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Spurs’ Chances Of Retaining Pochettino Slim

Spurs’ Chances Of Retaining Pochettino Slim

It was evident at the weekend that Mauricio Pochettino is currently frustrated by the club’s unwillingness to improve the team in the transfer market. This is not surprising as the last senior player that Spurs have acquired was exactly a year ago with Lucas Moura that moved from Paris Saint Germain.

As reported by Bestbettingsites the chances of Pochettino’s managing Spurs at the beginning of next season are really slim as the Argentinean seems to have run out of patience with Daniel Levy’s strategy. The manager was put under the spotlight after his side crashed from both the domestic cup competitions last week and he responded by clearly indicating that the main problem is lack of activity on the transfer market.

The club will be seriously concerned now as in the last two or three press conferences it was clear that there are some frictions and even signs of irritation from Pochettino’s side.

Spurs are doing well financially but the problem in football is that you won’t win titles if you have a sound financial basis. It might be a contradiction but is a fact.

Pochettino’s has been reluctant to confirm he will stay and the reason behind it is now apparent: his relationship with Levy is not good and lack of reinforcements will be the main reason that will push the Argentinean away, probably towards Manchester United but even abroad.

To add to the problems, the club had clearly shown lack of replacements when both captain Harry Kane and Dele Alli picked up injuries. It is difficult to see though if Levy’s choice of not spending in the transfer market it is a forced one: Spurs have a new stadium to pay off and for this reason don’t seem to have the same financial resources to compete with the top teams in England and Europe.

After all, Tottenham are risking to do same as Arsenal: their north London rivals had to go through some austere season after they opened the Emirates Stadium in 2006.

Spurs, however, are confident that the increased television revenues will help Tottenham to reduce the impact of having to pay for the new stadium. If we compare the times when Arsenal have built their stadium, TV revenues have escalated so that debt shouldn’t prevent Spurs to still have a very competitive team.

The main risk for Spurs is continuing with their trophy-less trend which is stretching from 2008. Pochettino has explicitly said that he hasn’t got enough resources to take Tottenham to the next level. By publicly declaring that the Argentine has opened to the attention of other clubs and the link with Manchester United remains very strong despite Solkjaer is doing an excellent job since replacing Jose Mourinho.

Pochettino has said that he has taken the club as far as he could possibly do considering the rules that the management has set. He clearly referenced wage structures and also the amount available on transfer. Unless those things will change, it is likely that Pochettino will move on as in his mind he considers his job done at Spurs under current situations.

His change of mood was evident as he admitted that he cannot currently confirm if he will be at the club at the beginning of the next season.

Pochettino said that he cannot promise that he will stay beyond this season. He said that he always feel the responsibility of doing the best possible job but that the future doesn’t only depend on him. It actually depends on the chairman, the company management and that there are lots of things to be considered. That was seen as a reference to the fact that if the transfer policy won’t change he will not be staying at the club.

Mauricio Pochettino has also been linked with the likes Real Madrid and the fact that he has been vague on the future doesn’t promise anything good to Spurs’ fans. He said that despite having signed a five-year deal back in May it doesn’t mean that he will stay forever. He said that he loves his job and big challenges. When he joined Tottenham, he knew that the challenge will be tough. Looking back it is clear to see that the club was on a different level then and he considered to have fully achieved his objectives and that new resources will be needed to take Spurs to the next level.

Pochettino also added that Spurs are not able to buy top players like Liverpool and Manchester City are doing: those financial investments are needed so that Tottenham can fight for an English and European’s titles.

The facts are that Tottenham haven’t signed a single player during the summer and they have ended another transfer window without any new acquisitions. Instead of investing heavily like Liverpool have done, Tottenham have tried to produce young players with great prospectives like Kane, Alli, Dier, Winks and Trippier.

The likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona not only are focusing on the academy but they also have the financial strengths to compete with the elite in Europe. Tottenham are not yet at that moment and as Pochettino said: if you can’t buy a washing machine you can get a dryer that can do a similar job. If you can’t buy a sofa you can buy a chair you can also sit. This is at the moment the main difference between Tottenham and the teams that are fully equipped to win titles years in and out. Even if Pochettino hasn’t concluded his sentence by saying that he is ready to take a different job since Spurs cannot give him the same level of ambitions it is pretty clear that this is where he was going. He reckons his job at Spurs is over under present circumstances and it would take a massive change of policy from the club to convince him to stay which is why the odds of him staying in North London look very slim at this present moment.

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