. Recall that if not that you overruled NFF when they wanted a foreign coach and you insisted on Finidi George despite the fact he doesn’t have a clue about coaching, we would not find ourselves in this mess.

    Ironically you are now the one insisting on a foreign coach because you want to be listed as the minister that took Nigeria to the world cup.
    It is so obvious you don’t have a clue about football and the same mistake is about to be repeated. When a no clue sports minister JAM corrupt clueless NFF the output is bottom place Super Eagles!

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