The Truth about Football RIB Protector

The Truth about Football RIB Protector

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Your confidence will only increase when you play on the football field while you are completely protected. Your playing skills along with your proper protection gears, will help you to play well, and thus you can win when they work combined. So, full protection before appearing on the football field should be your first concern.

Rib protection for football is as important as to protect other vital parts of your body, including head, hips, thighs, shoulder, and so on. A sudden and severe impact on your rib can be a cause for your injury. This physically demanding game requires proper protection of your body parts that are being exposed to the likely effects of other players on the field at the time of playing.

If you are lack of sufficient protection, you may end up just harming yourself. As a result, you may have to spend some days lying on your bed for proper rest. But you, as a football player, never want to keep away from the field, do you?

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Yes, indeed, the story or the benefits of the football rib protector is long as there are many things related to discuss. But in this article, I am going to tell you precisely about the importance of the football rib protector or a rib guard. Besides, as a player, you may already have known them. Still, it can be helpful for young players as well as experts.

Types of a football rib protector

There are two types of football rib protector out there in the market. They are traditional rib protector, and the other is padded compression shirt or vest. You will find a harness, straps, or both of them in the conventional rib protectors. With the harness or straps, you can keep it fit with your body correctly.

On the contrary, you will see integrated pads in your compression shirts or vest on the top of the shoulder to add extra support to your shoulders. All you need to do is to figure out which style best suits your need.

It should be durable

Your rib protector, like other protective gears, should be sustainable. You must consider the factor so that you never spend your hard-earned money to buy another one within just a few months.

As it will be exposed to tolerate impacts of other players on the field, its construction should also be sturdy. If it is not sturdy enough, it may damage after a few games which are not expected.

Moreover, in this contact game, there are collisions and impacts all the time. So, you have to make sure that your rib protector is sturdy and robust enough so that it will not break down with just a single hit of other players.

Flexibility of use

Generally, football rib protectors are bulky to see. A rib protector should be something that is not heavy enough to hinder your performance. It should be flexible to wear. Also, it should not make you overloaded but ensure the utmost protection of your rib cage.

If you are restricted to move freely after wearing a rib protector before you start to play, it should not be one that goes with you. Instead of increasing your safety and performance on the field, it will restrict your smooth movement.

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It should be protective for all position

In the game, you must need a rid protector whether you are a skilled or young player. Also, if your location in the game is as a linebacker or a lineman, you need one to protect your rib cage from possible injuries. Especially, skill players (Tight end, quarterback, defensive back, etc.), still you need a rib protector to excel on the field.

It should fulfill your intended purpose

You may want to purchase a rib protector that has extra padding over your body, which will also save your shoulders’ upper part. If you think so, you should go for a compression vest with integrated padding.

Conversely, if you want a bulk rib protector that can save your rib cage, traditional rib protector should be your best fit.

Want to be more recognizable

A unique rib protector can make you stand out among the traffic on the field. So, buy one that is unique and has distinctive features so that you can be more recognizable on the field among other players.

Perfect size for best performance

Size matters significantly in this case of choosing a rib protector for your need. Every brand has their size chart, which will assist you to figure out your best fit.

If you are not severe in this section, you may buy one that is not suitable for you. As a result, it will ruin your game instead of adding some advantages to your performance. So, be careful before purchasing one for you.


Football pieces of equipment should be the best friend of all football players, especially in the field. Felling protective, you can perform better than other players in the game. Among other protective gear, rib protector is one of them that bears most importance for a player.

To survive in the field form your opponents’ impact, a rib protector is a high gear as well. It absorbs the impacts of others because there are collision and contact in every single moment you may receive.

It lessens the impact and shocks of your opponents to survive in the confrontational physical game.

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