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The UCL Wait Is Over And Heineken Wants Fans To #ShareThePassion In New Campaign

The UCL Wait Is Over And Heineken Wants Fans To #ShareThePassion In New Campaign

The Champions League knockouts phase is upon us! For football fans, this phase of the competition is when things get “real”; when the men get separated from the boys and the wheat from the chaff.

In a nutshell, the knockouts phase of the world’s most football tournament is characterised by intense, high-octane matches between the biggest clubs in world football and sheer passion from the fans that witness them.

It is against this backdrop that Heineken, the world’s most international premium beer and longtime sponsors of the UEFA Champions League, has announced its new campaign for the knockouts phase. The campaign, titled “You’re Never Watching Alone: Share the Passion”, seeks to tap into the unwavering love Nigerians have for the beautiful game of football. According to the brand, the campaign will be one of the most exciting in recent memory, as they aim to match the spectacle of the knockouts phase.

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The  campaign engagement will see Heineken leverage its assets to drive unique and exciting engagements among football fans and consumers with activities ranging from periodic trivia to special giveaways to surprise deliveries before, during and after the UCL games.

Additionally, the brand has recruited a team of celebrity friends to enhance the experience and leverage their influence to engineer unique fan engagements across multiple platforms, including a special FIFA tournament where each celebrity will represent a team in the knockouts.

Heineken’s believes that experiences, regardless of the borders between parties, are better enjoyed when shared, and this belief is the reason behind the #ShareThePassion campaign which the brand promises will engender the sharing of passionate experiences among fans and consumers than ever before.