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‘We Can Shock Ghana Just Like We Did Against Nigeria In Lagos’ —CAR Coach, Savoy

‘We Can Shock Ghana Just Like We Did Against Nigeria In Lagos’  —CAR Coach, Savoy

Ahead of Sunday’s 2023 AFCON qualifier against Ghana, Central African Republic head coach Raoul Savoy believes his team can draw inspiration from their shock win against Nigeria in Lagos on October 2021.

Savoy’s side stunned the Eagles 1-0 inside the Teslim Balogun stadium during match day three of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

However, the Eagles avenged the defeat as they claimed a 2-0 away win in the reverse fixture.

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And despite admitting the Black Stars are favourites to finish top of the table, Savoy is confident of surprising the four-time AFCON winners.

“Of course, Ghana are the powerhouse, They are going to the [2022 Fifa) World Cup finals,” Savoy said on Assh FM.

“I think they will top the group. The battle will be great and it will be between the other three teams to finish second and qualify. We are not going to lay down to be the victim for Ghana, we are going to fight.

“I can remind you that we have defeated Nigeria in Lagos [during the 2022 World Cup qualifier]. We can beat anyone in the group.”

Ghana will play CAR in Angola at the 11th November Stadium after the Barthelemy Boganda Stadium was deemed unfit to host international games.

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  • Papa Fem, Chima E Samuels, Pompei, Kel, Football Fanatic and others, come and join me in celebrating this morning.

    Yesterday, Morocco came from 2 goals down in the first leg to dump Ghana out of the 2022 Under 17 women’s world cup qualification in India. Morocco – who had accused Ghana of age cheating – thus qualified for their first tournament at that stage.

    Honestly Eguavoen’s Super Eagles fell our hands against this mediocre Ghana – honestly!

    Nigeria will be attending all CAF and Fifa tournaments in 2022 and early to mid 2023 bar the senior world cup in Qatar.

    Under 20 Afcon: check!
    Women’s Afcon: check!
    Under-20 Women’s world cup: check!
    Under-17 Women’s world cup: check!
    Women’s world cup: check (in all probability)!

    Where is Ghana? God bless Morocco. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Ghana, go to your Qatar 2022 world cup! Pompei, Kel,Papa Fem, Chima E Samuels and others will live to see the day when a Super Eagles squad will take revenge and rightful pound of flesh for the sacrilege Eguavoen and Pinnick plunged us into.


    • Papafem 2 years ago

      I once told that mumu called Self-made that the only FIFA competition Ghana might attend this year
      is the one in Qatar. I see our u17 team beating them silly at WAFU B again. Congratulations to Morocco. Shame on Ghana. Let’s see what they would accuse the Altas girls of now.

      • Look at these fools again oo. You can go  and play in women u17. Ghana is playing in the real World Cup. It’s like having 20 Olympic bronze against a country with one gold…of course one gold ranks higher. Your useless super chickens lost two games in USA and you are going to lose against seirra Leone. Idiots! We care about Qatar senior Mens World Cup and a supposed football nation will not be there because they are useless. We don’t care who beats us, we will beat your super chickens any day. You are our wives!

        • KangA 2 years ago

          You’re high on some cheap stuff. The next step is taking of your clothes and hitting the streets. You equate draws with defeats? Bush man.

        • pompei 2 years ago

          Ahem, Oga, kweshon for you.
          Does Ghana have Olympic soccer gold medal?
          Hehehehe! You keep making noise about this U-20 world cup you won by mistake, but you never talk about the Olympic gold. I just say make I remind you.
          Oya, sing along….

        • Baller 101 2 years ago

          Guy, go have several seats! Italian nationa team are known worldwide, they’ve I think won a world cup before, but they are not attending the world cup. What do you have to say about that? It’s not about attending the world cup to make the numbers my brother! Take a chill pill bro.

      • Inter for ever 2 years ago

        They even los all teresa matches in maurice revello tournament. They los again México, indonesia and Venezuela. They didnt even Windows one match .

        • Inter for ever 2 years ago

          They even lost all matches in maurice revello tournament. They lost againt México, indonesia and Venezuela. They didnt even Win a match

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago


        Ur brain is fixed upside down 

        Nothing how many times  ur big for nothing nigeria qualifies, it hasn’t won any FIFA ORGANIZED tournament than Ghana except the under 17 which we all know u used cheating bokoms to win apuu

        Have Nigeria ever won the fifa under 20 before? Hell to the no…. Ghana already won it 


        No other AFRICA nation has won it before 

        Ghana has been to the quarter finals at the senior wc 


        Nigeria with its 6 appearances hasn’t done so ghana beats the BOKOM super chickens here too!!

        The under 17 we have also won it too 

        Fifa achievements

        Under 20 winners 

        Worldcup quarter finalist 

        Under 17 champions 


        Under 20 —- never won it 

        Senior wc —— second round 

        Under 17—— won it several times 

        Ghana beats Nigeria in terms of FIFA MEDALS  and hence Ghana will go the wc and perform even better 

        For all the BOKOM retards, I ll challenge u BROKE bastards to BET against Ghana in the wc and let see!!

        Royal Ghana!!  Anywhere we meet u, we ll bring ur PHAT ASS BIG FOR NOTHING  BOKOM down hahaa

    • KingA, it is draw in more ways than one, my brother.

      What he is missing is that Nigeria rubbished Ghana in 2002 to qualify for the Japan/Korea World Cup – the first tournament played in South East Asia.

      So, they actually exerted their revenge (in ironic fashion I might add) in barely managing to block Nigeria’s path to the Qatar World Cup – the first in the Middle East.

      So, we are actually even: Japan/Korea (Nigeria) 1: Qatar (Ghana) 1.

      I pray to God that we meet again in the final round of qualification for the 2026 World Cup – the first to be played in three countries in United States of America, Mexico and Canada.

      That will settle it once and for all. And, by the grace of God, we will all live to witness it!


      • KangA 2 years ago

        Take fives for the insight. We’ll surely silence these pretenders.

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago


        In 1968, Ghana beat u guys in a worldcup qualifer  

        In 1972 Ghana again the BABE EAGLES in another wc qualifiers that resulted in BOKOM bastard burning our bus 

        And in 2022, Ghana again beat ur SUPER CHICKENS and kicked the PHAT ASS of  big for nothing again hahah

        Go and read ur BOKOM history 

      • @deo, we are ready for you even today. Nigeria no sabi ball. We will beat you any day. Have a good week

  • It was not the super eagles that fell our hands, it was a mediocre Equaveon. The black stars were full of mediocre players but with a very competent coach whereas the superb eagles were full of gifted players but with a very mediocre coach.That was what denied us Qatar ticket. By the way, is Equaveon still our Technical Director? What will he be telling peserio, Laden Bossing and all the other successful coaches?

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    CAR should stop dreaming, the  Ghana team I saw against Madagascar will not loose to Car, the Black stars may lack star  players agreed, but the team has a great chemistry, they ve passion and determination to win, above all they’ve a highly motivated skipper. These Ghanaians boys are very motivated, always singing and dancing together. Precise their new coach is doing a fantastic job bringing young players to the team unlike our team. 

    • Papafem 2 years ago

      Madagascar isn’t CAR. Ghana only escaped by the skin of their teeth. It was 1:1

      • @Papafem, there’s no way we were going to lose that game against CAR. We are not Nigeria! Look at the team we paraded and you will see 7 changes made from the team which played Madagascar. There were no Ayew brothers, Baba Idrisu,wallocot,odoi, isahaku etc, and we were totally in control of the game. I admit we did not play well perhaps because of the many changes made to the team, but still scandalised Nigeria lost to this team at home.This’s a coach who has his eyes on the world cup and knowing he can’t lose against CAR, decided to try some fringe players. You cannot play your strong squad against supposed weaker opposition all the time. How do you try the fringe players to know their level? Again, that’s why we are playing in that tournament in Japan starting on 10/6. This ghana team will come Good with the addition of lamptey, odoi, nketiah, inaki brothers, salisu etc. Ghana is seriously building a team for the next decade, especially considering the ages of these boys. I’m excited about what the future holds for ghana football. It’s only witchcraft that will make a Nigerian wish ghana is eliminated in the first round. Come to think of it, ghana has a better record in the world cup. Nigeria always adds to numbers, so if there’s any country better placed to represent Africa, it should be the black star of Africa. Nigerians should stop the hate, hope it’s “friendly hatred” though…lol, if there’s anything like that. Greetings to all my Nigerian brothers on the platform. God/Allah give us a good week!

  • To my garrulous Ghanaian brothers and sisters, see how your girls were humiliated in Morocco. Not content with dumping your girls out of world cup on the pitch, they also made them sit on the floor outside their dressing room : the ultimate humiliation 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Well played Morocco..


    • Ndubest 2 years ago

      Under17 my foot this women are above 23yrs. Rubbish

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      U sound dumb!!

      Humiliated is when u idiots can’t enjoyed 24/7 electricity lol

      What dumb ass this fart is 

  • Prince charming 2 years ago

    Ghana will not go pass first round in
    the World cup

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      We shouldn’t wish them bad.Let us focus on our teams and hoping the super eagles will bounce back of course they will.
      The friendlies in the united states was a success despite losing both games.We saw a super eagles that played with purpose and cohesion only let down by profligacy in front of goal,that can be sorted with more games together,at least we saw the tactical astuteness of the new gaffer at least there’s a glimmer of hope that he’ll do well with the super eagles.
      The world cup will come and go and life will continue,football will not stop after Qatar,we are making progress,our youth teams are on fire so we would see a lot of competitions and thankfully the afcon is just less than in a year,so we look forward to that too,hopefull,we nagivate through the playoffs.
      Let us leave Ghana alone,let us wish them well and other African representatives.
      We will surely bounce back there’s indeed light at the end of the tunnel.

      • Greenturf, I used to have this your sort of positive, affable and collegiate attitude towards Ghana. But ever since Mr Selfmade and the other fella above embarked of polluting Nigerian football space with abuse after the World Cup qualifiers, the gloves are off my brother.

        The gloves are off!

        • Greenturf 2 years ago

          @Deo,I quite understand where the animosity is coming from the interlopers from our noisy neighbours who kept rubbing it in our faces.
          They got the better of us thanks to Dare who made the mission possible for Ghana by the sack of a performing coach Gernot Rohr who was replaced with one who only plays one easily decipherable tactics Eguavoen.
          That cruel,bizarre and absurd action by a desperate and uninformed minister was the reason we shall be at home watching others representing Africa square up against the best there’s in world’s football.
          It hurts but just like in 2006,it shall come and go and remain a part of our football history,hopefully,in the future our leaders will take a cue from this terrible,and poor decision by Dare to make ones which is right,which will move our football in the right direction.

        • Ndubest 2 years ago

          Same bro those guys took it beyond football. I will be rooting for any team that will beat hell out of them at the world cup.

          • @ndubest, against go sleep quick! U guys talked too much before that game, including your sports minister. Naturally the aftermath of a game between ghana and Nigeria will come with some trolls, so learn to live with it. You are free to root for any team, it’s your choice but you should know no team will beat the hell out of Ghana. Im sure you borrowed that line from your sports minister, who now understand that you cannot talk to a powerhouse of African football like dat. We are ghana! Fortunately you are not going to play against us and you are not God! Anyone who fights against someone bringing something good home is a witch/wizard. You will be pained any time u see ghana play. Continue to suffer the pain of not playing in Qatar and that pain will intensify in November when the black star dazzles the world. All your girls teams can qualify for the world cup; who cares about girls football?…lol.

        • @selfmade, more fire!…lol. True, we were beating them even before the nation Nigeria was born. Do you remember that 7-0 defeat they suffered in 1955? We were beating even their great grandfather’s. Every generation of Nigerian footballers have suffered defeat to the great black star, ask the loud-mouthed odegbami and he will tell you. We have beaten them more than any nation on this planet. We have been teaching them how to play football for a long time but they don’t want to respect us. We are a nation of just over 30m and very proud. We are Ghana!

      • Bobo Colorado Springs 2 years ago

        supported bro!

  • Abdulraheem niyi ahmed 2 years ago

    Stop shaming Ghana for women under 17 loss that isn’t a big deal…they already out smarted us with both juju and politics to qualify for the world biggest soccer event (world cup)

  • pompei 2 years ago


    Thomas Partey is injured for Arsenal, but keeps showing up for Ghana games.
    While our own key players keep making up excuses for staying away.
    Na who want am pass go kuku get am.
    By the way, see Ghanaman dem singing Nigerian Yoruba song.
    Starting from 2:25.

    • benakay 2 years ago

      I thought my ears were deceiving me. Na wah!
      See how organized Ghana is – if na Naija, na chaos.
      Naija is just a disappointment.

      • Na una type dey make one idiotic Buffon on this street dey abuse my country because U bad mouth ur country all the time. Be patriotic for once!

        • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

          Why are u attacking this high IQ gentleman? lol

          He isn’t suffering from BOKOSCHITOSOMIASIS like u 


          And do u know what’s bokoschitosomiasis? 

          Loud, arrogant, low iq and deluded with a low REASONABILITY haha 

          U Dickey do …. Lol

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