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Tite, Juninho Defend Brazil Choice of Nigeria, Senegal For October Friendlies

Tite, Juninho Defend Brazil Choice of Nigeria, Senegal For October Friendlies

Brazil head coach Tite has defended the choice of Nigeria and Senegal as the Selecao’s opponents for next month’s international friendly games after fans expressed their disaffection on the choice made by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Completesports.com reports.

Majority of the fans are unhappy with the quality of the oppositions and have described both the Super Eagles and Teranga Lions as 2018 World Cup flops.
Brazil – five-time world champions, will first clash with the Teranga Lions of Senegal on October 10 at the Singapore National Stadium before taking on three-time African champions Nigeria at the same venue on Sunday, October 13.

“We are looking for all the top ranked selection teams. We are looking for the best teams from different continents. We played against Peru, who made the Copa America final with us and Colombia who came out of the competition on penalties, unbeaten and goalless. The level of these matches was not low,” Tite was quoted by the CBF official website.

The Selecao team coordinator, Juninho Paulista also provided more insight on the decision to settle for both opponents.

“We are always looking for strong opponents. We try to keep this line of always facing the top 20 ranked teams. When it was not possible, we move to the top 50. And exceptionally we play against teams below that. Senegal is 20th on the list and Nigeria 34th,” Juninho explained.

Also talking about the choice of opponents is assistant coach Cléber Xavier, who explains a bit more about the teams and goals with the friendly matches.

“We are facing a second and third African opponent in Senegal and Nigeria. We had only played against Cameroon from Africa before, and it was a difficult game,” Xavier stated.

“Senegal were the runner-up of the last African Cup and participated in the last World Cup, Nigeria were in the last three World Cups. They are very strong teams, with most of their players playing in Europe in medium and high level clubs.

“These are adversaries that we have to face, because it will give us knowledge of teams from this continent. In our project now is thinking of World Cup qualifiers and Copa America, which also have strong opponents, who play aggressively, with quick transition.”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Now that’s a true representation of top African teams like Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroun, Cote D’Ivoire and Ghana. They’ll always give Brazil and any non-African opponent a fight. That’s one area Cameroun especially has managed to earn the world’s respect. I still remember Samuel Etoo’s blinding, long-range goal against Brazil in a FIFA Confederation match. How shocking and anticlimactic will it for the ignorant and arrogant fans who think any South American or European team can find it easy against an African opposition — if we manage to pull off a great result. It’s often been a one or two-goal margin win or loss (which can go either way). And even if they manage to win, they huff and puff to do so with all their big stars and learn a new level of respect for Nigeria (just as England found out pre-2018 World cup).

    • Patrick 5 years ago

      arrogant Brazilian fans should watch Ramon azzez against Barcelona. he has scored against them. he is not even playing for Nigeria. it was chukwueze assist that gave His club their second goal. I hope they watched ndidi against totheham. Onuacha scored for genk few minutes ago in the Belgian league.

  • Glory 5 years ago

    Brazil stopped being Brazil,in terms of football and it’s beauty since 1986. They have been Europeanised and no longer interesting to watch. Their fans are still in that wilderness of illusion.

    • Bomboy 5 years ago

      A very ‘glorious’ and intelligent observation!

    • Pompei 5 years ago

      You are right, Glory. The last REAL BRAZIL was the 1982 world cup squad, when Socrates and co treated the world to unadulterated JOGO BONITO. They did not win the world cup that year, but many believe they were the best team. The most entertaining, at least.

  • Body dey sweet Brazil abi . OK naaa .Nigeria 3 Brazil 0

  • Tell Brazil to ask Ukraine. Nigeria will correct their mistake with Brazil. Super eagles keep your flame burning

  • As usual, Brazilians rely on past glories when they were deemed invisible. However poverty has now driven most of their players to Europe seeking greener pastures, so goes their known pattern of samba glorious football. It wasn’t just about winning rather about winning as well as entertaining. Then European football used to be looked down on as boring and non- entertaining.Wake up,Its modern day soccer,though Brazilian footballers are still respected much more than their African counterpart, this wouldn’t last for long anymore as African footballers are already making waves in the greatest league in the world, the PREMIER LEAGUE.County yourself lucky to have secured a draw with the Super Eagles of Nigeria.And don’t forget how your so-called glorious team was hammered by the Germans 7-1 right in your backyard few years ago.So,which team is really world cup flop here?, Is it a team that has won the world cup on 5 occasions and then stage the tonament only to be humiliated by the unassuming Germans 7-1. Shame on you Idiotic Brazilian good-for nothing Fans.You over estimate your average team that will easily be smashed by teams average teams like Croatia, Belgium,Ivory Coast, etc.

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