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Vlahovic Is Destined To Be Great –Nedved

Vlahovic Is Destined To Be Great –Nedved

Juventus vice-president Pavel Nedved admits Dusan Vlahovic has surprised him.

Vlahovic was back at Fiorentina last night for their 1-0 first-leg Coppa Italia semifinal win.

“I’ll be honest, Vlahovic surprised me too. There are comparisons to some of the tops like Cristiano Ronaldo,” said Nedved.

“I knew he was a very good player, but he was born in 2000 and if he continues with this mentality, he can really do great things.

“I am convinced the future belongs to him. He is really intelligent, knows how to prepare for games, is very humble and that is so important for a player to become a champion. He really is on the right track.

“It is really nice when these young players who are hungry and humble come to ask you for advice. You feel useful.”


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  • Did you see that Very Humble. Humility is something I am starting to find that Victor Osimhen is Lacking. You see it in his Social Media posts. I saw this Coming, Vlahovic is someone I have been Pitting against Osimhen ever Since he was at Fiorentina. Osimhen if he carries on with this arrogance that is the bane of most Young African footballers will be surpassed by Vlahovic.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Nothing wey Adamu no go see for gate!
    See pot calling kettle black!
    You that your pride and arrogance is legendary in this forum?
    Even if it’s true that Osimhen is arrogant, what makes you think you are in a position to advise him?
    Go and work on your own arrogance first. Then you will be in a position to advise others.
    You Iwunze can actually learn a thing or two from Osimhen when it comes to humility.
    The young man is far more humble than you are!
    Go ahead and demonstrate your arrogance by bombing me with insults as you normally do to people who disagree with you!

    • And this your comment doesn’t not strike you as arrogant, Kai na wa o wonders indeed never end Lol!!

      I have said my own. It is very good and solid advice. In terms of potential no doubt Osimhen has it in abundance but he needs to put his head down more and focus on ball. If you don’t like what I have said oya go and drive Okada of a bridge lol!!..

      Where you not the main culprits that never backed Osimhen in the past when I threw my full weight behind him and never swayed and now you are talking as if you love Osimhen more than me? Lol!!. My dear go and sit dan jare!!!1

      • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

        @Ugo, your support of Osihmen has always been unwavering. Heaven bless you brother. You do a fantastic job in laying the record straight. A humble Osihmen will go far in his career.

      • pompei 2 years ago

        Iwunze, I’m not talking about whether the advise you gave him is good or not.
        I’m saying for you to advise others, apply it to yourself first.
        Before you ask someone to remove the straw in their eyes, remove the rafter in yours first.
        Your arrogance in this forum is unmatched. So what makes you feel qualified to advise someone else not to be arrogant? That’s like a prostitute who criticizes another woman who has just cheated on her husband!
        BTW, the Osimhen I know is a humble, well adjusted lad. So I’m always going to defend him. Especially against hypocrites like you!
        You people that see arrogance in him, na wa for una. Seeing things up and down. Nothing wey unu no go see!
        Abeg make unu leave Osimhen for us, make the guy focus on how he’s going to smash in some nice goals against Ghana in a few weeks time!

      • pompei 2 years ago

        When did I never back Osimhen?
        Chai, Iwunze, you’re back to your lying ways again?
        You can lie ehn? Chai!
        Iwunze baba, you’re a bloody liar!
        Your lies have caught with you in the past. E go soon shele again!

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Glory don enter one chance for dis forum ooo.
    Dis HEAVEN BLESS something ehn? Hahahahahaha!
    Dis obsession with Glory and his manner of speaking is indeed interesting to watch.
    Some people who answer the name SHIT FULL PLATE, abi na SHIT FULL YANSH.
    Kindly invest in some toilet paper, so you can do the needful and wipe stinking shit from wherever needs wiping!
    Yaba left should please tighten their security, make some kind pipo no dey escape commot enter area.

    • Mahmud Shuaib 2 years ago

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahah…..@POMPEI abeg no wound me bro.

      To think @IGBEKUN ABO just applauded you on another thread on AWAZIEM while you are here bombing him got me ROTFLMAOOO

      Meanwhile I will disagree with you on the most arrogant and pompous forumite here; its Dr. DTEY by a mile! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaha

      • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

        Waow @Mahmoud, I just saw this now. To think my post to @Ugo was just to thank him for setting the record straight about the need for Osihmen to show humility. I and I no abuse anybody oo!!! Wetin man pickin do wrong now.
        Make man pickin turn the other cheek sha….. Lolzzzz ZA ZA ZA ZA ZA

      • pompei 2 years ago

        Mahmud my man, wait until the day you have a disagreement with Iwunze. That is when your eyes will clear. That guy believes he is the holy grail of football. Only his opinions are worth anything. Meanwhile, his head is as empty as as a church rat’s bank account.
        As for Igbekun Abo, why is he upset? Is his name SHIT FULL PLATE, OR SHIT FULL YANSH?
        By getting upset, he just claimed ownership of these names! Looool!
        I used to think SHIT was a cool guy, until I saw his devious, vindictive side. Still attacking and mocking Glory months and months after their last altercation in the forum.
        HEAVEN BLESS BLA BLA BLA…….all day, every day!
        This kain person, if you quarrel with am, just keep watching ya back, because he will never stop coming for you!

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