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Super Eagles To Face Costa Rica In Friendly November 9

Super Eagles To Face Costa Rica In Friendly November 9

The Super Eagles of Nigeria will confront Costa Rica in an international friendly in the San Jose on November 9.

NFF’s FIFA Match Agent, Jairo Pachon told thenff.com on Thursday that the Super Eagles have been invited to the central American nation as part of major activities to send forth the Los Ticos to the FIFA World Cup finals in Qatar.


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The game is scheduled for the National Stadium in San Jose and will kick off 8pm Costa Rica time (3am, 10th November in Nigeria).

Costa Rica hosted this year’s FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup finals where Nigeria’s Falconets reached the quarter-finals, defeating France, Korea Republic and Canada in the group phase.

The Super Eagles have another friendly lined up against Portugal in Lisbon on November 17.

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  • MONKEY POST 2 months ago

    Another DEFEAT LOADING……..

    • Olujjjj 2 months ago

      This same Costa Rica that Brazil found difficult to beat in Russia until last minute. Ok o
      Eagles 10 Costa Rica 0

    • Hahahaha!
      Oh dear!

  • Team that has no goal keeper.

  • @Olujjjj you are very funny . Let me tell you guys something if we get complete injury free team SE will do something. Our problem now is injury 

  • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

    Hian….O di egwu o.

    So we have become a “send forth” present for teams now…..Lmaoo….that’s where Sunday Dare, Segun Odegbami and their bunch of co-regressive racists here on CSN and driven us to.

    All of a sudden they have become deaf and dumb to matters concerning the SE these days…..Lmmmaooo.

    Ndi “let us fail with our own”, may God Almighty turn your lives around the same and exact way and direction you have turned our dear SE around within such a short time.

    Someone should assist us with a resounding “Amen” to that prayer.

    • MONKEY POST 2 months ago


    • Glory 2 months ago

      Aaamin, aaamin. How they all have somehow kept quiet about SE truly beats me. Yes Rohr had his weaknesses however he allowed their bullying to force him into doing somethings wrong but he along with the SE was on the right track. It will be very unfair not to accept this fact. Anyway he is past now, we hope Peseiro won’t have such experience working in Nigeria. NIGERIA I HAIL ALBEIT SADLY. EVER SO GOOD AT DESTROYING AND REALLY BAD AT BUILDING UP.

    • KangA 2 months ago

      And Amen. The annoying thing is that these evil men were warned to keep their leprous hands off the SE. Rohr was not an angel but the guy knew how to grind positive results from difficult games. He made me throw away a soccer prediction/qualification software I was on the verge of registering for a patent. Many retrogressive elements labeled Rohr a foreigner, swearing that they would never stop fighting until he was sacked. And he was sacked, entraining a very disastrous outcome for our soccer, the likes of what had never happened before.

      What was the result of Oga Rohr’s sack? The NFF lost–no WC windfall of cash. Odegbami/Dare lost–SE became shaky they can’t hide behind its success to promote their academy players again. FGN lost–lots of money to pay off Rohr for doing no work. The SE fans lost–depression, stomach ulcer, hypertension, sleeplessness. Only Rohr had mixed fortune–he smiled to the bank hauling a stash of cash, but deep in his heart he was bleeding: he loved the country, team, and players so much that he wanted to leave something concrete behind.

      Shall we learn from history?

      • Oakfield 2 months ago

        Amen!!!!!!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!

  • Greenturf 2 months ago

    Can’t forget the day the news was going the round of the impending sacking of Rohr,i was screaming No!No!No! please don’t do it!Eventually he was sacked by a desperate Sunday Dare who allowed himself to be used by enemies of Nigerian football who saw Rohr a stumbling block to their evil plans of destroying Nigerian football.
    Today super eagles is finished,our last game against Algeria was so embarrassing to watch.We also lost to a very poor Ghana team.
    Dare is till the sports minister he isn’t bothered i doubt he’s a football person otherwise he wouldn’t sack a coach who met all target and promised to win the afcon.
    Apparently his team are primed to win it.
    It’s very irresponsible and careless Dare’s naive and selfish action which has broken many hearts taking our football many years backwards

  • To be candid, post rohr era has never been rossy for se.

    I don’t see anything new this coach wants to achieve with this team.

    We are begining to see psychological effect of injustice against rohr.

    Some players are no longer committed anymore. Can easily pulls out of friendly games or even active games. Chukwueze for example seems to be indifference these days.

  • Sunny 2 months ago

    The obsession with Rohr is irritating, after 6 years in charge and he still did what other have done or can you list any significant achievement that differs from others that have coached the super eagles? Things might not be looking good right now but the obsession some of you guys with Rohr deserves some psychiatric help. I’m a Rohr supporter too but can we move on for goodness sake. Keep screaming Rohr this Rohr that…. Then Westerhof and Bonfere Jo should be Messiahs. Nonsense! The old geezer has not even got a Job up till now lol…

    • How will he get a job when your racist clones parading themselves as ministers and chairmen are still remitting to his account?

      One question i you ex badminton players follower is “who’s lossing?”

      Is it ROHR or Nigeria?

      Common sense isn’t common especially to racist, nepotistic, blind haters Nigerians.

      Remember, we’re no longer super eagles but super pigeons …..

      Imagine a whole European based players forcing the home based players of Algeria to a 2-2 draw…. Nobody is saying anything….. Shameless people.

  • OmoEsan 2 months ago

    @Dr Drey & @Greenturf, don’t mind them. We told them here but they refused. Even Elder Odegbami has gone silent on Super Eagles affairs since the poor results started rolling in. This is where racism has led us to. They clamored for their local coaches and they got the result they deserve.
    At a time like this, this forum should be bubbling with discussions about our build up to the world cup but those that wanted to fail with their own had better ideas.
    Rohr came at a time that our football was at its lowest level in decades and turned things around within a short time, Rohr left and our football also returned to where it was before he arrived within a short period of time. What a life.

  • Monte 2 months ago

    Stop hyping your team and players. They are simply overhyped. If the Ghana team was very poor, then you should have qualified. Accept your team is not good enough and focus on your rebuilding. Ghanaian players are having a good season in Europe

  • Is it only our football that Sunday Dare destroyed? He completely killed our basketball and took us backwards for 30 years.I have never seen anything so absurd all my life.

    There were two boards of the basketball federation, one was recognized by FIBA the other was not.But Dare chose to recognize the one rejected by FIBA simply because the chairman is the younger brother of David Mark, the former Senate president.They were able to use their strong influence within the Presidency to push their narrow interest through.Hence Dare threw away the baby with the bath water by withdrawing Nigeria from all FIBA competition for 2 years.Whereas, the sensible advice he would have applied is to tell the rejected board to wait till the tenor of the current board to expire and contest again.Has anyone noticed how our basketball teams are struggling currently?

    Same for our football.Dare allowed segun and his cohorts to push their selfish personal interest through at the expense of the growth of our football and here we are.

    Nigerians should let the black stars be.Average team or not, the fact remains that they are going to the world cup at our expense and nothing can change that.They did not ask us not to put our house in order.So this constant shading of the black stars must stop.Let them concentrate and prepare for the well deserved participation in the world cup

  • If you like play against Brazil, Germany, Spain, England in friendlies we don’t care, world cup is the highest level of soccer competition which the super eagles were destined to be under oga ROHR.

    See the money FIFA would’ve given to us, see our young talents (BASSEY, osimhen, chukwueze, Dennis, awoniyi, aribo, moffi, et all our young upcoming players) that would’ve use this tournament to introduce themselves to bigger clubs in Europe, but the enemy of this young and upcoming players, the enemy of our super eagles twarted the whole labour & efforts ROHR and his young team made.

    Imagine fighting from stage one to stage nine, just the last stage to cross and enter the promised land, lo & behold someone from nowhere just come & scatter the whole thing just to satisfy his wish and his evil, wicked & selfish interest and that of his cohort within a shortest period of time.

    Now they’re going about wasting our money on useless and meaningless friendlies that doesn’t add SHI SHI to our national purse.

    Nigerian TEAM forced the B team of ALGERIA to a 2-2 draw, our ex badminton players didn’t come out and wail as usual, they received the best soccer lesson from the Algerian main team after being outclassed by Balmedi (a coach that can’t win a single match in the just concluded AFCON, a coach that got knocked out by cameroun in their backyard), the ungrateful & lowlives in csn page didn’t see anything wrong, everyone just pretending as if nothing actually happened.
    Nobody came out to question the brain behind such public embarrassment. We all remain Muted.

    The God of innocent ROHR is fighting and will continue to fight until all his entitlement is paid to the fullest.

    ” Pikin wey say him mama no go sleep, him sef no go see sleep”.

    Pesin wey work supposed chorp, una tok say make ROHR no chorp, oya make una go chorp the FIFA money mek I see.

    One TIV man in kastina-ala would say “LUBBISH”……


  • Hassan Tia 2 months ago

    Ghana can’t bear the following defeats will be done by strong Portugal and Netherlands I think Portugal will defeat Ghana 4-0, Netherland will defeat Ghana 5-0; Ghana lacks depth in midfield and attack, Ghana hasn’t excellent strikers or one striker who have or has goal sensibility , we will wait and see.

    • Greenturf 2 months ago

      Don’t be too sure,a determined Ghana could pull surprises.
      If Ghana can approach it’s group opponents with same energy we see whenever they square up against the super eagles,then i will put a bet on them to come out of their difficult world cup group.
      But the problem is they seem to save their energy for Nigeria and struggle in subsequent games.
      I don’t see the need to wish them bad luck even though they always would wish us bad.Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • Tristan 2 months ago

        “If Ghana can approach its group opponents with same energy we see whenever they square up against the super eagles”, this statement is at the center of all our difficulties against Ghana.
        Ghana is one of the most physical and dirty sides of the World. Every team knows to play against such sides; you look to penalize them by seeking fouls and injuries such that their players get sent off.

        Nigeria is the only country that thinks it can match Ghana physically, and as a result, Ghana beats them. There is a saying, “Never wrestle with a pig, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.”
        Ghana can never beat Algeria by playing physically, why? By the first half, at least two Ghanaians would have been sent off! Portugal and especially Uruguay are masters at diving, and even South Korea is quite good at diving, as for the Netherlands they have competition experience on their side.
        Watch the number of yellow and red cards Ghana accumulates. In AFCON Ghana was the dirtiest side by far accumulating more cards than any country.
        The only country that can’t beat Ghana is Nigeria, because of our arrogance and how we see Ghana as our little brother. So when our little brother dares us to fight we react not by playing our own game but by playing Ghana’s game, and they beat us with experience.

        • Fetch 2 months ago

          Nigeria has always been Ghana’s easiest opponent. You call a country that gained independence before you, your littler bother? Is it because Nigeria is over populated or because Nigeria no get electricity. To every Ghanaian, beating Nigeria is just normal. You are just not good enough. Rebuild your team and come face Ghana again, you go sack dis coach too

          • Oakfield 2 months ago

            Hahaha….which ghana are u talkin about. The one a tiny island beat black and blue or another one we are here to see??????

  • marvelous sunday 2 months ago

    Their wickedness towards Rohr will hunt them forever. We warned them but they pay deaf ears. JIMMYBALL OMO9JA CHRISTIANMINISTRY IWUNZE, and many others bigot and sentimental fans where all here shouting that Rohr should be sacked. Segun Odegbami is now voiceless. How can evil people not be voiceless, especially when their stupidity has caught up with them.

    Sunday Dare is worst sport minister in Africa. That man has destroy our basketball, football, Athlete’s collecting loans to attend competition(eg Amosun). The success among athlete’s is pure individual achievement without the inpute of sport ministry.

    Now look at the super eagles Rohr picked from the dust and started brushing up to something good, though slow in later stages but were still granding out positive results. We are now a team other countries use as testing materials before they pass to tournament. We are now playing friendlies with serious minded teams heading to world. What a shame!

    When I, Dr.Drey, Green turf, Monkeypost and other few fans who were away of the impending dangers warn you guys about sacking Rohr you guys refused to listen. Now we don’t have anything interesting to read about the super eagles. Is so annoying.

  • Thought they said they want a coach who will be using local content. How many local players are making the first 11 now? Truly truth is bitter. When Rohr was telling them that the best Nigeria players are in Europe they start calling names the minister told him to shut up but today God has shut them all including the disrespectful fans.

  • Prince charming 2 months ago

    This is what they get for sacking a good coach, Ghana now mocking us

  • Oakfield 2 months ago

    When they were about pressing that button, we wailed, shouted, even cried……stop!!! Stop!!!!! Wait!!!! Give the man a chance to see us through the nations cup and world cup qualfiers but our alarm fell on deaf ears . now , e don dy happen. Hehehee. Everybody is feelin the heat….

  • JimmyBall 2 months ago

    …make una go sleep for Rohr matter. We are not going to world cup because our team is not good enough.

    The fact be say our team, the entire squad as of today na bunch of average players.

    The current generation of Super Eagles won’t win even aluminium cup. If Rohr was there we would still have not qualified.

    Is it Okoye we still the select leg to just clear ball from danger abi na the one wey the catch air in place of long range shot from Msakni? Uzoho sef na swegbe.

    We no get team now for six years… also players invitation is not fraudulent and players are being called up based on bribery.

    Make una forget Super Eagles, we no get team. But I am happy for Iwobi and his current form.

  • “… Make una go sleep for Rohr matter. We are not going to world cup because our team is not good enough…

    *** But I thought we use to have avalanche of stars when ROHR was in charge….****
    So immediately ROHR left the team all the stars disappeared…..
    Hahahahahaha. Lol.

    … The e fact be say our team, the entire squad as of today na bunch of average players.__Jimmyball.

    ***Are you telling us that your tin gods, best players when ROHR was in charge, (talking about world best dou of OLAYINKA & JUNIOR AJAYI) are also average?
    I thought they were African best players.?….

    “… If Rohr was there we would still have not qualified…

    *** You may be correct o… Just the same way he fail to qualify us from the group of death during 2018 wc qualifiers.

    “…Make una forget Super Eagles, we no get team…”__Jimmyball.

    *** Hahahahahaha…. The team don tire you to watch…. Under ROHR every body want to watch every super eagles matches but today we don’t have any interest again.

    The God of that innocent poor man I see is doing wonders.

    Under ROHR we all watch and relax knowing the outcome even before the fixture but now we watch with nerves.

    God of poor ROHR is in action let everyone keep silent and watch the drama.

  • Sunny 2 months ago

    Nigerians like to deflect….Sports management has always been horrible from time immemorial but we still succeeded in the past cuz we had above average players but some fools here who think they are football aficionados think Rohr was the Messiah. He is gone and if you are depressed about it don’t watch Nigerian matches anymore. Some are even say “We wailed, cried bla bla bla like anyone cares what you write on completesports lol. What assurance do you even have that Rohr would have qualified? If you don’t move on that’s your palava. I will keep saying it…Why hasn’t Rohr gotten a Job? it’s atleast a year now. Half of the team is playing either second division or being benched what do u expect when the Senegalese, Ivorians, and other African players are moving to top leagues..Make una just shut up and turn off your TV since Rohr isn’t there anymore…

    • Oakfield 2 months ago

      Are u asking for guarantees of him qualifying us for the world cup? A coach that took us from the dungeon oliseh left us in, qualified us for the world cup and nations cup respectively after a very long while with games to spare, repeated same feat again with games to spare (with the same crop of players presently in the team) that some knuckles heads here now call average and qualified us for world cup play offs had more than enough capacity to do it again and again. Have u asked yourself Why they sacked him prior to the nations cup and world cup qualifiers? They knew he was gonna perform at the nations cup and they knew he was gonna qualify us for the world cup thereby making his sack difficult just like what happened to keshi after he won the nations cup so that they can have enough room to perfect their evil corrupt devices. Our football is being run and influenced by hawks and beasts who only care about their own selfish interests. They dont give a damn about your feelings. That we aint going to the world cup or that our team is not performing does not bother them at all. Rohr was their problem and so they wanted him out immediately irrespective of the consequences which they never cared about. I read up there where on shameless idiot said that the reason why the team is not performing is bcs it’s made up of average players….lol..the same person who was shouting down the roof that rohr was a bad manager, a mechanic for that matter, That he never knew how to use the “very” talented players at his disposal. That a better coach would have done better with the “class” of players at his disposal. Just few months down the lane, with a new manager of affairs and the same crop of players that were very talented have suddenly become average. Hahaha.. What about ur awoniyi and olayinka plus the very locally talented players ur were clamouring for? Shame u you jimmyball and your group! Shame!!!This is just the beginning. When rohr said our players were not at par with the seneglese u called him all sorts of names but the truth has come out and with that same mouth with which u condenmed rohr for speaking the truth is wjat u have used to confirm his earlier assertion about our players. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the team but that fact is that God is paying u and ur co-regressives which includes omo9ja and iwunze, odegbami ( the chief ex cricket international) in your own coin. God’s judgement is here already…hehehe…no escape….No amount of change of tactics or Management would solve this problem until the right thing is done to a man who was deliberately hurt out of jealousy, wickedness and hatred. I thought they said we had abundant talents in our domestic league? I thought they said local content should be considered. Tell me how many domestic players have Found their way to the team? Absolutely none! Have u seen odegbami write his usual garbage about the super eagles as if he cared? Nah, he doesn’t care anymore as long as his objective has been achieved. In fact, he doesn’t even know where his pen is again. Wicked people!!!!! Devilish idiots!!!!

      • JimmyBall 2 months ago

        @Oakfield… You asked of Olayinka he is still doing as excellent as ever in Slavia Prague… He has been scoring in Europe and league. How many times has he been invited to play for Super Eagles and start a game? Invite him and play him ahead of ineffectual Moses Simon on the left.

        I will say it anyday, Peter Olayinka is a better player than Moses Simon who wastes chances and has no effect on the left wing. Awoniyi is a good player anyday he has shown that already but his move to Forest was ill-timed. How many times have Peter Olayinka been given quality run-in in Super Eagles, he and Awoniyi were not even in the double leg against Ghana, since Nations Cup has he been invited?

        Peter Olayinka and Awoniyi are playing for their clubs and doing well but especially Olayinka is always left out of the Super Eagles squad and Awoniyi is on and off.

        Give our team to Amuneke/Manu Garba and let Finidi assist them. All this oyibo won’t help us… Peseiro knows nothing and he is just a wannabe coach. Let a Nigeria handle Super Eagles, Eguaveon has never been a savvy coach and he is not the only Nigerian who is coach.

  • Omo9ja 2 months ago

    Same old story each and every time. Confusion here and there. We don’t know what we want for ourselves as a nation.

    I am deeply sorry for we Nigerians. Some of us still talking about Oga Rohr. Hmmm, Oga Rohr ba? Are we for real?

    No wonder we voted president Buhari in as Nigeria president.

    Oga Rohr who failed against small teams in Africa and at world cup?

    Niboni motunwajasi biyi kę.

    Super Eagles and Super Falcons are now the teams to beat wotowoto. What a shame.

    Util we are honest with ourselves and love each other.

    Can you imagine, Super Eagles has been struggling to get a reliable goalie over the years and those we have in the Super Eagles are irreplaceable because of those in charge of Super Eagles.

    As I said before, I want to see Oga Paseiro against Portugal. After that match, Nigerians will know if we have a good coach or not.

    We don’t want another Oga Rohr in charge of the Super Eagles anymore.

    If Oga Rohr is that good, why he hasn’t get a job yet? Enough of that Oga Rohr is this, Oga Rohr is that. If it wasn’t because of Amaju, Oga Rohr wouldn’t have coach Super Eagles. But today, where is Amaju? The rest is history.

    What a country. It is well. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Golden Child 2 months ago

      I have not seen something like this before, the coach left the team around December / January and in October, they are still going on about Rohr. Rohr arrived when the team was in crisis and was able to improve the team (there is no doubt about that) but the truth was his team was on a decline in the latter period of his reign as SE coach
      . Was it right to sack him on the eve of a tourney? History has proved that it was a wrong decision but let us move forward as a nation. Our discussions should be about how best to improve the new team and support the new coach. The way some fans go on about Rohr , you would think he was the most successful coach we ever had.

      • That is where you guys are getting it wrong. Move forward to where I ask,@ golden child.
        What we are indirectly saying is that we have FA that is an embodiment of corruption.

        Tell me anywhere in the world where a coach who met all target will be sacked like that. Tell me anywhere in the world where sport minister will ask national coach to keep his mouth shut and face His job simply because he refuse to use homebase players.

        For you guys to know @sunny and co, we are not complaining of just rohr alone but also about the quota system which our FA is know for.

        Let us move forward, move forward with almost same set of people at glasshouse running our football in the same way in which it always been without result.

        Same set of people that could not sign contract with various assistant coaches till all boycott the Algeria friendly match.

    • @omo9ja…
      Oga how far…. How market…. How go dey go….

      E be like say water don dey pass garri for our super eagles matyres eh…..

      By this time in 2018 while the super eagles were preparing for world cup, your long epistles & lamentations had filled this page….. Hahahahahaha…

      What is happening now?
      Bhuahahahahaha…..I luagh in Burundi.

      “Our elders normally says that…… The day wey better Breeze blow dem dey see fowl nyash”….. Lol.

      Breeze don dey blow, fowl nyash don begin dey open…..

      Avalanche of stars aren’t in our team anymore…..

      Talents are no more in our local league again….

      Any coach can win any team with the crop of stars we’ve is now a bitter pill.

      No clamoring for “FENANDO ADI” to lead our attack again.

      Drawing against a locally based players of Algeria is acceptable.

      We were looking for attacking football, one took us 40 yrs backward after attacking Tunisian unknown coach until the naive tactically and technically brushed him aside.

      He thought Ghana is a team you can use “gragra” and overcome, little did he know football isn’t about gathering 11 players and telling them to express themselves in the pitch.
      The Dortmund assistant gaffer took him to the pitch and thought him the necessary things in football.

      Don’t worry, very soon you all will start complaining again.

      Na sidon look we dey…..

  • I wonder which players will be used for this match.

    The release date for the world cup is 14th of November, three days after this match. Our Super Eagles squad players will be busy with their club games (8th and 12th of November) and very very unlikely to be released for this game.

    We could not raise a CHAN team to face the Algerian CHAN team and we used the Super Eagles for that match (the first of two against Algeria). Our local league has been on break for three months now and no date has been given for when the league will start.

    IF the NPFL starts before then, will local players be sourced for this game? Will the league be stopped for the time that the game will be played or will clubs that supplied players for this game be handed an unfair disadvantage for matches played without their best players?

    The timing of this game throws up more questions than answers

  • For the goalkeeping department, Peseiro should please invite Chiamaka Nnadozie in place of Uzoho and Okoye. She’s a world class goalkeeper and will provide the players and fans more confidence at the back. Tenks in advance:)