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Super Eagles Captain, Musa Marries For The Third Time

Super Eagles Captain, Musa Marries For The Third Time

Super Eagles winger and captain, Ahmed Musa has married his third wife, Mariam in a private ceremony over the weekend.

It will be his third marriage in 9 years, having ended his relationship with first wife Jamila in 2017 to marry Juliet Ejue the same year.

The Kano Pillars star has always maintained that he does not regret his first marriage as he stated that the second one will be happier and long-lasting.

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He has taken Mariam as his second wife as it was gathered that the wedding ceremony was quiet.

Mariam Jamila, his second wife, joins Juliet in Musa’s household.

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  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    …See this one who is suppose to be looking for a club! Getting back his carrier on track is not of utmost priority to him rather it’s the ease and comfort inbetween the soft tissues of a new woman in the name of religion… I don’t blame him, afterall despite his pale fortunes with recent career situation… quota system will always ensure Coach Rohr reserves him a spot in Super Eagles… aboki especially a rich one never disappoints scoring off field goals. See who be our captain… running down women channels more than football. Our basketball team in the last days just took USA ultimate team
    apart… that’s what merit can do as against
    quota system! One love…

    • Maestro 3 years ago

      Talk to those with baby mama everywhere to stop womanizing. Even their wives are complaining on social media. Still you never attacked them for that.

    • Dotmann 3 years ago

      Why are you getting such a hard on over Musa’s matter?
      How is his career/personal life your headache? The guy is a made man. He may not be in the Messi and Ronaldo class but during his career he had tied down lots of lucrative contracts. And hopefully if he invested well,he is can afford to flex as much as much as his religion allows in marriage.

    • Alege 3 years ago

      What he did is far and far better than some of those you thought are best to you because what’s paramount to them drinking and womanising, going from one night club to another. In lew of this, try devote your time and energy for your own rather than mingling into someone’s life.

    • Wiseman 3 years ago

      The same quota system made him Nigeria’s ever highest goal scorer in the world cup. So try & cure yourself of ethnic & religious bigotry, you hear?

  • Michel 3 years ago

    28 years old already married thrice , doesn’t play regularly at club,he plays only home matches and hasn’t played upto 4 matches since his return to kanu pillars,yet he will be the first name on the list of rohr because of quota system.he was a good player but he should be no where near the national team now.

    • Budus 3 years ago

      But also when Christian Chukwu was eagles coach we still understand the tribe that made up the team as if Easterns represented the nation or are u short of memory . Leave the young man with his private life alone , be civilized for ones .

    • Alege 3 years ago

      Guy he might be 22 years with 4 wives, he doesn’t beg for either moral or economic assistance, face your personal issues instead of taking someone’s

    • Willy 3 years ago

      He’s more than 28 na.

  • Abdul handsy 3 years ago

    Smile! Don’t attack Musa on his private life rather your critique about him should be based on purely football alone sirs…

    Did you all know that Ahmed neither club nor womanize? So if he decided to pick another wife with his financial capacities and his religion supports it,what’s the qualms about it?

    Will you support someone who’s married to only one wife but not responsible over an Ahmed who is married to two or more wives and responsible always?

    If Ahmed is doing well with his family and his family are happy with him then,I see no issue about it guys!

    On football matter, Ahmed cannot find a club for himself but his trusted agent does the job. And if Ahmed is not fit enough to play for super eagles again and he refuses to retire officially, then, super eagles’ officials can always retire him pending on the time he meets up with the invitation requirement.

    Abeg let’s learnt to tolerate one another most especially when it concerns religious beliefs-value and differences.

    Thank you!

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Abdul handsy… If Musa @28years already has registered three wives… more critical should it be viewed now because his career and stock is seriously south at the moment… Can he be banging two women and maybe more on the sidelines and still be performing good on the pitch? It’s his private life and we are only trying to put it side by side with What he should represent to Nigerians… It’s obvious he is not a very disciplined man because even Buhari and lots of Muslims have just one wife… but what do I know? I hope since one wife already left, he
      will delay a bit than add two additional ones
      to complete his allowed harem of four wives.
      At his rate… it is almost certain he will have
      four wives before he turns 35years (football wise)… Lol.

      • Umolu 3 years ago

        Their religion tells them to marry as many provided the we women can be loved equally… laughable, how can a human love one or more people equally.

      • Khalil 3 years ago

        @JimmyBall,this atitude of trying to validate Muslims with what you see as “good” and permissible is just too bland why not try something else.
        George Beat from what I know had many women he was bedding during his hay days for Man United.
        Sex is not a factor in diminishing a players strength, some even need it to balance their life.

        One thing should be clear, we are not the same.

      • adeniyi 3 years ago

        Stop hating on the man….its his life…this is outside football…you lots probably do horrible things in your closets…yet you come here to attack a man for taking a decision he thinks is best for himself and his family? quite pathetic!

    • Khalil 3 years ago

      Wetin be una own sef?

      If he choose to marry four how is that you god damn poke nosing business.

      If you were criticising him on the basis of his performers that would have been fair ,but his life choice?you guys are going too far.

      Even idiots who are busy sleeping with girls they are not married to are busy making Musa a case of their existence like you feed him.

      What’s our problem in this country.

    • Alege 3 years ago

      God bless you

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    Same way these bandits destroyed Nigeria, 28yrs old getting married thrice, this act of recklessness and irresponsibly must not be allowed in super Eagles, how can u lead a battalion when ur mind is not settled. We don’t need a sex machine as a super Eagles skipper.

    • Khalil 3 years ago

      Oga,shey na you be super Eagles coach?
      Stop him from going to the camp whenever he is invited.

      Nonsense and radarada

    • Let the Super Eagles technical crew decide what they want. Let tolerate each other, face your life squarely.

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    @jimmyball, you believe in one wife policy becos of your religion too, i believe your tradition doesnt state so either. Please respect peoples private life, expecially when it comes to marreiges, dont judge anybody on that, you are crossing the lines in such cases, the last time it was about abraham and a white girl, these isues are privates biko, we have no right to debate it here, family is more important than football carea, musa is not in good form and should stay away from eagles for now! I agree with you on that motion, that he is getting marreid to 5 or 20 wives is simply private, as an african i expect you to understand. We only need to congratulate him and wish him well, even if he couldnt get a club and eventualy retires he will still be a legend and a richman

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    … I apologize to people wey this Musa Matter wey I comment vex. Actually na private matter… it’s just that when he married that calabar girl I thought the problem was actually the first wife. But now I see that Musa has a thing for women… it appears he gets bored with them easily. Well congrats to Musa Ahmed, but I sincerely doubt a serious European club will want a guy who may potentially have quite some off field serious emotional energy to balance… Several Muslims have played for Super Eagles in the past and most were really discreet about their obsession for multiple women… @Collins id, about Tammy Abraham, I was a bit critical of the fact that most of our Black Top African players prefer white ladies to their own kind… don’t call me racist, it’s hard to see any high profile European footballer who will marry an African woman… I am not talking mixed race… even that one is rare… to the Europeans it will be an insult at such level of stardom to parade a black woman as wife… if they don’t gravitate easily to black how is it then that it appears our black men EASILY gravitate to their women? Any Igboman that is here will know that Mikel Obi family may really not know what to do… but of course his white partner at a time caused a big issue in the family… the thing is, if the brothers ain’t rich, even the white physically attractive lady who is living on social welfare wouldn’t date him… the only ones who date our black brothers in Europe easily are those of them who are considered old, fat and socially unstable mostly to get kids by Africans and increase their social benefits claims… I may be wrong though. But it’s what I see often around the society I live in.

    • Sunnyb 3 years ago

      Some people will call this nonsense a religious matter, continue to fool the gullible, go the north and see what the likes of Musa are breeding

  • Rafiu Aliu 3 years ago

    This idea of marrying multiple women is nothing more than man’s insatiable lust for sex. It has nothing to do with religion. It is also based on foreign harem culture of the Arabs who introduced Islam to Africa. Why would anyone in his right mind marry more than one wife? You have to be out of your goddamn mind to have that kind of mentality and then use religion as a cover! Religion is a man-made invention anyway.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      … Coming from a Muslim… baba I salute you. If the tables were turned and ladies are allowed to marry multiple men they choose…. na then you go see murder rate increase exponentially for mother Africa…

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    @Rafiu Aliu, thanks bro for telling them the truth. we have many professional Muslim athletes in America and Europe those guys are not displaying the madness this Musa and his northern musilm brothers are displaying. Boko haram, iswap banditry are the result. Go to south west we have northern Muslim beggars everywhere from Lagos to ibadan.

  • Seedorf 3 years ago

    This D Tiger are performing wonders oooo. Defeating super power in world basketball

  • Kenneth 3 years ago

    Well am not shocked, and this one is meant to be a role model. Yes it is his private life, would you accept for your sister to married to another man or another man brings a woman into the house as second wife. Just like it was pointed out here, anyone taking multiple wife is just lusting for sex, nothing more to it. I was one of those who felt his first wife might be too local and not exposed, for someone coming from Europe and has seen the wild life, hence taking a more exposed lady will pacify his lust. But guess i was wrong. Who knows how many ladies are out there he probably is flirting with. Well the exchange rate is in his favor. So he can cash in all the dollars, pounds and euro he has amassed over the years. And what message is this passing to the society. You are better off being single

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