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Riches Are Irrelevant

Riches Are Irrelevant

While many famous football players have amazing bodies that are on par with those that belong to Greek deities, not all of them have some sexy girlfriends…why is that so? Men have always believed that being fit and having tons of cash would get them a nice girl, but that’s obviously not the case, and explaining why this is the way it is is much harder than it looks. Multiple factors must be taken into account, but for the most part, we can conclude that a pretty face and a nice haircut is something that’s also very, very important.

For example, while David Beckham is very successful, do you think his wife, Victoria would stay around if he didn’t have that manly jawline, those gorgeous hunter eyes and that lovely hairstyle that has influenced many men around the world? Of course not! Some top adult sites attempted to find actors that are attractive in the exact same way as David! I mean, not even men like seeing the likes of Ron Jeremy, and it is more than obvious that women probably aren’t fond of blokes like that either! Ron, in case you’re reading, don’t take this personally.

After all, we’re just fooling around in the end. A joke here and there is more than necessary, and you just happened to come to mind. Now that we’ve established the “Beckham rule,” where we concluded that a muscular body and a bunch of cash in the back won’t get you places…shouldn’t there be some exceptions to the rule? Well, yes, obviously. There have always been women that aren’t too interested in a man’s face or body, but rather, they prioritize what’s in their partner’s pocket! This explains how the likes of Hector Herrera managed to get with Chantal Mato.

She’s surely a stunning wife, but not many would believe if you were to say that she’s with him only because of his (supposedly) stunning personality! Maybe men who are a bit under average are better in bed? Do women really value sex over daily life? We may never know! Luka Modric is stuck permanently looking like a pre-pubescent boy, yet he has an amazingly attractive blonde wife.

When all things are taken into account, this man got really, really lucky. It is true that he’s an amazing striker with tons of great achievements under the belt, but with that “permanently windswept” look going on for him, having a partner that attractive might be in his top-3 achievements. Do you really think he’d have someone like that by his side without a wallet as fat as it is at this moment? Again, I doubt Luka is reading this right now…and I doubt that he ever will do so…but hey, if he ever does come across this article, I hope that he knows that we’re all glad that he got so amazingly lucky and that we mean no harm. Well, at least the majority of us mean no harm, but whoever’s the opposing team’s goalkeeper surely hates him and his nimble, strong legs.

Again, there are countless exceptions to the Beckham rule that we established in the first part of this article, but for the most part, they aren’t that common. So, lads, don’t despair, know that gold diggers aren’t that common and that you don’t need a six-digit job to get a fancy lass to sit on your lap! While modern-day conservatives (especially in America) would like to convince you that you have to be a literal caveman in order to get women (they’ll tell you to have a “hunter mindset,” although these things do not apply to the modern world), you know better than that.

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