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UEFA Conference League: Dessers Scores Brace; Olayinka Also On Target For Slavia Prague

UEFA Conference League: Dessers Scores Brace;  Olayinka Also On Target For Slavia Prague

Nigeria forward Cyriel Dessers scored twice as Feyenoord held their hosts Slavia Prague to a 2-2 draw in a UEFA Conference League Group E encounter at the Sinobo Stadium on Thursday night, reports Completesports.com.

Peter Olayinka was also on target for Slavia Prague in the thrilling encounter.


Olayinka put the home team ahead in the 12th minute, while Dessers equalised a minute after the half hour maek.

The home team regained the lead through Jan Kutcta in the 66th minute with Dessers netting the equaliser again deep into stoppage time.

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Feyenoord, who maintained top spot in the group are through to the Round of 32, while Slavia Prague stayed in second position.

Taiwo Awoniyi’s Union Berlin boosted their chances of securing a place in the knockout stages with a hard-fought 1-0 win at Maccabi Haifa.

In another game, Francis Uzoho was in goal in Omonia Nicosia’s 2-2 draw at Qarabag.

Shehu Abdullahi and Iyayi Atiemwen were unused substitutes for Omonia Nicosia in the game.

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  • You see..shehu an unused substitute on Cyprus? OK o!
    Dessers, just continue scoring we dey ur back.

    • Alex Chika 2 years ago

      Don’t mind the confused NFF and ROHR one day I mean very soon they will call back the likes of Jay Jay,kanu,finidi and taribo West back to our S.E

  • Abdul Handsy 2 years ago

    Get well soonest Victor Osimehn!

    Guys did you guys just watch what happened this night? This guy, Cyriel kolawole Dessers is a phenomenon mehn!
    Two sweet goals vs slavia praha..

    I am really getting surprised that what we football fans are seeing even with our closed eyes our so called coach Rohr is too far from seeing it and he always claim that he has credible scout in Tunde Adelakun… These people are bunch of mediocres…

    How can a good coach who knows what he is doing be begging a 32 year old retired sluggish striker in ighalo to come out of retirement while we are having the likes of AWONIYI, DESSERS and SADIQ performing well week in week out?

    Hmmmm may God in His infinite Mercy come to super eagles aid in terms of players invitation, tactics, timely substitution, excellent game approach couple with good formation…

    Rohr pls call Dessers,Awoniyi, Bassey, Dennis, Lookman and Amoo for AFCON since NFF ain’t ready to sack you yet…

    • Igbineweka 2 years ago

      “Rohr pls call Dessers,Awoniyi, Bassey, Dennis, Lookman and Amoo for AFCON since NFF ain’t ready to sack you yet…” Add Umar Sadiq.

      You forgot to make mention of our goal keeping department. Okoye is not it at all (He is too fidgety, falls out of position even before the ball gets to him). If you think I’m joking, wait and see.

      Pls invite other good and talented goal tenders like Adeleye (Isreali goal keeper), … And give them the requisite exposure to get the experience and move up the ladder to sign a good contract. Shalom!

      • Edoman 2 years ago

        Amoo is the real one to walk in and replace Osimhen. Rohr have tried those you mentioned before with out anything coming out of them.

        • Omo9ja 2 years ago

          Ah, Oga Edoman. You said Dessers and co had their chances and wasted it? Am I getting you right sir?

          How? When? How many minutes our Oga Rohr gave Dessers against Algeria?

          How many minutes Awoniyi played so far sir?

          Remember that Dessers almost scored in that match. Am I lying?

          This should tell you that we don’t have a coach sir.

          I know you prefer Ighalo to Dessers and other strikers but I must be honest with you my lovely friend. Ighalo already played his last game for Nigeria.

          I know that NFF will manipulate everything to ensure that Oga leads Eagles to Cameroon but by God’s grace, it won’t work because this is the only thing that putting smile on our faces and to see Dessers and other inform players in Cameroon, Oga Rohr must be fired period. Please join me to welcome
          Amunike and co to lead Super Eagles to the promised land. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Gowetok 2 years ago

    To be very honest with all and sundry I’m not convinced Rohr will win any Trophy’s for Nigeria judge by the tactics he has exhibited so far? Mikel and VM aided our qualifications for the world cup last time. But since they have retired I don’t think this present squat with Rohr tactical ineptitude can cross over non seeded teams like Ghana. Mali, Congo and Cameron. My mind no they world cup. Fans the better u remove ur mind the better except Rohr is sacked

  • Olusegun.B. 2 years ago

    Dessers suppose to be oshimens partner against Cape Verde instead of ighalo . T this stage it seems Awoniyi should ste up no that oshimen needs to recover . Rohr’s ideals have been suspect for sometime . I sure hope things get sorted out soon enough

    • Chinenye 2 years ago

      His first goal was simply drogba-like

    • Xhuxhu 2 years ago

      Damn it! Look at what we got on a platter of gold and we are faced with Ighalo being begged to come out of retirement. I love this guy Cyriel Dessers,and he should be part of the AFCON list with Awoniyi,Iheanacho and Sadiq.
      In fact based on current form here are my 24
      Goalkeepers- Uzoho,Maduka,Adeleye
      Midfielders-Onyeka, Ndidi, Aribo, Iwobi,Ejuke
      Forwards- Dessers, Awoniyi,Iheanacho, Sadiq, Lookman, Chukwueze,Onuachu,Moses Simon

  • chris 2 years ago

    Dessers was not in the plan until that injury to Feynood teammate.

    Dessers was not in the plane to AFCON until that injury to his Super Eagle teammate.

    How likely are you to meet someone with the last name of Desser?
    Chances are, most people haven’t met someone with Desser as their last name since less than 1 person in 1.3m people have that last name. If you know one, consider yourself lucky!

    Do I need to say more?

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Dessers is too much. Wow. We have this kind of striker available for selection but our world class opted for Ighalo.

    I keep watching those two goals he scored over and over again and am lost for words. Dessers is a world class striker.

    As I said before, at the national team, Dessers quality is second to none. Even Osimhen is our no1 striker but having Osimhen and Dessers in the Super Eagles should be a great opportunity for Eagles.

    I can’t wait for Amunike and co to blend the players together to become a great team.

    Congratulations to you Dessers. I am proud of you always. Oga Rohr and his fans, what can you say about Dessers goals today?

    You all can see clearly that we don’t need Oga Rohr in charge of the Super Eagles?

    NFF should do something before something do them. Amunike and his crew can’t wait to work with our players. Nigerians are tired of what NFF are doing.

    They should pay Oga Rohr so that our own can start working with the Eagles before January kę. This is so frustrating NFF. I am very desperate to see Eagles playing good football. Do something NFF. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • I DEY SHAME 2 years ago


  • Any coach who can’t see the quality of Dessers due to rigid and annoying tactics should be stoned to death in the hands of SACK . God forbid !
    Nigeria leaders are wicked , this is beyond corruption . they want to deliberately bring tears and heart aches to Nigerians . Foolish Fools! Anybody that would come here to say ‘ they are old enough to be your father’ is worse than them .

  • De Star 2 years ago

    Watching Dessers wonder goal marvel, honestly I never knew we have a prolific goal finisher like that guy . God is never a respecter of colour ; see how God purposely allow using the great exploits of these skilful great players to expose dumbo mechanic Rohr corruption and his business partner NFF.

    NFF are really compounding Rohr’s problem with backlog of unpaid salaries; one everyone already know that dumbo is bereft of coaching idea and cannot give what he does not have ; perhaps if NFF had been paying , Rohr would have in all honesty invite and give these great players their chances in SE , rather than resorting to the likes of retired Igahalo who have enough money to throw around and help Rohr to pay his bills.

    The million questions now is, would dumbo Rohr resign honourably to save SE from total destruction, so that serious coaches like Amunike that discover great talent in Osimeh would come on board and bring these talented great players Taiwo Awoniyi , Dessers , Akin Amoo ( watching Akin Amoo remind me of power pack and skill of Amokachi of 94).

  • Correct me if am wrong. In terms of finishing , Dessers is better than Osigoal . Two attackers with eye catching personality. A good finisher and a hustler who runs at any given pass. Yet our corrupt and clueless coach is there inviting someone who’s passed his usefulness .

    How this country reach this point sef!!!

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    If Belgium invites Dessers and we lose him an better swear I go swear for Rohr and NFF. Like what else can a man do to ger an invite but a 32 year old Saudi based can walk straight into the team based of his past. Now that Osimhen is injured we need Dessers, Awoniyi, Onuachu will somehow be squeezed in and Sodiq.

    • Chinenye 2 years ago

      Not only a 32 year old Saudi based. A late arrival into the camp also and walked straight to the starting line in the 2nd game. A white man(Rohr) us really telling us we’re zombies in this country. Let a player arrive late for his country(France) and see if won’t be sent packing out if the camp

  • Pacharlon 2 years ago

    One thing I like about him is that he is so eager and proud to play for the super eagles

  • pompei 2 years ago

    After his brief appearance against Tunisia, I was already aware that Dessers is an SE material. To come in for a few minutes and impress against an organized side like Tunisia, almost scoring a goal, is not an accident.
    Playing against Tunisia was like playing a European side, and he did well. My fear for Dessers was whether he can cope with the physicality of black African football. Can he cope against a Cameroon, CIV, Ghana, Senegal?
    One thing is certain. He is a good finisher. That is the main thing he brings to the table. He is also skillful, fast and can combine well with others to create scoring opportunities.
    I have always wanted to see him get more opportunities in the SE, even when he was on the bench at Genk. The reason is simple. The Genk attack does not suit Dessers. It’s tailor made for Onuachu. The Genk team don’t work the ball around the box. They have fast, skillful wingers, and they are constantly looking to deliver high crosses into the box, which is Onuachu’s bread and butter. Dessers was never going to prosper with that. However, the SE style suits Dessers.
    Inviting Onuachu to the SE without giving him the crosses he needs is a waste of Onuachu’s talent. You might as well have invited an electric pole to the SE. Just as a gun is useless in the hands of a person who doesn’t know how to use it, Onuachu is useless in a team that doesn’t give him what he needs. At Genk, he starts games, and is guaranteed 5 quality crosses per game, of which he will convert at least one to a goal. Which is why he scores so many goals over there. With the SE, he doesn’t start games. Comes in as a sub. And in 2 or 3 games, he gets perhaps 2 quality crosses? Not enough for Onuachu to make an impact.
    Back to Dessers. Based on what he’s done already with Feyenoord this season, we need to see him again in the SE. He looks like a decent striker. We need to move fast too, because at this rate, Belgium might get interested. We don’t want to be in the situation where Dessers will have to chose between Belgium and Nigeria!
    Going forward, we have a pool of strikers doing really well right now. SE handlers should put their biases and personal interests aside and invite the best out of these guys. Only the best will do.

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      I love your analysis but towards the end of your comment, something was missing there.

      “SE handlers should put their biases and personal interests aside and invite the best out of these guys. Only the best will do”.

      However, If Osaze could stood his ground against Cameroon, Tunisia, South Africa, and the other top teams at the Afcon 2004, I think Dessers is strong and smart enough to play against any opposition in Africa.

      Presently, we don’t have coaches for Super Eagles and I am not expecting anyone to count on Oga Rohr and Mr. Agu.

      I knew Dessers for a while and I can tell you that he is the best striker we have at the moment, follow by Osimhen.

      But in a country like Nigeria where corrupt is their daily bread, NFF are deceiving themselves by telling themselves that in Oga Rohr and Oga they trust.

      NFF hired a coach for good five years and the gaffer has failed to build a team and still, NFF refuse to fire the coach.

      Between Oga Rohr and Amunike, Enyeama vs Agu, what do you think @Pompei?

      Time is running out and NFF refuse to talk. That means, Oga Rohr will go to Cameroon? Mba. No no no. Fingers crossed. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • pompei 2 years ago

        My preference is for a Nigerian coach to understudy a world class coach first. I fear that putting a Nigerian in there now will take us back to the dark ages. A Nigerian will likely succumb to the current NFF’s interference. Getting a quality foreign gaffer accomplishes 2 things:
        1) The Nigerian successor can learn a thing or two.
        2) We get a chance to fix the NFF while the foreigner is in charge, so that when a Nigerian is ready to take over, the NFF is no longer as corrupt as it currently is.
        Not a foolproof suggestion, I agree. But we need something like this to revamp our football in the long term.

        • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 2 years ago

          You know I disagree with you here and there. But this is sublime. Just like @OMO9ja delivered a passionate and well analysed speech up there too.

          The crux of the matter is that CORRUPTION (NIGERIA’s misdle name) will never allow them hire that WORLD CLASS coach.

          Sad..they will claim NFF doesnt have the fund yet I see countries not as rich as us; TUNISIA, CDR, CAMEROON, SA, CIV, ANGOLA etc hire better coaches than us.

          Have you asked yourself why of all the coaches in the world, it was a coach who was sacked at different Times by the likes of GABON, NIGER, ETOILE DI SAHEL that a so called GIANT of Africa settled for?

          To rub it in, he stays in his homeland running his hotel business only to pop in anytime we have a match.

          Isnt that fraudulent?

          Even DIDIER DESCHAMP (WC winner/EURO runners up) stays in France

    • Well said Pompei. Dessers is a quality striker.

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago

    I couldn’t have stated it any better; like i have always stated and as many has realised; with all due respect, there is no way an Onuachu is picked over Dessers in the Super Eagles.
    I don’t care about how many goals Onuachu scores in Europe, his all round play is too sluggish for the style Nigeria plays. He simply slows us down.
    Dessers, Sadiq,Awoniyi,Moffi and Off course ,Osimhen; these are the calibre strikers that can lead the forward line for the Eagles. Gritty, fast, technical and a bit of skill. .
    The Super Eagles basically picks itself. Rohr (if he stays) just needs to be objective and stick to merit rather than emotions.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Well… I apprecaite that everyone is talking aboutr Dessers but what about Peter olayinka who also scored for his team? That guy destroyed bothe leicester City and Rangers of Scotland… last season in EUROPA LEAGUE… I am 100% certain and know Olayinka is not inferior to any striker or winger in the current Super Eagles squad…

    It is only fair for us to cast the same level of eulogies on all our players doing well for their clubs and themselves. I have for a long period now clamoured for the likes of Peter Olayinka because these are dedicated and focused players, he recently got married… that is how you know a lad who wants to stay focused on the game not those type throwing sex parties when they should know better… Olayinka, a forward with an eye for goals and an allround play that will make any coach who knows football to have one like him starting always… meanwhile Dessers have proven enough also that he has a goalpoacher instincts… I see him staying with Feyenoor and not going back to Genk… Nigeria ball fans, open your eyes and stop louding underservedly, players who are at best average and are not known to put in real 100% shift allday anyday… the exploits, season in, season out… of some of these lads goes to show that Rohr was very wicjkedly rigid and really did not want the best for our national team but his own gains as it is now clear all he ever did was deliberateöy keeping quality players out of the squad for his often average loyalist… those saying he should not be excused… how can a coach elect to see himself as a real professional when you deliberately invite quality players in inconsequential friendlies and still go ahead to play your usual regulars we already know for the last 5years… eventually maybe giving the new lads Nigerians want to properly assess only three(3) minutes… five(5) minutes at most to prove themselves? Such that Nigerians who should know better but choose to be careless about real details will go to say those ones have been tried before… and nothing came out of it, like @Edoman comments above… an individual who is known on this forum for supporting the recall of a retired and now tired Odion Ighalo just because I am sure… he sees Ighalo as his village tribal man only… misplaced sentiments, the usual bane of Nigerians and anything Nigeria… guys let us speak truth where and when we should!

    • I think Dessers is a great striker any day any is style of play suit the super eagles…but we can go to afcon without fixing our midfield desserts may not function in the no9 if the midfield is not fixed…we have been stuck with iwobi in that position for far too long… This is the real amoo needs to be in the super eagles… I mean I have watched this guy he is really good on the ball… Rohr is Killing our football he has killed competition in the team, there some players that is not supposed to be in the super eagles… A coach that says the super eagles don’t need new players what type of coach will say that… Rohr has impeded the growth of the super eagles in terms of discovering new players…. I have been waiting to hear from Dr drey but he has been off… The coach is a disaster…

      • @Banky you think it is only Midfield. Stop distracting things lets call a spade a spade. Musa, Ighalo, Onuachu, Simon Moses needs to be dropped thats the start then. Dennis, Awoniyi, Victor moses, Dessers/ or Lookman. Maybe also drop. then it should be between Dessers or lookman I will personally choose Lookman as he is more of a creator. all this we need magic Midfielder it is just a deflecting point form NFF officials on this forum to take the spot light away from the Weaklinks… Let us drop the dead weights in SE. There is ebough Goals in this team and Creators if Rohr dos the right thing. We can Create from the wings or the middle. This team is being toyed with suggesting stupid tyhings. As it stands now there is no Midfielder anywhere that can displace anybody we have now. Onyeka, Aribo, Ndidi and co. Etebo is solid when fit maybe Ejaria and Nwakali but who will the dropp. SE needs to inject the above names that is the only way. All this we need a creator is nonense we only need, Victor Osimhen (When fit) Victor Moses, Samuel Chukuweze, Kelechi Iheanacho, Chidera Ejuke, Ademola Lookman, Joe Aribo, Cyril DEssers, Taiwo Awoniyi, Akinkunmi Amoo, you name it. Goals and Goals creation is everywhere there. Stop Deflecting from the main issues. THIS TEAM ASSEMBLED BY ROHR IS NOT AT ITS FULL POTENTIAL BECAUSE OF CORRUPTION AND LIST TAMPEREING THE SOONER AS NIGERIANS WE ARE HONEST WITH OURSELVES THE BETTER>

        • Sadiq Umar as well. Let these names compete against each other on the club front and any other player from Nigeria on their level that pops up should rightfully also be given a chance all this sticking to dead weights Musa and Co is getting us NO WHERE FOR GODS SAKE. We need a creator we need a creator see your mouth like we need a creator. NO BRO WE NEED ROHR TO START DOING HIS FUCKING JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!