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Toure: I’ll Help Qingdao Huanghai Earn Promotion To Chinese Super League

Toure: I’ll Help Qingdao Huanghai Earn Promotion To Chinese Super League

Former Barcelona and Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure sealed a two-year deal with Chinese second tier league club Qingdao Huanghai on Wednesday and declared that the move was inspired by his desire to help a club that plays beautiful football get promotion to the premier league.

Toure, 36, left Greek side Olympiacos in December 2018, but insisted he was not yet done with playing football professionally.

The former Cote d’Ivoire captain and four-time African footballer of the Year is now raring to go in China with Qingdao Huanghai who are currently top of the country’s second tier league after 15 matches.

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“Since the start of my football career, I have always loved challenges and now I have decided to take this new challenge and make history once again with Qingdao Huanghai Football Club,” Toure was quoted in a statement.

“This is a very exciting young club with a lot of potential and we share the same philosophy that is to play beautiful football. It will be my great honour to grow and succeed with this club.

“I believe my experiences in football will offer something new to this growing club and together we can make great history. I can’t wait to let my football do the magic
once again, let’s enjoy football together!”

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  • Christopeher Okeke 5 years ago

    Go and retire yaya, there is always a time for everything you have played this beautiful game called football and almost won everything in club football what else are you looking for…. Age is not even on your side again…. You are still saying you want to play again. Haba until you die for filed na that time you will know… Haba your own too much. Money you get.hmmmmmm

  • the advert on the jersey says Qingdao beer. Perhaps he still wants to drink more beer. Nobody will tell you to leave china when the man in the picture with you shows you his real behavior. 

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    Wow Nick, you sabi read cantonese? That’s impressive.
    Anyhow, dis na money matter. They made an offer to Yaya, and he accepted. Why should he fall back into retirement, when an opportunity to add a few more million dollars to his already loaded portfolio is beckoning?

  • YEAH Pompel, i studied in china and I tell u that this guy Yaya will leave soon cos the chances do not respect contracts. 

  • Edoman 5 years ago

    Nick, you could be right, but how come our Ighalo is still in China doing his thing if they do not respect contracts ?. China is still a member of FIFA that Governed the rules and obligations that regulates players and Clubs owner’s contracts.

  • Edoman, pls there is a difference between institutional racism and attitudinal racism, Fifa can intervene if it is institutional. Watchout my word. Ask Mikel to tell you his experience even they regulate players movement with china visa.

    • Nick, if a player has a problem with a club which is not in his home country, FIFA will intervene and enforce (whether it is a pay or contract issue).
      It’s a safeguard FIFA has for players who travel abroad to play. They cannot (or do not I’m not sure) intervene of ours a local issue (say a Chinese player in China) bit if it’s for a non indigene, they will ensure that the past or contract is respected or the club will pay heavily. Somehow I don’t think with all the advances the Chinese are undergoing with their football they will want to incur the wrath of FIFA

  • Aleks 5 years ago

    Yaya Toure playing in China? How things change! 
    In 2017, when Mikel left for China, Yaya mocked players going to China in the following  words:

    “Me? No. I’m still looking young, right? I want to play in Europe, especially in England. I want to continue doing that for a few years yet. I always say that if I went to China I would end up feeling angry there. Do you play football because you love football or do you play because you want to make money? Me, I just want to play football because I enjoy it. I love playing. I enjoy helping my team-mates, I enjoy playing against the big players and teams.”
    “I want to carry on in that way. Some people have the mentality that they want to do that [go to China] – to try something different. But for me, my feeling is that I want to play more football.”
    “Look at my friend Ibrahimovic. He’s 35 and he’s going to play for maybe three more years? He’s got the same mentality as me. He’s a big player, a champion who loves football. It’s football first. Anything after that is a bonus. You can be lucky to go and play for big clubs and still earn a lot of money. But those who go to China? I don’t think like that.”

    Now in 2019, Yaya is going to a second-tier Chinese club while Mikel heads to Turkey! Life lesson here is that we should stay humble when it’s going good for us. 
    Anyway, I wish Yaya Toure all the best in His Chinese adventure!

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