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Super Eagles Players Were Never Pleased With Okocha’s ‘Excessive’ Dribbling –Oliseh

Super Eagles Players Were Never Pleased With Okocha’s ‘Excessive’ Dribbling –Oliseh

Former Super Eagles captain, Sunday Oliseh has disclosed that a few members of the team were unhappy with Austine Okocha’s excessive dribbling in the senior national team.

Oliseh made this known on Athlete’s Podcast, a Special Delivery with Emmanuel Babayaro and Matthew Edafe, where he stated that Okocha was gifted but his excesses were difficult to cope with for defensive players, and they lost it many times.


UBA Super Savers

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“With Jayjay, most people would say he was a difficult player to play with, as teammates, as defensive players. But I personally had a way, an understanding with Jayjay that made it easy for me to play with him.

“There was one particular game, I’ll share a story with you. We were playing and Jayjay was doing his normal thing and Nigerian fans were going crazy. In our team, as much as we disagreed, every player was a king in their position. We had match winners – most of the players could win games but if someone did something bad in the group, the defenders always tell me, ‘Sunday tell am o’.

“They knew I was the only one who could say to Jayjay that ‘my man, release the ball and Jayjay would release. There was one particular game, he was doing it and we lost the ball. And the ball was coming and Taribo was going crazy about him. And he lost the ball one more time, and I told him ‘hey my man, I’m tired of running. And the next time he went on dribbling and lost the ball. I left the man. I let the opponent pass and they almost scored. Taribo went crazy, he crossed ahead of me and I had to grab him. Don’t joke with Taribo. He wants to win. He’s fanatical about winning,” Oliseh said.


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  • KangA 1 year ago

    Jay Jay could be likened to a masquerade whose guide had gone missing. Kudos to Oliseh for acting as a stop-gap guide. 

    All the same it was cruel of CAF to deny him APOTY award.

  • Respect is reciprocal 1 year ago

    Jay Jay didn’t deserve APOTY football is about result ,purpose and winning not entertainment. As much as he had the ingredients to rob shoulders with the like of Zidane ,Ronaldinho, he failed because he couldn’t play a purposeful football. No wonder big clubs didn’t go for him, look at Mane for Liverpool he does everything with the ball including dribbling. In Nigeria we idolize Okocha because we are not a footballing nation whose idea is about winning but we just want to be entertain and we love to say eh eh eh when Okocha is dribbling. But all the same he is a living near to be legend because soon after our generation has fizzle out Okocha might not be in the history book of best Afican players for he has no achievement register on his name that’s why players like George Wear , Mane, Drogba, Yaya, Eto, Kanu, Yekini,Ikpeba,Finidi, Odegbami ,Christian Chukwu will always be remember for their contribution locally, in Africa and also in European football. Sincerely speaking he was my greatest player when I was young but as I grow old I realized he was not a purposeful footballer but just a fun player

    • What do u know

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago


      Taahh……what do you mean by “big clubs didnt go for him”?

      Big clubs’ like Fenerbache signed Okocha. LMAOooo

      • Ignatius Abo 1 year ago

        In Turkey, Fenerbahce is regarded as a very big club. It is the Manchester City of Turkey. Doctor Olodo. Doctor Isonu.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Omo ale. Omo alawoku.

          In Djibouti AS Arta Solar 7 is regarded as a very very big club. They are the Manchester city of Djibouti. Salomon Kalou has just signed for a BIIIIIGGGGG club.

          Didinrin oshi. Omo Oran ikeji Aja.

          No wonder you acknowledged your uselessness by naming yourself igbe (shit)

          Okponu Omo. Jabesi Omo ibanuje.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahaha….at least I have a doctorate degree that is good enough for something. You and your entire existence what do you have……. LMAOOO. So worthless that even you see yourself as not worth more than shit….. LMAOOOO.

          Maybe Turkish league is in the same category as Spanish league or Italian league to a bastard like you… LMAOoo.
          Fenerbache must be in the same category as Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Bayern or Manchester to an empty barrel fool like you. Okocha really played for big clubs…. LMAOOOO.

          Fenerbache must be a serial champions League or UEFA cup winner like the above clubs.

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          Once again AS Arta Solar 7 is a BIG club in its own rights…they are like Manchester city of Djibouti….LMAOoo.

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          Ode lasan lasan

  • Prince charming 1 year ago

    Angola qualified because of entertainment football from Jay Jay that day we need results not entertainment

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      How about the coach who was bereft of ideas?  What was Christian Chukwu coaching strategy during that period?? His coaching strategy is “Hey anytime you get the ball just give it to JayJay, he knows what to do with the ball”. Lmao!! Do you know we went to Angola with only 13 players??? 11 on the pitch and 2 on the bench. Lmao!! And they were dreaming of winning the WorldCup. They put all the load on JayJay alone  because we never really had a tactically sound head on the technical bench during that era after Westerhoff. 

    • John-I 1 year ago

      Rubbish. So Okocha told Vincent Enyeama to let in a harmless freekick? Okocha told Makinnwa to miss a sitter? Abegi lol

  • Adebowale 1 year ago

    Okocha was the major reason we didnt qualify for 2006 World Cup. He disappointed the whole country. We found his type in every sector in our country. People who place talent above character. Such people always underachieve.

    • John-I 1 year ago

      Absolute trash, arrant nonsense. Did Okocha tell Vincent Enyeama to let in a harmless freekick? Did he tell Makinnwa to miss a sitter?

  • Moses Inyang 1 year ago

    it’s all envy my man. If okocha was not purposeful, how was he the highest goal scorer in 2 Afcons and the best player in one. Does oliseh want to tell me he was better than okocha? Every person does not play the same way.leave others.I think he has never hidden his disdain for okocha

    • Moses Inyang 1 year ago

      Honestly, oliseh is not in okocha’s class anyhow you’re looking at it. Okocha carried the super eagles almost on his shoulders especially after the retirement of yekini. Check out Afcon2000,2002,2004

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Oliseh was a DM, Okocha was an AM. A DMs have never been in the same class as AMs. DMs are DMs, AMs are AMs. Oliseh was in a class of his own.

        Oliseh too was the anchor of the team from 1993 to 2002. Yekini benefited a lot from his long balls from defence to attack. Oliseh probably had as many assists in the national team from his DM position as Okocha.

        Okocha complemented Oliseh’s work in the midfield, while Oliseh also complemented and provided the shield Okocha needed too. There is no basis for comparison. Both were in a class of their own.

        • Moses Inyang 1 year ago

          Who is better recognized locally and internationally?

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            They are both recognized locally and internationally. Each man is doing his own thing and getting the necessary recognition even up to FIFA level.

        • Ignatius Abo 1 year ago

          Okocha was more of a CM Oga Professor. Make I put jara on top of your shadow doctorate degree. Doctor Ode.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Okponu ara Galatia

            Augustine Azuka Okocha (/əˈkɒtʃə/ ə-KOTCH-ə; born 14 August 1973),[2] commonly known as Jay-Jay Okocha, is a Nigerian former professional footballer who played as an attacking midfielder. He played 73 times for the Nigeria national team between 1993 and 2006, scoring 14 times, and was a member of three FIFA World Cup squads. He is regarded as one of the greatest football players from Africa.[3]


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          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

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          • Ignatius Abo 1 year ago

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  • John-I 1 year ago

    Oliseh should keep quiet abeg. He never liked Okocha one bit. I remember when he blocked Okocha from taking a penalty against Burkina Faso, insisting Finidi should take it. Finidi eventually blasted the ball into the crowd – that ball is still travelling!

    Was Oliseh not the major reason Nigeria lost against Italy? Destroying the hopes and aspiration of the greatest Super Eagles squad. If he did his job properly, that ball won’t get to Roberto Baggio who scored an 88th munite equaliser.

    Who does Oliseh like sef? He seems to have issues with everyone lol

  • Larry 1 year ago

    Of course,Oliseh and Jay Jay are deserving global ambassadors of Nigeria.
    The other day I was watching a Bundesliga match and during the break, memorable goals were highlighted. A long range free kick from Oliseh and Okocha goalaso against bayern made the list. I was really proud watching the these guys get the recognition they really deserved.
    Go to Standard Liege,Reggiana, Juventus, Ajax, Borussia Dortmund and Koln and ask about Oliseh, they will tell you will learn more about a player who moved to Europe as a teenager and became a household name. He even captained a couple of these teams at some point.

  • Half-education is a bad thing o. Where in the article was Oliseh saying anything bad about Okocha? The man was only recounting past experiences while highlighting the good and the bad sides of having a skilful dribbler in your team. Their skills helps instil fear on the opposition while their excesses put a burden on the defence.
    Wetin hard to understand here??????

    • Douglas John ufuoma 1 year ago

      the write up and headline are in accord, what is the difference between “Former Super Eagles captain, Sunday Oliseh has disclosed that a few members of the team were unhappy with Austine Okocha’s excessive dribbling in the senior national team.” and the headline, oliseh what to make wash his bad image so that people will see him as a good leader and a team player that people respect, who also can produce result when it matters. But the last time I check all of the listed items were false. First himself and findi plot the coup that make Nigeria lose 2002 nations cup. When he and his vice captain convinced the other players not to take the game serious because of match bonus, why he refuse to take the penalty against Senegal that oruma later missed. It same okocha that play is heart out that fateful day, and his wonderful free kick hit the bar before he was replaced with oruma.okocha leader a new set of players to 2004 nations cup with result to show for it, making him to to score the 1000 CAF nations cup goal, was oliseh there also help him achieve the result? Were was oliseh slipper passes when Nigeria draw Congo in Lagos, lose to Sierra Leone. Okocha have payed is own dues to our mothrland same as oliseh, so let him stop speaking like an angel

  • Kenneth Odoemenam 1 year ago

    Oliseh always thinks he is better ever other player.But to me there was nothing spectacular about him as a player,an average at the very best.Okocha made more impact to the national team compare to Oliseh.Oliseh at very best was crude and rough in his play.Enough of this guy’s from 1994 set,the 2013 AFCON wining team was technically better than the 1994 team

    • John-I 1 year ago

      Don’t mind the guy jare. ‘Mr. Reader and comprehender’ lol.
      Oliseh clearly doesn’t like Jay-Jay, he has never hidden his disdain. To make matters worse, Jay-Jay left their stupid mafia-gang and played 2002 World Cup. They still bear that grudge and bitterness till date.

      My issue is that Oliseh doesn’t seem to like anyone but himself.

      • Your reading and understanding shows clearly that you have never played a team sport. Oliseh was recounting an incidence in a particular game, he even cited Taribo in the story. Being in a team doesn’t mean you are all friends or you have to be friends. Each one just has to do their part for a collective goal. And from the way Oliseh addressed Okocha as ‘My man’ shows that their is a cordial relationship between them. You guys just like to cook up some stupid overflogged stories to tarnish oliseh’s image because he left the Super Eagles job. Na by force to stay put in an inconducive working environment? Na people like you go say why Buhari no comot for power even when he was ill and dying, this man decided to walk away when his health condition couldn’t let him continue his job una dey complain but if him die there una go write RIP. Your NFA was the reason behind Eagles failures including in 2002 and you are blindly saying what you don’t know and the current NFF led by “Picnic” is doing the same thing owing players backlog of allowances. One even said 2013 Eagles are technically better than the 1994 set. Bros, wetin una dey SMOKE?

    • John-I 1 year ago

      Same way Oliseh blasts Mikel Obi at every given opportunity. Meanwhile Mikel was far more successful than him. I won’t be surprised if Oliseh thinks he’s better than Fernando Redondo or Patrick Viera.

  • Hubert 1 year ago

    Good points from all, but what I don’t like is when we don’t respect pples opinion. Let’s be matured for once. And air our views leave others with their opinions on what they feel ok. God bless the house.